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It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog, guys; I am not keeping well at all. Very less enthusiasm I have, generally I am not like that. I need more energy, so I am just looking only at improving my health as health is wealth.
It happens in every dasa sandhi I get this physical ailment. I had complications during my birth and the antar dasa lord was a rebellious planet. That dasa lasted around 1.5 years and that was the last dasa in that series. Then the next Maha dasa started, but my complication ended only when I was 4 years. That means the next Maha dasa first phase was fully against my health. Then I picked up with the grace of my Lord.

Then the new Maha dasa was coming to an end after a long duration, that time I was First Year in College. During the last phase Of that Maha dasa I fell seriously ill. Severe back pain, for a teenager. I was at college hostel, could not even eat properly, went my home, but my family was already fed up with my medical history, they were not convinced. I stayed at home without any medication bearing such intense pain, then after the 2nd day, my mom took me to hospital. Dr. Maridasan, that was the name of the Gynecologist. He did a thorough check-up, but he could not find anything related to gynec, kidney or appendicitis. To be frank guys, my family was a kind of confused. They were afraid what our neighbours say when a young girl get admitted for back pain. Dr Maridasan could not find anything, but seeing my pain he gave me painkiller injections, which was so powerful and painful, but it reduced my pain. I still remember, me getting that injection and crying loudly, climbing the stairs to the hospital room. My mom was asking me to keep quiet . She was worried that what others will think. I remained in that hospital for 1 week, even though the pain was gone, there was some kind of discomfort, so this doctor referred me to Medical college Kottayam. There also I got 2, 3 scanning, but there was nothing. As I advanced through this dasa, and the new dasa came up and that first antar dasa was for 3 years, I got my health back.

Then after that, I was ok throughout that Maha dasa then during this dasa, I got married, then I got my both the kids. My kids have 10 years age difference, and you can assume that I got married very early. When the 2nd child came up, it was the last antar dasa of the new dasa. Which lasted for 3 years?

That was the most horrifying experience in my life. As soon as I entered my last antar dasa of that Maha dasa, I got conceived. The day I conceived was the last day for my all happiness. I was asked to have a full term bed rest. Each day I thought, that would be the last day of my life. My friends asked me to abort this child, but I said no. I could not walk, so I crawled through the floor to go from one room to the other. Every second week, my pressure used to fall low, then I used to be on drips at the hospital. Intense vomiting for the full term. No sleep during the night and full day I am sleeping. Somehow I delivered and that was a C- section as I did not have the energy to go through a normal delivery. I went through the pain for more than 19 hours, then I only told the doctor for the C-section. When the baby came out( during the pregnancy itself I knew that It would be a boy and I told my husband and family also) he also had a complication, ASD, VSD PDA. All our savings spent for his and my medication, but this is the child who brought stability into my life as well as my husband’s life as individuals. We spend long years our youth as theologians and was totally immersed in ministry work and we actually forgot to have an ordinary kind of life, like our classmates. We were not focused on building up a career, or we even ignored our family and that is the one negative side of being into ministry work. We totally move out from that life where a career, finance, and power are required. After the birth of 2nd child, the tragedies took place were really eye openers and it was a call from the universe to rearrange our life.

This is for those parents who have kids with ASD,VSD,PDA, these are mostly correctible issues. But as parents we go through a lot of lifelong mental trauma and others may not understand that. My doctor Mr. Naveen Jain, KIMS Hospital Trivandrum was an expert and he assured me that my kid is fine, and I have nothing to worry,but he had to go through a year-long check-up, first of all, we have to trust the doctor. Now also I get panic sometimes, my son gets mood changes. Maybe I am destined to go through that stress, but certain ASD, VSD, PDA are not at all dangerous. Still, the parental worry will continue for some people like me. Only God can take care of that worry. Yes, there will be associated issues like immunity, milestone issues also can come with that.

Then I got arthritis, I had severe joint pains. Mental stress, I was afraid of my son’s longevity. I expressed, looking at his Moon, that this child may not survive. I never thought that he would complete one year, last week also I told my family. It is very unlikely for a child whose Moon is certain house to have the happy and healthy childhood. I could not sleep peacefully overnight, looking at the baby whether he was breathing or not. No sleep, no rest, I was always feeding him and I lost so much of calcium. My mom asked me to stop feeding him like this. Just because I fed him too much I got arthritis, that is called mother’s love. She will sacrifice anything for her children. The pain was so much, but I overcame that stage as well. But, both of us, me and my son recovered after 6 months, and then I was in search of a job.

