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Tarp set-up made easy with the EasyTarp Range

Camping should be about reconnecting with yourself and your family, coming back to the basics of the simple life. You will create memories that last a lifetime although until recently, the tarp set-up memory is one that I would always try to forget...

Recently I have been using an EasyTarp tarpaulin shelter kit set-up on every camping trip, whether it be an overnighter or a month long adventure... But more on that shortly.

Now, I don't know about you but for me I'd had enough of tarp set ups that took hours to put up and always seemed to be in a continual state of collapse whenever it rained or the wind picked up. The unmistakable sound as the poles come loose and hit the ground in the wind and during a down-pour - the ripping sound, followed by the "THUD" as the tarp stretched and gave way from the weight of the pooling water.

All those hours of set-up, the sunburn, the fighting with each other and sometimes even with the other friendly campers who came to lend a you hand, and the near divorces that resulted... Even the sense of triumph as your structure was finally completed... All ruined and gone, waiting for you to repeat the set-up process again and in some cases, completely devastating your adventure filled camping trip.


Setting up a gazebo or pop-up shelter was the answer! Actually, it didn't turn out that way at all. Even though it was a little easier to roll out, it still took a good 20 to 30 minutes to put up and secure properly (even with 2 people) and a few days into our Easter camping trip to Soldiers Point in NSW it began to rain heavily.

We had two gazebos placed together, joined with a guttering system and within 10 minutes both gazebos began to pool and bend. Then as the wind picked up and hit the solid walls of the gazebos, they lifted off like some sort of twisted alien craft and rolled away down the campsite.

Thinking about it now, gazebos can be potentially quite dangerous - If we had set up the tent beneath the gazebo, the collapse under the weight of water could have injured someone in the tent and if anyone had been in the way of the spidery-looking wind swept contraption making its way though the campsite, they would have been taken out!


NOPE - Gazebos didn't work for us either so we had to research what options there were for an easy set-up, solid and reliable camping shelter that would pool and collapse or flap around in the wind.

Over the following 16 months, the CampKings trialled, tested, set-up and packed down hundreds of different product components and countless sequences of tarp shelter set-ups and pack-downs in all sorts of variable weather conditions.

The resulting development was the EasyTarp tarpaulin range of camping Tarpaulin Kits. Colour coded, solo person set up tarp camping shelter solutions with instructions that will withstand most adverse weather conditions and are available in an affordable tarp kit. The EasyTarp Range includes everything required for an easy tarp camping shelter set-up and is available in a variety of different sizes to accomodate just about any sized camping adventure.

The CampKings Crew are certain that the addition of an EasyTarp tarpaulin camping shelter kit to your gear will not only remove the stress of an hours long and painful campsite set up, we know that it will protect your gear and your Family from the heat, rain and UV (and maybe even save some friendships and marriages) for years to come.

For an awesome looking and easy tarpaulin camp shelter solution checkout the EasyTarp Range of camping tarp kits only fromCampKings Australia

Get Outdoors More Often and Be A Tarp Master

See you Round the Grounds!

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The CampKings Crew headed out to the Northern Blue Mountains on this #GTFO camping adventure to Wheeny Creek free camping ground. This camp site is situated in the Wollemi National Park, a stones throw away from the Lower Hunter regions of New South Wales, in Eastern Australia. With the bellbirds whistling away in the background, you can kick the camp chair back, put your feet up and immerse yourself into the serenity create from the glow of the red hot embers of your campfire.

The #GTFO Experience

The way in is relatively easy going. It is suitable for 2WD vehicles (though in the wet you may struggle on the way out getting up the hills). Be aware that it is also chocked full of bends, twists and turns to keep you on your guard and at certain intervals if you stop and peer over the sharp bends, you will see a mass of car wrecks piled up as a result of some careless and unfortunate accidents.

After a quick set up with the CAMPA KIT EasyTarp attached to the gazebo hub, the CampKings Crew wandered off to explore the creek and the surrounds. When we returned, we set up for a game of twilight Bocce with some of our neighbours. Dinner on this overnight #GTFO was Chilli-Con-Carne in some fire roasted spuds, followed by some fire-side relaxation. In the morning there was an array of Kookaburras and Maggies eagerly sounding the early morning chime in order to wake us up!

