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You Have the Power to Reverse Muscle Loss After 50! This was the title of  the presentation I gave to over one hundred participants hosted by CARP. I spoke about the benefits of resistance training and then guided a Jane Fonda inspired workout. It was so much fun!

I received a lot of feedback from participants that wished I had a video of the workout so they could continue with the workout in the future.  So, I created one so everyone could benefit, even if you weren’t at the event.

The powerful information on how YOU can reverse muscle loss after 50 with resistance training is so compelling, I wanted to do more than create the workout. I also wanted to give you that well researched fitness information so every time you lift your arm, you tone your legs and you engage your tummy muscles you feel the benefits of your efforts, and you know exactly what you’re doing to your body to give you the best, healthiest, fittest quality of life!

So here are the fun facts:

You have the power to reverse muscle loss due to aging. This is a huge win considering that muscle revvs up your metabolism.

It’s estimated that every decade after adult life, you lose 5 pounds of muscle. This accounts for a drop in your metabolic rate by approximately 3 percent*.

Another way of looking at it is, for every 5 pounds of muscle loss, you gain approximately 15 pounds of fat*.

With each decade after 20 years of age, without resistance training  you risk gaining another 15 pounds of fat. 

  • At 50 you risk losing 15 pounds of muscle and  gaining 45 pounds of fat
  • At 60 you risk losing 20 pounds of muscle and 60 pounds of fat
  • At 70 you risk losing 25 pounds of muscle 75 pounds of fat

Less muscle and more fat may not look aesthetically pleasing, but the health  implications are much more pressing. It’s  associated with a greater risk of osteoporosis, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, lack of mobility leading to falls,  pain and early death.

BUT The great part is you can reverse muscle loss. You can increase your metabolism, gain strength and prevent chronic disease associated with muscle loss. It only takes 2 days per  week and as little as 20 minutes per session to begin to increase your lean muscle. 

The best part is, the results never expire. You’re never “too old” to start because you can increase lean muscle at any age.

You don’t need a gym membership or expensive fitness equipment either. Resistance training can be performed with your own body weight or  barbells, bands and bars you can hide away in your closet when you’re not using them.

Before we get started, here’s why we’re doing a fun Jane Fonda inspired workout:

Jane Fonda & Fitness At 80:

Jane Fonda changed the way we workout and pioneered the fit female movement. Back in the early 80’s gyms were mostly for men,  so  Jane’s videos soared to success by giving women an alternative at home workout that made them feel fit and strong.

Jane’s videos became the best selling at home workout of all time.

Just think how empowering it is to know there are now thousands (if not millions) of fitness resources for women and Jane Fonda pushed that movement forward.

But what makes her a true inspiration isn’t Jane in 1980. It’s Jane’s views on fitness, health and wellness at 80 (that’s right, Jane Fonda is now 80 years young).

Jane shifts our perception of aging and gives us the ability to see what a thriving fit life looks like when we take care of our health.

Even after a hip replacement, a knee replacement and back surgery, Jane still exercises everyday. She emphasizes the importance that all movement matters!

She summed it up best in an interview she did in Express: I’ll Never Stop Working Out

“We can allow our various infirmities to define us or we can say to ourselves, ‘I want to stay independent as long as possible. I want to be able to sit on the floor and play with my grandchildren. I want to carry at least some of my own luggage and not take 15 minutes to get out of a car’.” 

Jane Fonda is a true role model and inspiration for all women after 50, after 60, 70, 80 and beyond. Heck, she’s even a role model for the younger generations (like me) who see possibility and promise when one truly embraces a healthy journey!

Here’s a Fun, Quick and Easy Jane Fonda Inspired Workout:

Toned Body In 20 minutes: Jane Fonda Inspired Fitness for Women After 50 - YouTube

For More FREE Workout Videos Designed to Get Back to Fit After 50 Subscribe to my Youtube Channel 

*Statistics article provided by: Strength Training Past 50:  http://www.humankinetics.com/products/all-products/strength-training-past-50-3rd-edition

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Here we go! You’re Embarking on your fittest and healthiest year! You’ve made the decision that the time to get healthy is now!

You’ve chosen your workout, you’re making healthier decisions such as cutting out sugar or watching your portions and you’re ready to get started.

This year WILL be different because you’re about to embark on a healthy journey you can maintain for the rest  of your life. 

This isn’t about fast weight loss, it’s about healthy, transformative weight loss.

This isn’t about restriction, it’s about making changes you know you can stick with.

This isn’t about horrible fitness routines that leave you exhausted and sore (bad sore) for days afterwards. This is about adapting a movement plan to make you stronger, healthier and fitter for the second half of your years.

You’re eliminating guilt and embracing a healthy journey. That includes listening to your body and the messages it sends  you, and hormones are literally the messages that your body sends.  

