This article by Elaine Silvestrini who writes for Drugwatch.com, a consumer education and patient advocacy website based in Orlando, FL, which appeared in the NJ Asbury Park Press newspaper on 4/13/18, puts the sickness selling scam of big pHarma in its true perspective.

Understand that the steadily rising drug prices are endangering the safety of the “tricks” of the “hooker” medical cartel.

Here’s the article:

“Big Pharma money seems to be everywhere anyone is making policy or taking any kind of action involving drug manufacturers. As a general statement, this is probably no surprise.
But the details of how much Pharma money has influenced and potentially tainted policy making, medical education and even patient advocacy are sobering. They also raise questions about how the U.S. should refocus healthcare priorities to better benefit patients.

*Doctors who write prescriptions and researchers who investigate drugs have been paid billions by drug companies, according to the government’s Open Payments database.

*Least surprising, the Center for Responsive Politics has documented that the industry contributes millions to political campaigns to support legislation policies that would benefit it.

*But even non-profit groups that are supposed to represent the interests of medical patients have received millions from Big Pharma, as documented separately by Kaiser Health News and at least one U.S. Senate Investigation report. For example, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation received $2.7 million from AbbVie in 2015, according to Kaiser. AbbVie makes billions from its drug Humira, which is used to treat conditions including Crohn’s. The drug costs patients as much as $63,000 a year. The American Diabetes Association benefited from $2.9 million from Eli Lilly, which raised the price of its insulin product, Humalog 30 times over two decades.

*As detailed in a report by the Project on Government Oversight, federal law has fostered a cozy relationship between Pharma and the agency that’s supposed to regulate the industry. The Food and Drug Administration (affectionately referred to as the Fraud and Drug Administration). The FDA depends heavily on funding from the industry and is required to work closely with drug manufacturers in developing regulations and procedures.
“Some observers fear that such approaches may not be scientifically sound, that they could be more susceptible to manipulation, and that they could lead to lower standards,” according to the POGO report.

*In New Jersey (affectionately known as “Shitsville”) alone, drug and medical device companies gave $111 million in general contributions, not counting research funds, to doctors and hospitals in 2016, according to the government database. The largest chunk – $16.5 million – was for consulting fees, followed by more than $11 million for food and beverages and nearly $10 million for travel and lodging.

New Jersey based companies did their part. For example, Allergan gave $66 million in general payments to doctors and hospitals while Novartis spent nearly $442 million on research grants.

Patient advocacy groups may be the most troubling benefactors of all that Pharma money. Kaiser defines patient advocacy groups as nonprofits devoted to assisting patients with a particular disease, disability or condition. This assistance would go beyond just providing the services or care.

It’s true that patient advocates and pharmaceutical companies should work together at times and often share the same interests. But patients’ needs, both financial and medical, and drug manufacturers’ fiduciary priorities are not identical. Groups can work with Pharma where they share goals, without depending on the industry for money.

According to KHN investigation, Allergan gave $716, 500 to patient advocacy groups in 2015, while New Jersey based Johnson & Johnson gave more than $6 million.

Pharma has a history of using money to shape policies that benefit its bottom line at the expense of the patients it is supposed to help. This is illustrated starkly by the role that drug-makers played in creating the opioid crisis. As I documented at Drugwatch, drug companies profited handsomely employing a multi-pronged marketing push that redefined the way the medical community treated pain. This all-encompassing effort succeeded resoundingly, drastically increasing prescriptions for opioids while obscuring the very real risks of addiction that had deterred such approaches in the past.

Now, some in Congress, are complaining that the drug makers’ marketing efforts are being subsidized by taxpayers to the tune of $6 billion in tax deductions in 2015 alone. And, there’s plenty of evidence demonstrating that all this money Pharma is spreading around is yielding results for the manufacturers’ bottom lines.

A study last year found that 65 percent of U.S. patients visited a doctor who received money from drug companies, although most patients didn’t know about the payments.

A 2016 study by researchers at the University of California found that doctors who were given free meals worth less than $20 were significantly more likely to to write prescriptions made by the companies that provided the meals.

A similar study in 2018 found that doctors and teaching hospitals in the U.S. receive about $7 billion a year from drug manufacturers. When researchers focused on certain cancer scenarios, the payments were linked to higher rates of costly prescriptions from the drug makers.

Drug prices are rising in the U.S. at rates that are endangering patients and contributing to the overall cost of health care. Policy makers and citizens should understand just how Big Pharma uses their windfall to effect policies to make them even richer.”

My comments:
We stay sick because Big Pharma and the large food companies, by paying off all advertising medias, make sure we all eat the foods destined to keep us sick. Maybe if you check out
“A Sane Diet for an Insane World”, all will be put into proper perspective for you.


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China has begun a program to modify the weather over an area three times the size of the country of Spain using geoengineering technology that is openly admitted to by the Chinese government. Geoengineering is not only admitted to by the communist country but celebrated as a great achievement, even engineering the weather for the 2008 Olympic games. In fact, since 2013 China has created over 55 billion tons of engineered rain and now plans on deploying the technology on a massive country wide scale.

So with all these open media disclosures about geoengineering the weather by the Chinese and Russian governments alike. Why is there so much secrecy about geoengineering in the western NATO countries like the United States?

