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I’m sure you have heard your customers complain that your prices are too high… same here!

Price is a major deciding factor when choosing which product to purchase. How to decide between high quality and low cost?

Not every company’s brand strategy is high quality, many focus on low cost as well to sell larger volume.

Why is there such a big difference between two companies offering the “same specification” e.g. 1080P Wifi camera?

Looking at the details is just as important as looking at one specification or on the outlook.

..But on Alibaba this model is much cheaper from another seller.

Casings are often common. Different manufacturers buy the casing from a camera case manufacturer and fit their own hardware inside. The hardware and software can be different, only whats on the outside looks the same. On a B2B website like Alibaba, the displayed prices are not accurate. The real price is sent by email. Sellers must display a low price to entice customers to inquire. Dont go just on a product photo. Pictures online dont tell you much about the camera. Most pictures and descriptions are copied from other’s listings, sometimes carelessly where it even displays functionality that their model doesnt actually have.

Why such difference in costs? Is it just a case of the expensive supplier wanting to make higher margins?

When buying in volume, the numbers add up. When you think 3 dollars more for a camera, no problem. When its for 1000pcs you have to think again. It feels like you are losing 3000 dollars. This mentality separates the brands from the rest.

Its the same thought the manufacturers have when choosing components that will go into their cameras. To bring down the costs, the quality must come down too so the cheaper component is chosen. Not all suppliers are forthcoming about where they cut corners to save costs.

I’ll breakdown here how quickly costs escalate from a components level, when you develop for quality vs developing for price. Hopefully with this information you will be able to make a better decision when choosing your next product.

Here’s the cost difference in components used in a high quality IP camera vs low cost options. IP Camera Soc / CPU -+USD1

Hisilicon is the market leader but there are a host of other options like Goke, Anyka, Ingenic, etc. There is a big performance and price difference though. Hisilicon is about USD1 higher than the other low cost options. Suttle things like stability, image smoothness, etc. that make all difference.

Also, with enough resources on board, we can support 128GB SD cards, Time lapse, pre motion recording, ONVIF, AP mode, etc.

Cheaper IP boards have lesser resources, so features are cut or replaced with less stable options.

Image Sensors -+USD1.5

Sony Sensor vs Chinese low cost sensors.

If you have been in this industry for some time, I dont have to explain further how much better a Sony sensor is. Many low cost options like GC2033, SC2135, etc. Not everyone opts for Sony and thats good, it creates a niche. The low end is full, high end there are very few players.

P2P -+USD 0.6

Paid licenced connection platforms with hosting on Amazon servers VS free China hosted P2P. This is how much it costs us to run on each camera.
No free lunch – connection punchthrough unstable. Free P2P companies can suddenly start showing ads, compromise your users data, or just go bankrupt. They have to recover the cost of servers and infrastructure from somewhere.
Here’s an article of a random shutdown of service being offered free. https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3022619/y-cam-shuts-down-free-cloud-recording-citing-offer-on-the-box-is-unsustainable

No OEM or App customization is possible with these low cost models.

IP Camera Firmware -+ USD 1

Good quality firmware needs a strong team dedicated to making the best product. Countless hours are spent adjusting the image quality testing in different lighting conditions, features, security, stability, etc.

Cheaper cameras sell in much larger quantities so they have the advantage of a much lower firmware cost per unit. Their acceptable to ship quality standards are also lower e.g. the camera shows an image and it looks passable, the firmware is complete. The unit needs to work until it leaves the factory, after that, you are on your own.

Lens -+USD 0.4

Cheaper lenses let lesser light through, images are not as sharp, edges are blurred and angles not as wide.

IR Nightvision PCB -+USD 0.3

Small improvements make all the difference. Look at our image below and let me know if any camera can beat it. No photoshop.

Packaging -+USD 0.5

Hard box packaging iPhone style VS thinner gift box packaging.
Low cost cameras also have the advantage of volumes here to get packaging printed in large volumes at discounted rates.

Adaptors and cables.

I cant put a figure here, the range is too large. Cheap adaptors start from USD0.5 upto USD2 for UL approved ones.
We often include a 3m (10ft) cable if required.

Antennas, Flash IC, Tooling.

Will include these in future in detail.

1080P high quality IP camera with Sharp imaging, wide angle. Clear nightvision, large area coverage. Remember, the quality of your products are a reflection of YOUR BRAND.

There is always cheaper so, Don’t be the cheapest, be the best.

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.” – John Ruskin

If you would like me to go into further details on any of these components, let me know, I’d be happy to do in a future post.

To login to a demo camera and check live our app and cameras, drop me an email, and i’ll send you the information.

The post High quality IP camera vs Low cost IP camera. Understanding the cost differences. appeared first on Blog | CCTV IP Camera Factory.

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Here’s an easy breakdown of the types of security cameras that are available in the market today. From more traditional Bullet and Dome cameras to Wifi cameras that have taken a chunk of the traditional security camera market and now its the turn for Battery based cameras.

Except spy cameras, we manufacture cameras of the other types listed, in the premium yet affordable range.

Battery wire free cameras are going to the rage soon and we hope to be ahead of the trend. Besides the product, we have developed a completely new platform for management of these cameras in a scalable way so that we can extend the range later into a model with solar powered battery camera and battery powered doorbell.

Thanks @todor for the inforgraphic

The post 7 Best CCTV Camera Types in 2018 appeared first on Blog | CCTV IP Camera Factory.

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