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Hello Crafty Folks,

I am here with yet another beautiful and super easy inspiration for you.

As of now, you all might know that I am a big time fan of doodling with my favourite subject Peacock. A little bit of doodle twist and Little Birdies amazing metallic wax and pearl drops, that’s all needed to make this beautiful Antique effect glass Bottle.

I love freehand doodling. This time I have used the 3d outliner to make this peacock drawing. In case you don’t want to directly use 3d outliner, you can draw with a pencil first. Make sure to put white gesso on the bottle, so that you can see the pencil marks properly. Or you can use any of your favourite stencil design using little Birdies mixed media paste.

In that case, no need for a 3d outliner. This post is dedicated to those who love to draw and want to make their own design without using any stencil.

Let’s start with the process.

I took a bottle and started drawing using a 3d outliner. You really need a good practice on 3d outliner though. Those who are good in Mehndi art, it’s a bit easy for them to use these 3d outliners. Try doing it, its fun.

Once dried spread Little Birdies black Gesso on the bottle surface.

Let it dry properly and start putting Silver Metallic wax with your fingers. You will immediately start to see the magic.

Pearl drops are my all time favourite, I love using them to beautify my projects.

You really get perfect flat backs if you put your drops slowly. The perfect shape is all about how much pressure you are putting on the tube.

This is how I have used these drops.

Added some metal embellishments from my stash too

Tadaaaa …. and it’s all done.

Hope you enjoyed the overall process

Looking forward to your amazing creations using Pearl Drops for this month’s Blog Challenge.


Seema Sinha

The product I have used are :

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Hello everyone,   

This is Bela and today my DT post for blog is my favorite artwork …. I think by now you all who know me must have guessed what it is !!!

Yes! I have made some beautiful cards, tags, envelopes with Mandala. I always get lot of questions as to where I use the mandalas that I draw on paper? Basically they can be framed and used for home decor as well as meditative purpose. This time I thought why not make some things which can be beautiful gifts  in an useful way for someone who love mandalas.

So lets get started! It’s a long post as I have made 4 cards, 2 envelopes, 2 tags and one 12×12 mandala. There are total 9 projects!!

I have made 4 beautiful and delicate cards using mandalas with Little Birdie’s amazing Pearl Drops.

The first card is with a whole Mandala . I have taken 6×12″ heavy weight card stock and scored it in center to make a 6×6″ card. Then I used Aquarelle paper pack from the store and cut it in size 5.75 x 5.75 . Stuck it in the center which will leave a crisp white border of white card stock around the blue paper which I chose. I absolutely loved this blue for my mandala as its a cool color and it gives me sense of peace when I see it.

I then measured the center point of the blue paper and with the help of a compass, pencil, and scale, I started building my mandala. This is how it looks. I drew the mandala in such a style which allows me to add additional touches with black Pearl Drops leaving enough space around the mandala which will show the beauty of the paper with a chevron print.

My second card measured the same. the only difference is I have drawn a half mandala at the right hand side. There is enough space at the left to add any sentiment according to the theme and event… Again My design is formed in such a way that I can fill the spaces with dots.

My third card is a gate fold card. Here I took 6×12′ card stock, scored it at 3 and 9 inch and folded on score lines to form a card which has a front opening. The paper was cut to 5 3/4th x 2 3/4th (2 pieces).  So here I drew a mandala on both sides which looks whole otherwise.

My fourth card is my favorite. Measurements are the same as the first card. I kept it simple as I had already thought of adding a sentiment in the center. I drew a half mandala on top and half on the bottom leaving an inch of space between the both. I added a strip of card stock with the sentiment thinking of you. I absolutely love this gorgeous and delicate design where the Pearl Drop dots are prominent and make this minimal design mandala complete.

Now We ca go onto envelopes.

I made 2 delicate beautiful envelopes again using a mandala design. These measure 4×7″.  So my pattern paper was cut at 3 3/4th x 6 3/4th. I used the plain blue sheets for these.  I simply pasted the pattern paper on the white envelope which I made again leaving a thin white border for the enhanced look. I made a full mandala in the center leaving the space at both the sides which shows again my pattern paper. This is how it looks.


My second envelope measurements are same as the first. Here I drew a beautiful semi circle mandala design with leaves. Again keeping it simple, so the dots complete the pattern. I love these envelopes and I don’t think I will ever give these to anyone.

