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Did you know that you’re not that only one who rarely (if ever) takes a truly unplugged vacation?

Most women business owners, if they take a vacation, are on their laptop at the beach, they’re checking emails and responding to clients when they’re with their kids at the pool, and are taking phone calls with their team…

…all because their business simply can’t run without them.

Has this also been your reality, sweet friend?

(I know the feeling, I’ve been there too.)

I’m here to take a stand for you in today’s new video and let you know that you have the power to change this immediately (with the right systems) and start taking the leave-your-computer-at-home unplugged time off that you deserve.

The choice is yours once you are taught how. Watch today’s video in which I share the basic principles around how to do it:

One of the things that we teach in our program is how to take an unplugged vacation.

So, are you ready? Here’s how it works:

Number 1: Let your clients know that you’re going to be taking a vacation, and that you’ll be unavailable.

Number 2: Strategize with them on how to get their needs met before you go away, so they’re not calling you on your vacation.

Number 3: Hire a replacement, perhaps a ‘mini me’ to handle any emergencies that come up.

Number 4: Allow your whole team to feel empowered to take care of things while you’re gone.

That’s the basic premise. Of course, there are more details and systems to put in place, but the mindset shift that needs to happen within you is that it IS possible. Our members take several weeks off and end up making more money when they’re completely OFF than if they were to multitask from the beach.

Listen, I know how hard it can be to unplug…

…to let go a little, and trust that your business will be there for you when you get back.

The idea is to prepare your team and your clients ahead of time so you aren’t needed. Start with leaving for a full day, then a couple of days, or a week.

Before you know it, you’ll be taking a month off from your business, totally unplugged, like we do…

…while still generating revenue. (Yes, you can!)

As I mentioned, some of our Leverage Track members actually increase their revenue while they’re away on vacation.

(This is just one of the ways that gets them to multiple six figures and even seven figures, while gaining their life back.)

And perhaps this is something that you could use as well.

If you’re working evenings and weekends and haven’t taken a vacation in a very long time, why don’t you reach out to us today, so we can strategize with you?

You don’t have to suffer in silence or try to figure it out on your own.

I made a video, just for you, right here, about chatting (at no charge).

Why don’t you watch it and let’s have a chat?

With love,

P.S. Let’s set up a call with one of my amazing coaches.

It’s free and we’d love to hear about your situation, what’s not working and see if we can help.

If we’re a match, we’d love to explore with you what it would be like to work together.

Go ahead, love. We’re here for you. xo

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Today, I’ve got a feel-good turnaround story that should definitely inspire you and get you motivated to take action.

Listen, it’s happened to all of us.

Sometimes, money is tight.

Before Debbie joined the Boldheart Business program, she was paying her bills on her credit cards. She was stuck in a lease that she couldn’t get out of. Things looked bleak.

Closing her business was not an option, but she was racking up debt, fast.

She knew she needed to turn things around; she needed a miracle that would help her find the money to keep going.

What happened next?

In just three months of being with us, Debbie no longer needed to pay her bills on credit cards, and by the end of the year, she had increased her revenue by 71%.

Watch me lovingly interview her about exactly how she did it:

Here is some of what Debbie shared with me:

“We started our birth center about seven years ago. In the first year, we were debt-free, then we made the decision to move to a different building, larger building. And through a couple other things that happened, we weren’t having the income that we were before.

We had gotten to a place where we were paying our bills on credit cards, and we had a contract for this lease that we really couldn’t get out of. Closing was not an option. So I’m trying to find something online, something to help us turn this around. I saw that this is something I could not do on my own. So I had a free consultation with Boldheart.

We talked with one of the coaches, and she gave us really, really good information.

I was excited, and my husband said, ‘We don’t have the money.’

The coach said she’d call back in a month and gave us a couple assignments. She called back in a month, and in the meantime I had told my husband, ‘We’re going under and it doesn’t matter if we go under at 100 thousand or 200 thousand. We need to spend this money.’

I went online and I got two 0%-interest credit cards, and we just paid for the program.

