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between March 17- April 16, 2018
The new moon is indicative of rank and power, of kingly and despotic dispositions, "  Vettius Valens

thanks for following from the former article.

The New Moon occurred at 26Pisc.53, for Israel, in the 8th house of transformation, life and death, sex and others money. Events to come will be connected to these issues. But not only. Mars is at the 29th degree, and OOB!!!, ready to enter Capricorn, where it is very strong. On the New Moon it trines Uranus, in the 9th, house of law and foreign issues. (Netanyahu's interrogations by the police is still an ongoing fact, and with Uranus staying in the 9th house for very long, these issues will not end or solved either). Saturn is at 8th degree, on a destructive fixed star, Facies, approaching Pluto, that will not happen this year, but as the proverb says, the route is important not the final point. Before Saturn to meet Pluto, Mars will meet Saturn. -see my weekly reports- finally, Neptune, oh, Neptune, the big illusion, in the 7th house of partnerships, dissolving them. Neptune is solitary, aspectless, and that is worse than when aspected. 
During the Lunar month Mercury will turn retro in Aries, Mars will move to 16 Cap., Jupiter moves back 2 degrees in its retro movement, SATURN will turn stationary, preparing to turn Retro as well, the rest will not move much. However, Uranus will sextile the Feb.15,2018  eclipse degree, and trine the Aug.21,2017 eclipse degree. 
What all the above means for people or countries, that, of course depends on your own data.

Important aspects of the month: 

                                       Aspect Exact gmt +2
Mercury          120 Node              16.03.2018 23:37
Sun               90 Center of Galaxy  17.03.2018 20:21
Sun                0 Chiron            19.03.2018  1:15
Mercury            0 Venus             20.03.2018  6:03
Uranus           120 Vesta             22.03.2018  6:58
Center of Galaxy   0 Vesta             22.03.2018 18:40
Venus             90 Pluto             24.03.2018  1:17
Sun               90 Mars              24.03.2018 18:08
Uranus           120 Center of Galaxy  25.03.2018  1:53
Venus            150 Jupiter           25.03.2018 11:08
Venus            120 Center of Galaxy  28.03.2018 22:31
Vesta             90 Chiron            28.03.2018 22:45
Venus              0 Uranus            29.03.2018  2:47
Sun               90 Saturn            29.03.2018 16:16
Mars              45 Jupiter           31.03.2018  1:45
Venus             45 Neptune           31.03.2018  5:15
Sun                0 Mercury            1.04.2018 19:53
Mars               0 Saturn             2.04.2018 17:45
Sun              120 Node               2.04.2018 22:15
Mercury           90 Mars               4.04.2018  9:05
Mercury           90 Saturn             5.04.2018 10:22
Venus            120 Saturn             7.04.2018 15:36
Sun               90 Pluto             11.04.2018  6:54
Venus            120 Mars              11.04.2018  8:02
Sun              150 Jupiter           11.04.2018 14:15
Jupiter           60 Pluto             14.04.2018 12:00

I picked the major aspects, but there are hundreds more every day.

For the newcomers: my services are:  Natal chart reading/$300, 2018 forecast for Cryptocurrencies, or any other commodity or index or share: $ 540 each, with quarterly updates. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; $465 for 3 months or $840 /6 months. Please send me a mail to gabymitt@gmail.com and I shall send you a payment request form from PayPal, or click on Paypal at the left panel.  Here are the links to download my app. where I give mostly intraday alerts.


I was busy the last few days, and I did not write about Angela Merkel, and Putin, who got into the chair again. But, it was expected. So no news there... 
Here, the whistleblowers are under magnifying glass, and 20-30-40 years issues thrown on them. One starts to think who ARE these people?? how did they get so high?
Anyways, our interest is in the markets, and these refuse to fall. In spite of all. except the Bitcoin, which is now around 8300- the value, they came up, that costs it's mining. So this is the even point. I read this on FB, and also here. But who knows? maybe it's fake news. Like so many other news that we read... And this article is a must read! Cambridge Analytica. How 50 million people data was leaked, but not only, how people are manipulated on FB, it's i n c r e d i b l e ! - All under Neptune in Pisces. TIme to sell FB! 

Here is someone who made it up the ladder, and down he fell. 
I read he is of french origin, so I made a chart for Paris. I thought it would take Pluto to bring him from high to lows, and it is. 

I use Twitter more and more these days, instead of FB. 
This is how we start this lunar month: 





I send alerts on most of them in the app. 
G20 meeting today! 

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World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Aquarius, 2018: Between Feb 15 - March 17, 2018  Thanks for following from the former article!  Some thoughts on Sergei and Julia Skripal
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Between Feb 15 - March 17, 2018 

Thanks for following from the former article! 

Important events of this Lunar month: 

18.02.2018    6:28:01 > Psc Mercury
18.02.2018   19:17:59 > Psc Sun
 6.03.2018    9:34:19 >  Ari Mercury
 7.03.2018    1:45:25 >  Ari Venus
 9.03.2018    6:46:14 R  Jupiter 23°13'22"Sco
17.03.2018   18:40:12 > Cap Mars

For the newcomers: my services are:  Natal chart reading/$300, 2018 forecast for Cryptocurrencies, or any other commodity or index or share: $ 540 each, with quarterly updates. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; $465 for 3 months or $840 /6 months. Please send me a mail to gabymitt@gmail.com and I shall send you a payment request form from PayPal, or click on Paypal at the left panel.  Here are the links to download my app. where I give mostly intraday alerts.

Former New Moons in Aquarius can be found here: 2017; 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012.

March 7, 2018 Wednesday

Venus followed Mercury to Aries. 
Saturn is at Mars/Pluto midpoint. This position will last till the 13th. Ebertin teaches us, that this means" a desire to overcome all difficulties".
Asia is red, Europe is green, The US is also green except Nasdaq futures. Cryptos are also red, well, the ones I send alerts for. 
We are in a correction phase. 

Today it's  CIT day for the EURO.

Our index is at 1482.12- before the opening- Support is at 1477.50.
Teva sank to $19.18  It is still in a declining channel, since June 2015, higher than 10$ in November 2017, but the last highs were achieved with little volume. SO I don't see any reason to be here. 

GPRO: SHows some recuperation, but it is still weak. 

GE: is falling for 593 days. nothing to search for here as well. 
DIS: is interesting- makes a double bottom- It's a long above 103.
AMZN: made new high, Stop 1525
T: is like DIS: Stop 36.33
FB: Stop 173. 

On this day in 1799 Napoleon conquers Jaffa. 
1876: Bell is granted patent for the telephone. 
Maurice Ravel was born on this day. Beautiful music!! Listen here. his famous work the Bolero... Magnificent. 
Ravel was born with a SUN in Pisces, of course, and his talent is shown under the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. 


March 6, 2018 Tuesday 

It is the 65th day of the year. It is a day ruled by Mars and the Moon. mars just moved on from the 22nd degree took one step forward to a trine to Uranus- actually, using a 3 deg. orb, it is already making a trine. WHile the Moon entered Venomous Scorpio. She is also sextile Saturn. 

But our attention is drawn to the Sun and Neptune conjunction. The Sun- PM, President, leader, is leaving the foggy and fake Neptunian cloud. He cannot fake it any more. But, it is still in Pisces, so there is more time to prepare for war and fight back, when he will enter Aries.- March 21. 
The other aspect is also extremely important: Mercury and Venus are at 29 Pisces, Scheat- bad fixed star. Just about to enter Aries, For some it is a good thing, for others bad. Depends on your birth data. They are both on Chiron, where they meet their vulnerable sides. 
We remember today Gabriel Garcia Marques, born on this day. He is the author of " One hundred years of solitude" 

" Lost in the solitude of his immense power, he began to lose direction. He was bothered by the people who cheered him in neighboring villages, and he imagined that they were the same cheers they gave the enemy. Everywhere he met adolescents who looked at him with his own eyes, who spoke to him with his own voice, who greeted him with the same mistrust with which he greeted them, and who said they were his sons. He felt scattered about, multiplied, and more solitary than ever. He was convinced that his own officers were lying to him. He fought with the Duke of Marlborough. "The best friend a person has," he would say at that time, "is one who has just died."
p. 166

I think some " Sun " figures can understand what this means.. 
So who else is reaching for extremes? 
I read that North and South Korea have reached some kind of agreement. WOW! Why now? Here is Kim Yong Un's chart, if I am right with the year and time... Venus rules his career, and Directed Pluto in conjunct. PLuto changes people inside out upside down. To this aspect we can add transit Saturn, the " normalizer"- helping . Also see Directed Uranus on his Sun! That is extremely strong position. Let's hope that he is not faking it- since teh meeting was under a Sun-Neptune conjunction. 

