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Here’s another essential read for all newbies planning a visit to Bangkok’s red light districts. Up until now you’ve been googling for the best go go bars, blow job bars and and where all the hotels with Thai hookers are.

And no, I’m no mind reader. Because those were the same exact questions I had in my brain too. There were quite a few myths about the country’s sex industry floating out there that concerned me. And back then, there wasn’t as much info about Thailand’s sex industry as there are today.

Also maybe you’re smarter than I and better equipped to differentiate the bullshit. I mean, there were quite a few myths about visiting Bangkok at that time that seemed plausible.

Managing Your Expectations

When I first visited Thailand all those years ago, I had some really crazy expectations when it came to paying Thai prostitutes for sex. Because before all the information about Bangkok’s red light districts came to light on this here internet, I went by stories and hearsay from friends that went before me. A lot of word of mouth information from my friends got me all psyched up and excited for my first visit.

I was told Thai hookers would go around hotel rooms, knocking on doors to give you a chocolate mint and a blow job. If you’re outside and see a mango tree with ten mangos there’s a hooker standing beneath it.

I read on an old internet forum that I could find girls offering cheap blow jobs inside barber shops. As well has restaurants where girls feed you spicy Thai food while jerking you off. Which actually sounds unsanitary. What if you shot your jizz into your bowl of rice?

Overall the stories and short previews my colleagues told me through word of mouth peaked my interest. Get a blow job inside a seedy bar. Awesome, where do I sign up? She sucks you, while you suck a beer.

So here are 7 myths about Bangkok’s red light districts that you can forget about and enjoy your first visit.

1. A Line of Thai Virgins Waiting, Just for You

When I was in my late 20’s, growing up where I came from we only had rumors of Asians in my area. So the guys that have visited Thailand came back with stories of having sex with young beautiful Thai virgins Thai women. I got turned on and excited. I mean I love beaches too. But pussy even more.

I was in the midst of my prime, horny as hell and in a shitty relationship. So telling me I could hook up with Thai virgins lining up to meet me? Shut up and take my money.

I was so desperate inside. I would’ve crawled through a floor of broken glass naked, followed by a long shower of ice cold lemon juice, just to get a blow job by a pretty Thai girl.

I mean, we’ve had one prostitute in my home town. But she’s an hour away and twice my age. She had a reputation for the best blow jobs though. I later on found out her secret was she had no teeth. She’d pop out her dentures secretly before giving paying customers head. But, she ain’t no virgin. So I never had the pleasure.

So when I found out about Thai virgins waiting for me to pop them cherries, I bought a ticket to Thailand and never looked back.

Bo – My First Thai Prostitute

I still remember her to this day. Her name was Bo. She was short and slim. Beautiful flawless tanned skin. Almond shaped face, beautiful doe eyes and a Hollywood smile.

She told me she came from a small village called Isaan.


Never heard of the place at the time. I though Thailand was just Bangkok. She could’ve said Mars and I would’ve been just as interested in her titties. But I wanted to get down to the brass tacks.

I asked her if she’s a virgin. She hesitated, looked at me like I’m something stupid and said yes! I pumped my fist out of excitement. I never popped a cherry before.

Oy – My Second Thai Prostitute

After Bo I was looking out to bust more cherries. That’s when I met Oy, another cute Thai honey from Ayutthaya.


Used to be the ancient capital of Thailand. Beautiful little city, go visit.

Anyways, like Bo, when asked Oy told me she’s a virgin too. Holy shit, was I on a roll!

Bell – My Third Thai Prostitute

After Fon, I met Bell at the old Siam City Hotel in Bangkok Petchburi road. It’s torn down now but there were shit load of Thai hookers inside the hotel restaurant back then. Just like my first two ever encounters with two “virgin” prostitutes, Bell also said she has her hymen intact.

But I didn’t see any hymen when I was between her legs. I read women can lose them just by riding bicycles. Whatever.

Okay, so you get the picture. All of them weren’t virgins. It’s an up-sell method to convince horny guys to pay more. And yeah, it works. Thai hookers can tell when guys are desperate for sex. They can smell it off of your sweaty skin like you just had a 24 hour alcohol binge. You can look at it as bold face lie. But they see it as a way to fulfill customers fantasies so they tell that little white lie.

They know that once you jizz all over their titties you’re not going to be pissed at them after the fact anyways.

Bottom line is fellas, you ain’t gonna find Thai virgins. Don’t matter who tells you. Not unless you invent a time machine to hop back to your late teens. On top of that, invent a machine that turns you into a Thai dude so you can score big time with Thai university girls.

Otherwise, this ones just one big myth.

2. Hot Thai Hookers Knocking on Hotel Doors

I heard this one from a couple of guys I met inside a beer bar in Patpong on my second trip to Bangkok. They heard it from other guys and so on and so forth. 20 years ago at the time, I thought anything was possible in Thailand’s sex industry.

At the time, I didn’t have any idea that I had to bring my own Thai hookers back to hotels in Bangkok also. I didn’t even know what a bar girl friendly hotel was until I started getting charged extra money.

There are lots of part time and full time Thai freelancers soliciting on the floors of Bangkok’s hotel bars and clubs. You can even find ordinary Thai girls looking to meet foreigners as well.

I’ve stayed in cheap hotels, mid-range hotels and 5 star international hotels. I suppose if there could be a chance that Thai hookers are knocking around hotel doors it would be at the cheap hotels due to lax security. And chances are it wouldn’t be hot Thai girls on the other side of the door. But men pretending to be women.

I still get emails from guys asking me which hotels in Bangkok have Thai prostitutes. From what I gleaned from the names of the emails it’s mostly Asian guys.

There are quite a few places in Bangkok where where it’s a mixed soapy massage and “hotel” wrapped together. These places are popular with all male tour groups from China. I never wrote any reviews about those places because it’s not that special.

I do know for a fact that there are hotels in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau and also Malaysia where guys can find pussy, right within the hotel with bellboys acting as the go between. I mean literally just call reception and up comes a line up of girls to your doorstep. Like you’re ordering a cheeseburger. Perhaps this is where all of this is coming from.

If you’re staying at any of the red light districts in Bangkok you won’t get that type of service delivery service from the hotel.

Pattaya’s red light district however has a few hotel properties with a direct link to the city’s sex industry. Because are a couple of go go bars in Pattaya that operate on premise with hotels like Secrets Pattaya Hotel and the adult only Penthouse Hotel Pattaya.

Now, if there are any off chances that you’re jerking off inside your hotel room and there’s a knock at your door and you invite a hooker inside your room, you’re not just inviting a chick with a dick but some kind of different trouble.

3. Waking Up in a Bathtub Full of Ice Cubes with a Kidney Missing

This one honestly scared the shit out of me. Who wants to have an organ stolen while overseas!?

When I was telling my officemates about my first exciting trip to Thailand solo, there was this one guy one cubicle away from me telling to to watch out for my kidneys. He was one of the smartest guys that I knew at the time. A little weird but never made any jokes or off-color comments. He was always by the book so I took his advice seriously.

With all the years I’ve been here, I can say one thing for sure. It’s never happened to any foreigner. It’s a great backstory for a fictional movie though. I can imagine Liam Neeson as the protagonist.

REVENGE 10 - Organ Theft Prank! - YouTube
But in reality, it’s never happened in Thailand. Or at least it was never reported if it did. Which would be odd because if this shit happened it would be a huge deal. Foreign embassies would be issuing advisory warnings left and right.

I’m not blind to the fact that theres organ harvesting going on in some places. Here in Thailand you shouldn’t be worried about it.

Clean the Nipples

But there’s a side story to the stolen kidney myth to keep in mind if you don’t want to get robbed. And that is to watch your drink especially if you’re with Thai freelancers. While inside your hotel room they could slip a pill into your drink and wait to rob you of cash and valuables.

I’ve read news article about Thai prostitutes lacing their nipples with drugs. So this has happened. However, it’s not happening at an epidemic scale. In any case wipe them nipples. I include it during foreplay by wetting my fingers and apply them on nipples like I’m winding a wrist watch.

4. Thai Prostitutes are Nasty, Nasty Women

For all the millennial males reading this, you have no idea how good you’ve got it. 20 years ago, I had to buy, borrow or steal porn from my friends. I had stacks and stacks of adult DVD’s taking up space in my closet, that I kept locked whenever people came over to visit. I was a nervous wreck whenever anyone stood too close to my closet, trying to remember if I locked the door or not.

I learned a lot from porn actresses especially the girls from Butt Berserker volumes 12-19. Mainly, that girls in the sex industry are nasty, nasty women. I wanted to butter up and whip cream a pretty Thai girl and just go body sliding all over her tits and ass. Which never came to fruition.

I mean how the fuck am I going to explain it all to hotel housekeeping. I’d be paying for soiled bedsheets every single night.

Besides, do you know how expensive butter and canned whip cream is in Thailand?

Thai hookers don’t even like to sweat during a sex session. It messes with their makeup. Want to shoot jizz all over her face? Better tell her first so she has time to cover her eyes. Cause if you don’t it’ll ruin her fake eyelashes and mascara. Which is one surefire way to piss them off.

Thai hookers have limits to the deeds they perform. For the really freaky stuff be prepared to pay a little extra.


Got a buddy with you and planning a 2 guy one girl threesome for the ol’ double penetration? It’s not going to happen in one night, especially with prettier Thai hookers. Though you’ll have a much better chance finding a 2 girl one guy three-way without a doubt.

Point is, don’t expect all Thai women working in the sex industry to perform extreme sex acts. I mean, there are specialized happy ending massage shops like Exotic Massage for a golden shower. Or getting whipped like a misbehaving slave at Analisa Massage.

Bareback Blow Jobs and Cum in Mouth

Bareback blow jobs and cum in mouth is not a guarantee. I repeat, bareback blow jobs and cum in mouth is not a guarantee.

If you want to jizz inside her mouth, you’ve gotta ask beforehand. Rather than find out she won’t allow it when you’re all naked and ready to roll. Don’t be shy about asking. They’ve heard it all. And besides they already know you’re a pervert. No point in hiding it.

Getting Rim Jobs in Thailand

There’s nothing nastier than getting a girl’s tongue tasting a rectum. Rim jobs are popular. After writing about my experiences inside Dream Heaven Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 33 I’ve been getting a hella’ lot of comments and emails asking me about a particular rim job girl.