China to make it rain over area 3 times the size of Spain – RT

China plans on deploying an array of different chemicals to engineer rainfall and snow over 1.6 million sq km (620,000 sq miles), an area three times the size of Spain. Using military weather engineering technology developed by the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China plans on building tens of thousands of combustion chambers on Tibetan mountainsides to disperse aerosols. Five hundred silver iodide smokers have already been installed for experimental purposes with encouraging results, hoping to one day control the weather over the Tibetan plateau which feeds most of the rain to Chinese rivers and agricultural areas. Planes will be used to disperse artificial ice nucleating materials for rain to form on making crossing lattice patterns across the sky to manufacture artificial rain clouds. China also says it has the capacity to delay rainfall as well using desiccating chemicals such as aluminum oxide deployed from jet aircraft.

A Guardian Newspaper environment blogger witnessed this admitted geoengineering first hand in 2009 at the National Day Parade in Beijing. May sound familiar to people in western countries witnessing unadmitted geoengineering. Fleets of jetliners making passes high in sky releasing several mile long plumes of chemicals behind them. Forming or dispersing cloud formations.

But was it? By 5.30am, when I arrived at the media centre for the National Day parade, the skies had cleared sufficiently to be able to see a star. But there were still thick clusters of cloud and some mist. It might rain again, I thought.

We were bussed to the press gallery outside the Forbidden City by about 7.20am. A band of cumulus lingered over the Great Hall of the People. They had darkened when I called a friend an hour later.

Just before I rang off, I described the skies to him. “It might still rain on the parade, but I think the odds are now on their [the organisers’] side,” I said.

Once the march started, I concentrated on that, but I recall being impressed by the unusual vividness of the sky on some of the images on the giant screens.

Other colleagues told me they found it remarkable that the clouds seemed almost to be held back from the square, even though there were still some around the edges.

By the time of the fly-past around 11am, the skies were clear until air force jets left behind lines of coloured smoke-trails. Now, six hours later, Beijing is still enjoying perfect conditions.

What happened? According to Chinese Meterology News, there were four attacks on a bank of clouds that approached Tiananmen from the south-west between 7.30am and 9.05am. In total 432 rockets were fired to achieve the desired result.

Xinhua news agency reports that the authorities also had the capacity to delay rainfall.

Only a handful countries in the world could organise such large-scale magic-like weather modification,” it quoted Cui Lianqing, a senior air force meteorologist as saying

Even Putin admittedly controls the weather for his parades and national ceremonies and laughs when the West denies the have similar programs to modify the climate. Yet even a mention of weather modification or geoengineering in western mainstream media will earn a “tin foil hat’ and the label of a conspiracy theorist.






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Natural News by Hesh Goldstein - 5d ago

Being raised with a Jewish label on my body, contemplating JC was a no no.
Somewhere down the road I learned that he was not a Christian but a little Jewish kid from Bethlehem. So, I questioned, why and how did he ever become a Christian or God? He never did and never was either.

His mission was to lead the oppressed people he came in contact with back to Eloi (God), or Eluhanu (Friend). or Abba (Father) or Jehovah (All Mighty) or Allah (All Compassionate) or Krishna (All Attractive) or Ajita (Unconquerable) or whatever name you want to attach to his and our Father.

After he departed, “Christianity” manifested and ignorance abounded due to the truth never being understood.

So, with a Jewish label on my body and risking scorn and condescension, why can’t the Jewish people appreciate his mission?

All he was doing was to try and lead people back to their Father. If you can appreciate that, you will never commit an abomination by appreciating anyone trying to lead people back to their Father.

So, due to envy and the fear of losing control over the people he was subjected to incredible cruelty.

Let me paint a different picture and I pray you do not take offense to what I am about to reveal to you. It comes form love and compassion.

First and foremost, please try to understand that the body is a vehicle driven by a driver. The body is temporary but the driver is eternal. Knowing this, sets the stage for for relevant issues.

How sad things have become when we attack people simply because they may be of a different race, color, or religion than we are.

The Hispanics hate the blacks; the blacks hate the whites; the Muslims hate everyone. In the inner cities where the colors and ethnicity is mostly the same (blacks and Hispanics), identity has to be recognized by different colored armbands. And if your armband is a different color than the other guy, he becomes the enemy. All this hatred and all this prejudice comes about because of the various “labels” the soul is wearing. Yet, no one has the vision to see this and yet we accept this as the gospel.

When I came into this world I had many labels. Male, Caucasian, and Jewish were there at the very outset. As I started getting older and bigger I gravitated to others with like labels to insure a peaceful co-existence.

But then other things came into play. Things like envy, not liking someone’s personality, or judging others completely by their looks. All these factors determined who we wanted to be friendly with and who we did not. Never once did we ever go beyond the superficial because we never knew there was anything beyond the superficial.

So, growing up I was conditioned to accept the “like” consciousness. There were Italian gangs, Polish gangs, Jewish gangs, and black gangs. If you didn’t belong to one you kept a low profile and were careful not to offend or “tick” someone off. If you did, in a short period of time you were confronted by at least 20 guys wearing the same label.

As we got a bit older and went to church or the synagogue or the mosque, we were led to believe there was separation between the body and soul. Did that ever sink in? No. It didn’t sink in because we did not fully have this faith. And not having the faith nor anyone that could put this difference into perspective, life in illusion went on.

But there are other processes that will enable us to come to the conclusion that our material body is not who we really are.

For example, we can closely observe the ever-changing, non-enduring nature of the body and the constant, enduring nature of who we really are. Look at a picture of your body when you were a baby or a kid. What you’ll see is not just a smaller version of what you are wearing now, but a completely different body that is gone completely.

