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For thousands of years, humans have been hunting wild animals for meat, skin or just fun. This practice still exists today but in most countries, you require a license and outdoor supply to hunt specific animals. Traditional hunters relied on outdoor supply like spears, traps, and dogs to track and capture animals such as deer. It was a tedious task since most animals are agile and equipped with a powerful sense of smell. Nowadays most hunters don’t need dogs. Some of the modern hunting methods include the use of guns, modern traps, bow, arrow technique, and the trail camera. Other essential outdoor supply hunting tools that are carried in a backpack include binoculars, gloves, headlamp, a knife, GPS, and hunting boots. Camouflage clothes are appropriate in such environments. Don’t forget warm clothes if you want to spend the night in the forest.

The advancement of outdoor supply in technology has led to the development of trail camera which can help you to track animals in your absence. Good trail cameras don’t need your presence to function. The latest ones have extended battery life, external LCD displays, heat-sensing technology and are capable of rotating 360 degrees while tracking the source of heat. Advanced ones have a wireless connectivity which allows you to watch a real-time footage while far away from the forest.

What Is The Trail Camera

The trail camera is a special type of outdoor supply camera which uses infrared, incandescent and motion detection technologies to record the movement of wild animals. This camera is equipped with powerful lenses which enable it to capture crystal-clear images both at night and during the day. The videos and photos are time stamped to enable you to know the exact time an animal was at that spot and the number of minutes it spent there.

Trail Camera Function

The function of a trail camera is to take video or images of wild animals without being detected. The camera allows you to “spy” on the game which lives in remote areas. The gadget is ideal for gathering information about the activities of animals. With this gadget, you won’t risk your life by walking in a dense forest at night especially if the forest has deadly predators such as lions, leopards, bears and even aggressive grazers such as buffaloes.

Trail cameras have a wide range of uses. Hunters have started to use this equipment to minimize the time they take to track and take down an animal. Most animals are nocturnal and hunters find it difficult to walk in the wilderness at night. However, a trail camera enables you to know an exact time when animals are active. This camera is a must-have accessory to any scientist or researcher who wants to study the behavior or feeding habit of any type of animal, bird, or reptile. The researcher is able to note the time of the day when animals being studied are active. This camera prevents you from disturbing wild animals or destroying their habitats. Most animals have an advanced sense of smell and they might abandon an area with odors that might be perceived as those of a predator.

Auxbeam trail camera

Auxbeam now would expand our product lines and love to development outdoor supply. Auxbeam has produced some of the most sophisticated trail cameras. The trail cameras have a camouflage casing which makes it difficult to spot. Camouflage is a desirable feature since it keeps the gadgets safe from other hunters who might vandalize or steal it. It also makes it difficult for animals to detect an unusual object in their habitat. The camera models have long lasting batteries which allow you to install and leave them in the jungle for a few days. The models have been proven to work perfectly in all weather conditions and they can help you to make an informed decision when hunting. The following are some of the trail cameras and their features.

HT-001 Trail Camera

The gadget has been designed to support high capacity SD cards. This model is perfect for you if you intend to capture a lot of images or a long video footage. Unlike other low memory capacity models, this one can support up to 32GB of storage. With this camera, you don’t need to visit the camera frequently. Therefore, the wild animals won’t notice your presence and move to a new location.

CT008 Trail Camera

The trail camera has 8x Batteries and a 6V external power supply. This long-lasting battery pack reduces the number of return trips that you make to replace or recharge the batteries. As a hunter, you can take more video footage in just a single charge. The batteries have a low self-discharge rate to maximize their efficiency in various weather conditions.

HC-700G Trail Camera

Unlike other models, this trail camera embeds GPS coordinates on a satellite map. This feature makes this camera ideal for hunters who visit some of the most remote areas without cellphone radio signals. This allows you to locate where you placed the camera with ease. You can also set it to include GPS coordinates on the images that it captures.

Wireless connectivity is the most important feature in this camera. The gadget can capture images and send them to you via email or text. This allows you to download and view images without retrieving the SD card. The camera is ideal for any hunter who wants to leave the wildlife total undisturbed while collecting vital information.

HC-300M Trail Camera

This sensitive camera allows you to capture both small and large animals. High sensitivity is important if you intend to target animals of various sizes. It also features an antenna and SMS feature which allows you to set the camera to automatically take photos and send them to your device. It can also operate between -30 and 70 degrees which make is ideal for areas with extreme weather conditions.

H881 Trail Camera

This model takes time-lapse technology to another level. The camera can be programmed to automatically snap images at a pre-set time interval which ranges from a few minutes to an hour. You can set the camera to capture a photo when an animal moves to the field of view of the camera. This feature makes the camera ideal for monitoring the movement of animals the whole day since it uses less power and memory. Hunters use it to capture footage of animals that are active at dawn or dusk.

The camera offers you with a date-stamp feature. This feature records additional information such as time, temperature, date, and moon phase. This information is stamped on each captured photo go allow you to have an in-depth understanding of the behavior of the animal. Fortunately, you can turn this feature off if you don’t need it.


The trail camera is a great help if you want to record and hunt animals. All these trail cameras have different features that you can choose the one you prefer. If you are interested in vehicle modifications and vehicle lighting, please read on to know more.

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A head up display, also known as HUD, is made up of a transparent screen which displays information without obstructing the user. A car HUD enables pilots and drivers to maintain the position of their heads and focus on the objects in front while viewing additional information. Just like GPS technology, it was also developed for military use but it has been incorporated in vehicles and even passenger planes.

The Origin Of The Head Up Display

Originally, the head up display was developed for military use. It was during World War II that the top military started to think about how to improve their fighter planes to enable pilots to locate and attack enemy planes with ease. The pilots had low accuracy since they only relied on the orders they get via the radio and their instincts. Keen observation and maneuverability were important in any dogfight. The invention of a car HUD enabled pilots to get combat information with ease. It also allows them to fly at supersonic speeds and outmaneuver other planes and missiles.

This technology has improved over the last few decades. Nowadays the car HUD uses high-speed microprocessors to display advanced graphics on the screen. Modern fighter jets use a car HUD to locate several targets at a time in hostile skies. Some car manufacturers have started to include this technology on the windshield to improve road safety.

How Head Up Display Works

Head up display uses programmable waveform generation, optics, cathode ray tube, and complex algorithms to project vital information right on the windshield of your vehicle. This technology enables drivers to know where they are going in real-time. Unlike using a GPS, you won’t get distracted or waste time checking the waypoints. This technology allows drivers to focus on the road while getting navigation information at the same time.