Menopause begins a cascade of hormone changes that affect almost every woman after 50. Not only does it affect your mood, your sleep and your body (you may have noticed the shift of fat to the midsection or the chest) but it also affects the way you eat and the type of workout you do.

If you’ve noticed that your workouts leave you depleted instead of energized, or they’ve done nothing to help you lose that stubborn belly fat (or worse yet, your workout’s added  more pounds), then there’s a good chance your hormones are begging you to switch your workout.

When you shift your workout to suit your hormone needs, that’s when you’ll feel and see total body transformations. You’ll feel more energized you’ll gain strength and finally see an easier drop in stubborn belly fat.

Here are 2 hormones that shift the way you workout. Identifying your hormone needs is the first step to your health and weight loss success!

Estrogen:  Fatigue, Hot Flashes and Weight Gain

You’re probably really aware that a  drop in estrogen during menopause creates a cascade of transformations throughout the body. Fat is no longer stored in the hips and thighs and instead shifts to the midsection. Not to mention, less estrogen creates less heart protection and the chance of cardiovascular disease rises.

While leisurely walks are relaxing and fun, they may not be powerful enough to strengthen the heart or to burn excess stores of fat.

Faster bursts of fitness have been shown to combat menopause and balance out your hormones once again.

You love to walk, so keep them in your workout mix,  but ramp up your workout and get your heart pumping just a few times each week.

Cortisol: High Stress, Increased Belly Fat

Cortisol is an essential hormone that when working right can energize the body and keep you feeling alert. (It’s the body’s natural cup of coffee). Yet, too much cortisol, or an imbalance of your stress system known as the HPA system, will break down lean muscle, increase your risk of type II diabetes and expand your waistline.

During Menopause and early post-menopause, cortisol levels rise.  Add daily stressors or years of constant stress (you know, the kind you get from working full time, raising kids and feeling like there’s never enough time in your day) and you’ve taxed  and overused the stress system.

On top of it, add the long, vigorous workout to the mix. The workout you thought would make you healthier. The type of workout that at different stages of life you’d push through even when your body felt sore and depleted and your stress system just can’t cope.

Without even realizing it, those long vigorous workouts were taxing an already fatigued stress system,  creating insulin resistance, leaving you depleted and packing on the pounds.

When Cortisol is out of whack ditch the long, vigorous workouts. At least until you can get your stress levels back in balance.

Beginning a healthy journey, or a weight loss journey after 50 only feels hard when nothing’s working, when you’re stuck in a plateau and when everything fitness and nutrition seems hard, restricting and exhausting.

By adapting your workout to your unique hormone changes, fitness finally becomes enjoyable and weight loss becomes so much easier to accomplish. Not to mention you’ll feel a new surge of motivation as finally push past those stubborn plateaus.

Learn about the exact workout plan that matches your hormone imbalances and begins to transform your health and your body.  I’m putting on a FREE Women’s Wellness Talk The Fastest Path to Shrink Belly Fat: The Discovery Session

Click here to learn more:

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It’s the last day of 2017 and one of the best ways I can help with this brand new health and weight loss year is to give  you solutions to some of the biggest obstacles you may face when it comes to getting back on track, or even to follow a first time (at least in a very long time) weight loss or healthy eating plan.

I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions, but I do believe that after month of a less routine schedule (that being the festivities of Christmas), the best time to get back to fit, or to reach for your health and weight loss goals is when things have calmed.

Today to end off 2017 I thought I’d arm you with a few solutions to one of the biggest problems many of my clients face when it comes to following a healthy meal plan, or weight loss plan.

This isn’t the standard “lack of time” or “portion control whoas” I’ve spoken about in the past. This time we’re aiming a little bit closer to the heart and talking about that horrible dilemma of what to do when you’re ready for your healthiest, slimmest 2018, but your family’s not on board with you. 

Your husband may support your decision but you’re the main cook and he doesn’t want to eat light, veggie based meals he calls “rabbit food”. You don’t want to spend the time making separate meals for everyone, so you’ve got to find a solution that matches your new healthy meals and his heartier meal tendencies.

Or maybe your husband’s the main cook and he doesn’t want to make two separate meals  and complicate his menu.

Maybe you love his cooking and you don’t want this tradition to stop.

Or maybe you’ve still got kids at home and the meals have to be family friendly. While they support your decision for a leaner, healthier lifestyle, they’re just not willing to compromise their own meal choices.

The bottom line is you feel like you’re doing this alone. You think about how much easier and simpler it would be if you could get everyone on board, if you were doing this as a family. In the past this may have been the setback that stopped you from moving forward or getting results.

So this time, for 2018 let’s change our mindset and focus on positive, lasting solutions that will give you back your health, your energy, your vitality, and YES, even a slimmer waist with some simple solutions you can do right away.

Portion Control:

Whether your husband’s cooking and you don’t want to give up his delicious meals, or you’re the main cook and it’s just getting too complicated to create separate meals, when changing the menu just isn’t an option your most powerful tool is portion control. 

