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Have you ever wondered how clean your house is? Well, there is no standard test to check the cleanliness of your house.

It is a very relative term as it depends on the person and how they deem cleanliness. But it is always better to have cleaning standards of your own and to test the house against it.

 You need to ensure that your home is clean enough to keep your family in good health. Sometimes we get the feeling of everything being dirty and the need to clean in that case can be super overwhelming!

To make things easy, why not have a checklist of things to clean? We have created a list of tasks to check if your house is actually clean enough!

You can choose the checklist yourself when cleaning your own home. You can also use it to check that your cleaner is doing a good job. You can hire a cleaner for the things you can’t do yourself. You can check out other cleaning hacks at TidyChoice blog.

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International day of families, as proclaimed by the United Nations, is observed on 15th May every year.

To help you celebrate the occasion, we have some great suggestions for the whole family to enjoy.

1.  HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is Europe’s only surviving Second World War cruises. It has a combination of activities for all the family members. You can explore its 9 decks and the operations room that allows you to plot your own course. The audio guide gives a captivating feel of the ship during its turbulent time in the past.

HMS Belfast entry: FREE with the London Explorer Pass. Adult from £15.45, kids £7.70, includes audio guide

Open: March – October: 10-6pm

Tube: London Bridge

2. Sea life Centre

Who is not astonished by the great marine life? This is a must see destination for the family. Sea life has the spectacular Shark Reef Encounter that can be viewed with other magnificent creatures through a glass walkway!

Sealife Centre London family ticket: adults from £19.38, children £15.49. Great savings to be made with a Merlin combo pass, buying 2, 3 or 5 attractions, valid for 90 days!

Open: 10-6pm weekdays, 9.30-7pm weekends and school holidays

Station: Waterloo. Located in County Hall, next to the Coca-Cola London Eye

3. Warner Bros Studio, London Tour

You can visit the fantastical sets of Harry Potter and delve into the enchanting world of Hogwarts!

Visit the real sets used in the Harry Potter films and delve deeper into the magical world of Hogwarts! Highlights of the Studio include The Great Hall at Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express and the Forbidden Forest.

Warner Bros Studio Tour London Family Saver ticket: from £124

Open: 8.30-10pm

Mainline station: Watford Junction

4. London Eye

You can take your family and kids out to the London’s Millennium Wheel. They will definitely enjoy the iconic skyline of London. The London Eye 4D cinema experience is a part of its ticket price too.

London Eye family ticket: adults from £22.95, children £18.70. Great savings to be made with a Merlin combo pass, buying 2, 3 or 5 attractions, valid for 90 days!

Open: 10am-8.30pm daily

Station: Waterloo

5. London Zoo

The famous London Zoo can be one of the best options perhaps for the family day out. It has daily events with free nature trail for children to tick off animals on their way around. From feeding the birds and the animals to animals showing off their skills and giraffe high tea, your family day adventure is pretty much sorted!

London Zoo tickets: FREE with the London Pass. From £75.80 for a family of four

Open: From 10am to 6pm summer and 4pm winter

Station: Regent’s Park

6. Shrek’s Adventure

For some really silly family fun head to Shrek’s Adventure and board the magical flying 4D bus to Far Far Away. Along your way you’ll see characters such as Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio and the Muffin Man.

Shrek’s Adventure family ticket: from £84. Great savings to be made with a Merlin combo pass, buying 2, 3 or 5 attractions, valid for 90 days!

Open: 10-4pm Monday-Friday, 10-6pm Saturdays and school holidays, 10-5pm Sunday

Station: Waterloo. On the South Bank of the River Thames next to the Coca Cola London Eye

7. Science Museum

It is a great learning venue for all in the family. You can see a changing range of events, special exhibitions, IMAX 3D cinema, hands on activities and even simulators at the museum. In fact, there is so much to see and do at the Science Museum; you will need to come back!

Science Museum entry: FREE – donations welcome! FREE entry to the IMAX with a London Pass

Open: daily 10-6pm. Closed 24-26 December

Tube: South Kensington

8. Legoland

You can always head out to the very famous family theme park- Legoland. It has rides, shows and Lego models that will keep your excited kids and yourself engrossed through out.