Another important event is the visit of Mohammed bin Salman in Egypt.  From there he is heading to the USA, for a long stay...He is only 32 years old, but what a power! I wrote about im on June 23, and Nov 6th 2017. 
He is 1.83 m tall, while Sisi - Egypt President, is 1.66. 
This is important if we want to make a rectification chart. 
Napoleon was 1.69 m. 
Putin is 1.60 m
Stalin was 1.68.
Hitler 1,75 m
Ceausescu: 1.68 m
Obama: 1.85
Trump: 1.90 m 

Why I post this? Yesterday on TV. bin Salman looked so much taller than Sisi. Now I see why. 

Asia and the far East are all green- You must be now long, if you followed yesterday's alerts. 

Here are March Sun-Moon aspects GMT+2 - maybe they'll be useful 
Actual aspects
Begin: 1.03.2018  Period: 1 month  (GMT+2)
                                                    Aspect Exact
Sun          11Psc25 180 Moon         11Vir25   2.03.2018  3:43
Sun          13Psc43 150 Moon         13Lib43   4.03.2018 10:48- BTC bottomed
Sun          14Psc53 135 Moon         29Lib53   5.03.2018 14:53- BTC topped
Sun          16Psc06 120 Moon         16Sco06   6.03.2018 19:50
Sun          18Psc53  90 Moon         18Sgr52   9.03.2018 14:32
Sun          21Psc36  60 Moon         21Cap36  12.03.2018  8:03
Sun          23Psc01  45 Moon          8Aqr00  13.03.2018 18:02
Sun          26Psc58   0 Moon         26Psc57  17.03.2018 17:02
Sun           0Ari28  45 Moon         15Tau28  21.03.2018  5:39
Sun           1Ari36  60 Moon          1Gem36  22.03.2018  9:04
Sun           3Ari56  90 Moon          3Cnc56  24.03.2018 17:24
Sun           6Ari15 120 Moon          6Leo15  27.03.2018  1:29
Sun           7Ari22 135 Moon         22Leo21  28.03.2018  4:29
Sun           8Ari28 150 Moon          8Vir28  29.03.2018  7:20
Sun          10Ari42 180 Moon         10Lib42  31.03.2018 13:36

I ran TS and it shows, that the Moon-Sun cycles don't work for the BTC. 
Here is a mail I got from a reader: 

Hope all is well with you.

The dream you posted about was interesting, re Mars 120* Pluto at 22* in Cap/Taurus. The Last time was in July 1770. Of course there always seems to be something ‘dramatic’ going on in the world/history, so there is a danger of drawing conclusions on cause/effect/relationships, but that said: in America during this time there was a dramatic increase in tensions with Britain do to the Boston Massacre which occurred in March 1770 and the trial occurred in November (I think). So July would have been about the midpoint with a lot of tension in the air. This event was very significant for it increased tension from which it was going to be difficult to ‘walk back’, the dye (die) was cast. Anyway those are my thoughts.

Stay well,
I will check US chart after I'm back from the gym. 

OK . here is the Directed chart . USA inside, March 19, 2019 outside. We see D.Mars - aggression, fight, weapon, war, on the Moon ( people). This aspect will be exact one year later. This means very difficult times for US residents during 2019-2020-even 21. 

BTC: TOPPED so far at 11693 and fell Support is now at 11090- weak support. 
BTC hits 10873 when Merc. is 0 ARIES~ 

4:20 pm BTC daily 


March 5. 2018 Monday

Italy- elections outcome: Hung government. No winner. Coalition talks will start. Turbulent times. The question is, who will use this "void" space and time, for its own benefit? 
Here in Israel we are very much aware what coalition talks mean. Blackmail. In one word.. 

OK... The Italian index fell and is unstable, shows just the situation. 

Looking at Rome, Italy for March 4, 11pm - when the polls closed, the most interesting thing that pops up is that all the planets are below the horizon. Only the Mon is on the cusp of the 12th! representing foreign threat. 
The Moon represents law too, so in the background ( H12) there is some law issues, that is hidden from people's eyes. 
Look how many times we have the 22 degree! That points to fights and turmoil in the close future. Any older and reliable personality, that can put some order in this chaos? Saturn is solitary. Nope none. 
The planets below horizon show that multiple inner problems Italy must deal with. SO many they cannot rise their eyes to see the real threat, disguised- under the MOON. 


I have several cryptos. I bought them 1-2 months ago. I wish I didn't. I wish I was more concentrating on BTC alone. 


March 4, 2018 Sunday

Yesterday we had a beautiful weather, 25C, but I was working on the forecasts. So now the S&P, Nifty, BTC and DAX are ready. 

Today it'll be warmer. We are under the Sun and Mars' effect. The Sun is at 21 Pisces, separating from Neptune, and Mars at 22 Sag; the killer degree. I read that there is extreme weather conditions in the East Coast of the US. 2 million are without electricity, some froze to death. I wonder why are people on the streets, homeless, when there are so many churches, mosques and synagogues..... Why don't they take those people in, in a weather like that ??? Horrible. 

Yesterday we saw the BTC soar, touched a new high, well, not higher than 20000, but, nice rally from 9260 to 11530= 2270 points. 


Today is the elections day in Italy... I wrote about Berlusconi, scroll down. 
I also read about a new player on the German stage. Kevin Kuhnert. Interesting... In lack of hour of birth, here is his Solar chart. 

Born on a Saturday, ruled by Saturn, date adds up to Saturn as well. Saturn is the planet that "crowns kings", it is "the responsible adult". It also it represents or is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn, the highest position in the wheel.- showing career. A goal reached by all means and any means. ( with a little help from my friends). Saturn rules elder people too. It signifies also blacks or colored people. The poor. The little I know about German politics is, that Angela Merkel is backed by the older generation in Germany. Those who don't want change every year, those who want stability. ( and of course by Putinka, her best friend). Saturn is status quo. it is also responsibility, limitation, discomfort, blockage, accomplishment and recognition, excellence, meeting goals. 
So where is this Saturn in Kevin Kuehnert's chart? exactly in opposition his Sun. Meaning, that he turns against the old and known. With the help of what? Uranus! the revolutionary and Neptune, the foggy and dissolving. All three are in Capricorn opposing his Sun in Cancer. What is in obsite? His Gemini stellium. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter, which is in detriment, weak in Gemini. So he might be a good speaker, but Gemini... ah.. that is a mutable sign! So we have here an inner fight between his very fixed personality, ( Sun, Saturn, Neptune Uranus) against his Moon, Merc. and Jupiter. Which side will win? 
But, there are other more, much more difficult planetary positions, as I look deeper. He has a Mars -90- Uranus aspect, and a Sun-180 Uranus aspect which is very dangerous when in the wrong hands. And with a Gemini Moon, he can flip flop in a moment... In any case, Directed and transit Saturn will help him come to power. 

Angela Merkel is an old fox. Her chart is really something that gives one a thought! 
If Kevin K. has Sun-Uranus opposition, she has it in conjunction! at 23-26 degrees. Now, I learned from Nikola Stojanovic, that the 23rd degree is a suicidal degree, an Aquarius degree, the strange, the different.... Angela Merkel has 3 !!!! planets at this degree! Well, I don't think she'll commit suicide, but her actions can bring her to a no return position. To see what is happening in one's life today, we must look at the Directed chart with the transit. And Saturn in transit is conjunct her natal Saturn. She stays. She's strong..  
However, the road is not smooth! She should watch it on March 17-21th, May 4-6, July 11th. etc.. 

I would love to see some thoughts and ideas from my German readers.. 