My husband was a little apprehensive about this whole thing… ‘Is this really gonna work? This is a lot of money.’

Since being in the program, we’ve had a 48% increase in our client base. But even better than that, our increase in our gross income was 71%.

We had joined Boldheart in February, and by May we were no longer having to pay any bills with credit cards.”

Congratulations, Debbie.

Why does this program work so predictably?

Well, some people think that Boldheart is a coaching program.

It’s not.

It’s really an implementation incubator.

Listen, there’s plenty of knowledge out there. There are plenty of coaches and loooooots of advice going around.

It’s not a lack of knowledge that you have, sweet friend.

It’s a lack of structure, and step-by-step exactly-how-to, and the accountability to actually get it done.

Let’s agree that you have no problem starting new things.

Finishing them is another issue, isn’t it? Implementation is not always easy.

Through our program, members begin to realize that money is everywhere.

They get out of scarcity and into a mindset of abundance. They become super focused and finish what they start. They are lovingly held accountable so they do more with us then they would ever do on their own. Paired with the right marketing strategies, they are able to rapidly increase their revenue, like Debbie’s 71% revenue increase.

So I want you to dig deep, and ask yourself…

Where would my business be in a year from now if I joined the Boldheart Business program?
What would this mean for my income, my family?
What kind of impact could I make with this kind of accountability and support?
What would it feel like to be supported, so I’m no longer second guessing myself at every turn?

If, like Debbie, it’s not working on your own, then we need to talk.

Answer a couple of questions here, so we can chat.

We’re here, waiting for you.

With love,

P.S. If you’re still on the fence about reaching out to explore how we can help, please don’t be shy.

It’s easy to schedule a strategy call with the same coach that helped Debbie create huge breakthroughs (and it’s free).

Let’s just see what’s possible. We have so many ideas about how to increase the revenue in your business, and help you find the money you need to pay for the program.

Follow this link now to schedule a call with one of our coaches.

You can do this, love. We’ve got your back. xo

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In today’s video, I would like to inspire you to release the idea of trying to do it on your own.

You’re likely running around, making yourself overwhelmed…and getting underwhelming results because you’re still trying to figure it out by yourself.

It’s not working, is it?

Watch this, sweet friend, about how I got over this false belief, in this loving kick-in-the-tush wake up call full of love:

Believe it or not, there are people out there who want to help you with your business, who want to help you grow it.

And, for whatever reason, you may have resisted getting their help.

Maybe it’s because in our society and our culture, asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness.

Perhaps you’re trying to save some money.

Following these ideas, it’s easy to see where you might think to yourself, “You know what, I’m just going to try to figure it out myself.”

There are plenty of reasons why you may not be reaching out to get help for your business.

The challenge with that is that you are likely missing out on extremely valuable strategies that will save you so much time and money.

You see, there are people who have already figured it out.

Different people, in different segments who have figured out exactly how to do the thing that will get you to the next level.

They’re experts.

They’ve been at it for 10, 15, 20, 25 years, as I have.

And yet there still remains this prevalent resistance within you to tapping in to that level of help.

You know that this kind of help could really change your upward trajectory quickly.

And you’ve probably known for some time that you need a change, because trying to figure something out on your own can be frustrating and take a really long time.

The learning curve can be really steep on your own.

Here’s what I know for sure from my own journey of entrepreneurship:

The thing that helped me to leap frog very, very quickly, again and again, was seeking out a mentor who was already where I wanted to be.

Sure, they had to have the right energy and be somebody I could really connect with, somebody whose values were similar to mine.

Then, my job was to not be too cool for school and instead to say, “You know what? I’m really good at a lot of things, I’m just not great at that thing. Can you help me learn how to do it? Can you help me fast track my results by just showing me what you do?”

Perhaps it’s a program, perhaps it’s a product, perhaps it’s a mentor.

Allow me to take a loving stand for you by saying this:

I’m asking you to put your old rules and beliefs aside and to reach out to that mentor.

Pick a mentor, hire them or work with them, and do everything they say.

As we, as we say in the Boldheart Business program, Just Follow The Recipe!

Do exactly what you’re told.