Child Ticket- From £74 per ticket

Adult Ticket- From £79 per ticket

Open March- early November

9. Imperial War Museum, London

It is a popular spot for a learning family day out. Imperial War Museum is a set of five museums recording and showcasing experiences of modern conflict. These Museums help us explore the causes of war and its impact on people’s lives.

Free admission

10-6pm every day

Closed 24-26th December

10. Tooting Bec London

How about a fun filled swimming day? Explore South London’s iconic freshwater pool with pantone-coloured changing huts. It has a paddling pool for kids too.

Open May 1- September 30 (6am- 8pm)

Price- £4.60- £7.50

11. Madame Tussauds

The iconic waxwork museum in London featuring the Star Wars experience, your favourite superheroes from the Marvel Universe, the biggest boy bands and pop icons, A-list film stars and of course, in this year of Royal weddings, the popular Royal Family collection.

Madame Tussauds family ticket: adults from £27, children £22.50. Great savings to be made with a Merlin combo pass, buying 2, 3 or 5 attractions, valid for 90 days!

Open: 9am-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5pm, Sunday and Monday

Tube: Baker Street

Enjoy your leisure time with the family and leave your household chores to us. Book reliable professional cleaners now!

A very Happy Family Day from TidyChoice Team!

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Your clothes aren’t clean unless your washing machine is!

It is surprising to see that many of us clean our clothes in a soiled machine. It is essential to clean and maintain your washing machine to prevent foul smells, germs and molds building up affecting your laundry.

If you find that your laundry smells funny or your white garments are not so white, then check out these simple tips for cleaning and maintaining your washing machine.

1. Start with the detergent drawer

The detergent drawer is a breeding ground for germs, built up washing powder and mould. It is that tiny container which holds the detergent for cleaning your garments that could be the culprit for your less-than-clean laundry.

To start with, remove the drawer and soak it in warm soapy water. If you are unsure on how to remove the drawer, check machine’s manual for advice. Then using an old toothbrush, scrub the soap or mould built in it. Rinse it fully and dry it out with a kitchen rag. Before putting it back inside, don’t forget to clean the cavity too.

2. Clean the drum

There are some crevices in your washing machine that might still have germs that are simply resting and growing. The most advisable thing to do is to run an empty wash every alternate month. You can use dishwasher tablets and run the machine on a hot wash that would kill germs, cease scum build up and rinse off odours.

3. Clear the filter

The filter is generally found below the drum door and is responsible for stopping lint and other filth from reaching the pump. It’s the chief place in the washing machine that collects germs. You need to regularly wipe off the dirt and fuzz stuck to it. You require checking the machine’s manual on how to remove the cover that is fixed and to remove the filter as well. You might need to place a bowl on a towel rag below it to grab the leaks from the drain.

4. Restrain odours

You might be greeted by bad odours when you open the machine door. This unpleasant smell is due to the moist state of the washing machine that has just been done running. This condition is ideal for mould to build. To control such bad odours, it is necessary to leave the machine door open after few washes for air circulation. This helps to restrain germs from building and helps with the moist smells.

5. Clean the gaskets and the door seals

Probably the best way to clear this area would be to soak and pack some towels in the gasket cavity with vinegar. This will help to loosen up the mould or grit. After an hour or so, wipe off the gasket and the seals and scrub off the residue with an old toothbrush.

Interestingly, detergents and liquid softeners have an influence over the bad odours and the built up mould in the machine. Apparently, we only think of the quality of detergents and liquids in terms of how they will affect our clothes. These foamy detergents and liquids lead up to residues in the form of mould.

6. Quick hacks for a healthy washing machine
  • Always wipe off any extra dirt on the clothing before putting it in for wash.
  • Use a water softener or softener tablet in the wash to minimize the building of lime scale mould.

Or sit back and relax! Let a professional house cleaner do such draining tasks for you!