See, in the corporate world, the more you take breaks in career, it will be difficult for you to get a job. Yesterday, one of my friend Vineet, called me up after a gap of 3 years. He was on bed rest for 1 year due to slip disc, now he got an offer from a finance company, so he wanted to discuss that with me. Things are not very hopeful for him, but I asked him to go ahead and to take up this because he is out of the job for more than one year. He may not work there even for 1.5 years, that’s my idea. Still, on records, he is on a payroll.

Coming back to my story, I stayed at home for 6 months, my son got better (not fine) I got a good helper at home which I could trust. I went for the job, which was an offshoot of an MNC, but there also the problem of recession. Then an unstable career for 3 years. In 2010, when my new Maha dasa started, I was shifting between old maha dasa and new maha dasa, I started getting severe stomach pain very often. I used to take ginger tea to the office, but that did not reduce my pain. Most of the evenings, I used to take an auto from Technopark to Peroorkada, ( where I stay) then ask the autowalla to wait then take my both kids to the hospital with me, because the helper leaves at 6. Then there this doctor used to the tests. He found nothing, but the pain was still on.

Now when my last Mahadasa ended and when I move through a new Mahadas, this is my first antardasa of new Mahadasa. Very bad health, but I think I will be fine by 2019, anyway, I have to carry this cross until then.

So, when your mahadasa changes, there are the chances for many risks. It can be anything. Dasa Sandhi is a very crucial time in anyone life, life changing events can take place. I still remember the 1st 2 antardasas of my Ketu dasa was very dramatic and when the 3rd antar dasa started my life coming to a good phase.

At the same time, until my Ketu dasa I was not very fond of astrology, eventhough I knew it. Just being anxious I took readings from 2 astrologers, who has successful YouTube channel on my career and amazingly both were wrong. I spend 10k for both the readings and they both were not accurate.

I donno how my clients see my predictions, they can update me what they feel. In one career reading, the 1st ever astrology reading I took in my life, it says. The 1st antar dasa and pratyandar dasa will give success in my career. That phase is over, but that was the most discouraging and disappointing phase in my career. My office job is ok and I have no fear about that. But my career as an astrologer is crashing down guys. I am totally discouraged with the way it is going.

Many asked me to come and be active in social media, and I don’t like it. I can’t come in social media to make my astrology career. First of all I don’t like too much of public interaction as I am very short tempered. I avoid all such stage where I have to interact with masses. Yes, that can be one reason for lack of progress in my career.
Secondly, I am very careful with what I tell people. That’s why I don’t give telephonic consultations. Phone conversations distract me and I don’t think any learned astrologer will ever give phone consultations. It is an energy draining process. I get distracted when people go off-topic.

Actually, we all are responsible for whatever we share with other, we teach others or through whatever we influence others. This is a Christian theological concept which always pricks my conscious
Revelation 20:12
And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.
I always think and get tensed for what people get from me.

Proverbs 24:12
If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?:1i
I don’t want to give any fake hope or promises, so there are consultations which I haven’t given.

I know astrologers being active in social media and getting likes and shares, I donno why guys, I am not at all in a mood to be there. My website mailbox is full of requests for promotion from SEO companies, and I myself am an SEO certified person, I am not doing anything in my site.
So I was telling about the accuracy of predictions, I generally don’t give a yes or no kind of predictions, because there is no guarantee the predictions will totally work as the astrologer predicted.

At the same time, astrology is good for identifying the areas which can be alive during a particular time of period.

It is an astrologer’s challenge to bring more accuracy into predictions, but it is not possible for any astrologer to deliver 100% accuracy. So, when you go for an astrological consulting, you should know that 100% accuracy is not possible.

• Don’t go for repeated astrology consultation that shows a weak mind.
Here are some inputs

• You go to an astro consulting, when you have confusion, stress or depression. Obviously, you will be going through a complex dasa. Like I said the dasa between the end period of one Mahadsa and the beginning of the next Mahadasa of course you are going to get various struggles.
• It is good to take a track of your Mahadasa and antar dasa. I don’t believe in Jaimini Chara dasa, but I believe in Jaimini Karkas
• During the transition between every 2 Mahadasa life changing events will come up
• During your 7.5 Saturn there will be progress with a lot of efforts. Generally, people get married, get kids, and even construct house during this 7.5 saturn.

I have clients who repeatedly ask what will happen next, I don’t entertain any such queries. I don’t like people getting too much astrology, I am a monotheist and I am not supposed to look at anything more than one and only god. I don’t promote Mars mantra and Saturn mantra, such mantras will not work. If they ever worked, then where god in your life? Don’t be fools in the name of astrology.


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