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Remember The Leaves.....?

I Have to Admit, Dear Readers, that I slacked off last week from the Weekly Leaf Making Challenge. There were just so many exciting other things to play with over my Vacation, and then the first week back to work is a little exhausting! So at the end of the day when I should be starting on those ten leafy stems.... I let other things take my attention, which just meant that on the Week-end, when I might have had time to make progress on the Sugarplum kit, I had to play catch-up with the leaves instead. At least I have now reached the stage of this Summer Lilac where the leaves are attached to the stems Before the stems are attached to the bush! But I still have to make all those stems.... above you see ten stems with the leaf twigs attached.  I was about to start adding the leaves when I remembered that I need to take an extra step with these stems Before I add the leaves! They need to be painted gray-brown like the rest of the "older" stems on the bush. It only takes a few weeks after the stems grow for them to begin to turn the gray-brown color!

Here you can see I have started to paint the stems....
And that I need to be careful to leave the twigs green.... 
because they are the same color as the leaf!

Here you can see a close-up of the color of the finished "aged" stem...
 the stem is the gray-brown, and the leaf stem is green like the leaves.

Here you can see the stems painted.... ready to add the leaves!

Here the leaves have been attached to the stems....

And beginning the painting of the leaves.
Of course, there were times while the glue dried, 
or the paint was drying that allowed me
 to fiddle with the Sugarplum kit just a little bit.

I had to remove the doors from their Hinges
 in order to carve the Faux board paneling and add
 the cross pieces which accommodate those huge screws!

And then I stained them a dark walnut color...
(They are supposed to be old oak doors!)

Then I had to test them in the room to see how they looked.... 
the stain did not take evenly on the plywood grain....
 I am not sure I can do anything about it!

Then I decided that if I was going to Kit-bash the Sugarplum,
 I might as well get on with making the necessary cuts....
 starting with removing the floor.
The floor in this kit pretty much holds the house together.
But one of the changes I am making is to increase 
the height of the ceiling in this (upper floor) room.
The kit has this ceiling at only 6 and 1/2 inches high!
I was planning to add 1 and 1/2 inches for a total of 8 inches high,
 but I measured wrong, forgetting that there is
 the 1/2 inch foundation area below the floor level...
 so when I move the floor down I now have
 two extra inches of height making it 8 and 1/2 inches high.  
I think I can live with that!

In order to make the floor fit into the new lower level walls, 
I needed to cut all the tabs and the front porch floor off of the floor panel.
It only makes me aware of the warping of the plywood!

This gives the lower level a nine inch ceiling height.

And with the attic floor positioned.... 
you can see how low the ceiling would be
 without the additional wall height!
I will need to cut the front wall openings for the alcove,
 and I will need to extend the porch door lower too.
And there will need to be a door in the side wall
 for the Tower Stairs to access the second floor.

The alcove will stick out over the front... along with the porch... 
with supporting brackets underneath.

And there will need to be some elaborate structural joining 
where the kit walls meet the new plywood lower walls....
Still a whole lot of kit bashing to do!

But meanwhile, Dear Readers,
 I have finished painting the leaves 
on the Ten leafy Stems...

And I have taken a careful look at the
 Summer Lilac Shrub as it stands.....

As you can see, it has nowhere near enough leaves!
This is about fifty four branches attached to the stems.
There needs to be at least twice as many....
I estimate between 120 and 135 leafy branches in all.
That leaves me 70 or 80 still to make....
At ten leafy stems per week.....
I think I can finish it before we officially reach Autumn!
But only if there is no more Slacking off!

So I hope you can bear with me, Dear Readers,
If  there is little Other progress
 while I Work on those Summer Lilac leaves!
I just Have to remember those Leaves!

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Gets Complicated......