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We’re always on the hunt for the best cleaning tips and tricks. Whatever home cleaning challenge you may be facing, there is a website out there that has the answer. But whichwebsites have the best cleaning tips?

We’ve scoured the globe for cleaning gurus and compiled the best websites into this killer list. These are the best of the best cleaning websites.

1.) Goodhousekeeping.com


Established in 1885, long running magazine Goodhousekeepinghas been providing expert advice on a large range of topics, from home tips to holiday destinations and everything else in between.

With a philosophy that life should be pleasant and not feel like a chore, they deliver on that promise with inspiring suggestions.

They have some classic tips on problems, such as removing red wine stains from your carpet. They even guide students on tackling those hard to rid pen stains.

With somuch content, you are bound to find answers as well as something new.

Visit their social accounts here:

Facebook – 923.9k Likes

Twitter – 39.4k Followers

Instagram– 46.1k Followers

Pinterest – 33.4k Followers

Youtube – 3.3k Subscribers

2) Brightside.me

 A great team aimingto share inspirational ideas, useful advice and give back relevant content. They have a rigorous fact checking process so you know 100%that you can rely on their tips.

Brightside have prepared some excellent infographics that will help you with your cleaning routine. We particularly love the “Daily clean-up plan for cleanliness and order” tip. Great to print out and hang up on your wall.

They also have clever tips to help organise your home, straight from japanese decluttering expert Mari Kondo. Sometimes getting rid of items are necessary to help you home look brand new.

Visit their social accounts at:

Facebook – 42.7k Likes

Twitter – 8.8k Followers

Instagram – 868k Followers

Youtube – 22.5m Subscribers

3) idreamofclean.net

This is a website dedicated to the art of cleaning. As a mum with young children, Christine Satterfield found a system of keeping her home more organised and less hectic.Not only does Idreamofclean have tips on cleaning habits and tasks, the site also has related book reviews too.

Christine has taken the time to test many products before recommending them. She has then whittled them down to the essentialcleaning products she thinks everyone should own. Worth a look at if you want the best cleaning results for your efforts.

Visit their social accounts at:

Facebook– 14.2k Likes
Twitter– 3.8k Followers
Instagram– 680+ Followers
Pinterest– 40.3k Followers
Youtube – 850+ Subscribers

4) realsimple.com


Boasting a website and magazine, Real Simple aims to make life simple for everyone. As our lives get busier, we tend to lose sight of the little things that can add up and really make a difference.

Fitting in nicely with their theme of time saving,Real Simplehave a great post helping you get your room clean in under thirty minutes. Obviously, this is good for anyone with a busy schedule and limited time to spare.

If cleaning the bathroom is a nightmare for you, they have a post explaining the fastest way of getting it cleaned. They’ve asked industry experts for their advice and offered it in an easy to read format.

Visit their social accounts at:

Facebook– 3.8m Likes
Twitter – 1.4m Followers
Instagram– 1.1m Followers
Pinterest– 872k Followers
Youtube – 31.5k Subscribers

5) organizedhome.com

Run by Cynthia Ewer, one of America’s leading house cleaning experts and author of “Cut the Clutter”. Her website aims to help you get organised and regain control of your life.

If you are unsure where to start, check out declutter 101 guide. You can learn proven strategies to help minimise mess and how to keep it that way.

With countless cleaning challenges you can take, there is plenty of motivation to make a difference in your home.

6) cleanandscentsible.com

This is agreat cleaning blog by Jenn, a part time pediatric physiotherapist and a full time mum of two children. She has found a perfect balance between work and creating a relaxing clean environment to come home to.

She inspires her readers to get organised by walking you through the same steps she uses, whilst creating a tight knit community that shares the same interest.

There are some great tips here that will help you organise major areas of the house. Whether it be the kitchen space or the master bedroom, you are sure to learn a thing or two about creating your own personal retreat to relax and unwind.

Visit their social accounts at:

Facebook – 105.6k Likes
Twitter – 2.1k Followers
Instagram – 20.3k Followers
Pinterest– 423k Followers

7) abowlfulloflemons.net

With a large community behind this website, there are numerous ways to connect and learn cleaning strategies you might never have heard of.

