Before we get started with the list it’s important to discuss your goals and desires for a business. What type of business suits you best, what are you looking for in a business? Do you want automation? Is it important there be some level of predictability in your business? Should it be primarily product based, or service based? These are things to consider and hold in the back of your mind as you read through the rest of this article…

Let’s get started!

Affiliate Marketing

At the top is what we’re all familiar with… good old fashioned affiliate marketing. It’s inexpensive to get started, it’s easy to maintain at a lower level and just about anyone can jump into this type of business from almost anywhere in the world! It’s practically perfect for those of us looking to live that “laptop lifestyle” just keep in mind it does take work (and usually a small budget) to get started. Sure, you can  jump into this stuff for almost nothing but the cost of a computer and internet but if you want to compete with the big boys you will need an advertising budget of at least a few hundred dollars per month, so keep that in mind.

Affiliate & CPA Marketing is something we specialize in teaching here at Powerhouse Affiliate. If you’d like to see what we can teach you then have a look at our main website… Here is a link for you to click.

Etsy Storefronts

If you’ve got an artistic side and don’t mind putting in the work to craft your own wares for a profit then this may just be the option for you. This platform started out as a place for crafters to put their home-made goods up for sale but it’s expanded now to include many different categories of ‘stuff’. Take a look for yourself over at the Etsy-Website.

(here’s a video on how to start your own Etsy Shop)

Simple items which can be personalized tend to sell well on this website. If you find some way to produce things such as pillows, wedding favors, mugs and to a lesser degree even various clothing items (usually the more specialty, the better) then you can carve your own path to success with Etsy in only a matter of a few weeks or a couple months. This website does have the benefit of being a traffic-hub with a built in customer base, however, you can’t rely only on this fact to get people over to your own Etsy page as competition does exist and it tends to be a bit on the heavy side these days. But if your stuff is good and if you practice excellent customer service then you stand a very good chance of turning a few bucks into a few hundred or possibly more per week with Etsy.

General E-Commerce & Shopify

Once upon a time it used to be expensive to build your own online shop… those days are gone now. With the invention of platforms such as Shopify and others like it you can now simply sign up for your own account and be promoting a new webstore in a matter of hours or days. Just about all your technical needs will be taken care of for you, you only need to maintain the shop and keep all your plugins and the like up-to-date.

Running your own e-shop is pretty much like running your own micro-Amazon or any similar website which specializes in selling products to the general public. The great part about this is that you are not limited by any other corporation in terms of what you can sell because you’ll be running your own shop all by yourself. This does mean you will have to pull traffic in on your own but with the help of social / viral marketing this is usually really simple to do. It will require a budget however, running an e-commerce site doees require startup capital so be mindful of this fact.

We have a really helpful topic on how to start your own Shopify store in our private member’s only forum. It covers everything you should know from signing up for your own Shopify account all the way down to running your very first ad to get traffic to your store. If you’d like to check it out then have a look at our Powerhouse Affiliate homepage for details on how to join forces with us, we’d love to have you there!

Powerhouse Affiliate Homepage… Click Here to Visit Us

Amazon As A Product-Seller or eBook Publisher

Before we jump into this one it’s only fair to warn you that becoming an Amazon FBA seller used to be super simple, but it is no longer. There is a pretty large set of hoops you have to jump through and that is even if you do get accepted because more people are being turned away now than ever before!

There is a great channel on YouTube which is ran by a cool guy who has found success with the FBA business model and if you’d like some very practical tips on getting started as well as tons of inspiration to lead you in the right direction then you should check him out…

Here is a link to his YouTube channel: Rules For Rebels

There are some startup expenses associated with this method and they are roughly as follows:

  • An Amazon Professional Sellers Account at $40 per month
  • Advertising Expenses to bring Traffic to your Offers $100+ per month
  • Inventory Expenses to stock up on products you’ll be selling
  • Possible Expenses to obtain a legitimate business license in your local area

The process of fulfilling orders via Amazon’s FBA program is very straightforward.

  1. Hunt for products which are proven to turn a profit
  2. Source these products for your own shop
  3. Place them up for sale
  4. Direct traffic to your offers (Amazon has built-in traffic) but it’s good to get your own
  5. Amazon handles the ordering process, the shipping and any returns you may get from customers, you basically take care of the front end work and they handle the backend

It is possible to earn a very comfortable living with this type of business model if you are willing to put the work in but be warned that you are relying on Amazon to keep your account alive which is sometimes a roll of the dice. They have been known to shut down entire business at the drop of a hat based on some ambiguous “violation” of their very poorly worded terms of service. So if you are going to play nice with Amazon then expect to have a bumpy ride at some point and under no circumstance should you make this your only means of income!