I have to confess, Dear Readers, that I Should know by now that my projects are never simple little projects... even when they start out with that intention! You can see above a picture of the little kit I fell in love with back in the middle of the Winter when I was slaving over lilac blossoms and dreaming of Other Things. It is made by Sandra Morris of Tower House Dolls, a UK Dollmaker whose work I have admired and collected for a while. Sandra has been "downsizing" and threatening to retire and when she posted this kit as a possible final home workshop kit.... I didn't hesitate but hit the "buy" button right away! I was lucky to get one of the ten kits which you can see above. The set-up is so charming and includes the parts for making everything you see in the picture, resulting in a little free-standing vignette of a dollmaker's workspace. I just couldn't Wait to get started.... but alas, I had set myself a Goal of a Spring Lilac Shrub in full bloom.... so the kit was put on stand-by while I finished the lilac blossoms and attached them to the shrub. And while Daydreaming of this kit, I realized that it would be sort of Dangerous to leave it an open vignette in my little house... things would fall off and get lost...( I don't like to glue parts in place....) so I started thinking of incorporating it into a closed "room-box".... which would allow me to expand a little bit and add more to the Dollmaker's Work shop! I could include many of the tiny dolls I have been collecting! So, should I make the project a simple room-box, or a store-front type of place.... or perhaps I could start with a small house kit and incorporate the vignette into the house....?... and you can tell what happened next.... I woke up one morning having Dreamt  of the Dollmaker's kit being added to The Sugarplum kit that I already owned... the vignette window would insert right where the Sugarplum kit has a big picture window... and I would add stairs to the attic, climbing up a tower of oatmeal boxes, of course!

Here is the basic Sugarplum kit with the Oatmeal Tower for the stairs......

And starting to put together the pieces for the Dollmaker's Kit.... 
to see how they would fit together....

I love the shape of this window with the shelf....

Here you can see how the two kits will fit together....
I will need to enlarge the opening in the Sugarplum wall....
It will make a lovely alcove in the room.....
And the front porch will become more enclosed
 with the roof extended out over the little porch benches.
As you can see, I think it will work!

But that is not the end of my Great Ideas, Dear Readers,
 because if you know anything about these kits,
 you will know that the Sugarplum is really quite small.
 The main room is 9' x 14".
 And there is only the main room and the attic.
And if you know anything about My House, 
you will know it is small and already quite filled with Dollhouses.... 
and if I were to justify adding another House... 
it might be best to optimize the floor space 
by making it Tall... within a small area!
(This is how I get myself into Trouble!)

So, Of Course, I added a ground floor
 to the base of the Sugarplum kit....

(I've got the pieces propped together here...)

And the Base Room would need doors to the tower stairs.... 
and a bathroom addition off the side next to the Tower...

And a sunny window on the other side.... 
beneath the side window of the Sugarplum kit
 which sticks out  from the side in a bay window.

And then I realized that the opening I had cut was just the size
 of a unique door I had bought from an artisan
 at the Sturbridge Fair a number of years ago.... 
and maybe this was where I could finally use that door?

Here it is propped against the wall.... 
only small adjustments are needed for it
 to fit the opening I have already cut....

The width is right....
 I just need to round the arch at the top 
and extend the opening to the floor!

And then I remembered another window I already had in my stash... 
and wondered if it would serve to upgrade
 the window embrasure on the upper floor.....

Like So....!

So I cut the wider opening for the door....
(I'll take a better picture, I promise!)

And added Hinges to the Tower door and the back door...
(This is easier to do when the walls are still separate!)
And that is as far as I got, Dear Readers,
 Chasing my Dreams down the Vacation week...
 Ever Deeper into a "Simple Little Project"....
Which somehow got quite Complicated!

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Done At Last.....!

You May not believe it, Dear Readers, but I am Celebrating the completion of the Lilac Blossom Marathon that has been dominating my mini life for more than a Year! "What....?" I hear some of you crying out..."Before the milk jug bouquet is full....?" Well, I managed a Grand Finale of sorts.... above you can see the first of the Weekly Blossoms I completed this week....

Followed immediately by the second Weekly Blossom....
(For the fourth week running...)
All lined up in the blossom box and already painted...
But wait.... what are those other white florets....?
Yes, the Third Weekly Blossom was following quickly on the 
tails of the second one....!

Here are the first two finished already...
Because I had decided that enough is Enough!!!
This was to be the LAST of the lilac blossoms!

Here you can See the Final Floret.....!!!
Floret number 3,264 to be exact!!!

And here is the Final Blossom.... 
I decided to make it one of the Doubles.....

And here you can see I have attached them to a stem....
And added leaves to the single one....

Ta Dah! Ta Done!!!
The Grand Finale Trio!!!

Oh, but You want to see them in the Milk Jug?

Here is with just the first added to last week's blossom.

And then with the Double blossom added...!

A Slightly different angle.....

And way close up.....! 
Because I just want to Crow with Delight!

Here it is in the Folly Parlor....

And to prove that I did not just borrow blossoms
 from the Other bouquets, you can see them too!

And believe it or not, Dear Readers, 
I was also making about Fifty more of those little leaflets...

And then painting them.....

And more painting.....

