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Amelia is 8 months old now and she's been on dietary meal plan that is of a whole new world, outside of her milk in-take. For those who ask, she's on NAN H.A OPTIPRO. As were her jiejie Meredith.

For those who follow me on my mumming journey would know i always always choose only the best i could for my little ones cox sometimes uninformed mistakes or unintentional mistakes can really take us mummies on a never-ending guilt-trip for real. Haha. And also if we (working mums) can't ALWAYS be with our little ones, we need to know whatever we got to feed, cloth, accompany them, are of good quality.

So as i was saying, Amelia has been trying out food in-take other than milk, since she was 5 months plus. She's more advance physically so she could sit at about 5+ months haha. While jiejie couldn't even lift her head on tummy time at 5 months+. The two of them are really different in many many ways i don't think i can ever finish talking about it haha.

Meredith at 2 Years and 10 months old, Amelia at 8 months old.. ='))) These two little creatures i live for, i love and care for, and protect endlessly..
In this picture we took for a magazine cover, you can see how different they actually are. Jiejie is cheeky and very giggly..
Meimei 就...... HAHAHAHAHA.
Jiejie loves the camera.. While meimei..... Not so much HAHAHA.
Jiejie loves swimming, while meimei screamed murder and cling onto us like we were gonna throw her inside a deep frying machine. LOL.
She has her cheerful moments too ^.^ You know what else is the same.. The way i love them.. Although i have much lesser time for baby Amelia as compared to when jiejie was a baby.. Cox of work commitment.. But they are both my precious baobei.. T__T
And i give them both the best start. Amelia's first time having cereal. It is of a very liquidy consistency haha. SHE LOVED IT.

And i'm very happy to share with you what i chose for Amelia's weaning journey..

It's the new Nestlé Gerber® Infant Cereals.

"Mama, is it i model?"
Okay i'm ready!
Look at the huge selection of cereals suitable for weaning and beyond (6 months onwards)!

Gerber® Infant Cereals are the perfect first weaning food for the little ones as it's designed with the sky-high standards like what we have set for ourselves as a mom when we're providing for our kids.

Gerber® promise to never settle for anything less than the most nutritious, delicious food for our baby. And that to me, is the most important. Nothing but the BEST for baby.

I remember few years back, sijie was gonna start Yuxuan on cereal and she was so busy working. We were at a supermarket together and i ask her what brand she giving Yuxan cox Meredith will start on cereal very soon also. She tell me she don't really know what's good so she just go for the one that is the most expensive looking on the shelf O.O LOLOL #Superficial #Shallow #PackagingWin

But i guess for once, her hopeless theory didn't miss cox she was stocking up lotsa Gerber Infant Cereals and Yuxuan is eating well. However, the selection of cereals was limited then and I learnt that they are parallel imported by different retailers. Probably that is why sometimes it is quite difficult to find Gerber Infant Cereals out there. So I put Meredith on Cerelac during weaning.

When i just started to wean Amelia, i put her on a mixture of Cerelac (the familiar brand) and Gerber. Switching between days.. It was all going great, she's eating well, gaining weight at a good rate she's supposed to.

Then there is this pack of organic cereal that we bought at baby fair cox erm.. Cox got some promotion =XXX It was a decent brand raved by a few mummy bloggers as well.. Amelia eats it almost just as well, i tasted it too and i felt it taste good but one MAJOR problem Amelia had with it.. CONSTIPATION T_____T

When she wanna poop she will cry until omg. And she will sweat so much in pain when she's trying to squeeze her business out T___T I hold her hands and sayang her all also still feel very helpless. So we quickly switch back to Gerber.

Lesson learnt - When it comes to baby-related business, it never pays to be too adventurous and gian bng wth hahaha.

Since we've switched back to Gerber, feeding Amelia was just fun and exciting becox it's about getting to know her better, what she likes, what she doesn't.

We're extra excited when we know that the NEW Gerber® Organic Cereals, which comprise of Organic Rice & Oatmeal cereals will be launching in Singapore soon!!!

"Really not mama, don't make me happy for nothing ah!"

If you're wondering why weaning is important and how to wean your child, you may wanna read this article from Health Promotion Board.

Health experts have recommended single-grain infant cereals such as iron-fortified rice cereals as the ideal first weaning food as they are smooth and easy to digest for our little ones. Their stomach is just starting to learn how to process and digest food other than milk so choosing the right food to help them meet their increased need for dietary iron is essential at this time.

And here's why i choose Gerber® Organic Cereals for Amelia:

- It has the HIGHEST IRON among the infant cereal brands sold in Singapore! Iron helps to support formation of red blood cells. It is also necessary for a normal immune system and contributes to the normal cognitive development. So the amount of iron does make a difference in weaning food!

- It contains Calcium, Vitamins C, E, Zinc and 6 B vitamins to support growth & development.

- It is organic certified by Oregon Tilth. I mean how can a mom has time to make your own organic cereals every day for little one?

Yes, it is the nutritional profile of the Gerber Infant Cereals that has won me over! I give it to Amelia every morning mixed with her NAN H.A milk formula (since the range of cereals does not contain milk) and also as mid-day snack, mixed with home-made fruit puree.

And there are additional plus points:

- Non-GMO: Not made with genetically engineered ingredients
- No artificial colors or flavors
- No added sugar
- No added milk (perfect for first weaning food; great for adding breastmilk)
- Packaging made without the use of BPA
- Superior solubility compared to other Organic cereal brands
- Convenient pour out bottle to suit busy parents’ lifestyle

Cerealsly a thoughtful, nutritious weaning food that ease papa and mama minds (and win Amelia’s taste bud too)!

Do use single-grain infant cereals to check for food sensitivities since they are the least likely to cause allergenic reaction! After you're sure your little one is good with that particular grain, you can then add your own twist and a dash of explorative instinct to it haha.

Like this is the Gerber Organic Rice Cereal. Good on its own but even more exciting with other fruits / vegetables / tofu! Remember to only try those that your little one has tried and has no allergy to!
With added steamed and blended broccoli.
The Gerber Organic Oatmeal cereal, perfect to go with roots and and butternut squash pumpkin!
Amelia's favourite!!! The Apple and Blueberry one. It has little bits in it!!! EVEN I LOVE OKAY EXCUSE ME.
These goes well with banana / pear or papaya! Generally anything with peach / apple, it's a tiny weeny bit sour sweet, so Amelia will squirm a little bit at first mouthful but then love it immediately after haha.

Amelia's favouriteeee so far are banana, papaya, carrot, potato and sweet potato! Haha.

She doesn't quite fancy tofu so we try other types of proteins like steamed and blend beans, yogurt, her milk etc.

Banana Strawberry, my personal favourite LOL. Now you know how our cereal at home run out so fast.
"Mama you say so much.. Is it time to eat?"
"Oh it is?"
MMMmmmmm~ (Ok this product is i bought on my own lol)
The lips puckered up like the Gerber logo baby haha.
"What big mouth you have, mama"
Sorry more picture spam of Amelia cox she's too cute~!!!

"But you don't have to apologise mama. I do think i look quite cute like this"
Amelia's serving texture at 8 months old. We will add in steamed mixture bits of vegetables / tofu / fruits depending on breakfast / snack / dinner.
But you know it's good and yummy on its own.. O.O
够了. HAHA.
Thank you Gerber for sending some love our way but most of it here were bought by me haha. For Amelia, Meredith and their laobu HAHA. It's really quite tasty!!! Don't expect a big punch of flavour (if your baby food taste super flavourful then there's something wrong isn't it LOL they are suppose to eat good, eat well, eat clean) but it's definitely super good and as natural as it can get except better cox it's fortified with vitamins and nutrients!

Also i need to emphasize how convenient it is to bring along the Gerber cereal. It's packed in boxes like that and you can just pour the amount you require out, close it back. Done. Super fuss-free and mess-free. Can easily bring out to prepare whenever you need it!

Alright! I guess that's all i have to say! End of the day, all parents just wanna give the best we can to our little kids, that we think is good for them.

I'm not proud to say i miss a lot of time with Amelia due to work but whatever time i can get with her, i take.

Like, i was the only one who caught a picture of her budding tooth. Hehe.. =')
Ask her to show me she don't know how, so i had to pull her lips down hahaha.
Whenever i see toys i think she'd like.. I'm usually always right =D
When jiejie doesn't mind, i can carrier her =DDD
"If jiejie have a problem, she can come talk to me" Haha. Little rascal face haha. Here we have Gerber Organic Rice Cereal with steamed and blend carrot.
Here mid-day snack - Gerber Strawberry Lil' Bits with sweet potato mash.
Alright! Ending off with a snuggly picture of us - Something quite rare cox jiejie always wants me, and ask me to pass meimei to auntie or papa T.T But hey, we do our best, yes?