The physical body according to Guy Murchie in his “The Seven Mysteries of life”, and Paul Weiss in his “The Living System: Determinism Stratitfied”, say that the body is made up of countless numbers of tiny particles called molecules and atoms and that these material particles are constantly being replaced by material particles from the outside environment, in the form of food, water, air, etc. And, over a period of five to seven years, this process of metabolism brings about a complete change of the matter that makes up the body.

So, when you look at that picture taken years and years ago, rest assured that every molecule in that body in the picture is long gone. In fact, this cycle of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ takes place every seven years.

Yet, you existed then and you still exist now. And if that body you once had is completely gone and you still exist now, you must see that today’s body will be completely gone in seven years so how can you be the body? And if you still cling to the idea of being the body, which one are you or were you?

The material body can be compared to changing your clothes. First you had a baby body; then you took off the baby body and put on a child body; later on you wore an adolescent body but gave that up for a young adult body, and on and on and on.

Another process is to meditate upon different parts of your body and ask yourself whether or not you are that part of your body. If you are not the hand, are you the arm or the leg, or the back, or the neck, etc?

What if a part of the body is missing or if an organ has been transplanted or you had a hip replacement? Are you now made up of different people or are you still you?

And know you are not the ever-changing mind. If you have ever tried to control your mind how can you be the mind? There is no way the mind can attempt to control itself. That has to be done by an independent source.

So, if you are not the body and you are not the mind, who are you?

You are the spirit soul, the non-material spark of the Supreme Spirit Soul that does not cease to exist when the body ceases to exist.

The conclusion is that your gross body and your subtle body (the mind) are material in essence, but your true essence is spirit.

There are two quotes from the Bhagavad-gita that are truly relevant to this:

“Know that which pervades the entire body is indestructible. No one is able to destroy the imperishable self. Only the material body of the indestructible, immeasurable, and eternal living entity is subjected to destruction”. Bg 2:17 – 18

“For the self there is never birth nor death. Not does the self ever cease to exist. The self or spirit soul is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying, and primeval. The self is not slain when the body is slain”. Bg 2:20

In 2 Corinthians 6, Jesus had said that it’s better to be away from the body and be at home with the Lord rather than to be in the body and away from the Lord. But, one can also be in the body and at home with the lord.

So, had the people in Missouri or George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin known this, Thayvon Martin would still be alive.

If the radical Muslims knew that the meaning of Allah was “The All-Compassionate One”, would they still kill those that do not follow their path?

If people could transcend the color of a person’s body and see beyond that superficial covering or transcend the “religious” labels we all wear, would there not be more kindness and compassion in the world?

And lastly, if we could understand who the true Owner of everything is and simply see ourselves as caretakers, would there be any need for war or would we simply share whatever God put wherever He put it?

To put it another way, if you see where that which made up your house came from, like the wood, glass or stone, would you see yourself as the true owner or the caretaker?

We come into the world and are led to believe that the goal of life is to gratify our senses to the fullest. While it sounds great on paper it only puts us on a horrendous roller coaster ride while we are here.

Why? Because even though we attempt to create sense pleasure, it never lasts and always leaves us frustrated. Yet, we inevitably try and try again because we know no other way.

What we seldom learn is while we are in the human form we have a choice.

We can attempt to gratify our senses and go up and down on the roller coaster or we can derive pleasure through a fulfilling process. That process being to try to develop a relationship with God, endeavor to follow His instructions, and try to humbly offer some service to him.

What this does is to change our vision and perception and allow us to see things as they really are with clarity and full understanding.

In a true spiritual path there are Four Regulative Principals that go beyond the 10 Commandments:
No eating of flesh or eggs.
No sex outside of marriage.
No intoxicants.
No gambling.

Why adhere to this?

Intoxicants dull the senses, the mind and behavior, gambling creates anxiety and turmoil within, and the purpose of sex is for the procreation of humanity.

The no eating of flesh and eggs is a bit more involved. As the soul moves or transmigrates from body to body, the highest form is the human form.

While in the lower species all actions are governed by the laws of nature so no karma is involved. The human form is different.

Jesus said every action has a reaction. So, how does that apply to eating flesh or eggs?

Remember, the soul, which is ten thousand times smaller than the tip of the hair, is going from body to body but it cannot move on to its next body until it leaves the present body naturally.

If the human form partakes in slaughter for consumption, there are two reactions:

One, the soul in the body that was consumed for consumption has to take rebirth in the same body type until it can leave naturally.

Two, the soul in the body that consumed the flesh, takes birth in a lower form and goes through the process of transmigrating to the human form over and over and over. Not only does that soul do that, but it involves everyone involved in that animal death process, all the way down to the busboys and dishwashers in the restaurant.

With regard to eggs, which is the chicken’s period, eating them restricts birth and the same reaction prevails.

Yes, eating plants involves killing them as well. But, in various scriptures God says “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a fruit, a flower or some water, I will accept it”.

In the Old Testament, God said it was permissible to eat certain kinds of flesh only if the blood was completely drained. He allowed the eating of flesh because people were living in the desert and could not grow plant foods. Today, everyone eats the blood.

Eating plant-based foods allows one to develop a relationship with God by simply offering the food to him before it is eaten.

Years ago I knew a guy that ate the Standard American Diet and he said the would offer the plant foods and not the flesh foods. Then, he said, he realized he was being hypocritical and stopped his duplicity.

But developing a relationship and turning to God, as Jesus tried to teach and knowing Who, aka the Supreme Soul, resides in the heart along with the individual soul, is the ultimate solution to avoid addiction to materialism.

So, the materialistic choice is temporary and frustrating because sense gratification leads to misery. Developing a relationship with God, following His instructions will instill a happiness never imagined.