Chances are you will move at a faster clip than you’re moving now and the money that you were trying to save before, you will gain back.

Mentorship often more than pays for itself in the form of new clients and new results that you wouldn’t have gotten as quickly on your own…and you keep the learning for life.

In my own life, I’ve just hired another new mentor because I’m really ready to get to my next level of impact. And I don’t know what I don’t know about getting there. So I’m getting help with it!

Perhaps you are ready to get to your next level of impact, of service, of income, of freedom, of legacy, or whatever it is.

If you resonate with what we do and the values we have, and you’ve seen all of the hundreds of success stories at Boldheart.com, reach out to us. Let’s work together.

Click here to explore the idea of working together with a conversation.

No more doing it alone, OK?

Sending you so much love,

P.S. Do you know what successful business owners have been doing since the dawn of entrepreneurship? They ask for help. They shorten the learning curve.

I believe it’s time for you to get the inside track from someone who has gotten to where you want to be and is willing to share their treasure map with you. That’s me.

In the Boldheart Business Program, we know that the shortest road to success is a recipe to follow, not a time-consuming guessing game that costs you more money than the investment that’s in front of you.

Let’s talk. You can schedule an exploratory session when you answer a couple of questions here.

We’ve seen it repeated over and over again hundreds of times for our happy members.

We start by getting you to 10K a month consistently, or if you’re already there, we’ll guide you to multiple 6, and even 7 figures a year doing what you love, with your life back.

This is what we do, day in and day out. We’ve got the recipe, and it’s foolproof.

Apply for your FREE exploratory strategy session here.

Success is a formula, struggling is optional.

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In today’s new video, I’d like to inspire you to believe something new about money.

It’s this…you can actually make as much money as you want in your business despite anything that you may be experiencing right now.

Below, I’ve got something I joke about being the perfect tattoo for someone who wishes money were flowing more abundantly into their lives.

If you’ve felt like it’s not happening fast enough, watch today’s message to discover exactly what I mean:

If you are looking to create a better situation for yourself, your family, or for reinvesting in your business, you can absolutely attract more money into your business.

You are fully in control of how much you make.

I’ve seen it confirmed time and again in the lives of so many of the members of the Boldheart Business program.

Here’s what I’d (jokingly) want you to tattoo on your arm:

I control how much money I make in my business
based on how much I am willing to market.

I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

What I know for sure is that if you are making a certain amount of money in your business right now, and you’d like to make two times what you’re making right now on an annual basis, you will need to market twice as much as you are now.

And so it follows that if you’d like to make five times more, you’ll need to market five times more than you’re marketing now.

For some people that might seem like, “Oh God, I have to market more??”

Because it goes against their idea of what you may think an authentic business owner should be…

…one that doesn’t have to market (?).

Well, that’s not reality.

Especially not in an overcrowded, busy marketplace where there’s so much information and noise swirling around.

If you would like to make more in your business, it’s simply about becoming a more prolific marketer in your industry than you have been.

It’s about letting people find you.

We often think it’s our prospect’s job to find us, but that’s not the case.

It’s actually your job to help them find you.

Your job is to be as prolific and omnipresent as you can be in your industry with your marketing, by adding value and by being visible.

It is our job to be so visible that our ideal prospects can’t help but trip over us.

Everywhere they look, it should be like, “Oh, there she is again!”

The way that we do that is by providing value, but also by doing our marketing in a really loving, authentic, and vulnerable way and adding overall value to the marketplace.

If you approach your marketing thinking, “I’m here to take from someone” you’re not going to want to do it.

But if you approach marketing with love and say to yourself,

“I am here to give value.”

“I am here to serve.”

“I’m here to continually make somebody’s life better by virtue of making myself visible”…

It will shift the energy of how you approach your marketing.

When you shift your energy around marketing, you shift how often you want to do it.

So if you’ve been sending something once a month or inconsistently, start thinking about sending something weekly, even daily.

You might think, “Oh my goodness, that would be too much!”

And it is too much, but only if you’re putting bad content out there.

If you’re putting good content out there, something that’s useful and that people look forward to, then it’s never too much.