This system can display lane markings when to make a turn, restaurants, distance of the vehicle in front, your speed, remaining fuel, and other details. Drivers with this system drive safely because they are more informed. With this unit, you can avoid accidents and get lost especially during bad weather and at night. You can join a busy highway with ease if you use a head up display.

Driving in a new town is usually a challenge. However, if your car has a HUD, you will get a notification on when to turn and the perfect route to use. You can also get notified about the next gas station or restaurant. As technology improves, this system will change the way we drive by helping us to reach our destination faster and avoid road accidents.

Do You Need The Head Up Display

Absolutely, all drivers need this technology since it can prevent accidents and missing turns on busy highways. A car HUD allows you to drive at high speed, by providing you with accurate information on time. Your hands remain free; you don’t need to use additional gadgets to get direction and other information.

Top automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, GM and Audi are producing new car models with factory-installed the car HUD. This system displays details about your engine, speed, navigation and other details. The in-car HUD also allows wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and gather notifications from your smartphone. This prevents you from being distracted by your gadget when there is a new email, message or call. This not only improves driving experience but also maximizes road security and safety.

Advanced car HUD’s also notifies you when an accident is imminent and highlight important street signs. This prevents you from over speeding or violating the law. However, if your car doesn’t have an inbuilt HUD, you can use HUD apps or install third-party HUD tools.

Auxbeam Head Up Display Introduction 5.5” A8 Car Windshield Screen Projector HUD head up Display

This lightweight gadget modernizes the dashboard of your car by projecting important information on the display. The car HUD is easy to set up. It has a dash mount which keeps the gadget in place even when driving at high speeds. The brightness can be regulated to offer maximum visibility. The package comes with a user manual, reflective film, OBD cable, head up display and anti-skid pad. It has been designed to display fuel consumption, water temperature, speed alarm, and other details.

P12-OBD2 Car Windshield Screen Projector Head Up Display

P12 OBD2 Car HUD is a lightweight and powerful gadget that displays speed limit, direction, and other details. It has a transparent film which you can fix on the windshield so that you can project information on it. This car HUD automatically adjusts the display brightness to prevent glare in various conditions. It is compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets.

P10 Car HUD head up Display OBD2/EUOBD Speed/Temperature-Alarm

This is one of the most advanced third-party car HUD units. It is beginner friendly and comes with OBD2 port. It automatically turns on when you start the engine and switches off when you stop the engine. This eliminates the need of manually switching the HUD on or off. The unit is one of the most feature intensive HUDs on the market. The in-built alarm notifies you when you exceed the speed limit and if the temperature of your engine is too high. What makes it unique is its ability to connect to the vehicle via the OBD2 port and access information directly from the vehicle.

Universal 3.5A5 Head Up Display GPS Speedometer Projector

This Head up display system automatically connects to the nearby satellites to get your coordinates in real-time. This enables it to calculate your speed without being connected to the engine. This model has been designed to display the number of engine revolutions, temperature, voltage, and other parameters. The car HUD also displays digital gauges that keep you informed about the amount of fuel remaining.

Universal X5 Car HUD Head Up Display MPH-Speed Warning

This is one of the most affordable HUD models on the market. It displays the speed of your vehicle, engine temperature, fuel gauge, and other engine parameters. The speed warning feature prevents you from over speeding especially at night. The unit uses simple colors to eliminate glare. Just like most HUD systems, it is energy efficient and it won’t drain your battery.


The head up display can help you drive safely without checking the screen while driving. So how about choosing one of the car HUD to help your vehicle looks cooler and become safer. Check at Auxbeam, you can find the best. If you are interested in vehicle modified parts, please read on to know more.

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Ever seen a custom Jeep having a long pipe that sticks out over its hood? Do you ever wonder why a smoke stack would be installed on a jeep? That long pipe is known a snorkel set . We would help you clarify your thoughts as regards what it does and why you may need it on your 4×4 custom Jeep.

What Is A Snorkel Set?

It is a pipe-looking fixture that is run from the air intake just below the hood, and it extends above just close to the vehicle’s passenger side. You, but not off-roader, may think it looks odd on a vehicle. They know what value it could serve when off-roading in a dusty terrain or in areas having deep water crossings, thereby making it less vulnerable to ingesting water. The opening at the top of this accessory gets air into the custom jeep. If you want to install this accessory, ensure it is large enough to feed adequate air into the engine.

Why The Custom Jeep Need the Snorkel Set?

For 4×4 or off-roading enthusiasts, it helps their vehicles to get dry, clean, and cool air into their engine in their off-roading trips. It also helps increase a vehicle’s air intake. It can also help to prevent dirt or water from getting into the vehicle’s engine while off-roading in a dusty area or crossings having deep stream or river. When your vehicle gets cooler air, its horsepower, engine’s performance, and longevity will all improve. In other words, the snorkel set is just a modification for your 4×4 custom jeep, to protect it. As starters, you need to protect the electrical parts of your vehicle. Electronics such as gearbox, ignition switches, fans, power-distribution packs, etc. are not friendly with water; thus, they always need to be waterproof.

Note that you do not require this ‘long pipe’ to off-road; you only need it as modifications to improve your vehicle’s performance.

Benefits Of Installing A Snorkel Set

Installing this accessory on your custom jeep serves a unique purpose. While many starters feel it is an unnecessary accessory, off-road enthusiasts would not trade it for anything. Therefore, if you do much off-roading in areas that are wet and thus requires you to get across deep streams or rivers, you require this equipment.

You are left with the decision of deciding if you require this accessory for your custom jeep or not. However, if you want to prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine, it is your sure bet. You know how costly it might be to replace the engine in your custom jeep. Therefore, knowing its benefits can provide you with the tips that will help you in your decision-making process.

Auxbeam Snorkel Set Review

The Auxbeam model is the perfect fit for your custom Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2011) having a 3.8l V6 engine. Made with flexible ABS plastic, it is UV resistant, and not easily cracked. You only require minor drilling/cutting on your vehicle’s body for mounting at the front right side of your jeep. It comes in a matte black color. It comes with the following benefits:

Maximum dust and water sealing

Reduction of engine damage hazards during deep water crossings

Lowers hydro-locking risks

Engine performance improvement

Airflow duct design that allows for clean and dry air into the engine

How To Install The Snorkel Set On The Custom Jeep

Before buying and installing this accessory to your custom jeep, you have to consider some certain features:

  1. Determine the rated wading depth of your vehicle. When water enters your engine, it may cause great damage. For instance, the Isuzu D-Max and Chevrolet Colorado have similar intake heights, but wading depths that are distinct. Vehicles that lack rated wading depth exposes the engine’s fluid reservoirs and electronics to water intrusion.
  2. Find the systems that are available for your vehicle. However, you can customize a snorkel set to suit your vehicle which does not have a ready-made snorkel set, even though this may be costly.
  3. Get the original. Cheap and unbranded snorkels may be similar but with less quality. The implication of this is less resistance to small impacts and UV damage.
  4. Determine your desired system: rammed or cyclone (also called vortex) type. This will determine power and fuel consumption.
  5. Be ready to make holes in your vehicle’s bodywork. A snorkel has to be bolted to your vehicle to allow free passage of the air tube through the fender. For an appropriate work, take it to an expert shop. Ensure the edges of the cut are rust-proof appropriately to avoid corrosion problems in the future.

