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Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with the hCG diet protocol to lose between 20 and 150 lbs. You can see the current episodes available here.

  • Weight loss on Phase 2: 19 lbs
  • Weight loss with P3toLife Program: 7 lbs
  • Health Conditions: She had hormone issues but this was fixed with the help of her doctor before she started hCG.
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Justina’s Experience with: THE P3TOLIFE PROGRAM DURING PHASE 3 OF THE HCG PROTOCOL If you were to explain to an hCGer in just a few sentences why the P3 program has been valuable to you, what would you tell them?

It was a road map….you go from P2 being so so strict and then you are almost given too much freedom with P3…okay no sugars and starches, but what is a healthy way to eat that?

I’ve been on many many diets but none go from strict strict strict to just following two rules, and with so much diet food on the market, you can find yourself lost.  And actually sometimes making it harder on yourself.

P3 to life’s recipes were all DELICIOUS and I realized that I could have a lot of flavors (roasted tomatoes, who knew!?!)and yumminess (my whole family loved the smoothies) in my P3 and still follow protocol and actually even continue to lose and stabilize lower than my last injection weight.

What did the P3 program provide to you that you feel like you didn’t have before without in on past Phase 3s?

This was my first P3 ever, but I really hesitated even trying  HCG because I was afraid that it would destroy my metabolism. I knew I could do P2 because it’s temporary, but every other diet has caused me to gain more weight back.  My doctor kept urging me to go on this diet, and until I went through your P3, I really didn’t have the confidence that I could truly change my eating habits, but I see myself doing it.

I didn’t feel deprived in P3, and my scale was very very stable, which is what I freaked out about.  I’m a yo-yo dieter, and gaining back the weight scares me more than not losing weight.

P3tolife gave me real confidence that I can really lose this weight permanently.  And incorporate these meals into our family’s life realistically.

How did you end up following the program – did you do the original plan, the simplified, or build your own meal plan or just tweaks to one of these? Can you give a few details of how you utilized the program and tailored it to yourself and your circumstances?

I used the original program with tweaks….I cook for my family and one thing that I don’t like about dieting and what I was really afraid of with HCG was having to cook multiple meals for my family.  We also are on a tight budget because we are a one income family.

What I loved about this program was that recipes allowed me to cook and cover multiple meals. I often would double or triple the recipe to feed my entire family.

My family really loved all the recipes, and I really took pride in cooking again.

My daughter and I are also dairy and egg free.  I loved that most of the recipes were dairy or limited dairy.   I also played with recipes to make the mug bread egg free and used some of our own favorite ingredients.

My kids loved the dessert smoothies, and to make things easier for them, I would make a big batch of smoothies and then freeze them.  My kids eat them as popsicles or we blend them back up with water (for me) or some nut or coconut, goat, or cow milk for them.


Can you share your results – how your weight has been while following the P3 program?

I lost 19 lbs net during P2, and then continued to lose and keep off an additional 5-7 lbs for a total of 24-26 total.

I was able to stay between 5-7 lbs under my LIW for an entire month after I stopped injections with little difficulty as long as I followed this program.

I even ate out a few times and stayed within 2-4 lbs of my lowest weight. I easily corrected this by eating strictly on P3 for 2-3 days. I only did one steak day, and that was after I had introduced sugars and starches back in and went a little overboard.

How did you feel about the portion sizes & taste of the P3 meals? Did the portions and taste of the food make any difference in how you felt about eating/relationship with food while on p3?

I felt portions were more than adequate.  I did find that I didn’t eat as much at the beginning of P3, but by the end of the 3rd week, I was eating the full portions.  I would usually Triple the recipes for our family of 4 (I have two girls ages 5 and 9), and my husband and I usually had plenty of leftovers for two meals.

The food was DELISH!  Seriously, every single one of the recipes was yummy and not diet yummy, real food yummy.  There also was a diverse amount of recipes, so it forced me to step out of my comfort zone and try new genres of food, which I think helped a lot with my relationship with food.

For example, I rarely eat Thai and have never cooked it, but your chicken curry was yummy!  Our family tends to get in a rut and cook the same stuff, and changing it up kept food interesting and delicious.

Can you share a little about your personal life- ie work full time/part time, kids or hubby or school? Would love to hear how you made the logistics work of cooking the program with whatever time constraints you deal with. How did you manage to fit in preparing the meals with your schedule each week?

I’m mostly a stay at home mom and an owner of a small photography business.  I cook for my entire family and really try to only cook one meal for our entire family.

My girls dance 3 nights a week, so we are usually away from home during dinner on those nights. I was able to pack these dinners to eat on the go.

My instant pot saves my life, as well as Thrive Live Freeze dried foods.  These really help eat real foods and stay on program.

I even packed my meals for a birth I photographed.  I was able to pack a cooler and keep meals in my car.   The meal plans helped me precook and prepare foods so I was able to stay on plan even when I was called away to a birth.

Have you struggled on past p3’s and if so what were your struggles? Did the P3 program help address these struggles/how so?

This is my first P3, but I have struggled in the past with other diets.  I think what has been different with this program is that the food is delicious and has lots of variety.  I didn’t have time to get stuck in a rut and wish for other foods that are off plan.

A lot of these recipes tasted like some of my favorite restaurant foods but were simple to cook and didn’t have a ton of special ingredients.

I also loved being able to check in with you and listen to videos. 

You are super realistic about life and addressed many of my fears, apprehensions, and feelings about food.  Then you paired the support with a plan that is realistic to follow, so there wasn’t a lot of need to cheat.  I had emotional support along with yummy simple recipes.

Were there any positive results from following the plan that surprised you, that you weren’t expecting? Have you learned anything new from the program?

That I kept losing weight!  I was expecting to have to make corrections and do steak days, and that my P3 would have to last a lot longer, but I was super happy to be able to stabilize quickly and even lose more weight!  I’m excited that I get to start round 2 before summer time and keep up my momentum because I have a lot of weight to lose.

Rayzel note: Note everyone will lose weight on my P3tolife program. Some do, but I make no promises, and IF you are losing weight on P3tolife and don’t desire to, you can easily adjust this by adding a little more fat to the program. Some just choose to “stabilize” later which from my experience has been just fine to do.

What were one or two of your favorite recipes in the plan?

The Chili Verde was amazing!  My husband is still enjoying leftovers

And my whole family loves the Blackberry Lime Zinger smoothie.  We froze them in egg molds for Easter Sunday, and everyone loved them.  And it’s the number one request from my girls.

Any other closing thoughts that you want to share about your experience with the program or that might help others considering whether or not to give it a try?

P3 is too important to leave to uncertainty.  If you are looking for guidance and support, I highly recommend it.

I know I would have been lost and made a lot more mistakes without the support of P3tolife.

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Hello lovely hCGers. This is a written interview only. This is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with the hCG diet protocol to lose between 20 and 150 lbs. You can see the current episodes available here.