Compared to the rest of Asia’s sex industry, rim jobs are rare in Thailand. Thanks to our friends from the land of the Rising Sun, many Thai girls started offering rim jobs as part of their repertoire to Japanese clientele.

There is one Japanese  themed happy ending massage shop called Akane (review coming soon) also on Sukhumvit Soi 33 with some ladies that’ll play with your poop shoot with their tongue.

Today rim job service in Bangkok is dwindling but you’ll come across Thai girls that won’t mind licking the corn out of your asshole. With the right price.

But would you want a Thai girlfriend after finding out she ate ass?

5. Thai People are Friendly and Forgiving

Most seasoned veterans to the red light districts of Thailand know how it really is. A lot of guide books tell you Thais are non confrontational. Always smiling and super friendly. But they’re reporting about Thai hospitality in hotels, spas and fancy restaurants.

Now, for go go bars, full service massage shops, soapies and after hour clubs in Bangkok it’s generally the same. Service with a smile. Until you behave like an asshole.

Like going too far and touching bar girls girls that don’t want it, for one reason or another. I saw a few backpacker type guys get slapped a few times because they kept touching passing bar girls titties.

The first slap came from the bar girls. The other few preceding slaps came from the bouncers that materialize out of thin air. Ever get hit by guys trained in muay Thai? I did and still have a limp to this day.

I swear Thai bouncers pop out of nowhere like genie out of a lamp. Hell, there could even be trapdoors beneath the bar floors where they workout, eat boiled eggs and wait for a foreigner to do something stupid.

For the newbies I understand when you’re here you think you can get away with a lot of things. Or perhaps some take it too far viewing Thai prostitutes like inanimate playthings. My advice is don’t. Sure, it’s a playground for adults. But there are still rules.

6. The Ol’ Walk of Shame

Okay so this is one last myth you shouldn’t be worried about. A lot of first timers think as a foreigner, they’ll look bad paying Thai hookers for sex in the eyes of Thai locals. Particularly hotel staff when they see you taking different prostitutes back to your room, every night.

Thai men pay for hookers too. Even married Thai men fool around with prostitutes. And they don’t give a rats ass what everyone else thinks about them, even when it’s their home turf.

A lot of guys curious about Thai shemales are also hesitant to be seen with one for obvious reasons. To be honest, you’ll probably get more dirty looks from foreigners when you’re with a ladyboy. In that case you can always go visit a ladyboy prostitute that can play host to avoid your own perceived embarrassment.

Why give a shit? I think as long as you’re doing no harm you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about being with a sex worker. We’re not going to be here forever. So enjoy the ride!

7. It’s No Fun if You’re Going Alone

Sure, having a group of your best buddies along in the red light districts of Thailand could be great fun. But it’s not necessary. I know and see plenty of solo travelers having a great time, if not a much better time than a group.

I know a lot of you will be like nervous shits before you step off that plane you arrived onto Bangkok. But there’s nothing to worry about. Manage your expectations. The red light districts of Thailand are safe with plenty of like minded sex tourists surrounding you. You’ll see. So don’t worry and have fun!

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I went into extensive lengths on planning a threesome in Bangkok (2 girls and 1 guy) already. But, what if you’ve got a good buddy you don’t mind crossing swords with a Thai hooker spread eagle in the middle?

Well, that’s what I’m going to cover here on this post. I’m going to cover how to approach Thai girls on the subject of getting spit roasted. How much you’re going to have to pay? With the help of my two close friends, Rob and Roy.

Personally, I’ve never had a two guy one girl threesome. If there’s gotta by an extra person I prefer it to be a full fledged woman.

Now I also want to clarify, Rob and Roy are straight heterosexuals and have never put their dicks in each other’s mouths an anus. They have admitted though that their dicks have touched. I mean how else is a girl going to suck two dicks at the same time?

First, a Bit More About Rob and Roy’s Background

I’m not one to believe in fate. But one can easily be converted after hearing this one. For the history buffs you might’ve gleaned from the names that Rob and Roy are Scots. Which they are.

Rob met Roy on a flight from the UK to India to Thailand 8 years ago. They were seated right next to each other the whole way and started talking through the entire journey. They discovered both are the same age, live in the same city, went to the same schools and never went on to university.

Both worked in the construction business. At the time different companies. Today they started their own successful little construction business and can afford more time to fool around.

Roy is just a few months older than Rob. If you looked at both you can see similarities. Not exactly twins. Like their mother went sleeping around with different men in pubs kind of way.

After a year of getting to really know each other well, becoming best friends and becoming travel buddies, Roy talked about having a three way with a Thai girl. He asked Rob if he wanted to be his tag team partner. While they were right inside a go go bar watching a little bar girl slap her ass in front of their faces.

Roy agreed without a hesitant beat.

Thai Hookers are Not as Freaky as You Think They Are…

In the real world of Thai hookers, not all are as freaky or sexually adventurous as you’d all like to think. I mean sure, after logging thousands and thousands of hours of porn you’d think taking a shit while getting a blow job at the same time is normal. It’s not.

Anal Explosive Delights Volumes 1-36 feature paid porn actors. And they get paid well by porn film industry to discharge excrements with smiles on their faces. I don’t care what others may say but nobody and I mean nobody enjoys getting shit on.

Outside of the porno film industry, in the privacy of a bedroom or a hotel room there would be a lot of vomiting and teeth brushing.

It’s not so far off to believe that Thai prostitutes will be extremely resistant to the idea of having two strange guys go at them at the same time. Sometime money isn’t the factor. Well, it is and it isn’t.

I’ll let Rob and Roy explain.

Rob and Roy’s First Attempt

What you’re about to read next is going to sound extremely absurd. But it happened and probably happens more than people like to admit. It’s so true it can’t be made up.

The first time both idiots went looking for threesome prospects they ended empty handed for a month. They went to the hottest looking Thai girls in the bars and clubs offering 15,000THB for a few hours. They just wanted to see if any of the hot girls would bite. 15k was the max they wanted to spend anyways so they just threw it out there to test the waters.

After quite a lot of trial and error they finally scored. What did they do this time differently?

They went for the low hanging fruit. Rob and Roy made the mistake of shooting for the sky. They went to the hottest looking girls they could find. Hot Thai girls can make money without experiencing double penetration.

Then, during a super wild night of tequila and whiskey Roy got up against a regular Thai bar girl and asked if she’d like to have sex with him and his buddy Rob. He said he’d give her 15,000THB. She said yes.

Rob was wasted too and he jumped with joy when Roy said he found their first threesome participant. The three zipped to the hotel room and they couldn’t even remember taking a shower. Matter of fact, they couldn’t even remember who went in first. Or even if they had condoms!

And when Roy woke up with a splitting headache the first thing when his eye finally focused was a dick next to his face. It was a brown colored uncircumcised dick with short curly black pubes. Roy has never seen Rob’s dick at this point. But Rob is pasty white just like Roy. And Rob is red headed.

Turns out there’s an extra dick in the party.

Failing is Just a Stepping Stone…

But a dick in your face is a dick in your fucking face. There’s no sugar coating it I keep reminding Roy.

Rob and Roy didn’t go ape shit. I joke about these two clowns a lot but I respect that this step back did not deter their threesome goal. They even had the class to take the ladyboy out for breakfast at the hotel.

They asked the ladyboy one important question.

Who else got fucked in the ass?

The ladyboy was sober the whole ordeal and told them they all took turns fucking her ass and getting sucked. That was it. They were relieved and didn’t take it as hard as you’d think. They told me they were disappointed but happy they learned something from the ladyboy.

Also Roy said he felt queasy knowing he kissed the ladyboy. After she sucked Rob’s cock.

They learned a lot from this particular ladyboy. She recommended that both should take it easy when it comes to dealing with real girls on the subject of threesomes. What they should do is to take it slow. They’ve got to cultivate some sort of trust with the ladies they want to have a threesome experience with.

Rob and Roy Hit Pay Threesome Dirt

After taking notes from the dude with tits they fucked in the ass, Rob and Roy learned three things to up their threesome game:

  1. Go for the low hanging fruit
  2. Build trust
  3. Don’t get drunk

1 and 3 is easy. Number 2 will take time. Under the ladyboy’s recommendation, either Rob or Roy could pick one girl they both like. Then, one of them will have to build a trust relationship first. It can be done simply by paying them for sex on a consistent basis and being a total gentleman.

So they got to look for girls that aren’t too hot and desirable. Because beautiful sexy Thai girls can command a higher premium and be pickier about the guys that fuck them.

While there are plenty of regular looking Thai sex workers to pick and choose from which narrows the field, yet increases the odds of scoring a threesome. But the key is to take it slow.

For example, Rob could take her out to a movie, nice dinner, go look at puppies and kittens together.  And then go fuck in between while doing all those things for a week.

The next week, its Roy’s turn. He does the same exact thing. Rinse and repeat a few times.

She’ll become so comfortable and at ease with Rob and Roy that she can easily put her guard down with the both of them together inside the same room, naked with erections.

And it worked. The first time they asked a Thai bar girl they worked on for a few weeks together went so smooth. She didn’t even bat an eyelash. It was because she’s totally comfortable with both of them.

Okay it’s not fast and quick. There is a chance that you can find a Thai hooker that will bang two guys at one time, just like that.

Rob and Roy knew that. However, if you want to have sex with better looking Thai hookers, you’re gonna have to do what Rob and Roy did.

Ugly cheap Thai hookers could probably care less about banging 2, 3 or 4 guys at the same time.

Decent look Thai hookers however have a little more pride. But, they won’t go cheap either. You’re going to have to do some price negotiating. Rob and Roy splits 10,000THB for a few hours. Which is great money for Thai hookers.

I’ve been invited…

Rob and Roy even asked me once if I wanted to be the third man in the party. They told me they already found a girl that agreed to a 3 on 1. They tell me it’s an incredible turn on to put their dicks in a girls mouth. To watch another man bang a girl and joining in. I politely declined.

Honestly, even if I was the odd man out, how the hell is a lady going to fit three dicks in her mouth?