After you have successfully observed the above tips or features, you are now ready to install a snorkel set on your jeep. Using the Redrock 4×4 model on Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2011) having a 3.8l V6 engine, the tools and steps involved in the installation include the following:

Tools required

Tape measure

10 mm socket and ratchet

Painters tape

Clear silicone

T40 star bit

Calking Gun

Rivet gun

Philips screwdriver

Drill and 1/8 drill bit

Dremel tool having metal Es 1 ¼ inch lock cutting blade

Installation Steps
  1. Prepare and organize the tools you require. The installation starts with the body. Remove two bolts (10 mm) from the left fender, and two T40 bolts from the side pillar. Then remove factory air intake and finally attach the equipment.
  2. Locate the template middle point with the tape measure. Line up the center point of air intake section and template on snorkel set to measure air intake. Once it is aligned, attach the template to the hood bottom lip using painters tape.
  3. Crisp template edge in preparation for a cut. Use the Dremel tool to start cutting, following the template line. After this, remove the piece of the hood. Then place the bezel of the hood around the hole drill; each rivet spot should have 1/8 inch holes. Install holes through the holes, while also securing them.
  4. The installation is now complete. However, ensure you use silicone to the waterproof air intake. This is to prepare it against flooding. Enjoy your accessory.

If you are interested in off-road vehicle modification, please read on to know more.

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Headlights are probably one of the most essential safety gadgets in your car. Their importance is even more pronounced when you happen to drive more at night hours. They are one of those necessities that you may not give thought to, well, not until they’re fading or gone. When the road ahead of you becomes foggy, driving under such conditions is often difficult and dangerous. Poor lighting condition while driving often results in accidents, when it is foggy or at night-time. Having the appropriate LED headlight bulbs for your car is definitely some kind of personal basic safety measure. Many car owners are getting headlights that will serve them in all kinds of weather conditions when they are traveling.

The LED headlight bulbs technology is the latest innovation used for manufacturing the brightest headlights of vehicles. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. LED headlight bulbs have several technological advantages over its competitors, i.e. Halogen headlights. Therefore, they have become extremely popular in the passenger automobile industry. LED headlight bulbs produce a superior range of vision and brightest headlights which help car owners save tons of money over the lifespan of a car. Therefore, it’s not surprising they are becoming more visible on our roads.

Since LED headlight bulbs are increasing in popularity over halogen lamps, many automobile manufacturers and car owners are switching to this efficient option. Here are some reasons why LED headlight bulbs are preferred over Halogen lamps as the brightest headlight bulbs;

Benefits OF LED Headlight Bulbs Energy Efficiency

LED headlights bulbs are produced with superior strength and efficiency when compared to halogen lamps. They have a very high degree of illumination and can produce the brightest headlights and pure beam of light which will help you have a clearer view of the road in the dark.

Despite having a high degree of brightest headlights illumination, LED headlight bulb use lesser energy compared to halogen lamps, while their brightness can be up to 280% brighter than halogen lamps. And their energy consumption is about 85% lower.

Extended Life

LED headlight bulbs are manufactured with top quality materials. Even with consistent use. An LED headlight bulb can last for several years, which are considerably better than the regular halogen bulbs. LED headlight bulbs are less susceptible to malfunctions or failure compared to halogen lamps, their average lifespan is ten times that of the halogen lamps. LED headlight bulbs have an average lifespan of 32000-52000 hours or even longer while an average halogen lamp may last just for 1000 hours.

Easy to Install

LED headlight bulbs are very easy to install. As the plug type id the same size as the halogen bulbs. However, most LED headlight bulbs size are larger than the halogen bulbs because they have the cooling fans, or large housing to dissipate heat, drivers, or CANBUS drivers to keep the bulbs working in the normal way. Thus, the small size LED headlight bulb whose size is the same as the halogen bulbs may be a good choice for you. You don’t need any special skills or the assistance of a mechanic to get them installed. You can easily install them successfully within 30 minutes to one hour.


The most important advantage that LED headlight bulbs possess over the typical halogen lamps is the degree of brightness of the light they provide. LED headlights produce a crispy, sparkling, bright white light which can successfully transform total darkness into a sunny afternoon. Properly designed LED headlights will meet all on-road regulations, reduce glare for oncoming vehicles, and have a beam outline that puts the light at the exact point you need it most.

 LED Headlights Bulbs VS Halogen Bulbs
LED Headlight Bulbs Halogen Lamps
Brightest headlights Light produces not so bright
It is more efficient Halogen lamps are not so efficient
Last longer, more durable Halogen lamps are not so long- lasting
Generally cooler than halogen lamps Usually very hot
Perfect for all weather conditions, efficient in bad weather and foggy days Not so efficient in bad weather
Easy to install Not so easy to install
Put less stress on the eyes of the driver The poor Illumination stresses the driver’s eye often
They require very little maintenance Demands more maintenance
Water- resistant/water proof Affected by water
2 New LED Headlight Bulbs By Auxbeam

Give your car a new lease of life with The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs by Auxbeam, which can offer you the brightest headlights or the smallest size headlights in Auxbeam.

P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs

We introduce the latest automotive LED lighting revolution, the super bright elastic and waterproof LED headlight bulbs, the P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs by Auxbeam. P10 series is in the same size as the halogen bulbs. You do not need to worry that your dust cover cannot reinstall or there is no space to dissipate heat after upgrading the LED headlight bulbs.

Key Features

  • A halogen size headlight
  • 2 times brighter than car original halogen bulb
  • Mini 1mm Ultra-thinLEDfocus design
  • The thinner it is, the better lighting beam pattern it is
  • Down to 1mm between PCB
  • Board and board
  • Maximum anti-glare
  • Maximum no dark area
  • Waterproof
  • High performance in bad weather
  • The integrated heat dissipation system
  • Through aircraft grade aluminum, a large copper substrate to improve the heat dissipation
  • Orientation pressurization cooling system
  • Built-in 8000 RMP high-speed fan can take away the heat in a moment to ensure the bulb work normally in a high temperature
The GT Series Extra Bright LED Headlight Bulbs

GT series high quality LED chips which have 45W for one bulb. Thus, totally 90W for a pair. Compared with other LED headlight bulbs Auxbeam has sold, GT series is the brightest headlights among them.