See all the hCG interview episodes
These are in-depth conversations one-on-one with hCG ladies where you get to hear their whole weight loss story and the tips that helped them succeed.

Read short written hCG testimonials
These are short testimonials of ladies who’ve written in their hCG diet results to me for quick motivation.

  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5’1″
  • Starting Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Ending Weight: 135 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss: 50 lbs
  • Clothing size change: Size 20 to Size 8
  • Medical Detail: She’s on Birth Control: Depo Provera Shot
  • How many rounds: 5 rounds
  • How long was each round: They ranged from 14 days to 21 days

My highest weight was 204. I started with Weight Watchers and lost about 20 pounds. I then hit a plateau at about 180-185 which lasted about a year until I started HCG.

Show Note Links:

How long have you currently been maintaining (or where are you currently at in your hCG journey)?

I recently achieved my goal weight so I am still in the early stages of maintaining. My original goal weight was 145 and once I achieved that I did 6 weeks in phase 3

You do not realize how close 145 is to 150 until you are trying to maintain 145 lol! so, I decided to do 1 more 21 day round to get down to 135.

My goal is to maintain between 135 and 145 using 80/20 flexible dieting and working out, of course. I still use a lot of Weight Watcher’s recipes as well.

Tell us how you came to be overweight and your struggles with that?

I have been overweight my whole life. Losing weight has always been a struggle. I have done every diet out there and I usually can lose the weight but, never was motivated to keep it off.

I tend to be an emotional eater as well as a binge eater and I have used food in the past as a replacement for things that I may have been missing in my life. On top of that I actually really just LOVE food.

What type of hCG did you use? If injections or prescription drops, what dose worked best for you?

I use HCG injections. I purchase them from a local wellness clinic. Due to my birth control also being a hormone shot the higher dosage works better for me. When I used the lower dosage, I would lose weight every 2 to 3 days instead of everyday so the process took longer the 1st couple of rounds.

The nurse and the clinic prepared the shots so not sure of the exact dosage amount.

Have you ever used b12 and/or lipo shots, and if so, do you feel it was worth it and why?

Yes. I have used both B12 and Lipo Shots. During my 1st round of HCG I used the lip shots as well. I did not see it making much of a difference and I was concerned about taking so many shots, at that point I was doing the depo shot, HCG shot and the lipo shot so I stopped using the lipo shot. I used B12 prior to HCG and though it did not help me lose any weight I did notice that I had more energy which increased my motivation to workout. I am not currently using either at this time and I don’t really think they are necessary.

What would you say your experience was the first week on phase 2? Easy or hard? explain. Could also discuss how you loaded if you like. What parts of the protocol were easier for you and which parts were more challenging? How did you handle the challenging aspects?

My experience the first week on phase 2 was not hard and I think it was because I really do well when something is structured. I think my dosage was good because I was not hungry and I really was motivated to succeed. I did not load clean. I ate high-fat foods, carbs, sugar, everything!!

I think not eating breakfast was a part of the protocol that was easier for me. One of the more challenging was drinking just plain water. I had tried to have flavored waters but, did not do well with them so I had to only drink plain water. I really missed the flavor of something other than water. I would often drink a glass of hot tea with a packet of Stevia and that would help.

Another challenge is the no oil products. I really need to add oil to my hair so getting my hair done and keeping it from looking dry was a real challenge as well as getting my nails done. I tried to schedule my rounds when nothing was planned but if an event came about I would just advise my stylist and the nail technician to use no extra oil. I would normally stall and not lose any weight the next couple of days but, I never gained.

What did you find yourself liking to eat during Phase 2/vlcd – how would you prepare your meals?

I did not have an issue eating the same meal over and over. My favorite meal was veal/lamb or lean ground beef.

I prepared most of my meals on the George Foreman Grill. I also have the Non-Stick Gotham Copper Pot that worked great when I cooked fish.

I was on the 500 calorie plan

What tricks do you have up your sleeve to stay sane while on Phase 2?
  1. Don’t focus on the food!! I would cook both my lunch and dinner at the same time so when I was ready to eat it was ready.
  2. Meal planning and cooking in bulk really helped me to stay on track. The George Foreman grill is a MUST!
  3. Mustard is a great way to add flavor without adding calories.

What Lessons have you learned during Phase 3 – give us the good and the bad! What types of things did you discover when it came to maintenance that did and didn’t work?

I have learned that maintenance will have its ups and downs. You will gain some weight back at some point but, don’t let it discourage you and lead you to an all-out binge or force you right back into another round of HCG. HCG cannot be used as a crutch.

When I was at 145 lb it was very hard to maintain and I realized that I really needed to give myself a bigger cushion (5-10) pound window if I was going to be successful at keeping the weight off and maintaining the kind of healthy lifestyle that would work for me. Anything less than 10 pounds I would have tried to lose myself.

You have to use Phase 3 as a time to figure out what will and will not work for you long term. It is also very important to track your food in Phase 3 and if you see you are having a difficult time stabilizing add in exercise. While in Phase 3 I work out 5 days a week and try to maintain 1200 to 1500 calories.

I struggle with not eating carbs and sugars of course so I do fall off the wagon there sometimes. Like you I am a baked goods person. I do not crave carbs nearly as much as I craved the sweets. I have moved to vegan desserts and look for ways to make healthy versions of sweets at home.. in moderation of course.

In Phase 4: Can you tell us what types of foods you eat now in everyday life? And how is this different from what you used to eat on a normal basis?

I have never fully transitioned into Phase 4 however I plan to maintain my weight loss using 80/20 flexible dieting and working out, of course.

I still use a lot of Weight Watcher’s recipes and I try to go meatless on Mondays. My husband is diabetic so I have been cooking meals that are much lower in carbs and sugar. I am just planning to have an overall healthier lifestyle.

What have been your tools for maintaining your weight loss?

I have realized that I am a person that is required to work out. No matter how healthy I am eating my body holds on to weight and If I don’t work out I will gain. I no longer make excuses, I am now aware that exercise must be a part of my lifestyle. I do Zumba, Hot Yoga and Power Walking.

Do you have any memories of your life/body pre hCG that are totally different for you now?

Yes. I use to hate to take pictures and shop for clothes. Now I don’t mind being in pictures or posting them on social media.

I now can find things that fit and I can buy off the rack at regular stores that are trendier and age appropriate. I still hate to try things on and finding the right bra size since losing the weight has been a process but, it is worth it. I am way more confident in my appearance.

When you want a treat now, give us a couple examples of what you might eat? Also, are you ever able to indulge in a regular treat, like cake at a party, and still maintain?

The 80/20 flexible lifestyle is all about doing just that! 80% of the time you eat a healthy clean diet allowing 20% to indulge in a regular treat, like cake at a party, and still maintain. There is no “cheat day” There are no food restrictions.

