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“Why did I risk my life for this cup of tea?”

The snake was flicking his tongue at me. He rattled his tail. That’s when he jumped…

When I woke up, I was surrounded by an African tribe. They were playing strange music like I had never heard before. A few of them were taking care of me.

Finally, the tribe’s Shaman gave me the cup of tea that would change my life forever.

Hi, I’m Liz Swann Miller.

I’m a Naturopath and a best-selling Amazon author who has helped over 14,793 women and men reclaim their health, fitness, and happiness with the advice they needed to improve their physical well-being.

As a professional weight-loss expert, I was ashamed and frustrated by the weight I’d gained after a difficult and complicated pregnancy. No matter which of my time-tested techniques I tried, I just couldn’t get rid of pounds and pounds of stubborn excess fat!

I was disappointed, ashamed, and more alone than I’d ever been. I felt absolutely helpless.

That all changed when I took a plane to Africa and discovered the delicious tea that made me burn body fat quickly and easily, without feeling hungry.

Now, you need to read this article until the very end, because I’m actually going to give you this revolutionary ancient tea recipe today.

This recipe led to my life-changing fat loss: I shed 14 pounds in only a few weeks.

I then went on to cleanse away an incredible 27 more pounds.

That’s 41 pounds all gone because of one cup of tea.

It was all thanks to a bizarre legend my South African college exchange student had told me about when I was younger, a tale about a delicious red tea discovered in the remote African wilderness, and the Kenyan tribe who drank it to stop all the feelings of hunger.

The legend said:

An African Shaman possessed an ancient recipe for a delicious red tea so powerful that whoever drank it gained unlimited energy – with no thirst and no hunger.

It sounded crazy, and yet I was absolutely dying to find out the truth. Could drinking this red tea really make someone never feel hungry?

You can’t buy this tea blend in the store because it’s still mostly a secret. In fact, I’m literally the first person in America who’s ever brought it back from Africa, and if I hadn’t gotten out of that jungle alive, you wouldn’t be hearing about it today.

But don’t worry, because you can actually find all the ingredients you need at any grocery store. You might even have them in your house right now. And the tea works like magic. You feel full, satisfied, and energized almost instantly, and your body will actually activate its natural ability to burn fat, a built-in superpower you might not have used in years.

Additionally, absolutely anyone can use it! Regardless of your age, gender, or health.

You can drink this tea to detox your body and shed 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds or more, just like I did.

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of complete and utter relief as those first few pounds disappeared. When they kept coming off, I knew I’d found something special.

In a matter of mere weeks, I dropped 41 pounds.

That’s right – 41!

No more diet failures. No more guilt or remorse.

With each pound I lost, I was one step closer to being happier, one step closer to my old self. I was back in my skinny jeans again.

You can actually see me smiling-more slender than I’ve been in years – right in this picture from last Sunday at a family barbecue.

Without the fat-burning power of this mysterious tea, I can’t imagine where I’d be today.

It saved my sanity, it saved my health, and best of all,
it saved my failing marriage. This is truly a life-changer.

That’s why I’m so excited to give you this secret red tea recipe responsible for erasing 14 lbs in the blink of an eye.

You see, my last pregnancy took a toll on me. After multiple complications, I was put on extended bed rest. I spent 80% of my day stuck in bed, and I was forced to give up the active lifestyle I loved so much.

I became sluggish. I felt exhausted all the time. Eventually, I developed a sweet tooth, and I absolutely lost control of my weight.

I felt like a fraud. Here I was helping people all over the country lose weight and get the bodies they wanted while I was lying in bed looking worse than I ever had.

Honestly, I felt disgusted with myself, and even though my husband was very supportive, telling me he didn’t care what I looked like, I knew deep down he just wasn’t physically attracted to me anymore. I just wasn’t the same person he had fallen in love with.

Finally, I knew it was time for a change and I decided to face the music. I reluctantly stepped onto the scale and, to my disgust, I saw that I’d gained 41 pounds.

I couldn’t believe it. I knew my weight had gotten out of hand but I had no idea it had gone this far. I couldn’t face the world. I went back to bed and spent the rest of the day crying my eyes out.

If you’ve ever gained a lot of extra weight or felt like your body was simply out of control, I know how helpless and hopeless you feel. Thankfully, I know there’s a solution that works because I’ve done it. Plus, it’s fast, easy, and it tastes delicious.

Best of all, I lost every one of those stubborn 41 pounds…for good!

So, you can understand why I was willing to fly to Africa and go deep into the jungle to find this mysterious recipe!

Remember, nothing worked for me until I found this
ancient red tea recipe that stops hunger and shrinks fat cells! Before I share this recipe with you, I have to give you a warning.

Today, I’m going to give you this recipe to use as often as you want, but, to be completely honest, a lot of the information I’m sharing with you today exposes secrets that some people don’t want you to know about.

While I’ll keep this site running as long as I can, I can’t promise any miracles!

So, if you’re even a little bit curious about how this tea can change your body and shrink your fat cells, you need to read this entire article today!

I know this could be sounding pretty far-fetched to you right now.

However, the truth is that all I did was drink this delicious red tea and do a few other simple things to shrink my fat cells!

The unique combination of special ingredients in this tea literally unlocks your fat cells to help remove built-up toxins and reset your body’s metabolism – and these are the two factors that are making it impossible for you to lose weight.

Best of all, I’ve found the science that actually backs it up!

The days of feeling guilty about not losing weight are finally over. Isn’t that what you really want?

Right now, you’re probably wondering why no one has ever heard of this tea before.

The answer is incredibly simple.

In fact, the entire tribe thought I was crazy when I told them I wanted to lose weight. It’s not a part of their culture to worry about losing weight, so they don’t even realize that they’re holding onto a secret that everyone in America is dying to get their hands on.

So, let me ask you this:

Can you give me 14 days to cleanse away your unwanted pounds?

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel from walking into work wearing those jeans you haven’t been able to zip up since your wedding.

Imagine the joy of seeing your spouse look at you the way he/she did so many years ago.

Imagine your excitement when just 14 short days from now, you step on your scale, look down, and see that you’re 14 pounds lighter!

And it was all so easy!

All you did was drink this delicious red tea. Plus, you still got to enjoy delicious meals and even exercised a bit less, not more!

Remember, it’s not just about losing the fat either. This is about confidence. This is about freedom.

By taking control of your body, you’re taking back control of your life. No more insecurity, no more indecision. Best of all, no more feeling helpless.

Honestly, even if you want to lose 20, 40, 60 pounds or more, I know this can work for you.

Drink this tasty red tea and in only 14 days from now, you’ll have kick-started your natural fat-burning system into overdrive, turning your body into a calorie burning machine. You’ll look in the mirror and, for the first time in years, you’ll see a big, unstoppable smile.

You’ll be thrilled, just like I was.

You’ll love the “new” slender-looking you. It’s the slimmer and sexier body you’ve always wanted to see!

Now, to speed up your fat loss and as “a special thank you” just for reading my informative fat loss article, I’m giving you


The rules will help you to detox your body and force your fat cells to open so you can release stubborn fat and shrink your fat cells.

You can be cleansing away fat mere minutes from now.

Now you’ll hear from just a few of my private clients who drank this delicious fat cleansing red tea that forced their body to pump out more fat-burning hormones and made their fat cells shrink – and stay shrunk.

It has worked for everyone who’s followed my advice. I mean it: EVERYONE

This includes Amanda, Dan, Melissa, and Emily, who took my advice and cleansed their fat away after they supercharged their own fat-burning systems.

Amanda H., age 57, from Topeka, Kansas, says,

“I’m back in my skinny jeans!”

“I lost 17 pounds and I’m fitting into jeans I never thought I would wear again. My husband tells me I look slender and sexy. I am very pleased with my results!”