There are books on home cleaning and organisation, facebook groups on budgeting and many printables to help keep you accountable.

Abowlfulloflemons has many inventive organisation systems. One of great posts talks about using index cards to break your chores down into manageable chunks. There are many clear pictures and practical advice to help you implement this in your own lives.

You are even shown a super secret laundry routine to help save time. With a complete walkthrough, even the the most laundry-fearing person can follow along.

Visit their social accounts at:

Facebook – 236km Likes
Twitter– 9k Followers
Instagram– 133k Followers
Pinterest– 134k Followers
Youtube – 17.9k Subscribers

What did you think?

We hope you enjoyed this great list of cleaning websites. You should now be fully equipped to deal with any home cleaning challenge you have to face.

Which one impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Easter is on its way and so are the pleasing smells of baking and roasting for many homes. It is one of those times when people devote hours in preparing lip-smacking delicacies and savouries. Hence, its not surprising that the oven is one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen during Easter and is likely to suffer some wear and tear. With Easter being so close, we are just in time to give you some suggestions on how to restore your oven after its heavy use.

Pre-cleaning your oven is a necessity

Preparing the oven a night before Easter will reduce your overall cleaning time. It’s quite possible to have loads of grease or burn offs in your oven already. For the pre-cleaning, blend in some warm water and washing liquid and soak your oven with it. Leave this overnight on low heating mode or alternatively, spray the oven inside out with an oven cleaner and leave it overnight. Most of your job will be done by the time you wake up. You can even soak the baking trays with the soapy water mixture. This will save your time and energy on superfluous scrubbing.

Cleaning after the bake off

After steaming the oven with oven cleaner or the mixture of warm water and washing liquid, wooden spoons are helpful in scraping out burn offs and toothbrushes can be used to reach and scrub specific spots. Soft sponges should be used to rub off dirt and oils. For the baking trays, baking soda should be used in combination with boiling water. Scrub the grease after an hour of soaking. After cleaning the inner aspects of the oven, it’s time to make the glass door spotless and glinting again. For this, you can apply a mix of hot water and oven cleaner to the door and wipe it off with the sponge. Use a clean dry rag to rub off the wet door into a glowing oven.

It’s not done yet

To fully restore your dear oven after the Easter bake off, purge nasty odours. This is quite simple! Just make a solution of lemon and warm water and place it in the oven in a heat resistant bowl. Heat the oven on a temperature between 50-60 degrees and let it stay in it overnight. You can in fact enhance oven’s fragrance by complementing warm water with your choice of essential oils.

The best option!

You can either put in all this effort yourself or just put your feet up!. You can book a reliable professional cleaner instead that will finish all the stressful cleaning tasks for you. You  can relax and enjoy your Easter break completely.

Happy Easter Cooking to all!

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Wouldn’t it be great to have clean and gleaming silverware  on your beautifully set table with perfectly shaped linen napkins and flowers ? You don’t want tarnished cutlery to create a major dark spot to your special occasion.

We have researched some of the best home remedies to clean and polish silver that are chemical-free. These are the four surprising tricks to tackle even the most severely tarnished silver: Ketchup, toothpaste, banana peels and aluminium foil.

1. Tomato ketchup

The reason behind using ketchup is the fact that the acid in tomatoes reacts with the oxidization of the tarnished silver. You just need to pour ketchup into a plate and place the silver in it until its fully submerged. The silver can then rest in it for 10 minutes. You can then remove and rinse the silverware with warm water and pat dry it with a rag. This is undoubtedly one of the most unusual methods to clean silver.

2. Toothpaste

Well, it is perhaps no surprise that toothpaste is used to remove tarnish on the silver as can be seen by its capabilities in removing plague from teeth! You require toothpaste that is not gel and a toothbrush for this. You can then apply a spoonful of toothpaste to silverware. Just add a little water to your brush and scrub the tarnished spots on the silverware. After 2-3 minutes of scrubbing, you can rinse the toothpaste off with water and pat dry the clean silver.

