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If you’ve ever held yourself back because you feel guilty for wanting more, then today’s video is for you, sweet friend.

There is an insidious form of self-sabotage at play that you may not even realize is stopping you when it comes to achieving more in your business.

I call it Growth Guilt and it can keep us from saying yes to big opportunities or taking powerful actions. It has you settle for “good enough” when you are destined for greatness and true impact.

Watch this:

Most of us live around people who aren’t comfortable with unapologetically going after big, big dreams. And it can get very uncomfortable to want to go after yours when you’re in that environment (trust me, I’ve been there).

Listen, what is happening in your business isn’t anyone else’s business. Especially the naysayers, bubble bursters and negative nellies out there.

Let’s not judge these people, because what is 100% true is that they think they are being “helpful” by asking you when enough will be enough. What’s important is that YOU, as a Boldheart, don’t take on their projections or smallness.

There are a few ways to overcome Growth Guilt so you stop getting in your own way. I have outlined them in this week’s video.

Here’s what I want you to hear from me now…

You are worthy of wanting more.

You are worthy of wanting more, even if you have (by the standards of others) a lot. This doesn’t make you materialistic or greedy. It means you are being called to play a bigger game on the planet, to change more lives.

You are being called to experience more LIFE…to make more IMPACT…to SERVE more people.

This is permission to hold your big dreams close to your heart. They don’t need to be shared with people who won’t get it, or, through their own choices, those who are stuck in struggle.

Their experience is not our responsibility.

We need you aiming higher, my sweet. And by we, I mean the world. I mean the other people who will be quietly inspired by what you are doing and achieving and use your example to light a fire of their own passion and their own dreams of a life of impact.

You don’t need to say a thing. Share your dreams with those who will believe in you, those who will give you a big high five and a resounding, “You go, girl!!” when your movement gets real traction or you hit that million in your business.

Much love,

P.S. Isolation stinks. That, too, is a form of self-sabotage. I’ve realized you can’t create big impact in your business by working alone. There’s just too much that can damage your confidence.

If you’re looking for your tribe of unapologetic dream seekers who you can share things with, let’s talk. I invite you to explore what it would be like to feel really (really!) supported for the first time in your business.

Reach out by applying for a call with one of our strategy coaches here. It’s free.

Yes, we’ve got the recipe for success. But what’s even better, and why our members stay with us year after year, is that we’ve got each others backs. And we’re waiting for you.

You can apply for that free call here.

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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Ooooooooh, if you get inspired by seeing a woman (who was a divorced mom of 2) fully step into her power and create more impact (and money), watch Charisse’s video now.

Today’s message will benefit you if you are struggling to get your business off the ground and wondering why it’s not more fulfilling or happening fast enough.

I invited Kiva (Master Coach in Boldheart Business) to sit down with Charisse and find out exactly how she turned this around and why she is on track to hit 100K this year (10K a month or more), turning her yearly income into her monthly income.

I invite you to watch the video intently and take notes, sweet friend:

The key to Charisse’s success was a complete shift in mindset that allowed her to get out of scarcity and struggle and feel worthy of receiving more. This is what we specialize in at Boldheart, beyond just the systems and processes you need.

As a result of learning from Kiva and me, she stepped out of the small belly-dancing container she was in and started a new venture with a bigger, bolder vision that rolls all her passions into a single business, creating a much bigger impact.

In today’s video, she talks about the specific things she got from Boldheart Business that allowed her to create such incredible momentum. (You should ideally write these down.)

She chose us because we don’t partake in the hype that’s rampant in my industry, and she prefers how we “open the kimono” about what really works and exactly how to do it.

Would you like us to share what works (and only what works) with you, so you can turn your yearly income into your monthly income like Charisse is doing?

Here’s where you can book a free exploratory call today, just to find out more.

You don’t have to stay stuck at the same level. Just reach out so we can talk, okay?

Don’t be shy. We are here to help. (With no hype, only love.)

With all my heart,

P.S. Let’s turn your yearly income into your monthly income like we did with Charisse, OK? We’re here to help. Reach out here to see if you qualify for a free Strategy Call with one of our amazing and caring Coaches.