When I undertook my path it was solely based on faith and the best thing that ever happened to me.

So, what one must strive for is to be sincerely compassionate, forgiving, humble, tolerant, free from envy, truthful, gentle, and to control their senses and not worry if the guy living next door has more stuff than you.

Nothing like food for thought is there?

“Who Am I?” by Chris Butler
Bhagavad-Gita As-It-Is
Bible: Old and New Testaments
Sri Isopanisad

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Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the US, causing an enormous economic impact, as well as untold impact to peoples’ lives.  Over 55 million Americans having been diagnosed with arthritis, with 2 out of every 3 of those diagnosed being between the ages of 18 and 64.  There are over 100 types of arthritis, with no known cures for any of them.  Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type, affecting more than 31 million Americans, followed by rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  Arthritis is considered to be a chronic disease that can at best be managed through pain killers, anti-inflammatories, exercise, and even diet.

Yoga in Arthritis Management

In the past several years, a growing number of studies have emerged that show that regular yoga practice can help reduce pain and enhance function in those suffering from arthritis.

The growing body of evidence from studies suggests yoga is a reasonably safe and feasible option for many people living with rheumatic conditions. This holistic approach to exercise with an emphasis on mindfulness and stress reduction may also offer additional opportunities to enhance psychological well-being, reduce pain and enhance function and participation, as part of a comprehensive disease management approach. – “Yoga in Rheumatic Diseases”

For example, clinical studies of those suffering from arthritis have been conducted where they were put through an eight-week yoga practice program, and their outcomes were compared to a similar control group of participants, who did not go through the yoga program.  Those who practiced the yoga experienced less pain, increased energy, better sleep, and a wider range of movement, as a direct result of the yoga practice, and continued to experience the benefits, even nine months after the study had concluded.

Yoga More Effective Than Passive Therapies

Yoga constitutes an active movement therapy that the participant is actively involved in doing, much like Tai Chi.  Other practices that doctors sometimes recommend to people with arthritis, such as massage and chiropractic therapy, are referred to as manual therapy and tend to be more passive, although they can also be helpful.  Now a new study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine just last month, found that adults with arthritis who engaged in movement therapies such as yoga, overall got more benefit and saw better results than those who only used manual therapies.

Clinical studies continue to show that a regular practice of yoga can greatly improve the quality of life of those who have been diagnosed with arthritis.  Those who practice yoga consistently have greater energy, more elevated moods, more mobility and less pain than those who do not.  Thus, practicing yoga on a daily basis can become an integral part of managing arthritis effectively.


 “Movement and manual therapy for adults with arthritis: 2012 National Health Interview Survey”, by Elise Pure, Lauren Terhorst, Nancy Baker, Complementary Therapies in Medicine April 2018, volume 37, pp 96-102

“Medical Yoga Therapy” by Ina Stephens, Children 2017

“Yoga in Sedentary Adults with Arthritis: Effects of a Randomized Controlled Pragmatic Trial” by Susan Bartlett et al, J Rheumatol, April 2015

“Yoga in Rheumatic Diseases” by Susan Bartlett et al., Curr Rehumatol Rep, Dec 2013

“Yoga for Arthritis: A Scoping Review” by Susan Bartlett and Steffany Haaz, Rehum Dis Clin North America, Dec 2010

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Natural News by Hesh Goldstein - 1w ago

“Selling Sickness”, by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels, is a book about how the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients.

The book goes on to tell us about how the marketing strategies of the world’s biggest drug companies now aggressively target the healthy and the well. The ups and downs of daily life have become medical or mental disorders, common complaints are transformed into frightening conditions, and more and more ordinary people are being turned into patients, a k a – customers.

With promotional campaigns exploiting our deepest fears of death, decay and disease, the $500 billion pharmaceutical industry is literally changing what it means to be a human being. Rightly rewarded for saving life and reducing suffering in crisis, the global drug giants are no longer content to sell medicines to the ill as there is a lot of money to be made telling healthy people that they are sick and need to buy drugs.

This book is a controversial and provocative look at the way pharmaceutical companies are creating and marketing illness. The book goes into great detail, backing up everything I have been saying for years, on the radio, about how drug companies simply see us as piggy banks and only want to sell us drugs whether we need them or not.

According to the authors, thirty years ago, Henry Gadsden, the head of Merck, one of the world’s largest drug companies, told Fortune magazine that he wanted Merck to be more like a chewing gum company like Wrigley’s where everyone consumed his product. Gadsden dream of making drugs for healthy people so he could sell to everyone, now drives the marketing machinery of the most profitable industry in the world. Gadsden is not hiding the fact that he wants Merck to sell its drugs to everyone!

This overt plot is frightening because by using their dominating influence in the world of “medical science”, the drug companies are systematically working to widen the very boundaries that define illness. Old conditions are expanded, new ones created, and the markets for medication grow even larger.

Mild problems are being redefined as serious illness and common complaints are labeled as medical conditions requiring drug treatments. Runny noses are now allergic rhinitis, PMS has become a psychiatric disorder, hyperactivity in children has become the infamous ADD or ADHD, shyness is now social anxiety disorder, and “twitchy” legs has become Restless Leg Syndrome, requiring highly toxic drug treatments.

When it comes to conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or having a case of the “blues”, we are told that we are “at risk” if we do not take drugs to handle the problem.

“Selling Sickness” reveals how widening the boundaries of illness and lowering the threshold of treatments is creating millions of new patients and billions of dollars, in new profits, for the drug companies. As more and more of ordinary life becomes “medicalized”, the drug industry moves closer to Gadsden’s dream of being able to sell its drugs to everyone.