Dan R., 42, an entrepreneur from Troy Michigan, says,

“I’m back in control & shed 42 pounds.”

“My business is hectic and everyday life is stressful, so I often do not feel in control. This has made me feel I can control my hunger and what I eat. I feel much more in control of my life, and I’m very happy with my fat loss!”

Melissa T., 47, who lives in Topeka, Kansas, had this to say:

“I flushed away 32 pounds.”

&n”text-center rtd-coffee font-weight-bold” style=”text-align: center;”>Emily A., a 32-year-old computer programmer from Miami, Florida, says,

“My belly shrank! I’ve lost 16 pounds and feel great.”

“I never felt hungry while drinking this tasty tea. I lost 16 pounds without much effort. I lost all the weight I wanted and I never felt deprived either.”

You’ve heard from just a handful of the thousands of people who proved this is the one thing that worked to let them lose all the weight they wanted.

In just 14 days from now, you can have similar results, just like Amanda, Dan, Melissa, and Emily did.

Believe me, this tea is so powerful, you must read all the way to the end so you can get the secret recipe.

and lose 41 pounds of ugly fat without being hungry, you can too

I know you’re probably skeptical, right?

That’s okay, but I can’t stress this enough: YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE.

The “fat-loss science” you thought would help you lose weight failed you.

I should know.

I remember how it was when nothing in my closet fit me, when I knew nothing would look good on me.

I was so ashamed of my body that I even began undressing for bed in the dark so my husband couldn’t see how fat I really was.

I hoped and prayed every night that he wouldn’t try to touch me. I couldn’t bear the shame of him knowing what I’d become, even if it meant we grew apart because of it.

As a result, we did.

I hated it. Nothing I tried worked to lose the weight.

So I suffered – for longer than I’d like to admit.

All that is behind me now, and soon it will be for you too, all because I uncovered this ancient red tea recipe.

And that’s not hype. I’m not offering magic potions here.

This red tea and the simple-to-follow detox plan that goes with it are rooted in sound scientific principles.

Its fat cell shrinking effects are based on scientific research, and the latest discoveries on how fat burn is related to stressproper hormone levelsadequate sleepnutrition, and other aspects of the body’s physiology

I’d love to help you lose the fat, if you’ll let me, but first, let’s take a look at 5 counter-intuitive principles of weight loss that traditional methods just don’t cover.

NEW FAT-SHRINKING RULE #1: Eat More, Weigh Less.

Losing weight is not about deprivation; it’s about detoxing your body and eating superfoods that burn up quickly, revving up your metabolism so you sizzle off calories all day and all-night long.

You will Eat More and Weight Less.

With the help of this amazing red tea recipe, you will never feel hungry.

The old rules of fat loss will be dumped in the trash can where they belong – and this leads us to our next rule.

NEW FAT-SHRINKING RULE #2: Reduce Stress, Lose Fat.

This new rule is about reducing your chronically high stress levels, a critical part of losing weight.

Follow my advice and you will feel less stressed and release more body fat.

It’s true. Your stress is holding your body back.

Very few people truly understand how chronically high stress levels do serious harm to maintaining proper levels of fat-burning and fat-storing hormones which are required for releasing and burning excess fat.

Not only that, but you’ll find out about how this red tea recipe, found deep in the heart of Africa, not only reduces stress, it also stimulates your body’s natural systems to work together and burn more fat, in less time.

So now you know that stress is a huge reason for your excess fat, but here’s another big one, too:

NEW FAT-SHRINKING RULE #3: Eliminate Toxins, Drop Pounds.

Did you know that most of the processed food on grocery store shelves contains harmful substances?

The common food toxins found in processed foods include:

  • Nitrates in processed luncheon meats
  • Omega-6 fatty acids in oils from cottonseed, corn, soybean, safflower, and others
  • Processed sugar and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) commonly found in soda
  • GMOs or Genetically modified foods
  • Residues from pharmaceuticals, manufacturing chemicals, and other toxins in meat, eggs, and dairy
  • Pesticides and herbicides in conventionally grown produce and grain

When combined, all these toxic factors can result in low levels of fat-burning hormones and high levels of fat-storing hormones in the body, and this dreaded combination can sabotage your fat loss efforts and ruin your chances at having the slender body you want.

It’s not just how much you eat, it’s what you eat.

One of the reasons your body holds onto fat is because it uses that fat as a “safe” storage facility for toxic compounds like pesticides and mercury.

That’s why you should seriously consider detoxing your body.

Research by Skidmore College exercise scientist Paul Arciero showed that detoxification can even reduce oxidative stresswhich has been linked to causing diseases like ALZHEIMER’S.4

Even our own bodies can produce toxins without us even knowing. If all these sources of toxins aren’t properly taken care of, the build-up can cause critical hormone imbalances which may lead to serious health issues and weight gain, and could end in obesity.

Yes, it’s true that 68.7% of Americans are overweight or obese.

The key to finally releasing this type of fat is:

NEW FAT-SHRINKING RULE #4: Rebalance Hormones, Release Stored Fat.

Due to cutting-edge research, we now know that the hormone ‘Noradrenaline’ may hold the key to unlocking fat cells and shrinking them – it’s what causes the action of the incredible shrinking fat cell.

Noradrenaline is a stimulant hormone that signals your body to start using your belly fat for energy.

The takeaway here? The more Noradrenaline produced in the body, the more pounds the body naturally sheds.

This red tea just so happens to boost Noradrenaline production!

Results showed fat cell size and fat storing volume actually shrunk!

Noradrenaline was just one of the compounds I found in the red tea’s 5 unique ingredients. I’ll show you the clinical science of why this, along with the other 4 unique ingredients, works to shrink fat cells, but first, I’ll give you the fifth fat-cell shrinking rule.

Lose More Weight.

Scientists have made astonishing discoveries, and a recent breakthrough is something scientists call the exercise “sweet spot.”

Your sweet spot is the exercise intensity level where the full fat-burning power of your body is unleashedso your body draws on fat stores for fuel.

You are not exercising harder. You are exercising smarter.

Do this right, and fat layers under your skin vanish and excess pounds disappear. You can drop a dress or a pant size in two weeks as your whole body becomes firmer, sexier and trimmer.

Sadly, most people are eating too little and exercising too much, and this actually works against fat loss.

You’ll see how this red tea can literally force your fat cells to open and detox your body to quickly cleanse away all those extra pounds and inches.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

I don’t even care how stubborn that belly fat has been, if you’ve always wanted to fit into clothing you’ve only dreamed about before, I’ll show you how you can rebalance your fat loss hormones and unblock crucial metabolic fat-burning steps so you can control your fat-burning and fat-storing hormones and do it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

I’ll give you the secret red tea recipe today so you can make it right in your own home with cheap ingredients from your own grocery store.

This delicious, zero-hunger, fat-burning red tea with incredible energy properties is about to be yours.

Before I give you the red tea recipe, I’d like to share with you the harrowing details of my real-life African adventure, and how searching for the “no-hunger” red tea from the ancient legend restored my health, revitalized the intimacy in my marriage, and, on more than one occasion, almost scared me to death!

It all started when my husband and I booked a flight to Africa, hot on the trail of this ancient red tea legend.

What was so incredible was that, not only did I find this African Shaman’s “no-hunger” red tea recipe, this tea has the most remarkable fat-cleansing action I’ve discovered in 15 years of traveling the world as a Medical Maverick.

I also discovered that this no-hunger red tea’s 5 unique ingredients are scientifically proven to trick stubborn fat cells to open and force them to release hard-to-lose fat, and to cleanse away years – if not decades – of unwanted fat.

When I tried exercising to exhaustion to burn more belly fat, it had little effect on my fat loss.

I went to my doctor to find out why I couldn’t lose the weight.