So my inspiration for you for today is to start thinking about becoming a prolific, valuable, omni-present marketer.

And that is how you become cash fluid.

You’re the only one in control of how much you make.

It’s time to use that good news to your advantage.

We can help,

P.S. This week, I’m sharing a powerful new training on how to become Cash Flush in 90 Days. It was an intro to a brand new program we are providing to our community.

I’d like you to think of this offering as an action incubator, where you are going to join a group of get-out-there-and-make-it happen business owners to remove all complexity and focus on one priority for 90 days…

Generating cash.

You can explore all of the details here.

And there is extra affordable early bird tuition available to you through May 31! Along with some juicy bonuses (including your ticket to this year’s Mindset Retreat!)

Check it out now.

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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Today’s blog post will probably confuse you at first, but stay with me, OK?

Something happened to me a while back.

I went to yet another marketing/business conference where speaker after speaker kept putting images on the screen about their amazingly luxe life.

It was all Maseratis and palatial homes and it was quite impressive.

I’m sure that their intent was to impress the people in the room and say, “See, I have the life that you want! You want this life too! Work with me!”

(Admittedly, I got trapped into doing this same thing a few years ago myself, following the herd, as one does in the beginning.)

The culture from one of the speakers was very much a masculine “Keeping up with the Joneses” energy, to be part of the race and to show your success to the world. I too originally got sucked into that “accumulation phase” where I had to have bigger and better of everything to feel worthy.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have very lovely things…

But I’ve noticed something that happens, that no one in the marketing and business growth world will tell you about. And it’s become a game changer for me and also a loving warning for you, as you grow your business. Here it is:

If you accumulate “things” for the sake of accumulation, for proving yourself and filling a void that is unfillable, the desire for more will just keep going and going.

You’ll likely end up trapping yourself into a business lifestyle that requires that you keep working really hard just to keep up with your expenses.

I see this happen all the time. I’ve been there too, and I don’t recommend it.

When you’re running your business feverishly to support your lifestyle, you start coming from an energetic place of need and lack, even though you have all of the trappings of a highly successful life.

Since moving to France, I’ve started really looking at what it is that I actually need to have a really lovely lifestyle.

Is it about “the stuff” or is it about your enjoyment of what you already have and focusing on increasing the pleasure in your life?

One of the things I now teach is it’s not about more things.

Instead, it’s about creating an impact through your business

…and really being in the moment and making mindful choices about your life.

Here’s a question that we need to ask ourselves:

“Is this going to give me pleasure or is this something I’m doing or buying to impress people I don’t actually care about?”

“How can I make my life obscenely beautiful and have a high quality of life without getting myself all caught up in the hamster wheel of accumulation?”

What might happen for you if you start thinking about things in this way, is you begin looking at every aspect of your life and asking yourself:

Can I find enjoyment here?
Does this give me pleasure?
If it doesn’t, why am I doing it?

That’s when you mindfully create a life where you don’t actually need more things.

Operating from need energy is no longer part of your life. It’s about really enjoying the things that you have.

Of course you can acquire more things if you’d like to, but just notice the energy behind it.

What I’ve found is that I have a higher quality of life, without buying more things.

I’m no longer trapped in that consumer mindset, because I’m enjoying what I have and the people around me, and I spend my time creating nice experiences with them.

What happens when you do that is that you don’t have to white knuckle your business so much to keep up with the expenses.

That is what I’ve found has put me in the greatest sense of abundance.

I’m sending you so much love and inviting you to live a life that you really love without the need energy behind it.

And instead, to focus on impact and influence.

In love and true abundance,

P.S. I’m feeling VERY inspired to support you to make an even bigger impact and serve more people through your business…and I also know you can’t keep doing good work in the world if you don’t make enough doing it (i.e. more cashflow).

So, I’ve created a framework to show you how to get the cash you need to make the impact that you want, in the form of a new training happening next week (it’s free.)

Make sure you grab your seat (if you haven’t yet) by clicking here.