You may find Gerber Organic Infant cereals – Rice & Oatmeal in the leading supermarkets from April onwards. And do follow the NEW Gerber Instagram page @GerberSingapore for more updates on fun activities, nutrition tips and cutesy babies photos. Stay tune on their page for more Gerber Infant Cereals update!
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I can't brain everything that is happening right now.

At age 30 i am learning new things like how to handle an avocado to make guacamole, how to sweep and mop the floor clean so that other people will step into the cafe with a standard i'd expect when i step inside a food place.

I'm also learning how to properly put trash bags and handle trash bag full of trash, so that it won't break when i'm trying to clear it.

And learning how not to freak out each time the cash drawer CHENGGG! open. It is really very loud okay 吓死我很多次 haha.

I'm very tired i haven't stand for so many hours in a day i think. But my brain is so so so excited cox there's so many good yummy pretty cute food we wanna bring out for people.

Thank you Rachell, thank you Carolyn becox without you guys i don't know how this is ever gonna happen.

When i was a teenager i was working at a restaurant as their hostess and each time i have free time i'd doodle my own restaurant layout. I got a few concepts in my head and i told Michelle and Yuzhen we should do it and call the main company Woohoo lol.

What was i thinking. I can't think properly back then, i probably still can't think properly now but i'm pretty sure i made the right choice, to keep fulfilling dreams.

Cox they are what keeps us going.

Will do a proper post for the shop.

But for now, i just wanna let you know how thankful i am for my friends (especially Mich, who help me look after Meredith a day before we soft launch T.T If not i don't know where to put her) and my helper who help with Amelia a lot a lot. All the little milestones i'm missing out for Amelia, for my other baby. But i know it'd all be worth it becox this will be where Amelia grow up having memories of as well =') And also, this maybe will pay for her school fees okay LOLOL.

I also wanna thank our full-timers (one of them is my nephew Ah Bong) for sticking with us even though we are also learning. For not running away when they see the shop as it was before launch - CHAOTIC.

And I wanna thank Josh.. Who is always the one pushing me from the back, giving me support and boost for everything i wanna do. Who takes care of my kids and in that few days when i'm away from home, in the shop, he manage to teach Meredith how to use the training chopsticks. Meredith was helping me squirt sanitizer on all the surfaces like tables and chairs, before i wipe them.

And she was using a cloth to help wipe the black stains off the floor. I didn't believe she could do it, but my 2year10month old kid really could T.T Don't be mistaken okay she's not child labour LOL although it really sounds like she is. Truth is i tried to ask her to sit downstairs and wait for me but she insist on helping and if i don't let her she will sob silently okay very very emotional lol.

But hey, the cafe you're visiting is taken care of by many people who love the cafe to bits. It's a place we love, for you to love =)

Meredith cleaned the floor until she so baobei the floor okay, she'd tell everyone to remove their shoes =___=" Lolol. You don't have to okay. It's okay, she'd just come and complain to me at the end of the day "Sho mehghee peeper kep ong ge floor. Sho gerkih, no?" And she frowns upon it like you guys are some uncivilised pumpkins LOL. but hey, please don't mind her, shoes are 100% allowed and recommended hahaha! She is our youngest crew who needs to be counselled LOL. I'd ask Carolyn to give her a warning letter soon.

Byebye. My life is truly blessed cox i have so many good friends and family.. Thank you, God..

Or whoever is there watching over me. Thank you.
I'm zoning off again i can't feel my legs. Good night.
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You should have seen this video i've worked with LG on. For their "Knock Knock" fridge haha. A lot of my friends asked me about it okay. Say it's really cool and all. But more than being cool, it's actually really smart!!!

*knock knock*

InstaView™ Door-in-Door® from LG has a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, then you can see clearly what's inside your fridge without having to open the door! So cold air loss is reduced greatly, by 41%!!!

You know how we all damn finger itchy, mouth itchy all. Walk pass fridge must open. At night nothing to do, go open fridge. Study half way nothing to do, go open fridge. HAHA.

As if the fridge will have something new for you each time you open. Maybe have lah, maybe your milk or cheese fa-moh (turn mouldy) cox you keep opening and closing they become not fresh liao lol.

Reducing cold air loss helps keep food fresher and longer so this is why i love the InstaView™ Door-in-Door®!

I put things that we commonly use at that particular side, which is very big and spacious already! Baby food, drinks, candy bars and facial mask etc! It's like my personal mama shop HAHA.
Another winner for why i loveeee this fridge so much.. It is able to dispense crushed ice (or cubed ice)!!! And you're also able to use this panel to lock the fridge! So it's child-safe, as in safe from the kids opening closing opening and closing the fridge to reach for things that they are not supposed to.
And no it doesn't take up a huge tank in the freezer compartment! How they compact sooooo many smart functions that provides us convenience into one fridge, i can never imagine!
But they can. And still sooooo much space to put a lot more things. This is just one part, the freezer. the other part is really where all my favourite things would be.
My convenience store haha. And behind this, is another WHOLE HUGE SPACE to put more things.
Full wine rack keeps your wine in an optimal temperature! The sample picture looks very atas.
My own one also nubad lah haha.
 And utility box! Don't worry okay your fridge is not going to smell like cheese / salami HAHA.
Cox of the HygieneFRESH+ technology where there's a 5-Step Layered Filtering to remove bacteria and bad odor! Is it can put durian in fridge liao hahaha.
Another reason why the InstaView™ Door-in-Door® is perfect for my family is the FRESHBalancer™ technology. It keeps my vegetables and fruits in its optimal condition respectively by adjusting the right amount of humidity. Have you seen this amazing video by LG.

Fruits and vegetables kept in their fridge with FRESHBalancer™ technology stays fresh for a much much much longer period!!! It's proven okay. And it's becox the fridge is using Inverter Linear technology.

Energy Saving with Inverter Linear Compressor LG's Inverter Linear Compressor has revolutionized the core of the refrigerator, providing up to 32% in energy savings, top-rate durability and optimal temperature control to keep foods fresher longer.

This way the ingredients we use to cook for Meredith and Amelia can be kept fresh at tip top condition. Of course with adults we not soooo particular lah, but still good to upkeep a certain good standard even at home for the adults!

Also, many appliances are linkable with the LG Smart ThinQ™ app where you can control your LG appliances and in this case for the fridge, diagnose your refrigerator by your smart phone even when you're not at home. You may easily set the refrigerator temperature, control HygieneFRESH+™ with simple touch on your smart phone!
Thank you LG for making such smart products that brings us ease and convenience!
Who's the coolest host around. Haha. Really this will be quite a hit and talk-about with all your guests hahaha.

LG Washing Machine - Quality Assured - YouTube
Next up please watch this. It shows you how stringent the research and development and testings are for LG electronics, washing machines to be specific. I am very very impressed they even make sure that their washing machines can last 10 years at least and that it's of tip-top safety condition.
Once you get the safety and durability in, the rest is just making your lifestyle choices smarter, more chic and much more effortlessly.
12kg, 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive Top Load Washing Machine with Warm Wash (T2112SSAV).

Super duper slim and still wash a good heavy load.

Especially useful for the space-conscious ones with a good-size family and needs to wash big items like quilt / bed linen sets etc!

And with Steam Technology, all the that are always in contact with us, will be removed of allergens and dust mites etc~!!! ALL STEAM DIE THEM HAHA. I love it okay becox i have kids, i super extra hate these nasty things that make our kids fall sick!
Comes in various modes to suit your lifestyle - Whitening, Allergy Care, Eco Wash, Quick Wash, School Care, Dovet, Delicates etc..
Check out this page to see the motion of how they motion for the tumblr works, it's sooooo freaking amazing and genius, that you clothes will never get tangled up and goes out of shape etc. It's using the 6 motion direct drive technology. Please see it okay, you'd be convinced why LG is leading in home appliances. I must say again, once you understand how their technology works to improve our lifestyle and improve how the machines work, you'd be impressed how their engineers are freaking geniuses!!!
Everything comes out clean, safe and soft after wash for myself and my family.. Thanks to LG ❤︎
Another home products that will save your life. LOL. A bit kua zhang lah, more like save you a looooot of time, and that will definitely change your life. LOL.
The LG Hom-Bot Turbo+.
So many "vacuum robots" around, how do you decide which is the best?