Now lets go on to tags… I made a couple of huge tags . They measure 3.5 x 7″. In this I did mandala design only at the corner keeping the whole tag plain. You can fill up the space by adding a sentiment or stenciling or even stamping.  I have kept it simple as I didn’t want the focus to shift away from my mandala. Here, only outlines are done with a pen. I completed the whole design filling up with dots made with Pearl Drops.

The design for the second tag is interesting. I just drew semi circle fan design and filled it up with scrolls. Enhanced the whole look with small to large dots which makes the design look 3D. I absolutely loved this design and I will try and use them in my full page mandalas too. I used black card stock instead of a white for this tag. Measurements are the same as above.

Last but not the least…. How can I not try these pearl dots on my full page mandala. My hands were itching to try the mandala with dots but at the same time with a very intricate design too. Like I usually do! The shading on the paper makes my mandala look absolutely gorgeous. A very intricate design with the dots playing their special part in this one!

Sharing few close ups…

First of all let me thank you yo all of you for not only stopping by but also sticking with me throughout this long post. I absolutely enjoy making mandalas as they give me peace. Ii go into a trance while creating these mandalas.. It’s like meditation to me. So I thought why not give the look a different use altogether. Plus keeping the designs simple and doable so you all can attempt it without any apprehension. Usually I create my mandalas on plain black, white or grey paper but using these fabulous papers from Itsy Bitsy’s home brand Little Birdie gave me an idea about how these art works would look on pattern papers.

Thanks a million

Love & Hugs & kisses


Products Used:-

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Hello friends,

DT Vaishali on the blog today.  Hope all are crafting great. In my post today, I have two decor panels using Little Birdie Pearl Drops, in two different ways. The panels make beautiful gifts for special occasions. Have a look!

Let’s get started with the step wise procedure of the panels.

I have used plain  MDF panels of size 8 x 6 inches as my base. A size that’s good to hang and display on an easel as well. You can use canvas too, instead of MDF. Wanted to add some interest and dimension to the plain rectangular panels. To do so, I have adhered craft brown paper cylinder on one of the ends, using silicon glue. Next, I covered the assembly using white gesso.

Gesso acts as a primer for further work and also provides white base for napkin decoupage, that I plan to do.

Tip- Always cover the base with white gesso or white chalk paint before doing napkin decoupage,  irrespective of the napkin colour. Even a darker colour napkin gets enhanced when adhered on a white/ lighter colour base.

Having added the required dimension with the craft brown paper cylinders, I decided to add some texture using the recently launched Stone Texture Paste. The product is simply amazing and gives a wonderful natural effect as it dries. It adheres permanently after drying. I applied Stone Texture Paste – Apple Mint with a palette knife  on the paper cylinders to get a stone moulding look.

The Stone Texture Paste is available in 6 different colours and is a must try product for a grungy, pumice stone like look in your projects. The natural sand grains in the paste are a treat to eyes and can be further highlighted.   The paste works great on almost all surfaces.

Close up of the Stone Texture Paste…love it !!!

Now, it was time to decoupage the napkins. For one of the panels, I have used a napkin with a greenish shade from my stash that complimented the Stone Texture Paste’s colour. For another panel, have just used the quote part from one of the napkins.

Tip- Always hand tear the napkin for a natural blended look. 

I adhered the napkin using the Deco Magic decoupage glue. It works great for both decoupage papers and napkins. Decoupage glue is used to adhere the napkin and is also applied as a top coat over the napkin to seal it. The glue also protects the napkin from yellowing.

This is how the two panels looked after decoupage….

In the above panel, have coloured the areas around the napkin with chalk paint Fortune Cookie after decoupage. Have also applied the same chalk paint on the Stone Texture Paste. In the panel below, I have kept the Stone Texture Paste natural as it is.

Now coming to the panel with Love quote- After decoupage and applying chalk paint in the background area, the next step was stenciling. I have done some multi colour stenciling with chalk paints, using a stencil brush. Love the yellow criss-cross line work seen after stenciling.

Tip– Always use stencil brush for crisp stencil effect. The brush should be absolutely dry and do not add any water to the paints also. This will prevent the paint from seeping through the stencil.

The paper cylinders, being hollow, worked great to pass a cotton thread through it, creating more interesting dimensions.

