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There is nothing more satisfying than being a homeowner and relaxing in your beautiful natural landscape style backyard. Not only does a beautifully landscaped yard add visual appeal to your own, but it can also increase its value.

Many homeowners are extremely busy between work and family, so it can be difficult to maintain a home’s landscaping just the way they want so one easy way to add beauty and ease of maintenance is to use natural landscaping.

Natural landscaping incorporates native plant, beautiful flowers, and hardscaping to create landscaping that not only looks great but is also easy to maintain and good for the environment.

Natural landscape can provide habitats for wildlife and bring the beauty of butterflies, birds, and small wildlife to your yard. They also eliminate the need for fertilizers and pesticides as using native plants will grow without any added fertilizer and hardscaping will eliminate weeds and insects, so no pesticides are necessary.

Additionally, natural landscape style backyard requires little maintenance so you can have all the beauty without spending hours picking weeds, pruning plants, or mowing the grass.

Listed below are some great ideas for landscaping that will make your home look beautiful and allow you more time with your family.

Outdoor Living Space

One great way to add natural landscape feel to your backyard is to create an outdoor living space. By adding outdoor living space, you can incorporate natural plants and hardscaping to create a relaxing and inviting outdoor space while also being environmentally friendly, as well as creating an area that requires little maintenance.

Whether it is an outdoor kitchen or a patio with seating, adding a naturally landscaped outdoor living space adds visual appeal to your home.

Start by adding a natural stone patio in the size you wish, add perennials and native shrubs in mulch beds, and landscaping stones to create a natural easy to maintain outdoor space for the entire family to enjoy.

Image Source: Country Living

Image Source: HGTV

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace makes a great addition to any backyard and can be utilized regardless of the time of year. Not only are outdoor fireplaces aesthetically pleasing, they also provide warmth during the colder months of the year making your backyard space accessible all year long.

A nice stone fireplace surrounded by a stone patio makes an excellent place to enjoy time with family and friends while also being easy to maintain thus giving you more time to relax.

Fireplaces not only provide warmth in temperature and ambiance, but they can also be utilized for cooking or just roasting marshmallows the choice is yours.

Image Source: a Blade of Grass


Another great way to add natural landscaping to your backyard is with a waterfall. You can choose to add a waterfall to an existing pool or by itself, either way, it is a gorgeous way to add aesthetic value to your home and create a relaxing place to entertain for friends and family.

Waterfalls create a soothing and relaxing sound that can help relieve the stress of a busy day. Waterfalls attract wildlife that not only will bring beautiful birds, butterflies, and other beneficial wildlife for you to enjoy. You are helping the environment by adding water that is beneficial to wildlife.

Waterfalls require little maintenance and come in sizes that can fit any size yard making them perfect for any home.

Image Source: plantnj.com

Natural Landscape Pond

Like waterfalls ponds create a relaxing space that the whole family can enjoy and create a natural place for wildlife to come.

Ponds are also environmentally friendly especially in areas that experience droughts and other water shortages. An outdoor pond will accumulate water and will be able to provide that water to your other landscaping while also reducing the amount of grass in your yard that you must maintain as well as water.

Additionally, you can add koi fish to your pond creating a colorful and environmentally beneficial addition to your backyard.

Image Source: Pinterest

Cottage Style Landscape

Do you love the look of an enchanting cottage style landscape with beautiful flowers, then create your own in any size yard?

Cottage style landscaping is an excellent way to naturally enhance your yard and create a relaxing and inviting space to be enjoyed by all that come and visit.

Cottage style landscaping utilizes natural stone walkways, arbors, trellises, flowers, and shrubs to create a unique and inviting place to sit and relax. No matter what size yard you have, you can create your cottage style landscape to suit your style and taste.

One great plant to choose is lavender. Lavender is not only beautiful and aromatic; it is easy to grow and requires little water making it a great plant for areas where water conservation is essential.

Also, lavender is a natural repellent for insects including mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and moths. In addition to lavender, some great plants to use in your cottage style landscape can include daisy’s, delphinium, hydrangea, lady’s mantle, geranium, and violet as all provide beautiful flowers while also being easy to maintain.

Image Source: BHG

Image Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel


Incorporating natural elements into your landscaping will not only add aesthetic appeal to your home. It will also make an easy to maintain yard, so you can spend more time enjoying your landscape and less time maintaining it.

Natural landscape style backyard, which incorporates beautiful stone and elements can also increase the value of your home and can be incorporated in any backyard size, making it a great investment for any homeowner.

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Looking to transform your backyard? It’s never easy. Many of us are too caught up in our daily lives to think about the perfect outdoor living space. Here are some great backyard landscaping ideas for you to consider.

Backyard Patio

An attractive patio is a great first step to getting that backyard of your dreams. As a homeowner, you want the ground you walk on to be comfortable from the moment you exit your backdoor.

A quiet 12×14 sized patio is an ideal space for the family to sit around and enjoy a freshly barbecued meal. This space allows you to fit a variety of chairs and couches that can fit nicely around a beautiful glass table.

If you own a swimming pool, you may also want to position your patio to overlook the water. This will give you and your family the true feeling of paradise.