I do love Lindor Truffles. The serving size is 3 truffles for 240 calories! So worth it.

I shop at my local farmers’ markets a lot and I often will treat myself to the baked goods from there. I will look for and purchase vegan cookies and slices of bread (banana/zucchini) when available.

What factors have you noticed to play a role in people NOT succeeding on hCG?

I think it can be hard to succeed if you do not plan and prep your meals. I have noticed a lot of cheating during Phase 2 and I think this may play a huge part in that.

I also think that many are still in the dieting cycle mentality. Thinking I will just extend this round to make up for the gain.

In addition, many are doing this protocol on their own, so there is less accountability. I am working with a wellness center, I had to text my weight daily to the nurse. She would provide support and motivation. She would advise when an apple day was needed or when I should add exercise to the process. This is missing for many who may need it until they are able to hold themselves accountable.

What do you feel are the most important keys to success on the hCG protocol? If someone said they want to have the same results you have, what would you tell them?

I think there are 4 important keys to success.

  1. Accountability. You have to be accountable. I am very proud to say I never cheated while taking the HCG shot. I did not want to gain any weight and since I was only losing every 2 to 3 days as it was it would have really set me back. I was also motivated to be accountable because I had my nurse to check me as well. Find someone that you can be accountable too until you can do it on your own.
  2. Support. My family, friends, and co-workers were all very supportive of me while on the protocol. I never felt pressured at events and if I felt it would be too tempting there would be no hard feelings if I declined. I really tried to do my protocols when nothing much was going on which made it easier. My husband did not complain that he had to cook his own meals for the most part which also helped.
  3. Meal Plan/Meal Prep. I always had a meal prepared. I could grab it as I was leaving the house or as soon as I got hungry. I cooked in bulk and ate the same meal for the week. I would ensure that I had apples available in the car so if I was out all day I would have something to hold me over until I could get lunch or dinner.
  4. Plan to Maintain. It is important to have a plan to maintain the weight loss while you are losing the weight. Practice new eating habits during Phase 3 and find/try new workouts. Decide how your lifestyle is going to change and start implementing some of the changes now so that when you are at your goal weight you are more likely to maintain it.

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Thank you so much for your interest in my workbook.
At this time, the digital version is no longer available for the time being.
You can still purchase a hardcopy version of the hCG Diet Workbook however on amazon if you choose here:

Buy hCGChica’s Workbook on Amazon

Thank you guys, and I hope to bring the digital workbook back soon.



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Clean aka Low Carb Loading for the HCG Diet- Round 5 hCGChica
September 23, 2012

I considered loading for 3 days since I’m a “smaller” person now, but after 2 days I felt I loaded extremely well- I consumed 4000 calories and 300 grams of fat EACH loading day. I think that’s sufficient. My stomach and intestines seemed to let me know that anyway, so I called it good.

My net loading gain for Round 5 of HCG Injections was a 1.6lb gain. I gained 2.2 lbs after the first loading day, and lost .6lbs the following day. Here are my stats for the 2 days (compiled into 1 list) of what I ate and their nutritional values. The total breakdown for both days combined was 7938 calories over the course of the two days, 600 grams of fat, 452 grams protein, 168 grams carbs.


I am injecting 125iu’s this round and this dose seems to work best for me in general these days. I feel very not hungry on 125ius.


I have seen a lot of people manage to exercise while on the weight loss protocol with no problems or side-effects. If you are an average healthy person, just overweight (ie. You don’t have any obvious autoimmune, thyroid or other chronic illness problems) when you embark on the protocol, and you have already been pursuing an exercise protocol prior to starting the protocol, you very likely may be able to continue that exercise while on this diet plan.

I don’t fit into that “average healthy person” category- even though I’m actually very healthy- I’m not average. I have a couple of autoimmune conditions- hashimoto’s for one (where your body attacks your thyroid) and while I have gotten the point where most of my conditions are non-existent in that they don’t give me symptoms, I still seem to find that I simply cannot tolerate exercise while on the diet- it just appears to be too much for my delicate system- to lose so much fat AND exercise at the same time appears to be too much “stress” for my body to handle.

When I personally try to exercise while on the diet plan, I find myself having enormous uncontrollable cravings to eat, the diet feels mentally and emotionally very difficult, and I’m extremely exhausted. All things I simply can’t handle on the protocol if I want to be successful on it! So I forego exercise while on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, even though I’m an avid Crossfitter (check out this video to see what Crossfit is all about- it’s THE best training program I’ve ever seen and my own results prove it!) in normal day to day life. Taking a simple 3 or 6 week break is worth it to me to lose several pounds of fat (Round 5 I lost 10 lbs of fat!) that I can’t otherwise lose in regular life.

My pre-hcg diet:- 7-10 days before starting the hCG Diet protocol

I’ve done this before and it’s worked well for me to break sugar cravings and to get into Ketosis right away. I take about 7-10 days before loading for the diet, and I eat very low carb, high fat diet. No fruit, no grain, no starchy veggies, no sugars at all. I keep the fats very high- this creates a feeling of satiety and makes the switch over from a diet higher in sugars and carbs much easier, for me at least.

I am very sensitive to sugar and before Round 5, I found myself feeling a little out of control with my eating habits for about a week while we were moving and things in life were a bit stressful. Doing the pre-hcg “diet” cuts the sugar/carb cravings almost immediately and really gets my body and my mind in the right place for starting the weight loss protocol in the best possible way.

R5P2D1 Results -2.0 lbs

September 24, 2012

2 lb loss for my first vlcd day. That puts me at 132.2 this day. Body fat monitor showed a drop in 1 lb of fat. There is always some water weight loss at the beginning of any diet- you can’t expect all fat loss right from the beginning, so I’m ecstatic for the 1 lb fat loss.

I think I fat loaded well enough because I haven’t experienced almost any hunger on the first vlcd day of the diet which is great because even though on the majority of the weight loss protocol one should experience almost no hunger if they are on the right dose of the hormone, the first few days of being on the very low calorie portion of the diet DOES often include feeling some hunger that is a little hard to deal with as your body adjusts to the new diet and the hormone circulating in your system.

While I wasn’t hungry this first day, once I again I did experience a small bout of low blood sugar in the later part of the afternoon- for me that’s anything under 80 on a blood glucose meter, and I was at 75 when I tested it about 5:30pm. This often occurs for me during the first few vlcd’s because I don’t eat the fruits on p2 and I never include the grissini/melba, which makes the diet extremely low carb- thus getting low blood sugar is more likely at the beginning. The low blood sugar always does go away on it’s own however after the first few days, despite the fact that I continue to not eat the fruits and grissini/melba.  If you decide to try this please do be careful- if you are prone to low blood sugar I would full research trying this first as I’m not sure just anyone could do this and feel well.