I dreamt this night the date 19 March 2019. So I check it now... what is there? Mars 120 Pluto at 22 degrees! and the Sun in between. This is a very dangerous position. I can only check when were they in trine and in Cap/Taurus before, July 23, 1770. Well... 

BTC. Entered again @11160 with a small pos. The Sun today is 60^ from BTC Sun. Exactly in opposition then on Nov 5, when it was approaching a sextile. Price should reach 11500.

March 2, 2018 Friday

We have multiple planetary positions in the sky today and the days to come. First, we had the Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces axis. Full Moons should be used to complete chores. Example, your teeth are aching, it's time to go and check it out. You were postponing things since the New Moon, now you have time till the next New Moon to complete it. It is a good time to sign contracts, close an argument. It's Purim today, a happy holiday, not so for Netanyahu and wife. They are interrogated today, separately by the police, regarding case 4000. Sara, if you don't know, is fully intervening with political issues. She is everywhere, she gives orders, and Bibi just bows to her. So time wise, it's a good time today for the interrogation.
Besides the Moon, aas you can see, Mars sends several aspects to almost all the planets. Mars is Out of Bound till mid May! This warns us of fights, wars, weapon issues, accidents. 
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Between January 18 to February 15, 2018 

Thanks for following from the former article.

The events of the Lunar months are: 
18.01.2018     Aqr Venus
20.01.2018     Aqr Sun
26.01.2018     Sgr Mars- brought major corrections in the past !
31.01.2018     Aqr Mercury
31.01.2018     Total Lunar eclipse at 11 leo/Aquarius axis, 
11.02.2018     Psc Venus
The aspects between the planets are shown here: 

You can read former articles here:
2016; fell on 7.59 Capricorn on Dec 28, 2016
2015; 18 Cap, on Jan 10th 2016
2014  0 Cap, on Dec 22, 2014
2013: 21 Cap, on Dec 11,2013

So I promised you a story about Venus in Aquarius. 
Venus represents women and love. Aquarius stands for universal love, freedom. Since the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, and this rules aviation, it tells the story of women loving aviation. Ha?? did I link it for you? So we have a " situation" here in Israel now. We had 2 days ago, the first woman aviation commander. This is the highest honor one can get. But, nothing is smooth in our places.. Since Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn- old, restriction- the rabbis stood up against this, saying that a woman is a donkey, should stay in the kitchen under a burka,yes yes, here too, they are losing it..They called the chief commander to resign. That was yesterday. Today they apologized. 
Crazy times. But, it's getting worse here. Religious addiction is spreading. 
Venus is Aquarius is not emotional, since the air signs are not. Not that they don't like relationships, but they need space and freedom of body and mind. No emotional scenes, please, they can't bare them! Talk to their minds, they'll understand and debate on the issue. "Love me for my brains, not for my looks. Sometimes seem cold and distant. They attract people who admire this in them.
They are open minded- sexually as well. Looking into the future, are rebellious, unique and teasing, friendly to everyone, but to to one in particular. They get bored quickly, cannot stand shallowness. 

England has its Venus in Aquarius... doesn't it fit the Brits? Let's have a tea and discuss it.. 
Mozart! Would you believe it? 
Woodrow Wilson, Evangeline Adams, F.D.Roosevelt, Marlene Dietrich, Jerry Lewis, Ariel Sharon, Rupert Murdoch, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Carole King, Ehud Barak,Mitt Romney, Elton John, Haider Jorg, Mark Spitz, Oprah Winfrey, James Comey, Arie Derei, Scaramucci, Nicholas Cage, KKK, Matteo Renzi, etc.

For the newcomers: my services are:  Natal chart reading/$300, 2018 forecast for Cryptocurrencies, or any other commodity or index or share: $ 540 each, with quarterly updates. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; $465 for 3 months or $840 /6 months. Please send me a mail to gabymitt@gmail.com and I shall send you a payment request form from PayPal, or click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts.
February 16, 2018 Friday

Moon in Aquarius delivered, and we got a higher high again. From January 28th to Feb 9 there are 13 days. From Feb 9 plus 13 days we get Feb 22. Will we see 2878 till then ? or higher? The low was 2530- this is the support for swings. For intraday I would use planetary calculations- which are in the weekly report. 

I am starting a new article, as I always do, on a New Moon; but just before we turn the page, let's close this chapter of the Florida shooting. Now,that I got the right data. 
So Nikolas Cruz and younger brother were orphans, adopted by the Cruz family. Both parents died~ the mother last November~ and they were living with family? not sure... He liked guns, and when the event occurred, "all the students knew it must be him". The FBI warned that he is dangerous... but nothing was done on the matter. Briefly what I read about him. On valentines day he goes to the school that expels him, turns on the fire alarm, all the students pour out from the classes, and he, with a gas mask on- so no one could identify him ~hmmm~ starts shooting. One student told reporters that her life was spared. So he was not so kokooo after all. Also to plan all this, and do it, shows a very clever boy. If it was him, who did it. I don't  know or beleive anything now... So let's look at his chart: ( Solar chart)
I learned from  Nikola Stojanovic, that the 22nd degree is a killer degree. Well, in this chart we see Venus, Mars and Saturn at 21.54. Rather close, but not exact. Then it shows a YOD from Saturn to the Sun and Pluto. The second chart is a Directed chart for the event. Directed Neptune is on the Midpoint of Saturn-Pluto- was he on some medications? the third chart is the transit. And there, Jupiter at 22 degrees, shows the outcome and the preparations made- since Jupiter conjunct the Moon ( in Scorpio) or even before - the Sun. 
There are other aspects and angles as well, as prenatal eclipses triggered... etc.. etc... 

Mass shootings in the USA 

maybe someone will make a research if there is a pattern here? 
To tell you the truth, I am less and less on FB, I cannot stand the language, the hatred that is out there... So I try to concentrate on my own work and issues.. 
Like now, I am going to swimming lessons with my grandchildren... that's a joy! 

So be good, and trade successfully. Don't forget there is a world outside the screens ! 

Will be back later with the NEW MOON in AQUARIUS. 
Keeping score: On April 7th 2017 I wrote about Jacob Zuma, President of South AfricaRemember Mars in 19 degrees? ( Aug.21.17 Eclipse)  Well, it will affect South Africa as well. Someone posted a question about Jacob ZUMA, their president, so I had to check what is going on in his chart. In lack of an hour, I use Solar chart, the SUn on the Asc. Transit Jupiter is across his Sun - BAD, since Jupiter is weak in Libra. But, worst is transit Saturn 150^ to natal Saturn. His reign is coming to an end. 
With yesterday's transits : Natal Sun at 21 Aries, ruled by Mars, at 21 Gemini- was triggered by transit Jupiter andt 22 Scorpio and the Moon, just a few hours before the eclipse.  
Transit Neptune on his Pisces stellium- just dissolved everything it stands for. Uranus on the ASC.!! Major. but since I have no time of birth, this can vary. 
Tr.Mars at 12 SAG- end of a cycle. 

February 15, 2018 Thursday 

Yesterday turned out to be a very volatile day, and we got not only my targets, but we entered a new up cycle. Mind you, till we don't see higher highs than 2827, it is just a correction. The Moon is still in Aquarius. I wrote, that when in this sign, brings a top or low for the S&P. Seems that this time it'll be a top. We are a few hours before the New Moon and the Solar eclipse. So still everything can happen. 

Yesterday's Mars brought its killer effect, this time in Florida. 17 students were murdered by a former student who was expelled. I think this number will grow as news will pour in. Many wounded... How horrible! I heard on the TV, that this was the 18th attack in US schools only in 2018! 

My post on FB:
Sad news this morning: the 18th shooting in 2018, in the USA, that took so far 17 lives. February 14th was the 45th day of the year, no. adds up to 9- ruled by Mars. 2/14/2018 also adds up to 9. Yesterday was a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury- ruler of students, and we got a terror attack ( Mars) targeting students.
Looking at the chart of Florida, transit Mars, triggers the SUn, and more. The South Node on Saturn ( ruler of the 8th, house of death).
Florida ~ March 3, 1845~ has a stellium in Aquarius, Mercury at 27 degrees, which represents students, being the ruler of the natural 3rd house, and got the Eclipse in full.
Transit Damocles in the 8th adds to the horror.
My condolences to the families... R.I.P.
Remember the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris, January 7, 2015? Mars was at 26 Aqua. - it will be triggered again.