It’s called Do THIS. Not THAT: A REAL Conversation for Women Who Want Epic Results in Their Business…And a Super High Quality Life.

It’s happening THIS coming Wednesday, May 29th, at 12:00 Eastern. Registration is free here.

You’re going to love what I have to share with you… Because it’s all about showing you the money…

Not for the STUFF. For the impact. And for the difference that you are uniquely here to make on the planet.

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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A spiritual teacher once told me that every business goes through cycles, just like nature.

I share this lesson in today’s new video, because it really changed my life.

Sometimes you’ll be up, and sometimes, there will be dips. I’m here to remind you that it’s normal (and even beneficial) to have setbacks in your business, if you look at it from a spiritual perspective.

Like everything in life, there will be seasons in business when you’re planting, seasons when you’re harvesting, and seasons when you’re hibernating and getting things ready for the next big surge.

I just want you to know that this is normal, at least when you can recognize it not as a tragedy but as a big opportunity for growth (it helps to get coached at that time, so you don’t forget this).

If you’ve experienced drought in your business at one point or another, watch today’s video for some inspiration on how to respond strategically… Here you go:

There are actually good things about minor setbacks in your business. It doesn’t have to mean there’s anything wrong with you or that you shouldn’t be in business or that you’ve made massive mistakes.

No, sometimes it just means that this is a time to go within and really assess the situation. To get ready for the next big level.

It’s an opportunity for divine redirection, and a chance to give yourself some space to make some inspired decisions.

A time to ask yourself…

“Am I really going in the right direction?
Am I working with the right type of client?
Is my marketing strategy the right one?
Is my business model the right one?”

This is a time of thinking and reflection.

So, if you are at a point in your business where you’re experiencing some setbacks…

…just keep breathing. No small children are being harmed. Nobody is bleeding.

It could be time to start thinking about what you can change, or do differently.

(We can absolutely help you get clarity, and we would be happy to talk to you about that. Click here to set up a time to chat.)

Then, once you’ve gotten clarity and decided to do things differently, I want you to borrow something that my husband Derek and I have been saying for years in our business.

When things have been confusing, we give each other words of encouragement, and ultimately our commitment level is to do “whatever it takes.”

We even do it with a silly hashtag motion with our hands (and now our Team and the members of the Boldheart Business program do it too:


(Check out this week’s video to see me gesturing this.)

Maybe it’s finishing a project you started, but it’s taking forever to finish. #whateverittakes

Or maybe it’s overcoming some fear about going to the next level. #whateverittakes

Perhaps, for you, it’s just bringing in some cash, raising your rates, or changing your business model, and it seems like a big thing. #whateverittakes

Put all of your focus on that one thing and allow yourself to go beyond your level of effort.

I’m not asking you to become a ‘human doing’ for the rest of your life, but about getting that one thing fixed in your business, the one that will change everything.

Maybe it’s finally getting help in growing your business. Do #whateverittakes.

By the way, we’d be happy to help. Reach out here to chat for free so we can explore working together.

It has always worked for me and I believe it will help you too.

Sending so much love,

P.S. If you find yourself in a season in your business where you feel stuck and don’t know what the best thing to do is, we can help.

In the Boldheart Business program, we put people who make at least 2K a month on the path that will make them 10K a month consistently, and then on the one that will get them to multiple 6, and even 7 figures a year. (Yes, that could be you. All it takes is a new recipe to follow, rather than winging it.)

We do that by intimately knowing the timing of business cycles and understanding how to make the most out of moments that seem like setbacks.

If that sounds like something that would help you, we should definitely talk. Sooner rather than later. We can explore if the season is right for working together.

=> Apply for your free strategy session here. <=

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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My wish for you today is that Barbara’s inspiring story about tripling her revenue with us will show you that it’s absolutely possible to create a thriving and successful business.

And that you can do it easily, with the right help, despite being new to your business or having fierce competition.

Ready? Watch this:

Barbara is a Residential Real Estate Broker in Brooklyn, New York and helps people sell and buy homes.

Here’s a little bit of what she shared during our conversation:

“When I first started, I had no idea how to attract clients, no clue.