Become A Virtual Assistant / Freelancing

Think of this one as being your own boss, but still being an ‘employee’ instead of the business owner. Granted we all still tend to do a lot of our own work, when you are the VA for someone else’s business you are being hired to do the work they want to distribute out to you in order to lighten their own workload.

If you develop a favorable reputation as a virtual assistant then you stand to make a lot of money doing this, just keep in mind this is legitimate work and you will have to spend typical work-hours getting tasks done just as any employee would. In fact, a lot of really good VA’s get so much work thrown at them after ‘word of mouth’ picks up that they often hire other VA’s to help them do it all!

There are a few places you could get started and the biggest of them all for right now seems to be a website called UpWork.

If for some reason UpWork isn’t to your liking then there are more options out there, here are a few:

If you find yourself wanting to learn more to bump-up your own skills in an effort to fetch higher paying jobs then you can always head over to Udemy or Teachable and take a few classes to put that extra pep in your virtual assistant step.

Wrapping It All Up

Sometimes all we need is a kickstart to get us going, that’s what the purpose of this article is. Perhaps something you’ve seen here can help you get started so you’ll find your own success, but in the meantime if you’d like to learn more about how affiliate & cpa marketing works consider giving us a shot. We specialize in teaching just about everything you need to know in order to succeed in this industry, we know what we teach because we actually do this stuff ourselves. Check out Powerhouse Affiliate for yourself by clicking on our logo below.

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There are a variety of different marketing styles such as branding, which is what you’ll usually see really large corporations do such as the coca cola company or any major computer & electronics corporation. The purpose behind this form of marketing is to create an awareness of the brand so that you’ll pass by their products when you’re out shopping for something they offer and remember their brand name. This will spark a sense of familiarity and persuade a good percentage of the consumer-base to buy that particular brand’s product. On the other hand we have performance marketing which is often done by smaller entities thanks to its ability to be specific and targeted in sending its message out to the customer. This usually lends itself to cheaper “ad costs” as well as higher ROI (return on investment) rates.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Let’s start off with the most common method which is paying per click on your advertisements. If your style of marketing is ‘performance’ then PPC is what you’re going to rely on the most. Everything from Google’s own AdWords platform, to Facebook Ads, to practically every Native-Ads network under the sun and many more are all based on the pay per click model. Think of it as an auction for real estate to place your ads on. You engage in an active auction in real time for ad-spots and the flow of the market is always moving. It’s for this reason that the PPC game can be overwhelming for some of us who are just starting out in the advertising game.

Keep in mind that if you really want to hit it out of the park with this form of advertising you’re going to need a budget. Typically a few thousand will do well to test things out, however, if you do not have such a budget then you can get started for perhaps only a couple hundred per month in the beginning. It’s wise to not forget that ads cost money, you are investing in your business so if you manage your books right, you can throw all of these expenses into your tax filings at the end of the year!

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Etc)

Yes, this is another big one in the performance marketing game. Though “social media” technically falls in the space of pay per click marketing, it definitely deserves it’s own slot here because it’s a very specific creature compared to other ad platforms. Thanks to the tools available to you such as Audience Insights on Facebook, and Twitter Ads which has it’s own set of tools and options available to you. Something you may not hear much about is Twitch.tv ads which can be found Right Here.

A great way to learn how to use any of these ad platforms quickly is to search for tutorials on YouTube. A simple search of whatever platform you want to use plus the word “tutorial” will get you good results to start you on the right path.

Email Marketing

The money is in the list… at least that’s what they say. The truth is that there isn’t a darn thing “in” the list itself, it’s what you do with your lists that count. Not only that, but the quality of your list matters a lot too. The more serious you take your list building and email marketing, the better results it will yield for you. Having a list (or multiple lists) is one of the best ways to own your own traffic source. It’s an asset you can tap into at will, provided you treat the people on your lists right… we are dealing with real people here after all, not just numbers and email addresses on the screen.

A great option for hosting any email list with all the tools you could need to run that list is Aweber. Check them out at their website which can be found by clicking on This Link Here.

Why Try Performance Methods?

It’s simple… the reason is it’s potential for very high returns on your advertising investments. Sure, you might have to run a bunch of ads before finding your winners, but it’s well worth it. Once you have those winning ads you’ll discover that in many cases a single winning advertisement will not only earn you back your testing budget, but will also turn you a handsome profit. Of course this can’t be guaranteed, and nor is it… however, the likelihood of this happening is fairly likely given you have a solid offer and are utilizing proper ads.