Remember Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius- from Johannesburg? some news about him or the case will come again, under this eclipse.

I made a search to see who, from my database has a planet at 26-28 Aquarius:
I came up with the chart of Hizballah- officially founded on Feb 16th 1985- as posted by Robert Blaschke.
It shows a Sun at 27 Aqua, Mercury at 25, MC at 29 and Damocles close, at 2 Pisces. The time is set for noon- gives Asc. at 19 Gem. 
Besides the Sol. Ecl. Their Saturn is at 27 Scorpio, this too will be triggered by a square from the eclipse. 
So, let's see what will this year bring.


Back to the markets: 
The Gold jumped. If  you have the app, you had your stop at 1320- and I gave targets on 2/12. All targets were filled. Raise stop to 1356. yes, close. below that there is no support till 1345.
LTC: Rallied from 156- should go above 246!!! 
The 10 year bond between Obama presidency ( 2009-2017) rallied by 54% 

11:50 am Sold my LiteCoins @230. Nice trip! Did not go to 246.... so I sold. Will wait for it at the bottom again. 
Gate.io is a good platform to trade. 
BTC: fell from 9950, I am expecting to see a price level at 8860. Let's see. 


February 14, 2018 Wednesday
The sky is rather stable. The Moon is only 18 degrees from the Sun, tomorrow she'll be conjunct and we'll have the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon. Venus forms a sextile to Saturn, and Jupiter is STILL 150 to Uranus. 
it is a day ruled by Mars and Mercury. Volatility is its middle name. 
it's a turning day for IBEX, WIG20, ETH. 
People who turn one year wiser today: Michael Bloomberg, Mark Rutte etc. 
It is the 45th day of the year! This is important.... 
Today is 540 weeks from Oct 11, 2007 top which was at 1576.25. Former top was at 1557.5- on Sept 5, 2000-= 270 weeks before. 
Now, if we closed at 2656 today, that would be a perfect symmetry! 
Another kind of math points from 665.79 lew to 2663.16 target. 

For the DAX: last major top was on Dec.28, 2007- till today 528 weeks passed- exact;y. The price was 8100. Now it is at 12196. - Should close today at 12240 - for a perfect math closure. 

In the fundamental world two events or three to look out for: Dax- at 9 am- and US markets before the opening.. 


Oh... and happy Valentine day.! With Venus in Pisces, it's a perfect day... The Moon is in Aquarius thou, so not everything is perfect.. 
TA35: SEE YESTERDAY'S POST ! and the outcome 

Major event in Netaniahu's life yesterday, for bribery... So looking at his chart, his second house opens in Capricorn, and Saturn is in the 9th house of laws- transit Mercury was at 22 Deg. yesterday... 

He waved off the accusations, and till anything will come out of it, it'll take a more than a year. He sees himself running and winning again in 2019. 

On Feb. 12th I wrote about my fear that some kind of war or aggression will culminate in Feb or March. 
I ran TS to see what it comes up with... 
last major fight we had was Operation Zuk Eitan in 2014 

I hope I am wrong . 

last alert for the Litecoin was to go long above 162: 

BTC: last alert was: 

February 13, 2018 Tuesday

I am reading a mail, saying, that the Cryptocurrency market reached 420 Billion. Just keeping' score.
It's raining outside... 
The Moon conjuncts Pluto in Cap.
I have a rather large list of indices, shares, commodities and cryptos that I am following. The most that rallied since yesterday is CANF: target is 4.29 ~  if it runs above 2.77 
We have a positive arbitrage for CANF and RDHL- NANO is not doing well. 

TA35: closed at 1468.50- broke support, and it's raining... so let's see :) ... what happens in one hour. 
AAPL: Between the tow bottoms we have 137 days. From the last top , Jan 18th we have 22 days.  Yesterday it tried for a correction. SHould go above 165- to be serious... Top was 180, I don't think we'll see this number this month.. 
The same goes for all shares that fell and reversed on Feb 9! Keep your stops tight! the eclipse is near. 

Sign up for the yearly forecasts for the Gold, Oil, Dow, anything you trade! See how will the year enfold... 

February 12, 2018 Monday

The date adds up to 16. This is a number that points to a major volatile day! In particular for the Gold, AEX, DAX, BTC, LTC, Soya. 
Let's see the DAX ( spot) - which gives the tone for Europe: It melted down from 13597 to 12000, former low was 11869. This is the " last straw".... now, Falling below this line, will mean a major short. Those who have my app, are already short since January 25th, 13440!  That is 10.70% gain! which is HUGE for the DAX. 
2:00 pm. very busy sending alerts, and writing about the eclipse... Sent 24 alerts till now. 

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World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in Capricorn , 2018: Between January 18 to February 15, 2018  Thanks for following from the former article. The events of the Lunar months are:  1...
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Between December 18-January 17, 2018 

Above are the aspects of the Lunar month. I would pay more attention to the blue ones. They are the conjunctions. 

And below are the ingresses 
I shall guide you in the labyrinth.. 

For the newcomers: my services are:  Natal chart reading/$300, 2018 forecast for Cryptocurrencies, or any other commodity or index or share: $ 540 each, with quarterly updates. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Please send me a mail to gabymitt@gmail.com and I shall send you a payment request form from PayPal, or click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts.
Here are former articles written on a new Moon in Sag.

So I started to write about Saturn, and when was it in Capricorn, look back in history, to see what happened in the world, or what is more important how did it affect you ? 

But, let's see what does the New Moon in Sag. mean?

New Moon is always sign of a new start. Better wait till the Moon is visible, meaning, 15-30 degrees apart from the Sun to start something. Sagittarius is the highest in hierarchy, in the fire signs. As I wrote many times, Sag. is half man half beast sign. It is quick, sees far, doesn't care about the small details, its middle name is freedom. Never ask a person born in this sign where are you going? when will you return? The simple question makes them run further away. A Sag. person is optimistic, like a cat always falls on his feet. Has the last argument for every topic. They can lie, you will never notice it. They believe in their own lies, or ways to look at things. The ruler of Sag. is Jupiter, the "major benefactor". Jupiter brings exaggeration, prosperity, stretching the boundaries, actually it has no boundaries. Tears down obstacles. 
Opps.. we have a double bummer. One: Saturn enters Cap.it is good for Saturn, because it returns to a sign it rules. But not so rosy for the other signs. Second: Jupiter is in Scorpio. Ruler of fire in water... what do we get? Volcanoes eruptions. Fire from the depth of the earth. 
In personal charts, we check in which house falls the Saturn ingress. There you can expect a restriction, or longing for the past, or stabilization of an issue.
Market wise, it is more complicated. We should check how did index x or y behave under these positions in the years I posted in the former article. 


January 18, 2018 Thursday 

two things happened during the night. We had the New Moon in Capricorn, sign to move on and close this article, and Venus enters Aquarius. I have a story about this event, so follow me to the next article. 

January 17, 2018 Wednesday

We did have that correction yesterday, after an opening with a gap-up. The gap is still not closed, in the S&P, here is the 30 min chart: 

Today is a turning day for the Nifty. From 7893- to 10742- Technically it is in the inclining channel, but it might correct. Subscribers have the stops

January 16, 2018 Tuesday

Today is a turning day for the S&P, AXJO, DOW, DAX futures, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold futures and Corn. 
SO let's watch them.. I gave targets to all of them....
The planets are depressed, most of them in Capricorn. On the other hand, if, by planetary calculations, the index is above the planets in Capricorn, they form a strong support, How to make these calculations? my students know it. Be the next to signup to my Financial astrology course, and be much much ahead of the markets! 

example? Yesterday I gave you a share with targets. Look what I wrote! Now it is at 2000.- now at 2009 - wawa now at 2025... 
OK. must go - reached 2200! ~
SO I sold that share, and I bought NNDM- nano technologies- it is a share that trades on Nasdaq as well, I hope they'll not disappoint me. As per TS it should rocket. 
Locally: 30 min chart: 

Check out RedHill RDHL : I just bought it- good announcement. !
eth: targets on the graph

January 15,2018 Monday

Today we are under the energy of number 9, which is ruled by Mars. Mars is at 23 Scorpio, making 150^ angle to Uranus in Aries. 150 degrees are bad aspects in a personal reading, but for the markets, they are full of energy, especially if they are between these two planets. 
It is a turning day for Ibex, WIG20, Ethereum. 
There is a rallying share over here: Biomedics: Target 1673-1756-1841-1927-2000-2200

On this day in history: 1559 Elisabeth I is crowned.
1759 the British Museum opens.
Born on this day: Molier in 1622, Mihai Eminescu, Romanian composer in 1850. , Aristoteles Onassis in 1906; Nasser Egypt ruler, in 1918; Martin Luther King, in 1929, etc.