I had started out on a team as an assistant. They quickly took me on as a broker, but then I decided I wanted to go out on my own. My business is very competitive, and brokers do not share how they get their clients. So, it was really like, ‘Somebody please help me!’ I wanted someone to show me where to find these clients. I needed to grow my pipeline immediately.

In order to make money, you have to spend money.

Being a less seasoned and younger broker, I know I have to put out the money first. I also believe in a spiritual sense that it’s leading by example. If I invest in myself, people will want to invest in me. What goes around comes around. To me, finding the Boldheart Business program was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the answer I was looking for, I didn’t even know this existed!’

I went into the Growth Track, and applied a couple of the tools Boldheart gave me. One of the tools changed my life in terms of my business. After six months and lots of clients later, I ended up moving right into the Leverage Track to learn how to scale my business further…

After a year and six months in the program, I tripled my income.”

Barbara TRIPLED her income, even though her business was brand new when she started with us…

Even though she’s in a super competitive industry, and she’s young and less seasoned than many other brokers…

Even though people in her industry simply DON’T triple their businesses from scratch.

High five, Barbara (seriously).

Here’s another thing that really stood out to me in our video chat…

Building your dream business can – and dare I say should – be fun!

Like Barbara shared about what’s it’s like to be in our program

“It’s just so much fun…we laugh, we talk about mindset, we talk about our lives and how it intertwines with the business. And there are so many people I can relate to. I feel safe being really honest about what’s going on with me and my business, and it’s just a very comfortable environment.

At the live meetings I can share my success with the other members, which makes me hustle in between meetings because I want to show that I created something awesome. We’re all in it together and we’re bouncing off each other. It’s exciting to celebrate everybody’s results.”

If you’re reading closely, sweet friend, you will surely see…

The Boldheart Business program produces real results (even when the odds are against you, as was the case for Barbara).

Our community gives people the support they need to grow and the mindset to achieve success.

Yes, it’s work, and yet we make the process fun, so you WANT to do it.

Yes, the program is an investment, and yet you make the money back in the form of new clients (so for many, the program ends up being “free” over time).

Listen, if you’re ready to stop trying to figure it out on your own and you want to triple your revenue like Barbara did, let’s chat (at no charge).

We want to hear about your situation, understand what’s not working (or not working fast enough) and what’s getting in the way, and then come up with a game plan together.

This free strategy call is yours to experience at no charge. It’s a chance to explore what it’s like to be in the program, and what your results could be when you finally have the right recipe to follow, with the right guidance, accountability and encouragement.

Tired of going at it alone?

=> Let’s connect on the phone (watch my video invitation here).

Can’t wait to celebrate you too.


P.S. If we’re not the right fit for you, that’s totally okay…but if you’ve been sitting on the fence about working together (like some Boldheart Business members who spent years following me and regret not having reached out sooner), I want to give you some tough love and ask…

…What are you (really) waiting for?

The time and energy spent on indecision could be put towards creating $$$ and results.

If this loving wake up call speaks to you…reach out and book your free strategy session with us today.

Talk soon. You rock.


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In today’s new video on how to take lots of time off, we’re going to talk about lifestyle.

I don’t know about you, but I opened my own business 20 years ago because I tend to seek freedom almost as much as I seek impact.

And in the corporate world, I was most definitely not free. I didn’t feel like I was contributing to society in the role I had nor did I feel like I could make my time my own.

And two weeks of vacation in a whole year was just not enough for me!

Problem is, what I see happening for many business owners as they grow their business is that this “free time” they wanted, the “high quality of life” piece, isn’t there anymore. They’re back to having a J.O.B.

Maybe you can relate, sweet friend? If so, watch today’s video now:

Here’s the deal… You’re probably focused on delivering excellent work for your clients and customers, working with your team, setting up systems and just putting out fires all the time. But what about all that free time you wanted? Where did it go???

What about all the glorious downtime that was part of your motivation for starting your own business in the first place?

It often falls by the wayside…

…along with your evenings and weekends, all taken up with work.

And sadly, for many of us who are self-employed, there’s no such thing as an “unplugged vacation”, one free of emails and laptops.

