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OMGGG. I cannot believe how much i have slacked in blogging but just so you know.. The will to blog is still there HAHA. Life just took me over and i let life run me for 2 years plus. And poof, from a diary of having one kid, and one on the way..

I am writing this as a mother of three.

Holy shit.


But i'm gon take back control and live life instead of letting life lead me LOL.

I'm gon make it brief.. More like a post through pictures.. But tbh as i look back.. It was really quite painful.. Cox this point.. we were still right in the middle of two lawsuits.. And i've been putting off getting down to write the diary not just cox i'm busy / lazy. But also cox looking at the pictures just gives me goosebumps. It was a very scary and dark period of my life thus far.

But like i said.. Whatever i captured and save-keep.. Were good things. Good people, good times amidst the bad. So i tell myself.. I MUST PUT THEM TOGETHER.

This blog holds 10-11 years of my life.. It's a huge part of my life. And it's one of the reason why i lead the life i do, the good and bad. And it's mine. So i have to own it, the good and the bad.

And i will =') Thank you if you're on the few who's been with me for years. I doubt there's anyone who's been with me for 10 years since 2008? But if there are any.. You guys would have seen me change as a person drastically. I hope wherever you were when you first started to read my blog, i hope for you that today, you've grown to be a even better person =))) I truly wish that for all my nice readers.

I've also changed the title of these diary series of blogpost from Meredith and Mummy diary to just Me as a Mummy haha. Cox tbh of all the roles i have in life, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a wife.. I mostly put my role as a mum first. I guess as the kids grow bigger, things will balance out more *shrugs*

Meredith at 1 year and 10 months.. Can already feed herself very well haha.
Teacher J sent this.. ❤︎
Holy crap i saw this picture as i'm blogging and i tear up again HAHAHA. It's happy-sad tears okay just let me be. This is my "diary" afterall haha.

I remember this Chinese New Year was extremely hard cox i was already in debt but like every year, i still bring my parents to Chinatown.. For them to get new clothes and some CNY goodies.

But this year my papa didn't wanna get anything cox he know i'm quite tight financially. And then Meredith saw this chicken and ask yeye was so happy he could buy it for Meredith cox usually i don't let my dad pay for anything. I guess it's times like that i learn to take and accept love from people who really wants to be there for me.. T__T

We went back home empty-handed, didn't buy any CNY goodies at all that year but Meredith had one chicken soft toy hehe. But we were still happy cox we have one another. Thank you, thank you, thank you god. For during difficult times, we feel and remember every bit of love more vividly.
The beautiful sunset at Chinatown that evening was free =') Maybe the saying is true, that the best things in life are free. Wah cannot sia. Seeing pictures from this period really bth these tears just come wtf stop haha this is so stupid.
Thank you for being mummy's strength.. You and meimei (inside mummy) kept me going on.
Dinner with Sierra hehe.
Picture from a photoshoot we did hehe.
My daughter thinks she damn chio sia hahaha.
"Do scary face" haha.
Her face so super squishy haha.
没想到 Josh so sentimental. The first Vday gift i got for him hahaha. Also got chocolate inside one hehe. Becox he told me last time when we were not officially together, that we can never have a normal Valentines (act yige 负担 sia hahaha) and i was like WHY NOT so i got him bear, card, flower (flower on the card becox i was a poor student LOL) and chocolate hahaha. This is how you 骗男孩子 lol.
On our way to baby fair to check out her advertisement poster.
PAP-inspired is it haha.
For a good period she pose always must kuu-jit-buah like half squat LOL idgi.

对啦, 就是我本人.
With her favourite Yurou jiejie.
Poor Yuxuan lol always kena left out. She's tryna show Meredith something to get her attention haha.

To aunty Jia's house for swimming ❤︎
Lou Yusheng hehe.
Cheeky little girl.
Went out with her one on one as papa go to work.. Our little durian date hehe.
Chilling with Aunty Carolyn almost every other night hehe.
Niao Yi came to visit..
And took this picture of me wtf LOL sexy boh. I was 5 months pregnant.

