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Nowadays there are CCTV Cameras everywhere in Singapore and the right to privacy has been debated constantly. The Amendments of the Bill of Rights in Singapore under the constitution entitle people to the right of privacy in their homes, public restrooms, and of their possessions. The right to privacy does not put restrictions on security cameras a person might own as long as the usage of the camera is not used to invade people’s privacy such as to record a person nude. Closed-circuit television or CCTV for short is a privately owned broadcasting signal, which streams its video to a specific group of people.

There are some advantages that you can enjoy by installing the CCTV cameras. Similarly, there are a few consequences that you may pass through after installing the HDB CCTV Camera. Stating about the pros of installation of the security systems, few things that will make you more secure can be pointed at:


Prevention and accountability of criminal acts
The installation of HDB CCTV Camera in strategic rooms and areas of any building can prevent potential criminal acts like theft, violence or sexual assault from being committed and in case they take place, the video footage can be used to shore up the legal case. In addition, video footage, as long as they are authentic and non-doctored, are conclusive evidence in a court of law.

Control and Monitor staff behavior
Though many may claim that it infringes on the freedom and privacy of staff, in very sensitive work environments like judicial offices, banks, and others, CCTV cameras prevent data pilferage, theft misuse of digital assets, storage devices and sensitive organizational property. CCTV surveillance systems facilitate a better relationship between employees, monitor visitors and create a healthy working environment.

However, with CCTV surveillance, they are able to reduce that work to a few employees monitoring the CCTV controls and those who are on the ground. CCTV Systems especially reduce the cost for those operating in businesses where pilferage instances are on high like malls, supermarkets, and buildings where employees are more likely to steal.

They help you feel protected
Even if you have a lot of money or valuables in your safe, it is easy to breathe free knowing that you have CCTV installed. Mental tension about your assets can give you sleepless nights and troublesome days. Your employees and customers will also not feel safe in a setting sans CCTV. Hence it is a good idea to have them installed in your office and homes so that you grant not just yourself but also your employees' peace of mind and a safe environment to work in.

They give you evidence:
In the worst case scenario, if a crime does occur in your office, the CCTV will help you find out who the criminal is and it will give you solid evidence to present to the cops. The CCTV system records the ongoing activities in the premise. One of the advantages of CCTV camera installation is that it is possible for you to obtain a video footage which you can use in case there is a crime. It helps in giving the official proof of the occurrence of activity and therefore the suspected individuals can be caught red-handed. One can easily identify the criminal and can arrest with proof.


Can monitor a limited area
One of the main disadvantages of the CCTV camera installation in Singapore is that they can just monitor a specific area which may not be large enough. In many cases, the criminals may vandalize the CCTV camera for instance by spraying substances which may damage the lens or stick some gums which may block the camera lens. Sometimes they can even tilt the angle in which the camera is directed to thereby accessing the premises. In some cases where the cameras cannot be tilted then, it will they camera will only monitor the specific area where it is directed to.

Higher Cost for Maintenance:
The initial cost for the installation of CCTV camera systems is high because of their technological advancement and complex circuitry. The device also requires maintenance throughout its life. It is because if the device will not be maintained properly then it will not be able to cope up with the present day's crime.

Violates Privacy Rights:
When CCTV cameras are all around it means that there is a third eye which is continuously observing you. Would you like to be noticed by various officials who are monitoring the spy cams from distant, only for the sake of your security? A typical scenario which brings confusion in your mind isn't it!

Due to the increase in the value of the CCTV information, it has lead to an influx of so many hackers in Singapore. The idea of hacking CCTV information has to a violation of privacy issues as in many cases you will see so many images of naked women and men being distributed online. You think you must release is that it is impossible for the HDB to completely protect their systems from the hackers. When the HDB connects to the network, the hackers can virtually connect to the internet from any place they are.

Like any other technological breakthrough, it is only a matter of time before someone learns how to exploit the vulnerabilities. For every piece of technology that is connecting to the internet, it has an IP address, which allows it to be identified by the owners. This is why it is necessary for you to protect your setup a password for your security camera so that when an attempt is made to hack your camera, the hacker will have to enter your password. Now if you leave your camera unprotected a hacker will be able to take over your camera, which means that they will be able to freely control it as they please.
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In Singapore, you will easily notice various Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed alongside roads and mounted on walls. This is probably the reason why the country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. However, this does not necessarily guarantee safety while inside the vicinity of your own homes. A lot of residents already has set up their own CCTV cameras inside their properties because, for them, you can never be too sure when it comes to the security of your loved ones. Agree? But before you install your own CCTV, here are some rules that you might need to follow:

1. Choose your CCTV Systems wisely.
Believe it or not, not all CCTV cameras are the same. Some are designed for more specific purposes compared to others. For example, a CCTV that is exposed is most likely weather-proof and can withstand heavy rains. Similarly, if you want to monitor during night time, you might need a camera with infrared capabilities. So before you choose what is suitable for you, consult experts first or read reviews.

