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Drag Idol Reporter at The Old Ship: Friday 17th May

In the past week, your roving Drag Idol reporter made it to several London heats all of which were packed with rather fabulous new cabaret talent.

On Friday we were at The Old Ship in Limehouse for their second heat hosted by the marvellous Mandy Gap. There were eight acts covering a variety of cabaret styles and in the end the judges actually put four of them through to this Saturday’s heat final; The Sisters, Scarlet Love, Sissy Lea and Kate Butch. At The RVT, the hilarious Cynthia Seaward went through while at The Two Brewers it was Kola Bear. At The Admiral Duncan they put through Passionella and PoppyCock, at Central Station it was both The Sisters and Clamydia Jones while at Halfway the winners were Flora Tubb and Cynthia Seaward.

Elsewhere in Drag Idol land at Mary’s in Cardiff, Justin Drag has become their champion and goes to the semi-finals. Aunty Linda and Alfie Ordinary won at Charles Street Tap, and Very Cherry at Eden, while at Sundowners it was London Victoria going through.

This week many many venues including The Two Brewers, The RVT, Old Ship, Halfway II Heaven, Admiral Duncan, Sundowners, Quay Pride, Eden Bar, Via Manchester, Charles Street and more have their heat final, check the Drag Idol website for dates and times.

Photos by Joel Ryder dragidoluk2019.uk
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Eurovision bar crawl: Saturday 18 May 

Last Saturday we joined thousands of happy smiling LBGT+ folk across London in a celebration of our love for Europe.

This wasn’t a march or a protest, there were no milkshakes here, we were on the annual Boyz Eurovision bar crawl to watch you watching them. We started at The Two Brewers where Lola Lasagne and Titti La Camp were in charge, before we headed into Soho to see Sheila Simmonds at The Duke of Welly. From there we headed to Ku Bar Leicester Square to see Lady Lloyd, Stefanos, Gary and those boys before ending up at the bonkers that was Halfway II Heaven with Kelly Mild, Shae G’Day and Kitty Pattern. All the venues were packed with a fantastic vibe. Viva Eurovision!

Check What’s On for information on these venues Photos by Angus Wharton
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Richard is the man behind both cabaret star Cookie Monstar and Aussie sensation and Britain’s Got Talent star Sheila Simmonds and he stars in Pink Feathers, a behind the curtain look at his life as a drag queen.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Leicester and grew up in a small village called Warmington. It was a great place to be a kid, but as soon as I became a teenager I wanted to get out. I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to Smash Hits coming through my letterbox each week.

And where do you live now?

Live in London with my flatmates Darron and Marc who are married.  It’s a fun household–never a dull moment!

What do you love about London and why?

London is such a diverse place, a melting pot of people from all over the world which is important.  I love the architecture, the parks, the theatre, the culture, the scene, even the smell of the tube… I just love it!

How would you describe the film Pink Feathers?

First and foremost it’s a film about not giving up.  Having a dream and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. All the trials and tribulations that come along with that, the highs and the lows. Hopefully people will watch it and find out more about me as a person than what they currently know about me as Cookie or Sheila. It’s brutally honest and confessional–there’s no filter!  I also wrote and performed the title track with Steve Anderson and Terry Ronald which i’m really proud of.

How did it come about? 

I met director Joseph Dewey after he came to see a show of mine. We got talking and he mentioned the idea so I went away and thought about it.  At the time it was my 21st year of performing so I called him back and said “If we’re going to do it , lets do it now” So we did! It was a lot of fun to make, tiring at times but he’s such a joy to work with and managed to pull things out of me even if didn’t want them pulled out.

Where and how can people see it?

It’s now available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime with a choice of either regular or HD (agh!!!!)

What is your guilty pleasure and why?

I don’t think i have one–i’m that type of person that if i want to do something i’ll just do it.

Biggest extravagance?

Flying out to L.A for the night to go to the Cine Fashion film awards. Pink Feathers was nominated for Best Film and Best director so we flew out–attended the ceremony, we won Best director…and then hopped on a plane back to London.  Very showbiz.

Best gift you’ve ever received and why?

Oh that would have to be from my dear friend Fanny.  She turned up at one of my shows on my birthday and gave me an envelope with a flight to Australia inside!

What has been the highlight of your career so far and why?

There’s been so many.  Performing at the legendary Wigstock in NYC, singing Especially For You with Jason Donovan, my time with The Supreme Fabulettes and of course making Pink Feathers are among some of my favourites

If you could go back in time which year would you choose and why?

Definitely the 80s–it was the decade where i really discovered music and started writing and my dreams began.