And attaching them one by one
 to the already attached stems on the shrub...

Until each branch had it's second set of leaves.
They will each need a third set of leaves... 
still to be made and attached.
And then I will resume making the leafy branches
 before attaching them to the shrub...
 which will go a lot faster.
Oh, but you wanted to see the Milk Jug Bouquet
 at The Lovely Old Dollhouse?

I can't say I blame you... 
 They do look just Perfect there in the Kitchen...
*Sigh... *
I really do believe all that work was worth it!

And Yes, I have other things to do....
Not the least of which is the next batch of leaflets...

Fifty-two pairs ready for painting...!

Well, Dear Readers,
I hope you don't mind if I leave you here...
I am off to Celebrate!
My Reward for such Endurance is A new Kit....

Because, Heavens... I surely don't have enough to do
 Now that I am Done with the Lilac Blossoms!!!

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Just How Many Did You Say....?

As I was completing the Weekly Blossom, Dear Readers, I was also pondering the process for the leaves of the Summer Lilac shrub.... especially the complicated ones being added to stems already on the bush... and was trying to determine just how much of my Summer was to be consumed by these leaves. And I have to confess that the figures are a bit daunting, and really maybe I just don't want to know how long it will be! But because it is Summer now and the evenings are light so late, I was also working on the Next weekly blossom.... whichever one that may be, and you can see its beginnings below in the box along with a bunch of the little leaflets for the Summer shrub...

Those pairs of leaves glued to little stems, 
all painted and ready to be added to the stems 
that are already attached to the shrub.

And another batch of those Leaflets under way...
Here are thirty, the first batch was around twenty...
And that equals about a quarter of the leaflets 
that need to be made and attached to the stems already on the shrub.
And when All those are done,
 that will equal about one quarter to one third
 of the total leafy stems I need to make. 
But meanwhile I needed to finish painting the leaves I had added already...
 they needed the darker green added to the top sides.
Again, this is harder to do than it looks... 
painting onto leaves that wiggle as you paint...
 and trying to avoid getting paint where it didn't belong.

Eventually the top sides were all painted.
And you can get an idea of just how sparse the leaves are!

And painting the little leaf pairs... 
first the strip on tip of the paler green...

Painting the undersides the paler green.....

Then painting the top sides with the darker green, 
leaving the pale stripe in the middle.

And then, Dear Readers, it was time to begin to attach
 all these little leaf pairs to the stems on the shrub.....

This is an example of the stems I finished for my test run.... 
each stem has three leaf pairs added.

The difficulty is that each stem already has one pair
 attached right in the middle of the stem... 
so I need to add these pairs above and below it on the stem..... 
to get the spacing correct in the end.
I am starting with the ones below (closer to the base of the stem)
 which is harder to reach, but will be easier done first
 rather than second, if you see what I mean.

Here, if you look closely, you might see
 that there are now two leaf pairs on the stems
 for about a half of the branches.....
(Yes, I am counting!)
When I have made about Fifty more leaf pairs
 I will attach them to the other half of the stems...
 (Are you confused yet?)
And then I will make another hundred or so of the leaf pairs
 and attach them on the top ends of all the stems...
And then I can resume my "Ten Leafy Branches"
 routine for another eight or ten weeks....
At which point I might be getting near the end of this shrub!
(Did I mention it was daunting...?)

But meanwhile, I have completed the Second weekly blossom
 for the third consecutive week....

(Is it number Sixty-four or number Sixty-five...?)

And of course you want to see them in The Folly Parlor...

The fifth one in the vase on the left....
(which kept tipping over and spilling them all out...!)

And the first one in the milk jug 
which will go home to The Lovely Old Dollhouse.
So am I done yet?
Noooo..... not by a Long shot!
But Never fear, Dear Readers,
I am not giving up! 
I am concocting a plan....
It doesn't matter how many Leaves there are still to make...
I will be adding a Weekly Leaf Tally to the Plan...
'Cause I'm Really just getting started!
(And Who's counting anyway?)

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Had You Forgotten.....?

While my Lovely Mother was visiting, Dear Readers, and I was adding to the tally of Lilac Blossoms, I was reminded suddenly that the Final Lilac Shrub (did you even remember that there was one still to complete?) was lagging way behind in the completion of all its myriad details. I had thought it would be just a matter of adding all the leaves necessary for a Summer Lilac Shrub. But when I looked at the stems I realized I had not even added the careful ink lines that made such a difference in the appearance of the bark texture! So, on a gloomy rainy day while my Mother was knitting and I was gluing florets to yet another Blossom, I also began to draw all those tiny lines on the stems. Above you can see the completed results... because I forgot to take a "before" picture!