To fix my low blood sugar I ate a chopped cucumber salad and yogurt with salt and that brought my blood sugar up to a normal level for me which is about 90 on a blood glucose meter.  Nice that I didn’t have to eat a spoonful of sugar huh!

As usual, I was ketosis right away after the first vlcd day- I am always able to achieve this when I eat low carb for about 7-10 days prior to starting Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, then load clean aka low carb. I like the idea of getting the most accomplished as possible when I’m on HCG Injections round and I feel by clearing excess carbs out of my system in advance, my body is able to get into fat burning mode more quickly since there are very few carbs to burn first.

A Little About HCGChica- HCG Tag on youtube

hCG Diet Tag Fall 2012 - About hCGChica - YouTube

September 26, 2012

XNJKHGQWBQHU – A little more about HCGChica- HCG TAG on YouTube

  1. My real name?

    My name is Rayzel Lam here on YouTube and the web

  2. RX or Homeopathic HCG?

    I have always done prescription hCG and in fact, I’ve used a total of I think 6 different brands of RX hCG now as well- I feel in general like they all worked equally well. The only difference I noticed was that depending on the brand, I might need a slightly higher or lower dose of the hormone to get that “no hunger” effect.

  3. hCG Injection or sublingual HCG?

    I have always done injections- the reason is 2 fold- one, I’m cheap and injections are cheaper because you only need the half amount of the hormone as for sublingual, and two, and most importantly, hCG injections ensure 100% delivery of the right amount of hormone to the right place (your fat, not your stomach and gastric juices!) I generally don’t like to take chances with my body when there’s a way to be sure I get the best result.

    The first two rounds of HCG Injections I injected the hormone into my stomach, but about the time of Round 3 I found it actually causing me some paint to try to inject in my stomach which causes me to think I either didn’t have enough fat there anymore or possibly I had built up some scar tissue or had some excess skin- whatever the case, starting with Round 3 of the diet I began injecting in other places- outer and inner thigh, buttocks, arm- pretty much wherever I could find a nice meaty patch of fat!

  4. What do I do for a living?

    For the most part, I’m a mom. I have a 3 year old son, and a husband I’ve been married to for 12 years and I take my role of caring for my family pretty seriously. I treasure that I can raise my son the majority of the time. That said, I also work part-time on this website and diet “things”- responding to emails and writing quality helpful content on my website and recording YouTube videos to help you guys get the best out of your weight loss journey. It’s changed my life enough that I find a lot of joy in helping you guys get similar results.

  5. What was your most interesting job?

    I used to teach singing and rhythm classes to children at park and recreation centers in my area. The age ranged from 18 months to 7 years old. I really enjoyed seeing especially the little ones learn basic singing and rhythm- I find little kids in general to be pretty darn cute. The other kind of interesting job I used to have was a painting business that involved faux finishing- things like painting clouds on ceilings and distressed/aged plaster finishes on walls. The part that makes me feel all “cool” and proud of myself is that a couple times I used some 3 tier scaffolding that put me up about 20 feet in the air to reach the top of some taller homes. Scaffolding is not rigid- it has movement to it which feels very scary and unsettling at first, but after a little bit you get used to the movement of it and pretty soon I was swinging up and down and around that thing like a little monkey! I think my painting business was one of the things that contributed to my developing my chronic illness though as I was young and stupid and never took the proper precautions when handling all the different chemicals and fumes involved with painting.

  6. Are you the only one in your family who has struggled with weight?

    No- I wish. My mom and her entire side of her paternal family have all dealt with weight struggles. Almost all of them were pretty big people and most of them died from complications of diabetes. I think there’s a genetic component involved as I naturally have a very big appetite for such a little person. I can out eat my 6′ husband any day no problem, and I know my grandfather was quite the eater as well. Thankfully since I’m not aware of how sensitive I am to sugar and avoid it like the plague and have lost so much fat with the diet, I can say with 100% confidence I’m nowhere near being even pre-diabetic anymore. It seems likely to me that many of my ancestors were also very sensitive to sugar which pre-disposed them to all getting diabetes later in life, but of course at that time it was an unknown. I’m very thankful for all the knowledge and research that can now be done with the advent of the internet to discover what to do best for my personal body.

  7. Have you tried any other weightloss program and what were the results?

    I have tried WeightWatchers about 3 times. I never experienced much success with this program at all, although I know many have. I don’t think I ever lost more than 5-7 lb with it. It’s sad that I was so misinformed at the time- the 2nd time I tried weight watchers, I wasn’t really “overweight”. I had a few excess pounds I could shed, but was in good shape otherwise. I remember we went backpacking into the wilderness for 9 days. During that time I hiked many many miles up and down steep grades with about 40 lbs or so on my back and of course we didn’t eat a whole lot- just the notorious freeze dried backpacking meals “just add hot water” stuff. When we got back I went into my weight watchers meeting and was dismayed to see I had gained 2 lbs. I got so discouraged I quit after that. If I’d known then what I know now, that wouldn’t have happened. NOW I know that anyone who spends 9 days doing exteme physical activities is going to have some water retention going on, as well as some muscle building. That 2 lb gain was nothing to be ashamed of! At the time I couldn’t figure out how I could possibly do all I did for 9 days and then “gain weight”- what I thought was fat. Thankfully I’ve educated myself enough now to know that when I know I’m doing the right thing for my body- eating clean and working out- I don’t have to worry about a scale change like that- it’s my body doing something good. It’s sad that I wasted so much of my younger years getting discouraged by instances like this that would then cause to give up in some way and start doing real damage to my body like stopping the workouts or eating sugar because “I was fat anyway” or because “I already gained weight and failed, might as well finish it off.” That’s one of the reasons that I touch on the topic of body composition and muscle vs. fat more than lightly on this website. I’m trying to bring an awareness to us women that my mother’s mother didn’t have and thus wasn’t able to pass on to my mother or to me. I still wouldn’t choose to weight watchers again even with my current knowledge, as my personality just doesn’t work well with a daily “counting” of anything like calories or other numbers- it just feels too limiting to have to do that on a daily basis for extensive lengths of time. However, I do feel the meetings that weight watcher groups have and I like to think that the hCG community on YouTube is able to achieve the essence of these “group meetings” to support and help each other stay motivated.

  8. Funniest or Worst Weightloss Program You’ve Ever Tried

    This is a weight loss “program” of my own making. One time in order to lose weight for a fast approaching recital that I was dancing in, I walked 8 miles a day, every day, for like a week. I would walk 4 miles in the morning, then come back and walk 4 miles in the evening. It’s possible that I combined that with the master cleanse where you drink just water and lemon with a little maple syrup. Needless to say I got some pretty major shin-splits doing that much of just one activity. I did lose about 6 lbs or so and felt “thin” for the show, but of course it came right back on afterwards. The things that we’ll do to look good in front of people right?