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to and what made it so good?

i don’t think you’d be able to print that!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Once in NYC I wanted to perform this particular song and wasn’t sure if it would read well.  My sister Corvette said “Just go out and do it.  If you believe in yourself so will the audience”  She was right….

Who is your LGBT+ hero and why?

Ooh that’s a tough one. There are a lot of people i admire right now such as Munroe Bergdorf, Courtney Act–both doing amazing work and raising awareness.  Stephen Fry, Sir Ian Mackellen… the list could go on.

Who are the most entertaining people you follow on social media and why?

It has to be Wigs by Vanity on Instagram without a doubt.  I live for his stories everyday–totally entertaining.

Where in the world would you like to visit before you die and why?

The Maldives. I keep seeing adverts for it at the moment and it looks beautiful. I do love a good beach and sunshine.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

That life is about the journey you take and that wherever that takes you it’s all part of a plan bigger than you.

Richard’s film Pink Feathers is available now via Amazon Prime
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This Friday Recon London returns to Fire in Vauxhall, kicking off the Spring Bank Holiday weekend with the kinkiest play party in London for leather, rubber, sports and more fetish. We asked the guys at Recon London to tell us more.

 “The Recon London December party is always so much fun and attended by so many guys in their best gear, we didn’t want to have to wait a whole year for the next one! As with that party, we’re transforming the venue into a sleazy wonderland with areas for slings, BDSM, pups, water sports and more. Additionally, those of you who felt the main darkroom space could do with being even bigger are in for a nice surprise…

Recon London attracts huge numbers of fetish men from across the UK and beyond, all looking to get up to no good. It’s not all about the sex, though, as we’ve lined up top DJs for the dance area, providing music that will keep you going all night.

For those who want and an even more memorable evening, there’s the option of VIP tickets, which grant you access to the exclusive VIP Lounge, bar and changing area, with free Prosecco and a VIP DJ. It’s the perfect place to chill-out in between all the dancing and play you’ll be getting up to.

We put on some of the biggest and filthiest fetish parties around the world, and Recon London is one of our biggest. Be sure to get your tickets sorted and your gear ready for a night you’re not going to want to miss.”

More details and tickets at recon.com/events Recon London at Fire, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, SW14.
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Missing Bar is a jewel in Birmingham’s gay quarter and it’s also the first bar you’ll come to when entering the Birmingham Pride site’s main entrance this weekend. They have a ton of glitz and glamour lined up too – here, owner David Dindol explains all.

Hi David, how has 2019 been for Missing Bar so far?

2019 has been great so far! In March we closed for a much anticipated, major refurbishment, with an extensive redecoration throughout, including brand new bar, brand new upgraded sound system and a ton of new lighting. It seems customers new and old are loving their new Missing Bar!

Birmingham Pride returns this weekend – why is celebrating Pride still important in this day and age?

We are still unfortunately searching for equality. Sometimes it seems the world is going backwards, especially what we’ve all been seeing in the news recently, so we think that LGBT+ people need somewhere they can feel safe and be themselves.

What do you have planned at the bar over the two days?

Over the Pride weekend we’ve decided to extend out into the street with two outside bars and the Missing Cabaret Stage! DJs, promoters, The Shirtless Shot Boys and top shelf entertainment.

What is the Missing Bar Cabaret Stage? Is it directly outside the bar? And who is on the line up?

We’ve got a marquee going up right next to Missing for the weekend, which will be set up specifically for an intimate cabaret show, but with the front open up so you’ll be able to see us across the street.

Which acts do you love having return to Missing Bar and why?

We pretty much love having all our acts return, but having Lady Diamond come back in the winter every year is always a treasure.

And which acts are making their debut at Missing this weekend?

Debuting at Missing this year is Dahliah Rivers and Jenna DaVinci, absolutely fabulous talents that are both local to Birmingham and have certainly made their mark not only with us but across the Midlands this year, so we want to show them off!

What should readers know about Missing this Pride weekend? entry prices, opening times, DJ times etc.

Well we’re the first bar you see on the main entrance to the Birmingham Pride site, and we’re free entry 365 days of the year, so once you have your Pride ticket you wont need to pay any more for access to us! We’re open from midday right through until 6am on the Saturday, and midday until 5am on the Sunday. We have DJs from midday until closing time both nights too with Mike Emery, Amy LaQueefa, Wanda Why and Miss M covering the decks.

What is your favourite part of the Pride weekend and why?

Obviously watching everyone enjoying themselves and having a good old party! Also the Tuesday after catching up on sleep is definitely a highlight because it’s a pretty full on weekend.