More random cute shots Teacher J took of her hehe.
Omggg can you look at how flat Merediths face was hahaha.
One of my favourite pictures of Meredith. Taken by Teacher J!

Mini nua sai queen following footsteps of her ganma haha.
Fever one night. But super brave!!! Still can tell me other kids not brave when they cry hahaha.
Number76 CNY dinner. LOOK AT SAKURA OMG haha. We've come such a long way.
Cheesie brought back this bouncer, which was the same bouncer i passed her for Sakura. Which is the same bouncer Meredith used hahaha. TOO BAD I PASSED IT AWAY LIAO IF NOT OLIVER CAN USE ALSO!!! Hahaha. Anyway 1y10m old Meredith insisted she is a baby =) LOL.
Die also don't wanna come down haha.
Cheesie got her a doll and she ownself go put on shoes, sling her bag, and took a shopping bag, say wanna go gai gai with the doll. LOL.
Also this co-sleeping bed, hand-me-down from Sakura hehe. Then i pass to Jayne haha. when her baby bigger she also passed to another mummy. This is a wonderful world like that haha.

I think it was CNY Eve or something. Erjie had to work also while some shops were closed. We went to find her. Eryi is the best becox everything also can become toy haha.

Baobei, one day you will look back at your old pictures and realise how blessed you are as a kid.

Her idea of hiding for Hide and Seek hahaha.

Niao Yi 左拥右抱 haha.
Yeye brought them out..
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Went to Korea (Seoul) a few weeks back and my inbox was FLOODED with lotsa messages asking me where i book this, what place is this, how do i get there etc, as i share my trip on IG stories.

Can't possibly reply all of them so here's a detailed blogpost on my itinerary for Seoul on my last trip!

We were there to film with Klook and i can't be more thankful cox it turns out to be one of its kind type of experience and the memories gonna last me, Meredith and Josh a loooong time. Quite sad i couldn't bring Amelia last minute cox she fell sick. So i activated my helper and sisters and godma to take care of her while mama goes to work ='l

First of all if you don't already know what Klook is and what they do, you better catch up cox it's gonna change the way you travel, in the sense, everything becomes MUCH easier, fuss-free, and CHEAPER!!! And the experience you can find is beyond what you could have enjoyed if not for Klook!

Klook offers a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever we travel to. And with Klook you'd find that you can customise your holiday just the way you want it and you don't have to hawk around for itineraries anymore or have anxiety of what how where when you travel. TRAVELLING SHOULD BE FUN AND RELAXING!!! =D

With that in mind, we kick start our trip with Klook! =D TBH i have no idea where we're heading to in Korea becox Josh and Meredith planned the whole trip on Klook!!! The trip was themed role reversal and basically i wasn’t allowed to plan or find out what the itinerary was. Tbh it made me a teeny weeny bit nervous simply cox i wasn't the one planning LOL.

Initially i was a little skeptical okay but later i went on to do a little investigation on the Klook app to agar agar guess what Meredith and Josh would pick, to get myself mentally prepared you know, i realise that everything offered on Klook is quite worth-a-shot so i'm like okay lah, i should for once, take the back seat when it comes to travel-planning and just relax and let Josh go plan haha.

Becox over the many years i'm always the planner when it comes to holiday and it can sometimes be stressful cox have to factor in whether Josh will like / dislike the itineraries or not.

Now good lor, pass all the stress to him, let him try and plan and make everyone happy HAHAHA.

Anyway just a reminder to keep reading becox the deals i'm sharing about are SUPER DUPER WORTH IT and you can save soooo much money okay tbh don't be a carrot when travelling lol.

Missing Amelia T_T But still very thankful for this trip nonetheless cox we get some really good bonding time with Meredith and it's something she hasn't got for a while since meimei came along!
Naughty girl got out of plane then was super naughty cox lack of rest haha. Papa cheered her up with this ghost chocolate =_="
Josh then brought us to collect our rental 4G pocket WiFi (KR Airport Pick Up) for South Korea from KT Olleh and it's ONLY $3/DAY!!! Can connect a few people at one go omg. Sibeh wuhua. Here's the link to book on Klook in case you're keen!