  9. Do you have any chronic health issues, do you believe they are a result of abnormal fat?

    I do have chronic health issues- thankfully I can now say that despite still having the autoimmune “condition” known as hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I am now symptom free so I don’t really consider myself chronically ill anymore. However, since about the age of 21 for about 6 or 7 years, I did deal with varying degrees of chronic symptoms without knowing the cause. Some of my symptoms were extreme fatigue, inability to exercise without getting extremely depressed afterwards, not being able to handle even the excitement of family and friends around because it would make my fatigue too profound and debilitating. Originally my illness was not caused by abnormal fat as I wasn’t overweight to start with. I think I have a predisposition to autoimmune disorders and there are few things like the chemicals and fumes I was exposed to without protection in my painting business that may have been a trigger for them. However, as I got sicker, I did start putting on weight and toxins are stored in fat- its very plausible to me that my body getting fatter and storing toxins that I was exposed to like mercury (I had a blood testing showing dangerously high levels of mercury in my body which I had to detox from) increased and made my symptoms worse. Losing all that fat that no doubt had a lot of toxins bound up in it I have no doubt has contributed to better health for me.

  10. Do I have my Vitamin D levels tested/checked?

    I have had it checked a few times and it’s always been abnormally low- my last test I think was around 20 or 25. I have supplemented with high dose vitamin D drops in the past. However, the nature of my body is that it’s just very….autoimmune. I have discovered that my body is so sensitive that I cannot take supplements in general without having bad health symptoms. I have to be careful about being in the sun as well- the sun makes my symptoms surface and get worse. So even though I have low Vitamin D levels, I feel much better not supplementing as of now. Perhaps that will change in the future.

  11. What does hCG mean to you, how did you learn about?

    This diet plan has changed my life. Originally I learned about it quite by accident while researching the topic of Candida on a health and wellness site. While on the site I happened to notice a forum that with a thread titled something like, “does the hCG diet really work?” or something to that effect. I was curious because I had never heard of that diet before, and of course I was overweight, so naturally I was curious. I started reading and the whole idea was so foreign- I had never heard anything remotely like it which really piqued my curiosity. It sounded too good to be true, but I came across the youtube vlogs of real people doing the diet, showing their actual results that I knew wasn’t some fake, manufactured advertisement. The clincher for me was that I could really tell when looking at the before and after photos of hCG dieters that these individuals were really losing fat because their bodies just looked so well balanced and well formed when they were done. There was none of that skinny on top fat on bottom look. They looked toned and smooth. So I made the jump and the rest is history- size 16/18 to size 2 now. HCG helped me to get in control of other areas of my life as well. While Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is the not the sole reason that I’ve recovered my health, it’s an important component. For instance, removing gluten from my diet forever was something that has made a difference in my health as well, but I never had the willpower to full remove gluten until I did the hCG diet. Since I didn’t eat the melba/grissini while on p2, I inadvertently ended up being off of gluten for close to the 3 month mark between phase 2 and phase 3, which is the amount of time doctors say you need to remove gluten for in order for your gut lining to heal before reintroducing it to see if you are really allergic to it or not. Losing a lot of weight quickly was motivating enough that as a side benefit I was off gluten long enough to see that I really was allergic to it.

Round 5 – 5.6 lbs lost in 5 days so far- P2VLCD2-5 September 28, 2012

After 5 days on the hCG Diet, I’m down 5.6 lbs for Round 5 of HCG Injections. Pretty snazzy! Keep in mind I did have my loading weight to lose, so my net loss so far is about 4 lbs- which is still super snazzy!


I’ve really been trying to use the hunger scale from Robin Woodall’s Weightloss Apocalypse and I’ve been finding myself not even eating the entire 500 calories most days so far. Which, by the way, is okay, as long as you’re not hungry and you eat your 2 proteins for the day. Dr. Simeons did state in his original protocol for the diet that you may omit anything you wish from the diet on a given day, except for the 2 protein portions which you must always have. I’ve pretty much only been eating 350-400 calories the first portion of this round when I eat based on hunger. Which brings me to being very glad I started my dose at 125iu this time because I really have not been hungry at all pretty much from day of this round of hCG.


I’ve been observing that it’s best to find a place to inject that is nice and fatty, wherever this may be, because my belly area has lost a lot of fat so I’ve been searching for other places to inject. My arms actually have quite a bit of “padding” so I injected the hCG in my arm and I found myself having some of the least hunger I’ve had when I did that. Throughout the rest of round 5 I also injected in my inner and outer thigh and my bottom- as long as the place had plenty of fat, my hunger was nil.


Now that I’m seeing myself lose fat a bit more quickly this round as opposed to last round, it’s helping me come to some more conclusions. Round 4 of the protocol I lost very little weight and it’s the only round that I have experienced this- 7 lbs in 23 days on this diet plan is considered super slow. Now as I see this round go so much faster, I feel perhaps the cause of my slow losses in Round 4 is due to trying to keep exercise in the picture while on the vlcd. Round 4 is the only round that I continued trying to go to crossfit while on this protocol- the first week on the vlcd I went to crossfit 2 days and kind of “gave it my all” in class. Also that first week, I lost about 2 lbs net in the first couple vlcd days and then my weightloss pretty much grinded to a screeching halt entirely for the next 9 days. This is pretty abnormal on the diet. Typically weightloss on the diet is fastest during the first week, while it gradually gets a little less with each passing week (although of course it’s still a lot more weight than one would lose on any other diet!) What I think now is that trying to exercise so intensely while on the protocol was not something my body could handle. My body either needed to be losing fat or building muscle- I was asking too much of my body to focus on both at the same time. I have noticed that some on this protocol have been able to exercise while being on the diet with no problem, and to you guys- great! But if you are anything like me and have any autoimmune disorders or other chronic health issues (like adrenal fatigue or low/hypothyroid), you may want to think twice before lifting that barbell or jogging 5 miles while on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Listen to Your Body On hCG

Even on the diet, as straightforward and strict as the protocol is, it still shouldn’t be viewed as a one size fits all plan.  It really is important to listen to your body when you’re going through this weight loss journey- if I tried to copy what others were doing over and over even though it kept not working for me, I would never get anywhere. Take all the information you find of people’s experiences on the diet, see what seems most similar to how your body would react, and try it. If it doesn’t seem to work well, investigate and adjust.

Below you can see a comparison of how much weight I lost in the first week of the hCG Diet on each of my 5 rounds:

Round 1 of hCG:  lost 8 pounds the 1st week- starting weight 172 pounds, 34.5% bodyfat Round 2 of hCG:  lost 7.8 pounds the 1st week Round 3 of hCG:  lost 8.2 pounds the 1st week Round 4 of hCG:  lost 4.4 pounds the 1st week (this was a weird round where I hardly lost anything) Round 5 of hCG:  lost 5.6 pounds 1st week (this is with starting weight of 134.8 pounds, 23.2% bodyfat) As you can see Round 4’s 1st week of weightloss on the diet was rather..