What’s important here is you looking at your situation. If you are taking drugs to treat symptoms, why not try to address the cause, which usually has to do with what you eat and, ultimately, may lead to your not having to take drugs anymore.

Switching to a vegan diet, devoid of processed foods, could reverse the symptoms of the majority of degenerative diseases. Basically, you must take responsibility for your health and put it back in your hands. Support is not a problem.

“HealthTalkHawaii.com”, “Naturalnews.com” and “Nutrition-and-You.com” are the best invaluable sources of information, encouragement and direction. But, first and foremost, the road to good health is paved with change and that change has to start with your sincere desire to do so. Your choice is simple: be a part of the travesty or walk away from it.

“Selling Sickness” is a MUST read for everyone as is “A Sane Diet for an Insane World” by yours truly!


“Selling Sickness” by Ray Moynihan and Ray Cassels
“A Sane Diet for An Insane World” by Hesh Goldstein

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Natural News by Hesh Goldstein - 1M ago

A while back, Mike Adams wrote a great piece on how the public is kept nutritionally uneducated. Unfortunately, the best place to start with this are the youngest members of society through the school lunch program.

In this era of government bailouts and concern over wasteful spending, an opportunity presents itself to take a hard look at the National School Lunch Program. When it was started in 1946 as a public safety measure it certainly turned out to be a disaster.

Under the program, the USDA gives public schools cash for every meal they serve – $2.57 for a free lunch, $2.17 for a reduced-price lunch and 24 cents for a paid lunch.

In 2007, the program cost around $9 billion, a figure acknowledged as inadequate to cover food costs.
What people don’t realize is that very little of this money even goes toward food because the schools have to use it to pay for everything from the custodial services to heating the cafeteria.

On top of these reimbursements, the schools are entitled to receive commodity foods that are valued at a little over 20 cents per meal. The list includes such highly nutritious foods such as high fat, low grade meats and cheeses, processed foods like chicken nuggets, and pizza.

Since many schools do not have kitchens, many of these delectable morsels are ready to be thawed, heated or simply unwrapped. Also, as an additional treat, the schools get “bonuses” from the USDA, which essentially throws good money after bad for leftovers from the big food producers.

When the schools allow fast-food snacks that contain the same ingredients found in fast foods and the resulting meals routinely fail to meet nutritional standards, maybe a handful of people in our nutritionally illiterate society protest.

But, our government caring little about this, justifies it by saying that they are “helping” to feed millions of American schoolchildren with a great many of them from low-income households. And here we thought the “weapons of mass destruction” were in Iraq.

But those that are not nutritionally illiterate are demanding better. Parent advocacy groups like Better School Food have rejected the National School Lunch Program and have turned instead to local farmers for fresh alternatives. And even though they face heavy budget obstacles, these groups are demonstrating that the schools can be in control of their own menus, Schools, for example, in Berkley, Ca., while continuing to use USDA commodities, cook food from scratch and add organic fruits and vegetables from local farms.
By adopting more efficient accounting software and different bulk options like choosing milk dispensers over individual cartons, and working with farmers to identify crops they can grow in volume and sell for reasonable prices, they have cut costs.

It’s just too bad that our nutritionally illiterate society has not yet discovered that most of us are lactose intolerant and that switching to dairy alternatives like non-GMO soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk or various nut milks would provide a far more nutritious venue.

A lot of the so-called “nutrition experts” believe that to fix the National School Lunch Program you have to throw more money at it. But without healthy, nutritious food and cooks and kitchens to prepare it, increased financing will only create a larger junk-food distribution system.

What we need to do is to scrap the current system and start from scratch.

The bureaucrats in Washington need to give schools enough money to cook and serve unprocessed foods that are produced without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any other synthetic chemicals and are GMO free. And when possible, these foods should be locally grown.

How much would it cost to feed 30 million American school kids a wholesome meal? It could be done for about $5.00 per child or roughly $27 billion a year plus a one-time investment in real kitchens.

It may sound expensive but a healthy school lunch program would bring about long-term savings and benefits in the areas of hunger, children’s health and dietary habits, food safety, environmental preservation and energy conservation.

But the USDA would have to do its part as well (good luck!) by making good on its lame commitment to back environmentally sound farming practices and by realizing that there need to be a sound program to deliver food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, from farm to school. It would also need to provide support for kitchens and healthy meal planning and it would need to get of bed with Monsanto and the GMO travesty.

Actually, Congress had an opportunity to accomplish this when it looked at the Child Nutrition and Women, Infants, and Child Reauthorization Act. Guess what? It expired.

What about the Department of Education? Doesn’t eating well require education? Shouldn’t students learn what foods are good and what foods to choose and how what foods they choose affects their health and their environment?

Every public school child in America deserves good nutrition coming from fresh ingredients. Parents that are cash-strapped should be able to rely on the government to contribute to their kid’s physical

Years ago in Hawaii a bill was introduced saying the the schools “shall” introduce vegetarian meals. Two entities voted against it: The Hawaii Department of Health and the Hawaii Board of Education. When the word “shall” was changed to “should”, meaning that they had a choice and were not compelled to do it, they voted for it. Oh yeah, no vegetarian meals have ever been offered in the schools.

So, basically the school systems are “hookers” for Big Pharma. Feed the kids crapola from the beginning hoping they will get ill later in life to generate more income for the pharmaceutical industry.

Will there ever be and end to Pimps, Hookers and tricks?



