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The most in-depth blockchain and cryptocurrency conference of the region, with the best names of the field in the international arena, will take place on February the 20th of 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The investors dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrency, engineers and professionals from Turkey, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia will be attending the international “Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit”. The billionaire investor Tim DRAPER, The Wall Street Analyst Tom LEE, the IOTA co-founder Serguei Popov, Malta’s consultant on Blockchain Cal EVANS, SpaceX Hyperloop winning scientist ILYAS VALI and the President of the Free Republic of Liberland Vit JEDLICKA are in the list of main speakers of the conference.

The attendees of the conference will listen to the best experts in the field about the greatest technological and financial revolution of the 21st century, will evaluate their opportunities of investing and will have a solid grasp of Blockchain sector.

More than 5,000 attendees from 43 countries will attend the conference and more than 10,000 people will be watching live. The investors, entrepreneurs and professionals will league together to discuss the current cryptocurrency market and future of Blockchain technology.

The Main Subjects of the Conference:
  • Future of Payments with Cryptocurrencies: Why do Current Banking Solutions Fail
  • Panel Discussion: Will States Make Peace with Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain or will They Struggle Against?
  • Redefining Human Value: a New Epoch of Individualized Economy
  • People vs. Power: Shifting Away from Centralization
  • Bitcoin and the Other Cryptocurrencies: What are the Investors’ Next Step?
  • Understanding Economic Crises: Blockchain based Economical System

Event:Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit
Venue: Haliç Congress Center, İstanbul
Date: February 20, 2019
Website: https://www.blockchaineconomy.istanbul/EN/

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After putting together, a series of successful blockchain conferences, Block Hedge is all set to unite leading stakeholders in the crypto sphere at Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand, as we know is one of the most prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency centers on account of its favorable business environment, regulations and tax rates. It is home to few of the most prominent crypto powerhouses, which is why it has been attracting the sizeable attention of all those involved in the field.

In light of its business-friendly environment, blockchain entrepreneurs, key industry individuals, businessmen, top government officials and blockchain enthusiasts have been valuing the region to expand their blockchain technology led business.

To amplify the manifestation possibilities of their growth aspiration, Block-Hedge has been carefully designed as the perfect avenue to bring all together for an insightful day-long event on 29th March 2019, Bangkok.

The conference is scheduled to take place at Grand Hyatt, with an agenda that is going to be bundled with meaningful takeaway for all those who attend.

The guiding philosophy behind the event is to discover the future and amplify the growth of the most powerful and disruptive technology in the present time.

The entire focus of the spectrum of talks and panel discussions is to bring focus on the practical aspect of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and what it means for driving business results. The networking opportunities as a part of it, are sure to be extremely meaningful, with the backing of a plush gathering of blockchain business stakeholders, investors and the media.

Some of the noteworthy speakers who already associated with Block Hedge at various conferences include:

• Jose Alejandro-Co-founder- Bitcoin Gold
• Tania Balzli-Head of Banking and Crypto- PwC
• Laura Takenaka- Thailand Head- NEM.io
• Olga Feldmeier- CEO- Smart Valor
• Ben Fairbank- GM- Komodo Platform
• Alexi Lane- CEO and Founder – Everex
• Saiba Kataruka- Marketing Lead- Zilliqa
• Jon Myers- Chief Design Officer- QUOINE
• Stefano Virgilli- CEO- VOX.sg
• Kumar Gaurav – Founder- Cashaa
• Nithin Eapen – Chief Investment Officer – Arcadia Crypto Ventures

The expected count of the attendees, going exactly by the significant traction of the earlier chapters is at least 500. In the earlier events, as many as 70 percent of the conference participants were noted as C level executives, and about 20 percent – investors. Also, participation has been confirmed by leading business names such as Bitcoin Gold, PwC, Arcadia Crypto Ventures and TDA Capital London and many more.

For more information, visit: https://www.block-hedge.com/bangkok-thailand-2019/
For Sponsorship Opportunities: animesh@block-hedge.com
For Speaking Opportunities: amitabh@block-hedge.com

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LATOKEN — the #1 exchange in liquidity for new tokens— is kicking off 2019 with the 4th edition of the Blockchain Economic Forum: The Decentralized Financial System.

More than 100 high-profile economists, regulators, officials, and business leaders from all around the world will join us for three days to set the ground rules for the design, governance and monetary policy of a more inclusive and transparent financial system.

Davos: A Town Of Opportunities

Previous Blockchain Economic Forums took place in some of the world’s greatest cities, including New York, Singapore, and San Francisco.