Then we go straight to our first item on the itinerary, in a Seoul Private Car Charter! You can travel in group of 1 - 6 pax for this one and it has space for all our luggages!!!

Plus super comfy. And best of all, our the driver can speak fluent English / Chinese! And was very helpful and professional the whole time!!! Here's the link for you! It's very useful especially if you have a few places to go to and in a group! Like us we were travelling in a group of 5 and it sometimes doesn't make sense to travel in two cabs so best is have a chartered car!

We walked through a little area of dainty cafes and shops as we were heading for our first location. Everywhere we turn is so photo-worthy so.. Top model Meredith gotta do her thang HAHA.
Can you believe she's 3.5 yro already omg. The last time she was in Seoul she was only 7 months old.
YAY!!! Our first to-do!!! =DDD I've been to Seoul many times for work and for aesthetic procedures but i've never dressed up in traditional Hanbok before!!! Plus Meredith is obsessed with anything dressing up so i'm quite happy Josh picked this to be in the itinerary.

Redemption for this Hanbok dress-up was REALLY easy. He just had to show his Klook app to the person, all the booking details are already inside. So it was really fuss-free.

We were in there picking our Hanboks almost as soon as we stepped in, and after we place our bags and belongings in the locker provided.

The selection of Hanboks were quite massive for both male and female and kids! Plus, the set on Klook includes hairstyling, hair accessories, socks, shoes, and bags! Basically the whole package!

AND the staff were really friendly + they spoke fluent English so it was easy for us to communicate!

My inbox was flooded with questions asking which store is this. HERE IT ISSSS! And the package on Klook is damn awesome cox it's 4 hours you can slowly camho until shiok. I've tried on traditional costume in other countries, ownself rent online one, can only 1 hour okay. DAMN RUSH.

LINK for Traditional Hanbok Rental Voucher at Gyeongbokgung Store in Hanboknam for 4 Hours.  AND WANNA KNOW THE PRICE ON KLOOK??? $17.20 only WTHHH!!! I am very shocked okay excuse me. I thought like at least $80 or what becox got hairdo and whatnot all inclusive + it's 4 hours!!!

The actual prices for all deals on Klook may differ slightly based on daily exchange rate but don't worry, the price is around there!

Somebody very happy becox she told the Korean jiejie staff, "I wang gohgen gohgen one" LOL. She wanted a GOLD HANBOK OKAY LOL IS MY DAUGHTER OKAY HAHA. Also i got more than 50 DMs telling me she's very cute when i posted IGs of her in Hanbok. Actually did you guys forgot i was also in a Hanbok =) TBH.
We then walk to THE palace which was about 10 minutes walk away from the rental shop and SORRY BUT I'M NOT SORRY FOR THE PICTURE SPAM becox it's all very niceeeee! The photographer / videographer also sent us a lot of nice pictures so imma post them allllll! =D

On our way to the palace.

One with papa.
My big baobei. Looking so grown up in a Hanbok. She say her Korean Princess name is Chu Na. Princess Chu Na. It actually sounds quite nice if i may. HAHA.
When you grow up, i hope you will appreciate these memories in a $17.20 Hanbok experience. And remember that it brought you so much joy that you refuse to let me take it off for you =')
娘娘 and 公主 haha.

Basically you don't have to go through these pictures lah you can carry on to the next itinerary HAHA. But i gotta put them on my blog cox they are beautiful memories.
Grumpy becox she JUST had a fall when she was running down the slope haha.
HAHA this naughty girl haha. I told her "Meredith we look back" And this is how she look back.

She ownself hug me one okay haha. I think she super good mood becox Princess Chu Na lovesss princess dresses and that dangling accessory on her head LOL.
Thank you so much Klook for the wonderful experience for our family ❤︎

We also happen to catch the guards at the palace exchanging duty!
Thank you Lock and Mabel for these shots of Meredith!