Having done the rope and twine work, it was time to use the wonderful Pearl Drops. I have added the drops at the joints of criss-cross lines. The colour which I chose for this was- Gray Sky. The pearl Drops work as fantastic embellishments. They added so much depth and uniqueness to the panel !!!

Have further embellished with some pretty, white vellum flowers. Do check out this delicate range of vellum flowers in various colours , sizes and shapes. They are gorgeous !!

The perching bird on the base of sisal fiber, wooden peg to clip a message, twisted rope work and beautiful Pearl Drops, completed this panel. Here’s the final look.

Coming to the next panel – with the natural stone colour and the design in the  napkin, one thing that instantly came to my mind was carved jali (trellis) and inlay work. To give the  carved jali look, I decided to use the Moroccan  design primed  chipboard. Painted it with Tinted Metallic Paint – Golden Glaze and adhered it to the panel using silicon glue. Love the shine of the metallic paint.

Passed a black and white twine through the paper cylinder to create a hanging. Also passed another cotton rope through the cylinder to create a border around the panel as seen below.

To do the inlay work, I have used the Pearl Drops. Filled the gaps, created by the chipboard shape, with 4 colours of Pearl Drops. The effect was very unique.

It  looked like stones embedded into the carved jali (trellis). And here’s the final look of the second panel –

Some close ups –

Painted the white rope with golden metallic paint.

The beautiful, greenish  stone effect, created with Stone Texture Paste Apple Mint was further highlighted with golden metallic paint.

The panel says – Seize Today !!!  Seize The Magic of Pearl Drops.

Pearl Drops are available in 20 pretty colours. Use them to create beautiful 3D pearls,  for filling and colouring or in your own unique way!! They work on almost all surfaces. Can also be used on a non stick sheet, removed after drying and stored for later use as embellishments. They are water resistant after drying.

Also added some gray Pearl Drops randomly on the decoupaged napkin area. Finally have given a coat of decor varnish glossy on both the panels for added protection. Did not apply varnish over the Pearl Drop inlay area, as its not required.

Hope you liked the two panels with Pearl Drops. Looking forward to your beautiful  creations. Do play along the current month’s Blog Challenge, where it’s all about creating and sharing your unique projects with the beautiful Little Birdie Pearl Drops.

Happy Crafting

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!l

Vaishali Khandwala

List of materials used-

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Hello crafty friends!

Daksha here! My today’s post is with Little Birdie 3D Pearl Drops.

This month  Itsy Bitsy’s blog challenge is all about Little Birdie 3D Pearl drops. You can create anything featuring these lovely pearl colours. You will find many inspirations right here at the blog by me and my DT friends.  Here is my take on the 3D liquid pearls. After much thought I tried to do something which I haven’t done from long time.. As I love to make cards and envelopes, I decided to do that. I made, not one or two but 8 envelopes using these!

My envelopes are totally handmade  from scratch. The size is according to our new currency sizes of ₹ 500/- or  ₹ 2000/- .

#1- In this envelope I have taken iris cardstock base and did stenciling. Then I  used 3D Pearl Drops to make the background. Believe me, it looks so pretty in real. The images cannot capture the true beauty!

Then I have decorated using Little Birdie chipboard ‘Blessed’ and one stamp. Colored the baby image and mounted it on scalloped circle die cuts. Finally did the matting on black cardstock and light blue handmade envelope base. Here we can add more glitter and other things but I wanted to keep my main focus on 3D Pearl Drops so I kept it plain.

 #2– For this envelope, first I drew horizontal lines with pencil on an iris carsdtock. The lines were drawn at 1/4″ distance. I did it how it looks on the card, you can do your own variation. Then using Pearl Drops I did  made a pattern. Next, I used stamped and colored flower images for decorating the card. I have used white Pearl Drops in few places like small enamel dots. Used one stamped sentiment. Finally, I layered it with striped pattern paper and blue handmade envelope base. Oh yes here the pollen of the flower is highlighted with black Pearl Drops.

 #3– For this envelope I did stenciling with distress oxides and highlighted few places with different Pearl Drop colours. Here I have used fussy cut image from Little Birdie pattern paper and circle die cut. The sentiment is from Little Birdie chipboard. I distressed the edges with black distress oxide.

#4– It’s more or less similar to the previous envelopes, just used a different stencil and different pattern with Pearl Drop colours. Use a sentiment chipboard and decorated it with stamped images, colours, fussy cut images and black diecut frame.