I personally bought one before becox of the unbelievable discount and all the functions. But later it made me feel so unbelievably stupid LOL. It will get jammed at so many places and just zezezezeze at that same spot it got jammed. Carpet also cannot go over. The battery life lousy until. Vacuum half way must go find where the robot is to SOS it LOL. It was a joke okay hahaha.

But with the LG Hom-Bot Turbo+, my faith in vacuum robots are restored. It's really freaking smart. Paired up with the Smart ThinQ™ app it works to suit our lifestyle even better.

Our living room and kitchen is always flooded with lotsa dog fur, and we have babies. You already see our desperate need to constantly have clean floor although it's quite impossible. Haha.

But it's possible =D LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ vacuum cleaners now feature Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control the Hom Bot even if you're not at home!!! Or even if you're at home but lazy af LOLOL.

Remote monitoring and motion detection make you feel free and easy anytime anywhere and keeps your house clean as can be =DDD

Imagine you're at work but you're expecting guests over after work and you have no time to clean. Just ask the Hom Bot to work lah!

Or you just don't wanna have to go home sweep floor, mop floor after work, then just a few touches on your mobile phone, and let the Hom Bot do it's job, you go home to a clean house =D

Home View Real time monitoring function. There is an another camera in front of Hom-Bot Turbo+, which enables the customers to see Home anytime form anywhere.

Home Guard Motion detection function. 5 photos are being taken by Hom-Bot Turbo+ when a motion is detected from the censor.

So it kinda acts as a surveillance / security camera also. Perfect for those who have old folks at home!!! Can watch over them to make sure they are safe and sound.

For us we like it cox we can see our dogs, the helper and our kids if we need to be out working *stalker alert* LOL.

Now other than it being smart, does it work smart and work hard? 100% YES.

Hom-Bot Turbo+ is employs Smart Inverter Motor™ to guarantee maximum performance with high efficiency and durability in a compact size. It’s no wonder that LG felt confident enough to offer a 10-year warranty on the motor. 10 years leh wth. Outside buy ones don't know 10 days can or not LOL.

It also has longer brushes by 1.5cm so it can clean thoroughly for smarter corner cleaning. Hom-Bot Turbo+'s corner cleaning performance has improved by 89% and its cleaning efficiency has been enhanced to 94%!

Upgraded Triple Eye 3.0™

1. - It has a Front camera activate as securing camera
2. Upper camera creates a map of the house to plan efficient way for cleaning even in the dark
3. Lower camera reads the pattern of the floor and smartly clean the dark areas such as under the furniture

Digital Bumper Multiple sensors recognize obstacles and minimize collision. So no getting jammed at carpets, in between legs of chairs, or somewhere at a corner going zezezezeze.

LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ knows how far the obstacles are while others are "bump to know'. - Ultrasonic sensor of Hom-Bot Turbo+ senses wider and more precisely. It can even sense glass and transparent objects. You tell me is this not super-duper next level kind of smart technology.

One of my favourite part is that the Hom-Bot Turbo+ adopts a super easy way to clean and clear out the dust and dirt collected.

Dust bin is designed to take out from the top. Easier to use than the sliding type of conventional robotic vacuums. This minimizes hassles of residual dust around the dust bin slot and prevents flying dust when emptying.

It also has a bigger capacity (0.6L) for more dust intake so you no need to empty it so many times for one round of cleaning! For my house we clear it once a day hehe.

While it's working you'd barely notice cox it's low noise and with a longer-lasting battery life, now i no need to worry where the heck my robot go to becox it will automatically go back to the charging port okay. Look at my video!

In case you're wondering, yup, you can also mop the floor with a cloth attachment included.
Everything that can be effortless in our life should be made effortless with technology. So we can focus on important things like relationship bonds with our loved ones, with our little ones. And also maybe have more time to slap on a mask or two hehe. OR EVEN JUST SLEEP A FEW MORE HOURS. I'd take that, thanks!

Thank you LG for making my life better than just good, as you promise. HEHE.

Now it's smart and awesome. Also check out LG Red Fair happening from now til Feb 15 2018. Details here.

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Herro. Meredith is right now 2 years and 9 months old so i better hurry my lazyass up or else i'd forever not be able to catch up haha. There are a lot lesser pictures this month and the next few probably, i think cox i got too depressed in this whole period i didn't function too well.

Butttt.. Heng got pictures sent to me from everyone else haha.

Anyway here's a new song from Jolin Tsai.. It really made me feel so painful for whatever i've gone through now that i'm looking back, but it also reminds me to be thankful that it happened cox it made me.. Jiayou everyone who might be going through a bad time.. Jiayou, really.

First up, check up with Dr Law for Amelia =))) Everytime i see her alive and kicking i feel hey, things are not that bad. At least i have a healthy baby hehe.
When Meredith was still baby-ish haha. Now that i look back, seriously where did all these time go.. I don't really remember them very well.. Lucky i got picture for keepsake right?
My erjie came over to find Meredith and to visit me a lot.. It gave me a lot of moral support and FOOD LOL.. Thank you Erjie..
Meredith's photoshoot with Toddley Thoughts X Pororo Park
Work trip to Japan with Peijie..
Mama not in, somebody can do sneaky things haha.
Video called her on the first night and she couldn't stop crying for mama so Josh forbid me to video call her for the next 3 nights okay kill me.
Then okay loh, mama enjoy view from hotel in Tokyo..
At least Meredith experienced once, to be fetch home after school by yeye haha. So sweet this Yuxuan..
Boss lai liao.
Seriously miss this good time when she was in school with Teacher J T__T Everyday send her to school no problem so i can work!!! And do things like update baby diary haha.
Sent Michelle this picture and she ask why Meredith 身材 look like yeye LOL. So bad.

My daughter is really a helpful person okay. You see her pushing Sierra here right.

Just yesterday (mt2y9m) we were at indoor playground with Yurou, Yuxuan. Then the playground has this air gun thing that shoots sponge balls out.

The kids gotta ownself climb down one level to go pick up the balls and then bring them back to level 2 right. So Yurou started to shoot shoot shoot, finish liao she was like..

"Meredith! Meredith go down and take more!"

Then my daughter very responsibly climb down, and then her hands very little, can only carry two balls at any one time LOL. So she carry two balls, climb up gingerly (cox no fingers to grab and climb securely LOL), and then pass to Yurou jiejie.

Then Yurou soot soot, no more liao. "Meredith Meredith! No more balls~ Go take more~"

LOL then my daughter machiam 金锁 climb up and down 5-6 times okay ahahahahaha. Laugh die me. Later Yurou very good girl lah, got take turn with meimei after i tell her to take turn.

Meredith and Sierra.
Aiyoyo both so cute..
Don't worry, i got your back.
With eryi, what also can drink what also can eat =__=" Hahaha.
She saw this giant cat and walk towards it and stood there posing like this, waiting for me to take a picture HAHAHA. Joke.
So obsessed with microphones that time.
"I ping sers"
Gan ma bought her lotsa milk / vegetable / yogurt drinks from Japan =DDD And she loves it haha.
See i lift shirt to see tummy, she also copy haha.
Being pretty in school haha. By the way i stop masking her uniform (as seen in this picture) becox she was already out of that school since Jan 2017. I very sad okay, it's a great school.
创作歌手 lol. Fast forward 1 year later, it's proven she's really very talented okay. Whole day keep making up songs with random lyrics. Like eating noodles, like cooking the fish, like opening the box. Whatever she's doing she just make a song out of it. So proud of her, that she has music in her heart =)
I hope she's also proud of her mama HAHA cox i put a lot of effort into sewing these pieces together okay. I cut out those cheapo santa hat, and sew them on a red tulle. Hahaha. And use ribbons leftover that we used to gift wrap, to sew it into a belt LOL.
Clearly not impressed.
Her first Christmas celebration in school hehe.
Report card by Bian Laoshi hehe =D
Report card by Teacher J ^.^
Omg Meredith.. Don't grow up so fast.. Mummy love you so much!!!
With the Christmas gifts we prepared for the kids..
And a Christmas cake =D
Waiting patiently for Principal Rachel to pass her her gift HAHA.
Back at home. A fail flatlay haha. Christmas dinner with Zhen and Mich hehe. I cannot cook so i ordered food. Michelle hotdog is most got effort and most got auntie de wei dao LOL.
On Christmas eve.. Papa brought us to the zoo again.. I think cox Meredith everydayyyy since Ganma brought her, she everyday talk about the dinosaurs haha. So we brought her again.
Fearless since day one.
This was how close we were to the giraffes!
Blur blur cox very tired wanna nap liao. True enough she fell asleep within 5 minutes as we were walking to the KFC inside haha.
Woke up after a 20 minutes nap to feed goats..
Using meimei as hipseat haha.
Came back home and got her changed into black and white dress to suit the black and white theme. She holiday mood hor, dare to eat until like this haha.
We were obsessed with all the Hasbro games okay. Got pie face and the gymnastic one haha.
There this one haha. Drove all of us crazy for a while. And please look at my scarf which fits the theme perfectly.
These idiots (L-R Ben, Rach Jie, Pei Jie, Vivian Hsu, Miya, Sam and Randy..) kept making fun of my scarf. Somemore ask me is it i think i am..