Structures of the palace is really quite amazingly beautiful.

OFF WE GO! On to our chartered car to go back to our hotel for check-in before we head for our next destination! =DDD

And we're here!!! At the Coex Aquarium in Seoul! Click link to get discounted admission tickets just on Klook!
First thing Meredith chiong to do, feed the carps!!! Hahah. She begged for second serving for them okay. She kept telling me say they are still hungry cox they are fighting for the food. How do i explain to her 101 tourists like us are fighting to feed them everyday we no need scared they will be hungry HAHA.
But whatever makes you happy my sweet sweet girl.

Really happy until.
ANOTHER COUNTER SHE DON'T WANNA LEAVE OMG. The nibbling fish spa station. We literally were there for almost 45 minutes okay LOL. 没想到一个三岁的孩子会有那么多死皮角质.
She told me all the fishes were very gentle but only one nibble her hand a little bit hard but it doesn't hurt, just ticklish. LOL. Always trust a kid's review.
Face to face with a croc haha.
OMGGG THESE SHARKS WERE SOOOOO NEAR TO US. I could for real touch them okay except i don't dare HAHA.

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(contest details RIGHT AT THE END! So keep reading okay!)

It's been more than a year since i've been with PHS HAIRSCIENCE and more than anything, i'm loving the results i see from my treatments (both the intensive and pampering ones and the fast and effective ones at their CAPSULE outlets) and how effective their Home Care range is for my scalp.

My hairline was already starting to show problem of receding when i was carrying Amelia.

Every mummy faces different hair and scalp problems at different stages of their pregnancy plus post-natal due to hormones imbalance. Speaking from personal experiences, it can be very depressing and will really affect how you feel overall.

Every individual shows different signs of hair and scalp problem at different points of their lives.

Some face greying hair issue at very young age, some face hairloss during JC / Poly even. Some face receding hairline as young as mid twenties.. And most commonly, for all ages, there's a big chance we face dandruff / oily / itchy scalp problems.

And a lot of issues can contribute to scalp & hair issues, lifestyle-choices like stress, diet, sleeping pattern. Or human-error LOL, like the type of products you choose for your scalp and hair. Or it could be genetics.

But no matter what, i'm glad to tell you PHS HAIRSCIENCE have helped individuals with different hair and scalp concerns improve their conditions and many like me, have regained healthy scalp all over again.

My concern was receding hairline which started during pregnancy and bald patches post-natal. And.. Dandruff all these while =X The dandruff i legit thought (like all of you assume) was becox i don't shampoo everyday. But no okay. It's really becox i use the wrong products and i never maintain my scalp health with the necessary products.

Lucky i am 172cm, no many people can see me from aerial view HAHA. This was me before treatments and before using home haircare range from PHS HAIRSCIENCE. You can see baby hair growing right? But they never stay, they just grow a bit and fall off and i can see them on my pillow. Thick hair and baby hair on my pillow every morning.
This is ONE piece of lint roll. I usually need two just to roll my pillow alone. I took this and send it to group chat saying "wth maybe i dying i drop so much hair everyday"

This is what new mummies have to deal with, on top of taking care of newborn, on top of dealing with body image issues with all the weight gain and bulging belly. On top of the extreme lack of sleep. Do i look forward to having a newborn again soon? I HONESTLY CANNOT SAY YES =XXX But at least this time round i know my hairfall and scalp problems will be properly managed.

If you don't do something about it, new hair grow, new hair fall (old hair also fall). You hear people say "the cycle never stops" IT'S FALSE.

THE CYCLE WILL STOP. And then you will have no more new hair growing. Each of us have about 25 - 30 cycles during our lifetime. Let's say you last time always never take care lah, everyday tug tug tug, spray hair spray, use lotsa hair products but never cleanse scalp properly and then frequently dye hair etc, you better be more concerned hahaha. Becox honestly, i was like that!!!!