Performance marketing is key when advertising CPA offers. This is something we specialize here at Powerhouse Affiliate. If you’d like to learn from industry pros then come check us out over at the main site. Just Click Right Here, or on the PA logo below.

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Running out of content ideas is no joke and something we all struggle with sometimes. The good news is that it no longer has to be the looming burden that it once was, provided you arm yourself with these handy tips!

Check Your Analytics

As the saying goes… “know your audience”, and there is no better way to do that than by taking a look behind the curtain to see just who they really are. You have multiple places to check this information out for yourself these days and here are a few of them to get you started.


If you’re running a page on Facebook then this will come in handy. If you are not then feel free to skip it for now and perhaps in the event you someday do start your own page this will be a good reminder of what you can do with it.

Checking your posts (and even the actual page insights) can be a very handy tool.

The image above shows you where the Page Insights option is located, all you have to do is click it and you’ll be taken to all the options available to you in a single page. From that point you can check out things such as individual post statistics, entire page stats, how your paid ad campaigns are performing vs how your organic reach is doing and a bunch more. This is really an entire topic all it’s own which we won’t dive into detail with here, but if you’d like to learn more a quick Google Search will get you all the information you could possibly need to master reading your Facebook Analytics.

Google Analytics

We’ll keep this short for the sake of saving you from reading an entire textbook on this subject. Google Analytics hold some extremely valuable information about your website’s traffic. You want to be sure to get this (or some similar alternative) installed on your websites right away so you can begin collecting data right away from your visitors.

I’d like to introduce you to a handy video and one YouTube Channel to get you on the right path with your Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Tutorial For Beginners 2018 - How to Set-Up Google Analytics on WordPress - YouTube

The video just above is a very helpful and in-depth tutorial which walks you through setting up and then using your Google Analytics account. If you’d like an all-in-one tutorial, this is it.

Aside from the video above, here is a link to the official Google Analytics YouTube Channel. You can scroll through all of their videos to get shorter, specialized lessons on basically all of the features within the user interface, and you’re better assured that each lesson will be up to date and relevant to what you specifically wish to know.


Once you have all this setup you can learn from your visitors to customize the content you create making it more to their liking. This will be a great way to stay focused on the viewers and visitors, helping to grow your user base in the process.

Just Ask Them

It seems so simple… and yet so few people actually do this. You don’t have to set up some overly complicated questions & answers sheet to get this job done, a simple text form will do the job just fine. Let’s go through a few options to help get this method added to your arsenal of marketing tools.

Email Surveys

If you’re utilizing email marketing then you are probably using one of the many popular autoresponders, that makes this step super simple as they almost all have a survey tool built right into their user interface. All you have to do is set one up and send it out to your list then wait for the feedback to roll in. You’re probably not going to get a huge response so don’t look at the numbers in these emails as “winners” or “losers” because it’s not about that at all. Instead, what you’ll find is that the majority of replies you get here will be genuine and super targeted. You can really get a feel for what your audience wants this way so it’s worth a try.

Blog Polls

This is a really easy thing to roll out onto your blogs and websites which use WordPress. A simple search for “poll” will get you lots of options to choose from.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the star-rating and the number of ratings for each plug-in. Although it’s not an  exact indicator of a plugin being “good or bad” it does certainly speak to the popularity and functionality of each plugin. Once you spot something which looks of interest to you, just check out the “More Details” link which is located right under the Instal Now button to get a better idea of what each option has to offer you and then  pick the one you’d like to try.

Facebook Polls

Facebook polls are as simple as installing the app to your page and using it. The official page has all the instructions you need to get this done and those instructions are always up to date. As we all know, Facebook is constantly changing just about every aspect of their tools which means that marketers like us need to take those instructions on how to use them direct from the source if we are to get the full scoop.

Check out the official Facebook Polls Page… Click Right Here

Utilize Research Tools

We all love our tools and in this case there are some great ones you can try out to get the job done. There are two in particular which we use heavily over at Powerhouse Affiliate and they are well worth their subscription price. Not only do they give you insights to what advertising others are running, but you also get to see the success rates, popularity stats and even the placement of these ads so you can swoop in and take over the competition on your own. Utilize these tools to their fullest potential as they are extremely powerful and will give you so much information that you could very well start new campaigns just based on the intel you’ll discover right here.

WhatRunsWhere is the first on this short list, you can visit their official site by clicking on the following link… Click Right Here

AdPlexity is the next option and they are just as powerful as WhatRunsWhere, only with a few differences in their interface. Find them by… Clicking Right Here

It will be up to you to decide which you’d prefer to work with, they both do an extremely great job of collecting data for you and centralizing it all in one place, so pick whichever style suits your needs best.