Swimming Pools

In the eyes of many people, owning a swimming pool makes you the equivalent of royalty. Even an above-ground addition is enough of an oasis to have your phone ringing off the hook with friends begging to visit. If you would like to increase the level of luxury your guests feel upon arrival at your home, a lovely in-ground pool is the way to go.

The appearance of your in-ground pool varies depending on its position in your backyard, but there are still several styles to choose from. If you have small children, a “family” pool is shallow enough for kids to enjoy.

If you own a sauna, a cold “plunge” pool is perfect to take a dip in after a good sweat. Regardless of style, a fiberglass exterior is growing in popularity.

Related: Amazing Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas


Homeowners often ponder which structure best fits over their patio or garden. Regardless of the cleanliness of your garden, or warmth of your pool, people ultimately long for a pleasant, intimate shelter to seek refuge under after a hot day.

The problem is that sometimes, the wrong item can make or break your backyard design. But with pergolas, you can’t go wrong.

So many people make the mistake of building a simple gazebo. A pergola, however, is a beautiful and stylized archway that may be a better choice if you happen to be looking to give your backyard landscaping a more exclusive look.

If you would like some shade over your garden, a thicker and sturdier design would be a wise choice.

Outdoor Kitchen

To some, the idea of a kitchen anywhere outside of your house is unconventional. But outdoor kitchens are all the craze among families looking to whip up a delicious meal under the Saturday sun.

However, preparing plates by the patio is not the only benefit to this asset. Outdoor kitchens are known to boost property value, as well as add 25 percent more usable floor space.

If you have the space, center your outdoor kitchen on the patio. This way, you are not too far from the comfort of your couch after you make yourself a plate. In need of an entertainment fix? Outdoor kitchens are also perfect places for sound systems and televisions

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Are you a homeowner looking to get design ideas for your pool construction project. Take a look at a collection of beautiful swimming pool pictures below.

Soothing Sunbathing

Want to relax and catch some rays at the same time? This pool and Jacuzzi combo with built-in lounge chairs is the perfect way to leave the stress of everyday life behind while getting a great tan. In between soaking up the sun you can either take a refreshing dip in the pool or soothe sore muscles in the Jacuzzi, either way, you are sure to be relaxed and refreshed.

Entertainers Dream

Love to entertain, then this is the pool for you. This geometrically shaped pool with built-in spa and firepit make the perfect backdrop for any party. With a covered bar and sitting area, you can entertain friends and family day and night. Pool party by day, elegant cocktail party by night this backyard can do it all.

Sophisticated Elegance

Looking for a backyard design with a pool that suits your sophisticated lifestyle, then this design fits the bill. This pool with covered fireplace and elegant outdoor living room is the perfect extension of your home. Wine and dine friends and family or relax by the pool, either way, this elegant pool construction is sure to turn heads.

Free Form Flair

Tired of the conventional shape pool and want something more aesthetically pleasing? Then a free form pool is what you are looking for. Design your pool around beautiful landscaping including palm trees and bright, beautiful flowers to add beauty and flair that is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Tiny Yet Tranquil

Have a small yard and still want a beautiful pool? No problem a pool should not be judged by its size alone, small pools can be just as refreshing and beautiful as larger ones. Pools are a great way to relax, exercise, or entertain and make a great addition to any size yard.

Wonderful Waterfall

Looking for a backyard pool that is more than just a pool, then add a waterfall and slide. Transform your backyard into your very own tropical oasis that is both relaxing and fun. Lounge by the pool and listen to the soothing sounds of your waterfall or have fun with kids on the built-in a rock slide. You are sure to create a lifetime of memories in this wonderful backyard.

Family, Food, and Fun

Image: Toll Brothers

Transform your backyard into a paradise for the entire family to enjoy. By installing an outdoor kitchen and pool, you can enjoy food and fun. Don’t let a beautiful day waste away stuck inside cooking dinner; you can enjoy the outdoors and keep the family fed all from your outdoor poolside kitchen.

Pocket Sized Paradise

Need a tropical getaway but don’t have the time, create a piece of paradise in your backyard. This covered pergola surrounded by a pool is the perfect way to relax after a long day. Let the stress of the day melt away as you relax in comfort without ever leaving your home.

Modern Oasis

Image: Hodgson Design Associates

Do you prefer a modern design with its clean lines and elegant simplicity, then this is the pool for you. With its simple yet unique design, this pool can be enjoyed day or night. The cement structures offset with lighting gives a warm and aesthetically appealing look that will leave the neighbors in awe.

Open and Airy

Looking for a pool that will blend naturally with your open backyard, then this simple and open pool is just what you have been looking for. With its open design, you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while relaxing by your pool. Built-in spa and water feature add modern touches without taking away from the simple beauty of this pool.

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A great way to beat the intense Texas heat is by owning a swimming pool. Swimming pools are great for fitness enthusiasts, families with kids, party throwers, or anyone who wants to kick back and relax. However, many homeowners wonder if they need to hire a professional pool cleaning service.

Swimming pools provide many benefits, but it is important to make sure you have your pool professionally cleaned to ensure the safety of both your family and your pool.

Why do you need a professional pool cleaning service?

While it may be tempting to try and save money by cleaning your swimming pool yourself, it is best to hire a professional pool cleaning service.

A swimming pool is an investment that not only adds value to your house, but also provides exercise and hours of entertainment for the whole family.