3. Bananas

Bananas are full of vitamins and nutrients that energize the human body. Who knew they could prove their worth in cleaning tasks too! Banana peels are used to clean silver jewelry and small items of silverware due to its intricate pieces, rather than severely tarnished large silver pieces. For this, you can peel the banana and blend it with some water to create its paste. You can use a soft toothbrush to scrub around the silver piece with the banana blend. After 2-3minutes of scrubbing, you can then rinse the silver thoroughly with water and pat dry it with a rag or a cloth.

4. Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil and baking soda have proven to be the best recipe for making tarnish disappear quickly. This method is magical as you can see the tarnish vanish within fewest minutes. For this, first you need to boil water and then add one tablespoon each of sea salt and baking soda in it. Vinegar has to be added slowly to speed up the process. Then, pour this boiling water into an aluminium foil dish and place your silver in it in a way that each piece of silver is touching the aluminium foil. These pieces should not overlap and this process doesn’t take longer than 30-60 seconds for normal tarnished silver. Alternatively, you would like to keep soaking silver pieces that are heavily tarnished for a longer time, say 2-3 more minutes. After this process, remove the silverware with tongs and scrub the remaining tarnish left on them with a clean rag. You can now witness all-new sparkly silver that seems to have never been tanned!

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Have you covered all the bases in your deep spring cleaning?

Many people book a cleaner
in order to save time on their schedule to create time to do more activities. However, no one knows your house better than you! So you may have taken this challenge on yourself to clean the entire house. In the chaos of tackling the laundry, kitchen, bathrooms and more all at once; there are some points that may be forgotten along the way.

Here’s a list of some of the things you might have forgotten while cleaning the house. Remember these spots and you’ll have a completely tidy house!

  1. Remote controls

We often overlook the multiple remotes we use every day. Whether it’s the kids or your own self, the remotes get the brunt of our sticky hands while changing to our favourite shows during snack time. Our remotes are used every day and if not cleaned hold a large amount of germs. Use a cloth and a disinfectant to resolve this issue quickly.

  1. Door handles and frames

Door handles are most likely to be one of the most touched pieces of furniture in your house. Despite keeping yourself clean, are you sure everyone around has kept the same level of hygiene as yourself? Disinfect your door handles regularly to ensure your house is germ free, keeping the children disease-free.

Door frames, especially the top ones, are a trap holding mass amounts of dust. The longer you wait to clean, the harder it becomes to clean. Carelessness in cleaning them will not only allow dust to build in your house lowering the quality of air, but also ruin the décor you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

  1. Under the rugs

We’re all guilty! We tend to kick the drops under the rug when we’ve dropped something, so that no one sees it. However, these little drops here and there will add up over time catching you by surprise. A regular clean under the rug will maintain the quality of the rug as well as the floorboards underneath. It’s a simple clean that saves long term issues.

  1. Under the oven

The kitchen in general can prove to be a headache. The surface under the oven is capable of representing the amount of time you spend in your kitchen whipping up your favourite meals. Dust will naturally accumulate under such a space, and it is easy for us to kick the crumbs under while cooking. Cleaning out under the oven and the back may take some time but it is key to having a clean, healthy kitchen.

  1. Keyboards

In this digital age, every house has a PC of some sort. We rarely notice the amount of dust and dirt that builds in the crevices between the keys. These are constantly used appliances and keeping them clean is of utmost importance. Using a q-tip to clear out the space between keys is a simple solution to this issue.

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Are you struggling to decide how to treat your mum this Mother’s Day?

They have been cleaning up after us most of our lives. Mothering Sunday is our chance to show our mums how much we appreciate everything they have done for us. Whilst treating our mums should be something we do all year round, it doesn’t stop us from wanting to make Mother’s Day extra special.

But deciding exactly how to show our appreciation can be difficult. Do we buy them a special gift they can cherish or take them out on a lavish day out?

Often the simplest things are often the most heartfelt ways of saying thank you. So, even if your budget is limited, your mum doesn’t like a fuss, or you simply want to do something different this year, we have put together great ways you can treat your mum at home this coming Mother’s Day!