How To:

Begin by taking a small plate instead of a regular size dinner plate. This makes it easy to keep portions under control.

Choose palm size portion of meat, a fist for grains and a thumb for fats. Then fill up the rest of the plate with healthy non-starchy vegetables. There’s no counting calories and you can enjoy the same meal as the rest of the family without creating extra work and hassle.

Pick Up What’s Missing: 

If your live in a “meat and potato” household with few to zero vegetables served at each meal, then finding a way to add them in is a must. Studies show that high vegetable consumption can slim the waist and help you maintain a healthy weight, not to mention they’re a huge source of vitamins,minerals and dietary fibre that help energize the body, help you feel stronger and give you the best quality of life.

Veggies are a must, so when no one else wants to eat them but you, make your life easy and buy your own easy, pre-made veggies.

  • Choose bagged salads ready to go.
  • Choose pre cut vegetables that only need a quick boil.
  • Choose frozen, ready made stir fry you can put in the microwave. (Some take less than 5 minutes to cook).

Adding in your own veggie component has another bright side. If your plate is half full with vegetables, it’ll ensure your family meal portions stay small.

Fill up your plate with as many vegetables you want, then portion control for your meat and starch.

Understand You’re Doing This Just For You:

As a coach I’m known as being your biggest cheerleader. While I try my hardest to change food options, types of workouts and the amount of time you exercise to suit you, there’s only so much I can do without a little bit of give on your end.

I get a lot of push back around family meals because family members may not be happy that you’re making a meal time change. Or quite honestly, it may make you feel resentful that you can’t eat as much of the old meals you’ve grown so accustomed to.

Truthfully, at some point there needs to be a mindset shift. You’ve decided to start your health or weight loss journey now because it’s time to take care of you.

You want more energy to run after the grandkids, you want to wake up energized to take advantage of every second of your day. You want to feel fit, to feel strong to maintain your independence, your health and your best quality of life.

This is a well deserved moment of YOU time. You’re doing this for you and no one else, so it’s time to embrace a family meal change as a happy new transformation, not only of your body, and your health, but also transforming the way you eat with the family, one small step at a time.

What’s even more exciting is that this new mindset shift, and shifting portion sizes or adding vegetables starts to become infectious.

I’ve had countless clients that started to follow their own eating style and once the energy and weight loss began, their partners, their kids, even the grandkids started to adopt some of those healthy choices too.

For some this is the hardest solution to follow. Put YOU first. Do this for you and no one else.

Get an Outside Support System:

Portion control, adding veggies and choosing to put you first can be so much easier to achieve if you have a strong support system.

Your family could be the most supportive bunch alive, but if they’re not directly involved in your new transformation, or if they’ve decided not to embrace these changes themselves, it can sometimes feel discouraging, it can feel like you’re doing this alone.

That’s why it’s so important to have an outside support system that is with you every step of the way and you feel motivated to stay on track.

There are so many types of support systems it’s easy to find them outside of the home.  Here are just a few:

  • Try a local Meetups weight loss group:  The meetings are free group events located all around the globe. You can attend “how-to” weight loss meetings or enjoy a local hiking club. There are thousands of options to keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals.
  • Join a Free online support group: Join a Free online group to help keep you accountable and provide you with support.  The Get Back to Fit After 50 private facebook group is a great example. Hundreds of women support each other along their healthy journey, whether that be overall health, weight loss or learning how to incorporate fitness into their lives. Give it a try.

Also, one-on-one coaches are great at providing the support, the accountability, motivation and knowledge that can give you individualized advice based specifically on your exact needs and lifestyle.

Because the support system is tailor made specifically for you, results  feel easier to reach.

If one-on-one support is the strategy that sparks your motivation best, I want to help.

Book a FREE online Strategy session and together we’ll uncover the exact steps to get you to your unique goals with the support and motivation get you there as quickly and easily as possible.

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The holidays are my favourite time of year. I connect with my family, I  adore the beautiful decorations and the cozy lights, but with all of the holiday cheer there’s also a lot of hustle and bustle too.

Not to mention the abundance of  chocolates, decadent holiday treats wine, champagne and alcohol absolutely everywhere makes this a risky season to lose all of the amazing weight loss progress you’ve made.

Of course you  want to enjoy yourself,  but at the same time you don’t want to sabotage all of your hard work and effort. After all, it seems like it only takes a night or a  week or two to gain back the weight, but it may have taken you months to find what worked and lose it in the first place.. am I right? 

So how can you  truly let go and enjoy this wonderful season, yet make sure you’ll continue to see weight loss  results  OR at least maintain your hard work throughout the holiday season?

Here are 3 really easy ways to reduce your calories, let go of the guilt and enjoy every moment of the festivities while continuing to maintain or lose weight during the season. 