To ensure the health of anyone using your swimming pool, it is important to make sure you have it properly cleaned and maintained.

Hiring a professional pool cleaning service is the best option because not only do they have the experience and knowledge needed to maintain a swimming pool, they also have all the required tools to do the job properly.

Listed below are the top reasons to hire a professional pool cleaning service:


By hiring a professional pool service, you are paying for their knowledge and experience to clean and maintain your swimming pool properly. This experience will not only help maintain your pool properly, it will also keep your family safe as professionals know how to handle and store the chemicals that are needed to clean your pool.

Water Balance

Proper water balance is essential to the safety of your pool and those who swim in it. To keep water safe, there needs to be the right balance of chemicals. Unless you excelled at chemistry it may be best to leave this to the experts.

If swimming pool water is not properly balanced then harmful bacteria can grow and cause infections of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Too many chemicals in the water can also lead to skin reactions.

Pool Value

Swimming pools range in price from $20,000 to $100,000+ depending on the needs and requirements of the homeowner. A swimming pool is a significant investment, and with any investment, you want to make sure you maintain it and do not lose its value.

By hiring a professional pool cleaning service, you can count on them to properly inspect and clean the pool weekly.

This weekly maintenance will ensure that your investment is maintaining its value.

Save Money

How does paying for a professional pool cleaning service save you money? It is simple they have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to maintain your swimming pool properly.

Swimming pools require chemicals to maintain proper water balance, specialized equipment to clean the pool, routine maintenance to keep pumps, filters, and other equipment working properly, and regular inspections to make sure no damage needs repairing.

When you total all the above expenses, it is cheaper to pay a professional pool cleaning service.


Owning a swimming pool is a significant responsibility, and many homeowners policies consider a pool a detached structure that must be insured separately from the home policy.

The additional swimming pool insurance will cover replacement costs due to damage, but insurance companies will require that the pool is properly maintained before paying to have the pool replaced.


By hiring a professional pool cleaning service, you can relax and have peace of mind that not only is your substantial monetary investment is properly maintained, but you know that the health of your family and friends is not at risk.

Instead of spending your free time cleaning and maintain your swimming pool, you can sit and relax and enjoy your swimming pool.

Pool Exercises to Burn Calories | Full Body Workout | Fitness How To - YouTube

What are the things professional pool cleaning service do?

A professional swimming pool cleaning service will cost approximately $75 -$200 a month depending on the size of the pool and the frequency in which they come out to service the pool. Below is a list of services that professional pool cleaning services provide:

  • Skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Test Chemical Levels
  • Basket Cleaning
  • Backwashing
  • Inspections

In addition to cleaning a professional pool service will inspect your pool to make sure it is free from leaks or other forms of damage. If they find any problems, they will be able to fix it for you.

By catching and repairing the damage quickly, your pool cleaning service can save you time and money.

How often should I have my pool cleaned?

Professional pool cleaning service comes out every 1-2 weeks depending on the pool and the customer. To keep your pool healthy and safe, it is important to maintain regular pool cleaning.

If your pool is not enclosed, it may be necessary to skim the pool each day in addition to having a professional pool cleaning service come out.

Dirt and debris can clog filters and cause damage to your pool, so it is important to make sure you keep your pool clean.


A swimming pool is a great way to keep yourself in shape or cool down on a hot Texas day, either way, they are a significant investment, and it is important to keep them cleaned and maintained properly.

Hiring a professional pool cleaning services allows you to relax and enjoy your pool knowing that it is clean and safe for anyone to use.

You also have peace of mind that your investment does not lose its value or become a burden because it has not been maintained properly.

Dirty pools not only look bad, they can also cause serious health issues. Don’t put your health or your investment at risk. Call a professional pool cleaning service like Carnahan today.

Cities we serve: The Woodlands, Cypress, Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, Katy, TX, and more.

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One of the most common questions we get is: Do I need a professional landscaping? So here’s the situation: You have the interior and exterior of your home just the way you want it, and you look outside and notice that your landscaping could use some work, no problem you can do it yourself right?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, you can go to your local hardware store and nursery and pick out the plants and lighting you want, but do you have the time and skills it requires to choose and install these items properly?

The last thing you want to do is to waste your time and money by buying and installing the wrong landscaping. Landscaping is more complicated than most people realize and listed below are some reasons you may want to call a professional landscaping company to do the work for you:

Knowledge and Expertise

Professional landscapers have both the knowledge and expertise to create a stunning landscape that will not only look fabulous; it will also add curb appeal and potentially increase the value of your home. Professional landscapers know the environment you live in and will utilize plants and materials that can survive and thrive where you live.

Ideas and Conceptual Design

Professional landscapers can take your ideas and create a variety of landscape designs for you to choose from. Professional landscapers are not only creative they can design a landscape that includes what the homeowner wants while also making sure to utilize the current landscape and ecosystem properly.

Professional Landscaping Budget

Professional landscapers have the knowledge and ability to create stunning landscaping designs to fit any budget. Many professional landscapers also offer financing options so let your imagination soar.

Project Management

One of the best parts of hiring a professional landscaper, they do all the labor. That’s right you can sit back and relax while the experts create a stunning landscape and you don’t have to lift a finger. Professional landscapers can properly manage any landscaping project you require as well as having insurance to give you peace of mind.