Key features

  • Super bright, using CREE XHP70 CHIP for each LED headlight
  • 9000LM for each pair of LED headlights
  • IP65 dust and water seal, beam angle 360-degrees
  • 35-80 degree CelsiusOperating Temperature
  • Aviation Premium 6063 aluminum
  • 360-degree clear beams no blind zone
  • Super cool engineering beam patterns
  • Nice performance, especially in foggy days
  • Nice fitment which easily replaces old full filament bulbs
  • Great Temperature Control System through the interior cooling fan which automatically cools down in maximum temperatures.

The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs from Auxbeam are the brightest headlights & the smallest in size in the marketplace. They have very accurate beam shape lighting than several other lights on the market. They are easy to install and fit vehicles easily. They are very energy-efficient as they use less wattage compared to others while producing the brightest headlights in the market.  The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlights are available in different styles and are 10 times brighter than your regular halogen lamps. If you are interested in LED lighting and other off-road modification parts, please read on to know more.

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Just like a car, you can enhance the performance of your ATV with ATV accessories. From bearings to bumpers to lighting, all ATV accessories serve their specific purposes. Bearings, for one, make your riding experience smoother. They keep the engines rotating and they transfer power from the engine to your wheels. Lighting accessories make it easier for you to traverse tough terrains at night. Bumpers protect your ATV from damages by absorbing the force if the impact. But something that many people fail to incorporate in their ATVs is the CV axle. It is one of the most important ATV accessories that one must have. And here is why.

Meet the CV Axle

CV stands for Constant Velocity. The axle is a component of a vehicle that is used on front-wheel drives. It is a joint that connects the transmission and the wheel shaft. What it does is to allow the engine to transmit power to your front wheels even as you turn. In a rear-wheel drive, the wheels do not turn left and right so there is no force that can disturb the transmission of power from the engine to the wheel.

To demonstrate this, try holding a rod or baton by wrapping your right hand around it. Extend your arm and make sure the baton is horizontal. Hold one end of the rod with your left hand and turn it. Twist it. This motion shows you how a rear-wheel shaft works.

Then, abruptly twist your right wrist either to the left or right. As you can observe, the rod will now have reduced speed.

The axle prevents this power loss no matter which way you turn your wheels. If you have a four-wheel drive ATV whose rear wheels also turn, then you also need an ATV CV axle for the rear shaft as one of the important ATV accessories.

In a nutshell, the power that comes from the engine rotates the ATV CV axle, then the axle transfers this power to the wheels.

Diagnose the CV Axle

Any bad ATV accessories will damage and cause accidents. A bad axle cannot be repaired. The only route to go is to replace it. Although you can still drive with a broken one, there is no telling when it will be damaged enough, leaving you with an ATV that will not move.

One symptom to look out for is worn and damaged boot. If it is damaged, grease will leak out and contaminants will set in. If it accumulates enough dirt, the dirt will harden and it will not turn anymore. If you hear clunking sounds as you drive, specifically when you turn, then it is likely that you already have a damaged ATV CV axle joint.

A humming noise is an indication that the ATV axle is not lubricated properly. Grease is important to make the shafts and pivots turn. Another thing to listen for is a constant knocking that comes from the front wheels of the ATV. When this happens, it is an indication that the ATV axle is misaligned.

A malfunctioning ATV axle is dangerous because you will lose control of the vehicle. In cases where there is axle joint failure, the damage will eventually break the entire axle and you will be lucky enough not to get into an accident while driving.

Replace the CV Axle

In this example, we will use Polaris RZR to demonstrate how to replace an ATV CV axle. You will need the following: brass hammer, side dikes, needle-nosed pliers, small screwdriver (flat), band clamp tensions too, and grease for CV-joint.

  1. Jackup the ATV. For rear replacement, disconnect the battery. Let some oil seep through the bolts.
  2. Loosen the strut top mounts but do not remove them. Loosen the sway bar bushings, too.
  3. Remove the side wheel axle mounting bolts.
  4. Pull the axle from the wheel. Do not park or hang over the transmission as they can get damaged.
  5. Remove the axle from the transmission gently. Do not bend or tear any oil seal.
  6. Replace the boot if necessary. Discard the old axle but use the seals and ABS rings on the new ATV axle if they are not damaged.
  7. Put the replaced axle back into place. Check the rotation and re-assemble any parts that are loose.

In some occasions, you may need to completely dismantle the Polaris RZR if you only need to replace some parts. If this is what you need to do, you need to degrease the whole thing to remove any debris and soot. Replace worn out parts like the boot and apply an appropriate amount of grease.

Choose Your CV Axle

There are many axles as ATV accessories to choose from. They vary in sizes and purposes. Some axles are designed for the rear drive ATV and some for the front. At Auxbeam, we have many CV axles that will fit most ATVs. Below are some





# of Models Compatible









Ease of Installation






Left/Right ATV CV Axle For 13-15 Polaris Ranger















Neoprene and high-grade steel



Left/Right CV Axle for 13-15 Polaris Ranger















CF53 Medium-Carbon Steel



Heavy Duty
Rear Left/Right CV Axle for 99-02
Polaris Sportsman















CF53 material



Left/Right ATV CV Axle for 15-17 Polaris RZR XP 1000















No.55 International Steel, Neoprene



Left/Right ATV CV Axle for 15-17 Polaris RZR S 900/1000















No.55 International Steel, Neoprene


Auxbeam does not only sell ATV accessories like CV axle. We have a multitude of products like light bars, motorcycle lights, LED bulbs, roof racks, interior accessories, body armor, exhausts, and a myriad of other things for your vehicle. Be it a Jeep, Honda, or Nissan, etc, we have products designed for specific car manufacturers and models. Visit our website to view more products.


The ATV CV axle is one of the must-have ATV accessories that you can buy for a low price but should never compromise. Not only A bad CV axle can cause accidents, but any bad ATV accessories will lead to accidents in the most inopportune time. Considering that ATVs are made for rugged terrains, the potential damage to your body is much worse than it is if you were driving in a race track.

If you are unsure whether you still have a fully functional ATV axle, you have to take it to a professional for a check-up. If a replacement is needed, do it promptly and never use the ATV prior to completing the replacement. If you are interested in other ATV accessories or other vehicle modified part, please read on to know more.

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So, you’re all set for the family vacation that you’ve been planning for 2 weeks. Everything was going well until you were in the midway and you realized that you forget to pick up the ice container in which you were supposed to put cold drinks. Moreover, when you reached the destination you figured out that you also forget to pick up the extra clothing bag that you were to be supposed to load in the truck. You may start to know that some truck accessories can help you after you adjust things to make a place for it.