#5– In this envelope, first I created a light stenciled background and used one butterfly fussy cut image and black Pearl Drop to create the effect of rhinestones. I used few white pearls and also stamped sentiment directly on the cardstock. Did layering with black cardstock and a handmade envelope.

#6– This is another good way to use 3D Pearl Drops. First  I stamped an image on the iris cardstock with black versafine ink. Then filled the centre part with Pearl Drops. I have used red and green here. Gave horizontal scoring line till 1/2″ from bottom and used a sentiment.

#7-In this envelope I tried glitter on 3D Pearl Drops and believe me the effect was so amazing! All the swirl parts in glitter dots. I had a matching butterfly die, so I have used butterfly diecut with vellum base. Used one stamped sentiment and the same layering and base of handmade envelope. And my envelope is ready!!

#8- Here I masked the top and bottom, distressed and spritzing it with water. It gives that nice water droplet effect. Next, after removing the masking paper I did some stamping. You can select any flower, stem or leaf design which you can highlight with 3D Pearl Drop. So that’s another way to use Pearl Drop!

Hope I have inspired you all with this post. Will be happy to see your creations with Pearl Drops. If you have any queries put it in comment box I will definitely reply.

And do participate in this month’s challenge. Thank you for stopping by.

Love n hugs













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Hi everyone!

This is Priyanka Kantak on the blog today.

The theme for this month’s challenge is anything goes with Little Birdie Pearl Drops.

I have two projects for you today, both made using almost the same products.

Both the projects follow the theme of a beautiful tree to illustrate that beauty lies within!

Read on further to know how I made them….

Let’s begin the 1st project.
Step 1:

First I used the Little Birdie Flowering Tree die on white cardstock. This is to be used as a stencil.

Step 2:

I then sprayed Little Birdie Gold Alcohol Splash in Canary Gold using the above stencil on the green paper from the Chevron in Aquarelle paper pack by Little Birdie.

It looks like this:

Step 3:

I then created small drops on the tree using Little Birdie Pearl Drops in various colors. ( Check out the colors listed at the bottom of the post ). You can create different sizes of drops by controlling the bottle. I also used the Snow White drops to highlight the image.

Step 4:

For the base, I used the cardboard from the box that my DT kit arrived in. I painted it with Deep Blue Sea chalk paint. On this, I adhered the panel created above.

* I frayed the edges of the paper for added interest *

Step 5:

The next step was to die-cut some grass and fence from the Victorian Lamp Post die set.  I glued these over the tree.

Step 6:

Finally I stamped some clouds from the Princess and Dragon stamp set and pasted it on the panel. I also stuck the sentiment sticker from the gift hamper that I received as a New Year gift from Itsy Bitsy.

And my project is complete!

Now let’s move on to the next project:
Step 1:

In the first step I used the stencil that was already created for the above project.

Step 2:

Next, I trimmed a piece of Coco Brown polyester felt from the store and adhered it behind the stencil.

Step 3:

Using Little Birdie Pearl Drop colours – Mahogany, Tangelo Citrus and Black Satin was next.

Step 4:

Then I spread some Stone Texture Paste in Graphite Dust at the base of the tree with the help of a spatula. It gives the effect of rocks. The texture paste looks so pretty when it dries. It has a lovely shine to it.

And my project is complete!

Little Birdie Pearl Drops are so pretty to look at when they dry. I love touching the dried drops. Has such a soothing effect.

Which project did you like more?

Do let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day ahead!

Priyanka Kantak

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Hello Hello!!

This is Bela. Today I am here on the blog to talk about Mixed Media. A versatile form of art, the scope of mixed media is vast. It is an art which I love! However, I have noticed that many of you have few doubts regarding it. If these doubts are stopping you from attempting or trying out mixed media projects then this post is for you. Here I am going to talk about all the products related to it. You can get a fair idea about what can use for creating amazing art works and masterpieces.

Being a part of the Itsy Bitsy design team has given me a chance to try out all the amazing products related to mixed media. So here I am to tell you about the products in detail.  I am listing down some of the basic mixed media or must have mixed media products which you can get from the store.

So lets get started!