Professional Plant Selection

Professional landscapers are experts and know which plants will grow best where you live and can also offer you options you may not have thought of. They can also provide you with the information you need to maintain your landscape properly, or they may offer services to maintain the landscape for you.

While many individuals can create a small flower garden, add some mulch, or create a simple walkway, many landscaping projects require a professional to install.

Large projects like retaining walls, pools, waterfalls, decks, or ponds require technical knowledge to ensure they are installed properly and are safe for your family to enjoy.

Many large projects also require proper permits and inspections which your professional landscaper can obtain for you as well as utilizing large equipment that most individuals lack the experience to use.

Hiring a professional landscaper is required for many landscaping projects including the ones listed below:


Hardscaping refers to landscaping elements that include non-living materials including brick, stone, wood, concrete or metal.

These elements are used to create retaining walls, walkways, fences, gazebos, or pergolas. Hardscaping requires utilizing heavy materials that require special equipment to install as well as obtaining the proper permits and inspections.

Hardscaping needs to be precise and engineered properly to function properly and look good, so it is highly recommended that you utilize a professional landscaper for these landscaping projects.

Tree Care

Properly caring for your tree’s can be complicated and dangerous if you do not have the skills or proper equipment, so it is best to call a professional landscaper to care for your trees.

Professional landscapers can evaluate your trees to make sure they are healthy and do not need to be treated for a disease or removed before they pose a hazard of coming down during inclement weather. Professional landscapers also have the proper equipment and tools needed to reach and trim trees safely.

Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners usually hire experts to work on the electrical and lighting features inside their home; outdoor lighting requires utilizing experts as well.

Professional landscapers can not only provide expert advice on where and what lighting would work best with your landscaping, but they also have the proper tools and knowledge to install outdoor lighting safely.

Water Features

Installing large water features including waterfalls or ponds are complicated and it is best to have a professional landscaper install them.

Professional landscapers will be able to file for the proper permits before installing a water feature as well as having the proper equipment to excavate and remove the large amounts of material as needed.

Installing the proper pipes, pumps, and electrical equipment can be complicated and if not installed properly will become aggravating and costly, so it is best to use a professional landscaper to save you time, money, and frustration.

Pools and Spas

If you are looking to install a pool or spa, it is best to consult a professional landscaper as they can help you design, plan, and properly install your pool or spa.

Pools and spas require removing a large amount of material and require large excavating machines that can be very dangerous to operate if you are not used to using them.

It is also important to make sure your pool or spa is properly located or excavating large amounts of material can cause structural issues with your home so hiring a professional landscaper is highly recommended because they not only have the experience but they also carry insurance that will give you peace of mind.

Professional landscapers also know what permits are required and can obtain them for you saving you time and aggravation.

Many landscapers offer maintenance services to once they have installed your pool or spa they can also provide routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure that you can enjoy your pool or spa for many years.

Check out our custom pools page.

Decks or Patios

Constructing a deck or patio is more complicated than many individuals understand so it is best to hire a professional landscaper to do the job.

Installing decks and patios require structural engineering and knowledge of water drainage for a deck or patio that not only looks great but is safe for both your family and your home. Professional landscapers can also provide you with materials that not only look good but are also within your budget.

Many landscaping features require a professional landscaper to install because they require proper permits, heavy equipment, proper materials, and the knowledge and expertise required to create and install these features.

To have beautiful landscaping that can be enjoyed for years, it is important to make sure you are using the proper plants and hardscaping materials that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also are the best materials for where you live.

Professional landscapers can save you time, money, and aggravation by designing and creating the landscape of your dreams while also using their knowledge of the environment you live in to ensure your landscaping will survive and thrive based on the weather in your location.

We are a professional landscaping company with more than 35 years of experience. Areas we serve: The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Magnolia, Katy, Tomball, TX, and more.

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Many homeowners are looking for tips to make landscaping around trees better. Read the article below for easy recommendations to make your yard looks better.

Consider yourself lucky if you had a big, shady tree in your back or front yard because big trees usually make your house look better. In addition, it is fairly easy to blend the tree into the rest of your landscaping by planting different plans and flowers in its base.

However, there is still a potential issue with big trees around your house. That is when the tree starts to grow up and its roots start to expand and invade the area around the tree.

Another common problem is the tree also blocks the sunlight so there are fewer plants and flowers that can grow around your tree. But there is nothing to worry about. In most cases, you could keep your tree by following the ideas in this article.

Here are some ideas for landscaping around trees

Plant Carefully

Most trees will block the sunlight, therefore you must choose plants that do not need a lot of sunlight. Additionally, these plants around your tree will also compete for water so make sure you choose the right plants so you can have a lush greenery all year long.

Pay extra attention when digging as you do not want to damage the tree roots underneath the soil. For best results, you might need to water the plants regularly especially when rain is inadequate.

Start Small

In most cases, homeowners start their project by immediately by planting big plants around their trees. This is a wrong approach because you are not supposed to dig a big hole around your tree. You should start by planting small plants like liner plants, that are available at your local nurseries.

Buying plant liners to plant around your trees is really a good idea to save you money and it is something that you can do on your own. The key is to understand the types of plant liners that can be planted by squeezing them into the soil. This is the best way to prevent your tree roots from getting hurt or damaged while you are planting.