I am not sure if you can see them here....
(It was a gloomy day and the lighting is harsh...)
But there they have been added!

And then I had to add all those lichens....
In likely spots... but trying to copy the bushes that are already done....
In case anyone wanted to point out how I missed
 a spot that had a lichen on the other version!

I am going to wait to add the fungus until
 I am closer to finishing those leaves... 
because the fungus are delicate
 and there are a lot of steps involved with the leaves!
But before I get to the leaves, Dear Readers, 
I must show you the nest!

I hope you will recall that there is a Robin's nest in the lilac branches!
And by now (or certainly by the time we reach full Summer...)
 you must understand that the nestlings have fledged and flown....
Leaving behind a few downy feathers in the twigs!
Can you see them?

Right there on the edge of the nest?
(My winter down coat sheds tiny pieces of goose down
 and they stick in my sweaters...
 just begging to be used for minis!)

Here you can see where I have added the nest to the shrub.
(And I have also started to add leaves....)

Another angle of the nest... perhaps you can spot the Feathers?
Well, even if you can't see them.... 
Yes, I will know they are there!

And as for those leaves, I must admit that they are going to take
 MUCH longer to make than I had thought!
This is primarily because I had gotten a bit ahead of myself
 way back last Summer with making four shrubs all exactly alike,
 before I had figured out exactly how the blossoms 
and leaves would need to be attached.
Remember how I was making all the branches with twigs on the stems?
(I will not mind if you don't remember!)
Well, I realized as I was starting the Blossoming version, 
that the leaves would need to be attached to all those stems
 before I attached all those stems to the branches!
So the Blossoming shrub was fairly easy to make and add leafy stems.
But the Summer Leafy shrub (now being constructed)
 already had dozens and dozens of twigs on those stems...
 and each twig would need a leaf added to it... 
as well as more leafy twigs.... and then more leafy stems.
There was no way around it...
 so I started to add leaves to those twigs... 

Here I have added leaves to about two thirds of the twigs.

And all the twigs are now "leafed".... 
but the branches have nowhere near enough leaves...
But before we add any more leaves.... these ones must be painted.
 Because it is hard enough to reach through the branches
 and not get green paint on the stems while they are spaced apart.

First I paint the paler green stripe down the top side of all the leaves.
Later this will be mostly covered with the darker green, leaving a thin stripe.
But next I realized I also should have painted the twigs green...
Because they are integral to the leaves... which are green.

Maybe you can see the difference here?
Some of the twigs are green and some are still gray.
(When I have added the rest of the leaves on green twigs,
 it will be apparent that they all needed to be green!)

Here is a closer view...
I know, it is hard to see the difference.
Once that was done, I could paint 
the undersides of the leaves the lighter green....

I had to hold the shrub upside-down, 
and found it easiest to paint the farthest ones first.

Here the undersides are all painted.
But that is as far as I got over the weekend.
 I did not have time to get to the darker green
 on the top sides of the leaves.

Another view of the feathered nest.....!

But I imagine, Dear Readers,
 what you really want to see is the Weekly Blossom....

Well, here is the Blossom number Sixty-something and.....
the beginning of the Sixty-something plus one!

Yes, I completed two blossoms in a week again!
(I had extra time off from work with my Mother here!)

The first one is added to the vase on The Folly mantel...

And the second one too!

Can it be that I am nearly done with the Blossoms?

Well, Dear Readers, whether I like it or not,
I have not forgotten The Summer Lilac...
And I still have a Long way to go making leaves...
It might take me All Summer!

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And A Few Little Things.....

Yes, Dear Readers, it is Yet another Blossom, even though it looks just like all the ones to come before! It is either Blossom number Fifty-nine, or Blossom number Sixty.... depending on how we are counting, if you remember the dispersed Christmas Blossom, already so long past! I was late getting started this week due to the vagaries of the Visiting Schedules, and was afraid I might not get it done. But there it is! And I was so pleased with myself for making the extra push to get caught up while my Dear Mother was at her Reunions, that I decided to see whether I could complete a second one in just a single day!

And Lo And Behold... There it is!
(This did require some resting of the eyes and fingers.....
 and lots of glue and paint drying...)
At least I now know it can be done!

But I also took some time to Catalog
 my new purchases from The Sturbridge Fair....