Moliere was a writer and actor. His interesting 51 years are described here. Read also his quotes!  he actually died while performing, on stage. 

Mihai Eminescu, Today, in 1850 Mihai Eminescu was born a romanian poet. He wrote many poems, here is one. http://www.romanianvoice.com/poezii/poezii_tr/star.php

Mihai Eminescu
To the star

The radiance from that new-born star
Will take many thousands of years
To travel a path that comes so far
To finally reach our eyes.

Perhaps it died while on its way
Through infinite blue space,
Yet only now does its light stray
To shine upon your face.

Slowly climbing the dark skies
Is the dead star's icon:
Invisible when it did exist,
Today, we see an illusion.

And so it is when passion's fled
Lost in the depths of night,
The light of our love, now dead,
Still haunts us in its flight.
Solar chart. It is interesting for me to read about him now. During my childhood we had to learn his poems by heart. He was the national Poet of Romania. It is saddening to me, to read how he died. ( of syphilis and madness ) It was kept in secret in those times, there.


January 14, 2018 Sunday. 

I read somewhere, that 2018 will be a rather quiet year. Ok. I had to check this, of course. 
Here is the picture of all the planets going retrograde and Direct during the year: The red diagram is the total of all of them. 

Using another software we get the exact date, gmt 00:00
Ingresses of planets in Year 2018
System: Ecliptic Geocentric
Time Zone: +00:00:00

 2.01.2018   14:11:19 D     Uranus 24°34'13"Ari
 9.03.2018    4:44:56 R     Jupiter 23°13'22"Sco
23.03.2018    0:19:35 R     Mercury 16°54'28"Ari
15.04.2018    9:20:43 D     Mercury  4°46'39"Ari
18.04.2018    1:45:39 R     Saturn  9°08'56"Cap
22.04.2018   15:25:08 R     Pluto 21°17'14"Cap
18.06.2018   23:26:04 R     Neptune 16°29'33"Psc
26.06.2018   21:04:49 R     Mars  9°13'05"Aqr
10.07.2018   17:02:10 D     Jupiter 13°20'40"Sco
 7.08.2018   16:48:49 R     Uranus  2°33'39"Tau
27.08.2018   14:05:06 D     Mars 28°36'36"Cap
  6.09.2018   11:07:48 D     Saturn  2°32'32"Cap
  1.10.2018    2:02:52 D     Pluto 18°45'22"Cap
 5.10.2018   19:04:31 R     Venus 10°50'22"Sco
 16.11.2018   10:51:07 D     Venus 25°14'32"Lib
17.11.2018    1:32:59 R     Mercury 13°29'30"Sgr
25.11.2018    1:08:23 D     Neptune 13°41'38"Psc

With this list of events it is difficult to have a quiet year! 

Next: eclipses: Solar eclipses affect us 1 year + - , Lunar eclipses 6  months. 
People who have planets at 11 Leo/ Aquarius, Asc/Des, should be aware of the Lunar eclipse around January 31- for 6 months. 
People who have planets on 27 Aquarius/ Leo/ Ascendant/ descendant;  should watch it during the February eclipse. 
People who have planets at 20 Cancer/Scorpio, Asc/ Dsc, should pay attention around July- for a year! 
People who have planets at 4 Aquarius ( My Sun is there) should watch it as of July- for a year.. 
And the last one , at 18 Leo will hit on August 11th. 
So what should we be aware of? It is the same eclipse cycle that happened 19, 38.57 years ago. Of course, this is not so simple. There are other planets, in the eclipse time that have their impact.... For that you need a full reading! 

A quiet year?? 
Not this one! 


January 10, 2018 Thursday

With the Moon in Scorpio I read about the mudslide in South California. I see Oprah on the screen, nature makes no difference between common people and celebs. It must be devastating to be applauded one day, and sinking in mud the other. It is as if nature is turning against one, no? Isn't that a sign? Doesn't this just pulls one down from the clouds to reality? 
In our side a father of 6 was killed by terrorists, in an ambush. He was actually holed with 22 bullets a few meters from his home. He was 32 years old. 
Yesterday something weird happened to me. 
We have a person here called Alex Gilady who was accused of sexual harassment. SO surely, I had to look up his chart. He was born on Dec. 9, 1942. 

We see his stellium in Sag. Sun, Mercury and Venus . Sagittarius people can live in denial, they believe in their own lies, or how they see the world. Our former President, Moshe Katsav, has similar stellium, being born on the 5th of Dec. 1945. ( was 5 years in jail for rape and sexual harassment) But the punchline is not this. 
Later in the night I watched the Golden Globe awards and I see Kirk Douglas on stage! OMG! He is still alive? 101! But then, when I look up his date of birth, he was born too on Dec 9! Only in a different year 1916 ! Do you grasp that?? During the first WW~!!!!! Surely his chart will not look the same as Mr.Gilady's, but it's interesting. Well, I found it interesting. Probably you raise an eyebrow now... 

OK. let's look at the markets. 
TA35: Topped on Dec 7th at 1550.96- and since then correcting- fell to 1513.
DAX: Topped at 13525 ON nOV 7th and since then it cannot reach former top. - I am working now on the yearly forecast for it, so you can sign up to see how to trade it during the year! Cost $540. I'll have to raise my fees, since the Dollar is falling. 
Nikkei: Topped at 23952- made a historical high! 
Actually most of the indices that I follow are correcting. If you have my app- you know. 
Italy is rallying... SInce June 2016- but everything is relative... when I open the whole chart it looks weak. 

Monge Khan- Mongol ruler was born on Jan 11, 1209. 

When I read who was born on this day, I chose one of many. So my eyes fell on him. This is written about him on Wiki: " Möngke was born on January 11, 1209, as the eldest son of Genghis Khan's teenaged son Tolui and Sorghaghtani Beki. Teb Tengri Khokhcuu, the powerful shaman, saw in the stars a great future for the child and bestowed on him the name Möngke, "eternal" in the Mongolian language. His uncle Ögedei Khan's childless queen Angqui raised him at her orda (nomadic palace).[3] Ögedei instructed Persian scholar Idi-dan Muhammed to teach writing to Möngke." 
Isn't this incredible?? even in Mondolia! 800 years ago people consulted the stars. So let's see what did the shaman see in the sky for Mongke? 
He was born with the SUn in Capricorn, a sign that rises strongly, and reaches top jobs or positions during life. But the reason was, that Saturn! the ruler of Capricorn was exactly on the fortunate star of Sirius. 
Zet:" Sirius (9 Alpha Canis Majoris m -1.46)
the Dog Star, the Sun of the Sun, the central Sun of our Galaxy
Keywords: Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Jupiter/ Mars". 
He also was born with a very strong and proud Jupiter in Leo. He had a very strong Mercury also OOB, very clever. and I see also a Sun-Venus conjunction in Cap- something I just wrote about a few days ago!. 

During his reign Mongolia's borders were enlarged enormously! 


January 9, 2018..
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Between November 18- December. 18

Thanks for following, from the former article

It is the month of Scorpio. INVESTIGATIONS! MONEY! SEX! LIFE AND DEATH! and Sarcasm.... 
So I investigate, how many people read my former article: 3099. No one clicked like. Isn't that great? Continue.
If you wondered where is that like to click? There is also a link to my You Tube channel, where I just uploaded an analysis on
 the VIX.
Also, below the posts, this is this window, where you can comment, share,etc... 