Make sure you select your plants carefully because some ground cover plants can easily take over your entire yard

Add Mulch Around Your Tree

Applying mulch is a great way to improve the overall health of the soil around your tree as it prevents weeds from growing. A layer of mulch can help keep the soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Use Garden Accents

You can also add accents and decor to give your garden a style or identity. Well-placed accents and decor can be used to draw visitors to your garden, to call attention to specific aspects of the garden, or to liven up uninteresting areas. 

Attractive Shrubs

To make your landscape colorful, you can add attractive shrubs that remain fresh all year long. Shrubs are also very reliable and easy to grow. They can live to enhance your yard for many years to come.

You can also use shrubs to create living boundaries or obscure unattractive views from your neighbor’s yard. Since the root systems of shrubs run deeper and spread farther than regular grass, they require less frequent watering. watering.

There are several types of shrubs that are great for your yard, such as frilly mayapple, Japanese forest grass, coral bells, hosta, European ginger, and more.

Flower Beds

In addition to colorful shrubs, beautiful flower beds are surely going to make your yard look more attractive. However, flowers need to be planted directly in the sunlight. Also remember to water them regularly, especially at the beginning to overcome the shock of being transplanted.

Landscaping around trees can turn a bland yard into something really beautiful. It can also protect your tree from lawn mower damage. Click here to read about how to hire the best landscaper for your home.

Cypress, TX Landscaping Before & After by Carnahan Landscaping Inc. - YouTube

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Many homeowners dream of having their own pool. The thought of sitting on your patio and relaxing by your very own trouble free pool and grabbing a quick dip anytime you want to without worrying about other people is like a dream come true.

No more visiting fancy resorts or going to the local pool surrounded by people, you can have your own little retreat right in your backyard. This idea is so appealing, what could go wrong?

Having said that, a pool requires regular maintenance so it can last and provide value for your investment. Fortunately, there are a lot of high-quality tips on the Internet about maintaining your swimming pool at home.

Below are some tips for homeowners on how to create and maintain a trouble free pool.

Pool Maintenance

Owning your own pool is a dream that can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not properly maintain it. Pools require work to keep them clean and safe.

In order to keep a safe and healthy swimming pool, it is important to make sure the water has been treated properly to ensure that nobody gets sick.

You cannot simply look at a swimming pool and see that is its clean, even crystal clear water can hide chemicals and bacteria that can affect the health of your family.

Some of the germs that can be hiding in an untreated or not properly treated pool can include E. Coli, Giardia, Chloramines, and Cryptosporidium, which can cause a myriad of symptoms and illnesses including diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, fever, vomiting, and skin and eye irritation.

Check out our pool maintenance service. Types of Water Treatment Systems

Now that you understand how important it is to make sure your pool is properly maintained and cleaned it is important to understand the different types of water treatment systems.

There are different types of systems to choose from and most often come down to either personal opinion or price. Listed below are 4 types of pool treatment systems and the pro and cons of each:


Chlorine pools are probably the most common and well-known way to treat and maintain pool water. Chlorine pools can be time-consuming because you have to be vigilant to maintain a proper pH balance to make sure the pool water is clean and safe.

This involves testing your pool water constantly and treating it with different chemicals to ensure the water is safe.

Pros: Chlorine systems have been around for over 100 years and are an economical and proven way to properly maintain pool water.

Cons: Chlorine systems require vigilance and a lot of chemicals to maintain which can time consuming and the chemicals can be toxic to the environment.


Gaining popularity among pool owners is the use of a saltwater system to maintain pool water quality that is safe and clean.

Saltwater systems use electrolysis to create chlorine which cleans and disinfects the pool water. Due to the process of electrolysis saltwater pools require fewer chemicals and are not as time-consuming as chlorine pools.

Pros: Saltwater systems are easier to maintain, require less harmful chemicals, safer and cause less irritation to eyes and skin, and produce softer-feeling skin.

Cons: Saltwater systems are expensive not only with the initial purchase system, but because salt is a corrosive over time it can damage other pool parts like ladders, liners, and fixtures leading to costly repairs.

Ultraviolet Systems

Ultraviolet or UV systems clean and sanitize pool water by disrupting the ability of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, algae etc.) to multiply by exposing them to UV lamps as pool water flows the system.

Without the ability to reproduce these microorganisms die and are rendered harmless. By utilizing UV light these systems require fewer chemicals to maintain and clean pool water.

Pros: UV systems require fewer chemicals and can help protect your pool from microbes that have become resistant to chlorine. They also require less maintenance and have lower operating costs.

Cons: UV systems can only clean the water that flows through the system so you still need to have added chlorine to make pool water is safe and clean. While the system affects the ability of microorganisms to reproduce, it does not actually eliminate them from the pool water.

Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are like having your own pond in your backyard. These pools use the environment to naturally clean pool water and do not require additional harmful chemicals.

Woodhouse Natural Pools/NaturalSwimmingPools.com

By dividing the pool into zones that include a swimming area and a regeneration area these pools utilize the natural filters of plant structures and aggregates to filter water instead of chemicals.

Pros: Natural swimming pools are aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to maintain and do not require harsh chemicals. Because this system uses plants as filters you can swim surrounded by beautiful plants and wildlife that help to keep your pool safe and clean.