Missing Bar,
48 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, B5 6NU.
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The White Swan- Cybil’s House:  Saturday 18 May 

It’s safe to say there really is nowhere on Earth quite like Cybil’s House at The White Swan.

Last Saturday we ended our Eurovision buffet with a smorgasbord of delights on offer at the Limehouse venue. Hostess Cybil was on hand to make sure everyone had fun, we all did, in an outfit that screamed 70s chic and 21st century madness. There were a host of bonkers performances, fantastic Eurovision flavoured tunes and a gorgeous crowd, who as always at Cybil’s took the dressing up to douze points. 

DJ Jason Prince is at The White Swan this Saturday Photos by Angus Wharton
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Parapride is a brand new LGBTQ+ charity for people with disabilities and it’s launching this Wednesday (29 May) at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Dave Cross spoke to founders Joseph Williams, Daniele Lul, Wayne Allingham aka Sugar Cube to find out more.

Hi guys, what’s the basic idea for ParaPride?

Wayne: ParaPride is a new LGBTQ+ charity for people with disabilities. Daniele: We exist to ensure the experience of all members of the disabled community is a fun, welcoming and equal one.

Joseph: We are achieving this by increasing the visibility and volume of inclusive and accessible spaces available for people who are LGBTQ+ and disabled.

D: We just want to normalise the opportunities presented to all parts of our diverse community.

Can you tell us who the three of you are and your roles?

W: Well, I’m the Entertainment Director of ParaPride. Because I have been running Disabled, Queer and Here for the past year and am one of the only disabled cabaret performers, I look after the events that ParaPride does and find performers with disabilities to perform at them.

D: I look after community engagement for ParaPride. It is so important that we are representative of and present in the communities we are supporting. So, along with our amazing board of directors which includes Paralympian Claire Harvey, I am responsible for forging relationships with other groups, charities and organisations to focus our impact.

J: I oversee the effectiveness of ParaPride, which ultimately means I am accountable to our Board and to the community for our success. I am also building the web platform (and eventually the app) that will support ParaPride’s efforts to improve visibility and social options to LGBTQ+ people with disabilities nationally and around the world.

What are the long term aims?

D: People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of hate crime and are frequently the victims of harassment, abuse and violence. This is an incredibly isolating experience.

W: Everyone in our community needs to be able to be involved in it in order to help fight the effects of this, as well as fight the stigma that surrounds having a disability more generally.

J: With as many as 40% of LGBTQ+ having a disability, from sensory impairment to a chronic health condition, it is no longer acceptable for nearly half of us to not be able participate fully in the LGBTQ+ experience.

D: Our long term aim is to make accessibility an instinctive consideration for those managing public spaces, globally.

You are launching this week at The RVT, what can we expect on the night?

W: You can expect a line up where everyone performing has a disability.

D: You can expect to see first-hand how a non-fully accessible venue can turn itself into a much more inclusive space with a little bit of imagination and enthusiastic support from its management team.

J: One thing that is incredibly close to our hearts is to do for the disabled community what Mwice-Margaret Kavindele (Sadie Sinner) has done for performers of colour through The Cocoa Butter Club. Her inspiring work shows that “no diverse performers” is a myth, we just need to give diverse performers the safe space they need to spread their wings.

D: So you can expect to see a variety of artists with different forms of disability including Drag Syndrome and our very own Sugar Cube performing throughout the evening.

If someone wants to get involved, how can they?

J: As with any social movement, our strength and success is underpinned by the support and generosity of others. And I don’t just mean donations. We need people to volunteer and donate their time. Time to help us collate more information on venues, to find more performers with disabilities, to build relationships with different parts of the community, to engage with businesses, to design adverts, to help us code our technology. If anyone reading thinks for a second, but I couldn’t add any value, I guarantee you I can find a meaningful role for you where you will make a resounding impact.

W: We’re also always looking for more performers. The launch event is just the beginning, so if you want to work with us as an artist or to partner with us for another event, that would be great.

What’s next?

D: After the launch on Wednesday 29 May, we go into planning for the first ever ParaPride London. This will be a daylong celebration on Saturday 17 August at our London home, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

W: If you think the launch is going to be fun, just wait to see what we have planned for August

J: Tickets for ParaPride 2019 will be released in June. Full information will be able to be found on our Facebook page after the launch.

Entry is free, with a donation, book tickets via vauxhalltavern.com The Royal Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11.
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Ku bank holiday weekend

Spring is in the air and our thoughts turn to love, well OK, maybe our thoughts turn to the topless bar boys at Ku… No bank holiday is complete without a trip to one of the Ku venues, Ku Lisle St, Little Ku, Klub, The Light Lounge or She Soho for the girls. All the venues come complete with gorgeous drinks menus, cool tunes and DJs (including Tom Fox and Cheryl Hole at Klub on Friday) , a happy vibe and beautiful people of every kind imaginable.