This time is different. The Blockchain Economic Forum will leave the asphalt jungles behind and move the discussion of technological and structural changes in the financial system, capital markets and states to Davos, Switzerland.

Every year, this small Alpine town hosts over 3,000 leaders of the global society to chart the course for regional and global development. This coming January, they will also have the opportunity to shape the future of global finance at the Blockchain Economic Forum, to be held at the Arabella Hotel Waldhuus Davos from January 24-26, 2019.

BEF Speakers Are Hard To Ignore

The Blockchain Economic Forum in Davos will feature world-renowned specialists from the private and public sectors, including:

  • Nouriel Roubini — Special Keynote Speaker. Topic: ‘Central Bank Digital Currencies: monetary policy, banks and financial systems’.
  • Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO SWIFT
  • Ashish Dev, Board Of Governors US Federal Reserve
  • Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist EBRD
  • Binh Truong Gia, Chairman FPT Corporation
  • Rana Foroohar, Financial Times
  • Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital
  • Jeff Schumacher, BCG Digital Ventures
  • Alex Cukierman, Bank of Israel’s Monetary Committee
  • Gauti Eggertsson, Former IMF and Fed New York
  • David Andolfatto, Vice President, Fed St. Louis
  • Miles Kimball, National Bureau of Economics Research
  • Joshua Aizenman, National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Elen Agler, The End Fund


An Agenda For The Future Day 1: Capital Markets Night

The first day of the Blockchain Economic Forum will bring attention to two of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world: tokenization and regulation. Panels:

  • Capital Markets 2025: Tokenization and Retail Exchanges?
  • Payment Systems 2020
Day 2: Board of Governors for The New Financial System

The second day of the Blockchain Economic Forum will take a more practical approach. Panelists will work on the fundamentals for a global central bank, its currency and the structure necessary to make it viable. Panels:

  • The New Financial System: Decentralized?
  • Toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • The Board and Monetary Policy for A Decentralized Currency
  • State on Blockchain as a Service
Day 3: LATOKEN Networking Reception

Networking is a cornerstone of the Blockchain Economic Forum. Startups that presented their projects at BEF’s previous editions have raised over $400 million in investment.

The Blockchain Economic Forum in Davos will be no exception. Multi-billion dollar fund managers, high-ranking government officials, Nobel Prize winners and top entrepreneurs will shake hands at the LATOKEN Networking Reception on January 26 at 21:00.

For more information about BEF Davos, please visit http://bef.latoken.com/davos

LATOKEN Corporate Communications: Matias Lapuschin | matias@latoken.com

LATOKEN Global Events Director: elena.larionova@latoken.com

Website BEF Davos: https://www.bef.latoken.com/davos

Website LATOKEN: https://www.latoken.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/latokens

Telegram: https://t.me/la_token

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiquidAssetToken

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/latoken

The post BEF Davos 2019: World Economists to Settle the Foundations for the Future Decentralized Financial System appeared first on Bitcoin Chaser.

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Bitcoin Chaser by Steven Gleiser - 4d ago

One of the most popular questions asked about Bitcoin is how many Bitcoins are there. The short answer is quite popular. Many would assert that there are 21 million Bitcoins without getting into the intricacies of money supply within the Bitcoin network. People who ask how many Bitcoins are there, might be looking for a more sophisticated answer to their question because the subject is more complex than what it seems to be on the surface. Of Bitcoin’s 21 million coins, not all are minted and from those that are minted not all are in circulation for various reasons.

Beyond the Short Answer: How Many Bitcoins Are There?

Understanding how many Bitcoins are there, requires a basic understanding on how Bitcoin’s money supply system works. While there will only be 21 million coins in the Bitcoin network – unless an unlikely radical change is made, a weird fractional banking scheme is introduced, or an exploit that no one has seen thus far is discovered – not all of those coins are in circulation. Coins are released into the money supply system through mining rewards with an algorithm that reduces the amount of new coins minted every 210,000 blocks. Miners get these progressively dwindling rewards as compensation for the work they put into securing the network and time-stamping transactions.

As such, the theoretical Bitcoin money supply chart looks like this:

Chart attributed to Economics of Bitcoin

Fun Fact: The 21 million mark is an approximation. Due to the reward system, and the fact that Bitcoin is only divisible up to the 8th decimal place, the maximum amount of Bitcoins that can ever exist theoretically, is 20,999,999.9769.

How Many Bitcoins Are in Circulation Right Now?

Bitcoin’s total money supply and the number of coins in circulation, are not the same. Therefore, to answer how many Bitcoins are there, we need to look at the number of coins that are part of the current money supply as well. Understanding the nature of block rewards and how these decline through time, will allow us to see that the majority of Bitcoins available were mined by the time the first block reward reduction was completed. After the first 210,000 blocks were mined, there were 11 million Bitcoins in circulation out of a total of 21 million.