The post School lunches are a disaster appeared first on NaturalNewsBlogs.

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Natural News by Karen Berrios - 1M ago

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” It seems that there are many situations in life that can be represented by this. One of which is the connection between gut health and thyroid health. A healthy gut supports a healthy thyroid, and vice versa. The reverse is also true: problems in the gut create problems with your thyroid health, and low thyroid function can create problems in your gut.

Many people have symptoms of a thyroid imbalance, and yet their blood work comes back normal. What causes this? How can you balance your thyroid if there is nothing measurably wrong? That is where the gut comes in.

The Gut Immune System

Most people are aware of the fact that a good portion of your immune system resides in your gut. In fact, 70-80% of your immune cells are found in your gut immune system.

Something people generally do not know, though, is the fact that thyroid health is very closely linked to gut health. This was news to me! While this may seem like an odd connection, there are very clear reasons why.

The gut immune system controls the production of the active thyroid hormone. Inactive T4 is converted to active T3 in the digestive tract using an enzyme: intestinal sulfatase. When your gut is full of healthy bacteria and your gut immune system is working properly, intestinal sulfatase can flourish and accomplish this conversion.

Why do people have Gut Issues?

In my journey, I have learned that people usually have gut issues due to the long list of antibiotics taken. The more you have taken, the more likely you may have abnormal gut bacteria as well as yeast overgrowth and parasites.

Another huge reason can be stress. Have you heard the saying “Stress can Kill you” well I think is true! Stress causes low stomach acid production, bile flow, and pancreatic enzyme production. Of course, this will not allow your body to digest and absorb all the vitamins and nutrients needed to be healthy.

A poor diet and food sensitivities can also be contributing factors, causing inflammation and spiking your blood sugar too. Eating on the run causes additional stress to your gut. Try to relax and stay away from watching TV, texting, reading, etc. And most definitely stay away from excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption, especially if you already battle gut problems.


When you suffer from GERD, you’re often given medications to reduce your stomach acid. With a lack of the appropriate amount of stomach acid, harmful bacteria are allowed to proliferate, disrupting the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. This leads to a reduction of intestinal sulfatase, which then leads to a reduction of active T3 that is available to your body.

Leaky Gut

GERD is also strongly associated with issues like leaky-gut. This is connected to the problem of low stomach acid. The proliferation of unhealthy bacteria causes the intestinal walls to become permeable and porous, and proteins that are not supposed to be in the blood stream are released. These proteins are supposed to stay confined to the digestive tract and when they escape, they trigger the body’s immune response. The body sees these molecules and knows they don’t belong. As your body attempts to eradicate what it sees as an intruder, it is actually attacking itself, and autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s can develop.

The Thyroid

Interestingly, the correlation goes both directions. Because your thyroid regulates your body’s metabolism, a sluggish thyroid affects the timely completion of many important bodily functions, including digestion. Slow and sluggish digestion increases the time that food and related bacteria are in your digestive system, giving bad bacteria additional time to multiply and take over. It can also reduce the production of stomach acid, which also contributes to the problem of increased bad bacteria. When the harmful bacteria are allowed to overrun the good bacteria, it leads to the issue we described above—the decrease of the enzyme that converts T4 to T3—reducing your thyroid function even further. It is a vicious circle that if left unchecked can cause a multitude of health issues.

Final Thoughts

I was diagnosed with Gerd since I was really young and I honestly didn’t pay attention to it, I just took my purple pill. Nobody explained to me how serious this condition is and how it can lead to more life threatening illnesses. Many of us ignore the warning signs our bodies send us and hope it will just go away.

Now I understand what is been happening all these years which explains all the health issues I am now dealing with. Imagine years of accumulating toxins, poor digestion, poor thyroid function leading to a weakened immune system. Exposing yourself to develop chronic illnesses.

Our bodies have been created in perfection and it has the capacity to heal. Take responsibility of your health, listen to that inner voice, your healing light that lies from within.

The post The Thyroid and Gut Connection appeared first on NaturalNewsBlogs.

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Natural News by Hesh Goldstein - 1M ago

We live in a society where duplicity, lying, deceit, and not being honest are common. We are inundated with people that say one thing to your face and another behind your back. And, God forbid, if they get found out they make you the enemy.

In the past few years, this has happened to me almost on a daily basis due to me being on the radio and simply being honest. But there were three occurrences that were bold.

Two happened in Hawaii with a Dr. Bill Harris and Karl Seff, a science professor at the University of Hawaii, who are both Directors of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii (info@vsh.org).

I used to write articles for the VSH until they appointed an envious person to manage their newsletter. I submitted an article about GMOs to the VSH and was asked by Mr. Seff what was wrong with GMOs? He also stated that he ate them and I could not resist telling him that that fully explains why he is like he is. His point that followed was that the VSH was an organization espousing vegetarianism, which had nothing to do with GMOs . I explained to him that the last time I looked GMOs were vegetables and since vegetarians eat vegetable how is it not applicable?

He became incensed and blew me off and added me to his “shitlist”. Ironically, about a year or so later at a GMO opposition hearing, Directors of the VSH spoke about the dangers of and their opposition to GMOs.

A short time after that incident I submitted another article to Dr. Harris. He told me that the newsletter person who was a volunteer would not accept any of my articles and since his position was a volunteer position they could not force him to accept the article for fear of his quitting.

I knew Dr. Harris was full of crap and trying to simply look like the good-guy. So I told him that if the newsletter guy quit because of taking my article, I would volunteer and take over the newsletter duties.
That was the last time anyone in the VSH had anything to do with me despite the incident happening at least three years ago.