The CampKings Crew have rated this site according to the Tent Peg Rating Scale. Check it out before you visit and we'd also love you to check out our EasyTarp camping tarpaulin tarp shelter set-up solutions here:

Be a Tarp Master with EasyTarp easy tarpaulin set ups kits. Tarp Kits... Like You’ve Never Seen!


Wheeny Creek free campground is situated in the Wollemi National Park & is about a 90 minute drive from Sydney and 60 minutes from Blacktown. Take the turn off where Kurmond becomes Kurrajong, then follow it all the way to the end. At this point, the road turns to dirt track. BEWARE - The terrain in is best suited to 4WD, though the trek can be made in a 2WD or AWD as long as it has not been raining.

CLICK HERE For Wheeny Creek Google Map




Star Gazing

Some of the largest and oldest eucalypts that you have ever seen

Plenty of Bellbirds, Possums and Bilbies


You should bring your Tent and Tarp set up (sites are not marked) - If you're keen you can set-up a camper-trailer on the fringes. Also bring fire-wood, drinking water, marshmallows, bocce and cricket set.


Wheeny Creek is a free camping ground and is mostly nice and flat with plenty of fire pits. There are 3 large grounds to choose from - Kingfisher, Boobook and Cheese Tree. 


Be careful negotiating the winding twists and turns down into the ancient valley as there have been many, MANY accidents over the edge.


  • CLICK HERE for info and availabilities
  • NPWS Rangers conduct regular visits to this camping area
  • This is a free campground so no bookings or fees are required
  • Sites are NOT powered
  • You cannot camp next to vehicle
  • Road access is by unsealed / dirt road
  • Parking is available
  • NOT suitable for camper trailers or caravans
  • Toilets are available
  • The road in is unsealed dirt road
  • There is NO mobile reception AT ALL
  • Pets are not permitted
  • Water is not available at this campground
  • Treat or boil all water taken from creeks in the park
  • You can swim in the nearby creek
  • Firewood is not supplied
  • Collecting firewood in the park is not permitted
  • The area is prone to flooding so check the weather before you set out
  • Please take your rubbish with you when you leave

You can Click Here to learn more about our Tent Peg rating scale

Follow the CampKings Crew & and post your adventures on twitter, Facebook, google+ & instagram and we look forward to hearing all about your very own #GTFO adventures and discoveries.

If you are after advice on camping gear and EasyTarp easy tarpaulin set ups, talk to the experts at CampKings Australia.

Be a Tarp Master with a CampKings Australia EasyTarp

Tarp Kits... Like you've never seen!

See you Round the Grounds...

The CampKings Crew

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Battery boxes, solar set up and portable camping power

With most portable solar camping solutions available to campers today you’ll definitely have to do your research and in some cases, you’ll need to source the individual components yourself. It can really be a bit too hard and if not done properly, will potentially leave you stranded without power or even worse, with a faulty electrical set-up. 

Some of the things to consider will be;

  • The battery
  • Battery box
  • Solar panels
  • MPPT charge controller and solar regulator
  • Extension cables for the unit and the panels (as they are usually never long enough)
  • AC inverter and what outlets will you need
  • Pure sine or not 

As well as navigating your way through plugs, adapters and sockets… 

WOW – what an effort!

This got the CampKings crew to asking;

"Why isn’t there a portable solar camping power solution that is affordable, easy to use, includes everything you need and is and efficient & light weight"?

Well, there are a few options on the market but most will be heavy in weight and pretty costly. They will require some form of battery maintenance like constant charging and not letting them run below 80% capacity to ensure that your battery doesn’t die in the periods of time that you are not off on a camping adventure. 

And, they don’t always include everything you need to just set-up, put the panels out and start powering up your camp site…

If you are after the most efficient and cost effective, low maintenance, easy portable solar power solution for your next camping adventure then you should consider the EasyPower S630. Just plug in the panels, place them in the sun and you’re powered up!

The EasyPower S630 offers;

    • A powerful all in one 3.3kg light-weight power box
    • Included 2kg light-weight highly efficient 80W sunpower cell solar blanket
    • 10m cable to connect the panels to the EasyPower unit
    • 73ah (270wh) high capacity LiPo lithium battery built in
    • AC | DC and 4 x USB outlets to charge and run your electricals
    • 300W pure sine wave inverter to protect your equipment
    • Solar, AC wall and DC car charging options
    • LED light with 5m cable and an on | off switch
    • Built in MPPT charge controller and protection

    This is the most innovative and functional portable solar power camping option and is a serious contender in the market, to be considered by those looking for a great quality and cost effective portable power solution that will change the way that you bring power to your camp site for years to come.