Can you even technically still call that a true vacation?

What I know for sure, after 20 years of experience, is that if you do not have any unplugged time, “you” time, you show up less inspired for your clients.

You end up frazzled and unable to really connect to the divine guidance about what the next step in your business is. You can’t show up for your kids and love relationship the way you want to, and things look bleak

This is not how it is meant to be.

And it doesn’t have to be this way if you strategically set up your business to suit your lifestyle.

Part of what we do in the Boldheart Business program, apart from helping you GROW your business and then SCALE it, is to help you build a lifestyle you love. It’s not about working and accumulating money for money’s sake, while you become busier than you were in corporate.

No, no, no!

It’s about having a life you absolutely love at the same time.

So, let me ask you, sweet friend, how many days a week do you really want to work? How many weeks of unplugged vacation do you really want to take per year? Which summer month do you dream of taking off?

I ask this because you can craft your business, you can change your business model, you can train your clients and team to not need hand holding, you can break some existing rules and ways of doing things so that you only work four days a week, take a week off every couple of months, or take August and December off, for example.

You can, believe me. I do it.

(I just spent 2 weeks of vacation with my family in the south of France and then hosted wonderful clients in a beautiful house in Provence for a week and it was heaven. And the thing is, you can have that too, if you want it.)

And that’s why we can teach this so expertly in the Boldheart Business program.

It’s all about setting up a lifestyle strategy and we can do that for you too.

For starters, begin dreaming about how much time you want to take off as a result of the impact you’re making, and then let’s talk about making that happen for you too.

When you are strategic about how you really want your business (and down time) to look, and you get help figuring out all the ways to make that happen, it becomes easy to take 14 weeks of vacation per year while your business keeps growing and making money.

It can happen for you too.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. If you’re stuck in the day to day and you don’t know how to pull yourself out, maybe we can help.

Yes, you know that we help people set up their business so that they make 10K a month consistently, and then get them to multiple 6 figures a year, and eventually 7 figures, while gaining their life back.

All that with more vacation time than they ever had working for someone else.

Perhaps you’re curious about what that could look like for you?

If you’re already making a minimum of 2K a month in your business, let’s set up a time to talk at no charge and strategize that together. Click here now to watch my video invitation to chat.

Being in business is not about you becoming a servant to your clients and not enjoying your life.

Instead, it is about really strategically shaping everything you do and how you do it in a way that serves your business and gives you the benefits you deserve.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, and you’re drowning in overwhelm now, we should definitely talk sooner rather than later.

Apply now for your free strategy session here. Like, today.

Let’s just see if we can help, OK?

Love you. xo

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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I believe you are going to love today’s inspiring 7-figure Boldheart story…

I am beyond thrilled to share Jen’s success story with you today. She is so near and dear to sooooo many of us in the program.

As you’ll hear, Jen’s husband wasn’t quite sure about her decision to join the Boldheart Business program a few years ago. (This is often the case, at first, until they read the success stories page and especially after they experience the results.)

It’s understandable. As “the numbers guy” he didn’t quite see how it made sense to join us. Wait until you hear what he has to say about us now (and let it inspire you to join us in the program):

Why was Jen so committed to getting herself to the Boldheart Business program, despite the understandable apprehensions of her otherwise super supportive husband?

She had a stirring in her soul. She knew she was made for more.

At the same time, she was experiencing the all-too-common inner turmoil that holds so many women back

  • She feared visibility.
  • She wondered if she was “good enough.”
  • She didn’t feel worthy of having the incredible life she dreamed of.

(Can you relate to any of these?)

What you’ll hear Jen share in this video is that she found her true self when she found her way to our program.

She discovered a community of people beyond her wildest dreams – people who, at the beginning, loved her more than she loved herself.

And once she saw herself in the same way as her fellow Boldies saw her…as infinitely capable and deserving, then her business flourished.

She learned the tools for authentic business growth that aren’t available anywhere else. And she thrived because of this.

Her husband? He’s thrilled with what he sees on paper today. He loves that his wife now has a 7-figure business.