The irony of all of this is I have been a vegetarian since 1975 and a vegan since 1990. My weekly radio show, in Honolulu, started in 1981, which centered around eating a plant-based diet to obtain maximum health. The show began well before the VSH was formed. When it was formed, several of their Directors would call-in on my show talking about who their upcoming guests would be. Oh yeah, I have spoken to that group at least three times. But, false ego (the tendency to never look bad) supersedes honesty. Unfortunately, Bill Harris took that with him to the grave.

Also, at that time,, I had been toying with the idea of starting an internet radio show so I can reach more people. There’s a man, Patrick Timpone, that has been doing internet radio for a long time. A mutual friend put me in touch with Timpone, who I had hoped would be able to help by getting me started.

While speaking with Mr. Timpone I talked about the benefits of a plant-based diet causing Mr. Timpone to become very defensive. Obviously, he felt that I was threatening his lifestyle so I shortened the call but mailed him a copy of my book, “A Sane Diet For An Insane World”. What happened after that was a mind-blower.

Our mutual friend tried to get Mr. Timpone to loosen up and hear me out. The following are the words of actual emails.

Mr. Timpone to our mutual friend:

I talked to Hesh for a while sometime back. Nice fellow, but I don’t really thing (more about this misspelling later on) he has anything new or interesting to bring to the table.

This was inadvertently sent to me by the mutual friend when he copied me on his email to Mr. Timpone. In the mutual friend’s email to me he tried to get me to try to reconcile with Mr. Timpone by having him on my radio show.

My response to this was:

I’ll find someone else to help me with internet radio. Why would I have a hypocrite and someone who thinks very little of me on my show? He made it very clear that he thinks very little of me and is very judgmental. If he wants to do a radio show with me he should ask me to be on his show. At least that would display a semblance of humility. The guy is such a know it all and as such I cannot bring anything new or interesting to the table. So, what’s the point?

I then sent a response email to Mr. Timpone (Patrick @1radionetwork.com) in response to what he said to our mutual friend, which was inadvertently sent to me:

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words. It must be hard being a know-it-all with little tolerance for difference. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for you to have a stroke or a heart attack, or erectile dysfunction or type 2 diabetes before you figure out that succumbing to the dictates of your tongue, which overrides the intelligence, is a recipe for disaster. Had I known you knew everything I would not have wasted the postage in sending my book to you as I’m sure you knew all about what it encompassed and would not learn anything new by reading it. And so the Baskin-Robbins legacy continues with its 31 flavors. You make me so thankful that I have an open mind. Oh yeah, you misspelled “think.” But I’m sure you knew that and wanted to see if anyone would catch it. I am so sorry that “I can’t bring anything new or interesting to the table”.

Timpone’s response to our mutual friend:

What on Earth were you thinking? Was it in any way cool to share my private email with you concerning Hesh? And after reading his last email to me I am obviously right on target in not wanting him anywhere in my space. Please be more discrete with our personal conversations.

Then, again, our mutual friend sent Timpone’s email to me. Any my final email to Timpone was: I don’t blame you. Nobody likes getting busted.

There were two choices in both instances. 1 – being honest in all respects and 2 – being duplistic to not seem like a bad guy.

I put in the respective email addresses in case anyone had comments for them. I welcome all, pro and con. It helps me to grow.

Anyway, I am sure that many of you have had similar experiences that ended in disappointment and frustration. The way to overcome this is by taking stock in and of your behavior.

We cannot use the examples set by many in so-called religiosity. We have Catholic priests that are pedophiles. Instead of punishment they are assigned to other parishes. We have ministers that marry their boy friends instead of truly heeding their alleged Lord’s words. And then, in the past, we have had world-renowned clergymen getting busted for cheating on their wives.

What I like to refer to are the words in the ancient text Bhagavad-gita As-It-Is where the qualities of the Bramanas set the tone for civilization to follow. In the East Indian culture, the Bramanas are the spiritual guides to the others and as such have learned and made a part of them certain qualities for others to strive to act by.

The actual quote from Bhagavad-gita As It Is is as follows:

The Blessed Lord said: Fearlessness, purification of one’s existence, cultivation of spiritual knowledge, charity, self-control, performance of sacrifice, study of the Vedas, austerity and simplicity, nonviolence, truthfulness, freedom from anger, renunciation, tranquility, aversion to fault-finding, compassion, freedom from covetousness, gentleness, modesty and steady determination, vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, freedom from envy and the passion for honor – these transcendental qualities belong to godly men endowed with divine nature.

Interestingly enough there are explanations of these words that are far removed from our perception. For example, charity should only be undertaken for the furtherance of God consciousness. Otherwise it’s a waste of money. Self-control refers to the control of the senses and trying to limit sex life to the propagation of children. Non-violence, or ahimsa, relates to not checking anyone’s progressive life. It goes on to say that animals are also making progress in their evolutionary life by transmigrating from one animal life to another. If an animal is killed, then his progress is checked. And if an animal is staying in a particular body for so many days or so many years and is ultimately killed, then he has to come back again in that form of life to complete the remaining days in order to be promoted to another species of life.

Imagine what the world would be like if people exhibited these qualities. No wars and no pimps or hookers of any kind, corporate or human. The problem is that few people are in the mode of goodness, way more are in the mode of passion, and the bulk are in the mode of ignorance, having no glimmer of spirituality.