Trust your intuition, sweet friend.

We’ve been waiting for you this whole time.


The post Charisse jumped from 10K a year to 10K a month appeared first on Boldheart.

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OK, I get it.

What I am about to share with you in today’s inspiring video might seem totally counterintuitive.

Hint: growing a business cannot be about the money.

Yes, my focus here at Boldheart Business is to give you the recipe that will make you 10k a month consistently, then to scale it to multiple 6 figures (and eventually a million), without sacrificing your life.

But the way to grow that business is actually NOT to think about the money, but to focus on something entirely different.

This concept had a huge impact on the 400 people at my Mindset Retreat last week in Atlanta, and I believe it will have the same impact on you. Watch this:

You see, it’s not about the money – it’s about the impact.

When we make it about the money, we fall into a competitive mindset. Energetically speaking, we actually slow down the growth of the business.

That’s when we start doing business in a very masculine way, not connected to our soul, and we “white knuckle it” so business becomes effort.

Instead, when we focus on creating a lasting impact, on changing lives, on making the world a better place through the simple act of our life…things become so much easier.

And ironically, when you connect your business to a higher calling, that’s when you experience far greater results, in all of the ways. Yes, money…but also joy, fulfillment, gratitude and impact.

Don’t miss watching this week’s message. I have two book recommendations for you in the video.

I believe we are gathered together in the Boldheart Community to change the world. Each of us has an important role to play in the game of life. There is important work to be done.

We are here to help.

Much love,

P.S. It’s not about the money. It’s about changing lives. What I’ve learned is that business gets so much easier when you shift your focus to “impact.” If you feel inspired to share your thoughts on this with me, I’d love to hear how this landed for you. Write me back.

Or better yet, perhaps you’d like to chat about creating a bigger impact on the world by growing your business. What would that look like?

Let’s find out. Fill out an application to speak with one of our coaches so we can help connect the dots for you. You too can change your focus from making money to changing lives, while still living the rich abundant life you are so worthy of.

Ironically, doing this will get you to 10k a month consistently, and then to multiple 6 figures (and eventually a million, without sacrificing your life), like two more of our Boldheart members announced on the stage at the Mindset Retreat last week. They both have kids, by the way.

I have the recipes for you.

Get into my kitchen and let’s cook together, OK?

Here’s where you apply for your free strategy call so we can help you get clarity and explore what it will look like when we work together.

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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Today, I would like to introduce you to Rucsandra, an inspirational healer on her way to her first million.

Please listen very closely to today’s inspirational video, because this story isn’t really about Rucsandra – it’s about your potential impact on the world.

Before joining us, she was facing the same struggles year after year, despite the fact that her clients absolutely adore her and get so much from working with her.

She was so overwhelmed in the day-to-day that she felt she wasn’t showing up fully for her clients, and she couldn’t begin to imagine taking on any new clients either. She felt powerless, stuck, and alone, because she longed to make a bigger impact but didn’t know how.

Can you relate, sweet friend?

Perhaps you need some inspiration this morning. Watch Rucsandra’s story now to get inspired, learn how to move past limitation and fulfill your life’s purpose, while making great money:

Being stuck in the same place year after year, getting the same results, and making the same income is heartbreaking for entrepreneurs. But there’s an even bigger problem.

The impact you came here to make is being minimized…and so many potential clients are missing out on the impact you could have on their lives.

A lot has happened for Rucsandra since she joined us.

“It’s been transformational.”

She has a new program of support, a new website, a new brand and new systems. She has so many more clients and is helping a LOT more people.

She has leveraged her business and is on her way to seven figures, while making a much bigger impact with her work.

Rucsandra doesn’t feel alone anymore. She gets so much from being in this community of entrepreneurs who are also making a difference in the world, and there is always someone there to lend a hand and give advice.

“Together we can make this world a better place. And we can support each other in fulfilling our destinies. We all came here with something to do and share and leave behind us. It’s very hard to do that on your own.”