He’s quit his J.O.B. and works fully in their growing business. They have a gorgeous new home.

And he thanks Jen regularly. Because he acknowledges that he wouldn’t have taken the risk without her going first.

So, sweet friend.

What’s this stirring in your soul?

Are you also ready to deny the smallness and agree that you are here for more?

If so, I want you to reach out and apply for a call with one of our coaches. Today.

You aren’t meant to go it alone. You need a community that calls you up to your next level of impact by seeing you in the light of the truth of who you really are. We all do.

We are Boldhearts. We are in this together.

And together? We are unstoppable.

Much love,

P.S. As Jen said so succinctly… “If I can do it, you can too.”

You. Can.

We can help. Apply for your call today.

Let’s talk about your business as it is today, what your big dreams are (the ones you can’t tell anyone else or they may judge you) and let’s see what’s getting in the way. Then, let’s map out a plan and explore what it would be like to join the program.

We’ll answer all your questions and help you find a way to afford it easily.

Either way, let’s chat now.

Here’s where you book that free strategy call.

Can’t wait!

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Here’s what I know by now. It’s that in every business, at least one time, if not every couple of years, there’s a time when cash is needed. Here’s the video that will show you how to find it.

A quick injection of cash (we love those!!) allows you to do things in your business that frankly, without cash, are difficult to do.

Maybe that’s hiring a team member, getting the mentor you need to dramatically increase your business, or at times, just get by. (I’ve been there in the beginning, definitely.)

And so today, my dear, I show you how to find the cash that is in your business. Watch this:

If you’re just starting out, you may be short on cash because you simply don’t yet have enough clients or customers.

Perhaps you have an overhead now that you didn’t have before.

You’re learning and creating systems and that takes cash.

And while growth is a good sign…

…Growth sucks cash.

Getting over this (and growing big time) is what we have mastered in the Boldheart Business program (click here to find out exactly how we do it.)

Either way, when it’s time to quickly bring in some cash, you might not know exactly where to start.

Often, it comes down to how you’re using your time.

Listen, you don’t get results from things you don’t finish. And most of us are wired to not finish what we start.

That’s OK, but if you don’t take things all the way to completion, you just won’t get the outcome you’re looking for.

So today’s inspiration is about looking at how you’re using your time in your business when it comes to the activities that are bound to generate cash for you.

Are you putting all of your focus on completing those activities?

If cash is an issue for you right now, your whole focus, strategically speaking, should be on ONE question, like I talk about in today’s video:

“What is it that’s going to make me money and how can I put all my time towards that activity?”

The answer to increasing your cash flow now is to focus all your time and effort on that specific activity, until completion.

You put a pause button on everything else that’s not absolutely necessary and you take that one thing through to the finish line.

Once you have the cash you need, you can then start to work on ANOTHER project that will bring in more cash and focus on THAT.

The key is to focus only on that one area until it’s done. No giving your time to distracting side projects or sudden changes of focus.

That’s your assignment and your inspiration for this week.

And listen, if you’re not actually sure what to do to generate cash, reach out to us here so we can chat and strategize together, for free.

We have the formula for helping you get to 10K a month consistently or to multiple 6 and 7 figures within a couple of years. It’s easy when you get help.

In truth, the cash is actually everywhere in your business. It’s just a question of tying up loose ends and finishing what you already started so that you allow the cash to flow back in.

Much love,

P.S. I have always believed that money is everywhere.

While other friends or family members would bemoan the fact that they didn’t have cash on hand, I always knew deep down that it was easy to generate. It always has been, at least to the ones who follow my path.

Cash-generating opportunities are lying dormant, just waiting to be taken advantage of all around you.

Perhaps you’re not sure where to start finding the cash you need now, and into your future, for really exponential growth.

We can help. Watch this video invitation from me about having a chat.

We love helping solo business owners like you to find your most lucrative and strategic opportunities to focus on and see through, to your highest levels of success.

=> Click here to set up a free call with us to make your next big move. <=

You got this. We can help. xoxo

P.P.S. Go ahead and share this quote:

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