Whoever is in the middle is going to get his dick seriously fucked up. I mean just imagine it. Her mouths fully stretched. There’s no damn space. The middle dick is going to run straight up against her teeth. By the end of that session the middle cock is going to have scratch marks like it was run through with a garden rake. Thanks but no thanks fellas!

The post Rob and Roy Shows You the Proper Way to Set Up a Threesome appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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In the industry of Bangkok’s full service sex massage parlors, the name Angel Massage is legendary. It’s been in business for over 10 years and I refer to them as the godfather of massage brothels in Phrom Phong red light district.

Just imagine the amount of hand jobs, blow jobs and full fuck service that occurred within walls of Angel Massage.

They are one of the first brothels to take advantage of widespread exposure on the internet when businesses started creating websites. Just take a look at Angel Massage’s retro late 90’s website and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For the longest time Angels Massage had reputation for the hottest young Thai massage girls. And also for employing the most massage ladies, boasting over 50 girls at any given time.

They still boast a large line of sexy Thai girls today so I’ve been recommending small bachelor party groups to make sure and check them for an insane stag party

Location of Angel Massage is its key to success…

Just a 10 minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS station exit #4, Angels Massage is located on the tail end of the L shaped Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. Easy to find and easy to get to if you’re staying near a sky train station.

Though there are a few nice guest friendly hotels in the area like Arize Sukhumvit Hotel and 24 Inn near many happy ending massage shops.

Back to Angel Massage

So, I haven’t been to Angel Massage in ages. A full year to be exact. Because today, there are so many other full service massage shops in Bangkok to fool around with sexy Thai massage girls.

When I went back in this week to make this review it felt like I was going back to see an old friend. I truly felt that way because back then, I visited Angels Massage frequently. I even had a hair cut inside for the hell of it. There’s a tiny hair salon in the lobby but it’s not really for the public. It’s meant for the massage ladies that worked inside. I got drunk, couldn’t speak a lick of Thai back then. I guess because I spent so much money inside they indulged me with a hair cut.

Just this past week I went in early, about 3pm. It’s quiet by then, but should have enough choice pick of girls available. Don’t rely on their website gallery. It’s not updated and hasn’t been for long while.

When you enter the mamasan will show you their massage prices. Now, keep in mind Angel Massage prices on their website only shows the price for massage only.

A Word About Angel Massage Prices

One of the reasons why I’m writing a review about Angel Massage is because there are too many guys out there sending me emails asking me if the prices on their website include sex.

There was one guy that kept asking me if I was sure. He’d never been to Thailand before. And he kept asking me if I could confirm that Angel’s Massage prices included sex or not. I didn’t bother replying. If he thinks a 1 hour oil massage for 400B includes sex I think he should just stay home and jerk off.

For this visit I chose a 1 hour and 30 minute gel massage which cost 800B as it says on their website. However, you have to pay an extra 1500B for full service, which comes out to 2300B which is on par with most of the happy ending massage shops in the area like Boss Massage.

So, whichever service you plan to choose at Angel Massage just add on another 1500B. Once you pay the full amount to the mamasan you’ll see her give your chosen massage girl 1500B.

It doesn’t matter if you’re only planning to get a hand job or a blow job. It’s still going to cost you 1500B.

I paid an additional 200B for the VIP room, which is basically a room with a bathtub for a bit of soapy body to body massage action. For that day, for some reason I wanted to play hide my weasel between a hot Thai massage girls titties.

Choosing a Girl at Angel Massage

I’m sure Angel’s has a photo album of all their working girls. But, as I always say, best to ask to see all of them upfront. There’s a plastic sliding door to the right of the counter and once the mamasan signals to the girls a customer wants a look see the door opens to another room with a wrap around sofa.

Seated inside at the time were about a dozen ladies. All were done up with heavy make up and of course beautiful hair. I was in heaven. They don’t call this place Angel Massage for nothing.

Not that I’m also saying all of the girls inside were super hot. But all were decent looking. I admit I had a bit of a hard time picking one.

When this happens, I usually try and pick the slimmest girl. Which I did and let’s just call her Mia since I don’t like blowing up the names of girls I banged.

Up to the VIP room with Mia

VIP rooms are a little bigger than the regular shower rooms. There’s a bathtub inside which didn’t take forever to fill. Angel Massage added these rooms about 5 years ago when they renovated. Which was good because I remember before their rooms were really old and shitty.

While the tub was filling Mia asked if I wanted a Thai massage. I was already down to my birthday suit so why not? Her massage wasn’t that great but I know time had to be wasted for a little while for the tub to fill.

VIP rooms are on the second floor…

She was still fully clothed in her tight yellow t-shirt and white jeans. Which is the uniform of Angel Massage girls. I asked if she could take off her clothes for a bit of foreplay. She obliged and took off her shirt and her bra.

And I started playing around with her titties and nipples. After all these years, this shit never gets boring to me. She must’ve thought I was retarded. She just might be right.

When the tub was a quarter full Mia signaled it was time to get into the tub. And I gleefully did as I watched her take off her jeans and revealed a nice shapely ass. There were no stretch marks on her tummy.

Playing Hide the Weasel

With my body clean from a good wash by Mia’s gentle hands in the bathtub she started a body to body massage action. With a focus on my cock between her perky tits. It was so enjoyable I had to ask if she could do it for another 5 minutes, which she smiled and obliged. What a good sport. Or maybe she felt sorry for me thinking I was really retarded.

After 30 minutes messing around in the bathtub it was time to get on the bed for a gel massage. I would’ve been happy enough to spend the entire time in the tub. But once I twisted my wrist while having sex in a bathtub years ago. So I never did it again.

Mia popped out the gel and proceeded with a gel massage. It’s not the best most sensual massage, which is one of the reasons why I prefer tantric massage which I can easily find on Sukhumvit Soi 23.

But there’s a full length mirror on the wall by the bed. I watched Mia’s gorgeous naked body on top of mine massaging me with her upper body.

She looked like a sleek cheetah riding on top of an old walrus.

By the time she asked me to turn over I was all ready to go. She started working on my nipples but I was waiting to see if she’ll blow me with a condom or not. I was hoping for a bareback blow job. But my hopes were dashed when she broke out a condom and shrink wrapped my weasel before blowing.

When that happens a blow job is a bit pointless. Because you can get bareback blow jobs easily in plenty of other shops in Bangkok.

So I asked Mia to get on all fours and I rode her until I popped. From my topside point of view Mia has an incredible hour glass figure.

From the mirror view point I looked like a walrus banging a cheetah.

Angel Massage – Still Worth Visiting After All These Years

Okay, so you were wondering how many times you can pop. You get only one. I know, a real bummer, but it’s been that way ever since they opened their doors.

And they’re still popular with a solid reputation to keep them running for another 10 years.

Their Thai massage girls are hot. The rooms are clean and the rates for a massage and sex is very reasonable. Angels Massage is recommended!

The post Angels Massage Review Bangkok appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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I’ve got two answers for guys interested in hooking up with Thai ladyboys: 1) I’m not into ladyboys 2) But I can still help you.

When it comes to the subject of Thai chicks with dicks, or rather dudes with tits, I know that the information I have on Thai ladyboys on this website is miniscule.

During my green years in Bangkok’s red light districts I avoided katoeys or ladyboys like the plague. I just found that particular lifestyle disturbing. It was so weird to sit next to a dude, dressed like a woman with fake tits and his cock tucked neatly under his ass. And if a ladyboy propositioned me I just give the ol’ stiff arm and moved along.

Today, if I was enjoying a cold beer at a bar in Nana and a ladyboy sat next to me and initiated a conversation I’ll have a nice friendly chat. But no, I’ll absolutely under no circumstances no matter how drunk I would never invite a Thai ladyboy back to my place to play dueling swords.

But, Playing Around Bangkok’s Red Light Districts You Might Make Mistakes

I got a blowjob from one or two (not at the same time) though from katoeys. They had their dicks surgically removed and thus considered post ops. That’s my excuse. When that happens, it’s kind of hard to tell the difference. Until you take a closer look.

Which is still difficult especially when you’ve got beer goggles. The temptation is there. But no matter how you spin it in your mind, no matter how beautiful and feminine Thai ladyboys look, they are still men. There’s no going around changing DNAs.

Inside a condo of a Thai ladyboy. Courtesy of Roger…

So getting my dick sucked a couple of well disguised Thai guys was as far as my experiences goes when it comes to ladyboys. Took me awhile to get over it. I only cried in the shower for a few hours. Then went back out to look for some real guaranteed pussy and all was right as rain again in the world.

Jim Hunt at Your Service

I get a lot of emails from guys asking me about hooking up with Thai ladyboys in Bangkok and Pattaya’s red light districts.

One example is Roger from Down Under. I’ve never met him personally but we’ve been communicating through emails about his planned trip to have sex with ladyboys and play around with todgers. This went on for 6 months. And he’s sharing the information here with you all.

One thing in common about Roger and other guys that want to get it on with Thai ladyboys is they’re shy about it. They know how they will be perceived in their home country if they are discovered cavorting with transgenders.

Many first timers curious about ladyboys feel the same exact way here in Bangkok and Pattaya. Even when there isn’t anyone around the same time zone that will recognize them. They’re worried that total strangers will judge them. Look at them or get called a cock gobbler. When I told Roger names of ladyboy go go bars he should visit he told me he was too shy to even walk into one.

One of my expat buddies totally enamored with ladyboys in Bangkok even offered to show Roger the ropes. Only to have him turn the offer down because he’s too afraid.

Incall service is on a very personal level. You’ll be right inside their place of residence… Okay, Getting Nervous Around Thai Ladyboys is a Legitimate Reason

Personally, all those years ago the first time I saw a foreigner with a ladyboy I did a lot of staring too. And yes I judged. Not out loud. But in my mind I called them a couple of fudge packers. I even felt weird buying a pack of cigarettes from a ladyboy inside 7-Elevens.

Again, after spending a long while here I’m not fazed by the sight of men pretending to be women. But if I was a prejudiced asshole back then I can imagine lots and lots of foreigners not accustomed to ladyboys think and felt the same way I did right at this very moment.

Because today, there’s a shit load more Thai ladyboys working in and around the red light districts. And the options to meet Thai transgenders plenty and easy. But, if you want to cavort with a ladyboy privately then here’s your answer.