However, many of the coins that were already mined, are effectively “lost”. This means that no one has access to their private keys, so they cannot be spent. The “lost coin” phenomenon reduces the number of Bitcoins that are actually in circulation. It is estimated that around 4 million Bitcoins are “lost”, which also has an impact on the answer to the question of how many Bitcoins are there.

Should we Count Bitcoins That are in Cold Storage for Long Periods of Time?

The “lost coin” phenomenon leads us to another question in our effort to establish how many Bitcoins are there: Should we count the Bitcoins that are stored – probably in cold storage – and do not move? This brings Satoshi’s 1 million BTC stash to mind. Many people in the space believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is dead or that Satoshi is really a group of people and one of them is dead, so the coins Satoshi accumulated are stored in a multi-sig wallet from which they cannot move. Should we count those coins towards Bitcoin’s money supply or should we discount them just like we discount “lost” coins? The answer to that question, is an unequivocal “we don’t know”.

After the Long Answer, is the Short Answer Relevant at All?

All these complexities make it hard to establish how many Bitcoins are there. In theory, the short answer is right if we refer specifically to the maximum potential number of coins that there could ever be within the Bitcoin network. In practice, the short answer doesn’t allow us to assess what our situation vis-à-vis Bitcoin’s money supply is, properly. Furthermore, if we consider the money supply, then the answer should be that we don’t know exactly how many Bitcoins there are, but we can say 2 things for certain: 1. The number of Bitcoins in circulation will not exceed 21 million even after block 6,930,000 is mined 2. The actual supply of Bitcoins in circulation will never reach the 21 million mark because of “lost” or destroyed coins.

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“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

December 2018: The core team behind CURES Token, a revolutionary healthcare platform underlying on Blockchain, is working hard on building trustable partnerships (one of which being with the international cosmetic surgery clinic – Bellissimo clinic) and exceeding the community of followers who believe CURES Token offers many-sided solutions in order to fend off the potential crisis in the health sector.

CURES Token: Introduction - YouTube

After gaining a solid recognition in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Bulgaria and Malta, the team headed to Austria, Switzerland, and the US for more meetups and relevant Blockchain events.

Vienna, 09 – 11 December: Stefan Krastev, CEO and co-founder of CURES Token, is currently presenting the concept behind the far-reaching healthcare tool at the 2nd Convention Health Benefit in the Austrian capital.

Stefan Krastev, co-founder & CEO of @CuresToken, speaking about #EHR, patient #privacy and #data #security as a panelist in the telemedicine panel at Convention Health Benefit in Vienna, Austria. ➡ https://t.co/7sQ5pyygFF#medical #healthcare #blockchain #crypto #startup #invest pic.twitter.com/oqf4REiuec

— CURESToken (@CuresToken) 11 December 2018

As the key purpose of this kick-off event is to discover and promote innovative solutions to health and premium solutions to quality of life, the CURES Token’s resourceful ideas of re-designing the ongoing healthcare sector will perfectly fit the objectives of the Convention Health Benefit.

View this post on Instagram

CURES Token had the honor to take part in the 2nd edition of the specialized Convention Health Benefit (http://www.convention-health-benefit.at) in Vienna, Austria where our co-founder and CEO, Stefan Krastev, spoke about the future of blockchain in the healthcare industry. There we had the opportunity to meet with prominent people in the sphere, discuss the problems of the industry, as well as what’s coming up in the near future. We’d like to thank everyone for this valuable experience as we welcome you to browse through the memorable moments we could capture and neatly collect in this album. Are you ready to change the future of mankind for good? ➡ http://www.curestoken.com 💬 http://t.me/CURESToken_community #cryptostartup #cryptocurrency #healthcare #medical #innovation #opportunity #4patients #digitalrecords #ehealth #digitalhealth #ehr #charities #crowdfunding #tokensale #publicsale #altcoin #stablecoin #crowdsale #blockchain #decentralization #globalization #profit #ecosystem #platform #vienna #austria

A post shared by CURES Token (@curestoken) on Dec 11, 2018 at 8:53am PST

Switzerland, 10-12 December: David Bonev, CFO & co-founder of CURES Token, is meeting investors, crypto-enthusiasts, and healthcare warriors in Switzerland to discuss the potential benefits of the blockchain technology for the current healthcare. David’s main focus is to welcome more trustworthy partners from all over the world to the CURES Token family.