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


 Pei Yong Jun LOL. Rude okay i'm not even wearing specs.
Christmas day and someone is really to mingle HAHA.
One of the last few videos we make on Good Feelim, before i got too disoriented.. One of my dreams is to quickly return all the debt, and then get back on Good Feelim again to make videos. It made me really motivated and happy doing it, like when was the last time you did work that you REALLY REALLY enjoy. Good Feelim was like that for me. On a sidenote can you just see how kiam pah Jialing is. LOL.
Family gift-exchange..
"Hehe are they for me"
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HERRO HERRO! As you all would have already known from my Instagram, i've co-designed a collection with Tokichoi =DDD It's the first time someone trust me enough to do this hahahaha.

The last time i designed my bridesmaid dresses all of them told me to never ever design something again okay HAHAHA.

But hey, never let people tell you what you can and cannot do =) HAHAH.

This was from one of my doodle book out of many.

I used to love to doodle different outfits after i see them from magazines etc. I love to draw big long sleeves, bell-bottom jeans, mini skirts with tank tops, long elegant dresses etc haha.

And i used to score A for arts okay. For my final art project i did a fashion project and got really high score okay. All you people don't know who i am.

LOL. You all thought i no-talent no-talent come out pian-jiak pian-jiak right. HAHA. Excuse me okay. Bringing you my first ever co-design capsule collection with Tokichoi.

I chose everything from the design, to the fabric and colours and then later adjust the minor details like buttons, straps and bands etc. And after months and months, the collection was finally ready. So we head up to Taiwan for filming and to meet the Tokichoi Taiwan team =D

If you like any of the pieces you see, get them HERE.

Enjoy a 20% discount with code TOKIQIUQIU.

Also when you post your #TokichoiXQiuQiu outfit on instagram, you stand to win one of the 3 sets of prizes. Each set includes $50 voucher from Mileslife (www.mileslife.com), $50 voucher from Klook (www.klook.com) and $100 voucher from Tokichoi! Contest is running for the whole of December so join soon =D I am excited to see you in the pieces i designed hehe.

The sky's the limit sibo. LOL. You can do anything if you put your heart to it.
My travelling partner 小助理 米笑 haha.
Touch down and we don't even have time for dinner. Just bam bam bam makeup hair and the Tokichoi team have to quickly steam iron all the clothes. So 米笑 got me rice roll hehe and some peanut rice drink that was some good sh*t omg. IT TASTE LIKE 二姑糖水de peanut soup!!! But thicker, more fragrant wth. Now i miss it.
 At Ximending. It was drizzling but then it stopped after a while so we were really lucky!!! After we left Taiwan for Singapore, Taiwan started to rain and have typhoon all. So we were REALLY REALLY lucky!!!
LOVE THIS SKIRT OKAY. Got pockets somemore becox very user-friendly HAHA. Small pieces of tissue paper lah, candy wrapper lah, excuse me, people design for chio i design for chio + useful okay LOL.
This floral top / outer comes in red as well~
I ordered smelly tofu for filming actually is opportunist becox street food *hearteyes* HAHA.
And also becox 米笑 never try smelly tofu before haha. I don't think smelly tofu made a new fan.
Went to a very pretty cafe to film.
You see this skirt how nice to ku here ku there okay it's big and long enough. Won't zao geng haha.
The cafe has many flamingo so i 入乡随俗.
The stripe wrap wraped spag is available in red as well!
Changing to the next outfit and look. Emily damn zai, anywhere any time can work.
This wrap stripe spag would go perfectly with a tulle skirt for me =D

But it looks chic as well with a comfy and sleek pair of pants! This comes in black as well!!! It's really super comfy and soft!
An actual product shot of it. Perfect for work or shopping!
So soft you can squat around roadside LOL.
Or sit at back alley. HAHA. Jokes aside.. Do you like this check shirt? I designed this but it wasn't a favourite with the rest. Nobody gets my style is it? HAHA. Only Yan from Tokichoi supported this design okay. It's actually very versatile!!! you can wear it as a outer piece, you can wear it as a top.
Like this! By the way i'm very impressed and feel very proud okay. They got Taiwan models to wear my designs haha =DDD And i don't even know why i need to model them becox they look so good hahaha.
I guess i look fine too. HAHA. This is classic example of how when you think you look like angelababy but your bff sees the real beauty in you being just yourself.

Since it's last scene for the day we might as well have fun.

And then have food. Haha. Mich and i continue to walk around Shida night market and bought + eat quite a bit of stuff hehe. 米笑 is happy with her sweet honey bitter gourd juice haha.
Next day early morning call time. See which diva requested to have her makeup done lying down. But Emily seems very happy about it so imma go ahead. HAHA.
And this starts the horror series of 背后Ling (Yan Ling). HAHA. Bugger always appear behind my pictures with her purple / red / shocking pink lips. 怕我不被吓死.
L-R - Videographer Shavonne, 米笑, Angelababy, Emily the HMUA, Yan and Charmaine from Tokichoi! We chionggg!!!
OMG I LOVEEEE THIS PIECE SO MUCH!!! It's so cute. And it comes in black as well!
Can't decide which one is my favourite!
Must get this piece okay hehe.
Next look!
This piece comes in green!!!
The long-sleeve that we matched inside comes in black as well! It's a very simple piece great for work.
As i do my work.. LOL. I need to remind myself to be thankful becox some people 比我还努力 on the side HAHAHAHAHA. Your time will come okay to be 麻豆.
Everyday simple chic wear. WITH POCKETS ^.^ 我真的很爱口袋!!! Hahaha.

Mother of two but still got it okay. HAHA. Mummies don't worry, the collection got many pieces can hide tummy one HAHA. Got your back.
On to the next location with Klook.
This piece comes in black as well!!!
Love how it looks quite elegant but wearable enough for everyday!

The way it flows *hearteyes*

Do you prefer the black or the red! I'd usually go for black but this red one is very strikingly beautiful also!!!
The amazing places Klook brought us to.
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Do you love brands for their quality, or do you love brands for the label?

If you love certain brands for the quality, style and assurance, then you're going to be very happy becox now you can get the items from the same manufacturers as big and reliable brands..


Enjoy $10 off your first purchase with minimum spend of $100 if you use my referral link hehe.

I very excited okay when my manager told me i am going to be sharing about IUIGA. She told me they giving me bedding set i already very happy LOL. And then say gonna give me a kitchen ware bundle i was happy also cox Josh was very excited HAHA. Cox he cooks, i don't.

You know his last birthday he ask me for what? A slow cooker =) What an uncle. HAHA.

As soon as i hear that IUIGA is carrying products from same manufacturers as big brands but at a much lower price, i chiong liao. Before anything i already shopped and bought things from the site =XXX Becox really too many things look too tempting for my house!!!

All the products on IUIGA very minimalistic Japanese lifestyle kind of vibes. Also got European sleek living kind of style!!! ALL VERY SUIT MY PLACE LAH!!!

All their products like this one!!! Got lotsa wooden table ware as well!

Luggages, beddings, toiletries, home accessories, cookware, tableware, stationery, office supplies and a lot a lot more, with prices starting as low as $1.80!!! =OOO
For those who wanna get a new luggage of awesome quality but at a fraction of the retailing price..
IUIGA has awesome bundles for you!!!
Which one's your favourite? My one confirm is the rose gold HAHA. Btw this is not some filmsy China e-commerce bought luggage that will spoil fast okay. It's from the same manufacturer as the big brands, so it's quality goods!
Josh whipped this up with the gift bundle that's very suitable for Christmas! Of course they still have a lot of other bundles but below are the two bundles i got!