  • Gesso :-   The most Important and a must product that you need in any type of mixed media is Gesso . Gesso is nothing but a primer. It will make your surface ready for any kind of effects, colors, etc. Little Birdie Gesso is available in black and white. You can choose the colour of your gesso when you have to decided which look you want for your project. For metallic, vintage and antique look we usually choose black gesso. For layouts and colorful looks, we ususlly choose white. It  helps prime metals, canvas, cloth, burlap, jute, glass, resin, paper. 
  •   Texture Paste :-  As the name says, this paste is used to create any kind of texture on our surface. Whether it is a canvas, paper or wood; gesso s a wonderful product for creating textures. Itsy Bitsy has awesome range of differentvtexture pastes. 2 in 1 Mixed Media Paste, Grainy Texture Paste , Fiber paste and more. All these texture pastes will give you different kind of textures which will change the look of you project in a jiffy.

2 in 1 Mixed Media Texture Paste :- This Is a two in one product. If you are new and do not want to invest in 2 separate products for priming and texture, this is the perfect product for you. you can use this paste to create textures or just dilute a little with water and use it as a gesso.

Grainy Texture Paste :-  This is a fantastic paste and also my personal favorite. I absolutely love the texture that it creates. Also, its fast drying that I never have to use my heat tool to set it.

Mixed Media Fiber Paste :- This paste has fibers in it which makes it very unique and different from other pastes. If you want to create freehand texture without any stencils or just give a different look to the edges, this one is perfect for you.

  • Gel Medium :- This medium is perfect for adhering any embellishments to the project. I use my mixed media projects to reuse things that are otherwise considered waste. This saves me money, reduces waste and makes my projects look very different and unique.

Heavy Gel Medium:- The gel medium is available in matte and gloss finish. I have used thick long and heavy nails too in my project and the best medium to adhere is the heavy gel medium. As the name says, we can used heavy gel medium for sticking any heavy elements to our project.

Soft Gel Medium:-  The soft gel medium is also available in matte and gloss finishes . I use this medium for adhering any light elements like art stones, pearls, sisal, etc. Also a layer of it on any photograph protects it from any staining or damage.

  •  Glass Bead Gel Medium :-  This gel medium already has glass beads in it. So just apply it and you get perfect texture without even using glue. I love this for filling the gaps or adding tiny texture to any project.

  • Crackle Paste :- This is an amazing product for creating superb cracks in the projects. The thin application of the product will give you tiny cracks and thick application will give you larger cracks. So you can give variations in cracks with variation in application.

  • Stone Texture Paste:- A surface texture paste made from natural sand grains that gives a pumice stone like finish when dry. Its also Great for creating dimensional and texture effects on mixed media, canvas, home decor etc.

  • Tinted Metallic Paints :- These paints are used for the metallic effects on projects. They are available in various colors with perfect metallic sheen to them and now few shades are available in 2 sizes too. There are 12 different colors to choose from in big jars  and 6 colors in small jars.

  •  Color splash :-  These are vibrant colors in liquid form in spray bottles which make it easier to spray colors onto your project. These are water based and will react to water.  I feel they are perfect for mixed media layouts and canvases. Available in 12 different vibrant shades.

  • Metallic Waxes :-  These are the must have product for not only mixed media but any artist. They are used to give a beautiful metallic sheen to projects. They look amazing on black however. I have also used them on decoupage and flowers to give a distressed metallic look. They are available in 7 shades.

  • Chalk Paints:- Available in 34 amazing shades in the pastel and bright variation these paints are perfect for decoupage. However I have used chalk paints in my mixed media as they give me beautiful matte results on black as well as white surface. Also they mix beautifully with each other which makes blending very easy.

  • Stencils :- Stencils are used when you have to give detailed texture to our project which cannot be achieved otherwise. The store has a wide variety of stencil designs to match every theme.


  • Primed Chipboard :-  As we all know that we need embellishments for all mixed media projects.  Itsy Bitsy has a fantastic range of embellishment, frames, borders, corners, leaves, butterflies, flourishes or as numbers or sentiment, huge range of primed chipboards and more. You can directly work on the primed chipboards without having to use a primer or gesso. They have  more 150 designs to choose from.


  • Craft Pellets :- I absolutely love this product. These are a must have for any mixed media artist as they give such amazing texture. They come very handy in filling up small spaces. These are available in 2 sizes. Macro and mini.

  • Mixed Media Stone :-  These are natural stones which can be used to create amazing texture on all your mixed media project. We can mix this with mixed media paste to make it grungy or just mix with..
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Hello Creative Folks,

Hope you are having a creative summer!

