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Every year Buddhi Yoga hosts a three week summer intensive. Our San Diego Yoga Teacher Training has attendees from all over the country. We’ve even had people fly in from other countries to learn the skills of teaching yoga in our jewel of a town. There are tons of teacher trainings in San Diego and beyond. How do you know which one to sign up for? If you’ve never taken class with the leaders, how do you know if it will be the right fit?

Who is Leading the San Diego Yoga Teacher Training at Buddhi Yoga?

Summer Yoga Teacher Training - YouTube

The Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training is led by the owners of studio, Carolina Vivas and Amanda McCarroll. They are joined by senior teacher Jonathan Old-Rowe. If you don’t live in San Diego and can’t take our classes, we have the next best thing for you. yourBuddhi.com is our online yoga studio. We have both livestream and on-demand classes. You can take our classes live, right along with the community at Buddhi Yoga. If you want to take class on your own time, we have over 150 on-demand yoga classes at your fingertips. The first 30 days are free so you can sign up and try as many classes as you want.

One of the advantages to having three leaders is that you get three different perspectives on the art of teaching yoga. We are all very philosophically aligned on the key elements of our carefully crafted program. However we are three very different teachers with our own unique styles. You are bound to love at least one of us!

Take a free online class with the leaders of the Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training

Try Jon’s Latest Slow Flow and Vinyasa Classes

Deep Yoga Stretch
Full Body Tune-Up

Jonathan brings a special and unique voice to the training that he has refined over his last 16 years of teaching yoga. He has trained with some of our greatest contemporary yoga teachers such as Ana Forrest and Annie Carpenter. He has an incredible gift to infuse what he has learned from his trainings into his own authentic and powerful teaching style.

Take Carolina’s latest Buddhi Flow Classes

Welcome to Splitsville
Spin Me Round

Carolina has a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of yoga, especially sequencing, adjustments, advanced postures, and class design. Her ability to weave personal stories and experiences into her lectures make her discussions on all things yoga easy to understand and assimilate into modern life. Known for her power yoga style and strong physical practice, she guides students on facing fears and finding the courage to do things they never thought possible.

Try Amanda’s latest Slow Flow and Buddhi Flow Classes

Hollow Back Girl
Yoga for IT Bands

Amanda has a diverse background in vinyasa, yoga therapy and bodywork. She seamlessly integrates her anatomy knowledge throughout the training curriculum. She integrates her experience with Thai Massage and other forms of bodywork so that trainees how to adjust their students in a safe and skillful manner. Teaching both hatha, (slow flow) and vinyasa classes throughout her career, she is an expert at teaching how to modify classes for a wide range of students.

Why Are You Interested in a San Diego Yoga Teacher Training?

We want to hear more about you. What is your motivation for taking a teacher training? Who are your biggest influences and what do you hope to do with your newfound skills? Apply today for the Buddhi Yoga Summer Intensive.

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Stephanie Jones Embodies All the Qualities of a Great Teacher

Steph has been teaching at Buddhi for a few years and she’s one those people that try harder than most. We’ve seen her perfect her FlowLIFT classes with openness and grace, take additional yoga trainings for fun, and start her own online business faster than you fan say “Dayum!” Naming her Buddhi Yoga Teacher of the Month has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more excited that she’s a part of our team. Get to know her a little better below and stop by to see her for vinyasa and FlowLIFT classes.

Tell Us How You Got Into Yoga

The first yoga class I ever attended was just for fun. I wanted to see what all of this yoga buzz was about. I liked it, but I was a committed runner at the time, so I’d drop into classes on a non-regular basis. I’d show up maybe once a month, feel incredible, but never commit.

What Made You Want to Take Our San Diego Yoga Teacher Training

I moved to California in May of 2016 with the slightest idea that I wanted to start teaching yoga. My practice had evolved at that time and I felt a calling to try teaching. I attended one of Goldie’s yoga classes, chatted with her for a few minutes after, and then signed up. I was in the, “if not now, then when” mode. It felt right. I was definitely the random teacher, but I didn’t mind.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being a Teacher

Being present. Teaching yoga requires such immense presence that when I leave a well-taught class, I feel high. A high I can’t achieve from anything else.

What’s On Heavy Rotation in Your Music Playlists Right Now

For yoga, I’m loving “Feels Like A Sunday” by Elderbrook and “My Love” by Until The Ribbon Breaks. I prefer music without lyrics for yoga. For FlowLIFT I LOVE “Flower” by Moby and “Stir Fry” by Migos. Anything that makes me and my class feel like a badass.