The road trips in America are common. The open road, the awe-inspiring scenery, and the unlimited number of detours make the path worth following. Is there a way in which you can make the trip unique, an experience unforgettable? There is one challenge every road tripper face while going on a trip.
Luckily, the solution lies with us. There are truck accessories which can hold the extra cargo for you. Say hello to the roof rack and cargo carrier bags which let you store everything which cannot fit inside your car/truck.

Do you want to know how these simple truck accessories can help you to make the trip worth it? Grab a cup of Coffee and start reading the rest of the post. Both roof rack and cargo carriers can handle your cargo-hauling needs.

The problem which you faced should not have never occurred if you’ve carried the two most important truck accessories with you on your trip. A roof rack or a rooftop cargo carrier.

Roof Rack

Let’s begin with what exactly is roof rack and what is its function. A roof rack is a perfect solution for cars who want to carry something without drilling holes in your roof. It will carry all the bulky luggage on your roof without being a burden on your car and on you.
The Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars by Auxbeam are excellent products. It can reduce the wind noise resistant and reduce it to 40%-70%. The self-adaptive feet at the base allow you to adjust the angle so that it can fit in the roof arc perfectly. The rubber gaskets and rubber cover on the clamps can prevent any car damages. It is all easy to assemble and can disassemble in minutes.

Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Bag

While we are discussing the necessary truck accessories–Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag. A product by Auxbeam is an awesome equivalent which can help you deal with an extra load that you need to carry on your vacation.

Unlike roof rack, the Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag is a waterproof cargo bag with an enormous amount of space. The soft slides can be fixed to any odd-shaped loads. Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag is not just waterproof, it is UV-resistant too. It protects the bag from sun, wind, and precipitation.

  • The 8 straps protect the cargo during the transport.
  • The hidden zipper avoids the rain and keeps your things safe from a rainy day.
  • The bag is designed to be secured when placed on the top of most vehicles which have the aftermarket cargo rack.

The Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag is installed on the roof with a secured bar of the luggage roof rack which are installed previously in the career basket of the cargo.
When the truck accessories are properly installed on top of the car it gets easier for the people to hold things which are necessary truck accessories for traveling.




Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag







/ UV-resistant








Install Time


30 minutes







Security Measures For Your Truck Accessories

Know The Limits: Whatever solution you’re planning to use, whether it is rooftop cargo carrier bag or a roof rack check and test the weight that the truck accessory can hold. Exceeding the limits can cause serious damage to the accessory as well as your vehicle.

Pack Smartly: To prevent the impact of breaking, it is wise to pack with a distributed weight. For the rooftop, it is good to choose lighter items.

Secure SUVs: Adding a lot of weight will make the rooftop as the center of gravity which means if you’re in an SUV there will be more resistance and potential for swaying, beware.

No Loose Space: It is good not to move the items when you’re at a stop, as strapping down the bags might shift the weight of the cargo boxes which can cause a problem. Ensure that the small items are packed with huge boxes and leave no space free in the box.

Always Maintain Visibility: When you pack the bag ensure that all the items are visible to you. You cannot ignore any loose ends. A properly packed rooftop bag can help to view the visibility always. However, if there is a bicycle this may affect the visibility of the bag.

Keep The Extra Supplies: If there are some important supplies which are in your cargo bag keep some backup supplies in your car too. Sometimes when the straps on the bag are too tight it gets difficult for it to open and in this case, a backup might help.

Other Measures You Should Pay Attention

Tire Pressure: This is viral. Before the journey begins you need to check whether the tire pressure is okay or not. Can the tire hold the pressure with the bags?

Watch Keenly: Be careful when going under the bridges and drive-thru restaurants. Or where there are signs of “low overhang”, this might help you to do any damage to your bag or car.

Insurance: This is a no-brainer but still, make sure that you’re insured before you leave for the trip. Is the insurance of the car covered?

Traveling is fun when you’re prepared for the unknown. The more prepared you’re with the truck accessories better will be your journey. You don’t need to worry about the extra weight with Auxbeam roof rack and rooftop cargo bags. If you are interested in different truck accessories like LED lighting, other truck modified parts like bumper, horns, hi lift jack mount etc, please read on to know more.

LED Light Bar VS Mini Light Bar

Is Horn Necessary as Truck Accessories

How to Choose The Hi Lift Jack Mount

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LED driving lights continue to get better and this is all good news to most if not all car owners. There are many reasons why LED driving lights stand out. For one, they are much brighter than the traditional halogen varieties. They are also designed for multiple driving conditions meaning that users can get exactly what they need to enhance their driving experience. Want to buy some auxiliary lights for your car but have no idea where to start? Below is an detailed review that highlights what driving lights are, why you should use them and where you can install them in your car. The review also covers three of the best LED driving lights available in the market today.

What is Driving Light?

Driving lights perform two major functions. They illuminate the road making it easy for the driver to see while driving and they signal other drivers that there is a car on the road. In fact, headlights can also one kind of headlights, so these driving lights provide adequate illumination without blinding other drivers on the road.

Why Choose LED Driving Light?

Massive Life Expectancy

It should be the biggest selling point of the LED driving lights. LED driving light is designed to last longer so you can be sure that once you buy them, you rarely need to replace them.

No warmup time

No like the HID lights, the LED driving light can go on and shine brightly immediately as you start the car.

Low Current draw

LED uses less power but gives out the super bright light. Thus using LED driving lights are more energy efficient

Totally Waterproof

Unlike traditional lights, LED driving lights are totally waterproof. This enhances their versatility and ensures that they can be used in all weather conditions

Vibration Resistant

The fact that LED lights are vibrant resistant in addition to being totally waterproof has given these light quite an edge. In terms of performance, they are ranked as the best performing lights and with these among other qualities, these lights will be holding that position for a long time.

New Type LED Driving Function

Projector Lens

Projector headlights are among the newest invention as far as car lighting is concerned. These lights come with a lens that works as a magnifying glass. Thanks to this lens, the brightness of the light beam is increased. Aside from their brightness, projector lights are becoming popular because they are also less likely to blind other drivers.

Halo Ring/Angel Eye

Halo rings or angel eyes comes with a luminous ring inside the headlight that greatly enhances the appearance of the car. Though these lights were originally produced by BMW, they have been widely optimized to work with other car models.

DRL Function

Aside from just being used at night, LED driving lights may also work as daytime running lamps. These work to increase visibility with daylight conditions. These lights are known to increase safety on the road during the day.