  1. Do the housework

Treat your mum by taking on all of the household chores she would normally do. After all, today is her day! From washing the dishes, to taking out the bins, even the smallest acts will be appreciated. Better still, if you can do this all without your mum’s knowledge and surprise her with a clean and tidy home. Say a big thank to your mum for all of the years she has spent cleaning up after the family and let her put her feet up and relax!

  1. Plants instead of flowers

A bunch of flowers are always a great way to say thank you. They can brighten and add a touch of colour to any home.

But this year, why not buy your mum a potted plant rather than a bunch of flowers? A bouquet may look beautiful on the day it is given, but it will usually only last a week at most!

However, a potted plant will continue to brighten your mother’s home for weeks and will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness. If that’s not enough to convince you, buying a potted plant is also much more eco-friendly option. Household plants, such as Peace Lilies, can also create healthier homes by improving the air quality, through producing oxygen and removing indoor pollutants.

With so many different plants to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you are a plant novice, check out these 7 great ideas!


  1. Get cooking

Staying in can be the perfect way for your mum to really relax on Mother’s Day. But this doesn’t have to mean she can’t be treated to a lavish meal. Get you cook book out and rustle up your mum’s favourite meal and dessert. You may not be Gordon Ramsey, but it’s your effort that counts the most! Check out these great Mother’s Day meal recipes for more ideas!

If you want to treat your wife or partner for being a great mother, why not get the kids involved in the cooking? They could help you make breakfast in bed or you could get them involved in some baking. But you may find it harder to get them involved when it’s time to clean the dishes!

  1. Book a cleaner

This may seem like the lazy alternative to rolling your sleeves up and helping out with the housework. But in reality, we may not all have the time or opportunity on Mother’s Day to go and help out. Or you may simply want to give your mum the gift of relaxing for more than one day!

Whether you decide to book a regular session or a one of clean, choosing to book a cleaner through local cleaning services is a great way to say thank to your mum for years of hard work.

Booking a cleaner can reduce stress and give your mum more free – time to relax or pursue hobbies. This way she can come home and put her feet up in a sparkling clean home and you don’t have to do any of the hard work!

Check out our great past blog on Mother’s Day gift ideas for some more inspiration!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world.

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Is your wardrobe so packed full of clothes that finding an outfit becomes a chore?

If so, it may be time to deep clean your wardrobe and there is no better time to do it than spring!

Even if you book a cleaner through a local cleaning services company for your spring cleaning, decluttering your wardrobe is one chore that is difficult to delegate!

So, we have put together an easy six step checklist, to make spring cleaning your wardrobe a little less daunting.

Follow these steps and your wardrobe will be looking neat and tidy in no time!

1. Take out everything

Yes. Everything! We often half-heartedly decide to clear out our wardrobes and end up neglecting the items stuffed in the bottom of our drawers. So, for a deep clean it is essential that all clothes are taken out and every drawer or compartment is emptied. Don’t worry about deciding if you want to keep each item at this stage. Just pile the clothes into categories, e.g. skirts, trousers and jumpers. It may be time-consuming, but it will be worth it in the end. You may even surprise yourself and pull out a dress you haven’t seen in years!

2. Time to clean

Deep cleaning your wardrobe is not an everyday chore, so use this opportunity to give the inside of your wardrobe a good clean. Once all of the clothes have been taken out, it’s time to get started. Wipe down the walls, vacuum the floor and dust the shelves. Don’t forget to clean out the insides of each drawer too. This deep clean will also help to remove the larvae of any clothes moths that may have been lurking in your wardrobe!

3. Sort through the mess

Now that your wardrobe is clean, it’s time to tackle the piles of clothing littered around your bedroom. Go through each pile and sort them into one of the following three categories: keep, unsure and chuck. All of the items you are sure about can go straight back into your wardrobe. By this point, I think you will have done enough work to have a well-deserved cup of tea.