Why Did You Sign Up for Teaching the FlowLIFT Workout

I stumbled upon FlowLIFT by accident. After Yoga Teacher Training at Buddhi, I hadn’t found any yoga classes to teach for a few months. I heard Buddhi Yoga started FlowLIFT, so I called one of the founders and asked her if I could try teaching the class. She said, “Have you taken the class?” I said, “Well, no.” She told me to try a class and that we would chat after. My first class was SO HARD. I wasn’t quite sure if I would be up for the challenge, but I kept at it. It didn’t get any easier, I just got in better shape. After a couple of weeks of consistently attending class, I became addicted, auditioned, and took the training. Now, here I am – FlowLIFT obsessed.

What Do You Think Is the Most Challenging Thing About Being a Yoga Teacher

Ah, this is a good question! For me, finding jobs at studios other than Buddhi has been a challenge. Buddhi is one of the only studios that gives teachers the freedom to teach their own style. I feel really constricted if I can’t express myself through my authentic teaching style, so fitting in with other studios has been tough.

Tell us three things a lot of people don’t know about you

I love spending time alone. I’m an extroverted introvert, so I often choose my alone time over going out with friends. I used to be a financial analyst and my dream was to work on Wall Street. I read a book a week. My favorite book is The Big Magic.

How Do You Envision Your Life in Five Years?

Teaching a San Diego yoga teacher training! My 5-year goal is to teach teachers. Yoga Teacher Training was one of my favorite times in my life, so I want to recreate that experience for myself, except I’ll be on the other side of things.

What Is Your Pet Peeve

Haha oh gosh. Is a pet peeve just an aspect of yourself you haven’t accepted? We each have them for different reasons. My personal pet peeve is when I don’t give myself time to move my body every day. I get easily irritated and impatient. When I make time for myself, I’m a better person and a better teacher.

Stephanie’s Teaching Schedule

Stephanie teaches vinyasa yoga on Thursdays at 6:30am and FlowLIFT on Friday at 4, Saturday at 7:30am and Sunday at 12:30. Stop by and say hi or visit her online at Steph Yoga.

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Buddhi Yoga La Jolla - Blog by Carolina Vivas - 6M ago

One Stop Shop


Have you ever wished there was one place to go for yoga and cardio? As yoga studio owners, we realized we had to go elsewhere for strength and cardio training and wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to leave our studio for a complete workout? Well, sometimes wishes do come true. Buddhi Yoga is your one stop shop for yoga and workouts. Hello FlowLIFT.

For over four years,  Buddhi Yoga has offered various styles, from Vinyasa to Slow Flow and Kundalini. All of these keep us calm and flexible, and some classes can also offer strength-building postures.  But, what about cardio, resistance training and a profuse sweaty workout? We prefer the more effective internal heat than hot yoga.

To satisfy our need for a killer workout, we used to have memberships at various places around town. Amanda liked to go to Pilates and I would bounce around between Orange Theory, cycling classes and personal training gyms. We loved those workouts, but it gets expensive and we lost interest after a few months. That’s when FlowLIFT was born with all the elements rolled into one.

The FlowLIFT Workout Has It All

FlowLIFT makes you sweat more than you do in a three-mile run and you work muscles impossible to target with machines. The multi-planar moves with weights in FlowLIFT make your entire body work together to reach tiny stabilizer muscles that make you lean – especially in the hips, thighs and arms. Who doesn’t want that? Since the class flows at a steady, rigorous pace and you never pause to set up moves, you achieve cardiovascular fitness and burn almost 500 calories in just forty-five minutes. The format of the class is always the same but the complex moves change every time which keeps your mind from wandering and there’s no boredom.

Since 2016, Buddhi Yoga has offered FlowLIFT classes. Yogis looking to add more strength training to their routines have become hardcore FlowLIFT addicts and we attract the exercise enthusiasts who normally shy away from yoga. It is a beautiful thing to see. Our FlowLIFT classes are more popular than ever and our certified instructors are growing their classes fast.  The best part is we are still madly in love with the workout. It never gets old and teaching the class is even more fun than taking it. We’ve received such positive feedback from people all over the country doing our classes online. Like us, they finally found something that keeps them engaged and in shape. The added bonus is they no longer need several memberships to different studios and gyms.

Buddhi Yoga – Your One Stop Shop

Home Workouts and Yoga Online

For those of you that can’t make it to the studio we’ve got you covered online. Buddhi Yoga members get free access to one of our sites, yourBuddhi Yoga or FlowLIFT Fitness.

Each of these sites are $18/month, or you can get the Dual Membership for $24. It’s a great resource to have when you’re on the road or don’t feel like leaving the house. Our yoga site gets you access to over 150 on-demand classes as well as weekly livestreams from the studio. The FlowLIFT site releases a new class with myself (Carolina) and Amanda every Monday.

The post One Stop Shop appeared first on Buddhi Yoga La Jolla.

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