Quick Note: Both links above will get you a 25% Discount on your subscription price if you choose to try either of them with the specialty links provided to you above. You can’t go wrong with an entire one-quarter of the cost slashed directly off the price!

Conclusion & Wrapping It All Up

The different options presented to you above are just a handful of different ways you can get a grasp on who is checking out your content so you can then customize what you produce in the future to not only retain the traffic you’re already getting, but to also build on top of it and grow your audience.

Growing your own following and branching out as a marketer takes work and we can help. Over at the member’s site you’ll have access to our exclusive industry training which you won’t find anywhere else, it’s only right here at Powerhouse Affiliate. We are a team of industry leading professionals with decades worth of combined experience and  the know-how to get just about anyone set on the right path to success!

Come check us out…

Click on our logo just below:

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They tell you things like “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” which I’ve never been able to hear and not think of that infamous scene from that movie Napoleon Dynamite:


I know it’s a bit silly, but hey… that’s literally what pops into my head every time I hear that expression!

The expression (and many others like it) is true however, it’s not wise to rely on just one source of revenue, you need to have as many streams rolling in as you can build. The important thing to keep in mind however is the fact you need to build them one at a time. Set one up, make it solid and then move on to the next, only having to go back to maintain the others as needed. This strategy will serve you well for the long haul vs always juggling multiple projects at the same time, you will no doubt suffer from burnout before long doing things that way.

That being said…

Here Is Your Income Diversification List

We’re going to run through a few ideas to help you get started with diversifying your income. Some of these may be a bit obvious to some, while others may seem a bit obscure. No matter what the case may be for you, keep in mind that these are only suggestions and you are free to take them or leave them at your discretion.

Do Your Research

Obviously this one seems to go without saying but you’d be surprised at just how many people are not willing to do their own work and expect others to do it for them… Well, here’s the sad truth to those amongst us who are lazy. You need to do your own research because you will have absolutely zero clue what you’re getting into if you don’t.

This is first on the list because it typically is what you’d want to do first. Market research is extremely important and if you are on the hunt for something new to jump into then you will usually need to start here. Doing things such as:

  • Browsing forums within various markets & niches
  • Scrolling through categories and products at Amazon.com
  • Looking through magazines and popular publications
  • Paying close attention to advertisements you see over & over
  • Spotting trends which look to be promising at first glance

These things and more can all help you find new markets to promote products and services for. They are all going to require research, sure, but it’s not anything you couldn’t handle over the course of perhaps just a few hours on the low-end, and a few days on the high.

What you are looking for are needs to be met and offers to fulfill those needs. As an affiliate, your job is to match people up with things that satisfy a need or want and keep a piece of the profit from that exchange, then rinse & repeat.

Test What You Sell Or…

Find others who have already used it (such as reviews) and see what they have to say about it. If the overall verdict is positive then you know you’ll have fewer headaches to deal with such as refunds and bad press. It’s important to not promote garbage because it will eventually not only lead to the products your pushing becoming obsolete and thus forcing you to always be finding new offers all the time, but it will also eventually chip away at your own reputation as an affiliate.

There will be times when it’s not exactly possible to test things out without paying for it yourself so it will be up to you to decide if you want to test these things out to see how they perform. Keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to promote things which could be misleading to the consumer, it’s bad karma in terms of your business (and in some cases personal) reputation, but it’s ultimately up to you how you choose to do things.

Promote The Same Difference

Don’t be afraid to put different products of the same type against each other, there’s always going to be a winner and that always means more profit in your pocket as an affiliate. You can do this in various ways ranging from:

  • Product comparisons
  • Product upsells, offering one thing then another to compliment it
  • Product ‘roundups’ giving customers different options
  • Price comparisons and special offers

This stuff can help you to make more sales in the long run by giving your customers an assortment of different yet related options to choose from. Promoting different products all revolving around the same niche is a great way to monetize a blog which specializes in something that has options. What do I mean by options?

Sometimes you’re going to discover that certain markets just don’t have very many affiliate offers for you to promote while others have so many it’ll make your head spin! One is not necessarily better than the other, it’s just going to be one of those important details you need to consider while picking your next target market.

Branching Out

If you find yourself growing tired of being “just an affiliate” and want to try your hand as a creator and product owner then you are welcome to do that. With outsourcing resources available to you such as UpWork.com you can hire a professional to create just about anything you may need (for the right price) of course. What this means is that you may want to consider this as a secondary strategy after you’ve already found success as an affiliate and have enough working capital to finance the creation and maintenance of your own products.