#BeMoreMartyn: The Boy with the Deirdre Tattoo

#BeMoreMartyn trended on Twitter in the hours after the announcement of Martyn Hett’s death in the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing – but what does it mean? The Hope Theatre Company asked eight of Martyn’s closest friends and created a unique piece of verbatim theatre using their words. They give a remarkable insight into an extraordinary young man, who transformed each and every one of them, and now the show is at North London’s Pleasance theatre until 25 May. Book at pleasance.co.uk

Your bank holiday weekend at CMYK

Slick, new Wimbledon LGBT hangout CMYK kicks off its bank holiday weekend on Thursday with its Student Takeover hosted by the fabulous Monroe Adams. Expect lip sync battles from 11pm, £3 entry and happy hour prices all night. On Friday the amazing Stephanie Von Clitz takes to the stage, while on Saturday Carmen Getit is your entertainment until the early hours.

Sundowners’ Pink Flamingo disco

Margate funhouse Sundowners hosts a sizzling Saturday night this weekend when DJ Tiger spins some of the hottest tracks in town at the bar’s Pink Flamingo Disco. Plus delicious drag act Minnie Bar will be live on stage and entry is a crazy low free before 9pm or £3 after.

Ye Olde Rose and Crown

Weekends at Greenwich hotspot Ye Olde Rose and Crown are amazing! Every Friday the team host their 80s Flashback with all the greatest hits from what some say was the greatest decade, while on Saturday it’s party time with R&C from 8pm until 1am.

Get ready for Birmingham Pride

Birmingham Pride is back in town this weekend with dozens of acts set to entertain thousands of revellers over two action-packed days. On Saturday you get the likes of Years & Years, Sigala and Horse Meat Disco while on Sunday there’s The Human League, Marc Almond and Aja plus many more. And across both days there’s a who’s who of drag acts as well, including Miss Penny, Baga Chipz, Lola Lasagne, Sandra and Sum Ting Wong. Book your tickets now at birminghampride.com

Double fun at Above The Stag

The UK’s only full time LGBT theatre, Above The Stag, has two fantastic shows on at the moment. In the main theatre it’s Fanny & Stella: The Shocking True Story, a play with songs by Glenn Chandler about two young Victorian friends who to dared to be themselves, while over in the studio space it’s Eurovision comedy hit Boom Bang-a-Bang by Gimme Gimme Gimme’s Jonathan Harvey. Book tickets to see both shows at abovethestag.com

Circa The Club

If you want some rather fabulous late night clubbing over the bank holiday weekend then we recommend heading to Circa The Club on both Friday (24 May) for vibes with stunning performances and amazing DJs or Saturday when its wall to wall brilliant house music and a gorgeous crowd.

Your White Swan weekend

Limehouse groove den the White Swan hosts another thumping weekend from Thursday with its mega-popular Open Mic night. On Friday it’s the turn of DJ Aaran Bader and his selection of dancefloor-fillers, while on Saturday Jason Prince keeps the crowd jumping until the early hours of your Sunday morning.

Sink The Pink Icons

Believe it or not Pride in London is not that far away and one of the hottest parties has just confirmed details. On Saturday 6 July those crazy mothers from Sink The Pink present their Icons Ball at The Troxy, which will feature, non other than Melanie C… yep, the actual Sporty Spice. Not only will HRH Lady C be there, but more than 30 drag artists and performers, DJs Neil Prince and Chaka Khant and in Room Two it’s Savage Disco. Tickets are on sale now at sinkthepink,co.uk

Steam into Chariots

Chariots in Vauxhall is one of the biggest gay saunas in the capital and every weekend it’s open non-stop from Friday midday until Monday 8am – that’s a total of 68 hours! Once inside you’ll find two 30-man saunas, two 20-man steam rooms, sexy shower blocks, video rooms, cabins galore and loads more.

Drag at The Yard Coventry

The Yard in Coventry welcome another dose of delightful drag each and every Friday. This weekend it’s the turn of the brilliant Fannie Coil while next Friday (31 May) Brummie starlet Miss Penny treads the boards with gusto.