After my exam and looking at my lab test results he said:

“Everything looks good. There’s nothing wrong with you. I think you need to watch what you eat closer. Just stick to the medically prescribed diet I gave..
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Hi! If you are here is probably because you have some issues with your weight, appearance or you want a healthy life. If yes you must know The Red Tea Detox.

Red Tea Detox is naturopath Liz Swann Miller’s latest creation. She is most known for her “Red Smoothie Detox Factor” program from a few years ago, and this time she has some new twists to her body detox regimen. The following is a summary of Liz’s “Red Tea” guide, plus our opinion on it.

We obtained a copy of Red Tea Detox so this review is based on what’s actually in it. You’ll hopefully learn all you need to know.

Quick Summary: It’s a challenging detox diet that will require some self discipline if you want the results promised. The red tea is a fun twist, so it might be worth checking out for that part alone.

Red Tea Detox: What’s This All About?

The claim is that this by following this diet including the red tea, you stand to lose weight quickly. Liz Swann Miller herself says she lost “14 pounds in 14 days” and went on to lose 41 pounds in total.

The other testimonials say similar things. Someone else lost 14 pounds in 14 days, another person lost 17, and so on.

If you’ve seen the presentation video you know there’s a whole story around Liz “discovering” the red tea recipe in Africa. Obviously there’s some dramatic effect. But you still get the basic idea: it’s a detox diet that uses a special tea recipe to help accelerate fat loss.

You make the tea yourself but she tells you how to make it. There is also a guide for what to eat (and avoid) in addition to drinking the red tea.

You’ll be preparing meals of your choice based on a list of acceptable foods. The list changes during different phases of the detox.

(If you’re wondering, coffee is allowed.)

She also recommends an optional exercise routine that takes about 20-30 minutes/day. It’s not a requirement for losing weight, but it’s an option if you’re an exercise fanatic.

It goes pretty deep into the theory behind detox diets. I enjoyed that part but it might not interest everyone.

It also gets into fitness motivation and practical tips for meeting your goals. Probably worth a read.

That’s the program in a nutshell. I’ll get into the specifics later but that is the general idea. It’s not anything extreme, but some parts look difficult. It is actually more of a mainstream diet with the added red tea detox drink as an added twist.

Who Created This Program?

Liz Swann Miller is the naturopath behind Red Tea Detox. She has published several books and courses before and says she also works with clients in private coaching.

There’s a bit more about her in her Amazon author bio

but i couldn’t find much more information about her on the web.

What Are You Getting?

You get an ebook download and supplementary materials that break down the diet. This includes the recipe for red detox tea and options for changing up the recipe.

The ebook (which comes as a PDF document) contains all the essentials: the background, the red tea recipe, the diet, and all the instructions about how to make it work.

There are also a few bonus ebooks included. One of the ebooks – ‘100 Great-Tasting Green Smoothie Recipes’ – looks a lot like one of the books she sells on Amazon (for about $10, to give you an idea).

The other bonus ebooks are fairly short, and I’d say they’re similar to the types of health books you can buy on the Kindle store for 99 cents. The actual Red Tea Detox program is definitely the main selling point here.

A Closer Look At Red Tea Detox

This is a diet program that’s meant to both detoxify and help you lose weight. There is a difference between detoxification and weight loss. But according to Liz Swann Miller they are related.

You probably already know what detoxification is. Basically you only eat certain foods (usually fruits, vegetables and liquids) for a period of time.

The idea is to get rid of “toxic” elements in your body – things like pollution, bad ingredients from junk food, and even the byproducts from stress (called ‘free radicals’). Detox cleansing is especially popular with natural health practitioners.

Now here’s where I should mention that some of the science behind detox diets is a bit unproven. The problem is that some of the claims about detoxing are hard to study. So the mainstream medical community stays away from studying things like this.

Our opinion? Detox diets are legitimate. As long as you aren’t starving yourself or depriving yourself of nutrients.

A Detox Diet For Weight Loss

I mentioned earlier that detoxifying is related to weight loss, even though they aren’t the same. This is something Liz talks about in this program. Supposedly by wiping out the toxins you’ve built up, your metabolism and overall body will run smoother.

I think this actually makes sense, too. The garbage ingredients in junk food absolutely affect our organs and makes our bodies run slower.

There is a whole section in the main ebook on toxins: what they are, how we get them, what they do to us. I found it quite interesting.

And by the way, “toxins” aren’t just some made up thing. Plenty of academic articles have looked at the many ways we get exposed to low doses of toxins. (Here’s a good review article from a few years back.)

Here’s How It’s Structured

It begins with an optional three-day tea cleanse period. After that you start on Phase 1, which lasts five days. The focus of Phase 1 is detoxifying and cleansing your gut. Liz claims that this five day period will cause rapid weight loss (she says 5-10 pounds is normal).

Phase 2 is essentially a fast and is the most restrictive phase. But it is also the shortest phase.

Finally you end with Phase 3 which focuses on healing your liver, which takes the brunt of the damage when we ingest toxins. Some of what Liz says about this phase seems counterintuitive but she does cite research to back her up.

For each phase Liz tells you which foods you can eat and what you can drink. She also tells you when you should eat, so you can achieve the extra burn from intermittent fasting.

Low carbs is the name of the game for Red Tea Detox. You’ll be getting them down to around 30 grams a day.

On the other hand, high-fat foods are okay for one phase of the diet. In fact, she encourages them.

Saturated fats have been shown to be especially good for women’s health. And eating foods with a high fat content – as long as they’re the right foods – will not cause weight gain.

You also drink the red tea. A lot of it. Six glasses a day.

After you get through the 14 days, you can just repeat the cycle if there’s still more weight you want to lose.

About The Red Tea

This was hands down the most interesting part of this program. I can’t give away the exact recipe, but it had some ingredients I didn’t expect. They are all items you should be able to find at the health food store.

Preparing the tea looks easy enough. It takes about 30 minutes to get the tea made. You’ll be drinking 6 cups of the tea each day of the detox. The recipe is for 6 cups but she says you can double or triple it if you want to save time.

You can also incorporate the red tea ingredients into other things like smoothies or lattes.

Why Red Tea?

The red tea has many purposes in this diet. It’s meant to promote digestion while also helping you feel less hungry. Some of the ingredients also help speed up metabolism.

There is actually some science behind this. Even though herbal tea for weight loss is considered alternative medicine, there is actual research to support it. In a 2011 manuscript published in Journal for Nurse Practitioners, the author concludes:

There is plenty more written about herbal tea for weight loss and detoxing, too. So even if the claims about Red Tea Detox are bold, there does seem to be supporting evidence.

What I Liked About Red Tea Detox
  • The “red tea” concept is kind of fun and unique
  • There is some flexibility about what you’re allowed to eat
  • Ingredients are affordable
  • Lots of research cited
  • Explains the “why” behind the different parts of the detox diet
  • Liz Swann Miller has proven track record of helping people lose weight
  • Includes manageable exercise regimen
What I Didn’t Like About Red Tea Detox
  • You have to pay extra for the audio format
  • It’s hard to verify all the claims Liz makes about the diet
  • The ebook could probably be shorter – she repeats herself a lot
Should You Try This Detox Diet?

I’m giving Red Tea Detox an overall thumbs up in this review. But I need to warn you that it’s going to be a challenge. I know Liz emphasizes how simple it is – and it is simple – but simple doesn’t mean easy.

Overhauling your diet is always difficult. Sure, it may be necessary for many of us, but it’s hard to do. You might get headaches or feel cranky while your body re-calibrates. And it will be tempting to give up.

You should only get Red Tea Detox if you’re willing to stick with it. I believe it will work if done the way Liz recommends, but it takes commitment.

Also, if you have prior medical issues, make sure to consult your doctor before trying it. Some people might be better off with a more conventional diet.