If you do decide to go this route then you’ll want to keep the possibility of opening up an affiliate program with a solid structure so that others can promote your products for you. Keep in mind that doing this will mean you get a smaller cut of the overall profits but you also will probably make more sales which tends to not only balance out the equation but work it in your favor.

Boost Your Traffic

As a quick side note, one great way to increase traffic to your own products is to have affiliates promoting for you… I just wanted to throw that in this part of the list real quick.

There are different options when it comes to pulling traffic to your offers:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliate Traffic
  • Viral Traffic (usually via social media)
  • Miscellaneous (like forums, comments and others)

Keeping in mind that there is no such thing as “free traffic” because you’re always going to pay either in money invested, or time invested, you are free to choose your preferred traffic generation methods.

You aren’t limited to any of them, you can in fact utilize them all and that may be your best rout in the end, the only variant of course being affiliate traffic in the event you aren’t an product owner. This is something which would require its own series of articles to cover and lucky for you we have a bunch of posts just like that here on our blog so feel free to check them out…

Here’s a link for added convenience:  Click Here

Also, don’t forget that we teach just about every major traffic method under the sun over at our affiliate marketing training site, Powerhouse Affiliate.

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A lot of times people see “services” and think of coaching or one on certain types of classroom environments but we’ll be skipping over that for this instance. Instead we’ll be discussing pretty much anything else which can be considered a service based business model.

Monthly Newsletters

This type of service requires a lot of work and in some cases perhaps even a full time staff. You could of course handle the content creation all by yourself, just know that you may be spending the better part of your days keeping up with the workload; especially over time.

Recipe Guides

Not only can general (or specific) newsletters make for a great service based business, but if you happen to be in the nutrition niche you can always consider making recipe guides. The great thing about going this route is the fact that recipes are pretty easy to compile. It is by no means recommended you just go find a bunch of them from other sources and steal them… no no no, that’s a terrible idea. However, you can call upon these sources for inspiration to then mix & match things and come up with your very own!

Content Creation

Let’s say you’re a writer or an artist or perhaps you’re really good at some specific skills that you can leverage to spark up a deal with others… you can use these skills to start a service business.

There are a number of different places you can promote your service business such as the warriorforum marketplace, right on fiverr.com, the konker.io and others like it. These types of places are a great starting point but it’s always a good idea to then move up the latter and begin advertising your services to places like upwork.com. There are also places known as “writing mills” which you can always go to for a few quick bucks but you aren’t bound to find much there in terms of sustainable income. The idea is to eventually branch out on your own however.

Consulting & Coaching

I know at the start of this writing I said we will skip this but it’s worth at least an honorable mention. Now, of course it’s important to actually be qualified to teach others, or consult with others on any particular task or anything at all really. These days you see a lot of “the blind leading the blind” type of situation in the various marketing niches, this is not going to help anyone in the long run. If you are not an expert in your field it is not exactly a great idea to jup into this business model. Not only could it lead to poor results, but it could lead to legal issues down the road and that’s just bad for the pocketbook no matter how you look at it.

Wrapping It All Up

In conclusion to this fourth part I’d like to mention that offering a service online is a fantastic way to keep the residual income rolling along. One thing to also keep in mind is that service businesses are still a major earner offline. You can potentially make a lot of money offering services out in the physical world. Think of anything you see where people are involved in serving the needs of other people, that’s a service based business!

If you would like to learn more about internet marketing and performance based marketing then give us a look over at our main site. We teach everything you could possibly need to know in order to get you started in an internet marketing career. Click our logo just below…

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Back in early 2017 Amazon made major changes to their affiliate commision payouts which made a number of product categories far less profitable than they were before. Before this happened Amazon was king of the hill in the general goods affiliate game, and though this probably still holds true in some aspects simply do to it’s colossal size, it’s certainly spooked a lot of affiliates into searching for alternatives. We’re going to cover some of the more profitable options in this article so that you don’t have to scour the internet trying to find these things for yourself… though you can if you feel like it, of course.


I know it might seem silly to include this in the list but fact of the matter is that Amazon is still a great affiliate program if you’ve got the traffic for it. They convert their prospects extremely well and the chances of you making a profit by promoting their goods is pretty high so long as you approach it with a serious intent.

Note: If you already have an Amazon account and are not operating under a separate business account (e.g. business license & etc) then you should use your preexisting account because Amazon has a strict rule against multiple accounts. Your personal account will then be split into to segments, one where you do your shopping and the other where you do your selling. You will use your same login details for both of these things.