Drink Fibre before the party:

If you’ve got a holiday party at night, stick to your healthy eating plan during the day, but before you leave the house for the evening, drink a high fibre smoothy, or a high fibre vegetable soup.

Fibre is a healthy and natural appetite suppressant. Not only can fibre  reduce cholesterol, reduce your risk of bowel cancer and help control blood sugar, but it also makes you feel full for longer.

What to do: By drinking a high fibre vegetable smoothy or vegetable soup,  you’ll still get to enjoy the taste of a few high calorie decadent treats at the holiday party, but you won’t have as much room to eat them all. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the holiday goodies without gaining extra weight.

Swap Alcohol and Sugary Drinks For Fizzy Water:

If wine or sugary drinks are your vice, after the third or fourth attempt at turning the drinks away, your willpower may wear thin and you may be tempted to give in. So take away the temptation right from the moment you arrive.

You could be designated driver to avoid drinking, but people still try to convince you to have “just one drink”, or to have  sugary hot apple cider and pop as second alternatives. These drinks contain unwanted calories that quickly add up.

What to Do: Ask for a Soda water and add a lime wedge. It’s zero calories but resembles a drink. It stops the world from asking what you’ll have plus it keeps your willpower in tact.

As an added precaution bring a bottle of soda water as a fun contribution to the party. That way you know you’ve got your low calorie option the second you arrive.

Create a Simple Plan of Attack: 

When you set a concrete and achievable action plan. A program you’ll start on January 2nd, or a workout routine and healthy eating plan after Boxing Day, then you’ll know there’s an end in site and you can enjoy the present moment with the friends and family you love.

Also, try a quick mindset shift. Instead of thinking “I can eat everything I see because  I’m starting a new weight loss program in January”, you can shift your thoughts to ” I’ll try to be a bit more mindful of my portions because it’ll make getting back into it so much easier and more enjoyable when I start”.

What to do: Find a weight loss or fitness program that sounds interesting to try. Sign up now with an after holiday start date. This can be a local gym membership, a fitness coach consultation or an online fitness program. Just knowing you’ve got a start date again will keep you help you be more mindful now, but also help you enjoy the holiday treats now.

You can continue to lose weight, or sustain your current weight loss during the holiday season. Incorporate these 2 simple strategies  into your planning and you can enjoy a happier, healthier, guilt free holiday season.

Receive Forever Access to the 8 Week Shape it Up Workout Series. The Perfect Beginner Fitness Program For Women After 50.

 (Hurry! Offer Ends December 26th 11:59pm)

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For many it begins with menopause. The shift in hormones expands the waistline and for the first time ever, a simple weight loss strategy that consists of fast-paced sweaty exercise and lower calorie meal options no longer works as quickly or as effectively as it did in your thirties.

Menopause is definitely a game changer, shifting hormones and increasing belly fat more than any other time in your life.

It’s not just estrogen that’s affected by menopause. Stress hormones such as cortisol, hunger hormones such as Grehlin and Leptin and fat burning hormones such your thyroid TSH, Free T3 and Free T4  may shift dramatically during and even after menopause. This causes an increase in stubborn belly fat.

Menopause may enhance hormone changes but it’s not the only culprit for an expanding waist.

Life stressors (and years of it) and environmental toxins (from air pollution to certain chemicals in the foods we eat) all play a huge role in shifting hormones responsible for increased belly fat.

Then without even realizing it, you add in the wrong type of workout, feeding in to these  hormone imbalances  and accelerating the storage of stubborn, un-defeatable belly fat.

If you’re at the point where you’ve felt like you’ve tried everything, if you feel like the harder you workout, the less weight you lose and the more exhausted you feel.  Or even when your workout makes you feel good afterwards, but you still don’t notice a difference around your waist (even when you eat well)

Then the type of exercise you’re doing may be sabotaging your attempts at slimming down your waist.

By changing the type, frequency and intensity of exercises  to support and restore balance to the specific root cause of your hormone imbalance, you’ll shrink the waistline quicker and keep the weight off permanently.

Here are 2 reasons why your workout could be expanding your waistline after 50:

When Your  Intense, long workout Increases belly fat:

When you’re starting fitness after a long time off, or you’ve always worked out but you’ve decided to increase your intensity because you’re seriously so sick of feeling the belly (and you just want to feel healthy again), then your first instinct may be to exercise every day, workout hard and do longer bouts of movement.

But if your stress hormone Cortisol is the culprit of your belly fat, hard, long workouts  accumulate more fat around the midsection as cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) has the job of storing easily accessible energy in the form of fat. Unfortunately the easiest energy source for our body to use is the fat around the belly.

Solution: cut back on the intensity and length of your workouts.

When Your  30 Minute Walks Have stopped Slimming Your Waistline:

If you’ve been feeling great after your 30 minute walks, your pilates class, or even your 5k runs, but the belly fat won’t budge, not to mention you’ve had major effects from menopause,  weight gain, hot flashes and shifts in your sleep patterns, then your workout classes and your 30 minute walks just aren’t enough to blast the menopause belly fat.