Roger doesn’t think he’s gay. He really thinks ladyboys are simply ladies… Ladyboy Incall Service is the Answer

Okay, so you want to have sex with Thai ladyboys but you don’t want anyone to know. Which takes ladyboy go go bars and walking up and down between Nana and Soi Cowboy out of the equation.

So, Incall service is the answer for all the nervous nellies. Incall is opposite outcall in escort service speak. Just in case any of you idiots can’t figure it out.

More Thai ladyboy prostitutes provide customers incall service, compared to real Thai girl prostitutes. Real girls are more cautious about total strangers coming up to their private residence. Who can blame them? There are lots of psychos out there. If I was a Thai hooker I wouldn’t want some psychopath to strangle me to death with my panties and skin me to make himself a corset.

Some Thai ladyboys give a bit of a discount already considering it’s incall service…

Ladyboys however are more fearless. Because they’re still dudes and they know it. And better suited for fending off an attacker.

I recommended Roger from Down Under to search around transgender escort websites like ts-dating.com because he can check out the profiles, complete with phone numbers and messaging. Almost every single Thai ladyboy has Whatsapp loaded on their phones.

Roger also recommends hook up apps like tinder.com to privately contact Thai ladyboys and find out where they live and how much they charge.

Here’s How Much Roger Pays for Incall Service with Thai Ladyboys

The magic number here for incall service with ladyboys seems to be 2500THB. At least according to Roger’s experience. He’s comfortable paying 2500THB for an hour. But Roger says many times the ladyboys let him stay past an hour. Sometimes up to 2 hours. Not that they have sex for the entire 2 hours. After he’s done he likes to sit and chat with ladyboys.  And they never minded or rushed him out. Unless they had somewhere else to go or when a customer is coming over.

Look how much of a pro Roger is… Ladyboy Incall Rates Are Flexible… Most of the Time

Roger says most Thai katoeys ask upfront 3000THB. But you can talk it down to 2500B. He followed my advice about making jokes when asking for discounts. And it works. Most of the time that is. Some ladyboys won’t budge. But no worries, Roger says when he has the urge to lick ladyboy balls he never fails to find a hot ladyboy accepting 25o0THB rates.

But… There’s Always a But…

Roger says whenever you’re going for incall service there’s still a chance you’ll be seen. But you’ll most likely be seen by Thais which really don’t give a shit if you’re hooking up with a ladyboy.

Because most residences in Bangkok have some kind of key card security system. Whether it’s a condo, or an apartment complex, entry inside requires a key card.

There’s two things that can happen. One, the ladyboy will come downstairs to get you. Two, you wait for another resident with a key card to get in or someone to get out.

Obviously, the first option is the one that with a possibility of getting scene with a ladyboy together. Roger now is to a point where he’s little bit more carefree now since he’s been visiting ladyboys now on incall service exclusively.

The post Thai Ladyboy Guide for the Shy Newbies appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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Here I’m going to touch upon the subject of sponsoring Thai girlfriend. Or keeping a mistress in Thailand. Whatever you want to call it. You’ll learn about the cost and what to expect from one of my best friend with five Thai girlfriends.

He’s a married Thai guy that I’ve known for awhile with lots to teach about paid relationships with Thai girls.

These are also valuable advice for guys looking to sponsor a Thai girlfriend, or two. Or dare I say three Thai faen or gik at one time.

Difference Between a Thai Faen (แฟน) and Thai Gik (กิ๊ก)

Faen is a multi-purpose word. Depending on the context of usage, it means wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend and lover. Doesn’t matter what type of gender relationship, you can still refer to a ladyboy as a faen.

Gik is a loose term for fuck buddy. For foreigners we can have a gik relationship with a Thai. But nothing is really free for us here, right?

For Thai guys they really do get to fuck horny Thai girls for free. What do you expect? It’s their territory.

Good News is, it’s Affordable(ish)

Keeping mistresses is Thailand is very common. I know guys from all over the world that have at least one mistress at one point or another. Because it’s affordable.

Not cheap.

But manageable for most guys living on a decent pension or passive incomes.

I’ve had my fair share of mistresses in Thailand even when I was married. Hey, I never said I was a saint.

I could only deal with one Thai girlfriend on the side though. I have no idea how Thai guys manage more than two at one time. Thai guys have it down to an art form.

If you’re considering having a mistress in Thailand, consider some of Suchat the Butcher’s advice. For 30 years Suchat has learned a lot of mistakes about sponsoring Thai girls.

Not too shabby for a guy that looks like he should be unloading coconut trucks for a living.

Introducing Suchat the Butcher

I became good friends with my local butcher shop owner named Suchat. But he’s not just any normal Thai butcher you see. This guys got connections with a Thai-French beef supplier. Which is unique since Suchat’s butcher shop is inside a Thai wet market near my home. He’s my hero for that reason alone.

Having mia noi (เมียน้อย) second wife or mistress is common in all levels of Thai social economic level. From poor, to super rich and all the jack asses in between. Yes, there are Thai guys that don’t even have two baht to rub together. Yet miraculously have two Thai wives.

Suchat only has one wife with a bonafide marriage certificate. On the side, he has five mistresses. That’s six women in total he’s taking care of financially.

He doesn’t even have to actively seek out Thai girls. They go to him. Like flies to fresh cut meat (his words, not mine). Even though he’s not considered a handsome guy like me. Though like me, he’s in his early 50’s. Except he’s got a few strands of hair on his head he combs over. He’s 160cm tall and 90kg with Thai tattoos decorating his body from neck to toe.

Wrapped around his head are half a dozen Thai amulets. Some facing the front, and some facing the back for protection against whatever.

A local joint where Thai men go to drink with hostess girls. Most of the girls working inside are from Lao…

Though Suchat does hang out at local watering holes where guys can pick and choose girls to keep them company. It’s at one of these places where I bumped into Suchat and since then I’ve been learning more ways to get even sleazier in Thailand.

I know keeping a gaggle of Thai women is a monumental task. Sure, having money helps. But dealing with a bunch of needy gold diggers is not easy. Because Thai women are super competitive when it comes to keeping the alpha male.

He still has the stamina to mess around the local brothels though.

15,000 Baht a Month

Besides his wife, 15,000THB is the amount of money Suchat pays each and every one of his kept woman. Of course Suchat has favorites so sometimes he would add a bit extra here and there. But according to Suchat, 15,000THB is the baseline rate he hands out when they agree to be under his mistress.

However, Suchat has to pay for their housing. His wife lives with him at his main residence. He has a few townhomes so he houses a few there. The remaining ladies he rents studio condos for each.

Each condo rental cost 10,000THB including water and electricity. He tells me his ladies always ask for cars. But he thinks women shouldn’t be driving. At least that’s the answer he gives them.

So a base salary of 15,000THB plus roughly 10,000THB for housing. That’s 25,000THB times five mistresses is 125,000THB. Not including all the extra cost.

I certainly learned a lot from Suchat… Supply and Demand

Gold digging Thai women have their own version of the rat race. In a country of Buddhist values where modesty is upheld, brand name luxury goods rule supreme. Thai women are obsessed over brand name designer foreign luxury products.

Prada, Louis Vuittons and Chanel brand and many other pompous luxury brand goods are highly prized and valued in the eyes of Thai women. But these items come with a big price tag, especially in Thailand where foreign luxury goods are taxed heavily.

For Thai women with not much going for them except their looks, without a high paying job the quickest way to acquire these goodies is to open their legs in exchange for cash, jewelry or said gifts.

Finding a sugar daddy with free spending cash for ladies in Thailand is a sport. But men like Suchat are not everywhere. And they are spoilt for choices. So Thai women looking for a man to take care of them really have to have their looks work in their favor.

Keeping Peace in the House – Suchat’s Rules

You’re probably wondering how the hell does Suchat keep the peace with the women in his harem. You’d think the catfights would drive him nuts. But he’s learned a lot and even developed 5 laws he lays down on the women that agree to his demands.

Suchat’s 5 Rules
  1. Leave if you don’t like the arrangement.
  2. Start a fight with the other girls and you’re out.
  3. Don’t call me. I’ll call you. Otherwise leave a text message.
  4. You’ll get an agreed amount allowance. Don’t ask for more.
  5. If you get pregnant without permission, get out but give me the baby over.

Suchat sounds like such a dick don’t he?

Well that’s because he started keeping minor wives since he was 25 years old. He’s picked the habit up from his dad which I once met before he past away. Suchat’s dad had seven wives. Unlike junior, senior didn’t have to lay down rules. He just beats the women if they get step an inch out of line.

In the span of 30 years Suchat’s picked up a lot of knowledge in keeping peace in the house. Including his sanity. Because today he’s too old for drama. And as a youngster watching women get beat by his drunk dad traumatized him to the core.

To this day he promised he’d never lay a hand on a lady. And this is a guy that chops and grinds meat for a living.

So he laid the rules down on day one so that there’s no take backs and regrets.

If You Don’t Want Kids You Better Make it Very Clear

Though his last rule about having an unwanted pregnancy makes him sound like soulless douche bag. He actually loves the children he has through mistresses. But his point his both parties have to agree before letting the pregnancy happen.

Some girls think they’re clever and get off the pill so that they get pregnant. In their minds they think this would keep a stronger hold on the men. There are nasty cases where children are kept as a bargaining chip in which Suchat had to pay big money to get back. Which in Suchat’s cases be the wrong move.

But he desperately wanted to keep the children. Because he knows he’s the one who can take care of the child’s welfare better than a woman that doesn’t want to work for a living. He even sends his kids to the best school’s he can afford. See ,he’s not a cold heartless as you thought.

Because Suchat knows he’s got the all powerful leverage, cold hard cash.

One Thing to Rule Them All

Suchat is in a position where the local women know he’s a successful businessman. He has a reputation for keeping and sponsoring women and providing them with cash and gifts. That’s why he attracts a lot of gold digging whores.

He’s not stupid. He realizes that women currently putting up with him aren’t with him for his youth, looks, wit and charm. If he wasn’t born into the family business he would never get women lining up to lick his sweaty balls after chopping up pig carcass.

But his business although small has earned him a good living and choice picks of hot local girls, that don’t want to work and stay at home with a bit of cash for shopping.