Sight Up Here: Amazon Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Commission Rate: 1% – 10%

Product Type: Physical Goods (mostly)

Niche: Just About Everything

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Above is a chart taken directly from Amazon’s own affiliate help pages. As you can see for yourself, the category selection is quite large and each category is broken down into sub-categories with even sub-categories of those. There are so many products available for sale on Amazon it’s ridiculous and you’re able to promote basically all of them!

The options in terms of websites one could build to promote products within specific niches can have nearly no limits if you want to use Amazon as the sole source of products to promote. The thing to keep in mind however is that it’s not very wise to use just one source for anything, you never know what might happen one day and that source can be gone overnight.


Do to the fact this is a major retail chain which also operates online, they offer quite a large selection of products spanning across multiple categories and niches. They aren’t quite as large as Amazon but they do still have you covered in many cases, you just might not be able to rely on them if you’re in some of the more obscure markets.

Sight Up Here: Target Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Commission Rate: 1% – 8%

Product Type: Physical Goods

Niche: Home Goods (mostly)

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Above is a simple chart taken off the Target Affiliate sign up page. It shows you in very simple terms what you can expect to earn based off the volume of sales and in which categories those sales are made. Something really nice about the Target program for affiliates is their week-long cookie which extends your possibility for commissions by seven which is a great thing. Do to this little fact it’s not unheard of for affiliates to earn as much as $13 per click (EPC – $13 Avg) which is pretty high in most cases where these types of affiliate programs are concerned. They’re definitely worth checking out.


I’m sure you’re familiar with this giant retailer so introductions won’t be necessary here. The up-side to promoting with Walmart is brand recognition, they have a huge brand which is widely recognized. The down-side is the fact that Walmart is known for their low prices which also translates over to their commission structure. This is not to say they aren’t still a solid option for affiliates, because they are. It’s simply the fact that you will have to put up with lower commissions in many cases.

Sight Up Here: Walmart Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 3 Days

Commission Rate: 1% – 4% (with few exceptions)

Product Type: Physical Goods

Niche: Home Goods (mostly)

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Above is Walmart’s commision chart taken from their affiliate sign up page. It reflects what you can expect to earn for various categories which ranges from 1% to 4% with a couple exceptions being ‘Contact Lenses’ at 10% and ‘Business / Personal Checks’ banking you a massive 18% commission! That could be great news if you fall into that niche, perhaps something to think about when you’re hunting for a new niche to add to your toolbelt.


Just about every affiliate marketer knows about this one. If you have a blog or website which could benefit from one of the many categories supported by Clickbank.com then you stand a fair chance of making great commissions with them. Though there is a certain trial-period one should go through anytime a new product is being promoted for the sake of finding the ‘winners’ vs. staying away from the ‘losers’ you have plenty of products to choose from within every category.

Sight Up Here: Clickbank Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: Varies For Each Product

Commission Rate: Varies For Each Product

Product Type: Mostly Digital With Some Physical Goods

Niche: A Wide Selection

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Chances are good that if you’re reading this then you probably already have an account with Clickbank but it’s well worth a mention in this list for the simple fact it’s stood the test of time. A quick note about selecting a product to promote off the clickbank marketplace… By default upon entering the marketplace page you’ll find that products are organized by ‘popularity’ which is perfectly fine. The alternative often suggested is to organize products via ‘gravity’ which also works. If you look off to the far left side of the page you’ll have a number of sliders for various attributes and among them is the gravity option. You can play with that to find what it brings you but a good place to start in most cases is a minimum gravity of Five (5) with no maximum. Testing has dictated that anything below a gravity of five can often times lead to mixed results with conversions.

Powerhouse Affiliate

Yes, we have an affiliate program and a private CPA Network to boot! (for active members of powerhouse that is). Not only could you learn how to take the affiliate programs listed above and earn great profits from your commissions, but you can also run a program on the side with what you learn from us to add yet another stream of income to your bottom-line. Powerhouse Affiliate prides itself on teaching any level of affiliate from the absolute beginner to the advanced, there’s always something to learn in this industry and we’re always working to bring you what you need to know in order to not only survive in this cutthroat industry, but to thrive in it!

Did I mention that our commissions are monthly, recurring commissions? You will keep earning for as long as your referrals remain active members with Powerhouse Affiliate. Pretty nice, right?

Sight Up Here: Powerhouse Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 3 Months

Commission Rate: 50% Per SignUp (then 10% & 5% tier based)

Product Type: Digital Training Product

Niche: Affiliate / Performance Marketing

Who’s It For: Beginner – Advanced Level Affiliates

Powerhouse Affiliate offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs on the market for the niche we’re in.