When you return, revisit the ‘unsure’ pile of clothes. Ask yourself these questions: ‘when was the last time I wore this?’, ‘does it even fit properly?’ ‘will I ever wear it again?’ and ‘will I miss it?’. This stage can be difficult for those of us who find it hard to chuck out our old clothes. We have these nightmarish visions that we will chuck out a dress, only to find we desperately need it in a few months’ time! But in reality, we often know if we won’t wear something again.

This decluttering stage will be crucial in creating space in your wardrobe for new summer clothes!


4. Reorganise

When it comes to putting your clothes back in to your wardrobe, don’t just chuck them in as quickly as possible. Use this opportunity to reorganise your wardrobe. Sort your clothes into categories, such as type or colour. This will make choosing an outfit for work on Monday morning much easier!

Now that it’s spring, you may have lots of winter jumpers to store away. Vacuum storage bags are a great way of keeping your clothes free from dusts and clothing moths. They are also a great compact storage solution, if your wardrobe is on the smaller side!

5. Donate or recycle

It can be easy to simply grab a black bag and chuck out our unwanted clothes. However, donating our clothes can turn a time-consuming domestic chore into something much more enjoyable. It’s always nice to know our old or unworn clothes will be going to help someone in need.

If some of your clothes have really seen better days, e.g. they are ripped or badly stained, be sure to recycle them at your local recycling centre.

6. Keep it neat and tidy

 Now that the hard work is done, make sure you keep your wardrobe clean and clutter free! Always try to hang or fold your clothes properly before placing them back into your wardrobe and regularly dust the shelves. Make your next deep clean easier, by decluttering any unwanted clothes every few months or so.

Why not also try making your own natural sachets filled with dried lavender or cotton balls infused with lavender essential oil. Place these in your wardrobe and drawers to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh and to repel any clothes moths.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is dedicated to celebrating the amazing achievements of women around the world, from politicians and businesswomen, to all of the great women in our own lives.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter, which reminds us that today is also an opportunity to support the campaigns for greater gender equality.

Whilst campaigns striving to close the gender pay gap and promote greater equality in the workplace tend to receive much attention, the inequality in our own homes is often overlooked!

So, we have decided to mark this important date by highlighting the realities of the housework gender gap.


Who cleans most in your home?

In the 1960s women did at least 85% of the housework almost everywhere in the world! Luckily, we have come a long way since then, but women are still doing the bulk of the chores.

In fact, according to a recent study by Oxford University’s Centre for Time Use Research, women in the UK spend an average of 2hrs 12 mins per day on household chores, compared to men’s contribution of just 1hr 9 mins. This means British women still do an average of 65% of the housework!

This gender gap in domestic cleaning is also driven by the gendered stereotypes that still surround certain housekeeping chores. For instance, the more seasonal tasks such as clearing the gutters and mowing the lawn are stereotypically allocated to men, whilst women seem to be left with the tedious, everyday chores such as vacuuming and ironing.

Don’t brush this under the carpet

Attitudes have changed drastically over the years towards ‘traditional’ gender roles, so why does the housework gender gap still exist?

American writer, Tiffany Dufu, argues it can’t simply be blamed on sexist men who want to avoid all cleaning chores. She believes it is rooted in lingering gendered expectations which tie a woman to her home and make her feel she is entirely responsible for its cleanliness and upkeep. This is perhaps why many women report feeling guilty to book a cleaner to help them out around the home, even though it would make their lives much easier!

Whilst, there is certainly nothing wrong with taking pride in our homes and wishing to keep them neat and tidy, contacting cleaning services should not be a personal taboo for any woman and there is certainly nothing wrong with sharing out the household responsibilities!

Closing the housework gender gap

A recent study has estimated that at this current pace, it will take 30 years for the housework gender gap to close! Regardless of whether this is true or not, raising awareness is always a good place to start, so be sure to share this post with your friends and family!

You may decide to take the advice of journalists, such as Leah Ruppaner and go on a housework strike, by reducing the hours you spend cleaning. You may simply ask your loved ones to help out more around the house or find a cleaner to make life a little easier, without feeling guilty! Big or small, remember all change counts!

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