For a 50 year old Thai man, he’s living the good life.

Tips from Suchat: Even if you’ve got a lot of money to sponsor girls, keep your common sense.

The Kind of Women Suchat Keeps

Suchat attracts women that love money and status. Which is counter intuitive to the teachings of Buddha in which a vast majority of Thais believe in. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles in Thailand.

Obviously, the majority of women Suchat keeps in his circle come from poor family backgrounds. With limited education and not a lot of choice pick of jobs nor the penchant to work, they look for a man. Or men to throw money and goods at them in exchange for sex and companionship.

These women also think they’re living in some real life low brow soap opera. I’m not kidding. Soap operas play a major influence in Thai women’s psyche.

That’s not to say Suchat only sponsors women dumb as rocks. He’s kept studying hospital nurses, civil servants and oh yes, Thai university students making their way into the real world.

He’s shown photos of the girls he’s sponsored. Many were just average ordinary girls. Though some were real gorgeous. The beautiful Thai girls he sponsors he had to put some real effort into. And when I mean effort I mean more money.

Tips from Suchat: It never lasts.

Girls Come and Go

Suchat knows that the extra women he keeps won’t stay with him forever. He doesn’t get too attached to all of them though there are a few that he really enjoys in the long run.

The reality is according to Suchat and common sense, is that when one of his girls find another man that can make her life just one percent better she’d leave Suchat in a heart beat. Which has happened so he’s used to it.

When one leaves, it’s not too long he finds another.

Sure, there are girls that never want to leave. There could be a genuine reason why they wouldn’t. There could be cases where women have fallen madly in love with him.

Tips from Suchat: You don’t lose your girl. You only lose your turn.

Thai Girls Are Fiercely Competitive

In the West, whenever a wife or a girlfriend finds out you’ve been unfaithful you get divorced. Such as my case.

Here in Thailand if a Thai man gets caught cheating by his old girl, then the old girl goes after the new girl. And when all the preceding ladies in the chain gets whiff and smells first blood then there’s a chain reaction of cat fights, name callings and whining and complaining on Facebook.

You might think Thai girls are demure and non-confrontational. Especially when a girl you currently sponsor finds out you are housing another girl to suck your dick.

The truth is, they’re not going to go after you directly. They’ll scream at each other like harpies with syphilis.

Screaming Queen (Thai Soap Opera TV) - YouTube

There’s a very good reason why Suchat never ever lets his mistresses meet each other. Because they’d have the balls to jump and suck his dick in front of everyone to lay their claim to Suchat. Come to think of it, that’s not bad at all.

In Thai news there are numerous stories of infidelity though no one ever really points fingers at the guys caught in a love triangle.

Tips from Suchat: Never let the ladies get together. You’ll regret it.

Biggest Advice You’ll Get from Suchat

I’ve been telling Suchat about the shit that happens to foreigners dating Thai women. He knows it can work out. His eldest sister married a guy from Holland and they’ve got several kids and everything looks happy with them.

But when I tell him about the shit that happens with foreigners and Thai girls he’s not surprised. And news reports like this Frenchman got killed as a result from a quarrel with a Thai girlfriend floats around in the news cycle.

Suchat says he would never, ever get involved with Thai bar girls. According to him, they’ve got too much emotional and relationship baggage issues.

But he understands most foreigners don’t have a lot of chances or choices finding “normal” Thai girls. Especially older foreigners like me.

His biggest advice is, if you can’t find a Thai girl, then don’t force a relationship by sponsoring a Thai girl. Especially if you can’t afford to.

Because You’re Responsible

15 years ago one of Suchat’s mia noi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was caught too late and she died within a month. During that month she was hospitalized he covered the cost of her stay and care. And in the end he paid for her funeral also.

Even though Suchat’s got money his mia noi had no medical insurance. So it was on Suchat entirely to cover the expenses. Though he’s got money he said the cost was high and put a dent in his bank account. But he’s got a successful business so he can recover.

The post Thai Mistresses – Lessons from Suchat the Butcher appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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CanCam Massage shop is one of the first sex shops you’ll see when you’re rounding the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. Like all of the the happy ending massage shops on this L shape soi it has a strong Japanese customer base. But anyone is welcome as long as you can pay to play.

I used to go to their shop often. Until the quality of their girls went downhill. Actually I should say up and down.

CanCam is also one of those happy ending massage shops I’m often asked to review. A lot of guys inform me they always see sexy Thai girls sitting outside. And I went, and I found them and yes they are indeed very sexy .

And then I go back for further “research” purposes. Just a week or two later. Only to find out that the girls are not there anymore. In other words, some dick head probably made marriage proposals to them so now they’re off the market.

The Low Down

So CanCam has been opened for about 4 years or so. Just about the same time when this entire strip made a major face lift.

CanCam has had a rollercoaster of a history, even though it hasn’t been around for a long time. It was one of the best full service massage shop on the strip, with sexy Thai massage girls right after the major renovations 4 years ago.

But the massage business is a hard industry to upkeep. Especially when there are too many greedy men with cash coming to these shops, falling in love with the girls. Long story short, the girls are taken out of the massage shops to be taken care of, or sponsored.

Which is just one of the reasons why I never really posted a review of CanCam Massage previously.

CanCam Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 To Be Honest

There’s really not much to write about CanCam today. It’s a straight up sex shop. No fun things to do inside like getting pissed on, which you can get at Exotic Massage. There’s no turn your bones to jelly tantric massages like you’d find at Passion Massage or Paradise Massage.

You can’t get a nuru massage experience like you can get at Mitu Massage or Dream Heaven Message.

That said, it’s one of the least exciting places for guys that have been fooling in Thailand for many years.

And You Only Get One Shot

This will definitely bum out a lot of guys reading this, but yes, CanCam Massage policy is one cum shot per paid visit. They’re going to have a tough time competing with their neighbor next door, Boss Massage which allows customer multiple cum shots.

CanCam Massage Girls

So since CanCam opened I’ve been visiting on and off. I started visiting again the beginning of this month of January. So far, I’ve been there three times. Which isn’t an easy feat. Because They still don’t have the best looking girls on the block I’m afraid to say.

They are up against many happy ending massage shops on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 that do have sexy Thai massage girls to compete against.

However, if you like light skinned Thai girls with meat on their bones this is a place for you. Of the times I’ve been there this month there were not a lot of girls that made my eyes pop out. I’d give their girls a grade of 4 to 6.

Cancam’s website is the least helpful. Especially if you can’t read Japanese. Which I can’t. The rates and service title is in Japanese. Also, don’t rely on their lady photo gallery page. It’s not updated.

CanCam Massage Price Shower Room Price
  • 60 Minutes – 2200THB
  • 70 Minutes – 2500THB
  • 90 Minutes – 2800THB

Jacuzzi Room Price

  • 60 Minutes – 2700THB
  • 70 Minutes – 3000THB
  • 90 Minutes – 3300THB

Notice the nutty price discrepancy between a 60 minute service for 2200THB and 70 minutes for 2500THB. Basically the price difference is 300THB for an extra 10 minutes. I recommend sticking with the 60 minute service here.

As I mentioned earlier, CanCam is an old school massage shop that does not provide a whole lot of interesting sexual services. The prices you see above, are for massage with oil followed by sex.

They do have jacuzzi rooms which start 2700THB for 60 minutes. And two lady massage services for a threesome experience. Though if you want to get it on with two girls you’ll have a better time at Analisa Massage. But because of the talent CanCam had inside I couldn’t justify trying them out let alone pay a high price tag.

Are They Worth the Price

Check out CanCam’s prices on their website for two ladies and you’ll see why. They are one of the priciest happy ending massage shops in Bangkok. Which is fine, as a businessman I’d want to make money by charging my customers as much money as I can too.

However, they have to provide a stellar experience with more service options. Otherwise, there are so many places customers can go providing great service and reasonable rates.

The rooms are clean but no mirrors on the walls… Picking the Girls at CanCam

The mamasan remembered me as soon as I approached the shop. She always has a big smile and just a lovely friendly lady. She speaks English so whatever you’re into let her know.

There’s no photo books so she’ll call all the girls to come up before you for a line up. For this review, there were only 6 girls. I got there about 2pm so there’s less girls. Usually they have about a dozen ladies on standby. All of them are dressed in white polo shirts and thigh high tight skirts. Not really the sexiest look but enough to check out the shape of their bodies.

I picked a girl I’ve never seen before. A tall girl and the least heaviest out of the line up. She didn’t have big tits and not much of an ass but she’s got a pretty face and a nice smile. I’ll just call her Mona because she’s got this sexy moan that I’ll get into later.

Up to the Shower Room with Mona

Shower rooms at CanCam are all on the second floor. The walkway is narrow and there are mirrors lining the walls to make the entire space appear bigger.

However, once you’re inside the shower rooms there are no mirrors on the walls. Having mirrors on the walls while having sex with a Thai massage hooker makes the experience much more enjoyable.

The room is clean and everything you’d expect. Theres a shower in the corner and a bed. There are televisions in the room too, but no sports channels. Or porn. Both would’ve made me heap a load of extra points for CanCam.

This is where the girls clean your cock and balls…

After Mona got back to the room with her kit I was already in my birthday suit flopped on the bed. She started taking her clothes off so we could get to our pre-requisite shower. And that’s when Mr. Winky stood up at attention.

Mona’s has a pretty face but if she got her tits done she’d definitely stand out more. We got into the shower together and she started cleaning me. There was no action in the shower and it was all quite mechanical. That’s also my experience with the last two girls I tried out at CanCam.

I’ve been messing around long enough to know these days that not every Thai massage girl you encounter will give you that “girlfriend” experience. Which most guys look for. But we’re not their boyfriends. So not a big deal to me.

To the Massage Bed

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Mona and the last two CanCam girls I was with had bad attitudes. In actuality, they were quite nice and playful but I just had to bring it out of them.

I know this sounds nuts, but one thing that stands out at CanCam are the massages. All of the girls did a decent massage on my back, hitting all the acupressure points accurately. This could be something CanCam massage customers prefer and a reason why the girls have to put in actual elbow grease.

There was no body to body massage. If you choose the jacuzzi room you’ll get that service.

However, the massage only lasted 10 minutes on my backside only. When I turned over she started with the foreplay, beginning with ol’ cat bath, which I always enjoy.