    EasyPower your campsite with CampKings EasyPower S630.

    Solar Camping Power Kit | EasyPower Intro - YouTube

    See you round the grounds...

    The CampKing

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    Portable Solar Power... What is it?

    Simply put, portable solar power is a way in which you are able to convert energy from the Sun through solar panels into usable electrical energy and store it in a safe way to power things like lights, fridge | freezers, TV, washing machines, 12V fans, vacuums and air pumps. With the right set-up you can also run CPAP machines and charge up mobile phones, entertainment and music devices, as well as rechargeable tools camera equipment.

    There are many varieties of portable solar camping options on the market and while this is a green, efficient and free way to power your equipment when remote camping or on the road, most of these choices are confusing and will prompt questions like –

    • How does it work?
    • What do I need to make it work?
    • What battery do I need?
    • What solar panels should I get?
    • How does it connect?

    And by far the most important question for you to ask is;

    "Will it power and charge the things I want it to?"

    Quite frankly, the solar option, though it is confusing, is not a difficult one to understand and even without knowing about Amps, Watts, panels and battery amp hours – you can still have an easy powered camping solution where ever you camp.

    The CampKings crew have developed these simple checks to determine what set-up is appropriate for your adventures so that you can enjoy the best that nature has to offer without having to live like the caveman and best of all, it is powered by nature so it is environmentally friendly… Oh – and it is also free!

    What do I want to power? 

    It is important that you have an idea of the things that you want to power and charge before you begin to look at portable power options. Some of the things the CampKings Crew power up on our adventures are;

    • LED night lights
    • 12V air pump for mattresses and inflatables
    • Portable DVD player & hair clippers
    • Boat battery
    • Mobile phones, re-chargeable torch, cameras and tablets
    • Laptop computer
    • 55L fridge | freezer
    • Portable washing machine

    How much sunshine will I require?

    The simple answer is as much as possible! 

    Without the Sun your battery storage will not charge, but usually between 5 to 8 hours daily is plenty.

    What are the best batteries to use for portable solar storage?

    There are 2 main battery solutions that are seen to be the best varieties;

    1) AGM deep cycle and

    2) Lithium battery hybrids (See more information of Poly Lithium VS AGM Deep Cycle batteries)

    How much battery storage will I require?

    This depends on what kind of equipment you are planning to run and the length of time you will be “Off Grid”.

    For example; If you are powering some LED lights, a small (30L) to medium (60L) fridge freezer, and charging electronic devices you should consider a medium solution like the EasyPower S630. This solution contains enough power storage (equivalent to 73Ah) to accommodate these devices and as long as you have sunshine every second day, you’ll never be without power! 

    For a larger fridge freezer and more electrical devices, you might consider a larger solution like the EasyPower S650 (equivalent to 93Ah).

    Do I need AC | DC or both?

    Again, it will depend on what kind of equipment you are planning to run. Most camping equipment will run DC (LED lights, fans, fridges). A unit with an AC outlet option will allow you to run electrical devices in the same way that you do at home from the wall power outlet. If you are considering this, you should confirm that the unit has a pure sine wave inverter. These units are typically a little more expensive but it means that you will have protection against spikes in the electrical current that can potentially ruin your laptop or electrical devices.

    What solar panels should I choose?

    This will depend on your battery size and also your portable unit specs (some units can only take a maximum amount of input). With the CampKings EasyPower camping power solution, we have taken care of this for you as our solutions include highly efficient, light-weight folding solar blankets that will deliver more than enough power from the sun to ensure your battery stays charged and you are power ready for your entire camping adventure.

    A portable solar power option is a great way to experience more of the great outdoors that Australia has to offer and now your adventure time is limitless as you can power up your campsite and take advantage of the costs savings of a solar powered solution. This includes savings on batteries, ice and being able to set up on cheaper, non powered sites.

    EasyPower S630 | Easy Camping Power Pack - YouTube

    See you round the grounds!

    The CampKing

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