First up the Belly-Good Foodie gift set! Comes with almost everything you need to whip up something presentable and pretty enough for instagram HAHA.
And this whole set of table / kitchen ware would have cost you almost $500 SGD. But at IUIGA you can get everything you see in the bundle for just $99!!! And remember okay, discount on the price, not discount on the quality. Becox IUIGA gets them straight from manufacturers who produce the for the big brands!
Love the wooden bowls. It's gonna belong to Meredith and Amelia one each hehe.

THE cast iron pot everyone is sooo cray cray about. Now at a fraction of the price on IUIGA. Btw i cannot cook one ah, Josh cooked all these. LOL. I am just a pretty face =) HAHA. Do people even say that about themselves omg.

You have to admit this pot looks rather beautiful on the table.
So the highlight of the bundle is of course the cast iron pot!!! This French Casserole Pan is selling for $350 - $800 over Singapore dollars depending on sizes okay!!! At IUIGA it's $56-$63 on its own depending on sizes.
What i love about IUIGA is that for every single product, they show you the breakdown of cost to cost, and their final selling price after mark-up. You can find it under the "Honest Pricing" tab of every product. It's quite interesting!!! You can go kpo how much retailers are marking up haha.
Josh's whole chicken stew with mixed vegetable in a tomato cream base thick broth. Sounds atas but it's actually just whole chicken with mixed vegetables and a can of campbell tomato cream soup LOLOL.
And when the chicken is cooked..
LOOKS QUITE LEGIT RIGHT. Hahaha. The chicken turned out really tender also!!!

You don't have to be a good cook to make it look good and taste good LOLOL. You just need nice kitchen ware, tableware and a little bit of creativity haha.
Dipping bowl / individual size soup bowl.
Chopping board which also serves as serving board hehe. Perfect for my cheese platter this Christmas!
Gift a bundle of joy from IUIGA to someone or for your own household this festive =D

Meredith and mummy hehe.

If you're into bedding sets like myself, you'd be happy to know that IUIGA carries quite a big selection. I am obsessed with comfy, soft, simple designs. But the keyword is must be soft and comfy AND simple chio designs. I was telling my friends all that i feel anything with threadcount less than 600 is a bit like sandpaper on my face LOLOL.

So sometimes i see the designs very pretty but TC 160, 180, 300 all i feel omg must control and don't buy it for the design becox if not confirm will pass it away one cox won't use it after just once.

Here are some of the designs IUIGA carries.

They are freaking soft okay. I very sad they sent me queen size so we gonna use it for the guest room. Imma buy King size for ourselves!!!
But here's some cute pictures of Amelia and mummy hehe.
Two of a Kind bedding and towel bundle. Retail price is about $240 and IUIGA price is $99 for all-in!
Hehe my little ball of fats ^.^
Soft and fuzzy up on bedding and pillow set from IUIGA.
Look at how soft it is.

Stretchy too!
AIYOYO BABY WHY YOU SO CUTEEEEE!!! And why you no hair~!!!!
In the bundle there's also a towel set from IUIGA.
Very presentable as a gift!
Their items comes in boxes like that. Maybe don't even need to gift wrap haha.
You're not just gifting yourself / someone else bedding set okay. You're gifting soft comfy rest to their face and body hahaha.


I also bought these slippers for the house and for our guests. Mochi home slippers leh!!! So cuteee!
They also have comfy homewear.
I also bought towels. HAHAHA. Omg IUIGA is bad okay, make the auntie in me shop so much.
I also bought the chest drawer oragniser.
Some of the items i bought on IUIGA.

Have fun shopping okay. They provide next day delivery as well so if you're thinking to get something for yourself / someone this festive, give IUIGA a chance to pleasantly surprise you with quality, at a much much lower price =D

Also remember okay, for minimum purchase of $100, you can use my referral link for $10 off your first purchase. This is my referral link hehe.

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Flew to Japan a week ago and it was the first time i'm going out of Tokyo (I went to Hakone before but for like day trip then we go back Tokyo liao so i don't think it counts haha).

This time we went to Hiroshima! When i told people i'm gonna go to Hiroshima for work, i am very shocked and slightly disappointed to have 90% of them ask me along the lines of "没有辐射了 meh?", "Is it safe?", "I thought that place got bombed, can go meh"

Well i guess people who've been, as well as this blogpost, will tell you Hiroshima is more way than "can go". It's a "Must go!!!" =)

You may check out #LoveShikoku group on Facebook to check out exactly how beautiful the places within Shikoku are.

Unless i'm not human, i guess you CAN go to Hiroshima =D And it looks pretty welcoming ^.^
This was the view that greeted us as soon as we alighted from the airport limousine bus.. Can't say my heart is full from this view becox then i'd be lying cox during my 5 days stay there, everything was filling in my heart. So many beautiful sights and people i've seen and met on this trip.
Hello from the Tatara Shimanami Park! They are big on cycling here so these are actually bicycle stands! I think the pink on look quite cute =)
When we were there the weather was cold but the sun was warm. I wish Meredith and Amelia were there with us.
This would be a perfect place for a perfect family or couple picnic by the sea view T.T
Okay i don't know Japanese but i think this flag says Shikoku highland.. Something? HAHA. Maybe premium milk or beef i'm guessing hahaha.

In case you're confused, Setouchi is like a island along a very loooong coastline/ sea (Seto Inland Sea) and Shikoku (which means four provinces in direct tranlsation) falls along it. The four prefectures are Kochi, Ehime, Tokushima and Kagawa (the smallest prefecture in Japan!!!).

We didn't go to Kagawa and Kochi this time round but i'm definitely looking forward to go back to Setouchi, hopefully with my parents and my kids. And this trip i finally understand the words of Japan Tourism Board, "Endless Discovery" IT IS TRUE!!!

5 days, three prefectures, NOT ENOUGH TIME T___T I feel like there's still sooooo much more to see, although i definitely saw the highlights but not enough~ Need to go back to see the rest that we heard from the tour guide but didn't see. They even have an ART island, a RABBIT island and a Yokai (monster) island okay!!! I need to go see all of that!

Actually i think even if given 5 days in one prefectures, it's still not enough one haha. So moral of the story is, keep visiting Japan. I'm ashamed to say that of the many times i visit Japan, it's always for work, only twice was for holiday and i didn't make it out of Tokyo. I'm a pig haha.

Once i'm a free person again, i'd fly to Japan with Meredith and Amelia, and Josh of course, and explore other parts of Japan!!! ^.^V #LifeGoals

We kick off the trip in Ehime prefecture.

First meal in Hiroshima. Josh usually doesn't eat squid but he say this squid sashimi is really fresh!
While i enjoy a very flavourful chawanmushi.
By the way all my pictures are taken with the Fujifilm XE-3!!! It's quite awesome!!! The lens is quite perf, no distortion and the camera's colour balance super nice!!! I don't even need to edit the colours much actually!!!
And then~ We were brought to the mikan farm!!! I a bit sad becox Meredith would have LOVEEE it here! She loves anything farm-related and love to get hands-on T.T
We were all given a pair of scissors, and invited to eat as much as we want omggg!!!
This grandpa here who's taking care of the farm sooooooo kind and nice!!! T___T He keeps asking us to try the smaller ones, they are the sweetest, and pass them to us with such enthusiasm about his fruit of labor (for real). And he has such kind eyes, i remember feeling very touched to be able to taste the mikan from his mikan farm becox grandpa here probably spend all his life at the farm.. And he takes so much pride in taking care of the farm.. Although it's usually not allowed to take the mikan home, you are welcomed to eat as much as you want during your visit.
I had four =X Hehe. It's really very very sweet okay!!! I actually wanna have a lot more but i a bit shy haha. When you're there pleaseee eat all the small and sweet mikan for me!!!
The last time we were at a farm to pick fruits was 6 years ago haha. Good to have fun couple time like this again after having kids!
Thank you so much mikan farm for making me feel so grateful again with life, with Japan, with everything. It's the simplest of things that reminds you how beautiful life is.
While the rest of the media were still taking videos and flying their drones etc.. Josh and i sneak off for 3 minutes to take OOTD. Everywhere we turn, it's scenic. Top from TokiChoiXQiuQiu.
Josh ask to take a picture of our shadow LOL. Teenagers ma?
EVERYTHING MIKAN!!!! They even have a mikan mascot omg haha so cute!!!
And then we got to the Yoshiumi Iki Iki Kan rest stop to grab our bicycle, to start this no-turning back journey for one of the most priceless view i've seen on this trip!
When i could still smile HAHA.
We were told that we gonna cycle 7km in total and i thought "7 KM sounds very doable". LOL admittedly i have very bad gauge of distance. HAHA.
Josh really sia. I cycle until wanna die, he still got mood to snap these beautiful pictures. I give it to him okay, for knowing how to appreciate the beauty of things even when we're trying to pull through. HAHA.
Maybe about 1km in.. HAHA.
The view is quite something though. I'd totally walk the 7km again for the view. Just slowly stroll.
Half way in. On the way i see a lot of joggers, cyclists as well. So if you're into fitness you definitely should come prepared in your sports gear.
Last kilometre and my SOS came to pick me up in a car =XXX I have let Josh down HAHA. He really slowed down just to watch out for me, and walk with me during the hardest up-slope range haha. But i forsake everyone and hop on to the car. I didn't ask for SOS okay btw, i  could have finished the 7km but i think the facilitators saw me struggling so they very nicely drove up to get me.
While gentleman / saviour here took over my bike =X HAHA. Am i going to hell omg for being so bad. You know in Japan you never inconvenient other people =XXX This is maybe the most buay paiseh thing i've done in Japan ever. Haha. But thank you so much for helping me!!!
And we have Ken, Claire and Cara san finishing up!
And my husband of whom i abandoned for the jeep ride. HAHAHAHAH.