Small bed inside shower room of CanCam Massage Bangkok…

After a few minutes of that Mona popped out a condom and gave me a covered blow job. Which is standard here at CanCam, at least with the other two girls also. She just gave me a covered blow job for two minutes. Not really a lot of work or enthusiasm put into it but hey it’s a blow job with a condom on so the sensation is minimized anyways.

She got on top cowgirl and because of her slender body, perky tits and a pretty face made the whole experience a hell of a lot better. And she was working it to the point I had to tell her to slow down a few times. And then she sped back up bouncing up and down my cock.

I’m sure she understood me when I told her to slow down a bit as I said it in Thai. I got this feeling maybe she was trying to hurry me. So, I asked to switch position to get on top where I could easily control. When I was ready to pop I asked Mona to get back on top and let her ride me into the sunset.

And she could really ride. As I mentioned earlier she has this really sensual moan. Which is probably an act as I know I’m the worst lover in the world. This was still the highpoint of my visit to CanCam Massage.


I’ve got mixed feelings.

My last CanCam visit with Mona I felt was rushed. I had at least 25 minutes left. Now, as a customer I could’ve said something. Which I usually do and have done at other full service massage shops I try out. I didn’t have this issue with the other two CanCam massage ladies.

So this is something that’s usual as business with Mona, maybe?

But this type of situation happens a lot at other happy ending massage in Bangkok. I just want to quickly point this out, out of fairness.

What to Do

If this happens, we’ve got three choices:

  1. Ask for a massage to fill up the extra time.
  2. Just leave and be happy someone sucked your cock and banged your brains out.
  3. Bitch and moan to yourself quietly and don’t go back.

On this occasion with Mona I picked choice #2. Mostly because I was doing this CanCam Massage shop review. After all I can write about my experience and just let everyone reading this know what to expect and the options.

Bonus points would’ve been give if there were sports and porn played on the tele… Would I Go Back?

Sure I’d go back. But not as frequently though. Like many full service massage business there are slumps. Meaning periods where they are able to find a couple of sexy Thai girls to fill up their line up. That’s why I keep going back to massage shops that I’ve had previous less then stellar experiences.

Because you just never know you might find a very pretty massage girl to service you.

The post CanCam Massage Review Bangkok appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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This afternoon I received a bunch of frantic text messages, emails and comments on this blog asking why all of the massage shops in Phrom Phrong red light district were closed. I have to admit, this news piqued my curiosity too.

However, I’m in Phuket now to give my testicles some well deserved rest. So I’m only having sex with a short time girlfriend for the duration of my stay here.

A massage shop on Sukhumvit 31 I will be writing a review on soon…

But a quick phone call to my trusty insider friend revealed that the police are doing a “quality of life” check in the neighborhood.

And that most of the shops will back in business by 6pm or 7pm. Without going into too much detail don’t let this alarm you. This happened once last year too.

When I get back to Bangkok there are a few more visits to a couple of massage shops I’m writing reviews on before posting here.

The post Why Oil Massage Shops Were Closed Today – And a Quick Update appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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Mitu Massage Bangkok Review

To experience a true nuru massage in Bangkok you’ve got to get your ass to Mitu Massage. It’s a Japanese owned happy ending massage shop on Sukhumvit Soi 33, just opposite from Dream Heaven Massage and a short distance walk from Hera’s Massage.

I’ve been to Mitu Massage plenty of times, ever since they were in their first location that was attached to S33 Sukhumvit Hotel (guest friendly). This new location though is a lot better.

Nuru massage is brought to you the from the fine folks that invented the VCR. Pokemon, the calculator and bukkake porn, our friends the Japanese.

Like anything Japanese, Mitu Massage provides customers the same exact style of nuru massage porn experience you’d see on internet porn sites.

Going to Mitu Massage for a nuru massage experience is like going to Japan for Sushi. It is authentic. You get the same excellent customer service. And you get what you’re exactly paying for. Including Thai massage girls squealing like Japanese porn actresses.

I couldn’t take a lot of photos of the room I was in. Because inside Mitu, massage girls are with you inside the room the whole entire time. Because they already have what they need on hand or inside the room for the job.

But… They’re Not Cheap

Mitu is one of the most expensive massage shop in Bangkok. Period. It keeps out the riffraffs (you all know who you are). Which I like. I think they are catering to upscale customers with very discerning taste. And there are plenty of sex tourists in Bangkok with deep pockets. It’s a smart business move. I’d do the same damn thing it was my business.

They have a unique pricing scheme. Just like Addict Massage, Mitu’s prices depend on the girls desirability. Though they rate their girls into three categories with 80 minute service:

  1. 6 Stars – 4800THB
  2. 5 Stars – 4400THB
  3. 4 Stars – 3400THB

The only service Mitu offers their customers is an 80 minutes of genuine full nuru massage experience. Also a threesome service with nuru which they call Hentai Lesbian for a minimum of 8000THB. Like I say, they’re expensive.

8000THB is a steep price for a threesome nuru massage. I’m going to try it out next time…

However, you get unlimited shots for whichever girls you choose.

Mitu Massage Girls

I’ve spoken to Mitu’s manager a few times. He’s a really nice Japanese fellow. Once inside, he’ll show you a tablet with photos of their nuru massage girls. While I was there, he had about a dozen photos of Thai massage girls, fully clothed with dresses that cover their bodies from chest to knee.

I wanted so much to tell him it’s probably better to have the girls show off more of their body. But I didn’t want to blow my cover. No body knows I’m writing reviews of full service massage reviews in Bangkok. Except a few close friends I often share nightlife notes with.

With the clothes the girls’ are wearing on their massage girl info page you can’t tell if they’re fat or skinny. Or have nice titties with a nice ass or not. You can’t see the girls’ faces on the website which is understandable. However, once inside Mitu there are photos of massage girls showing their faces.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I think Mitus’ girls have a score of 5 or 6. Which is on average with most other massage shops in the area. Except for a few.

You can request to have the girls line up in front of you. But at the time of my visit, only 4 girls were available. And all the photos are not photoshopped so what you see is really what you get.

But this time, I picked a 4 star girl which I’ll just call her Pam (not her real name). Since she’s a 4 star girl she cost 3400THB which I paid upfront to the manager.

Then you’ll be asked to take a seat in a waiting area where customers are given a nice disposable moist wet towel and a bottle of energy drink.

My Mitu Nuru Massage Experience

Pam took me up to the second floor and I can hear club dance music in the hallway. She took me to a room near the stairs. The room is big with dark red painted walls and a wide bathroom with an inflatable air mattress where half of the magic happens.

There’s also a queen sized bed where the other half of the magic happens. But do you know what’s missing? Mirrors.

I shit you not mirrors make a big difference for a great porn style perspective.

First, things first. Pam took off her clothes. Mine were off already because I was all ready to go. She’s got a cute face in her early 20s. But even under her dress I could see she was bottom heavy. I’ve been to Mitu Massage at least 6 times and they do have better looking ladies. But all of them were busy.

Service starts off with a quick shower with Pam’s assistance. There was no foreplay during the shower which was a bit of a let down. After 5 minutes I was asked to take a seat on the bed while she worked on the nuru gel.

Lucky There’s 80 minutes of Service… You’ll See What I Mean

Yup. So it takes some time to work on the correct nuru gel massage consistency. That’s right. Nuru gel comes in a concentrated form. Supposedly it’s made of seaweed and completely natural. And sold readily online mostly as a sex aid.

Massage girls have to mix it with warm water until the consistency is just right. This takes about 3 to 5 minutes and done right inside the room.

But trust me, it’s worth the wait.

A large air mattress at Mitu Massage. Apologies for the poor photo quality it was dark really dark inside.

After mixing the nuru massage gel to the right consistency, Pam placed the air mattress on the floor and gave it a good wash and when that was done I was asked to get down with my backside facing up.

Then she dumped a load of newly mixed nuru massage gel over my back and starting working on me with a soft sensual massage. It felt awesome with some body to body massage action.

She maneuvered the lower half of her body and started sliding up and down my cock and balls with her ass. Wow, I tells you. I shot my load so fast all over that air mattress. I just couldn’t contain myself. Nuru massage gel on your cock makes it more sensitive. Which speeds up the launch code sequence. And before you know it you’ve unleashed the hounds.

Good Thing Mitu Massage Allows Unlimited Shots

Because you’ll need it if you can handle it. Pam just continued to body to body massage me but it’s not as fun without an erection. I needed some time to regroup my boys but it was great that Pam kept on working.

Before I knew it, half the time was gone and Pam showered me down. Then I got to the bed and waited for Pam to clean the air mattress and then herself.

This time she started giving me a Thai massage starting on my backside. But she slowly worked her way down to toy around with my cock and balls. In about 10 minutes I was asked to turn over and started working more on it.

One of the massage rooms inside Mitu Massage. The area for nuru massage is to the left…

She broke out a condom and carefully placed it on my cock and gave me a covered blow job. Again I’ve been to Mitu Massage before and there are girls that do give uncovered BJs. But this was my first time with Pam. So if you want uncovered blow job be sure to ask the manager and he’ll point you to the right massage girl.

Pam got on top and started working. She’s got chubby hips and ass which would be great to see provided there were mirrors on the walls. But in 10 minutes she got the job done as I squirted out my second load. I was laid out in bed like a jellyfish on a beach to dry.

The Final Verdict

Again, like all things Japanese, Mitu relies on customer comments on site to check service performance. There’s a chance to comment on the services of their massage girls and you can be honest about your nuru massage experience as the manager takes positive and negative comments in account. Another words he’s not a pussy and won’t get offended if you’re unsatisfied with their service.

He just wants you to give an honest review so he can work and improve on areas that need improving.

Okay, so Mitu Massage may not have the best looking girls (at least during my visit). And out of all the full service massage shops in Bangkok, they are the the priciest. In my opinion, the price is justified. If they can only get hotter girls they’ll be a real force to reckon with.

But I understand that whenever a massage shops hires a perfectly beautiful massage girl sooner or later some douche bags going to take her out, sponsor her, marry her or whatever. As a result they lose a breadwinner.