Not only do you earn 50% off the top but you can also earn up to two levels deep for those affiliates you refer to our program.

This means that if you refer a new member into Powerhouse Affiliate and they do the same then you earn your initial 50% plus an extra 10% of their referral. And… if they happen to refer yet another member you’ll earn yet another 5% from that sign up!

This means you have the potential to earn a total of 65% commision based on just a single signup on your part, that’s one hefty commision.

We also offer something called the Mentor Bonus which will earn you a flat-rate extra bonus based on the number of new members you bring on to the site. This is where our affiliate program really shines as you have potential to earn quite a nice chunk of revenue from this. I won’t ruin the surprise for you here… You’ll just have to go take a peek at the Affiliates page yourself to take it all in!

You can do so by clicking the link provided above or simply click our logo below which will take you there too.

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So your affiliate earnings are starting to rack up and now you need to ask yourself how the heck am I supposed to manage my taxes and should I be a business? Unless you are a person that lives in a country with no income tax (lucky you) then you will likely have to pay taxes on all your income generated through your online activities.

The decision to go into a business as opposed to remain an individual is usually based on the issue of taxes and liability.

So this is going to depend on a few things mainly what state, province you live in and what country. Every country and state/province has their own laws and tax implications. There are also other things to consider too like are you married? and can your spouse be an employee for you? Do you own a piece of property and work from this location? There is no way this lesson can cover every scenario.

The idea here is that you need to understand your own income tax laws. Most of the decision on whether you incorporate or just work as an individual will be related to the tax issue. For example, in Canada if you incorporate your income tax on corporate profits is around 17% but if you claim profit income as an individual you pay over 30-40% in personal income tax! So in many cases a corporation is the way to go since taxes are less, and the corporation can own assets and property. Also it is easier to manage the business expenses and claim them against the total net income of your corporation.

In most cases if you are earning a large amount of money it is likely best to do so under a business. All it means is now you will be submitting your taxes as a business in addition to your own personal income taxes. In many cases this also protects your personal assets and liability from the activities of the business,. Again you will need to consult with a lawyer since every scenario is different, as well as the applicable laws.

There are several different business types to consider as an affiliate, or online marketer. For example, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Doing Business As (DBA), Corporation, or Partnerships. You can learn about all the common business types at LegalZoom.

It is fair to say that most affiliate marketers won’t create a real business structure when they are just getting started. However it is something that really needs to be considered right from the start.

Of course why would you go through all the hassle if you are simply going to test out affiliate marketing by building one website using nothing but free resources in your spare time? In this case you would likely not miss out on too many  savings, but as you begin earning more and more money or even losing money, you will need to consider the business approach.

Here are a few great reasons to start a real affiliate marketing business:

Lower Tax Rates for Corporations

In many countries the corporate tax rate is much lower than the personal tax rates.

Tax Write Offs For Your Affiliate Marketing Tools and Education

When you are an official business, you can write off most work related expenses on your taxes, including education and training expenses.

So not only can your write off the expense of forming the business to begin with, you can write off things like: a computer, a laptop, a desk, an office chair, monthly internet expenses, and website hosting, part of your home expenses, meals and entertainment, and best of all your membership to PowerhouseAffiliate.com is a tax write off :).

The Serious business Vs Personal Hobby Mindset 

It is a fact people get more serious when they form a business as an affiliate. There is a sense of ‘ownership’ when going through the process of creating an official business. It helps you get out of the ‘I really like affiliate marketing’ mindset, and into the ‘I’m Going to Kick Affiliate Marketing’s Ass’ mindset.

This is a big difference in thought process. The more you treat your online affiliate marketing as a business, the sooner you will make it a profitable venture.

Personal Protection 

When you form a business, you are essentially creating a new entity apart from your own personal finances. It does not always mean you are not 100% liable for how the business operates, (you can still get sued!) but it does often come with some protections on your own finances or assets which again is different depending where you live.

There are a few different types of business you can form. In the US the LLC is popular for its flexibility, ease of set up, and cost. The same goes for Corporations in Canada. In most cases these can be set up properly for less than $1000 if you use a lawyer. We recommend a lawyer since they can advise on all the requirements, and can give you all the required documentation. If you try and do it yourself you risk the possibility of missing some important documents required for setting it up properly.

Another strong piece of advice is to hire an accountant even if it is just for the initial set up so that they can advise you on all the benefits and requirements for having a LLC or Inc. or whatever other business model you choose. The total costs for lawyer and accountant could be $1500. Really it is a cost worth considering since you will then know that everything is done right and legal.