Decreased estrogen changes fat storage from your thighs and hips and shifts it to your belly. It changes  your hunger hormones, so you eat more without realizing it and you feel hungry more often. The overall result is an increase in belly fat that needs a specific workout scientifically backed to target stubborn menopause belly fat.

Solution:  do quick high heart rate, high intensity intervals throughout your walks, your runs, or using a quick at home HIIT workout series.  Studies show this is the best form of fitness for menopause belly fat. 

The Sum Up: 

If you’ve been feeling like every workout you’ve tried does nothing to budge that stubborn belly fat, if your workout leaves you exhausted and breathless and seems to pack on even more pounds around your midsection, you may not be doing the right workout for the root cause (the hormone imbalance) increasing your belly fat.

When you begin to understand the root cause of your belly fat, you can create a workout designed to reset your hormones, and create balance that finally releases stubborn belly fat and ignites your metabolism in a way to burn belly fat quickly and more effectively.

You're Invited to The Fastest Path to Shrink Belly Fat Discovery Session - Vimeo

If you’re ready to discover your root cause of belly fat and receive the exact workout plan to target your stubborn belly fat, join me for a FREE LIVE Women’s Wellness Talk:

The Fastest Path to Shrink Belly Fat After 50 Discovery Session: The Exact Exercise Plan to Balance your hormones and shrink belly fat faster After 50   

You’ll discover:

  • The 1 powerful reason why stubborn belly fat has been impossible to get rid of and how to transform your results now  
  • Why doing the wrong workout can increase your waistline and the exact questions to ask yourself to know what workout to do instead  
  • The 2 most important workout plans that target the root cause of belly fat. Once you’re on the right plan, the inches shrink away

Click here to join: http://aliciajoneshealthyliving.com/shrinkbellyfatdiscoveryblg

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The key to your best health, to a stronger, fitter and firmer body after 50 all has to do with the amount of lean muscle you have.

The more lean muscle you have, the tighter and slimmer you look because muscle is denser, more compact and tighter than fat. This pulls you in and makes you look leaner and tighter, not to mention more toned.

The more lean muscle you have the stronger your bones, and the lower your risk of osteoporosis because lean muscle puts greater demands on your bones which make your bones stronger.

Lean muscle revs up the metabolism by burning more fat, it gives you your independence to open jars, lift heavy boxes and even the not so fun task of cleaning behind the oven.

Your freedom and your best quality of life all depend on the amount of lean muscle you have

But when it comes to the best exercise plan to tone and strengthen the body, sometimes it can be hard to know what exercises to do and how to put them all together to create a successful fitness plan.

So I’ve taken all the guess work out for you and created the 21 Day Total Body Toning Workout Plan, so you can focus on getting in your best shape with a no-brainer, quick and easy workout plan that is guaranteed to increase your lean muscle:

So let’s begin to  build the strongest, fittest, maximum lean muscle toning body alive (and I promise you, you won’t bulk up, you’ll slim down)!

Who’s The 21 day Total Body Toning Workout Plan For? 

If you’ve taken time off from exercise or resistance training and you’re just getting back into it again,  or you never really began but you’re feeling like the time is NOW to get started, the 21 Day Total Body Toning Workout Plan is the perfect place to start.

Whether your goals are to lose 50 pounds, or create a healthy lifestyle, increasing lean muscle is your most valuable asset and you’ll feel excited to see how your body changes, and your energy rises after 21 short days. 

You can do these quick and effective workouts right at home. They’re perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise, or if you don’t want to spend hours in the gym.

The 4 Workout Days:

There are 4 quick and easy workouts split to maximize total body toning. They Include exercises such as:

Push-ups (Chest and Triceps day):  Push-ups are the most powerful way to tone the back of the arms and tone the chest. That’s why there are two different push-up variations in this program.

The Back (Back and Biceps Day): The back is one of the biggest muscle groups which creates the ultimate metabolic boost while firming and defining too.

Shoulders and Abs: Coupled with healthy nutrition tummy exercises can tone and flatten the belly not to mention strong shoulders and strong tummy muscles reduce back pain too.

Legs: Feel your heart rate rise as you firm the thighs, lift the bottom and define your legs. This lower body workout acts as light cardio too, which helps burn fat and rev up your metabolism.

How this workout plan works? 