Where Can LED Driving Lights Be Installed? On the Roof

You can choose to install your LED driving lights on the roof rack. This offers a wider view. Install on the roof is easy if you have the roof racks or rooftop cargo covers.

At the Bumper

This is the simplest location to mount your driving lights. Most if not all cars come with built-in lighting mounts so fixing is made easy. Accessing the wiring from the bumper is also quite easy. Driving lights on the bumper improve the visibility of the road ahead but it does not shed much light to other areas

On the A-Pillar

This location offers the best light for high-speed off-road driving. Installing the LED headlights on the A-pillar is not easy because you need extra mounting brackets to make the lights keep on the position. The mounting brackets for vehicles except Jeep might be a little bit hard to find. Maybe you need to modify the mounting brackets by yourselves.

3 Auxbeam Hot Sale LED Driving Lights Review


Power LED Quantity  


Beam Pattern Lifetime  


7 inch Round Rotating RGB Halo Ring Headlights 90w


5 LED Chips Projector Lens Low Beam 50,000 hours Halo Ring/Angel Eye
7 inch LED Driving Light




16 Pieces LED


Reflector Lens Combo Beam 50,000 hours Combo Beam
6 inch CREE Round LED Driving Light 60w


4 Pieces LED Projector Lens Hi-Lo beam


50,000 hours X-shape DRL Function
7 inch 90W Round Rotating RGB Halo Ring Headlights

These headlights are designed with the Jeep Wrangler in mind. The lights fit into the buckets without any modifications. Even better, these headlights are light in weight and deliver high lumen output. Other notable features include:

RGB Rotating Function

These headlights are made in RGB, which can give out multiple colors. Yet, different from other RGB headlights, which can just give out one light at a time before it changed, Auxbeam RGB rotating headlights can give out multiple colors in just one mode. They will be much cooler than other LED Headlights.

Built-in Cooling system

This ensures optimal heat dissipation. Made of aluminum housing, these LED headlights can dissipate the heat quickly by the aluminum housing.

All in one Function

This headlight is android and IOS compatible, Bluetooth controlled and comes with a time function.

7 inch 80W LED Driving Light

Yet another innovative Auxbeam creation. This LED driving light comes with a unique spot and flood bean that is sure to enhance visibility even in further places. The light is housed in an aluminum alloy casing that is both durable and corrosion resistant. Other features include:

Vertical Fins

These work to keep the light cool. The vertical fins have been proven to offer a better cooling function

Bright LED Chip

This first of all ensure that the light delivered is bright. The LED chip also makes this driving light energy efficient while ensuring enhanced stability.

6 inch 60W CREE X-Shape LED Driving Light

As the name suggests, this driving light has an X-shape DRL function light. The driving light comes with a high water proof rate and a Hi-Lo beam. The headlight is enclosed in a black cover made using die-cast aluminum. Other features include:

Clear PC Lens

This delivers a bright light to ensure that the road is well illuminated when you are driving. The lens is hard coated to ensure that it stays in perfect condition for long.

Long Lifetime

This headlight is designed to deliver 50,000 hours of quality lighting. With good care, these lights will literally last as long as your car.


This light can be used as the fog light or a reverse back up light. They can also offer great lighting on and off the highway and if you are really adventurous you can use them as recreational lights. The lights are sure to guarantee that you way stays illuminated whatever the weather conditions.

Unlike with the 2 headlights discussed above, the CREE driving light comes as a single light in a package. The above lights come in pairs so 1 package is in most cases enough. With the CREE LED driving lights you need to get at least two packages.


LED driving lights are very useful for many different off-roads. LED driving lights have many functions and can make your off-road much cooler. Do not hesitate and get one pair of LED driving lights to make your off-road new. If you are interested in LED lighting and off-road modification, please read on to know more.

How to Make The Best Use of Your Headlight Bulbs

Why You Need a Wiring Harness for Light Bars

What Are Side Marker Lights?

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LED headlight bulbs become the best replacement for the factory halogen bulbs. However, when choosing and replacing the LED headlight bulbs, you will find some problems. Yet, do not worry. Let Auxbeam helps you fix that.

Why Choosing LED Headlight Bulbs?

LED headlight bulbs are known to offer more benefits as compared to other standard bulbs. LED headlights are widely used to upgrade halogen bulbs in vehicles. LED headlight bulbs are known to be highly energy efficient. They use less power to produce the same amount of light output as halogen bulbs. LED headlight bulbs consume less than 60% of the total energy required to power a halogen bulb. This means your car will need less fuel to run the alternator. In addition, using LED saves power for other electrical devices such as the stereo and phone.

LED headlight bulbs also have a longer lifetime as compared to halogen bulbs. If they are supplied with the right amount of power, they offer at least 20,000 working hours. This saves your money since you don’t have to replace them regularly.

These headlight bulbs also have an outstanding optical performance. You can easily control the direction of the light to maximize visibility. This allows you to direct the beam of light at a low angle to avoid causing glare or blinding the drivers in oncoming vehicles.

Vehicles with LED headlight bulbs produce a brighter beam of light than halogen bulbs. This gives you move visibility especially at night and during bad weather such as snow. Better visibility enables the driver to make proper judgment and avoid unnecessary accidents.

The LED headlight bulbs are also easy to install. You can buy and an LED retrofit-kit which allows you to replace the halogen bulbs in a few steps. The bulb doesn’t require any modification in the wiring of your headlights and it doesn’t affect the performance of other electrical components.

How to Fix the Problems When Upgrading The Headlights?

It is easy to upgrade your headlights with LED headlight bulbs. However, you can encounter various problems if you don’t use the right LED headlight bulbs. Low-quality LED bulbs have poor performance and they can cause some safety issues. Some cheap bulbs are not designed with safety in mind and you will notice that some of them produce an extremely bright light beam. Strong light causes glare and makes it difficult for other drivers to see. Such LEDs can cause eye problems and even accidents at night.

LED headlight bulbs are known to produce less heat but they can also overheat when used for a long period of time. Some low-cost LED bulbs lack small fans and heat sinks for heat dissipation. Such bulbs should not be used in headlights since they can overheat and fail after some time.

Flicker or Dashboard Warning?

When you install LED headlights on vehicles without Canbus, they will work perfectly without adding any additional driver. However, you can experience some problems if your vehicle uses a Canbus (Controller Area Network Bus). Canbus checks the electrical components of your vehicle and sends their status to the control unit. You might encounter problems such as dashboard error that notifies you that the bulb is out, flickering of the headlights, bulbs not lighting up or even low light beam. Therefore, it is advisable to check if your vehicle has Canbus before upgrading any electrical component. But it is easy to fix these problems. Just buy an appropriate Canbus Driver for your vehicle and install it after replacing the bulb.