It goes on to say that activities in the mode of goodness are considered auspicious for progress on the path of true liberation, while those acting in the modes of passion and ignorance will have to continue their existence in the material world as human beings, or they will descend among the species of animals or even lower life forms.

The human form is the only form that allows one a choice. The choice being, either to cling to the world with its endless frustration of sense gratification and bear the consequences of repeated birth and death, in the forms described above, or to develop a relationship with God and never take birth in the material world again.

To put it another way, whatever material enjoyment one achieves in his/her lifetime, such as wealth, fame or beauty, does not automatically carry forward to one’s next life in the material world because the next form depends upon the consciousness or desires one accumulates in his/her lifetime. For example, all humans and creatures exhibit four similar behaviors. They eat, sleep, mate and defend. What separates the two is consciousness. But, and there is always but, if one embarks on a God-centered spiritual path, that individual will pick up where he/she left off, in the previous life, in a guaranteed human form. Somehow, in this lifetime, when I came in contact with this philosophy I had no problem with its acceptance and adherence.

Unfortunately, many people do not believe this, never heard of it before, or think that developing a relationship with God would turn them into a boring, dried-up person. Ignorance is bliss!

About 500 years ago a very saintly person said, “One should feel himself lower than the straw in the street, more tolerant than the tree, and ready to offer respects to all not requiring any in return”.

In other words, humility far exceeds arrogance.


Personal experiences
Bhagavad-gita As-It-Is

The post Overcoming hypocrisy appeared first on NaturalNewsBlogs.

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In an interview with Bashir Al Assad following the US-led strikes in Syria, Al Assad pointed out the obvious point which the US and their allies seem unwilling to even examine as a possibility. There was no strategic, military or political benefit for Al Assad to gas his own people, when the Syrian Army had all-but secured Eastern Ghouta and the US and Russia were set to pull-out of Syria altogether. (Clear Sky News, 2018)

Interview with Al Assad following US Strikes in Syria - YouTube

Most criminal investigators are taught a lesson in school that “the crime is the motive, and the motive is the crime.” Where is the motive behind these attacks by Assad? How much logical sense does it make for the leader of a country to gas his own people when he/she are on the verge of victory?

The “White Helmets” have been caught staging events in the past, and this was likely another politically manipulative event meant to keep the United States backing the so-called “rebel forces” in Syria, who are fighting against Assad and Russia in Syria. I want to be clear here, when I say “staged events” I am not referring to conspiracy theories where no one was killed or injured. I do believe innocent victims came from this most recent use chemical weapons in Syria.

There is no EVIDENCE one way or the other, yet President Trump’s administration released an assessment saying they have a high level of confidence that this recent attack was carried out by the Assad regime (see report here at the link below this paragraph).  In this report, the administration details the fact that they have no real intelligence and they are basing their decisions off of social media content and reports on the ground.

“This conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources, the reported symptoms experienced by victims, videos and images showing two assessed barrel bombs from the attack, and reliable information indicating coordination between Syrian military officials before the attack.” (The White House, 2018)


There is also the fact that Russia is claiming this to be a false flag attack, as well as the fact that a Russian general was given a briefing only a month before these recent attacks in Eastern Ghouta, and the briefing detailed how there would be a staged chemical attack by rebels and blamed on the Syrian regime. New reports by Russian officials are also claiming they have witnesses who claim to have witnessed the staging of this most recent attack.

“Russia’s Tass news agency claimed early on April 13th, prior to US led Air strikes, that Russian investigators have located and spoken with persons in the Syrian city of Douma who witnessed the staging of the videos that the U.S-and-UK-financed White Helmets group supplied, and which videos the U.S., French and UK Governments use to justify their planned invasion of Syria.”(Zuesse, 2018)


The fact remains that the United States, nor Trump and his administration, knows for sure what happened in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, last week with this most recent attack. When the deal was reached for Russia and Syria to remove all chemical weapons from the war-torn country, it was pointed out that to remove ALL chemical weapons in such an unstable security environment would be quite the task…

“This situation has no precedent,” said Amy E. Smithson, an expert on chemical weapons at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. “They are cramming what would probably be five or six years’ worth of work into a period of several months, and they are undertaking this in an extremely difficult security environment due to the ongoing civil war.” (Gordon, 2013)

Here is a Russian General detailing the likelihood of this EXACT attack happening, an entire month before it happened:

Russian General details the liklihood of a staged event blamed on Assad regime - YouTube


Clear Sky News. (2018, April 16). Interview with Al Assad following US Strikes in Syria. Interview with Al Assad following US Strikes in Syria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz-968MeRXE&t=42s.


Gordon, M. R. (2013). U.S. and Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Arms. The New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/15/world/middleeast/syria-talks.html.

The White House. (2018, April 13). United States Assessment of the Assad Regime’s Chemical Weapons Use. United States Assessment of the Assad Regime’s Chemical Weapons Use, https://www.defense.gov/portals/1/features/2018/0418_syria/img/United-States-Assessment-of-the-Assad-Regime%E2%80%99s-Chemical-Weapons-Use.pdf. Washington D.C. , Washington D.C. , United States: https://www.defense.gov/portals/1/features/2018/0418_syria/img/United-States-Assessment-of-the-Assad-Regime%E2%80%99s-Chemical-Weapons-Use.pdf.

Zuesse, E. (2018). Russia Claims to Have Located Witnesses to Staged ‘Chemical’ Event in Douma. Global research, https://www.globalresearch.ca/russia-claims-to-have-located-witnesses-to-staged-chemical-event-in-douma/5636100.

The post President Trump is being manipulated in Syria appeared first on NaturalNewsBlogs.

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