Cons: In order to keep your pool safe and clean you will still have to do maintenance like skimming and you may need to cover with a net to keep too much debris from accumulating when not in use. These pools can have a high initial price because of the complexity that is involved in creating the proper zones.

Check Out One of Our Pool Designs

Budd Backyard - YouTube

Trouble Free Pool Cleaning Tricks

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of pool systems that create and maintain safe water conditions for your swimming pool, below are some tricks to help you maintain a trouble free pool:

Automatic Pool Vacuum

Looking for an easy and efficient way to help keep your pool clean, then invest in an automatic pool vacuum. Because dirt and debris can accumulate on the bottom of your pool you will need to remove them to maintain the safety and clarity of your pool water. One easy and hands-free way to do this is to use an automatic pool vacuum. Automatic pool vacuums work with your pool pump and will automatically clean the bottom of your pool, this frees up time for you to do other things or nothing at all.

Tennis Ball

Looking for a simple and hands-off way to keep your pool water clean from natural oils that are produced by your skin, add a tennis ball. That’s right by simply throwing a tennis ball into your pool you can help keep your pool water safe and clean. Tennis balls are made from fibers and these fibers absorb oils and can help keep your pool looking its best without you having to lift a finger.


Unfortunately, pool skimming is a task that must be performed to keep dirt and debris from accumulating and contaminating your pool.

To make this task easier you can attach pantyhose to your pool skimmer to collect smaller particles that your skimmer alone will not pick up. You can save time and effort by picking up more dirt and debris at one time meaningless cleaning for you.

Outdoor Shower

To help keep your pool water clean you may want to install an outdoor shower. Dirt, debris, suntan lotion, hair gel, etc., can accumulate in your pool water and cause extra maintenance and cleaning.

To keep these unnecessary contaminants from entering your pool you can install an outdoor shower and by simply rinsing before and after entering your pool you can easily eliminate unwanted contaminants from your pool meaning less time cleaning for you.


Proper pool maintenance is essential for the health and safety of anyone who chooses to use it. While pool maintenance may seem tedious luckily there are ways to help reduce the amount of work there is to maintain a healthy pool.

From different types of pool filtration devices to simple tricks to help reduce the amount of cleaning or just make routine tasks more efficient. Pools are a lot of fun, but they are also a lot of responsibility to take the time to properly (and efficiently) care for your trouble free pool and you and your family can enjoy them for many years

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If you are thinking about installing a pool in your backyard then you probably learn there are several types of swimming pool. There are gunite pools (concrete pools), fiberglass pools, and vinyl liner pools. Since a backyard pool is a big investment for most homeowners, you should take your time to do research before deciding the type of pool you want.

Gunite pools is one of the most common swimming pools at hotels, resorts, and now residential family homes. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about gunite pools.

What is a Gunite Pool?

A gunite pool is also known as concrete pool because it is made out of concrete. After digging, an iron rebar is used to create your pool framework. Then, a mixture of cement, sand, and water is sprayed around the rebar and left to set.

After the concrete dries, it is time to apply the pool finish. There are several types of pool finishes to choose from:

Plaster finish, pebble finish, tile finish, and others.

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Why Choose a Gunite Pool?

People choose gunite or concrete pool because it is very durable and long lasting. Unlike a fiberglass pool, a gunite pool is built on site, therefore it is flexible and versatile as you can create any design you like.

Although a fiberglass pool is also durable, a gunite pool is known to be less likely to crack overtime.

Most high-end pools with features like waterfalls are gunite pools. In addition, gunite pools are also popular among family with children because unlike fiberglass pool, a gunite pool has rough, non-slippery surface.

Gunite pool finishes come in different colors and materials so you can really customize your pool to fit your existing landscaping.

Even if you have a small space in your backyard, a spool (small pool) is a great option because you do not need a big space for a gunite spool.

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How Long Does it Take to Build a Gunite Pool?

It is safe to say a gunite pool construction will take between 4 to 6 weeks. It could take longer depending on other factors such as size, features, the weather, and so on.

How Much Does a Gunite Pool Cost?

The cost of building a gunite pool depends on location, size, type of finish, additional features, and more. All three types of swimming pool: gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl liner usually cost about the same. To build a gunite pool in Cypress, TX and surrounding areas, please contact us to get a free quote.

How to Maintain a Gunite Pool?

A gunite pool usually lasts between 10-15 years before you need to resurface the pool again. Read this article if you are thinking about resurfacing your pool.

While a gunite pool is one of the most common pools at home, it also requires the most maintenance.

Maintaining your pool will help extend its lifespan, especially in hot weather locations like here in Texas. Here are things you can do to maintaining your gunite pool: 

  • clean the filters regularly
  • clear away debris in and around the pool
  • keep the chemical properly balanced
  • check for leaks
  • and more…

Check out our pool maintenance service.

What are the Benefits of having a Swimming Pool at Home?

Having a pool in your backyard has a lot of benefits such as a pool is great for exercise, having more quality time with friends and family, staying cool throughout the year, improving your backyard’s layout, relaxing after work, and much more.

With the flexibility of a gunite pool, you can literally have customized design, lighting, and other features like a slide or waterfall. A pool at home is most likely allows you to having a lifetime of fun and memorable memories.