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R4 Plans for HCG- Loading and VLCD

March 1, 2012

Before I say anything else, please you have to watch my little 2 year old son at 3:40 in the video eating artichoke while I’m vlogging. I’m looking back at this now as he’s now 8 and a half years old and I just can’t believe how adorable he was and still is. Of course I’m his mother, but he really is a cutie and I want to show him off. Okay back to hCG.

Round 4 plans:

-Low carb / Clean loading again.  For me I’ve learned that there can never be a good excuse to overeat on carbs and sugar. I can’t let my mind allow that ever again. It takes me to very dark places I don’t want to be.

-Short Round (3 weeks)

-Small amount of resistance training

– Small amount of MCT oil before exercise

For rounds 3 and 4 I used 2000iu vials of HCG and remixed the hormone every 7-10 days. For Round 5 I chose to go ahead and use a 5000iu vial and I will compare and let you know my opinion on the comparison. Basically my reasons for mixing in smaller batches is just to keep the hormone as fresh as possible at all times.

I can tell you what ended up actually taking place in Round 4 of HCG Injections. Yeah the resistance training? My body doesn’t like doing too many things at once that’s what I found out. I did crossfit just a little bit for the first week and it seemed to bring my weight and fat loss to a screeching halt after just the first couple vlcd days for like 10 days afterwards. Needless to say that round I didn’t lose much weight overall. I still accomplished something, but I think I would have done better had I kept the attempted weightlifting out.

No More Thyroid Medication, Maintaining hCG Weightloss

hCG Diet- R4 Starting, Easily Maintaining in P4, Reversal of Hashimotos/Thyroid condition, - YouTube

March 28, 2012

The thing you might take away most from this vlog is how amazingly stable my fat has remained. You won’t hear me talking too much about my weight so much because what I really care about is my fat. I don’t worry about the scale because I’ve been purposely gaining weight in the form of muscle. But I have been consistently maintaining my fat losses.

You can maintain your fat losses from hCG. Don’t listen to those naysayers. Believe the people who are living proof that is can be done, and fairly easily too. I don’t count calories, I don’t eat only 1200 calories a day to maintain, I don’t starve myself. And I’m maintaining. Okay? Okay.

Regarding fasting and weightlifting, I think the intermittent fasting is fantastic for keeping weight stable. But I have found if muscle gains are your goal, fasting kind of hampers this. As soon as I stopped fasting, my strength at crossfit and muscle grew in leaps and bounds- it was that noticeable. My body just needed more in order to build a lot of strength I guess. Since strength gains was my goal during the interim period between Round 3 and Round 4 of HCG Injections, this served me well. At some point when I feel I’ve gotten pretty far with both my fat loss and my strength, I may be incorporating the intermittent fasting again in order to stay at a stable weight.  The intermittent fasting program that worked fantastically for maintaining my weight was Brad Plon’s Eat Stop Eat protocol.  I highly recommend reading his book as it dispels so many myths about fasting, as well as contains what I believe is the simplest, easiest way to maintain weight without having to count calories every day for the rest of your life.


At this point I had officially gotten off all my thyroid medication, and I still am. This is pretty unheard of for people like me. I have Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune thyroid condition. I used to take 87.5 mcg of T3 (Cytomel) and now I take none. Autoimmune conditions according to conventional medicine are incurable. But now I feel great, I’m living a normal life, and I don’t take any medication.

Lastly- for any of you that like to go on youtube, please subscribe to Delmem. He is just such a valuable asset to revolution to prove Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is healthy and works as Dr. Simeons said it did. He is even expanding on it with his own research. He has a lot of interesting things to share in his vlogs.

Hydrostatic Bodyfat Results – Compare After R3 with 3 months Crossfit March 30, 2012

My hydrostatic body fat test results showed that at 124.8 before I started crossfit, I had 33.79 lbs of fat, and the follow up hydrostatic test showed I had 34.33 lbs of fat at 132.5 pounds- so only a half pound fat gain, which is totally awesome since I gained over 7 lbs of muscle. This means I’ve maintained 99% of my 17 lbs fat loss from my 3rd HCG Injections round. I now have a lower body fat percent at 132 pounds than at 124 pounds.

Also I wanted to take this opportunity to tell all you ladies out there, not to be afraid of building muscle. It will really work to your benefit in the long run, and you will not look like the hulk. But also that what this can mean for a period of time is that you will see an increase in the scale at first. Unless you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, you will see an increase in the scale and even in your inches a little bit. I have found using this weight loss protocol to lose the fat to be the simplest approach. Then I use crossfit (or another resistance training program of your choice) to build muscle. What I’m trying to say is that your weight and your inches will go back down even smaller than before in your next “phase” of fat loss.

So try not to always use the scale alone as a gauge to whether you’re a success or failure. It’s nice if you can find a way to measure your actual body composition (how much fat vs. muscle you have) instead. The handheld omron body fat monitor has been pretty useful in this respect. You can find it on my “store” page if you wanted to check into purchasing one- they’re only like thirty bucks on Amazon. The handheld body fat monitor was only 1% off of my actual body fat percent when compared to the hyrostatic body fat test.

R4VLCD5 Update – Smaller Measurements at Higher Weight
April 6, 2012

This is my first time taking a dose as low as 125iu of Hcg for subcutaneous injections on the diet, and it has worked well so far! My hunger is obsolete except when it’s time for my small meal.

I started out still doing Crossfit while taking HCG Injections the first week, but I decided to drop it after seeing my weightloss be quite slow this first week when keeping it in.

As I learned while trying to fast and do Crossfit in p3 and p4, it’s seems to be difficult for the body to accomplish multiple things at the same time that are kind of opposites- like fasting and muscle building. That has made me wonder if trying to lose fat quickly on this protocol is really kind of at odds with trying to continue going to Crossfit. I just wanted to try to preserve the muscle I have and hated to stop the Crossfit, but seeing how things have panned out so far, it’s not promising.

Just a little interesting tidbit, my waist and belly measurement at 131 pounds is exactly the same as when I was 122 lbs on my 3rd round.  What does this mean?  It means I’m more muscle and less fat now- that I can be 9 lbs heavier and have the same smallness of waist and belly.  Oh yeah!

R4VLCD7 -2.2, Ketones up after fruit removal
April 8, 2012

Hey guys! HCGchica. I just wanted to check in. This is round 4 VLCD 7. I was actually down 2.2 today on the scale. My fat stayed the same however it’s kinda evening up cause at 1st day I actually was losing more fat than weight according to my OMRON handheld body fat monitor. As of this point I am down 4.4 pounds in 6 VLCD days and 3.5 pounds of fat and I’m thinking it’s possible that my fat loss may catch up even a little bit more tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know because of my last round I definitely had days where my weight wouldn’t drop but my pounds of fat would drop like a pound or even a pound and a half and others days where my weight would drop but my fat would stay the same. So definitely didn’t drop like evenly but somehow it always seems to pretty much catch up. Hopefully that will happen too. Either way I’m still really close so I’m happy with that.