I am here with another interesting post. The star performer of this blog post is Little Birdie’s newly launched product “Pearl Drop”.

What a unique product this is! The best part is that these Pearl Drops come in various lovely shades and gives you the perfect flat back pearl effect.

Here you go with the entire process of making Mandala and its unique decoration with Pearl Drops.

The first step starts with a generous coat of Little Birdie white gesso on a 10 x 12 inches canvas board.

Once dry, start making the guidelines using a compass and pencil. This step is most important if you want to make fine mandalas with repetitive design and patterns. It allows you to make perfect repetitive designs with the given measurements.

I also marked dots on the circle with 0.5 cm spacing. Start colouring the circle using chalk paints.

I usually make Mandalas with permanent black pen first and then I use transparent inks or watercolours to colour it. But here it’s different.

I wanted to use chalk paints and these are opaque in nature. It can hide the pen drawings. So I first coloured the circles and then used a 0.8 point size technical pen to draw.

Let your imagination fly and start making beautiful designs using the guidelines.

I stencilled the numbers on the clock with the help of Little Birdie’s Mixed Media Paste.

The best part of using chalk paints is that you can do correction if you do something wrong or you want to change the design anywhere.

I didn’t like that dark blue colour so I replaced it with my favourite colour Tuscan Teal.

I decided to highlight the numbers so I coloured the background with white colour. Of course, I have given touch-ups with a black pen on these tiny white circles.

I was so excited to complete this clock, that I didn’t feel like touching the centre part. Please ignore that black mess in the centre for now.

Coloured the numbers with black ink and also gave a finishing to the outlines.

This is how I have continued on this Mandala clock…

However, till now my mandala is not finished but I couldn’t resist myself using the most amazing product Pearl Drop!

What a beautiful way of making flat back pearls…

Ahha! What a beautiful and satisfying view of these drops.

I am loving this.

This is the final drawing with mandala and drops.

Varnish the entire board and put clock hands. Now, this clock is all set to be hung on the wall.

Hope you liked this project.

Looking forward to your amazing creations using Pearl Drops for the this month’s Blog Challenge.


Seema Sinha

Here is a list of products I have used.

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Hello creative folks! This week the spotlight is on a passionate crafter Anju Aggarwal, from Delhi. Let’s read about her creative journey and see what her favourites are.

Anju was enthusiastic about art and crafts since her childhood days but took up serious crafting a few years back. She loves playing with colours and says crafting is like meditation to her. For her, handmade is a way to show love. She is also a fashion designer and a creative enthusiast with a wide range of interests.

Read along to find out Anju’s favourite craft forms, her arty-crafty wish, craft essentials she can’t live without, how she describes her style of crafting, what she enjoys most besides crafting and more. Also, catch glimpses of a step by step project by Anju. Don’t forget to leave your loving comments for her.

Rashmi Closepet M.D Itsy Bitsy: What are your favourite craft forms?

Anju Aggarwal: Decoupage and Mixed Media

RC: If you are granted an arty-crafty wish, what would you ask for?

AG: I wish to become a renowned name in the field of art & craft.

RC: How did you come to know about Itsy Bitsy?

AG: Few years back my daughter was studying in NIFT Bangalore, so whenever I visited her she used to take me to Itsy Bitsy. She was the one who introduced me to this brand.

RC: Tell us about your most exciting shopping experience at Itsy Bitsy.

AG: First time when I visited Itsy Bitsy, Pitampura store, I was glued inside the store for more than 2 hours. I was amazed with the collection of arty supplies they had. I actually wanted to buy everything! Finally, I walked out with 3 big bags full of mind blowing crazy stuff from the store.

RC: What craft products attract you the most?

AG: There is endless number of things that I love buying from Itsy Bitsy. But to name a few – Chalk Paints, Stencils, Stamps, Chipboard Cutouts and so on.

RC: What is your ideal crafting time in a day?

AG: Crafting is like meditation for me. So mostly I design all my new products at night when there is peace all around.

RC: What are your ‘Can’t live without’ craft essentials?

AG: Chalk paints – I love playing with colours!!

RC: How long have you been crafting?

AG: Since my childhood. I was very good in art & craft but I am pursuing seriously for the last 3 years.

RC: Which 3 words describe your crafting style the best?

AG: “Made with Love”

RC: Any inspirational tips for newbies and craft enthusiasts?