Your non-stop weekend at Sweatbox

Sweatbox is Soho’s only dedicated sauna and gym for gay and bi men and is open 24 hours a day seven days a week, meaning it’ll be open whatever time you decide to drop by this bank holiday weekend. The venue has just had a million pound makeover too, meaning it’s got an all-new steam maze, sexy shower block, Jacuzzi, clean new cabins and loads more. Plus every Monday – even bank holidays – is Hard Up Mondays, which means all guys aged 25 and under with valid identification get into the venue completely free of charge! For more details, visit sweatboxsoho.com

This Island’s Mine

Set in Thatcher’s Britain, This Island’s Mine is the story of a 17 year old runaway, his gay uncle and the impact of Section 28. Written by Philip Osment it’s at the King’s Head Theatre until 8 June. Tickets at kingsheadtheatre.com

The Old Ship

This Saturday at the Old Ship it’s the venue’s Drag Idol heat final, which means a big crowd and competitive turns on stage. On Sunday it’s Daniele’s 70th birthday party where everyone is welcome, while on bank holiday Monday the fabulous Miss Ross will be on stage.

Henry Miller Spring 2019

Henry Miller Fine Art, who focus on the male form in art of all kinds are in the middle of their Spring 2019 exhibition and are open over the Bank Holiday weekend on Saturday from12-6pm, Sunday – closed and Bank Holiday Monday – 1-5pm.. For more details visit henrymillerfineart.co.uk

Miss Krystal Ball at Victoria 

This Saturday (25 May) you can treat yourself to some quality musical cabaret with a hint of sixties pop from Miss Krystal Ball at The Victoria in Walthamstow.

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Thursday 23rd 

  Tonight The Royal Vauxhall Tavern hosts its Drag Idol 2019 heat final hosted by Son of a Tutu. Open 7pm – midnight. Entry is free.

  Tonight at the Two Brewers Sandra is on stage with music from DJ Liam Chaplin. Open 5pm – 3am. Entry is free before 10pm, £4 after. 

  Ku Klub downstairs at Ku Leicester Square hosts #ThrowbackThursday featuring two DJs playing back to back plus special drinks offers too. Open until 3am. Entry is free before 11pm, £5 after.

 Unleash your inner Madonna as Kevin Walsh hosts Backing the Stars karaoke at Halfway II Heaven from 8pm. Open 12pm – 12am. Entry is free. 

  Tonight at Comptons it’s Soul’Hoes with Alex Eugenio. Plus watch all the latest sports events on their big screens as and when they’re on. Open midday – late. Entry is free.

  Circa Soho is the cool and funky bar on Frith Street, with great house music, sexy guys and a Happy Hour. Open 1pm – 1am. 

  The Light Lounge is the cocktail bar from the Ku Group situated above Ku Bar Leicester Square. Happy Hour runs from 5pm until 7pm. Open 5pm – 11.30pm. Entry is free. 

  Tonight at The Bridge in Clapham it’s the brilliant Drag Bingo with Topsie Redfern and DJ David Robson. From 8pm. Entry is free.

  Tonight G-A-Y Porn Idol at Heaven the guest judges are the Cock Destroyers. Open 11pm – 4am. Entry is £1 with a wrisband from G-A-Y Bar.

  Overtures Bar is at the City of Quebec from Wednesday to Saturday with special guests on the piano and everyone is welcome to sing-along. From 8.30pm – late. Entry is free.

  Sandra is at the Admiral Duncan tonight for laughs and songs. Open 12pm – 12am. Entry is free.

  Little Ku on Frith Street is small but perfectly formed with great music and tons of eye candy. Open midday – midnight. Entry is free.

  The White Swan in Limehouse presents its brilliant Open Mic Night with CJ on the piano. Open 8pm – late. Entry is free.

  CMYK is the exciting new LGBT+ venue in Wimbledon with cabaret and DJs. Open every day, details at barcmyk.co.uk 

  At the George and Dragon tonight it’s Ian parker’s solo show. £3 drinks offers until 8pm. Open 4pm – 2am. 

  Fanny & Stella, the musical about two Victorian gay men is back at Above The Stag theatre in Vauxhall. Runs until 2 June. Book tickets at abovethestag.com

 Boom Bang-A-Bang by Jonathan Harvey is at the Above The Stag theatre in Vauxhall. Runs until 9 June. Book tickets at abovethestag.com

  Little Death Club runs until Sunday 23 June at Underbelly Festival on the Southbank with Bernie Dieter and an impressive cast of performers. Tickets are available from underbellyfestival.com or by telephone on 0333 344 4167.