It also has a 60 day refund policy. Find the program here

»»»»Get Your Red Tea Detox with $20 Discunt««««

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When you decide it’s time for a diet, normally, you try to find thousands of information.

You read various forums, blogs and websites.

But then you get confused because many advices contradict each other.

Here are 11 diet tips that will make the journey to your ideal weight easier.

1. You rely on “he said – she said” weight loss advice

If you really want to lose weight and stay in a good shape, you should take advice only from a certified dietitian or nutritionist.

A good nutritionist will make you a diet plan according to your possibilities and preferences, and answer all of your question.

He or she will give you directions for everything. It always pays off to invest in yourself.

All the invested money will save you lot of time you would spend on searching for the various materials and advices. But you need to remember: the weight loss process takes time.

Nothing happens overnight.  

However, if asking a nutritionist for advice is not an option, then continue with reading this article.

2. Believing that if you eat healthy groceries you will lose weight 

Every grocery contains some amount of energy. So logically, if you eat too much of anything, you will gain weight.

For example, olive oil is extremely healthy, but one tablespoon of it to season the salad is more then enough.

One tablespoon contains 119 calories, so you shouldn’t eat more than that. 

3. Not eating certain groceries

Avoiding “bad” groceries will only make you want them more.

From time to time, you can eat even the bad food, but you should be moderate.

If 90% of your diet is healthy, those 10% of junk food won’t kick you off the track. 

An occasional ice cream, chocolate or a dessert on Sunday won’t make you fat, but you should be very careful with these groceries. 

4. You’re not tracking your calorie intake

You must have heard about this before. It’s very important to keep a food diary, so you can be aware of how many calories you eat during the day.

Sometimes we can get carried away and eat too much without even noticing.

If you want to lose weight, you should eat less calories than your body spends.

This is why it’s important to keep track, so you’ll know how to reduce the intake depending on your goal. 

Clean food offers you great nutritional values for small amount of calories, and makes you satiated for longer.

So usually, it is recommended to eat non refined food, fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Eating “healthy” snacks

We usually eat snacks to make breaks between meals bearable.

So, if you love for example dried fruit, you can eat it after your training to load your glycogenic reserves.

By eating dried figs or cashews, you won’t make the hunger disappear, and you can easily eat too much of those. 

6. You’re drinking too many sodas

By drinking soda, we can’t feel all those calories we drank.

However, we drink too much of them.

Except for drinks with declaration that they are calorie and sugar free, all the other fruit juices and soft drinks will slow down your weight loss progress.

Choose water, unsweetened tea, and coffee in moderate amounts. 

7. You’re skipping your meals

You have to understand that you’ll get NOTHING positive from skipping the meals!

When your body is starving, it will crave for fast and high energy source, which is mostly sugar.

Even if you manage not to eat until your next meal, you will probably eat too much. You should divide your meals by your possibilities and preferences, but you should never skip any of them.  

8. You’re tracking your progress only through scale

Your scale shouldn’t be the only way to track your progress!

If you’re exercising, you will gain muscles. Since muscles are heavier than fat, it will seem like you made no progress.

You should take pictures of yourself and take measures of your body parts (like waistline, thighs, arms…).

Also, you should limit scaling to once a week, and do it under the same conditions every week. 

9. You’re blaming on genetics

People love excuses like genetics, hormones, or heavy bones.

Stop using those and start doing something!

It is more likely that your bad choices brought you to your current condition then that genetics did.

Like there’s no magical supplement for weight loss, there’s neither the bad genetics that keep you in place.

Specific conditions and diseases can slow down your progress, or make it harder, but they can’t stop you from reaching your goal.

10. You’re using a good exercise as an excuse

ou did a hell of an exercise, so you deserve a cookie or a hamburger.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work like that. Training isn’t an excuse so you could eat too much, but a tool so you can easily reach your goal.

11. You’re avoiding exercise

As already mentioned, exercise will help you reach your goal faster.

Your body will also look better if you exercise.

Also, you shouldn’t only do cardio exercises. Sure, they do burn most of the fat, but strength training will make your muscles look beautiful.

It would be the best option to combine these two in order to get the best results. Of course, with a balanced diet. 

That’s all folks!

Do you have any weight loss tips to add?

What helped you to lose weight?

Comment away below.

If you have a friend who is struggling to lose weight, then share these tips with your friends on Pinterest.

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Cardiac diet plan can help you lose up to 2-7 pounds in 5 days or 22-33 pounds in 15 days.

Foods in this diet plan are rich in vitamins and minerals, so the founders claim that you won’t have a feeling of weakness or exhaustion.

Which is very unlikely.

At first it may seem similar to citrus diet, but it’s not.

Although very similar, these two diets differ in some details so it’s important to treat them separately.

If your goal is to lose just a few pounds then repeat this 5 day meal plan cycle up to 3 times, for a maximum of 15 consecutive days.

On the other hand, if your goal is to lose more than 7 pounds then between every 3 cycles have 15 days of break.

In other words, 15 days diet, 15 days rest, then repeat.

Cardiac or medical diet is term for a heart healthy diet. It was given due to the fact that similar diet plans are applied to patients with heart problems, who need to lose weight before surgery without losing their strength.

Why this diet works

This diet is considered to be very restrictive since it’s low in calories, which is in the short run effective for rapid weight loss.

The negative side is that if you don’t stick with healthy eating habits afterwards, the weight will come back. This is also knows as yo-yo effect.

Cardiac diet meal plans are based on eating lots of nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits and veggies, fish and lean poultry. While trans fats, saturated fats, sugar and excess sodium should be avoided.

Here is an example of a 5 day meal plan:



  • 1 orange
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 cup of coffee or tea (without sugar)


  • 1 orange
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 1/2 cups of yogurt


  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 1 cucumber or 1/2 of lettuce salad


  • 1 orange
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea


  • 1 orange
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 1/2 cup of yogurt


  • 1 Burger (125 g of minced meat)
  • 1 orange
  • 1 tomato
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea


  • 1 orange
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea


  • 1 orange
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 1/2 cup of yogurt
  • 1 lettuce salad or 2 cucumbers
  • any sugar-free drink (avoid soda and diet cokes)


  • 1 burger (125 g of minced beef meat)
  • 1 orange
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea


  • 1 orange
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea


  • 125 g of non-fat cheese
  • 1 tomato
  • 4 crackers


  • 1 burger (125 g of minced beef meat)
  • 4 crackers
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 apple


  • 1 orange
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea


  • 200 g of fish or chicken
  • 4 crackers
  • 1 tomato


  • 500 g of cooked vegetables
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 1 tomato
Additional notes
  • Meat and cooked vegetables can be lightly seasoned with whichever herb or spice you like
  • Meat should be baked on teflon pan to reduce the need for additional fat
  • You can replace fresh tomatoes with cooked ones
  • Never skip meals
  • Hydrate your body by drinking a lot of water- strive for 2-3 liters per day.
  • The listed foods should be consumed in the specified quantities and order
Heart healthy foods

Here are a few additional foods that are good for your heart and weight loss.


  1. Arugula
  2. Broccoli
  3. Bell peppers
  4. Carrots
  5. Bok choy
  6. Spinach
  7. Asparagus
  8. Tomato
  9. Cauliflower

Soluble fiber:

  1. Oats
  2. Beans
  3. Ground flaxseed
  4. Berries

Omega 3 fatty acids:

  1. Sardines
  2. Salmon
  3. Herring
  4. Tuna
  5. Hemp Seeds
  6. Ground flaxseed
  7. Chia seeds
  8. Walnuts
Side effects

Because the meal plans are low in calories it’s very common to feel hungry and lack of energy.

If you are switching from high-carb diet then headache is a possible side effect as well.

What people say – cardiac diet reviews

People got mixed results.

Some claimed that they lost over 10 pounds in 15 days while others give up claiming not to have enough strength to overcome hunger cravings.