AG: Create your own style & be an inspiration for others.

RC: Any tips for fellow crafters to help them organize their workspace better.

AG: Craft supplies need a lot of space for storage so I have purchased a big rack with multiple drawers to store all my craft essentials in a more organized manner.

RC: What inspired you the most in your creative journey?

AG: My husband has been my inspiration as he is the one who motivated me to get back to pursue my passion at this age.

RC: According to you what’s the best way to overcome a creative block?

AG:  Listening to music helps me clear my mind.

RC: Why do you think people should continue with ‘Handmade’?

AG: My daughter got married this December. I packed all her trousseau with handmade stuff and on all special occasions I gifted handmade gifts to her in-laws. To me “Handmade means expressing love”.

RC: Other than crafting what do you enjoy the most?

AG: I love watching movies in a theatre.

RC: Which are the product categories you check out most often in new arrivals?

AG: Mixed Media products.

Here is a step by step project by  Anju 

I have named my creation – “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL”, as this phrase reflects my personality. I believe “life is about moments, don’t wait for them, create them”.

I have created a beautiful Vintage Mixed Media Book cover.

Today I’m going to share a picture tutorial for the same with you all, explaining all the techniques and products used step by step.

Before we begin just a brief introduction to mixed media –

Mixed media is simply mixing of two or more media elements, like pastes, waxes, gels etc., mainly used in 3D projects, scrapbooking.

Step 1 – I have taken a hardboard diary, we can get it easily at any stationary shop. I have applied Black Gesso on both sides of the base (front & back).

Step 2 – I used a script stencil with White Gesso to give some interest on the base. Then leave it to dry completely.

Step 3 – Now we need ‘Air Hardening Modelling Clay by Mont Marte’, take out a big chunk of clay (don’t forget to seal the rest of the clay properly to avoid drying).

Step 4 – Bind the clay dough for few minutes in hand to make it little soft and smooth. Then roll it on table with a rolling pin to spread it to book size equally.

Place it on book and tear the edges and roll randomly giving a torn burnt look of a page.

Step 5 – Once you are satisfied with the edges, stick the clay with Silicon Paste on the front cover and leave it to air dry for 24 hours. It will start drying after few hours but we need to let it dry completely before painting. Waiting for so long needs a lot of patience. It’s so hard to resist once you start the project, but patience is very important in any art form.

Step 6 – Now coming back to the project after its completely dried, we need to secure the pages first, I have wrapped the pages with shrink wrap. I have covered the base and my embellishments with White Gesso. We can dry this layer with heating tool.

Step 7 – Arrange the embellishments as you wish and stick them with ‘Heavy Gel Medium’, we will place the photo once we finish the colouring part.

Step 8 – The colours I will be using are shades of blue, green and brown. I’ll be using spray paints for shading. Start with the darkest shade first then go on to the lighter shades. I have sprayed brown at the edges then blue on top and green on bottom and then sprayed little water to blend the shades.

Step 9 – To give little more depth to my project I have used ‘Metal Micro Beads’ in colour black, silver and red and pasted them with ‘Soft Gel Medium

Step 10 – At this stage I decided to again colour the base black to give 3D effect.

Once the colour dried, I have used Metallic Wax in shade copper blaze and glimmer moss on all the parts that needed to be highlighted, then pasted the photo.

And here my cover is ready.

Gosh!!! I’ve fallen in love with it, what about you all??



Here are a couple of  Anju’s  other awesome creations:

Many congrats  Anju for being the CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ITSY BITSY!!

You will receive Rs.500/- Itsy Bitsy gift voucher & a Crafter in the Spotlight badge, which can be proudly displayed on the side bar of your blog and other platforms. Looking forward to many more creations, Happy Crafting!

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Hi Friends,

Charu here!

This time I am back with an easy-peasy art journal page and  home decor which you and your little one will also like to create.

What is an art journal?

Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing, to create finished pages. It can be just anything! Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists. When it comes to the types of work represented in artist journals, there really aren’t any rules, and each book is as unique as the artist who created it.

You can create an art journal full of things you like, things you are grateful for, your bucket list, places you would like to visit or may be a vision journal!

Why do artists journal?

#An art journal might be used to try new techniques, or new materials.

#A book might be used to practice working on larger or smaller expressions, or in preparation of a new series of work outside the journal.

#Some artists use their art journals as diaries, to record what happened to them that day, week, or month.