If i still don't take care of them and make sure they are here to stay and grow healthily, i may lose them forever =O I cannot deal with turning bald before 70 leh O.O I hope i can have healthy hair all the way until i become ah ma.

And we gotta be real about it, hair does make a difference with our age. A person with more hair looks more youthful than one who's balding. And more and more people are concerned with their scalp and hair health, that is why there's sooooo many people seeking help and maintenance at scalp care centres.

But sadly, most lose hope becox they pay HUGE sums but never see results.

This is why i am here to share, as one mummy to another, as a girlfriend to another, as a friend to another.. PHS HAIRSCIENCE works like a Miracle for me. And for all the friends and family that i have introduced PHS Home haircare range to, they all LOVE it and tell me they have bought VERY expensive products before from scalp centres, hair salons, overseas and tried signing up for packages after packages but it all doesn't work for them. So many have thanked me for sharing with them about PHS HAIRSCIENCE and for giving them tips on what i use from PHS HAIRSCIENCE Home Care range to help with hairloss.

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, it's very simple. You find out your problems, you see results. And it's all science. Take care of the scalp, the scalp will take good care of your hair. They will let your hair grow healthy AND hold the hair in. Only healthy scalp can do that. And that is what PHS HAIRSCIENCE is all about.

I'm going to share my timeline about my hairloss and then my journey with PHS HAIRSCIENCE to regrow my hair.

This is me when i was heavily pregnant with Amelia. My hairline was already receding. It's not even front-facing anymore. It's upward facing liao LOL. It was that bad.
This was me when i first went down to PHS HAIRSCIENCE to try their service and treatments before i decided to share it with fellow mummies and followers who have similar scalp problems. It was Oct 2017. I had to cut my fringe with hair from the higher part of the hairline in hopes of covering up for the high forehead LOL. So you can see my fringe actually starts very high almost at the top of my crown LOL.
When i take away the "coverup" it still looks very bad.
Same problem on the other side.
And if i tie up my hair.
Analyzing my scalp in the consultation room before we get started. Omg can you see the bald spot. I knew it was bad, but now i look bad when i already have healthier scalp, this looks VERY BAD lol!
Went into their full treatment head spa salon and felt like i walked into another realm totally. I LOVE IT THERE. It's a big big big relief and sanctuary for coping mummies like myself!!!
My scalp was very problematic to start with so i did a lot of intensive treatment for my first two sessions. The Intensive Scalp Cleansing Treatment unclogs hair follicles so that hair can grow healthily while the Advance Scalp Repair Treatment is very effective for sensitive scalp, oily scalp and in my case, dandruff problems! Subsequently it became very basic maintenance but equally pampering!
Looking good and feeling refreshed tbh!!! =DDD
Time to look at the before and after of my scalp!
Before the scalp was filled with debris. And the follicles were all clogged up. Like cannot breathe like that. No wonder they die fast and my hair keep falling off T.T 
The before you can also see some inflammation on my scalp. Those are the itchy spots =XXX And then really 80-90% of the hair follicles are clogged up with debris of oil / dandruff / dirt etc.


Cox i don't want my scalp to be too gross under the microscope LOLOL. But end up still like that!!! 

So i am telling you, it's not whether or not i wash my hair everyday (although those with oily hair type should wash hair everyday, my hair and scalp type is very dry plus i am VERY VERY LAZY) everyday it's what products i use to wash them and what products i use to cleanse my scalp!

OMG CAN YOU SEE MY BALD SPOT T___T Heng i seek treatment just in time, if any later i really may have permanent hairloss okay. The specialist was quipping me with the products suitable for my hair to nurse my hair follicles back to health, to fight hairloss and bald patches problem.

It's a little complicated at first, the products i have to use and alternate. Cox i have so many multiple problems - Hairloss + dandruff and inflammed sclap.

So i was mainly using the FEM Fortify series (shampoo, conditioner, tonic) which will help me fortify my hair roots, so that they will be strong and will hold in the newly-grown hair.

But for the tonic i was alternating between the FEM Fortify Tonic, and the ADV Nutrition Tonic which will help enhance scalp vitality to which is essential for healthy hair growth and the production of strong and shiny hair.