Here is the list of aspects for the month, see the arrow at the right? there are so many, that my screen is not long enough to show them all. 

( Blue aspects are soft, harmonious, red ones energetic, blacks: conjunctions) 

If you click on the picture, you will see the table on your screen. We have some aspects, that will be there the whole month. They are supporting the rallies. 
So what is going on in the sky?? Here is a simpler chart: 
We have the Uranus-Neptune 45^ ( watch for more and more articles and news about aliens and new, discovered distant or not so distant planets). Sign up to " Ancient Code" they bring some really good news there! 
And we also have the Saturn-Uranus trine, as I already wrote in the past, very controversial energies clash here. 
Saturn is on the Galactic center, and Uranus trines it. Everything that touches this point, brings a fated event .

For the newcomers : my services are:  Natal chart reading/$300, 2018 forecast for Cryptocurrencies, or any other commodity or index or share: $ 540 each, with quarterly updates. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Please send me a mail to gabymitt@gmail.com and I shall send you a payment request form from PayPal, or click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts.
In the Hebrew calendar we write today, ALEPH KISLEV. The first day of every Jewish month, it is said, that it hides the seed, the potential for the whole month. You should meditate, and see yourself do 1-2-3 things during this month, set the goals, and they will be done. The word KISLEV is built from KIS ( POCKET) and LEV ( HEART). Meaning, one should have an open pocket and heart as well. 
The letters of the month are : ס and ג. ( Samech and Gimel). Samech is for the sign of Sagittarius, and Gimel for Jupiter- justice. The Gematria value of the month is 63, which is also, in another calculation, one of the names of the Lord. It cannot be translated to English.. sorry. Under the energy of these two letters, we try to reach wisdom and understand the energies of this month. 
The month of Kislev is the month of miracles. We celebrate Hanukkah during this month.

December 18, 2017 Monday

The Moon moved on, and so the ichy, stabbing feelings in my heart. 
Today we have a new Moon, a positive one and a very powerful one, in Sagittarius and on the Galactic Center.  Be ready for more and more UFO news, and extraterrestrial encounters. I read, that Nasa found a similar Earth. as ours. More and more documents are released to the public proving what we already knew... That there is life around us, and we are not alone. It is a question of time just when will the physical encounter be, for the masses, since several people in the worlds have already met, / kidnapped and returned by them. 

This New Moon made a lot of new millionaires. People who dared to invest in the cryptocurrencies have the ball of their lives now. BTC. hit 18000, and I think it'll go to 22 till the end of the month. ( Not a trading advice! ) 
As Saturn enters Capricorn, we shall see what effect it will bring. It's positive side- it can stabilize the whole new concept, and make governments accept it, and go with the flow, on the negative side, some regulations and taxations can emerge, which , I think will stir a lot of anger. We'll see. 
Previously Saturn was in Capricorn in 1988- for 2.5 years. We can see, that in 1988 the ingress took place under a Scorpio new Moon, and look the other planets' positions, and the way they did since then. 
Saturn was conjunct Uranus, on the Galactic Center, and we had: 
* the Tiananmen Square massacre, on June 3rd, 
* Lech Walesa rises to power in Poland on June 4th. 
* the fall of the Berlin wall.( Nov 10, 1989);
* Dec 3rd: Michael Gorbachev and G.W.Bush declare the end of the cold war. 
* Dec 22, 1989 the Romanian dictator, Ceausescu and wife are killed by rebels. 
* Nelson Mandela is released after 27 years in prison, on Feb 11, 1990

Saturn was in Capricorn between : 
Realization intervals (begin - end):
22.01.1900  - 18.07.1900  
18.10.1900   - 20.01.1903  
16.03.1929   -  5.05.1929  
 1.12.1929   - 24.02.1932  
14.08.1932   - 20.11.1932  
 6.01.1959   -  3.01.1962  
15.02.1988   - 10.06.1988  
13.11.1988   -  6.02.1991  
21.12.2017   - 22.03.2020  
 3.07.2020   - 17.12.2020  
25.01.2047   - 11.07.2047  
23.10.2047  -  1.01.2050  
But only in 1664 the Sun was conjunct Saturn, at 0 ^ Capricornm=, as we will have this year again. Later about this aspect. 

Today is a day that vibrates under Uranus and Moon energy. It is a turning day for KLSE, Nikkei, Nifty and BIG. 

But, I should really start now the new article... so follow me to the New Moon in Sagittarius, 2017. 


December 17,  2017 Sunday

Transit Mars squares my Sun. I feel my heart.. Should I go to make a check up? I went to the gym, as usual but the pilates lesson was cancelled today, so I am back in the chair. Let's see what's going on in the sky? 
Moon at 15 Sag, Mercury is conjunct, and retro. (for me, both trigger my South Node.) Ok, since it's the Moon, it'll pass. 
What else? We are under the vibration of Jupiter. We still have the Sag. stellium. And the Sun shines outside. Yesterday I went to the beach, it was great ! 
TEVA: is firing many workers, not only in Israel, but in the whole world. The Unions declared a strike. How stupid... As if they could return some of the billions lost. No. they are adding to the loss, flights are postponed till 2:30, the whole industry is on hold. Idiots. 
Nothing works, no hospitals, nothing. 

OK. I wonder if the stock market works.. let me check. No. Incredible.. Well. OK. I have good books to read. 
Mercury in retro... Did I say that already ? 
LEt's see some markets that trade now:
Egypt: is rising as of Sept 2017--on"empty stomach"... 
Jordan: Same, from Nov 22
SAUDIA:TASI: it's a long above 7000.
UAE: no action here... 

But, the winner is, still, and in spite of all, the BitCoin! Seems that the sky's the limit... Well, 22500 seems the next target.
The annoying thing with the cryptos is, that they trade in 20-30 different markets, and each has its own value. So actually you can buy Ethereum for cheap at Kraken or Bitstamp, and sell it expensive, at Binance or Coinon... there is 40$ difference. 
The ETH: hit 720; It was 752 before, so it should go above it, to reach new highs... 
On the 20th, not only Saturn is already in Capricorn, but Pence is landing in Israel. Oh dear... LOL... Since Trump declared that Jerusalem is Israel's capital, ~ not that we did not know it~ Abu Mazen ran to the Iranians for help. How is it, that he is all the time on the "wrong"side of the table?  So now Pence comes to calm down the sides. Is anyone listening?
More riots expected. 
I find it extraordinary, that Pence lands, when the chapter of the week is " Vaigash" . In this chapter Joseph reveals to his brothers who he really is. I wonder, if we will see some veils lifted in the world of politics, and leaders will actually say who they are and what is their aim. 
Surely the chapter has deeper levels. It tells a story of misunderstanding and forgiveness. 


December 16, 2017 Saturday

As usual, I am writing the weekly forecasts. It is 21 Celsius outside, and it's only 9 am... It'll be warmer later. The beach calls me. let's see if I'll be able to make it. 
So why this dry heat in December, while in Europe is freezing cold? Look, how many planets are in Sag! a dry and barren sign. There is also a Mercury-Venus conjunction, which will last a few days. 

A reader asked me to look if there will be a larger earthquake in the Pacific ocean, or the "Fire ring" as it is called. I mean greater than 6. And yes, there is a big possibility for that, due to Pluto sitting on Indonesia, and Uranus as well. 
here are the Moon's aspects gmt : 00:00
16.12.2017  1:07:04  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
17.12.2017  0:26:52 11°38'11"Sgr Square Neptune
17.12.2017  8:56:25 15°51'08"Sgr Conjunction Mercury
17.12.2017 18:33:42 20°37'06"Sgr Conjunction Venus
18.12.2017  2:45:47 24°40'24"Sgr Trine Uranus
18.12.2017  6:30:24 26°31'19"Sgr Conjunction Sun
18.12.2017 13:09:35 29°48'17"Sgr Conjunction Saturn

18.12.2017 13:33:21  0°00'00"Cap <<<
The most dangerous is on the 17th, from 0:28 am to 12 noon! again, GMT 00:00

December 15, 2017, Friday

Just a few more days till my daughter and family return from the US, after one year and 2 months. So. I will be less at my table, and on the internet. I am so happy, that they are landing to more than 20 Celsius- even 25! from minus 6 cold! That will be fantastic .. We are warm and Sun lover people... 