Each workout takes 10 minutes or less. You can squeeze it in at any time

You don’t need to buy  fancy fitness equipment. Use items around your house. For this workout plan you’ll need:

  • Light Weights OR a grocery bag you fill with cans for weight OR bottles (for a few exercises you’ll see me using bottles of wine as the weights, now that’s resourceful)!
  • A cushion, OR a pilates squeeze ball OR a roll of toilette paper
It’s a 3 step process that Begins When you Sign Up: 

  1. Download and print the 21 Day Exercise Calendar: Sign up for the 21 day Total Body Toning Workout Plan and you’ll instantly get 21 day exercise calendar and toning guide. Print out the Calendar and get started right away.
  2. Download and Print the 21 Total Body Toning Guide: Once you’ve signed up for the 21 Day Total Body Toning Guide, you also receive  a complete exercise guide with pictures and instructions to show you how to do each exercise
  3. Join The Get Back to Fit Over 50 Community for support and encouragement: There is no better way to get motivated and stay accountable than to join a group of like-minded women over 50 who want to provide you with the support to help you through. The Get Back to Fit Over 50 is a FREE Facebook group filled with women who are starting from the beginning again too.
    Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/getbacktofitover50/ to make the next 21 days easier and motivating.

By the end of the 21 days you’ll feel stronger, firmer and Total Body Toned! It’s quick, simple and easy to follow. Give it a try:

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With the perfect belly burn workout coupled with healthy nutrition,  even stubborn belly fat  doesn’t stand a chance!

But while you can feel the toning affects of crunches and twists, you may also feel back and neck pain that standard ab exercises are known for.

The pain may not show up right away, but eventually (and for days afterwards) it sends you dull achy pain as a nagging reminder.

A slimmer waistline is definitely a focus, but so is full body strength, and a pain-free life. This of course includes optimal back health.

There are 3 valuable secrets to the best belly burn exercises that simultaneously protect the low back and stave off back pain in the future. Ready, here they are:

3 valuable secrets to the best belly burn while still protecting  your low back too: There’s only one Crunch that creates a flat belly burn while protecting the back: 

Have you ever felt back pain during a crunch? Or maybe you feel great during, but the next day your feeling a low back ache? 

That’s because the movement creates a  forward pull on the low back. Add the repetitive motion and you’ve created the perfect storm for a sore low back.

But, there’s one secret crunch that tones the tummy and protects the low back all at once. 

It’s known as The McGill Crunch. It protects the low back by placing your hands under the small of your back,  helping you to keep your natural low back arch and  bracing the low back while simultaneously focusing on  tighter, flatter tummy muscles that create back strength too. 

It is seriously the best method to get the results on the the outside, while feeling fabulous and pain free on the inside too.

When Movement Doesn’t Matter For a Tighter Core: 

You’ll definitely feel the belly burn with isometric exercises that ask for zero movement.  It works by recruiting more and more muscle fibres as the time of the exercise increases.

 The isometric contraction also avoids all harmful repetitive motion on the spine that may lead to eventual bulging disks and osteo-arthritis in the spine. 

The side plank creates a smaller waist while strengthening the muscles that protect and support the back, making this the best isometric exercise for your hour glass figure.

It’s Not About How Many You Do, It’s About Your Hands and Arms:

Have you ever heard the saying ” work smarter, not harder” . It’s hard to wrap the head around it when years of exercise plans that tell us “more is better” , but truthfully,  it’s not about how many repetitions of an exercise you do, or how many days of the week you do it, it has more to do with finding the most efficient workout plan. 

When it comes to your waistline, arm movements are the best way to create belly burn while strengthening the back.

 The arms act as a lever, and the longer the lever, the more difficult it becomes for your tummy to stabilize you. You recruit even more muscle fibres without asking your back to twist and turn repeatedly, which  aggravates back pain over time and may increase your risk of osteoporosis-arthritis in the back.

This Quick and simple belly burn routine follows these 3 valuable secrets to belly burn without hurting your back.  Give it a try:

The Best Belly Burn Workout That Protects Your Low Back Too - YouTube

There are so many great fitness moves (like this one in the belly burn workout) that can give you maximum toning results while creating the confidence that you’re exercising safely and effectively,

that’ why I’ve created the 5 Day Metabolic Boost and Movement Kickstart. It includes the 4 essential Movements for more movement and freedom in your 50’s and beyond.. Not to mention it teaches you a simple strategy tone while keeping perfect form.

Click here to sign up for the FREE  5 Day Metabolic Boost and Movement Kickstart:

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Sticking to weight loss, or working hard at changing years of ingrained, bad habits is seriously hard work.

Because when you work hard, you deserve to be rewarded with results you can see and feel and when you can’t see success (whether that’s a drop on the scale or a shift in energy levels)  you wonder  “what’s the point of trying?” am I right? 

I know what it’s like to work really hard towards a goal and feel like you’re going nowhere. It’s as though time stands still and every push you make to inch just a little bit closer is confronted by resistance.

It’s one of the reasons why I started and quit my own weight loss path so many times before finding the right formula.

Not to mention, I had that feeling of wanting the results “NOW” so badly that it lead to my own vicious cycle of weight gain, then extreme dieting and restrictions, followed by that feeling that I couldn’t take it anymore. I’d give up and the cycle would start all over again.

So how did I push past the voice that said “I want to give up” and finally succeed not only in achieving a healthy weight, but also in creating my healthiest, most energized quality of life and being able to share simple solutions with you?