Not a lot of happy ending massage shops in Bangkok are correctly providing the true Japan styled nuru massage service. However, Mitu delivers with incredible service and a genuine nuru porn star experience with unlimited shots.

The post For a Real “Nuru Experience” – Go to Mitu Massage Sukhumivt Soi 33 appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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Dream Heaven Massage Review – Sukhumvit Soi 33

I’ve had many nuru massages in Bangkok. Most of the times, it’s different than what you’d see on porn websites. Other times, you get a rim job just like I got at Dream Heaven Massage.

They’ve got a few branches but I went to the main branch on Sukhumvit Soi 33, located directly next to S33 Compact Hotel (guest friendly) as well as a couple of other happy ending massage shops like Hera’s Massage. The second branch is located on Sukhumvit Soi 26 (review coming soon).

Nuru massages are loads of fun. Particularly when you’ve got a hot Thai honey rolling up and down your body with big titties.

Dream Heaven Massage is a 290 meter walk from the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 33

Except for this time, I got a nice pleasant surprise because this time at Dream Heaven Massage I got my salad tossed. Getting a sexy Thai girl in Bangkok to perform a rim job today is rare. It used to be done at a lot of massage shops like 10 years ago.

Today however, most Thai massage girls would repulse at the thought of sticking their tongue down a customer’s poop shoot. And I don’t blame them. But at Dream Heaven Massage it was a really nice added touch.

Missed it By That Much

Unfortunately, during this review for Dream Heaven Massage I just missed a super hot girl. As I walked inside I saw her slip in behind the doors in the back, with stairs that lead to the rooms.

I haven’t been inside Dream Heaven in nearly 6 months. Because there were a bunch of other happy ending massage shops I needed to revisit to make more reviews.

But I wasn’t worried. Dream Heaven has a good reputation for sexy Thai girls. I spoke to the owner once many years ago. A guy from Holland, really nice fellow and I know he understands the business.

While inside I was greeted by a male Thai manager and shown the service and price menu. But I chose a 2500THB, 90 minute nuru massage course inside a jacuzzi room. The prices you see on their price menu are for service inside shower rooms.

Their website is not updated so you won’t see prices for jacuzzi rooms.

Dream Heaven Massage Girls

After I handed over the 2500THB, I took a seat on the sofa and the manager called out the girls for a lineup. Right behind the counter there’s a room where the girls wait during downtime.

7 girls marched out with most coming from the back room and a few from the front entrance. I picked one of the girls in the back room. The shortest girl which I will name Pocket Rocket as I don’t like to reveal real names on my blog posts. All of the girls are dressed in sexy schoolgirl outfits.

Pocket Rocket is a short girl, about 164cm tall with a cute face and tanned skin. It was her ass however that caught my attention. I could see she didn’t have a big set of tits even though her bra pushed up her titties for bigger appearance. But years of fooling around with Thai hookers have taught me how to spot genuinely big titties. Her body was tight and compact which in my experience are a lot of fun in bed.

You can catch a glimpse of their massage girls on their website’s lady gallery here. I don’t think it’s updated also however as I don’t even see the photo of the girl I chose.

Up to Dream Heaven Massage Jacuzzi Room

Or I should say down as all the jacuzzi rooms are located in the basement level of the shop. There’s only three rooms and the room I was taken to seems to be the largest.

A big room with a big bed and plenty of mirrors…

When Pocket Rocket left to retriever her basket of soaps and nuru massage gel I had a chance to check out the room.

I believe I got the biggest jacuzzi room, as you can see in the photo, they’ve got a lot of space for a threesome or a “4 hands massage” at Dream Heaven.

There’s no funky smell although the room could use some touch up. But I’m not here to nitpick on the decor. When it comes down to it most massage shops in Bangkok with happy endings are in the same condition.

Takes awhile for the jacuzzi to fill up…

So one of my biggest gripes are the small faucets which is slow to fill the tub at least halfway for some fun in the tub. But there is a shower head that my massage girl stuck inside the tub for extra water.

It’s a nice touch but during our 90 minute session I only spent like 10 minutes inside for a clean up and a brief soapy body on body action.

When Pocket Rocket came back to the room she popped off her school girl uniform and placed two condoms on the bed. So yes, for all the cum counters out there. At Dream Heaven Massage you get two cum shots.

All the Nuru Action Happens on the Bed

Typically, when we watch nuru massage sex videos we see a girl sliding up and down a dudes body, fully slicked with nuru gel. By the way, you can buy this shit on Amazon.com so it’s not some secret sauce found only in happy ending massage shops. Yes, you too can jerk yourself off with nuru gel in the comforts of your home.

After an unexpected thorough cleaning of my asshole inside the shower my years of experience taught me some things. And that is something is going near my ass. Dream Heaven Massage does not provide prostate massage services like Passion Massage, Paradise Massage and Analisa Massage.

The logical reason would be she’s going to give me a rim job. Either that or my current all protein diet has added an extra funk coming from my asshole.

When that was all done it was off to the bed.

A large bed big enough for a threesome. Nuru massage happens right on the bed, not on an inflatable… Dream Heaven Massage Nuru

Pocket Rocket made full use of the gel placing it all over my back and with her gorgeous tight body slid up and down my backside. And then she started cleaning my ass again. Okay I was starting to get insulted. Either my ass really stunk or I’m on a receiving end of a rim job. Lucky for me it was the latter.

She was tasting my butt crack for at least 5 minutes, going from my asshole to my balls and cock. If you’ve never had this done to you before don’t knock it. Like this is really the worst shit you’ve done. Not that I’m judging. But I’ll tell you it felt really good. Hanging around in Asia a lot this type of service is normal with prostitutes.

I was asked to turn over and she started a round of bare back blow jobs. She did such a great job blowing me. She could rival some of the best places to get blow jobs in Bangkok easily. And she finished me off with a cum in mouth. Which I never had at Dream Heaven Massage.

Anyone not convinced that they shouldn’t kiss Thai prostitutes I hope this tidbit has finally changed your mind.

I told Pocket Rocket this was the first time I got a rim job at Dream Heaven Massage. She said she had many Japanese boyfriends. Most Asian customers enjoy that kind of service she said. In turn she’s performed it on non-Asian customers also and none complained. Matter of fact all were happy and satisfied with her tongue in anus service. Especially the cum in mouth for a finish afterwards.

That Little Extra Service and Round # 2

Pocket Rocket noticed my finger nails were a little too long and offered to cut them. I let her go at it because I definitely needed some time to reload before my second shot.

After some nail clipping and chit chat we had about 30 minutes left. So she started another bare back blow job on me to get my engine started. She really knew what she was doing and in a few minutes I was ready to go.

She popped the condom package and placed it on me and I wanted to get in on her from behind. With her amazing piece of ass and shapely tight body I was having a great time. So much that I’m going to file her under my “must visit again” category.

Her service was non-rushed. I’m not into girlfriend experiences and such. But this was as close to one as it gets. After cleaning me up we only had a short time left. But Pocket Rocket insisted we get into the jacuzzi again for a little bit of sensual fun.

Always a Fun Happy Ending Massage Shop Experience at Dream Heaven Massage

Okay, so you won’t get the true “nuru massage” experience like you’d see on porn videos. But it’s close enough.

Even though I have not been visiting Dream Heaven Massage consistently I’ve always had good experiences. They do employ some beautiful ladies and the service from the ladies I’ve been with were fun.

A view from the shower stall. There are two mirrors in the room.

My last experience was awesome. Though not all girls at Dream Heaven have rim jobs on their repertoire you should ask the manager which girls provide such services. They never clock watched and the service was never rushed from my experiences.

Which is the best reasons why you should visit Dream Heaven Massage in Bangkok. And if you’re wondering where you can find a true nuru massage service in Bangkok then you’ll want to wait for my next post!

The post An Unforgettable Happy Ending at Dream Heaven Massage appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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Where to Find the Hottest Thai Girls and What to Look Forward to Your 2019 Trip to Bangkok’s Red Light Districts

2019 will be here in a couple of weeks. For all you newbies getting ready to visit Bangkok’s nightlife next year, you’re in for a real treat.

Thai girls working in Bangkok’s sex industry are getting better and better looking.

If you’ve already booked your plane tickets and bar girl friendly hotels for early next year you’re probably wondering what’s it going to be like in Bangkok’s red light district when 2019 rolls in.

Well, I’m going to cover these important bits in this post.

From the best go go bars to the best places to get a cum in mouth blow job by hot Thai girls in Bangkok.

I’m going to recap this year as well as put in some of my thoughts about what I think will happen next year.

Also a Year End Recap

For all the frequent visitors to Bangkok’s red light districts you can sort of look at this post as a year end recap.

To start off, I’m going to tell you where you can find the hottest Thai prostitutes in to hook up with.

Of All the Places in Bangkok’s Red Light Districts – Where Can I Find the Prettiest Girls?

There are a lot of ways to hook up with Thai prostitutes in Bangkok. And I know most of you don’t have the time or patience to go around and find them. I’ve walked up and driven around all parts of Bangkok’s red light districts practically every day and I can tell you for certain one thing.

The sexiest Thai prostitutes are mostly found inside the gogo bars of Soi Cowboy, Nana and Patpong red light districts. Hot girls go where they can make the most amount of money. And they can make big money at the bars. Makes a lot of sense right.

Another reason why most prettier bar girls prefer working inside bars is because of the hours. They can sleep all day. And work from 6pm to 1am. In a way, the sexiest Thai bar girls are nocturnal.

You might be surprised why I state that the best places to find the prettiest Thai prostitutes is inside gogo bars. I’ve written only one post on the best go go bars in Bangkok for this year. But I’ve written more about massage shop reviews with happy endings for my blog.

Why I don’t Write Reviews About Gogo Bars

There’s really not much mystery regarding gogo bars. Because gogo bars are out there and in your face. Any guy can easily go check it out from the outside and sneak a peek inside to check out the girls. You buy a drink for yourself and a lady drink for your girl. You squeeze her tits and massage her ass while asking her how much it’ll cost to take her out short time or long time.

Checking Out the Goods

I like girls in good shape. Doesn’t have to be perfect shape. I’ll even settle with really skinny girls. But fat chicks? No thanks! Security at the front of the bars pull aside curtains so passing customers can sneak a peek inside.