So let's see what happened in the world? 
Yesterday we learned of Dan Johnson suicide. I am sure, my American readers know who I am talking about. You see, transit Uranus was exactly in opposition his Sun. A haste deed, indeed... But I think he was more frightened of what MORE is there about him, if an investigation starts... Look at his planets! Neptune, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio. A LOT of skeletons in the cupboard. He took his secrets to his grave. But in the next life he will pay for them, nevertheless. Look Directed planets are in severe Capricorn! 

News in the sky: 
The Moon is 30^ approaching the Sun. 
Monday we will have a New Moon. This time it will be very important! It occurs on the Galactic Center! and trines the August eclipse degree. News from far away universes! ET encounters. It is a rare opening to anything new. As always, I shall start a new article. 
The markets are still rallying. 

One of the cryptos I follow is the Ripple. It ran up 70-80%... read about it. 

On May 2, 2017 I wrote about Beata Szydlo, Poland PM : 

" I find it quite incredible, that on the only day, that I am writing about Beata Szydlo, Poland's PM, I have never heard about before, I read about her, make her chart... etc... I read now, that she refused Angela Merkel's request to let in 6000 immigrants " Poland first"- she says.. So now, in spite that I don't have her time of birth, I have to post her chart. She was born in Auschwitz, April 15, 1963. Below is the Solar chart. She is 54 years old, and 54 and a half, Sept-Oct, this year, will be critical for her. Here is her Progressed and transit chart. Her Sun ( she) is attacked by Uranus/ But that's not all/ transit Saturn (higher authority) is on her Moon, and Venus, ruler of her partners, is weak in Aries.. Will it be possible, that the President, DUDA, will contradict her ? I don't know how the law works in Poland.. Anyone??"

Well, a reader just brought to my attention, that she was "fired", by that higher authority. 
Here is her natal chart, with Directions and transits. See how her Sun was caught in fire by Uranus, from all sides. No one survives an Uranus attack. I mean, his/her situation, position will be very different after it hits. 


The other interesting date to look at is the announced date of the royal wedding. May 19, 2018. Harry and Meghan Markle will be married. The rumor said, that the Queen will not attend, due to MeghAn being a divorcee, half black, and half jewish, if I am not mistaken... Oh dear, what a blasphemy! But... rumors turned out to be false, since Her majesty will attend the event. 

First, what pops up, is the Leo Ascendant of the event. Leo is the king of the jungle, ~ it also symbolises red heads, what Harry is~ so a very fitting Ascendant, for a marriage of the Prince... Then, the degree of the Sun shouts!!! I am squaring the August 2017 eclipse degree! Hallooo... ! This is a very important event. The date, 19, also points to a Karmic event. It will be after a new Moon, so it is a good timing, with the Sun on the MC. Whoever they consulted to pick the date, did a good job. What I don't like, is the degree of Saturn, 8, rules the 7th house of spouse,~ symbolises black, or colored people, and Meghan's mom is black~  but on a Scorpio degree, which rings all the bells, and we can add to that the degree of the Moon-! at 22 Cancer... that too is a very difficult degree. 
But' I'll have to look for the personal data and dig in deeper. 
Of course, I am all in for romance and happiness, and I wish the young couple a long and happy life. 
OK. I looked at the charts, and it's better that I hold my tongue. 
May they be BLESSED !
December 14, 2017 Thursday 

Remember, that we use the numerology count, from last night first 3 star appearance. So Since last night we are under Mars and Jupiter's energy. Why is this important ? Because we know Mars brings wars and fights, and last night we had 4 or 5 rockets fired from Gaza to the southern towns, since Trump said the words on Jerusalem, 16 were fired. The distance between Gaza and Ashkelon is 19 km, or 12 miles. How would you feel if it was in your town? 

More than 2000 people are about to be fired by Teva. They are waiting for a Hanukkah miracle now.... I posted in every possible channel, that the company is in danger, but people would not listen. Maybe a miracle WILL happen. 

I see the Koreans and the Japanese prefered to sleep, than to trade. The cryptos are trading sideways, waiting for a gong... 
oh, I see now.... Mercury is conjunct the Sun! I wrote yesterday, that it is "burnt" so no energy. Mercury will return to 13 Sag- till December 12th. On this day the Sun will conjunct saturn att. so it will be a very important day. 
At the exact time that this conjunction happened, the cryptos fell. Well, not all, because the ETH, made new high. 
Today is a turning day for the IBEX, WIG20, Ethereum and Crude oil. 
Ibex is above the stop I sent in the alert on the 12th. 
WIG20 too... I also gave targets, it is trying to get there. 
ETH: reached all given targets. 
Crude oil- short was triggered. 

Tomorrow is a turning day for S&P, DOW, AXJO, Nasdaq, Nyse, Gold, Corn.

Check out this page ! 

December 13, 2017 Wednesday 

Yesterday I posted on FB, that it seems, that Ripple is going to launch. 
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Between October 20- November 18th , 2017 

Thanks for following me from the former article.

Here is the aspects table. I made it more visual. The blue ones are harmonic, the red ones disharmonic aspects. How we use them and what they mean, I teach in my course. 

Services: Natal chart reading/$300, 2018 forecast for Cryptocurrencies, or any other commodity or index or share: $ 540 each, with quarterly updates. The weekly market report based on technical analysis, cycles, and math: $155/ month; or $840 /6 months. Please send me a mail to gabymitt@gmail.com and I shall send you a payment request form from PayPal, or click on Paypal at the left panel. There too you will find a link to download my app., where I give mostly intraday alerts.


November 19th 2017 Sunday. 

We are after the New Moon, so time to move on... Thanks for following me ! 
The next page is here. 

November 17, 2017 Friday 

My day started early today. I went to give my condolences to a friend. His father died. But what is incredible, that his wife's father died 45 min. after his father passed away. So they are sitting shiva one day at her parents' house, the other at his. It is a Jewish custom to sit shiva ( Shiva comes from the word sheva-7, the shiva lasts a week ) on someone who died. When my mother died, last year, I did not tell it to anyone. It was a huge mistake. I felt so alone, that I cannot describe it. This custom is very clever. People come, stay with you, talk to you, and the loss is less felt. In the first days. Why didn't I tell to anyone? I didn't want to have people around. I did not want to smile, neither to listen to their stories. It was a huge mistake. I felt abandoned, helpless, alone, void. any word that fits... 
I went with some friends, and it was nice. One of the friends has cancer, so the talk was around her. What to eat, or not to eat! 
Did you know, that orange juice is really bad for the pancreas? really really bad! So I listened to all kind of tips and talks. 
Then, I went to visit an old ( 92 y.old) friend of mine.. She had 6 strokes in the last 5-10 years, but she is well, and POSITIVE! 

I came home after 2 pm, I am cooking ( salmon and broccoli ~ everything that takes more than 30 min. in the kitchen, for me is a punishment ) now and be back later. 


On Nov 20, we will celebrate 40 years, from the peace treaty signed with Egypt. 1977. I remember when this happened. I cried of happiness. We all did. Saadat was killed for this brave move, on Oct.6th 1981. But the peace is still standing, but it is a rather cold one. Sissy is a great leader today, and hot news!!! Looks, that we will be travelling to Saudia soon, lol with the relationships getting warmer.. Oh boy! don't we live historical times? I read, that the King in Saudia is stepping down next week, and Mohammed bin Salman is taking over. 
The chart below is Israel with the day Sadat came to Israel  Nov 20, 1977. Incredible, or not? transit Jupiter  ( the big benefactor) on Venus ( open enemies)

See, the return of the number 40? 40 years in the desert.\, 40 days and 40 nights, that rain fell...many times 40 appears in the Bible! 

 So  the land has peace for 40 years !... 