When we were pushing our bicycles (yup, i cannot cycle cox up-slope, i damn unfit hahaha) up the bridge, it was cold and quite tiring for me cox i don't usually work out at all =X

And then my ears started to hurt cox of the cold air (that's why i gotta wrap scarf around my head LOL not becox i fashion baby okay)..

I told Josh "Thank you for walking with me" he didn't think it was a big deal but other than the walk up the bridge, i mean to thank him for walking with me the past the last two years, through my lawsuits and countless emotional breakdowns.

I guess at the very end, the beautiful view and the struggles along the way make everything very memorable. Thank you, Darling. We did it. Omg wtf feel like crying haha. How can writing about one bicycle ride make me so emotional. I'm still healing okay HAHA.

Back on the bus and drinking the best corn soup from vending machine!!!
Dogo Onsen Honkan - One of the oldest onsen in Japan with history of over 1000 years.. ONE THOUSAND YEARS. 
The windows are work of an artist.
See the crane above the red tower top, every bit has a little story.
And we get to go in! It's usually not open for access to public.
Took a tour around the onsen and we even get to tour the areas that the royal family used to visit. That area was only for the royal family. They even have their own private-access door. And after onsen, guest will be served snacks and tea / milk. Wish i had the time to soak!!!
Old pictures of the princess visiting.. And of people getting married / taking wedding pictures here etc.
At Dogo Onsen Yamatoya Honten (hotel). behind me is the pantry are and the doors slide open to a huge balcony!!! The room is really quite huge.
Dinner time! Dinner was at a restaurant within the hotel. My top is from TokiChoiXQiuQiu collection hehe.
Things i'd never eat elsewhere, i turn to LOVE in Japan T__T I don't eat leek elsewhere but i love it so much in Japan. Seriously cleared all the side dishes okay. So freaking good this fish with leek especially.
Miso soup with pretty maple leaf shape fishcake inside!
Sashimi that Josh happily had two portions of cox i can't take raw food haha. He said it was fat and fresh. LOL. What a lousy food-describer. HAHA.
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Had the MOST fun Halloween Trick or Treat at I12Katong last weekend!!! Wanna know why it's the most fun? Cox I can join Meredith without sweating (thank you aircon LOL), without much squeezing, without getting too scared HAHA. And end of the day she was soooo happy she kept telling people about it. That's about what i live for, for my kid to be this happy as many days of her life as possible haha.

Before i go into the details and picture-loaded part of the blogpost, i'd just share with you guys that I12Katong will be holding a Paw Fest and their Halloween activities will be going on till end of Oct (YAY FREE FUN FOR ALL~) so if you're gonna have fun for Halloween but don't wanna brave the humid weather of Singapore in those outfits, you know where to go.

Just a few more days to bring the kids~ Thinking to go back again with Yurou and Yuxuan~!!!
And if you're a pet lover, bring them too! Paw Fest 2017 will also be held there from 27-29 Oct at I12Katong! =D WHOLE FAMILY CAN GO HAVE FUN =D

Actually i've always love to visit I12Katong cox it's very kids and family-friendly. The foodcourt upstairs the meepok and chicken rice very nice okay LOL. And Meredith went to their stimulated occupational playground once, and the cassia seed sand playground twice HAHA.

It's always been a mall we feel very comfortable to bring our kids and and even my parents to cox so much to shop, eat and play. But this time round when we were back.. It's such a pleasant surprise to see I12Katong atrium transformed into this..

OMG EFFORT MUCH RIGHT. I don't remember any mall put in so much effort for Halloween one haha. They very extra like me okay. I loveee hahahahah!
Check out the crows in the air =OOO
And witches on broom in the air!
Graveyard for the zombies hehe.. (Don't worry okay, these sets the mood but it's really nothing too scary until will scare the kids) hahaha.
Meredith spotted this owl first and got really excited about it i don't know why LOL. "Eee ge owl, mama. Ee waik" LOL. yes it's white, thank you Captain Obvious. Lol.
Picture with Mr Pumpkin.
Is it Paigerman found her house? HAHA. Seriously okay not i no-effort for her Halloween costume but she's very very insistent on wanting to be Paigerman and i tried changing her mind but fail okay. So i thought okay lah then i just buy the costume better, more legit. And it's $2 plus for the whole set that comes with a full face mask also wthhh.
Is it haunted castle?
I told Meredith, "we look serious okay" but don't know why i ownself go smile hahhaa i think becox i find her serious face damn legit.
Queueing to play games~ =D
Cute decor haha. Like a happy but mad scientist's or witches' lab haha. The potion so happy one the colour.
This is just to show my daughter very good girl omg. Haha. She really stand in line and queue patiently. Even when some of the kids cut her line when it was about her turn she still just stand there look at me then shrug and continue guai guai wait O.O Not sure if i should teach her to be more aggro LOL. Then again, her laobu 30 years old liao still very paggro so.. LOL.
Yay our turn~!!! Very cute this game, gotta aim the pumpkin at the chinese zombies hahaha.
So cute haha.
Meredith saw a dark angle roving mascot and we asked for a picture. The jiejie very nice to her bend down for her even when it's not very convenient! Then this Meredith see the jiejie bend, she also go and squat LOL.
Trying to do the sharp shooter one eye wink wth this girl think she damn pro HAHA.
She was smiling smiling okay then i say "no no no let's do serious face okay" then she really did this HAHAHAHAH. 有前途嘞.
Is this not the friendliest grim reaper around? Hahaha.
With dark angel and dracula bleah bleah bleah.
Candies from the mascots~ =D The skeleton mascot you see..
Is one of the very nice ladies from I12Katong hahahaha. So funny have to 亲自出马. 钱难赚 okay hahahaha. They are all such happy people, hope they continue making this mall a happy, joyful place to be!
The participating team slowly all arriving.
Hahaha i told Meredith "Pretend you very shocked" HAHA. She =OOO But i laughed and didn't capture it hahahahaha. So i ask her do again she did a happy "ahhh" instead hahaha. Omg my daughter has reached an age where she can take such lame instructions from me. I don't know if it's good LOL.
Gathering to get set for our Howl-O-Ween Trick or Treat around all the different shops in the mall~!!! =D
There's different little activities to do at each participating shop haha. So simple and so fun!!! Then after the kids do it, they can collect candies haha.
Meredith in the line and then keep telling me "Come! Come come come,  mama" Hahaha come ni de tou lah i also want okay say real one LOL. But i shy. Excuse me i got a Trick or Treat bag also okay =') HAHAHA. But nobody give me candies. HAHA. Joking okay, my pot i filled it up with candies from house, to give to kids there okay haha. Although it would be nice if someone gave me candies =')
This shop - The Style Closet, so nice, they gave each kid two candies and the lady in charge was so friendly and into the spirit kind haha!
So the kids gotta do a simple scare. And then viola~ Candies~ =D
Choo Choo train to the next stop~!
Went inside the Hot Lava Yoga shop to await instructions on her own hehe. I am so proud of you Meredith ='))) For all the times you did things on your own without papa and mama right by your side, for being so brave! =D
Off off off we go to move around for more Trick or Treat on our own~!!! So the emcee and the roving mascots will facilitate for a few shops on the atrium level and then the rest is up to ourselves to cheong HAHA. Josh, please stop taking paparazzi shots of me okay. HAHA.
Staph =) I LOVE IT haha.
Assembling before we set off on our own. You don't see these kids like so cute and tiny okay, they cheong for Trick or Treats that time is very very serious okay hahaha. Damn cute to see them running around and throwing instructions to their friends "HERE HERE HERE!!! C'mon!!!" Machiam Amazing Race okay hahaha.
Papa bring Meredith around for Trick or Treat haha. All the participating shops de shopkeeper all so friendly T.T Thank you guys so much, for bringing these little joy to so many kids!!! =DDD
Trick or Treat at Golden Village on the highest floor haha =D
AND WE'RE DONE~!!! The winner (the one who got the highest number of candies) will get to win $100 I12Katong cash voucher!!! Do you think it could be us? LOLOL. You'd find out.
Btw just wanna give a thumbsup to the organiser at I12Katong becox it's really very easy to follow this little printout to run to the participating outlets to do Trick or Treat! =D
View from second floor.
Happy weekend for our little family! Didn't bring along Amelia cox cannot run with her LOL. But next year we're sure to be back for DOUBLE amount of candies hahahaha =D
I ask if Meredith could give me this Crispy chocolate cox it's my favourite (it really is hahaha) she said yes. 没有白养你. In fact she got two of those, she gave both to me hahaha. And then she's ready to count her candies..
JENG JENG JENG JENG~ She got about 20 over candies!!! And she's very very VERY happy about it okay becox along the way she ate like 5 =___=