I want you to imagine for a minute that you have all the tools and support that you need to serve your clients better and bring in many more new clients.

I invite you to ask yourself…

What kind of impact could I make in the world?

Would you create a bigger impact if you had the recipe to get your message to the masses, and you had a tribe cheering you on?

Rucsandra suggested you schedule a time to chat with us, as she did.

Reach out so we can talk about your business.

We’re here to support you in fulfilling your mission and making the biggest impact possible. You don’t have to do this alone.

With love,

P.S. I want to repeat something important that Rucsandra shared in the video…

“When you have an insight that resonates, it’s important to take action fast. If what we’re talking about makes you feel a little bit lighter, and this is something you’d like to be part of…sign up for the free strategy session.”

The free strategy session can absolutely change your life, as it has for Rucsandra and so many others before her. Go here to apply for a free strategy session now.

The post Rucsandra is on her way to 7 figures (and a bigger impact) appeared first on Boldheart.

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So, this is a first here. You may not expect this.

And neither did Fabienne. ;)

I’m taking over today’s blog.

You may not know this, but she, Derek and their 3 kids are in Greece this week, enjoying some downtime in Santorini before they host the epic 3-day Mindset Retreat in 2 weeks.

Hi. My name is Kiva.

You may be wondering…who is Kiva and what is she doing here?

Well, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside (and very very closely with) Fabienne at Boldheart for the last three years.

I am now a Master Coach here at Boldheart and that gives me an inside view of what it’s really like to be with Fabienne.

Working directly with Fabienne, I see her with her hair pulled up in a ponytail with no makeup on, I’ve spent time strategizing with her, creating epic life-changing programs (each of us giddy for the results people will get), I’ve cried with her, and I’ve spent countless evenings in her home with her family, having late-night talks in yoga pants sipping red wine.

I’ve seen sides of Fabienne you will likely never see, and here’s what I can tell you:

Fabienne’s commitment to showing up with the best she has for you, for our Boldheart Business members, for women entrepreneurs (and the few good men who are bold enough to learn from a powerful woman) and for the world…

…is breathtaking. You have no idea.

But wait.

How did I get here, working so closely with her, when she has barely shared the stage with ANYONE because she protects you so much?

Well, ten years ago I was exactly where you may be now.

I was getting my coaching certification and my coaching school promoted a call on “Getting all of the clients you want, in record time,” hosted by some woman named Fabienne. (I had no idea who she was.)

As a new coach, though, my focus was definitely on getting clients, so of course I signed up.

I was blown away. Wow, I loved her message. It was honest and authentic, it was highly practical, and like nothing I’d heard before about getting clients. Who the heck was this woman??

She proposed a course at the end of the call and I happily bought it: Client Attraction In A Box (or something like that). It was THE thing that started what became my extremely successful, multi-6-figure business.

I ended up spending that entire weekend with Fabienne winning me over on video, teaching me about marketing in a way that no one had ever taught me about marketing before.

Here’s the thing she didn’t realize she was also doing:

She was pregnant with her third child (now Oliver) in the videos, but that didn’t stop her. Beyond listening to her do her “marketing teaching” thing, I was watching her do her “unapologetically living a good life while changing lives” thing.

Without saying a word about her personal life (balancing running a very successful business with a happy marriage and having soon-to-be 3 kids), Fabienne showed me that what I wanted for my business as a woman and a mother was actually possible.

She had “cracked the code,” as men say in our industry.

Deep in my heart, I wanted to have a thriving career like hers with the capacity to be with my children in a way that my own ambitious mother (who is still, at age 70, a prominent and extremely respected New York newspaper journalist) could not.

I love my mother, and at the time, she wasn’t able to be with me while growing her career the way Fabienne has been able to be with her own children.

My business grew from her teachings, and I moved on, but I never forgot Fabienne.

Several years later, I ran into her (quite literally) at an event. In the bathroom. (You can’t make this up.)

I feel like such a groupie telling you this, but I ran after her when I saw her go into the bathroom.

When I reached her, I psycho-fan-body-hugged her with tears in my eyes.