  Vincent River starring Louise Jameson is at Trafalgar Studios until 22 June. Book tickets at atgtickets.com

  #BeMoreMartyn: The Boy with the Deirdre Tattoo is at North London’s Pleasance theatre until 25 May. Book at pleasance.co.uk

  Chariots Sauna, in Vauxhall is open every day including all day and night over the weekend. Details of prices, times and offers at chariots.co.uk

 Sweatbox is Soho’s only dedicated sauna and gym for gay and bi men. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Entry is £19 for a 24 hour pass. Plus, on Thursdays and Mondays, guys aged 25 and under with valid ID get in for free! For more details, visit sweatboxsoho.com

  Wandsworth LGBT Forum’s coffee morning for Over 50s LGBT+ is at The Furzedown Project, 91/93 Moyser Road, SW16 every Thursday morning. From 10am – midday. Free.

Friday 24th

  At the Two Brewers in Clapham tonight the Kings Cross Steelers team up with XXL for their Bear Pride special. Danny Beard and house music legend Angie Brown are on stage plus there’s music from DJs Demon and Phil Marriott. Plus you can watch RuPaul’s Drag Race from 8pm. Open 5pm – 4am. Entry is free before 10pm, £7 after.

 Tonight at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern it’s The Cocoa Butter Club Takeover with performances from Rhys’ Pieces, Cleopantha, Lauren King and hostess Sadie Sinner, plus music from Malika Green and Mindsofthefrey. Open 10pm – 3am. Tickets at vauxhalltavern.com

  Recon London is back at Fire in Vauxhall for lovers of kink and fetish including leather, rubber, sports and more. Open 10pm – 6am. More details and tickets at recon.com/events

  Rupert Street Bar has re-opened following its major refurbishment. Open 4pm – midnight.

  At Halfway II Heaven you can watch RuPaul’s Drag Race on TV from 7pm followed by Kelly Wilde at 10pm. Open 12pm – 2am. Entry is free.

 Tonight is Panda Pop at the Boyz Award-winning  Duke of Wellington in Soho from 9pm with music from day-glow princess, DJ Heidi Liscious. Open 12pm – midnight. Entry is free.

  Mary Mac is at the George and Dragon in Greenwich tonight. With £3 drinks offers until 8pm. Open 4pm – 4am. Entry is free.

 Circa: The Club with its Friday night party called Vibes with hot drag performers and amazing DJs. Open 11pm – 4am.

  The White Swan in Limehouse presents DJ Aaran Bader spinning the hits. Open 10pm – 4am.  

  There’s cabaret from Stephanie Von Clitz at CMYK the exciting new LGBT+ venue in Wimbledon. Details at barcmyk.co.uk

  G-A-Y Camp Attack is at Heaven tonight with hits from the 70s to today. 11pm – 4am. Entry is £1 with wristband from the G-A-Y Bar.

  The Admiral Duncan in Soho has cabaret tonight from Mary Mac at 8pm, Lola Lasagne at 9pm and Fanny Burns at 10.30pm. Open 12pm – 1am. Entry is free.

 At Ye Old Rose & Crown down in Greenwich it’s their weekly 80s night with all the hits and videos. 7pm – late. Entry is free.

  She Soho is the only dedicated bar for LGBT+ women in the West End, the entrance is on Old Compton Street. Open until midnight.

Saturday 25th

  Birmingham Pride is back in town this weekend with dozens of acts set to entertain thousands of revellers over two action-packed days. Book your tickets now at birminghampride.com

 Tonight it’s XXL Bear Pride with music from Alex Logan and Paul Morrell, with David Robson and Joe Egg in the Fur Lounge. Open 10pm – 7am. Entry is £10 for members, £17 for guests. 

  The Two Brewers welcomes the always hilarious Miss Jason onto the stage plus there’s hot tunes all night from DJs Demon and Nathan Hickery. Open 5pm – 4am. Entry is free before 10pm, £8 after.

 Ku Bar Leicester Square is open late until 3am. Open midday – 3am. Entry  to bar is free.

 Saturday cabaret at Halfway II Heaven with Rose Garden at 4pm, and at 10pm it’s The Vixens with DJ Justin Swift. Open 12pm – 2am. Entry is free.

 Tonight Circa: The Club with top DJs and hot go-go boys in this state of the art venue. Open 11pm – 4am.

 Tonight at the Duke of Wellington David Robson presents the venue’s first Diva night with songs by Mariah Carey. Open 12pm – late. Entry is free.

  The White Swan in Limehouse welcomes back DJ Jason Prince to the decks. Open 7pm – 4am. 

  At The Old Ship tonight it’s the Drag Idol heat final. Open 12pm – 12am. Entry is free.

  The Light Lounge is upstairs at Ku Leicester Square with a gorgeous cocktail menu, well worth a visit any night. Open 5pm – 3am.