I found this lovely Antique Tall Chest of Drawers... 
(made in the 70's)

A printed on cloth Oriental style carpet....

An ornately framed "Grandma Moses" painting....
(I am fond of her work!)

A Couple of beautiful "Books of Hours".... 
as well as a pair of unfinished wooden tables.

A couple of Framed antique photos...

And The most Adorable, as well as unusual, 
Elephant Teapot I have ever seen!

And A Christmas-y Cottage Teapot...
Because, well... Tea and Christmas
 are two of my Favorite Things!

Plus an Amazing covered ceramic butter dish!

An Elegant Footed bowl...

And a Pair of Oriental Urns....

Another picture of the Kitty...

More food made by TwinHeart.....
 the most amazing food I've ever seen!

Including a pair of Deli Wrapped Pita bread sandwiches to go... 
wrapped as I stood there!!

Impossibly perfect scallions, and a gorgeous carving knife....
And those oranges can be peeled and the sections pulled apart!!!
You really have to see it to believe it!

Another Lovely Fashion doll by "Angel's Children"

And an adorable black Angel child....
Because, I confess, there is a new project brewing!
A whole Bunch of Bunnies.....
because they're better that way!

A selection of tiny ribbons and laces.....
For decorating tiny gowns....

A pair of Antique lace doilies....
(Because I really haven't forgotten The Cupboard House...)

A Wonderful selection of books and magazines from years gone by....

A Mini "Dollhouse Kit" still in the box!

An unusual Nautical Plate....

A Porcelain baby doll.... 
and some interesting beaded cloth.....

A quarter scale woven carpet.....
(Yes, The Tree House is calling too!)

And some "Cranberry Glass" plates....
Just Because....!

Many of these little Treasures were from collections
 that were being sold after the owner had died...
I pawed through a lot of bins!
But I think, Dear Readers,
 that what you really want to see
 are the lilac blossoms in the bouquet...

There are now five blossoms in the one vase.
 I think it will look better once I have added
 some more leaves to the stems.

And yes, it is hard to see them....
 it is rainy and gloomy here again!

So there you have it Dear Readers,
The Weekly Blossom, take Two!.....
And A  whole bunch of little Treasures!

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And Other Little Things...

I Hope you don't mind, Dear Readers, if this is an unusually Short Post! Things have been very busy here the past few weeks with multiple Family visits and Essential outings like a visit to The Sturbridge Miniatures Fair. You might even wonder if I managed to complete the Weekly Lilac Blossom! You may Rest assured blossom Fifty...... something was finished on Sunday and joined its fellows in the vases on The Folly mantel.

I know, you can barely see it there tucked behind the leafier stem...
but every blossom counts in these arrangements!

And I hope you don't mind seeing yet another few pictures
 of the Lilac Shrub in the sunlight....

I could not resist!

I am particularly enchanted by the shadows 
cast by the lilac bush on the glass house!
It was a beautiful morning!

And I am happy to include a picture of my Lovely Mother
 who is visiting me here in the East!

You have probably seen her wonderful and loving comments on this blog!
We have been busy visiting relatives and her old school chums
 who are still living in this part of the world.
She will be attending her 70th High School Reunion this weekend!!!
And as for The Sturbridge Miniatures Fair, Dear Readers, 
I will need to save most of that for another post.
 I have not had time to get good pictures of my new Treasures...

Except perhaps for this little fellow who had to come home with me
 because he reminds me a little of my cat!

So that's all I have to show this week, Dear Readers,
The Weekly Blossom and other little things!

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A Memorial Day Cook-out....

I Hope you won't mind Dear Readers, if I once again Regale you with pictures of The Lilac bush in sunshine! We had a couple of sunny days and they were not only sunny but on a Holiday weekend too! It was so delightful to finally feel as if Summer was planning to show up sometime this year.
I had to take a bunch more pictures of this beautiful blossoming bush and share them with you!

And I will say that the local RL lilacs are finally in bloom too!

 I feel as though I need to capture every possible minute of sunshine.....

Oh, what a glorious morning it is!

The sunshine makes such a difference!

It is even lighting up the kitchen of The Folly!
And Will has invited his friends over for a cook-out...
He needs to get ready!

Over at The Lovely Old Dollhouse,
 Arthur suddenly remembers they promised to go to the Cook-out!
"When are we supposed to be there?" he asks Pollyanna.
 "Oh, I think he said early afternoon..." she replied.
"Maybe we should go now!" she added.
They were the first to arrive and Will was just getting the fire going.