Let me be absolutely clear, this diet plan doesn’t replace professional advice from your cardiologist. If you have heart problems then please consult a cardiologist.

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Things can get a little confusing when you’re trying to follow a training regime and your period comes along. Not any more.

In fitness, female weight loss can be frustrating and confusing.  It’s really not as simple as social media – and cookie cutter personal trainers – advise.

You may be following calories and macros to the ’T’ or find making small dietary changes simple. The measurements are going down while your training is going great. Energy is high and you’re enjoying every day that comes.

Then, you wake up one day and head to the gym.  The weights feel double the amount.  You get frustrated. The guy across from you in the office irritates you with every word that comes out of his mouth. You head home and feel the lure to the kitchen for… anything.

The next morning you wake up and weigh yourself – 3kg gained! WTF!

“What the hell is wrong with me? I’m following everything. Maybe I need to do more cardio and cut carbs.”

Following that, cardio is increased. Carbs are reduced. But cravings get worse and you cave into them. More frustration and guilt follows.

And so down the rabbit hole you go for the next two weeks until it mysteriously falls into place once again.


The thing is, there was nothing wrong with what you were doing. Your issue wasn’t lack of self-control. It wasn’t lack of preparation. It wasn’t lack of effort. It wasn’t even that you didn’t know you were having a period.

It was simply not knowing how to out-manoeuvre your menstrual cycle. Knowing the different changes that occur throughout each phase so you can progress your training and diet goals smoothly.

But I’m going to help.

What we’re going to look at in this article are the three things that might cause your frustration. Then, help you solve them. They are:

  • The three phases of the menstrual cycle;
  • Why it can be difficult to make near-consistent progress in your weight loss goals;
  • Understanding how to make adjustments throughout to make progression easier.

Too often there are templates that claim, to lose a decent amount of weight and fat, you should be dieting at around 1000 – 1200 calories per day. This isn’t entirely wrong, but it’s far from right. You see, for women to diet at around those levels it would require a number of variables:

  • Be below 60 kg
  • Have low activity levels
  • Be short in height

On top of that, there’s the idea that women can just diet the same way as men and the same progress and result will occur. Unfortunately not. And what follows are self-sabotaging thoughts and comments that won’t do anything for your progress.

What is sadly too often handed out by the internet and poor trainers are plans that involve some – or all – of the following:

  • Low carb diets and keto diets
  • HIIT
  • High amounts of cardio
  • Long training sessions full of accessory and small weights
  • Juices detoxes & pills
  • Cheat days
  • “Be good to yourself” false motivational quotes
  • Rapid weight loss

These can often result in missed periods, high lethargy, lack of focus, poor sleep, high stress.  But…you’re getting lean, so that matters, right?

I’m no expert in this area – there can be an immense amount of variables with each person and each cycle.  But I have had to learn on my feet whilst testing out different methods to assess feedback for my female clients.  It’s not perfect, but our bodies never are.

First, let us look at the mindset aspect of it all.


We’ve all heard of low-carb dieting, right?  Well, this is even more common when it comes to female dieting with the usual claims that carbs are bad, sugar is the devil and protein makes you bulky.  None of these are true – but, when Instagram and Facebook constantly churn this information out, it can be hard to help change this way of thinking.


There is also immense social pressure online and in daily life. Even if there is no expectation, there is always the psychological pressure to look a certain way, eat certain foods, train certain exercises. And what happens when all of these don’t work?  Yup, you guessed it.

Binge > Guilt > Starve > Reset. We’ve all been there.

The weight either gains or never shifts.


Motivation is a funny thing.

We expect it to be our driver and to never fail us, but we find ourselves constantly hunting for it. The thing is, it’s not something that can be found and owned. It’s something that fluctuates from repeated feedback, from repeated actions.

When those actions become less consistent, the feedback is the same – and it chops away at motivation in the process. This is more common in women because calories must be much lower to offer some form of consistency in weight loss goals. When it becomes too difficult then, again, there’s negative self-talk that it’s your fault and that becomes ‘the fault’.

That’s quite a lot right there, but I’m not finished yet.  Let’s look at the physical side of the fence.


The thing is, females DO actually diet on lower calories than guys.  In some cases, a LOT lower.  This is for a number of reasons:

  • Weighing less
  • Lower RMR (resting metabolic rate)
  • Lower energy expenditure
  • Body composition (fat and muscle mass)
  • Lower NEAT
  • Lower VO2 max

As I mentioned, women need to eat less food than guys.  It’s not a rule, but more down to how our bodies are made up. You see, unless a guy is a man trapped in a child’s body, they tend to be taller, carry more muscle, and generally weigh more. This means there is far more natural energy being burned on a daily basis. 10,000 steps and a 60-minute workout may result in burning 300 – 400 calories LESS for women than it would a guy.  Sorry, I guess.


I mean this one is kind of obvious seeing as it’s in the title, right? That aside, with the cycle comes a number of frustrating factors in just day-to-day living, such as high stress (mental and physical), hunger cravings, and high fatigue. Oh and that’s without the dieting and training aspect.

Let’s not try and blanket every method or calorie set to every female out there.  No two people are the same, regardless of gender, which means dietary setup, methods and adjustments will be completely different per person. Not only per person but also per cycle, as it can be common for these to completely change from month to month.

With that, let’s look at what actually happens throughout the menstrual cycle and what changes can be made to accommodate it as much as possible.


Throughout this phase, oestrogen levels start off low while increasing over the course of the 14 days. It’s also the phase where the follicle which is holding your egg is being developed. Because of this, you’ll find you’re far more tolerant to pain along with improved power and endurance.  With this, it very much gives you the green light to train harder and aim for progress.


Not only that but your body will utilise glycogen far better due to your insulin sensitivity being at its highest. What does this mean? Well, if you’re trying to progress on a low-carb diet, you’re only tripping yourself up – this is the exact point at which you’ll benefit from carbs the most.  However, you should still be mindful of your fat and protein intake too, with fats being slightly lower and your protein intake being at a moderate amount.


Once we hit this phase the follicle bursts and the egg is let go. It’s also the time at which your oestrogen levels begin to peak, which is awesome news for you as you will physically be at your strongest. Pow.

However, it also makes you more prone to injury, so it’s best to be very careful with your training and apply high amounts of common sense when it comes to technique and how much you’re pushing yourself.

Despite the increase in strength, there is a downside to this on the nutrition front, I’m afraid. You see, this is where the cravings for sugar and carbs kick in. This is because your metabolic rate is increased. Because of this, it’s key to work in satiety in your food choices to limit the cravings as much as possible. This can be done by increasing your protein and veg intake while keeping carb and fat levels to moderate.

What I tend to do with clients if the cravings become too much is to simply drop the protein levels and replace them with carbs. At least this way it can help keep calorie intake in check while reducing the chances of overeating.


Out of the three phases, this one is the toughest on a woman. Sugar and carb cravings can be even more extreme, all the while tiredness and the overall feeling ‘a bit sh*t’ physically and mentally set in.

This is the phase where the follicle becomes the hormone-producing element – the corpus letup – which in turn produces progesterone. During this phase, your body temperature can rise to make you feel very uncomfortable, especially in the evenings in bed.

Around this time I tend to recommend sleeping with the windows open or to use a thinner cover on your bed. This might not affect you if you live and train in a hot climate already, but be far more aware of it in cooler climates.

On the plus, it can help with burning some extra calories if your goal is fat loss, anywhere between 90 – 280 calories daily. At the end of the phase, if the egg hasn’t been fertilised, the corpus letup dissolves which results in a drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels. Cue the start of a new cycle.

Because all of this is going on physically, it’s important to avoid higher intensity style training as it can be more detrimental than beneficial. It’s best to focus your training around lighter weights and higher rep work.