  There’s cabaret from Carmen Getit at CMYK from 8pm, the LGBT+ venue in Wimbledon with Monroe Adams and Miss Minnie Bar. Open 5pm – 3am. Entry is free before 10pm, £5 after.

  Tonight at the Admiral Duncan there’s cabaret with Holestar at 8pm, Heart & Soul at 9pm, and Marsha Mallow at 10.30pm. Open 12pm – 1am.

  At the George and Dragon Heart & Soul are on stage. Open 4pm – 4am. Entry is free before 11pm. 

  At The Victoria in Walthamstow with cabaret from Krystall Ball. Open until 3am. Entry is free.

  Duckie at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern with Amy Lamé and music from The Readers Wifes. Open 9pm- 4am. Entry is £5 before 10.30pm, £8 after.

  Tonight at G-A-Y it’s Clubbing For Awareness. Open 10.30pm – 5am. Discount entry with a wristband from G-A-Y Bar.

  Unzipped is at The Backstreet in Mile End when you can get naked from 6pm to 10pm before the main Saturday night. Details at thebackstreet.com

Sunday 26th

  It’s a 12-hour Queens of Cabaret at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern today with Charlie Hides’ Lisa Q Jones plus DJs Simon Le Vans, Andy Almighty, Sean Sirrs and Phil Marriott. Open 3pm – 3am. Entry is £5 members, £7 non members.

  At Halfway II Heaven Tanya Hyde teams up with Baga Chipz for a Sunday takeover from 3pm plus The Vixens are back later as well. Open 12pm – 10pm. Entry is free.

  The Power of Five at the Two Brewers with cabaret from Myra DuBois, Kandi Kane, Tanya Hyde, Mary Mac and Sandra plus DJ Moto Blanco in the Club Bar until late. Open 5pm – 4am. Entry is free before 8pm, £5 after. 

 Tonight it’s XXL Hardon at Pulse with music from special guest Tony Latex. Open 10pm – 7am. Entry is £10 members, £17 guests. 

  Today at The Old Ship it’s Daniele’s 70th birthday party. Open 12pm – 12am. Entry is free.

  At the George and Dragon in Greenwich we get The Duchess, Tanya Hyde, Tony Sinclair and Saucy Sophie. Plus £3 drinks offers until 8pm. Open 4pm – 2am. Entry is free. 

  Tonight at the Duke of Wellington from 8.30pm, DJ Smiley Vyrus spins pop classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Open 12pm – late. Entry is free.

  Jivin’ Julie is back with her Bearaoke at the Kings Arms from 7.30pm. Open 12pm – 1am. Entry is free.

  Admiral Duncan in Soho has Baga Chipz at 8.30pm. Open 12pm – midnight. Entry is free.

  Horse Meat Disco is at Eagle London. Open 8pm – 3am. Entry is £6 before 10pm, £8 after.

  Sailors Sauna in Limehouse offers Sunday lunches plus check website for details on early bird entry deals. Times and prices at sailorssauna.com 

  S.O.P. is back for more watersports fun at the Underground Club underneath Central Station. Open 1pm – 11pm. Entry is £10.

bank holiday monday 27th

  At the Two Brewers today the team are raising money for Switchboard, the LGBT+ helpline with a mammoth cabaret line up. Open 5pm – 2am. Entry is free before 10pm, £3 after.

  At the Royal Vauxhall Tavern today it’s a bank holiday Monday Beefmince with DJs Resident DJs Silverhook, Cactushead and Johnny Kalifornia. Open 4pm – 10.30pm. Entry is £5 on the door.

 Halfway II Heaven and Tia Kofi present The Weakest Twink, a quiz show and charity auction raising cash for THT. Open 12pm – 12am. Free.

 £2.50 deals on selected drinks at the Duke of Wellington. Open midday – 12am. Entry is free.

 The Old Ship welcomes the fabulous Miss Ross will be on stage. Open 12pm – 12am. Entry is free.

 Tonight Popcorn at Heaven. Open 11pm – 5am. Entry is free with a wristband from G-A-Y Bar.

  It’s £2.50 Monday at Comptons with some great drinks offers. Open midday – late. Entry is free.

  At the Admiral Duncan tonight Sum Ting Wong hosts the Karaoke Showdown. Open midday – 12am. Entry is free.

  Sweatbox is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, on Mondays, guys aged 25 and under with valid ID get in for free! Otherwise entry is £19 for a 24 hour pass. For more details, visit sweatboxsoho.com

Tuesday 28th

  At the Two Brewers tonight it’s Karaoke Backing the Stars with mega host Kevin Walsh Open 5pm – 2am. Entry is free before 10pm, £3 after.