It came in 2 Easy steps: 

1. I ditched Generic plans that offered one size fit’s all solutions.

2. I started to celebrate every single win, even the smallest ones.

I try to live with the mantra “Celebrate your wins” in every aspect of my life. Not just in my own healthy lifestyle, but also when it comes  to helping you reclaim your best health and energy and lead your highest quality of life. 

Whether it’s blogging, creating workout programs, supporting Fit Over 50 Facebook groups or coaching women after 50 online and in person. I work very hard to help you transform yourself and I feel so excited to be a part of each and every one of your wins.

Today, I wanted to share a celebration, a win that I had and a win that I realized I was glossing over and not embracing

I realized when I wasn’t celebrating the moment, I was doing what so many of my amazing clients do when they see “only” a 2 pound drop in weight in one week,

Or when they don’t feel overjoyed by their ability to run upstairs when only 6 weeks earlier they could barely walk at all.

I wasn’t giving myself permission to feel proud of my accomplishments and celebrate my wins. and if all we do is work hard all the time and never take a moment to see how far we’ve come, we’ll burn out and give up and that’s the exact opposite of the healthy lifestyle we’re trying to achieve. 

We all work very hard and we deserve to celebrate our wins! So today I’m going to share my very special win with you:

I feel so proud to announce I’ve been awarded a spot on the Top 15 Fitness Over 50 Blogs!

Alicia Jones Healthy Living is an  award winning blog because I work really hard to give you well researched advice and actionable solutions designed specifically for you.

I know  how unique you are and how much you need a specific plan designed for your unique body, your busy lifestyle, your hormone changes, and maybe even your specific aches and  pains.

I know you need a cheerleader that helps you see your wins and celebrates them with you, and an accountability partner that can keep you on track.

That’s why I continue to  Coach One-on-One and Small Groups online so you can finally get the exact transformation you’ve been working towards,  so you can finally push past stubborn plateaus, find the solution to your unique root cause of weight gain, and begin to feel lighter, stronger and more energized.

The Best way to push past the voice that says “I want to give up” is eliminating generic plans embrace a plan unique to you.  and then celebrate every win, even the ones you think are insignificant, because your hard work matters!

I’d love to help celebrate each and every moment of your weight loss transformation with you. and help you celebrate your very special wins!

Book your free online strategy session with me. Together we’ll map our your unique strategy for success so you can start celebrating your hard earned weight loss success:

The post How to Celebrate Your Wins: And Award Winning Blog appeared first on Alicia Jones Healthy Living.

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When you think of getting fit, losing weight and living your happiest healthiest quality of life, great nutrition and exercise are all a part of the mix, and that includes weight training too!

If you’re not already on a consistant weight training routine, I know these 4 amazing health benefits weight training can give you will inspire you to get started right away:

Strength Training Enhances Bone Density For a Longer, Better Quality of Life: 

Strong bones lead  to a longer and better quality of life not only because it staves off osteoporosis but because it reduces your risk of falls and  fractures that are potentially life altering as you age.

At 50 years of age, 4 in 10 women will experience a  hip, spine or forearm fracture and are more likely to die from complications of fracture than from breast cancer.

It sounds morbid, but this isn’t a “done deal” . Bone is tissue that grows and repairs much like our skin, or our muscles.

While it was once believed that all bone stopped growing after 30 and you were living off of a slowly declining reserve, new and more in depth research shows that weight training not only staves off bone loss by placing more demand on your bones, but is  (Just at a slower rate).

The Benefit: Weight training just 3  times or more per week is all it takes to reduce your risk of deadly fractures by as much as 50%, leading to stronger healthier quality of life.

A Slimmer Waist and Firmer Body with Less Effort:

When it comes to weight loss, I often get asked “Should I do Cardio or weight training for maximal weight loss?” . While ideally both should be added into your workout, let’s be honest, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do it all.

While cardio is great at burning calories in the moment, it’s weight training that revs up your metabolism for the entire day.  It can even keep your metabolism high for days after! Something your walk just can’t compete with.

Weight training won’t bulk you up, but it can increase and maintain muscle which is your main metabolic booster.  The more muscle you work towards, the faster the calories burn.

In just 10 weeks of weight training, have the potential of revving up your metabolism by up to 7 percent. That’s a fat loss of up to 4 pounds!   from lifting weights. Now that’s a bonus! 

Live a Strong and  independent life:

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to open that jar of pickles without asking for  help? Or reach the top of the stairs without feeling that tremble of weak legs?

While walking and running may be great for your heart (and definitely recommended for a long and healthy quality of life)  these activities won’t help you get stronger or keep the level of strength you once had in your 30’s.

There are 3 types of muscles in our body. Slow twitch which gives us endurance  so we can do tasks for long periods of time with the stamina and ever lasting energy we need to continue and activity like walking or running after the grandkids. 