It’s also a great idea to work on active recovery work such as walking, stretching, foam rolling or anything similar that’ll also be psychologically beneficial too.

On the flip side of the follicular phase, this is where you’re more primed for fat loss. So, by working on active recovery and controlling your diet as much as possible, you could make great progress in your fat loss goals here.


Remember in the ovulation stage I touched on cravings?  Well, they only get worse in this phase I’m afraid, all the while your insulin sensitivity is at it’s lowest, hence the training recommendations above.

Because of this, I prefer to do two things, if needed. First, make a slight reduction in carbs to prevent any fat gain. However, this can sometimes be more detrimental than anything if it just makes cravings even stronger.

If this is the case, then I will follow the action from the previous phase and increase carbs slightly. This may place you in more maintenance calories but it’s better to maintain and blunt the cravings as opposed to creating a restriction that could result in blowing apart your diet.

Cravings can be far more intense if you suffer from depression, anxiety or PMS, so it’s always worth aiming to have a snack or small meal on hand to prevent any binging which could really blow up your calorie intake.

It’s worth noting that it’s around this time that water retention is at its peak. This can be tough physiologically, but it’s always worth remembering as opposed to making any drastic decisions.


Due to the sugar and carb cravings, it’s might be helpful to supplement with magnesium before bed. This can help decrease these cravings during the day which can be a huge relief.

You see, magnesium levels alone are the second most deficient globally, so throw in the menstrual cycle and you’ve got an uphill battle going on here.

Although supplementing with this is recommended, it’s not always needed as you can get these sources through foods like spinach, tofu, nuts, seeds, avocado, some fatty fish, bananas, dark chocolate and whole grains.

Along with magnesium, it’s worth supplementing with Vitamin D too, especially if you work indoors and don’t get much sun (poor you!).  If you’re like me and living in Scotland and you missed that one day of summer then it’s likely you’re going to need some of this. It can be really useful for anyone who suffers from mood swings and dips in motivation.


This is going to sound a bit odd but I still tend to use weight loss to measure progress, though I don’t rely heavily on it.

You see, far too many women are chained to the scales and it can dictate their actions and emotions far too easily. Now weight measurements can and do indicate fat loss, but not in a linear sense as is expected. This is where it’s super important to look at other measurements too, such as around the hips, waist, and thighs. Oh and don’t forget photos, even if you’re too anxious about it I can assure you it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Following that, there are various factors as to why weight fluctuation can – and does – happen. I’ve seen this happen as high as 5kg overnight due to a mixture of the following:


This gets ignored very commonly.  What we tend to forget is that we rarely eat the same foods or the same amounts on a daily basis. There will always be some form of variability. Because of this, you might get bloated if you eat more veg and protein on certain days, but less so on others because travelling or a busy day at work forces you to eat on the go.


What is often forgotten, or not known, is that for every gram of glycogen there can be a shortage of up to 3 grams of water. This means that if you aren’t training that day and happen to consume more carbs then you are likely to store extra water.  The opposite can be said if you do train as you are using the glycogen.


Not drinking enough water can be an issue for anyone doing anything, well, fitness related. So, when you start to work on increasing your water intake, this could also lead to some form of solid bloating. Especially if you throw in a cocktail of glycogen and sodium if you’re eating lots of salty foods (to which you’re gently placing the bag of nachos you’re eating down).


Of course, your weight will fluctuate during your cycle. So how do you measure your progress? I mentioned previously that the scales can become a ball and chain and, if this is the case, then I quickly remove weight tracking as a measurement. It can become too much of a stress that makes everything else seem irrelevant.  No Bueno.

Alternatively, if possible, I like to look at progression in various “anchors” over the course of the month.  As I’ve mentioned, there can be big changes throughout a cycle, so aiming for some form of linear progress on a week to week basis is like pissing into the wind and hoping it doesn’t come back on you.

Oh, right, I forgot. That doesn’t exactly apply here, so we’ll go with ‘spitting in the wind,’ unless you have some really mad pelvic skills.

Anyway, by creating anchors throughout the phases (or creating a main anchor), it allows for you to measure your progress from cycle to cycle instead. Here’s an example:

  • Week 1 average – 143lbs (65kg)
  • Week 2 average – 142lbs (64.2kg)*
  • Week 3 average – 145lbs (65.7kg)
  • Week 4 average – 143lbs (65kg)
  • Week 1 average – 142lbs (64.2kg)
  • Week 2 average – 141lbs (63.9kg)*
  • Week 3 average – 143lbs (65kg)
  • Week 4 average – 142lbs (64.2kg)
  • Week 1 average – 140lbs (63.5kg)
  • Week 2 average – 139lbs (63kg)*
  • Week 3 average – 141lbs (63.9kg)
  • Week 4 average – 140lbs (63.5kg)

* Main Anchor

What you see here is that, although there are clear fluctuations – which can cause someone to really freak the hell out, there is actually progression when you line it up across the main anchor per month as opposed to comparing progress on a linear week-to-week basis.

When weight fluctuates at around the 14 – 15 day mark there really is no need to make any drastic dietary changes. Just be aware that it’s the phase which is causing this fluctuation and that you should make the needed adjustments to get by the best way you can.

At the end of the day, you should do what works best for you.

If you like to see feedback from the data and are perfectly ok with changes in bodyweight throughout the month, then weigh yourself every day or every few days to get an average weight. It’s a great form of feedback and can teach you a hell of a lot about how lifestyle, training and dietary choices can manipulate the scale.

However, if the thought of the scale freaks you out and triggers negative reactive actions, then just drop it, put it out of sight, smash the sh*t out of it.  Remove it from being a stress in your day. Stick with feedback from measurements, photos, sleep, energy and stress instead.


As you will have noticed throughout, there are quite a number of changes that go on over the course of the cycle so you might need to make adjustments along the way when it comes to calories and macros,..

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What are macros and how do you calculate macros for fat loss and cutting? Learn how to work out your own calorie and macronutrient targets.

If you’re trying to lose weight, then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the term ‘macros’ being used.

‘How can I calculate my macros for flexible dieting?’

‘What are your macros?’

‘Does this fit my macros?’

Common questions that we get asked all the time.

In this article we’ll cover exactly what are macros and then how to calculate macros for cutting (as they say in the fitness industry). Let’s get to it.


Macros is simply short for macronutrients. As the name ‘macro’ suggests, we require these food groups in large amounts in the diet. There are four macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates and the fourth is alcohol, but we’re going to focus on the first three. So far, so good?

How many calories someone consumes per day depends on their macronutrient intake. Protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram whereas fat, which is more energy dense, has 9 calories per gram.

Let’s work through an example. Say you look at a food label that has 10g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates and 5g of fat.

To work out how many calories are in that food we multiply the grams of protein (10g) by 4 + grams of carbohydrates (10g) by 4 + grams of fat (5) by 9 = 125 calories.

Here’s the deal.

There are also ‘micros’, short for micronutrients. Micronutrients include vitamins, several fatty acids and a number of inorganic elements. We need these in smaller quantities but they are essential for growth, repair and maintaining our cells.


Before you can get down to the specifics of working out what macros you need to start flexible dieting (that`s where you pick and track your own foods to hit your macronutrient targets), you need to first calculate your calorie target.

It’s important to remember that regardless of what approach you take, your calorie target is an estimation, not an exact number.

Anyway, there are several ways you can estimate how many calories you need to lose fat. We’re going to do it using a slightly more advanced way rather than simply multiplying your body weight by a number like some people may do.

Before We Can Start, I’d like You To Meet Jimmy

Jimmy is going to be our guinea pig, he wants us to be his flexible dieting coach so we’re going to work out his macros.

He’s a 30 year old male, weighing 80kg at 180cm and he hits the gym a couple of times per week. He has a desk job and he wants to know his macros for fat loss.

First off, we need to work our Jimmy’s calorie requirements.