  At Halfway II Heaven it’s the heat final of Drag Idol hosted by Tanya Hyde from 9pm with guest judges. Open 12pm – 12am. Entry is free.

  The Duke of Wellington presents Busy Lady Bingo with Aussie superstar Sheila Simmonds. From 8pm. Entry is free, 99p to play per person.

  The hilarious quiz at the Retro Bar from 8pm with guest hosts and DJ Heidi Heelz. Open midday – 11pm. Entry is free and it’s £2 to enter the quiz. 

  Martha D’Arthur is at Admiral Duncan from 9pm. Open 7pm – 12am. Entry is free.

  Bar Wotever is at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern tonight. Open 7pm – midnight. Entry is £4/£6. 

 At Ye Old Rose & Crown in Greenwich it’s Showtune Tuesdays from 7pm. 7pm – late. Free.

  S.O.P. is back with watersports at Underground Club. Open 6pm – midnight. Entry is £10. 

  At the Covent Garden Health Spa you’ll find a steam room, spa, sauna, showers, rest rooms, licensed bar, massage and much more. For opening times and entry fees, visit cghspa.uk

Wednesday 29th

  Tonight at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern it’s the launch party for Parapride, a brand new LGBTQ+ charity for people with disabilities. Open 7pm – 12am. Advance tickets from vauxhalltavern.com

  At The Duke of Wellington it’s the weekly quiz from 8pm with Topsie Redfern or Martha D’Arthur on rotation. Open 12pm – 12am. Entry is free.

  Tonight at the Two Brewers is the weekly quiz at 8pm with Sum Ting Wong followed by KY Kelly. 5pm – 2am. Entry is free before 10pm, £3 after.

  At the Admiral Duncan tonight is the heat final of Drag Idol 2019 at 9pm hosted by Crystal D’Canter. Open midday – 12am. Entry is free.

  Tonight at Pulse it’s XXL Mid-Week with music from DJ John Logan. Open 9pm – 3am.

  Ku Klub presents Bombshell with Lady Lloyd. Open until 3am. Entry is £5 all night.

 Miss Penny is back at Halfway II Heaven tonight. Open 12pm – 12am. Free entry.

 At Ye Old Rose & Crown down in Greenwich it’s their weekly quiz from 7pm. 7pm – late. Free.

 CliniQ is a holistic sexual health and wellbeing service for trans* people and partners at 56 Dean Street. Open 5pm – 7am.

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Spring is bursting all around us and down at the glittering cabaret bunker that is Halfway II Heaven the entire team have a bounce in their step, a smile on their face and a song in their hearts. This bank holiday weekend they have amazing cabaret, great DJs and a charity quiz and auction for THT on Monday. Here’s the lowdown. Friday night cabaret

Friday 24 May, midday to 2am

Friday evenings start at 7pm when the gorgeous Tanya Hyde hosts the bar’s screening of the latest RuPaul’s Drag Race episode followed by cabaret and this Friday it’s singing sensation and TV star Kelly Wilde
at 10pm.

Saturdays at Halfway

Saturday 25 May, midday to 2am

Saturdays at Halfway are always, what’s the word? Oh yes, bonkers. This weekend promises to be just as much fun, kicking off at 4pm with Rose Garden and friends, with all the crazy those words imply. And later on it’s The Vixens and DJ Justin Swift.

Sunday Takeover

Sunday 26 May, midday to late

Lock up your boyfriends, sons, dads and the gin because Tanya Hyde is teaming up with Baga Chipz for a Sunday takeover from 3pm and as if that wasn’t enough The Vixens are back later as well.

The Weakest Twink THT Fundraiser

Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, midday to midnight

For Bank Holiday Monday, Tia Kofi, one third of the Boyz Award-winning drag supergroup, The Vixens and the creative genius (she told us to say that) behind the also award-winning Two Box Productions, presents The Weakest Twink, a THT fundraiser. Starting at 4pm, Tia promises us this will be ‘totally camp and totally fun’, with quiz rounds, raffles and auctions, and we know they have some cool prizes BTW, we had a sneaky look in Tia’s prize box. It costs £5 per team to take part, all of which goes to the Terrence Higgns Trust. Enjoy!

Drag Idol – Heat Final

Tuesday 28 May, midday to midnight

Halfway has a brilliant track record in Drag Idol with three winners in the past six years, Felix Le Freak, Vileida Moppe and Martha D’Arthur, plus The Vixens were runners up for the venue. This Tuesday at 9pm is their 2019 heat final where they choose who represents them this year in the semi finals, hosted by Tanya Hyde.

Entry is free. Halfway II Heaven, 7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, WC2.
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