“Fabienne, you don’t know me, but you have changed my life!!!!”

Apparently she didn’t think I was too crazy, because she gave me a big hug back, smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you, that makes me so happy. What’s your name? Tell me about you.”

And here we are all of these years later, working together to change thousands of lives each year at Boldheart:

Today, after many years of running my own multi-6-figure business (and creating and selling millions and millions of dollars worth of programs) I get to mentor and teach our Growth Track members at Boldheart on the very things that Fabienne first introduced to me all of those years ago (while adding all the things that I’m uniquely talented at).

It’s kind of miracle-y, right, to go from a bathroom hug to working with her directly?

I’ve often wondered how I got here and why it’s me that gets to stand on the stage with Fabienne Fredrickson, the woman who gave me the keys to the life that I wanted more than anything.

I used to think it was fate. And maybe that’s the spiritual explanation of it.

But being a practical person, I’ve also boiled it down to three things I’d like to teach you today (while Fabienne is in Greece):

ONE: Follow the YES

Life has a bigger plan for you than you can possibly have for yourself.

But we allow our human minds to talk us out of the very gifts that the universe is putting in front of us to take us to that bigger plan.

Learning to recognize and trust your YES will lead you to places you never dreamed you’d go (as it has for me and Fabienne).

TWO: Stay humble

Here’s what I can tell you a decade into being self-employed:

As soon as you think you have it figured out…you don’t.

I talk often about the idea of keeping your forehead humbly on the floor. Figuratively speaking, of course.

What I mean by this is that we must remain aware of that which we don’t know and the places we still get to grow. We’re never too cool for school if we want to grow.

Staying humble is not diminishing our worth. It’s actually the opposite. It’s about embracing our worth so intimately that we no longer need to prove it.

THREE: Know that it’s not ever going to look like what you think it will look like

Take off your blinders. If you can only see a path to success that is the one you think, expect and plan for, chances are you will miss out on huge amounts of opportunity and financial abundance.

Because everything is energy, and energy is non-linear, that means that business is also non-linear.

For example, if you execute a marketing initiative, say, sending out a warm-letter campaign (which is something we teach in the Growth Track), you’ll suddenly get an inquiry about your work from an old colleague who didn’t get the letter.

Some would think of that as a coincidence, but it’s not. You put out energy (in the form of sending letters) and it came back (in the form of synchronicity).

This is how it works. It never looks like what you think it will, even when you’re generating millions a year in your business. (Ask Fabienne about this the next time you have a chance. I’m *pretty* sure she’ll confirm.)

Everything you want is possible. Getting it requires 3 things: 1) dreaming bigger, 2) trusting and having faith that it will come to you, and 3) seeking the expert help you need to learn to get there. That’s why we are here, Fabienne and I, to help you get everything you want in life and from your business.

Sending you much love and gratitude for the opportunity to be with you this Saturday morning. Fabienne will be back with another one of her inspiring videos next week.

Hugs until next time,

P.S. Now you know me a bit, so when you do take the leap and join us in the Growth Track at Boldheart, we won’t be strangers anymore.

I am an expert at getting you to 10K a month consistently. That’s why I teach at Boldheart.

Perhaps you’d like to explore what it looks like to get to 10K a month with Fabienne and me?

Click here to apply for a strategy call so we can hear about your business.

It’s free.

We want to hear about your dreams, what you’re currently struggling with, and help you map out a plan. And if we get to be with you on that journey to 10K a month, we’d be so happy.

All it takes is one phone call.

You can book that free call here.

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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I have made so many mistakes in my career so far, sadly. And they have cost me lots of unclaimed money. (Not that it’s always about the money, mind you. I also love to be of service, unconditionally.)

Today’s video will give you one of my hard-won hacks that made me a 7-figure business owner.

Whether it’s writing a book, offering a new program or speaking on a TED stage, it’s important that you now know the reason WHY you’re doing it.

Like I’ve done in the past, you may just be saying “yes” to anything that comes your way, without thinking about monetizing all of your actions.