We’ll use the Mifflin-St Jeor formula to estimate his Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is essentially the amount of energy expended per day before we add in his activity levels.

There are several equations we can use but a study by the ADA (American Dietetic Association) found the Mifflin-St Jeor method to be pretty accurate. Here it is:

Men: 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (y) + 5

Women: 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (y) – 161.

So for Jimmy, our 30 year old male, weighing 80kg at 180cm. His BMR would roughly be: (10 x 80)+(6.25 x 180) – (5 x 30) + 5 = 1780.

Now Add Your Physical Activity Ratio

Now that we’ve worked out his BMR, we need to multiply it by a Physical Activity Ratio (the estimated cost of activity he does per day).

If you were working this out, you would need to multiply your BMR by:

1.2 if you do little or no exercise

1.4 if you do exercise a couple of times per week

1.5 to 1.7 if you exercise several times per week

1.9+ if you exercise every day or have a hard, physical job

Back to our example.

Jimmy trains a couple of times per week so we’ll multiply his BMR (1780) by 1.4. This gives us his estimated TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure): 2492.

In order to lose fat, Jimmy needs to create a calorie deficit.

This means he needs to consume less calories than he needs per day in order to lose fat.

A 15% deficit is often a good place to start. With our clients, we may go higher or lower depending on their starting body fat levels, their goals and energy requirements.

Anyway, Jimmy’s calorie target to lose fat would be: 2118 calories.

All cool?

Now we know how many calories to aim for, let’s calculate some macros for cutting.


We’ll start with protein. A higher protein diet can be a great tool for fat loss. It helps preserve muscle tissue and it helps to keep you feeling full.

A good figure to aim for – when flexible deiting – is often around 2g per kg of bodyweight.

For 80 kg Jimmy, that would be around 160g of protein.

Struggling to hit your protein target? This is our favourite whey protein shake (apple cinnamon swirl flavour, soooo good!)


How much fat should you eat to lose fat largely depends on preference.

While the name “fat” might strike fear into the hearts of dieters across the land, you need a certain amount of fat in your diet to stay healthy.

Fat has a host of important functions in the body. Fats are essential for cell growth, repair, brain function and a host of other essential bodily functions!

Aiming for a fat intake between 0.7g – 1.2g per kg of bodyweight might be a good start.

On Jimmy’s flexible dieting plan, he is going to aim for around 1g per kg so that would be 80 g of fat for him.


So far we’ve worked out Jimmy’s total calorie target: 2118 calories.

His protein target is 160g

And his fat target is 80g

That means we now need to calculate his carbohydrate requirements.

To do this, we’ll first work out how many calories we’ve assigned already. Remember how to do this?

4 calories per gram of protein and 9 calories per gram of fat, right?

That means Jimmy has been assigned 1360 kcal so far (160×4)+(80×9).

If we subtract 1360 from his calorie target (2118) he is left with 758 kcal remaining for carbohydrates.

Divide this number by 4 (because there are 4 kcal per g of carbohydrate) then his carb target is 190g.

There you have it. Jimmy’s daily macros to lose fat would be:

2118 kcal = 160g protein, 80g fat and 214g carbohydrate.


We’ve shown you how to calculate macros, to start flexible dieting you need to go and start tracking your intake and aim to hit those targets! A good tool to track your macros would be My Fitness Pal.

What foods you eat are largely down to you. It would be a smart move to think of food quality first and foremost. Embrace those micronutrients!

Aim for nutrient dense, fresh, tasty foods that you love that are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Flexible dieting or IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) isn’t about how much junk you can stuff into a meal plan. It’s about eating a range of nutritious foods (for the majority) that you love, that allow you to hit your macro targets, whist maintaining an element of flexibility.

Follow our guides above to estimate your macros, adjust as needed and start to make some fantastic fat loss progress.

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  • Use for acne and blemishes.Use it once per week

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As you age, your risk for belly fat increases significantly, especially for post-menopausal women. A waist size over 35 inches is considered dangerous for females. Something that you should remember is that you need to work out harder, not longer. Accordingly, HIIT exercises are the best form of exercise for melting that muffin top because they burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. Perform these 5, high-intensity moves to lose that muffin top after 40.

Two Types of Body Fat

There are two different kinds of body fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat makes up approximately 90% of body fat as it is distributed all over, just under the skin. For this reason, it is more difficult to lose because there are more fat stores to pull from. This type of fat is also responsible for the muffin top, and is less responsive to exercise than visceral fat.

Visceral fat is more dangerous, because it is the belly fat that encompasses the organs. It has been linked to serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Luckily, this type of fat responds well to exercise.

A Clean Diet is Imperative to Shed Your Muffin Top for Good

If you are trying to lose weight, it is absolutely imperative that you stick to a clean diet. Subcutaneous fat responds better to a healthy diet than it does to exercise. This means eating more fiber and protein, while decreasing carbohydrate and sugar intake. You should eat plenty of whole foods, such as lean meats, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid soda, even diet soda, and drink plenty of water.

While you should focus on healthy foods, it’s important for you to eat the right amount of calories for your body.

5 Moves to Lose That Muffin Top After 40

The exercises included in this routine will work on tightening your tummy muscles, while also helping you shed visceral fat. This will slim your waist and tone your belly. Combining this routine with a healthy diet, will melt subcutaneous fat and eliminate your muffin top for good.

What you need: an interval timer / yoga mat or towel a medium weight kettlebell

What to do: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, giving yourself 15 seconds of rest in-between. Complete 2-6 rounds. We’ve included instructional videos for each exercise, below.

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Side Jackknife Crunch
  • Kettle bell Swings
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Squat Jacks
Instructional Videos

Mountain Climbers

How to Do a Mountain Climber | Boot Camp Workout - YouTube

Side Jackknife Crunch

How To Do The Side Jackknife - Fitness Training Female - YouTube

Kettle bell Swings

How to do a Kettlebell swing - YouTube

Bicycle Crunches

How to Do the Bicycle - YouTube

Squat Jacks

Leg Exercises: Squat Jacks - YouTube

There’s no getting around it, you must eat healthy AND exercise regularly in order to lose your muffin top for good. These 5 moves to lose that muffin top after 40 will tighten and tone while eating clean will eliminate the remaining belly fat. It’s going to take effort and consistency, but you’re totally capable! You can earn the flat belly of your dreams, regardless of your age!

For all of our future exercise routines and healthy eating tips, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest and get inspired!

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Detoxification diets are extremely popular these days. You’ll find everything from a single meal using detox-heavy ingredients to plans designed around using detox drinks to lose weight safely. There are even three day cleanses that allow you to eat real food the entire time! But, the big question on everyone’s mind: Are detox diets healthy? Just because everyone’s doing them and many people are reporting results (such as weight loss or improved energy) doesn’t mean that these types of diets are actually healthy for your body.

We’re all about helping you create a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re following a 14-day weight-loss plan or you’re just trying to get back into shape, we’re here to support you. The last thing we want anyone doing is starving themselves or putting their body in a dangerous position! That’s why we want to take a deep look at detoxing to help you determine if it’s right for you. So, are detox diets healthy? Let’s find out!

What is a Detox Diet?

You would think that this question would have a straightforward answer, but it’s actually a bit trickier than that. Some detox diets use periods of fasting followed by consumption of raw fruits and vegetables (usually, juiced). Other diets advocate the use of supplements to fully empty the intestines, including colon-cleansing enemas. So, it’s hard to define what every detox diet looks like.

What we can define, though, is detoxification. This is the process that your body naturally goes through to neutralize toxins and eliminate them from the body. These toxins can be anything that might harm your body: chemicals that come from the environment or our food, medications (legal or otherwise), or our body’s natural waste products, like carbon dioxide or lactic acid. Our organs and systems work together to turn those toxins into harmless compounds and eventually eliminate them from the body.