It is advisable to use some LED bulbs series such as the T1 and W series since they come with Canbus drivers. These bulbs series are a better option when it comes to replacing halogen bulbs with LED headlights, and you do not know if your car is equipped with the Canbus system.

Check the Factory Bulb Type But Still Cannot Put The New One In?

Before you buy led bulbs, you have to check your car manual or ask an expert so that you can select the right bulb type. However, some LED headlight bulbs cannot be 100% installed in some vehicles even if you choose correct bulbs with the right plug-type fitting. Vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Ben, Volkswagen, Buick, Hyundai, and others that needs H7 led bulb for high beam or low beam need to use the special bulb holder. If the factory H7 bulbs have the bulb holders, you can use them on the new LED headlight bulbs. But some factory bulbs and bulb holders are fixed together. So you may need to purchase the bulb holders according to your vehicle type.

Fortunately, Auxbeam provides you with H7 LED bulb holders that can allow you to fit LED headlight bulbs in these vehicles. Auxbeam has got every H7 LED bulb holder ready for you to choose. After you have purchased the LED headlight bulbs and the H7 led bulb holders, you should make the right connections on the terminals to avoid damaging the headlights.

The Factory Dust Cover Cannot Fit In.

Dust cover is an important item in the headlights since it prevents dust from getting into the bulbs. Dust can hinder heat dissipation and make the bulbs to fail. You can buy the right LED headlight bulbs but discover that the installation process cannot be completed since the cover cannot be reinstalled. Some LED headlights are usually designed with a bigger heatsink. The heat sink occupies most space and it doesn’t allow the rubber dust cap to be reinstalled.

You can also get an LED headlight with a massive fan which occupies more space. The big fan gets too close to the dust cover and this prevents it from getting sufficient airflow. This hinders the fan from functioning properly and the bulb can get too hot and fail prematurely. Some people try to solve these problems by drilling a hole on the dust cover and trimming some parts to accommodate the massive heat sink. However, this is a bad approach since it is time-consuming and you can accidentally damage some components.

All the components of an LED are important and there is no way you can remove the big heat sink or fan from the bulb. These components provide cooling which determines the durability and light stability of the bulb. In addition, the headlights require a dust cover and you can’t do away with it if you want your bulbs to last for a long period of time.

You can choose Auxbeam T1 series or A2 LED headlight bulbs. They are designed in small bulb size. Thus, you dust cover will fit in. The reliable solution is to use the Auxbeam headlight dust cover which fits perfectly in all types of vehicles. This dust cover accommodates LED headlights with large heat sinks or large fans for cooling the bulb.


There are many different situations why the LED headlight bulbs do not be installed and work normally. Sometimes, it is not the LED headlight bulbs have some problems. There are some little problems and accessories you also need for your vehicles. If you want to know some other problems that do not mention here, you can tell us and we will try to help you fix that. If you want to know more about LED lighting and vehicle modified parts, please read on to know more.

Portable LED Strip Light Review

Why You Need a Wiring Harness for Light Bars

Necessary Kit for Tow Truck—Truck Winch

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Do you know that the word Jeep, its origin has proven bewildering? According to reliable sources like Wikipedia, the presumption is that earlier users change the name from government purpose to Jeep, it was introduced during World War II. We all love the Jeep and here at Auxbeam, we are going to show you the right way to treat it. The enthusiasm behind the Jeep should not be evanescent, one way to wangle long lifespan of your Jeep is by choosing the unerring Jeep accessories.one of the most critical Jeep accessories is the hi lift jack mount.

Types of Jeep Accessories?

As we said earlier, hi lift jack mount is very important for Jeep survival, but before we dig deep down on, how you can install hi lift bump on different positions, let’s look at other Jeep accessories briefly.

Some of the Jeep accessories for your off-road Jeep such as Jeep Wrangler includes; universal black side mounting brackets, hood mount brackets that come with three models screw for Jeep Wrangler, Cree dual row off road led work light with flood beam-54w, Cree flood and spot dual row off-road led light bar-23in126w, windshield 52’straight light bar brackets for Jeep Wrangler, off-road hi lift jack mount for Jeep Wrangler JK, Cree round spot, and flood beam off- road led driving light-7inch80w.we also have Hawse fairlead synthetic winch for 2007-106 Jeep Wrangler, universal 4 holes stainless steel black license plate frames. They are many and you can select one that necessitates your Jeep at Auxbeam. Jeeps are more related to 4×4 and more concentration is on its exterior accessories and design, they subdue inconvenience terrains, this brings hi lift jack mount into life, they are very important in Jeeps maintenance.

What is a Hi Lift Jack?

This is one of the vital accessories for the Jeep.  Hi lift jack helps in lifting Jeep when it’s stuck and they use hydraulic techniques to move heavy loads up. They sheave you when your Jeep from unconditional terrains. Hi lift jack is always massive probably steel and cast iron, therefore, it is

advisable to have to get high-quality high lift jack mounts.

How to Use Hi Lift Jack

Well, this is a good question for off-road lovers, this because in the process of having a Jeep they will have to use it.

  • They are mainly used to lift a heavy load, especially where height matters, they can go high. Off-road lovers do take their enthusiasm in rocky or high mountain places.
  • They can be helpful in recovery, yes talk of Derrick and winch, they fulfill that work of overhaul in perfection and with speed. They are fast and can lift high feet.
  • You can use hi lift jack to ax Jeep from unconditional environment. If your Jeep is in a bad spot and it can’t maneuver using wheels, you can clamp it on the other end, then pull it will pull it out.
  • It has other marvelous, you can straighten a mishap rod with it.
Types of Hi Lift Jack Mount

Hi lift jack is so important that the hi lift jack mount is needed to ensure that the hi lift jack can be put on your Jeep securely. You will not need to worry that it will fall down while driving. There are different types of hi lift jack mount due to the installation location.

1. Hi Lift Jack Mount On The Hood

It’s good for off-road lovers to use hi lift jack on the hood. They are mounted directly to existing hood hinge holes of your Jeep. One great aspect of hi lift jack hood is that they are easy to use and install, no need to drill holes. They are clean and look spectacular in your Jeep. They are mostly built with aluminum, this makes them more durable. On the other aspect, we see on the Jeep is that there’s minimal space available to accommodate lengthy loads. This is an innovation that is making maximum use of options available in the exterior design of your Jeep. The hood can manage 32-62 inches of hi lift jack mount.

2. Hi Lift Jack Mount On The Bumper

Off-road hi lift jack mount for Jeep Wrangler JK is stellar on the bumper. Usually, the bumpers a design to lodge hi lift jack mount. It is easy to install, all you will need to do is to mount it on your Jeeps wrangler using bolts, some have brackets or have piece for mounting it.