Las Vegas (Nevada), 11-12 December: Plamen Sakalyiski, advisor of CURES Token, will take part in CryptoBlockCon – an event that builds networking opportunities for blockchain industry participants and investors to discuss the future benefits and possibilities of blockchain technology as well as crypto assets.

Don’t miss the updates by following CURES Token on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or by joining the community on Telegram and BitcoinTalk.

Meanwhile, the first stage of the CURES Token pre-sale is ON with a hot 15% bonus (the token price is 1 ETH = 1150 CRS tokens)! It is initially expected to end on December 15th.

There will be even more generous bonus (with a rate of 25%) at the second stage of the pre-sale that is planned to be launched on 16 December and will last till 31 December.

The pre-sale stages surely create a potential for greater discounts on tokens compared to public sale which is best moment to get involved and start investing on a new, better, decentralized healthcare!

About the project: CURES Token is a highly innovative and complex Ethereum blockchain-based healthcare tool aimed at dealing with the growing danger in the global healthcare industry by decentralizing the system, empowering patients, Health App developers, Medical Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers, embracing innovative technology in order to reduce costs and maximize scarce resources within the sector, creating near virtual competition, capitalizing on synergy which in turn adds value to all relevant stakeholders.

Our Marketplace keeps expanding with more clinics being added on everyday basis. Take the opportunity to join the next global healthcare revolution! 🚀https://t.co/S4d6EMv3n7

💸PRESALE IS NOW LIVE! 💸 15% BONUS! 💸 https://t.co/7sQ5pyygFF#healthcare #ehr #eth #crypto #startup pic.twitter.com/o8L65pNpuo

— CURESToken (@CuresToken) 8 декември 2018 г.

Even better news is that CURES team keeps following strictly the roadmap and has already launched the HappStore and Clinics Marketplace (with more than 15 listed clinics from Dubai, London, Beverly Hills, New York, Singapore, Istanbul, etc.) which can be currently accessed while still in alpha version.

For more information on the project and what it entails, do not hesitate to check out the official website: https://curestoken.com/

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As you must be aware, India is now making great strides on blockchain technology. Blockchain is becoming a game changer for India. Many corporates are now experimenting using blockchain technology to build India’s economy. Very soon successful implementations will proliferate India’s prominence as a blockchain destination.

The 11th edition of Blackarrow’s BBS series BlockMumbai conference will connect global blockchain gurus and technology players with Indian business leaders. It will discuss the opportunities in blockchain in India & also lay the foundation for India becoming a prominent blockchain destination.

BlockMumbai will be attended by over 300+ experts and corporate stakeholders from various countries including: Government, regulators, blockchain professionals, corporate leaders, investors & business leaders. To participate in BlockMumbai 2018, email us at blockmumbai@blackarrowconferences.com.

The venue for the BlockMumbai conference is Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, an AccorHotels breathtaking beachfront property located in the financial capital of India. Nestled amidst the shores of Juhu Beach overlooking the Arabian Sea. Hotel is strategically located near airport.

There will however, be a much more valuable opportunity presenting itself at BlockMumbai – an exclusive chance to meet and make one-on-one connections with India’s leading blockchain & government officials who shall speaking at the conference. For the first time ever, senior blockchain experts from around the world shall be presenting and speaking.

Some of the reputable speakers include:
1. Peter Lim, Founder & CEO – PLMP Fintech
2. Nishith Desai, Founder -Nishith Desai Associates
3. Ralph Liu, Founder – MuleChain
4. Julien Bouteloup, Blockchain Lead – British Blockchain Association
5. H. E Khurram Shroff, Chairman – IBC Group UAE
6. Senior Representative – KPMG
7. Lucas Cullen, Board member – Blockchain Australia
8. Eloisa Marchesoni, Blockchain Evangelist – The Blockchain Council
9. Gnana Lakshmi TC, Biz Dev Head – The Blockchain University
10. Hayk Hakobyan, Partner – Visioncapital.co
11. Deepak Lalan, Associate Director – Accenture
12. Sarang Bhoyar, Blockchain Leader – Infosys
13. Santosh Kotnis, EVP & CEO – Futurism Technologies
14. Alexandre Kech, CEO – Onchain Custodian
15. Santos Sinha, Founder – OIX Global
16. Samir Kumar Sah, Founder & CEO – Pritbor Digital
17. Chief Secretary – Blockchain Association
And many more to join soon….

To see all speaker profiles and session topics, log on to https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/blockmumbai-speaker-agenda.html

BlockMumbai Conference sponsors & partners include the top blockchain associations, Blockchain implementation companies, regulatory and legal companies, financial companies, crypto exchanges & crypto media companies.