Problems occur when there is a buildup of toxins. If we ingest more toxins than our bodies can remove, our systems start to store these toxins in our fat tissues, bones, blood, and muscle tissue. Over time, this can lead to cysts, joint pain, and more serious diseases or organ dysfunction. The idea behind a detox diet is to clean your system from the inside-out, purging these excess toxins and returning your body to a state of normal toxin elimination.

Are Detox Diets Healthy?

As we’ve discovered, toxins definitely can hurt your body – especially if they’re allowed to pile up in excess. And, we’ve also learned that our body will naturally work to detoxify itself, it just might not be happening at a fast enough rate. So, if you want to accelerate the rate at which your body detoxes itself, you might turn to a detox diet. You just might be wondering are detox diets healthy before you get started.

While there are some healthy components to detox diets, there are also some unhealthy habits that many people follow. We’ll take a look at a few healthy ways to detox your body so you can decide if the detox program you’re looking into will be healthy for your body. You should always check with your doctor or nutritionist before starting a detox program, especially if you have an existing medical condition or you’ve had an eating disorder.

Eat Whole, Organic Foods

This is definitely a healthy way to detox your system! One of the major ways that we create toxins in our body is by ingesting chemicals. These might come from a pesticide spray on the outside of an apple, or they may come from those unpronounceable ingredients in the boxed food you find at the grocery store. If you remove processed foods from your diet and eat organic whenever possible, you can reduce the number of toxins you ingest.

Drink More Water

Almost every detox program instructs you to drink more water – at least eight, 8-ounce glasses a day. It’s well known that staying hydrated is generally good for your body, and drinking more water can even help you lose weight by helping you feel fuller. So, if your detox diet involves detox water recipes, feel free to drink away.

Adding Cleansing Foods, like Turmeric, Ginger, and Lemon

These naturally-occurring supplements certainly aren’t bad for you! Spices like ginger and turmeric, paired with vitamin-rich citrus, have been used as Ayurvedic medicinal supplements for centuries. They can help curb your appetite and boost your body’s natural detoxification levels. So eat up! If you’re worried about eating too much of any of these foods, find out how much turmeric is too much.


Some detox diets have you following an intermittent fasting schedule. It’s really important that you don’t starve yourself, so any diet that has you fasting for more than 24-hours is probably not healthy for your body. On the other hand, there are studies that show that you can lose weight healthily using intermittent fasting, so it’s probably okay for the short-term. Just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water during the fasting phases!

Sweating Out the Toxins

One of the ways our bodies naturally eliminate toxins is through sweat. Our pores are hard-wired to get rid of all those nasty toxins (and smell a little bit in the process!). Any detox program that recommends exercise definitely has our seal of approval! Just make sure that you’re not overdoing it. If you’re reducing your caloric consumption or you’re going through a fasting phase, consider gentle workouts like yoga.

The Effectiveness of Detox Diets

Many people report weight loss after doing a detox diet, along with experiencing increased energy and improved sleep. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on these claims. There have been no clinical trials that support these results. There are also no studies that show the long-term effects of detox diets.

In the end, we don’t see any harm in doing detox diets – especially if you’re doing it healthily. So the next time you find yourself wondering, “Are detox diets healthy?” ask yourself if you’ll be drinking more water, exercising, consuming lots of vegetables, and reducing your consumption of processed and junk food. If the answer is yes, you’re probably well on your way to making some positive lifestyle changes!

Wondering how to get started making sustainable changes to your diet and exercise routine? Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest and get inspired!

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  • Shed Pounds Fast!

Shed 8-16 pounds (4 to 8 kg’s) of body fat by utilizing some of the fastest and most efficient fat-loss processes and techniques.

Go down 2-3 dress sizes in only 2 weeks regardless if you have attempted any other weight loss program, you can do it with 2 Week Diet.

  • Reduce Your Waistline!

Reduce your waistline by between 2-4 inches. At long last you can wear the clothes hanging up in your closet.

  • Increased Energy

Increased energy!  Wake up refreshed and ready to go, rather than feeling drained

  • Burn Fat Constantly

Burn fat even when you are resting or asleep. This is due to an increased metabolism that constantly burns your fat.

  • Decreased Cellulite

Decreased cellulite so as you shed pounds get, tighter, healthier, and lovely looking skin without surgical intervention or scary injections.

More information About the 2 Week Diet 
The 2 Week Diet Programme - YouTube

The 2 Week Diet is a unique and new dietary structure which not only guarantees to enable to get you into shape fast but additionally, it is designed to ensure you lose weight.  It promises to get rid of more body fat far quicker than anything you’ve attempted previously.

The success stories

Turn your Volume UP

The 2 Week Diet Review Is Brian Flatt 2 Week Diet System Worth It? - YouTube
The 2 Week Diet By Brian Flatt | Brian Flatt's 2 Week Diet New! - YouTube

The Launch Handbook

Brian Flatt details how the 2 Week Diet works and the straightforward science behind the system involved.  He goes on to explain how people have failed in the past using other diet plans and how his system differs from them.

You learn about “insider secrets and tricks” to give that fat burn in a short period of time.  The 2 Week Diet shows that by following the system you can lose weight in a healthier and more efficient manner. Ultimately the aim is to lose excess fat while easily retaining and enhancing your body muscle.

The Diet Handbook

The Diet Handbook of the 2 Week Diet system gives the lowdown about the food you should avoid at all costs if you want to reach your weight goals.  Let’s face it you don’t want to destroy the good work you will be doing by eating the wrong thing no matter how innocent they may seem.

You also get the detail of the food that is a most effective and is also affordable and seriously tasty too, and as if that isn’t enough you’ll get a super plan to get your weight off once and for all without the backsliding Results.

The Activity Handbook

The Activity Handbook of the 2 Week Diet system is really for people who either don’t have time to go to the gym or don’t like it.  Why?  Because this workout routine can be done in the comfort of your home or anywhere else should you choose.

That said if you really do like going to the gym there is also a complete gym workout.  So how long are we talking about each day? Well, the bonus is we are not very long about 20 minutes a day 3-4 days a week. The 2 Week Diet activity handbook will nearly double your results!

The Motivation Handbook

Most people think that a diet starts with going to the gym or changing what is on the plate.  Right?  Well actually wrong, it starts in your mindset.

With the right focus and inspiration, you will lose weight. It starts to become a reward shedding those pounds rather than an overwhelming test.

The 2 Week Diet Motivation handbook provides the motivation and positivity to keep going and spurs you on through the 2 weeks and beyond.

With the handbook, you will stay on track and you will reach your goals!

So does it work?

Well, the long and the short of it is…YES, it does work.

If you follow it to the letter the 2 Week Diet, which is a universally proven system that anybody can use, will ensure you lose fat quickly and effectively.

You will lose weight across your whole body.  It will lead to an incredible physique without completely exhausting yourself in the process.  The basic goal is to make a perfect weight in a logical and healthy way to increase muscle and reduce body fat.

Additional benefits instead of simply looking great and feeling better.  The 2 Week Diet gives you better skin, a much improved metabolic system and great energy levels.  This is, in turn, promotes high-quality sleep and a far improved mental well-being.

Reduced cholesterol levels for both men and women.  Which is good for your heart.

A significant reduction in cellulite and stretch marks.

This isn’t a short-term fix it’s a change in mindset.  This system will guarantee that your body will stay fit and lean way after the 2 weeks are over.

The 2 Week Diet PDFs can be downloaded to any PC or mobile device for handy easy reading.

Lose The Weight Or It’s FREE

The 2 Week Diet comes with a personal guarantee from Brian Flatt.

Essentially if at any time during the next 60 days you have not lost the weight promised… or if you’re not completely satisfied with The 2 Week Diet for any reason whatsoever, you will receive a refund — no questions asked.

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