Yesterday was my second day of removing my fruits and having the zero percent FAGE yogurt in place of it. I did that for my entire last round and I had achieve 90% fat loss on my last round which I proved through hydrostatic body fat testing so I know that is a safe thing for me to do since that’s not a normal protocol thing to do. Doctor Simeons never mentioned anything about 0% fat free yogurt for any newbies out there but that’s something I had chosen to try and it did worked for me, for my fat loss. Yesterday was my second day doing that and what was nice was today my ketones were up to 40. Yesterday they were only at trace and the day before that they were at 15 so my ketones have definitely been smaller than last round and I wanted to see if I could bump that up a bit and if that will help my fat loss at all.

Yesterday I was definitely quite tired. I don’t know if that’s because of my body getting a little more into ketosis. Today I felt great. I had really good energy. So yeah so that’s that. I guess that’s all I have to share so that’s where I’m at for moment and I’ll update again soon. Take care.

Low Blood Sugar on HCG – HCGR4VLCD9

April 10, 2012

If you ever choose to remove the fruits on p2 as I have done the past 3 rounds of HCG Injections, do be careful about keeping your blood sugar even. It is much easier to get low blood sugar when you remove the fruits and grissini since that makes up the majority of the carbs on the diet. I find my body does adjust after a couple days, but you may have to eat a little extra vegetables or other carb when you get low blood sugar at first. Just be aware of how you’re feeling is all.

It feels really yucky to deal with low blood sugar so it’s good to address that right away.


Hey guys! HCGhica! Just want to update you. It’s Round 4 VLCD 9. I’m down a half pound in fat today so I’m really happy about that. We’ll see if it sticks tomorrow. My body fat percent so far has dropped by little over 2% in 8 days so that’s exciting. I did have some low blood sugar issues yesterday. I did have this at the beginning of my last round. I think it has to do with the fact that I took out my fruits again which I had done last round. When you don’t have the fruits on P2 it makes the diet really low carb. I think that really fix my blood sugar. I have a glucose meter, for those of you who are familiar with blood sugar numbers usually I think 90-100 is best. I feel best when it’s close to 100. In the morning I actually  felt a little bit like when I stood up quickly like I might faint or something so I had 3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk which I was kind of hoping would help bring it up. I guess it doesn’t really have much carbs in it at all if any. So as it was it didn’t help because half an hour later I checked my blood sugar and it was 74 which is definitely too low for me. I decided to go ahead and take another 25 IU of the hormone as well. Just up my dose back up to 150 to see if that had anything to do with it. Then I had 100 calories of 0% FAGE yogurt. I continue to check my blood sugar it still wasn’t going up much. I think it went up to 80 and then maybe 85 and then it started going back down again. So I came home and had my lunch which was my asparagus soup with chicken and Shirataki noodles and then I was doing better after that. I think it was up to 96 after I had my soup. In the afternoon I ended up having my yogurt again and I did have an extra item of food yesterday. I decided to have an apple. I felt like my body probably needed a little more carb so I had an apple. For dinner I had my chicken onion and lemon soup with the noodles and I was good. I was good with that. I did have to eat a little more because of my blood sugar. That was good.

This morning my blood sugar is 85 on waking. I took my injection and then I waited for a little bit and I checked it again and then it was 78. I knew I should probably eat something so I had a half cup of my 0% FAGE yogurt and not too long after that, actually I checked it again and it was 96 which was perfect, and then it was getting close to lunch time again. I am doing much better today with that. I also remix my hormone today so I have a new batch. I mix in 2000 IU vials and they usually last between 9 and 11 days or so. Maybe that will be a good thing too and I’m going to go back to 150 IU injections for the moment and yeah that’s it. Just want to give you guys a quick update and I was really happy to see my fat go down to 29.5 pounds today because I’ve been stuck at 30 pounds of fat for 4 days and before that I was stuck at 31 pounds of fat for 3 days and last round I was stuck at 30 pounds of fat for like a week. I don’t know maybe that is like a fat set point for me. I’m not sure but I was really happy to see 29.5 today and I will be super happy to see it- I would love to see it drop even more tomorrow but even if it just stays the same at 29.5 I will be very happy about that. So that’s my update today and I’ll check in again soon.

R4VLCD12 Lost some more fat finally!
April 13, 2012

This round is showing me once again just how complex our bodies are. For over a week I haven’t lost weight or fat and I’m eating 500 calories a day and I’m not hungry. So how’s that working? What am I living on? Very interesting indeed.

As an experiment I tried removing stevia to see if it would increase my ketones. Although it’s doubtful stevia could affect blood sugar and therefore ketones, on this protocol you never know right? So I left the stevia out one day. And guess what? The next day my ketones dropped to zero. Yay for me- I can have stevia without worrying.

The other thing I then turned my attention to was the shirataki/miracle noodles. Again I really don’t think it could affect anything because to me it’s like saying eating cardboard would prevent fat loss.

I did drop 1.5 pounds of fat finally which was very satisfying to see.

Body Shot and Comparison of different body fat percents at same weight- R4VLCD16 April 17, 2012


Hey guys! HCGchica! Sorry for the strange angle. I wanna give you guys a body shot today. I’ve been by HHcgCraZy and MissHCGgirl. I agree body shots are really helpful to see when you’re researching this weight loss protocol or when you’re on the protocol. So I had to set my camera a little different.

Today is VLCD 16 of round 4. I am at 127.2 today but more importantly I am down to 27.5 pounds of fat as of this morning. Again that is on my handheld OMRON body fat monitor. So in reality it’s actually 2 – 3 pounds of fat higher if I were to have hydrostatic but since I use my OMRON every day I used it last round I’m able to use this to make comparisons and it’s been really consistent. Anyway I’m really excited because where I’m at the OMRON is 27.5 pounds of fat which means so far I’ve had a 6 pound fat lost  in the last 15 days and I’ve had a 6.4 pound weight lost. So basically so far almost all of my weight lost is fat which is really what I was going for. For some of the newbies out there don’t be alarmed if it’s sounds like, cause you know saying I lost 6 pounds in 15 days doesn’t sound like much but don’t be alarmed I’m really getting much smaller now I’m already a size 4. I’m getting close to being a size 2 so it’s normal for it to be small at this point. If you’re much heavier you’ll definitely be losing a lot more weight than that in 15 days if you’re doing the protocol. But as you get smaller it definitely gets slower and for those of you who are getting smaller in the protocol its normal for it to be slow I think but be patient. It’s definitely been difficult at times to be patient this round but you know my lost vlog I discuss how I was stuck at 30 pounds of fat like seemingly forever but now it’s gradually going down it went down to 28.5 in this morning 27.5 so as of the moment it’s putting me at 21.7% body fat. Again in reality if I did the hydrostatic which I will in a couple of few weeks it’s probably more like 22.7 or 23.7 but I’m definitely getting in o a really good zone with my body fat percent now. So I’m really excited about that and also to have almost all of my weight loss be fat loss that was really the most important thing to me.