On Nov 20th, 2017 we will be 40 years after Sadat landed in Israel, and we made peace. Is this a sign for another peace treaty? and now with Saudia?? 
Future will tell 

November 16, 2017 Thursday. 

We will have 30 C* today, I must go to the beach... I think next week it'll rain, so as long as it is so nice, I should. 

Zimbabwe... Have you heard of the news? Probably it would not hit headlines, if it was not a juicy story behind it. Former Rhodesia, with 16-17 million population, capital at Harare, in southern Africa. 0.2% of the population are white, who own the best lands of the country. The leader, or better word for it, the dictator of the country is Mugabe, age 93 +, born in 1924, I think he is my oldest living person in the "world leaders" database. 
What made him such a powerful leader? see the chart! His leading planet is Jupiter, this is in Sag, conjunct Mars ( ideology+force), in trine with Neptune, at 18 degrees ( the Satan deg) and in square to the Sun + South Node. Mugabe was a teacher, so his only credit is that 99% of the population know to read and write. The only country in Africa!  
So there was a military coup. Because he wanted to name his wife next to the throne. The army holds him, while his young wife ( second wife, 41 years his junior, former secretary) " Gucci Grace" fled the country. 

So, let's see what made Grace such a lover of jewellery and a lavish lifestyle?? She must have planets in Leo and Taurus.. 
Surprise! ? Her Moon is at 18 Taurus, and her leading planet, Venus, is conjunct Mercury, in Leo. Voila. 
So, let's see, what's new in the sky today? Nothing really. The Moon will enter today Scorpio: gmt:00:00

16.11.2017  2:50:14 26°06'47"Lib Sextile Saturn

16.11.2017 10:18:41  0°00'00"Sco <<<
So watch this time for a CIT. 
Here are the "green" indices, that I follow: Check the alerts!

And the falling ones: 

Sign up now for the weekly forecast!! ladies, the discount offer for you is still valid! 

SPECIAL OFFER for the ladies! 25% discount on the first month for the  weekly reports, on ordering min. 3 month's subscription. Total 426.25$ instead of 465$ 

While is really nice over here, not so in Greece! They have heavy rains, and floods. I guess it is the prelude of the upcoming New Moon, in Scorpio; water sign, and on the 18th we will have the SUn, Moon, Jupiter and Venus there. All trined by Neptune. So some rain might reach Israel too, but to write about "Biblical floods", I think it's too far fetched. 

Kabala musings: On this day, 4121 years ago, the land was dry- after the flood.

If so, I can go to the beach now.. 
See you later :) 


November 15, 2017 Wednesday

Israel offered help to Iran, with the earthquake.... We are always there when help is needed. In Turkey, or anywhere else. Now, that we will be neighbors, only 5 km in the north, that's what neighbors do. 

As Charlotte Bronte wrote: " 
“I can be on guard against my enemies, but God, deliver me from my friends!”
Today we have a so called "Balsamic Moon". Just 30 degrees to reach the Sun. The Moon is is Libra, conjunct Mars, and square Pluto. This can light up some fights in the world. Venus and Jupiter are still conjunct in Scorpio, but slowly Venus is moving on. Venus is a Morning star, meaning, it rises before the Sun, this too is war-some. 
Mercury is weak ( in Detriment in Sag); It is said, that Mercury in Sag. makes a person farsighted, seeing the broader picture. Mercury is also at Venus/Pluto Midpoint; meaning, by Ebertine: " Optimism, a sense of humor,a state of happiness cause through one's thoughts."
Actually we have the three personal planets in detriment ( Merc, Ven, Mars), which , market wise is not a " pusher" position. So strong indices will consolidate, while weak ones will correct. 
Hang Seng: 
Mde the last low before 317 days, the planets cycle trigger a turn now! 3-4 days correction.
The biggest loser is the BOVESPA: Turned already in October, lost 8.6% in 29 days. 
A friend wrote me, that Iran is buying up every spot they can.. 

The Nikkei: Is still strong above 21030, but this too turned from the high at 23382 on Nov 9. If you have my app, you knew what to do!

EUR/USD: is weakening, you have to pay more $ per Euro..
And the winner is: BITCOIN! 

Sign up now for the weekly forecasts! Be ahead of the markets. 

Today we are under the effect of Mercury and Mars. CIT day for the IBEX,  WIG20, ETH. 
People in the news: Anna Bligh, Netanyahu, Hassan Rouhani, Jimmy Carter, Jaroslav Kaczynski, Khaled Mishaal, Pippa Middleton, Stalin, Al Thani ( Qatar), Rex Tillerson.

WIlliam Herschel was born on this day, in 1738. He discovered Uranus, in 1781, March 13. (outer chart). Starkman rectified the natal chart, which gives a Virgo rising,( researcher ) and the Moon conjunct Uranus.
His chart shows the researches, the revolutionary, one who thinks outside the box. He lived till 83, in those times, quite an age! We thank him for his work! 
Although, he was not born on this day, but, he is in the news.. Judge Roy Moore. First time I hear about him, and when I look at his chart, I see a cold and wicked person. His mars in in opposition Pluto ( in Leo). It is a Solar chart, with the Sun on the Asc. His Sun , and Mars are in Aquarius, showing a cold headed and hearted person. reason will always conquer feelings. He does have planets in water signs, but they are Mercury, weak in Pisces, can fool you with his words, and what he hears from you, can turn it against you. and Jupiter with the Moon in Scorpio, sign of sex. No wonder, the scandal around him. But, what is most eminent in his chart, is a Out of Bound Uranus, which makes him kinky- and in Gemini, maybe a pedophile? I will have to look up the rules about that. Yes, he has 4 planets on degrees that mean pedophilia. 
His South Node is on Antares...Antares (21 Alpha Scorpii  m 0.96)
Heart of the Scorpion
Keywords: A Royal Star. The Archangel Oriel, the Watcher of the West. Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to eyes, honours, sudden loss, stubborn, suspicious, violent, several marriages
Effect: Fortunate
Character: Mars/Jupiter/ Mercury.


November 14, 2017 Tuesday. 

it is the 318th day of the year. The day is ruled by Mars, and Saturn. 
 As you can see, Mercury squares Neptune, exactly today. I  would not believe my ears today. Mercury is in Detriment, weak in Sag. 
Yesterday I sent 22 alerts, hope you are doing well in your trades! 

On this day, in 1851 "Moby Dick" was published. There are many good sentences in that book, here is one of them:  

for there is no folly of the beast of the earth which is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men ” ― Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Claude Monet, the famous painter was born on this day. Here are his paintings.. He is one of my favorites!

Not only he has 3 planets OOB, also a stellium in Sag. He must have been an exceptionally clever person for his time!
I posted yesterday on FB, that I think, that the Bitcoin moves under Sydney time. I now checked the Gold, and I found, that it fell by 1% at the opening of Chicago time! Moon was exact square to the Sun, in the 8th house of money, and Saturn on Ascendant. 

WHile the Gold is consolidating, the Silver recovered! This is interesting! But after checking the sky, we get the answer. SInce SIlver is ruled by the Moon, it moves accordingly. 

Palladium is been rallying since Jan 2016- and doubled its value. target is around 1200. 

But, I think, that the HOT issue is not the Bitcoin. 
here is today's intraday graph. It is a short below 6710; targets on the graph. 

I am discussing the USA chart on FB in a group. Let me show you:
Using the Scorpio rising, as suggested by William Stickevers, Mars is not only the ruler of wars, but also of the Ascendant ( old style). Natal Mars is at 21 Gemini, and it will be triggered by Progressed AND transit Mars on January 14th 2018. This is not a hillarious position. There could be some war some trouble. Take a week before and after for this effect.

As for Israel: transit Mars will bring some trouble between Nov 28- Dec.8
People are getting so enthusiastic about the new crown prince, Mohammad Bin Salman.(Saudia)/ they see in him the big revolutionary, the Che Guevara of the Arab world. I wish... 
Lookin up his name in the gematria, we find that his name equals to 387, or 918,  or 153. depending which system one uses. 

I would use, of course,..
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World financial markets and astrology: New Moon in LIbra, Oct.20,2017: Between October 20- November 18th , 2017  Thanks for following me from the former article. Here is the aspects table. I made it...
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