Exhibit Spaces: BlockMumbai will also present an exhibition showcasing some of the top names in the blockchain industry, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet the experts and hear their revolutionary views.

The BlockMumbai Blockhain Conference is a must-attend for all blockchain leaders, crypto community and enthusiasts who want to combine a luxury vacation with an unbelievable business opportunity.The Blackarrow team is excited to welcome you to the Blockbali Blockchain Conference scheduled for the 17th of November 2018 at The Trans Resort Bali in Bali, Indonesia. See YOU in Bali!

Important Links:
• Conference Date: 7th February 2019
• Venue: Novotel Juhu Beach Hotel – Mumbai
• BlockMumbai Conference – https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/blockmumbai.html
• Agenda & speaker profiles – https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/blockmumbai-speaker-agenda.html
• Conference Partner – https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/blockmumbai-partners.html
• Delegate Registrations – https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/registration.html
• Sponsorship Brochure – https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/uploads/1/2/3/4/12346638/blockmumbai_sponsorship_brochure.pdf
• Email: blockmumbai@blackarrowconferences.com
• Tel/Whatsapp: +91-9833487628
• Telegram: sarfraz_blackarrow

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Bitcoin Chaser by Steven Gleiser - 1w ago

Bitcoin climbed above $4,000 USD for the first time since Christmas. As it does, some are looking at yearly Bitcoin lows to assess their situation. Somehow that makes price data look more encouraging. If we change the way we look at it, we change the way we feel about it but that shouldn’t necessarily be encouraging.

Do the Numbers Lie?

When Bitcoin prices are on the rise, people naturally focus on the fact that winning feels good. Those who are out, focus on the so-called FOMO. Then Bitcoin prices start to stumble and roles reverse: Those who “suffered” from FOMO now feel relief and those who were brimming with all the feel-good chemicals in their brain, start experiencing negative emotions.

Then the numbers come in and someone figures out that everything in life is a matter of perspective. In comes the role of the human mind on those perfectly neutral numbers. The drive to find a pattern and go back to feeling good, gives us an impulse to twist what we see. Justifying the reason to stay in Bitcoin and why despite having an 80% drop in price over the last year, other people should consider buying Bitcoin, someone found a way to twist the numbers to find an encouraging pattern.

Yearly Bitcoin Lows

Here is the pattern that makes the recent rise in prices above $4,000 USD seem encouraging and helps people forget that 80% hit they took last year: Yearly Bitcoin Lows are progressively higher on a year by year basis.

  • Bitcoin’s lowest price in 2012 was $4 USD.
  • In 2013 it was around $65 USD.
  • In 2014 the lowest price was around $200 USD.
  • 2015 ushered in a lower low than the previous year with a price of around $185 USD.
  • 2016 saw the lowest price of Bitcoin increase to around $365 USD.
  • In 2017 the lowest Bitcoin price was about $780 USD.
  • In 2018 the lowest Bitcoin price was around the $3,200 USD mark.
The Problem with the Yearly Bitcoin Lows Pattern

It seems that even these numbers should be discouraging although many would look at them as the light at the end of the tunnel. The lowest Bitcoin price in 2019 cannot be higher than $3,700 USD, which means that the yearly Bitcoin low this year, cannot represent an increase of more than 15.6% with relationship to the lowest Bitcoin price in 2018.

Compared to the years quoted above, that would automatically make 2019 the second worst year in terms of yearly Bitcoin lows, with the chance of becoming the worst. Here are the percentage increases in yearly Bitcoin lows on a year by year basis:

  • From 2012 to 2013, the lowest Bitcoin price increased by around 1,500%.
  • From 2013 to 2014, the lowest Bitcoin price jumped by more than 200%.
  • From 2014 to 2015, the lowest Bitcoin price went down by 7.5%.
  • From 2015 to 2016, the yearly Bitcoin low increased almost by 100%.
  • From 2016 to 2017, the yearly Bitcoin low went up by more than 100%.
  • From 2017 to 2018, the yearly Bitcoin low went up by more than 300%.
Look at the Numbers Again, or Never at all!

This should encourage more people to look at the numbers in a more objective fashion, or not at all. As bitcoin moves slightly above $4,000 USD, we should all remember that as an investment for fiat gain, the price patterns – whether they are related to yearly Bitcoin lows or to other types of number massaging exercises – is not encouraging. It is the tech, the freedom that Bitcoin affords and the opportunities that Bitcoin holders will have in the future what should drive people who suffer from FOMO to trade their fiat for BTC. These factors should also be the ones that make all the hodlers feel good.

The post Looking At Yearly Bitcoin Lows appeared first on Bitcoin Chaser.

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