# Keeping an art journal is another way of meditation or it can be another way of de-stressing yourself.

So here I go! I have made a very easy art journal page in my Little Birdie art journal  with wonderful Little Birdie Pearl Drops.

Little Birdie’s range of Pearl Drop colours are available are wonderful products to use in mixed media, wood, greeting cards, canvas or fabric.

  • The bottles have a pointed nozzle for making 3D drops
  • Dries quickly
  • The drops retain their shapes
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • You can use  Pearl Drops on a non-stick sheet and remove after drying and  Store for later use on cards, fabric there are endless possibilities
  • Are water resistant after drying

I am using Little Birdie art journal which is perfect to create your art journal in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media etc. The pages are 100percent cold pressed and it comes in 100 pages. This journal is one of my favorite to pen down or illustrate my thoughts!

For the first step I have applied chalk paint- Charcoal  on the  entire page.

In the next step I applied mixed media paste with one of my favorite stencil on both the pages.

I loved  the way it came out!

In  the next step, I sprayed Alcohol Splash in some chosen colours on the floral designs.

You can spray colours of your choice.

Now is the fun part!. I used Little Birdie Pearl Drop colours to create drops on the petals once the previous layer was dry. Creating these little droplets with Pearl Drop colours was therapeutic indeed!

If you want big pearls apply a little pressure on the bottle and if you want small drops press the bottle gently.

I also applied my favorite metallic wax on the border of the page. I have use Rich Gold here 

I stuck some sentiments from my stash and stuck some pearls to it . I also splattered the pages with metallic gold and white.

Voila ! I am done!

Here is the view of full page !

Here is my next project:

Rock painting is a great activity both for kids and grown ups.

Recently one of my  friends visited Jammu and Kashmir and got these beautiful rocks  from a river. So I thought of giving them a new look.

Here we go,

First thing you need to do is, wash the rocks to get the dust and dirt off. Once they are clean and dry, color them with different shades of green chalk paints.

Next, add some stripes with light colours on the dark pebbles and dark shades on the light ones.

Once they dry, add Little Birdie Pearl Drops on them.

I love those shiny droplets!!

I upcycled a plastic container in which I wanted to keep my succulents. I simply painted it with Teal chalk paint. I stuck some handmade flowers on the cacti. Filled  half of the pot with decorative sand. Arranged the painted rock cactus and added more decorative sand around them to keep them stable and  filled the pot with sand till the top.

The easy-peasy rock cactus craft is all done! Now you have a plant that will never, ever die or wither away!

Hope You like this super easy DIY craft!

Thank you for stopping by

cheers Charu!

Here is the list of products I have used for these projects:

Art Journal -7.6×10.2inch, 220gsm, 100 pages, 1pc

Stencil Baroque Design -7.3x 9.7Inch, 1 Piece

Metallic Wax – Rich Gold, 20ml, 1pc

Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml -Marsh Green

Handmade Flower Jewel Flowers – Blushed Nudes, 72pcs


Gold Alcohol Splash 50 ml – Frosted Pool

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I am at the blog to announce a new Blog Challenge that begins today. The theme for this month is anything Goes with Little Birdie Pearl Drops!!

P.S – Please bear with me for the long post.

Turn off word verification to enable us to leave comments

  • Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 entries. Please append numbers 1, 2, 3 next to your name while submitting multiple entries
  • Only projects posted during the valid challenge period are eligible. Backlinks or old projects are not allowed. Please link the creations posted only after our challenge has gone live.
  • When sharing your work via Facebook or Instagram, please make sure that your profile is PUBLIC, else we will not be able to view your entry and it will be disqualified.
  • If you have not subscribed to our blog kindly subscribe with your name and email id.
  • Various ways to use Pearl Drops

    Covering/Colouring stamped images.

  • Embellishing your projects
  • Over to my projects now!!
  • Foam mounted the panel over this card base. Filled in the gaps in between the butterflies using the Pearl Drops. 


    Adding details to objects

    Drew the sun, covered it with the yellow Pearl Drops. Using a toothpick, I just pulled the color outwards to create the rays. Adhered the cloud chipboard. Stamped the sentiment from my stash. Lastly, added the raindrops using blue Pearl Drops.



    I used various colored Pearl Drops. Mixed them slightly, and covered the entire image with it. The heat embossed border prevents it from coming out. 


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