You can set up any LLC through LegalZoom, or if in Canada you can do it yourself usually on any government website for your province.

It can take less than 30 minutes, and you can have a legitimate business!


If you are serious about this business and want to do it right then forming a legal business is probably a good idea. The most important things to consider are your own tax laws, and what benefits you get to forming a business as opposed to operating as an individual. Most of the information you need about taxes can be found on your own government’s websites or by calling your government. In Canada it is Revenue Canada, or United States it is Internal Revenue Service.

A lawyer and accountant can be extremely helpful in setting this stuff up the first time, although it is not always necessary. If you are good at reading and following instructions then it can probably be done on your own.

The post Why Affiliate Marketers Should Consider Incorporating And How it Affects Your Taxes appeared first on Powerhouse Affiliate Blog.

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Choosing a niche that is profitable is one of the most CRUCIAL steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Your first task is to write down a list of all the things you are good at, all of your skills, and all the things that get your fires burning, no matter how silly, trivial or small they could be.

Pause reading this report just for a moment and write some down, and then come back to the report and you can look at how to evaluate the subjects (or niches) you have chosen. Think about your hobbies, interests, sports teams you follow, job and other things that you know well.

Now you should have a few ideas of some niches that you want to tackle so you need to understand whether or not the niche is profitable and one that is worth pursuing. Don’t be concerned if most of your ideas end up as no-go niches, there will be at least one gem in there that you can create a website it and start niche marketing.

1) Do People Buy From This Niche Online?

Not everything sells online and you need to consider this when choosing what you are going to promote. Some items, such as shoes, for example, really don’t sell well online because there is such a variation in styles and fits. Very few people order their shoes from the Internet because they prefer to try them on first.

Expensive jewelry and watches are another thing that just don’t sell online. If you are going to spend $10,000 on a watch then you are hardly going to order it from the Internet to save a couple of hundred bucks!

Examine the niche you are considering and see if people are buying it online. How many reviews are there on an Amazon product? How many Adwords ads are there when you search for the keyword? How many of the sites in the top ten are selling products compared to how many are just providing information?

This is going to give you an idea of whether or not people buy the product you are considering promoting online or not. If they don’t buy it online then there is little point trying to sell it.

2) How Many Other People Are Marketing In This Niche?

This is another important consideration when choosing a niche. If there are a lot of other people promoting products in this niche then it is more than likely one that is profitable.

If there are just a few or no people promoting the product you have to wonder if it is one that doesn’t sell online or if you’ve discovered an untapped niche. The latter is unlikely, but it is possible. Do your research to find out if the niche is one which is profitable.

This will also give you an idea of the competition in the niche. A niche with too much competition may be too difficult for you to get traffic in, unless you are paying for the traffic that is.

You need the right balance of competition and traffic. Your skills in SEO and your budget for paid traffic will determine how high a level of competition you can work with.

3) Do People Search For This Niche On The Internet?

This is where you determine whether there is enough traffic to make it worthwhile marketing in the niche that you have chosen.

If there are not enough searches per month then you will get very little traffic, meaning your earnings will be low.

You have to balance traffic versus earnings. So a niche where you get paid $500 a sale may be profitable to go in with only 500 searches a month, but a niche which only pays $5 a sale won’t be worth as much to you.

It’s important that you determine how many people are actually looking for the product you are promoting in order to determine how profitable the niche will be for you.

Remember that the more profitable niches and high traffic niches are likely to have much more competition, meaning it could be harder for you to rank well in the search engines and start to earn.

4) What Problems Cause These People To Turn To The Internet

People come online to buy a product because they have a problem that they want a solution for.

Whether they have come online to buy a lawnmower, solve a health problem or buy a jersey for their favorite sports team, they have come online to solve a problem.

In the first instance, there problem is they want to cut their lawn. Now they may want to do it cheaply, neatly or in style with a ride on lawn mower. You need to understand why they are at your website and market to them appropriately.

Understanding the problems your potential audience has helps you to focus your website content on their needs. The more relevant your content is to your target market, the more likely they are to stay on your
website and eventually buy.

This is one of the big secrets of marketers who make a full time income online. Whilst it does entail some extra work on your part, it means more success from your website because it better meets the needs of your
target market.

Would you like to know our top 5 niches that have made us thousands of dollars each month?

Check out our PREMIUM affiliate training program and private exclusive forum where we share with you all of our top niches and strategies for earning a living as an affiliate marketer!

The post Choosing a Profitable Niche – 4 Things You MUST ASK YOURSELF! appeared first on Powerhouse Affiliate Blog.

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