Having said that, gunite pools also have some drawbacks. They tend to promote the growth of algae, whereas a fiberglass pool has a smoother surface where algae will not stick to the walls. Keep in mind, there will still be algae in the water if you do not properly maintain your pool.

Gunite Pool Safety

Safety will always be our main concern when it comes to pool and landscaping design. Accidents can happen very quickly and easily around the pool area so as a pool owner you should take precautions when it comes to pool safety.

A gunite pool has non-slippery surface so it is safe for family with little children. Please consult with your pool builder about how to make your pool area safe.


Having a pool at home could make your life healthier, more entertaining, and more relaxing. Swimming is one of the best exercises for people who have problems with weight-related exercises, high-blood pressure, and many other health conditions.

Swimming is also a great social sport. A swimming pool is a great place for you to hang out with friends and family without having to go outside your home. A study revealed exercising and socializing together leads to improved mental health.

Additionally, if you live in sunny states like Texas or Florida, a swimming pool is usually a standard feature in most family homes. If every house in your block has a pool, not having one will affect a buyer’s decision when you want to sell your house.

A gunite pool is very durable and flexible, therefore you can really blend your pool into your existing landscape design. Contact us today if you live in Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring, TX area and get a free quote for your gunite pool.

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Outdoor kitchens are quite different from their indoor counterparts. Although indoor and outdoor kitchens share similar accessories and features, outdoor kitchens must be furnished with the right materials so that they can survive harsh weather elements.

There are lots of benefits related to having an outdoor kitchen, which includes fewer utility bills, reduced smell, cleaner homes and great for entertaining guests as well as your family members. However, finding the best cabinetry for your outdoor kitchen can be a challenge.

You need to know the characteristics of a good kitchen cabinet in order to avoid the frustration that comes with selecting low-quality kitchen cabinets.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to choose a good kitchen cabinet as well as the characteristics of high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinets to assist you in selecting the best cabinets for your outdoor kitchen.

What does a good outdoor kitchen cabinet have?

Kitchen cabinets are very important features and aspects of any kitchen as they can help transform the look, feel, functionality and value of a home.

However, the quality of your kitchen cabinets is more than just its aesthetic look; it is essentially a function of its construction methods, craftsmanship, materials, and finish used in its manufacturing process.

There is a variation in all these elements, which results in a corresponding range of cabinetry quality and options.
When it comes to finding quality outdoor kitchen cabinets, there are some factors you have to look for or consider. Some of these factors are discussed below.

Supreme durability (cabinetry materials)

Since your kitchen is located in a place that is open to the elements of nature, it is important to select outdoor kitchen materials that are tough and able to withstand the harsh weather conditions as well as the wear and tear from daily usage. If you installed a regular PVC or wood cabinetry, you would see your outdoor kitchen cabinets deteriorate or get damaged by exposure to rain and sunshine over time.

When it comes to outdoor kitchen cabinets durability, the performance and longevity of the cabinets depend on its construction materials. You can rely on materials that has inbuilt sunscreen or stainless steel cabinets that are highly resistant to corrosion and won’t change their shape like wood.

There are other materials used for cabinets includes solid wood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), particle board, and plywood.

Plywood is believed to be the best option for the cabinet boxes, but solid wood is used on the face frame. Particle board is also used for cabinet boxes and other cabinetry components. However, it is more prone to damages from water and other liquids. It also emits formaldehyde vapors depending on the content of the bonding agent used to bond the wood particles and is not recommended for an outdoor kitchen.

Another wood product is the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). It is made of wood fibers that are pressed and bonded together. It is very heavy and is also prone to damages from the water just like the particle board. So if you are going for cabinets with these materials, make sure the boxes are sturdy and thick instead of unstable and thin.

You should also consider the cabinets with some kind of box reinforcement like I-beam braces or corner braces and a solid hardwood frame (if you want framed cabinets). Cabinets with solid front frame, thick panels, and reinforced, will make a more sturdy and rigid box with little or no chance of the box going out of shape.

Make sure the bottom or floor panels are using thick, solid frame to support the weight of the drawer contents.

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Easy to use, maintain and clean

Like I said before, outdoor kitchen cabinets are exposed to sun, wind, rain, dust and more, which gives them a higher risk of becoming dirty and unsightly. Since an outdoor kitchen is a spectacular entertaining space, your kitchen cabinets should be clean at all times.

A good outdoor cabinet will feature materials that are resistant to stains and easy to clean after each cooking session without spending hours.

Bug proof Kitchen Cabinets

Hungry insects and bugs may infest and damage outdoor kitchen cabinets, however they will not infest high-quality cabinets. High-quality kitchen cabinets must be, not only able to withstand harsh weather condition, but also resistant to insect and bugs that can shorten its lifespan.

Most of the materials used for making high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinet have no organic compounds that attract bugs and termites, so you can enjoy your kitchen without the fear of termite.

Good quality finish

Whether you go for wood or metal cabinets, a good quality finish will not only make your outdoor kitchen cabinets look nice and appealing, but it will also help to preserve and protect your investment. There are a lot of temperature changes, greases, and others that come in contact with the cabinets especially in a functional and hardworking kitchen .

In addition to termite infestation, the occasional spill of hot water, sauce, or vinegar can destroy your cabinets over long period of time.