2. Settle for the trusted brands.
As mentioned, there are several kinds of CCTV. This only means that there are also various brands you can choose from. When buying your camera, make sure that the brand that you are going to settle for is trustworthy. Some brands offer cheaper costs yet they are not as durable. While others offer more expensive options but it does not also ensure quality. Be careful in scrutinizing your purchase so that you will get your money’s worth.

3. Be particular with the specs.
This might be an area that is too technical for some but this is very important. Know which specifications in the camera you need to check. For example, if you are choosing between two HD camera brands with the same value, choose the one with 1080p rather than 720p. If you are not familiar with any of the specs, it would not hurt to consult the store you are buying from.

4. If you can, hire a company.
While a lot of the cameras in the market are Do-It-Yourself, if it is within your budget, hire a company that will install your CCTV for you. These companies do an assessment of your needs and they check which CCTV systems are appropriate for you. They also often guide you on which areas are the best places to install, they make sure that the electrical wiring is done right, and they also provide maintenance. In addition, should you decide to install the CCTV yourself, make sure that you follow the instructions because some of the cameras require some electrical know-how. If you are afraid to take the risk and do not want to spend extra for a CCTV company, the least you can do is hire an electrician.

5. Secure the necessary permits.
Generally speaking, if you intend to install the CCTV in your own home or a private establishment, you do not need a permit. However, there are certain rules that need to be followed. For example, even if your CCTV camera is on your property if it is directed towards a public area or in another man’s home, then you need to obtain a permit or else you will be liable for violating the privacy of others. To be sure, consult your government laws.

6. Choose the appropriate area to install CCTV.
Besides the legal restrictions, it is important to choose the appropriate area to install your CCTV in order to maximize what you are paying for. For example, 180-degree cameras are better installed in the corner while those with 360-degree capabilities are better in the middle. This will ensure that your camera will cover the most area. One important reminder: never install CCTV cameras in private areas such as toilets, dressing rooms, and shower room if you do not want legal actions filed against you.

7. Inform the people concerned that they are being monitored.
When installing a CCTV, it is important to inform the people who are regularly in that area that a CCTV is monitoring them. This is to ensure that their privacy rights are not violated. For example, if you install CCTV cameras in a restaurant that you own, you can place labels that the place is under surveillance of a CCTV camera. Similarly, if you have obtained a permit to install a camera directed towards the house of a neighbor, you should definitely inform them. This will avoid serious legal actions.

8. Be updated with CCTV technologies.
CCTV technologies are constantly evolving. In order to optimize safety in your homes and establishments, make sure that you are updated with the technologies in order to ensure maximum protection and comfort. For example, Wi-Fi cameras are already available in order for you to monitor your home from your smartphones and other mobile gadgets.

9. Always review and keep a backup of your CCTV footage.
A CCTV camera is useless if the owner does not constantly review footage and keep a backup. Doing this will ensure that you have proper evidence especially when a mischief happens. Most CCTV cameras have limited storage so what it does is it erases the old memory in order to store new ones. If you were not able to back it up, chances are you will not be able to recover it again.

10. Hide your monitoring area.
A lot of times, CCTV systems become useless especially when burglars spot the monitoring area and destroy the CCTV and its footage. It is important that you hide your monitoring area and keep it locked because this will ensure that after the mischief, you still have the evidence that you need.

Extra tip: Check the warranty
It is important to check the warranty of your CCTV cameras. Some brands offer 1-year, others offer 3 years, and a few offer lifetime warranty. This will make sure that you are getting the most out of your money. These companies will not guarantee their products if they do not believe in it. It is always best to settle for a brand that offers the longest warranty because you know it is durable and if worse comes to worst, you don’t have to spend extra bucks in order to get it repaired.

Installing a CCTV is a huge and important step especially when ensuring the safety of your loved ones and the people you cater to. While it may be pricey, it will definitely be compensated by the comfort of knowing that you, your family, and your customers are safer from the adversities this world has to offer.
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