A boy walked pass us when we were counting and asked his dad

"Why she only has so little candies" and the dad say

"Becox she never run" LOLOL.

TRUE OKAY. We really never run becox i'm scared she'd get too much candies O.O =X

Then she will ask me to open open open omg. This amount of candies very useful to leverage on, to make her eat her lunch, "Eat your lunch well then i will let you open one candy" but no need to think about winning the $100 voucher becox..

And here we have, little Miss Meredith thinking hers is A LOT. Hahaha. Somemore ask me "Hold raik ghis. If nork layger drop" Scared she pour her candies out, will be soooo much until will drop off the table wor LOL. Joke.
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HERROOO!!! Finally managed to squeeze out a blogpost out of my crazy schedule but this is something i'm very excited to be able to share about cox it's about HELLO KITTY~ It's our Hello Kitty experience at just our neighbouring country, at Johor Bahru =DDD

Super duper near Link 2 okay so i'm very excited and after this very awesome experience, i intend to bring my whole family back for family staycay!!! Very super sure the kids and adults will enjoy! All the fun and food omg.

Anyway the main reason why you have to keep reading is..

I'm giving away..

Staycation at the Hello Kitty themed rooms of Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour
4 X Hello Kitty Town park tickets!!!
(Also Thomas Town! It's a two-park ticket!!!)

Seriously even i wanna win it LOL becox i know how fun it is!!! And sorry ah, one of the best parts? Hello Kitty town is fully air-conditioned =X =D Haha! Alright! Enjoy the picture-heavy post!!!

And join the giveaway after~ =D

Hotel Jen is located right beside Hello Kitty town and their hospitality is really top-notch. You can arrange for transport to bring your village in haha! I told them i'm going in with my family and i think they were scared that our ride will be too squeezy with the luggages in (we were going for 3D2N) cox we were travelling with kids and their necessities so they arranged for two cars for us. One car can seat like 8-9 passengers leh omg. So in the end we only took one car haha. But i'm very touch that Regina from Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour is soooo helpful and thoughtful!
A selfie with a little someone who's very excited cox i told her we're going to Hello Kitty town and sleep in Hello Kitty's bedroom haha. My erjie very kind to tag along to help us with the two little ones!
Arrived at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour! Of course they are fully functional hotel not just a Hello Kitty hotel haha. So if you're thinking of a getaway staycay but not a Hello Kitty fan, you still should give Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour a shot! For Hello Kitty fans, get ready to go cray cray okay.
Meredith dive into the kids area near the hotel recept as soon as i went to check in haha.
First things first, fill our stomachs at Shakes and Burgers! I heard their burgers are to die for so i'm very excited to be here to try for myself!!!
No prizes for guessing who's the happiest with the milkshakes!!!
We had a go at their signatures - Beef burger, Chicken and Portobello burger (this was what i ordered and it's really good!!!) and.. THE MUST TRY......
Hawaiian Seafood burger!!!!!!! IT'S SOOOO FREAKING GOOD AND JUICY AND FLAVOURFUL OMG. Please please please order this and then order the rest to share. I love my chicken burger but omg this is another level. I regret not ordering this T.T
But okay honestly my chicken burger was really good already haha. It's also very juicy and the sauce they use mm mmm mm~~ Can you see a little bit of le Sleeping Beauty in my arms haha.
Josh ask Meredith to smile for a photo and she gave this face haha.
Always making mama so happy this little girl.
You can spot many of these phone charging spots around Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, i thought it was very nice of them becox the whole place was so nice and picturesque i really had a problem with my handphone battery level hahaha. Gotta keep snapping photos and stay connected y'know.
WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE VIEW. This is from their Club Lounge! It's free access if you book club rooms or suites!!! Please remember to check out the Club Lounge when you're there.. For many reasons..
 One, priceless view.

And please spot a little hand model okay she's very cooperative and pro with pictures LOL. I ask her to help me put her hand there she went a step further to pretend she's reaching out for the cookie LOL. Perfect instagram daughter hahaha!
Three, can chill and surf / do some light correspondence for work while you're there!
And four, if you're a mummy, it's a kids-friendly place!
They have all these books that suits age kid - teenager - adult haha. Meredith think she living the life okay i'm not joking, she really took some books that i brought down from the shelf, and then went to the window and look out at the scenic view and just chill there okay. Good lah, kid chill = mummy can chill haha.
After chilling out for a bit, we're ready for Hello Kitty Town~ =DDD Hello Kitty Town is just a mere 2-3 minutes walk from Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour! Like they are really just right beside each other haha. It's freaking awesome i wanted to go back on the second day also but we brought the kids swimming instead cox we promised Meredith.
ARE YOU READY!!! For some overdose of cuteness?!?! Although it's called Hello Kitty Town, it also has many other kid's favourites characters on other levels! =D So be sure to check them out!!!
Greeted by this HUGEEE Hello Kitty =DDD Meredith had to have a picture.
And one more with mama! =D Omg even though i'm 30 yro and Meredith is 3 yro, i can tell you we are equally excited hahah!
Photo spots EVERYWHERE.
Even the tickets and activity cards are so cuteee~!!!
Of rainbow walls and happy things ^.^
When we were there the place was running a Summer Festival party haha. So cute this Hello Kitty!
My daughter 很爱演 hor still give the look faraway pose hahaha. Serious sooooo many photo spots within Hello Kitty Town!!!
Sorry i just have to. Everywhere is too cute to miss for a photo.
Somebody simply went up the pavilion stage by herself and dance okay.
HEN CUTEEE!!! How can bushes be so cute T.T Right, becox Hello Kitty.
Guys if you're ever here, you have to pop in Wishful Studio for your activities okay!!!
At Wishful Studio we painted our own badges and made them into pin badges =D They also have other activities like making your own beads keychain but i didn't let Meredith try that one becox i'm very very sure she will mess up or pour the beads all over HAHA. Kids above 4 should really love this handicraft though!
Another part of Wishful Studio looks sweet..
Indeed it is =D It's a "Decorate your own cookie" studio =D
Meredith cannot wait liao haha!
Erm.. Ask her go decorate cookie, she go and eat up people's decorative chocolate chips HAHAHA. JUST LIKE THE MOTHER LEH =XXX
Hehe Hello Kitty cookie too cute so selfie =D Seriously i think all kids gonna love all the activities!!!
THE TEACUP RIDE T.T I love how they put effort in every little details omg. Look at the barrier, it's also preciously designed to look sweet and fit the theme of Hello Kitty Town.
Fun and safe for kiddos ^.^ And adults hehe.
Saw this and Meredith dashed up for a picture.
T.T Everything so photogenic i can die.
Hello Kitty bows~ Meredith asked for a picture here okay, but it turned out very blur cox she was moving too fast haha.
Soft pastel EVERYTHING!
Popcorn booth is the sweetest. I want to have this kind of pop-up booth with awning for the girls' play room leh it's so sweet! Maybe i DIY one haha.
The whole cafe is so sweet i cannot.
Tables and chair and walls.. Everything!
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Meredith and Mummy 1 Year 8 months - YouTube
Meredith at 1 year and 8 months old

How did time pass by so fast when you look back, but when you're going through it, it felt so slow. I guess when you are going through tough time, that's when a minute can feel like forever.