Pollyanna decides to join Gabrielle at the porch.
(She has noticed that Gabrielle and Will seem to be dating a lot.)

Arthur has noticed this too....
"So, are you and Gabrielle.....?" he asks Will.
Will tries to not make a big deal of it.... 
"Well, I like her.... she's a lot of fun..." he says.

Then Victor and Joanna arrive....
 they head for the refreshments first, 
it is finally warming up outside!
And last but not least, Charles asks Helen
 if she is ready to head to the cook-out...
They decided to arrive a little late and leave a little early...

They didn't want to sit for too long outside!
Helen has found a lovely stone bench overlooking the brook...
Somebody needs to clean this place up, she thinks to herself.
"What a lovely view..." says Charles!

Well, Dear Readers, you might be wondering
 if I did nothing else on these sunny days...
But I assure you, I completed another lilac blossom!

And joined it with last week's blossom to make another double one....

And added some leaves....

And tested it in the other jar on the mantel....

And started to make some blossoms for the Tiny Room-box.....
(They need a bit of work still....)

Here you can see it with a bit more light....
Still a long way to go.... but it is a start!

As for the Cook-out....

It was such a beautiful day, 
Nobody seemed to notice, Dear Readers, 
how long it took to get the food cooked!

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Catch It If You Can.....

Some of you, Dear Readers, might have wondered where Will was now that the Lilacs were in full bloom. I can promise you that like many of us, he was hurrying to and from work every day in the rainy and gloomy weather, and had not been paying the lilacs any attention. So one sunny morning as he stepped out on the porch the blooming bush really took him by surprise! He could not believe he had not noticed before. It seemed almost as if the blossoms had appeared overnight!

It was such a magnificent sight that it stopped him in his tracks!

He was almost positive that the bush had never bloomed so beautifully before....
At least he could not remember if it had....

Or perhaps he had just been somewhere else when they bloomed!
But the scent was just Heavenly!

It made him wish he could share the experience.... 
Perhaps he would make a plan after work...!
But then, Dear Readers, there was a Moment
 when the sun really did shine in!

A Brief visit in the early morning....
Oh, what a rare thing this has been!
Can you see why I am so glad to see it shining on my Little Worlds?

I grabbed my camera to try and capture it...

 Even Will was astonished at the brilliance...!

And then it was gone!

I'll invite a few friends over for a cook-out... he decides.
This is just too special to miss!

Meanwhile, I have finished another blossom....
The Fifty-something-eth blossom!

And I added it to the vase on the mantel of The Folly.
(How many blossoms do you think each bouquet will need?)

Well, Dear Readers, it is a good thing
 that I can just keep on making lilac blossoms
 while I am waiting for the sun to shine.
Those moments are Rare, but Heavenly....
So catch them when you can!

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More Blossoms....

You might wonder, Dear Readers, if I have ceased making lilac blossoms yet, and the answer would be "Of course not!" There are all those bouquets that need to be supplied... and you would be surprised how many blossoms it takes to create a lush display! Since this is a slow and on-going process, you will have to accept that I started small. The above blossom in a canning jar is something I have wanted to show since Forever! In fact, this desire just might have sparked the entire lilac bush project! Ideally there would be another blossom or two added to this humble bouquet... but the larger double blossom branch was too heavy and toppled from the jar. I will show it later. But first I wanted to share with you a few more pictures of the shrub in morning light...
Because we had sunshine the other day!

This has been such a rare thing this spring!

In the RL garden the blossoms of the lilacs are still not in bloom!
The cold and the rain have been relentless....

I hope you don't mind if I dwell on the mini blooms instead!

We can pretend they are blooming everywhere!
And Meanwhile, Dear Readers, 
I am still making a blossom a week!

I wanted some of the blossoms in the bouquets
 to be the double blossom kind.....

And it really does take me two weeks to make!
But, as I said earlier, this heavier blossom
 toppled right out of the little jar.
It needed its own display.
I searched through all my houses for the proper vase...

And finally found one on The Folly mantel.... 
or rather, I found a pair of them on The Folly mantel...

Do you think this means I will have to make a Pair of lush lilac bouquets?
(I know it is too dark to see well in here....)

With a little added light..... 
can you see how Perfectly Lovely it will be to have two bouquets?
(Oh, what have I gotten myself into?)

So you can see Dear Readers, 
I have not ceased making lilac blossoms.... 
and probably will be making them
 for Quite a while longer...
because Lush bouquets need More blossoms!

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