Having a good quality cabinet finish will help prevent damages and ensure your outdoor kitchen cabinets can withstand these assaults. Some of the components you should look for in quality cabinet finish are:

Lacquer or catalyzed varnish: This finish enhances the durability of the cabinets, allowing them to withstand the harsh weather condition that they are subjected to. Note that non-catalyzed varnish is more prone to damages and aren’t as durable.

High solids content varnish: This finish has more solid particles that help to build coating thickness within its coating system. These solids provide a long-lasting shield over the material (wood and stain) beneath it.

UV protection: Finishes with components that are resistant to fading from ultraviolet (UV) light are better than the ones that don’t. Your outdoor kitchen would be exposed to a lot of sunshine, so going for a finish with UV protection that resists fading is your best bet.

We hope this outdoor kitchen cabinet guide can help you decide on the materials, look, and feel of your outdoor kitchen.

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Having a small in-ground pool outside your home is luxurious, but having a small in-ground pool with an outdoor kitchen is icing on your cake! Imagine guests enjoying a swim while getting hungry for a full meal. After cooking for them from your outdoor kitchen, they can easily swim or relax afterward in your pool which is just by your outdoor kitchen, wouldn’t that be awesome?

The heat produced while cooking in an indoor kitchen can be unbearable, especially on a hot summer day. With your pool and outdoor kitchen on close together, your life is as smooth as a breeze. You wouldn’t have to rush from your indoor kitchen to your pool to cool off or keep your friends and guest satisfied since the pool is just beside your kitchen.

Most people love to have an outdoor kitchen and a big pool, which at times is unreasonable due to the maintenance and cost of owning a large pool. If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a pool and an outdoor kitchen, we would suggest you get a small in-ground pool. But if you are still wondering why you need a small in-ground pool and an outdoor kitchen, the benefits of these great home features shared below might change your mind.

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The benefit of a small in-ground pool The price

You have to spend up to $30,000 to get a pool completely installed. You might even spend more depending on the size and type of the pool you want as well as specific features or things of luxury which we did not take into consideration. But with a small in-ground pool, you might only have to spend less than $30,000 to get your pool installed, isn’t that friendly to your pocket?

Check out our financing page.

Moreover, there are additional advantages you get from having a small in-ground pool as regards the price. For example, if you wish to install the pool yourself, you wouldn’t need to pay for workmanship, particularly when you make use of your toolkit and this will save you a huge sum of money. You can also decide your choice of material (Fiberglass, Vinyl, or Concrete) and surrounding landscape, to complement your kitchen or give your home a sophisticated look you have always wished for.

Maintaining a small in-ground pool is also cheaper since you have less water in the pool compared to a bigger pool. This means that you would only spend a little amount of money on either chemicals or heating. Plus you have less surface to clean.

It saves space

Small in-ground pools save space, so you’ll have little or no problem with excavation neither would you need additional fencing nor face some other issues associated with having a pool. You can easily have a small in-ground pool, even in a small backyard without complications because its installation process is quite simplified.

Great for exercise

If you enjoy exercising, a small in-ground pool is great for workouts. The main benefit of this is that you can swim and exercise without straining your joints which could result in injury. You can also add some exercise equipment to help you achieve your fitness goal and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. If the space is too small for your type of aquatic exercise, you can get water jets to help.

Good for relaxation

If you love lounging around your pool to swim or relax your body after a long day of work, a small in-ground pool works as well as the larger pool. You can divert the money you would use from a larger size and put the cash toward a pool patio or other backyard item.

Note: You can include any item of your choice in a small pool like any other large pool

The benefits of an outdoor kitchen Great for Entertaining Family and Friends

An outdoor kitchen is the best spot to entertain guests. Imagine having your food grilled out in the courtyard and your family or friends gathering around you to eat and have fun, wouldn’t it be great? This can be difficult to achieve with an indoor kitchen, doing it there will only leave your kitchen crowed unlike when the kitchen is outside with enough space to yourself and your guest as well.

Less Money Toward Utility Bills

With a kitchen outside, you don’t need an air conditioning to keep you cool in the summer. But when your kitchen is indoor, and you are either frying, roasting, or boiling water, in this case, you would definitely need the air conditioner to keep yourself and your home cool. With the air conditioner out of the question and the inclusion of an outdoor pool, you save your energy consumption and spend less.

Your house is cleaner with less smell

Food can be delicious and have a pleasant and inviting smell. But, at times the scent might not be so inviting and might linger in your home for days on end. This is not an issue when you have an outdoor kitchen, the lingering aroma remains outside, and your home will retain its fresh smell.

Tastier meals

Do you know that grilling enhances the taste of your food? Yes, it does, and it helps your waistline too! This is because fats drop off your meats when you grill, giving you a healthier meal with fewer calories.

You spend less on meals from restaurants

When your cooking is conducted in your courtyard, there is little or no need to go to a restaurant. Moreover, you don’t have to drain your account to enjoy yourself and have a decent meal. So if you don’t feel like eating out, you have your outdoor kitchen where you can cook a tasty and healthy meal with less money to spend!


Now that you know the benefits of a small in-ground pool and an outdoor kitchen wouldn’t it be splendid to have both next to each other? You can always entertain your friends and family beside your pool while you grill some food to serve to them and at the same time interact with them! We are sure you will love such an enchanting experience.

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