Now that i'm looking back at all these photos and video i took during these few months.. I am very thankful i took all these pictures. Cox i can't be sure to say i was really there, even when i was.

Maybe my head was elsewhere, maybe i was drifting along, maybe i had gone through the motion, i don't know. But at least i have these pictures to bring me back to think about how much fun Meredith had.. How much she smiled, how much people around me love me, and these will bring me back, back to living on my feet. And it will always remind me to walk on earth.. Read "To walk", not to try to fly. And not to run too much. To take it slow, to breathe. To be in the being, and not to dwell in the past. To keep moving even if it's against the tides. To re-route if i have to.

You know, reminders are reminders for a reason haha. It's becox you keep forgetting about them.

Now i feel like i'm going through some post-trauma recovery stage, seriously. I told Josh i thought i would be like LALALALALA~ after the lawsuits ended but surprisingly, it doesn't work like that.

Now without having to push through to see the lawsuits to its end, i have the time to re-run it in my head. To really think about what and why it happened, instead of just figuring how to get through it.

And it's like a nightmare haunting me, i am not even joking.

I think the best way to get over something that haunts you is to face it, acknowledge it, don't label it, and then dismiss it. If you just try to dismiss it before undertsanding and accepting it, it would come back to haunt you. Like there's no closure for your beaten soul that went through so much with you haha.

I haven't reach there yet, when i do, my soul will be at peace hahaha. These days i find myself fighting bigger power. Everyday i challenge them in my head with "whys" and with "If you're there then show me".

Nothing. I see nothing that's why i am angry becox i choose to believe they exist, all my life, that there's something bigger, something Almighty, someone who is kind, someone who watch over us.

But if he/ she is watching over us, why does bad things happen to good people. Why decent people have to fall so sick and be trapped in situations that make them feel so helpless and make them feel they have nothing to offer to this world which has nothing good to offer them as well.

Is it true some people were born to 受苦 and then leave quietly as they had come?

Not me lah, at least i am still healthy and i have my family and friends and my kids.. I am really quite lucky in many sense already, i know.

I am just talking about, if there's a god, why then, are some people suffering. I watch documentaries online and on the TV, and i read true stories and reporting on newspaper about little kids having cancer and little toddlers fighting some illness. WHY????????? THEY ARE JUST KIDS.

Why do they have to go through that? Everytime people say "everything happens for a reason" WTF REASON IS THERE TO UNDERSTAND FROM KIDS HAVING TERMINAL ILLNESS????

To learn how is it to have love and lost for the parents? I don't understand. Becox there's nothing the kid will learn except just to be brave be brave be brave while facing impending death.

Little kids falling sick are the worst thing. I send good thoughts to all parents with kids, for their kids to always be healthy and happy. Becox this is the only wish i have for my kids.

Now i send good thoughts, i don't go through god or whatever i just send directly to whoever i wanna send it to. Later god too busy forget to listen to my prayers again =) So whatever okay. Everything 靠自己. I am on a strike with a belief i grew up with becox my beliefs were being challenged and it didn't come out to prove anything solid.

Funny how when i was going through the tougher time, i didn't feel like god was helping me but "god" was the only thing i could hold on to to keep faith. That god (whoever he/ she is, if he/ she is even there) didn't come to rescue me in time so now i'm still alive but really quite dead inside.

It felt like as much as i wanna stay positive, i've already been eaten alive inside. It's done deal, that's how it feels like right now.

I will need to jiayou to move pass this stage haha and when i do, i will let you guys know again.

Have you ever been through a stage like that? A stage where you just don't believe in god anymore and you wonder why you even ever believe god exist in the first place. By god i don't mean any god in particular okay. Just good big power, god. I put "god" in synonymous with "good" you know.

If Good big power exists, then why more and more bad things happen. You know? Is it fucking with you for fun, or what?

The world is growing so fast, people are working faster, earning more, yet the only thing that isn't growing (bigger) is our hearts. There's a campaign for everything, we need a campaign for people to grow bigger hearts haha.

Or we should just give birth to more of these little creatures..

Their hearts are smaller in size but bigger in capacity!!! Here's Meredith looking so happy with the news shoes aunty Cheesie got for her haha.
Having fun in school with Teacher J ^.^ We miss teacher J sooooo much T.T
Pontang school to go staycay with godma thanks to Carcove laoda and dasao *hearteyes* Before they arrived i went to jalan jalan with Meredith at MBS and i am not joking ah, she reallyyyyy hang around all these big brands de shopfront and stood there touching the brand names waiting for me to take pictures LOL. I never ask her to stand there and pose okay hahaha. Her favourite was LV wth hahahaha. She knows nothing about the brands i think she's just curious about the lightboxes haha.
To Art Science Museum with the little ones haha!
With Jacus who is channeling the 花花公子 vibes that day hahaha.
Went swimming with Gan Ma and Meredith! First time we experience the MBS infinity pool okay!
Thank you Michelle Thian for the picture hehe.
After Michelle and i return from the movie gala we brought Meredith out for a quick walk haha. She very havoc okay if you'd watch the video you'd see her dancing to the club music as we walk pass lol. Always stay curious and always learn about new things, Meredith.. ❤︎
One night i'd always remember =D
Room service with fried rice leftover from their dinner =D
After supper she promptly fall asleep haha. I honestly don't remember if i showered that night LOL.
Next morning breakfast =DDD It's the first time ever she ate so much at breakfast hahaha. And also the first time she tried to eat orange becox i never offer her before becox.. I don't like orange LOL.
Look at her face, i'm not sure if she likes it..
Or not. Haha.
First time peeling an egg =DDD Now she pro okay. We say she and Jamie (who's good with plucking vegetable stem LOL) can go open chup cai bng stall together haha.
After staycay we go gan ma house chill. Gan ma leaving for work but Meredith 死赖着不走 haha.
Helping my sister's friend advertise for free haha.
Yuxuan so happy Meredith so vogue haha.
But actually both cheeky ahaha.
What face is this Meredith? Haha.
Awww.. What a priceless smile. And those fringe. Yuxuan should get protection order for her fringe against ah bong wth.
Just another day in school haha. I love Teacher J so much also becox she sends lotsa pictures so i know what Meredith is doing in school! Then i can communicate with her about it and ask her about it.
Er.. My dad bought this set of beautiful outfit for her =) LOL.
And the worst thing is.. She loves it. LOL. Whatever fashion sense i've tried to instill in her didn't work.
Yeye's taste in fashion ftw sibo? Lol.
Taking pictures for outfit features.
Papa shiok until lol.
To Chinatown for lunch.. I don't even remember who took this picture.
Told Cheesie "let's go somewhere fun and free of charge" LOL. And i raved about how awesome our national library is. It really is quite awesome. It has this tree house feature where we can read and chill.
Meredith finding her reads. We read about 10 different books that day.
But her favourite to read again and again was this book about the 3 little pigs haha. It has different textures in it and she loves it. Showing Junya her favourite book here hehe.
And then go and disturb Sakura HAHA.
You tell me lah, annoying or not hahaha.
Poor Sakura hahaha kena traumatised when Cheesie go toilet hahaha.
Brought Cheesie to Arnold's becox she always hiam our Singapore all sweet-base one haha i say Arnold's chicken confirm not sweet. But actually end up the chili also is sweet lol.
Woah my daughter so pretty LOL.
She's getting very good with pictures haha.
Every day i'd try to find something for her to play after she wakes up from her nap at home.
I remember sitting here, thinking how lucky i am with a healthy Meredith and a growing Amelia inside me.. And then i look at those clouds and i'm thinking "看什么看, I am happy here, you can come at me if you want" And i guess it really did LOLOL. But hey, i survived =D Haha.
Michelle really stepped up her game as world's best godma hahaha.
She love these three little mouse from IKEA! White one is papa mouse, brown is mama mouse and the grey one is Meredith mouse =)) She sleeps with them also okay. Kids are sooooo pure..
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