3. Hi Lift Jack Mount On The Side

Companies have gone high a notch high and come up with mounts which fits either on the left or right side of your Jeep. This is one great Jeep accessories for Jeep lovers. It is really cool to add the hi lift jack on the driver side of your Jeep. Add the rugged looking to your Jeep.

4. Hi Lift Jack Mount At The Rear

There are several factors that put in place when choosing mounting systems. The material has to be corrosion free. This is because off-road Jeep usually traverses through rocky areas. In the process, there are collision and rubbing of hi lift jack mount. We have off-road hi lift jack mount for Jeep Wrangler JK and Hi-lift jack mount spacer bracket kit for Jeep Wrangler that assures you the long lasting solution. They are made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel

How to Install the Hi Lift Jack Mount At The Rear

The installation process is easy and you don’t need to cram everything, all you need is to grasp the basic concept and get the right tools at Auxbeam.

First of all, you will need to have a high lift Tailgate mount. This will include parts like; mounting bracket, upper mounting plate, lower mounting plate, m8 bolt, m8 washer, 25mm spacer, m10 bolt, and m10 washer.

Remove the two bolts that are at the end near the rear mirror, wipe that area to ensure it’s clean. Then put the plastic pin first. We have two holes, so, you will be required to clinch the plastic and mount together using the upper hole. Ensure that the hinges are removed. We have the lock that is going clinch on the mount and high lift jack so that nobody steals your Jeep accessories. This lock is used in high lift padlock. But first, place the high lift jack and lock the screws. The high lift jack mount doesn’t tamper with door movement.


Jeep lovers are very enthusiastic to see the Jeep crash on rocky and mountainside. At times it becomes had for your Jeep to manage that is why at Auxbeam you will have the shot when you need Jeep accessories. On top of that, one future that goes with the Jeep is the terrain-both worse and good. If there is a need for help then, hi lift jack mounts come to play. They should be of high quality made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

If you are interested in vehicle modified parts and accessories, please read on and know more.

Is Horn Necessary as Truck Accessories

What Are Side Marker Lights?

What Are Emergency Vehicle Lights

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We are aware that a truck is used mainly for the transportation of goods and cargo. The larger the size of the truck the more the amount of cargo it can transport. The movement of the truck is not time-dependent as it can move at any time of the day once there’s cargo to be transported. There are some essential needs for a truck to function well and work for a longer time. LED light bar can be a popular choice as a truck accessory to help you work at night as well. Yet, there are still a lot of things are needed for a truck to function well. These include:

Good Engine–The engine is the powerhouse of any automobile including trucks and the horsepower of the engine determines the functionality of the truck and the amount of load it can carry.

Best Axle Layout–The terrain where the truck will ply and the load it will carry will determine the axle layout of the truck. Can’t expect a truck designed for the highway to perform well in a mountainous terrain.

Strong Tires–The stronger the tires the better it is for the truck to move well in different terrains.

Light Bar–Every truck needs a light bar as a warning sign to other vehicles that it is a heavy duty vehicle with goods.

LED Light Bars and Mini Light Bars are bars mounted on top of a vehicle with lights that rotate and are usually used as a means of alerting road users of their presence.

Mini Light Bar

These are bars of light fixed on the roof of a vehicle with rotating lights that serve as a warning or a sign of the presence of the vehicle. The mini light bar has a variety of functions besides the ones listed above.

Functions of The Mini Light Bars

The main functions of the Mini light bar are listed below:

Illumination–The mini light bar is bright enough to illuminate the road at night or anytime past sunset.

Warning–The light of mini light bars is bright enough to alert road users both far away and close of the presence of the truck.

Differences Between Mini Light Bar & LED Light Bar

A lot of people seem to be confusing Mini Light Bars and LED Light Bars. We can assure you that there are several differences between them, ranging from the price to the durability to efficiency.

  • With our new technology, there is no need to get the largely LED light bars as the Mini light Bar will perform the same function even better than the LED light bar.
  • The Mini Light Bars can be used and placed in different parts of the vehicle as it is smaller and compatible than the LED light bar. It can be mounted on the rooftop, the side or the grille of the vehicle.
  • The Mini Light Bar is cost effective as it cost much lesser than the LED light bar. It is possible to pick up a mini light bar at half the cost of a LED light bar.
  • Possible to mount more than one Mini light bar on the vehicle to make the lights brighter as opposed to having just one large LED light bar.
  • More durable than the LED light bar as it will take more than just a bump or a few scratches for it to stop functioning.
  • Easier to install on vehicles than the LED light bar which takes more time and a certain level of skill to install.
  • Can perform a whole lot of functions as a result of their styles as opposed to the LED light bar.
  • Actually used less power as opposed to the amount of power consumed by the LED light bar.
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions more effectively than the LED light bar.
Mini Light Bar VS LED Light Bar
Smaller and can be installed in any part of the vehicle Very large and can be installed only in the rooftop
Consumes Less power for operation Consumes more power for operation
Easy to install with little skill Needs a certain level of skill to install
Is cost effective Is more expensive to purchase
Is more durable and can perform the variety of functions Can perform only a specific function and is not durable.

Lots of people are wondering if the Mini light Bar can perform the functions of the LED light bar. Obviously, it is a Yes. As a matter of fact, it performs the functions of the LED light bar more accurately and better than the LED light bar.

Advantages of The Mini Light Bar

There is a whole lot of advantage of using the Mini light bar. We understand the feeling of trying out a new product for the first time and this article will clear your mind of all the doubts.

  • Mini light bars are cost-effective, they cost less and are easier to install and maintain with little stress.
  • Mini light bars can perform a variety of functions ranging from warning signal to emergency to alerting road users of their presence of a truck.
  • The mini light bar size is an advantage as it allows it to be installed on any part of the vehicle in favor of the owner’s choice.
  • The amount of power consumed by the Mini light bar is lesser in comparison to the LED light bar.
  • The durability of the Mini light bar is high in comparison to that of the LED light bar.
  • The Mini light bar lights up a much quicker than the LED light bar. And it takes it some seconds to reach its optimum power.
  • The mini light bar has High-quality aluminum casing that can withstand heat. And it also allows for cool operation and more operating life.
  • The mini light bar can withstand extreme weather conditions either heat or cold.

The article above, I hope you can figure out when you need the mini light bar and to choose LED light bar. They are of different function and different usage. If you are interested in the light bar or other modified parts, please read on and know more.

Is Horn Necessary as Truck Accessories

How to Choose the Perfect LED Headlight Bulbs

50 inch LED Light Bar-Every Vehicle should Install

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