Monetize. Every. Single. Thing. You. Do.  

And if I’m being honest with you, this week’s video has a “Don’t do what I did” message. Our primary goal here is to ensure that you have a super thriving business, doing good in the world.

This means that you should always have a “tail”…

Watch today’s business hack now to discover exactly what that means and how it will help you make you more, while helping your clients immeasurably:

One day, I did a free 3-hour livestream for those who purchased my book. I did it out of love and to say thanks. One woman ended up writing me at the end saying:

“I can’t believe I waited until the end of the 3 hours to sign up for what I thought was an Embrace Your Magnificence program, and I am furious that there was no program offered!”

(I couldn’t help but think, well, damned if you do, damned if you don’t!) LOL.

Here’s what I’ve learned since and what I advise our Boldheart Business members now:

You must, must, must have a definitive strategy for every single thing you do in your business. Period.

I loved writing my book Embrace Your Magnificence (authentic, shameless plug, you can buy it here). I wrote it as a “Lessons I’ve Learned” love letter to my daughter, Claire, and discovered that thousands of other women up to age 86 have bought it and learned from it.

I also loved giving my life hacks during my TEDx talk (you can watch it here on YouTube).

Problem is, there wasn’t a “tail” to these business actions. And they didn’t really get me (and most especially, the audience) anywhere.

That’s fine, in the end, since I make my income elsewhere.

But as a business owner, I’ve since learned that it’s important to make the most of the resources that we have. To make them count, strategically.

And if I were speaking to you now and giving you advice about your next move in your business, I would give you different advice than what I actually did in these cases.

(You’re ok with me keeping it real, right??)

Why wouldn’t I do what I did? Because it wasn’t highly strategic. If I had known then what I know now, I would have done things differently.

When a member comes to me with an idea like any of these…

I ask about their monetization plan, first.
I ask what they are planning to offer afterwards, to provide deeper learning or results.
I ask about their upsell strategy (although I don’t love that word).

When you are growing a business, it’s super important to stay focused on the next step for your prospective client or customer.

Otherwise, you leave them wanting more and don’t have a solution to provide for them.

This is why we teach our members of Boldheart Business (and you) to write books that very specifically and directly address their ideal clients’ wants, needs, challenges, desires and aspirations and then provide a next step (to work with you).

If you love speaking… Speak! And do so in front of people who you know are great potential customers or have connections to your ideal clients. Then, have a “tail,” something else they can do with you.

If you want to be on television, or get interviewed on podcasts, go for it! Simply ensure that you have a strategy in place to capitalize on (and monetize) all that visibility.

We are entrepreneurs, first.

Most of us are wired to START new things. Great ideas are definitely not our problem. Having a follow-through on each idea that we can monetize (with integrity, of course) is paramount though.

This week, I am lovingly reminding you to take action on the ideas that are most directly correlated to you getting more clients, making more money and growing your business. For the greatest good of all (primarily for your clients).

Always have a tail. ;)

Please know that I love you and believe in you,

P.S. Perhaps you have plenty of ideas of things to offer your prospective clients but you are not sure how to strategize the monetization of your offerings. I know, it’s (obviously) not always easy to get help with your tail. (Haha.)

That said, this must be a part of your overarching strategy every year, as it is now mine. We can help you map that out on a free strategy call.

And maybe, like most, you are great at coming up with lots of popcorn ideas (pop, pop, pop) but not at aligning all of them into a yearlong plan where everything you do strategically leads to one singular, elegant path that grows your clients and your business at the same time.

That’s what we do with all of our Members of Boldheart Business.

We can help you (for free) map out that plan as we have for thousands of women business owners (and a few good men) over the last 18 years.

Reach out and apply for an exploratory call with one of our coaches.

(Like I said, this exploratory call is free, and highly valuable, even if you don’t want to take a further step with us. Let’s just see.)

My strategy coaches are incredibly skilled and are personally and extensively trained by me to lend you strategic advice toward your big goals.

So you monetize. Every. Single. Thing. You. Do.

Watch this video invitation from me and let’s have you book a free call here, now.

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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