Then there’s Fast twitch muscle fibres that give us strength, so you don’t  just run after the grandkids, but you lift them up no matter how big they get. 

Or, may to lift up a heavy bag of dirt while gardening, lift a heavy box when moving or lift yourself from seated to standing without asking for help!

Fast twitch muscle fibres can further be divided into another type of muscle Fast twitch IIa  which can act as an endurance muscle or a strength muscle. They go either way.

The point is walking and running will only exercise your endurance muscles, but weight training has the power to increase and maintain your strength by recruiting those strong, Fast Twitch muscles, so you have the power to do absolutely any activity  independently.

It’s The Quickest and  Easiest Fitness Option For Beginners:

If  you’re beginning fitness after a long hiatus or you’ve never really worked out a day in your life, a beginner weight training routine can be the easiest way to start.

Many cardio plans may have you gasping for air, include crazy choreographed routines you have no desire to keep up with and make you dread the next time you’ll have to do it again.

If the point is to find a fitness activity you’ll fall in love with so you can sustain it for the rest of your life, it’s not going to happen by forcing yourself to do a workout you feel tortured to do.

Start with something quick and easy you can fit into your day, a workout you can breathe through and that teaches you that sometimes you become stronger during the break.  Now that’s a sure fire way to get fit and stay fit permanently.

Weight training routines can be quick and to the point. Especially for the beginner.

Simply start with one exercise per muscle group and begin with one simple set. It can take as little as 10 minutes to get each of the benefits of  increased bone density, the metabolic boost and the strong and independent life that weight training provides.

It’s easy to learn  quick and easy workout moves you can do at home. If you’re not sure where to start , try the free 5 Day Metabolic Boost and Movement Kickstart. It’s a quick and simple way to add weight training into your day:

The post 4 Amazing Health Benefits of Weight Training After 50: (Hint: Weight loss included) appeared first on Alicia Jones Healthy Living.

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This is a very special blog post dedicated  to all of the hard working women after 50 who’ve approached me over the past few months with a very real dilemma, and maybe you’ve recently discovered this dilemma too:

This post is for you if you’ve been working really hard towards your “Get Back to Fit” goals or your weight loss goals (which of course includes fitness) but while your brain wants to desperately stay on track, your lower body doesn’t want to cooperate. 

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot of stories from women who’ve finally got on track with their walking, with their weight training, with their exact exercise plan only to have an arthritic flare up, an ankle or a hip flare up, or a knee injury that has caused a serious set back.

The doctor’s have advised time off from lower body workouts, but they’ve been given the go-ahead to use the upper body instead. 

if this sounds like you too, then this is the solution. You CAN get an amazing workout without using the lower half. You can get your heart racing, create muscle strength and stamina and continue to stay on track all by focusing on the upper body instead. 

So grab some light weights and pull up a chair, because this upper body  workout will make you feel inspired to stay fit,  even when the lower body’s doesn’t want to cooperate!

The upper body cardio have a quick and effective boxing theme, while the twisting and crunching tone the tummy and the weights strengthen the body and increase stamina!

Let’s get started!

Upper Body Cardio, Core and More: The Workout You Can Do Sitting Down - YouTube

The Cross: This boxing move elevates the heart rate while toning your sides (the obliques) and strengthening the arms.

Alternating overhead press: When the arms punch overhead, the heart rate rises. This seated cardio move also lubricates the shoulder joint and increases range of motion.

Punching bag: Feel the burn in your arms and shoulders as you do this cardio move.  The faster you go, the warmer you’ll feel

Upper cut:  This cardio move contracts the abs and tightens the tummy but it’s much more effective as it protects the spine.

Arm Circles: Another great cardio move that tones the arms too. This version has a slight bend in the elbow to give extra protection to the joints.

Row with weight: The back is one of the biggest muscle groups in the upper body. The more muscle you use, the better the calorie burn. Use heavier weights (feeling difficult at the 10th repetition of 12 repetitions) in order to increase strength and firm up the muscles.

Protection/blocking with Twist:  This tummy toning twist exercises focuses specifically on your sides (your obliques) these muscles create a tighter waist but they also help support the back and may reduce back pain.

Bicep Curls: The one arm bicep curl firms up the arm more than any two handed bicep curl could do. Why? Because you can use the other hand to help you push past muscle failure which is when the muscle creates a new level of firmness and increases in strength and stamina.

Seated Oblique Crunches: Not only does this exercise tone the tummy, but it strengthens the back too. By pulling your elbows back as you crunch to the side, the upper back muscles contract causing the ultimate muscle activation.

Overhead Triceps extensions:  This exercise  firms up one of most popular areas to exercise, the back of the arms. Use a weight you can control for all 12 repetitions in order to stay safe!

The post Upper Body Cardio, Core and More: The Workout You Can Do Sitting Down appeared first on Alicia Jones Healthy Living.

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