Remember, gogo bars put all of their best looking girls front of the stage, near the entrance to lure in customers.

That’s the major reason why I really like Bangkok’s gogo bars.

First, you can check out the girls’ bodies as they are semi-nude. Because a big turn off for me are girls with stretch marks on their stomachs after having a baby or two. Okay so I got a big stomach too. So maybe I shouldn’t be pointing fingers. But dammit I’m the one paying!

And remember, when a gogo bar girl sits with you, after you buy her a drink you can playfully fondle her and check her out.

Remember, gogo bars are the only types of businesses in Bangkok’s sex industry where you can find all nude and semi nude girls to check out before taking out.

Bad news is having a great night out at a gogo bar could put a serious hurt in your wallet. Assuming you’re having more than a few beers and top shelf liquor, plus lady drinks and short timing a sexy Thai girl you can expect to pay a minimum of 3500THB.

Why I Write More Reviews About Massage Shops with Happy Endings

Most full service massage shops are a lot more low key and hidden. Well sort of. And do not have the same volume of visitors as gogo bars. And many shops provide different services and employ ladies of different shapes and sizes to appease the masses.

And you can’t really check out the ladies. Until you’ve stepped foot inside. And even then, all of them are wearing skimpy outfits. You can’t really get a good look at their bodies until everything is off.

That’s not to say you won’t find fit girls inside sex oil massage shops. You can, I’ve found plenty inside Paradise Massage, Kiss Massage, Hera’s Massage just to name only a few.

That said, if you are strictly into Thai hookers with a tight fit body it’s best to head to the gogo bars for a much better closer look.

There’s a bit of a mystery to massage shops if you think about it. When looking at one, you can’t really tell if it’s the type of place where you’ll get a guaranteed hand job, blow job or much more. The only way to find out is to go inside and see for myself.

I may not have written about it but I’ve been to plenty of Thai massage shops in Bangkok, thinking I’ll get a happy ending. Only to get disappointed even though the massage girl was hot. So there’s that bit of a guessing game.

But I live here. So I can afford to make the mistakes. If you’re coming here for a few days or a week or whatever chances are, you want that guarantee. And I’m here to provide it through this blog.

Freelance Thai Prostitutes

I’ve met many hot beautiful Thai freelancers in Bangkok. But you won’t find the same volume of hot women in one area such as gogo bars.

Here’s the deal with freelance prostitutes. The streetwalkers are fully clothed and they can’t and won’t show you their goods right in the middle of the street for you to check out.

Which means you can only see them in their full glory inside your hotel room. And hopefully you won’t get surprised there’s a cock dangling between the legs.

Again, don’t get me wrong. Sure you can find sexy Thai girls working on their own. But it’s going to be a crap shoot if you don’t like girls with stretch marks on their tummy after spitting out a baby or two.

Many Thai women make the choice of becoming freelance prostitutes for extra money, especially when they have to care for children.

I suppose you can ask them if they’ve had babies before. But whether or not they tell you the truth is entirely up to them.

Cost of sex with Thai freelancers hasn’t changed in a long time and remain at a steady 1500THB to 2000THB for an hour. Which is still cheap considering you don’t have to buy drinks for her.

Even then, there are a few ways and places to find cheap sex in Bangkok with Thai street hookers even if you’ve only got 500THB burning a hole in the pocket of your dirty Chang beer shorts.

Bangkok’s Soapy Massage

One of my all time favorites, Ocean Massage closed followed by Ceasar’s Massage the beginning of 2018. All of the mentioned establishments belonged in Huay Kwang red light district. Which is declining at the moment.

Another of my favorite go to soapy massage Nataree was shut down for employing underaged foreign sex workers. The Lord Spa and Massage and Ocean Massage owners quickly fled, most likely because they too employed underaged foreign sex workers. This article gives you a good glimpse the glory days of what soapy massage shops in Thailand represented.

Back then, you could find scores of hot Thai women inside soapies. Today, the numbers are fewer but still not an impossible task.

The Best Soapy Massage You Can Visit Now

Even though Bangkok’s soapy scene is shrinking I really think you should check one out. Checking out the girls inside the fishbowl is an interesting experience even though the overall experience in itself has diminished some what.

But at least you can tell people back home you’ve done it and what’s it like to be inside a soapy massage parlor in Bangkok.

Soapy Massage to Check Out:
  1. Poseidon
  2. Emmanuelle (no website)
Emmanuelle has withstood the test of time as one of the oldest yet popular soapy massage in Bangkok…

There is another strip of road in Bangkok called New Petchaburi with a string of soapy massage shops that I’ve never mentioned before on this blog.

It’s not exactly off the beaten path and those establishments like to overcharge foreigners. You’ll be reading about these places on this blog soon.

Full Service Massage Shops – These Are the Best Places to Go for Daytime and Night time Action

Even though Bangkok’s gogo bars have the most beauties, oil massage shops also are some of the best places to find hot Thai girls. Especially sexy massage girls with big tits. Most oil massage businesses actively seek out girls with large fun bags.

There’s nothing more thrilling than having young hot Thai girl with slicked up titties gliding up and down your body. So if you’re a tits man like yours truly, go check out an oil massage shop.

Many full service massage shops in Bangkok today have jacuzzi. Where customers can enjoy a soapy massage experience…

Today oil massage shops are providing more than full service. There are quite a few extra options you can choose like face sitting and golden showers from a massage shop like Exotic Massage. And many shops provide customers with quickie 30 minute full service for cheap thrills.

The Kinky Sex Shit – Threesomes, a Milking Table and a Finger in Your Starfish

Full service massage shop owners are getting creative. Catering to the freaky shit guys keep inside the dark pits of their minds. Full service massage shops are getting so popular they’re even starting to encroach into the red light district of Nana and Soi Cowboy. I predict happy ending massage shops will last much longer.

Starting with Analisa Massage with their famous 4 hands milking table session. Analisa calls it a glory hole session but who cares. It’s fun. Go try it out. It’s just a short walking distance from Soi Cowboy.

Years ago, if you wanted your prostate massage you find a ladyboy…

Now, there are so many massage shops and “private” prostate massage freelancers promising an amazing release with a finger up your bunghole. It’s amazing.

Like myself my asshole wants people to respect its space also. That said, prostate massages in Bangkok are all the rage now. I went to one this year just to try it out for blog “research” purposes at Paradise Massage and even though the masseuse was amazing and sexy, a prostate massage is not my cup of tea.

Bangkok Blow Job Trend

These days whenever I have spare time I quickly head over to get a BJ for fun. In Bangkok, most of the massage shops located in the sub soi of Sukhumvit Soi 22 have quickie BJ services where girls will deep throat you for 30 to 40 minutes.

Every full service massage shop in Sukhumvit Soi 22 have blow job only options…

I highly recommend 7 Heaven blow job salon on Sukhumvit Soi 33 where girls will suck you down silly. And you get to cum in their mouths. It’s one of the best places I visited to do a cum in mouth blow job review in Bangkok. So I know you’ll like 7 Heaven also.

I’m going to predict that in 2019 there will be more blow job salons opening up in Bangkok. Which is great news. Especially for me.

Bangkok’s sex industry has a way of adapting to the taste of perverts around the world.

Thai Dating Advice and Settling Down in Thailand

I started this blog a decade ago. And I’m getting an increase of emails on the subject of retiring and settling down in Thailand with a young Thai honey pot. Particularly from men in their 40’s and upwards. Yes, Thailand is a great country to retire in for us old farts.

As long as you have the financial means to do so. And that financial means doesn’t have to be a big amount as Thailand is still affordable.

Maybe you’re tired for paying to have meaningless sex with Thai hookers. So you want to find and date good Thai girls after breaking up with bad Thai girlfriends.

My advice is to take it slow in the dating scene. There are a lot of gold diggers in Thailand that can’t wait to get their sharpened claws into a nice juicy farang man.

Now not all Thai women looking for farang men are heartless harpies. There are good Thai women too. But you’re going to have to really dig deep to find them.

Chances are, your first ever Thai-Farang relationship won’t be successful. And I can’t blame Thai women most of the time even though I’ve doled out information on how to break up with bad Thai girlfriends.

Why Ruin a Good Thing

Guys come to Thailand mostly to mess around with lots and lots of Thai prostitutes, whether they’re staying for short or long term. That’s the main intention. So why deviate from the plan and get locked into a monogamous relationship?

Here’s my advice. If you’re single and plan on retiring in Thailand. And you’ve got enough money squirreled away. Why would you want to go and muck it up with a relationship?

Stay single. Rent a Thai girlfriend, be upfront and let it be known it’s temporary. Be single again. Repeat. You’ll live a happier, longer life.

Like Fish in a Barrel

I also feel these past few years there are more Thai girls putting themselves out there in the farang meat market. The ones that are, are learning more English. Either on their own or getting a crash course by quickly hooking up with foreigners.

It certainly helps that Thai girls are heavy users of social media. Facebook and Tinder are just a few ways Thai girls seek the attention and affections of Mr. Johnny Foreigner. It helps that many Thai ladies are also keen on going to clubs and bars inside of hotels in the hopes of finding a good foreign man.

Even messenger apps like WeChat’s discover function can help single Thai girls scope out men jerking off by their lonesome inside their hotel rooms.

What’s Going to Happen in 2019

Fact. Thailand’s red light districts will continue to attract sex tourists around the world, without a doubt. The more I’m out and about the more I see younger travelers in the red light districts, having a great time. Just like I did 20 plus years ago. They’ll be back.

And the next year will be a great time to visit.

More dedicated blow job salons will open in Bangkok. More Thai girls will start using WeChat to find customers. So, have that app on your phone and check out the girls near you. You might find someone you like.

Ladyboy bars will continue to flourish. If you’re not into them you better hone your ladyboy detection skills. Because there will be a lot more dudes with tits thrown into the mix in 2019.

It’s a no brainer. This is a good reason why foreigners love coming to Thailand…

Ladyboy gogo bars are also a fun place to mess around in, especially if you’re having bachelor party in Bangkok for either an unforgettable or regrettable night.

Whatever you’re into, don’t miss out on the fun. Bangkok has one of the best red light districts in the world.

The post Where to Find the Hottest Girls in Bangkok 2019 appeared first on Bangkok Red Eye.

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