They also gave me the ADV Soothe Tonic specifically for the spots that were at that point in time, inflamed. But i didn't use this for very long like i used it twice only and later with proper care and right products use, i no longer feel like my scalp is itchy or a need to scratch it. So the red inflammation i had cleared up really well and fast.

AND ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING THEY PASSED ME. The ADV Elixir!!! It has won multiple awards for it's effectiveness.

IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT and effective you need to have this as a basis of the whole at home haircare, regardless your hair concerns. You use it once a week.

The ADV Elixir is a scalp primer that exfoliates and rebalances the scalp to enhance its ability to absorb essential nutrients from subsequent treatment products. So it's like a toner in our facial skincare routine, it preps the scalp for optimal absorption of other haircare products!

It's like the spring cleaning for your scalp once a week. You will really feel the difference. If you have oily scalp, over time, usage of the ADV Elixir you will feel your scalp is conditioned and more balanced in oil secretion.

If you have dandruff, ADV Elixir will help you clear them up and prep your scalp so that they don't grow back easily.

I've been diligently using these products at home and LOOK AT WHAT I REALISE IN DECEMBER!!!

Baby hair was sprouting everywhere.. And best part???
They stay!!!! They didn't fall off like the previous few cycles i've grown post-natal!!! =DDD
Sure you have to live with random hair strands growing but i have a feeling it's my new hairline SO I AM HAPPY TO LIVE WITH IT haha! =DD
And then 2018 first quarter was all about settling cafe matters.

I was SO occupied i barely had time for Amelia. Meredith is older so she gets to follow me to the cafe. Amelia could only make visits and then she has to go home for her sleep schedule.

There were so much going on. Staffing issue, R&D, improving with feedbacks etc. So much going on, on top of my own social media work and momming. I look back now and i think i must be superwoman.

Although tbh when i was going through it, i felt like i was dying inside, like i wasn't doing enough. AIYAH LONG STORY SHORT, mommies have SO MUCH struggles to go through everyday okay. But it's important to never give up. Never give up on wanting to be a better you each day. Everyday is a new chance to try again =')

So anyway i was so busy it was hard for me to fix a 2 hours plus trip to go down for my treatment so when i heard about their newly opened CAPSULE outlet for MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION (MSCS), I VERY HAPPY OKAY. I needed to go have my scalp boosted for it to grow more hair haha!!! Not that i don't enjoy the pampering session but really is no time T_T

PHS HAIRSCIENCE Capsule outlet @ Bedok Mall.
MSCS is a 45-minutes session and it gets to the root of your scalp problem!!! Really targeted and focused.
They have devices for the MSCS to be deeply penetrated into our scalp after they properly cleanse and prep it.
These are the precious babies that will send activating signals to your scalp. To wake them up from deep sleep and to start doing their work properly, diligently. It's amazing you should read up more about it on the PHS HAIRSCIENCE website. This is where miracles can really happen.
RESULTS!!!!!! CLEANSED AND REFRESHED SCALP WITH MSCS PENETRATED. So i can expect to see my hair follicles waking up even more, stimulated even more!!! SO MORE HAIR GROWTH T___T THANK YOU!!! Gets the job done in 45 minutes in and out.
The 45 minutes scalp cleansing and MSCS targeted treatment is perfect for people with hectic lifestyle like myself, their CAPSULE outlets are available in many locations so you can check it out! I brought Josh along with me cox he see my hair growth the past few months he also want okay LOL.
His problem is very different from me, it's serious thinning hair on the top of his crown especially. And the problem has only gotten worst year after year =X I really think some of his hair cycles ended cox he's much older than me?? Like goodbye forever. But there's still hope with MSCS okay i believe LOL. Maybe some of the hair follicles went into deep sleep coma. LOL.
But after that he didn't have time to go back for treatment. But he love their home haircare products so i buy many rounds for him okay =_= Everytime i go treatment just free ride on me okay. LOL.
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