One other quick thing I wanna mention before I do the body shot is that because I did the interim period between my last round in this round of CrossFit. I did a 3 months of cross fit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that but if you do some type of program that really pushes you with some weight lifting where you can build muscle I gained 7 pounds of muscle during that time and I had my hydrostatic results to prove that and I only gained a half pound of fat. What’s kinda neat is because of that, that weight gained that I had was almost entirely muscle. So now this time as I go down in my weight I’m able to match it up with my 3rd round and where I was at that weight with my body fat percent. So I would just like to show you guys. Last round when I was at this weight 127 I have 127.4 on there I was actually between 34- I was 34.5 pounds of fat that day. As of today I’m 27.5 pounds of fat at that same weight. So that’s actually 7 pounds less fat at the same weight. Again what that means is that I am smaller. I’m smaller now at the same weight. So that’s really exciting to me. On that day on my third round the OMRON had me at 27.1 percent body fat as a result and today I’m at 21.7 so that’s almost 6% less body fat. That’s definitely what you want

Okay, so here’s my body shot I’m a size 4 right now. Show you the front, side, back and other side so I hope you can see all of me. But anyway this are snug pants so it’s kinda holding in a little bit of stuff up here but overall I definitely kinda losing a little bit all over this round. Like I said I’m still size 4 which is what I finished at last round when I was 122, 124 as I think when I got into the size 4 and they were pretty snug but the size 4 on me now at 127 were actually getting lose and I’m starting to get close to a size 2. I don’t know that I’ll reach that at the end of this round or not. I probably have to extend my round if I wanted to do that but anyway yeah I’m excited I’m happy with the results but it is definitely much slower when you’re smaller but I do think the actual inch change is quicker because just losing smaller amounts has a bigger change in your body. Other than that I am basically always negative or trace on the ketones sticks now. So just to show that as long as you’re doing the diet properly not showing ketones is not a bad thing. My last round I had really big ketones for much of the rounds and lost almost all fat and this time I have almost none the whole time. Sorry the camera keeps moving. I have it sitting on top of my lampshade so I can show you the body shot.

Anyway that’s my results. I’m having my Shirataki noodles again. My stevia cause that really didn’t seem to be what was affecting my fat loss. It really just seem to be a time factor and just my own body working through whatever issues it had. The other one quick thing I did wanna mention was that I have had a few, not a few, maybe almost every other day period where I feel really tired. One day specially I  felt really bad and you know I research stuff a lot and I know that toxins that your body is around is stored in your fat, can be stored in your fat. I was kinda wondering if some of this fat that I’ve been losing had some toxins stored in it. Cause I’ve definitely done some unhealthy things. I used to do a lot of- I used to paint homes and I never wore a mask and I didn’t wear gloves and I would just get paint all over me and breathe it, the vapors and I did that for a number of years and drinking a lot of Diet Coke and I got very sick. I use to even do that with like you know just strong different paints like sealers. I use to do a lot of furniture and stuff like that. I was just stupid. I was young and stupid. So I did things like that and I do feel that’s one of the reasons that I originally got ill and got my auto-immune condition. So I’m kinda wondering if some of that fat had stored some..

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R3- No sugar/carb Loading, veggies instead of fruit on p2, pre hcg low carbing

October 12, 2011

Ever the experimenter, I experiment not simply for the sake of doing it, but I experiment when my life experiences seem to necessitate it.  In this new experiment, I chose a plan of action that would accomplish a two-fold goal: get rid of my sugar addiction again, prepare my body to enter ketosis as quickly as possible to hopefully bring about greater fat loss and less muscle loss on hcg.

About nine days prior to starting my load for Round 3 of HCG Injections, I started a high-fat, super low carb diet (almost no carb really).  We’re talking steak and bacon and grass fed burger patties all day.  Why nine days?  No reason really.  Just wanted it to be long enough to clear carbs from my system and to hopefully get through any period of sugar withdrawal and the resulting torturous cravings that I knew could possibly occur.  But guess what?  From my research, eating high fats is supposed to help with cravings, and indeed it did.  Getting off sugar was the easiest it’s ever been for me!  I removed ALL sugars including fruits and even most vegetables.  This isn’t something I necessarily suggest you do long term, but it was for a purpose- my re-addiction to sugar was no joke and I needed to find a way to fix it before I started the protocol or I knew that I would fail again.  Following the 9 days of the high-fat almost no carb diet, I started loading for this weight loss protocol.

Round 3 Loading Phase for hCG Diet: .6 gain in 2 Days – CLEAN / Low Carb Phase 1

October 13, 2011

Low carb loading led me to have my smallest loading gain yet.  Only a half pound gain.  Not sure how this would translate to my experience with hunger and weakness my first week of the HCG Injections though.

Starting my round at 142.6
Load day 1: gain 1.2
Load day 2: loss .6
Total loading weight: .6


Hey guys! HCGchica. I’m here to report on my second loading day that was yesterday. This is a first for me. I actually was down .6 this morning so my total load weight gain is only .6. As I said yesterday I loaded on only fats and proteins. I had no sugars or starches all I had in the total 2 days that had any sugar was a 1 small apple from my apple tree so anyway that’s a first for me. My first round I only gained .8 on loading so it’s about the same but I had a lot of sugar and starches at that time and I didn’t actually have any loss so that’s very interesting. .6 is my total gain. I gained 1.2 the first day and lost .6 the 2nd day. So I’m starting my round at 142.6.

I also did not stuff myself on loading like I have on the past.

I basically just ate like I’ve been eating the last week and a half which is high fat, protein. I’m gonna guess I had somewhere maybe around like 4000 calories or so. Probably around 4000, that’s just a guess but that’s about how much I usually eat like 3000-4000 calories and when I eat low carb I can eat that much and not gain weight. But as soon as I add carbs in with that amount of calories I do gain weight. That’s just interesting. I’m starting out with 45 pounds of fat which is about where I started out last time, last round. I’ll be interested to see how things go. I don’t know if this first week will be tough or not since I did not gain too much loading.

I don’t know like how my hunger will be. Right now it’s actually already 12 o’clock and I’m feeling fine. I’ve had 1 cup of black tea just with a little stevia in it and I’m having my water and I’m gonna have my lunch in a little bit later.

So far I’m feeling really good. I’m taking a small dose of Isocort once every hour or so. I’m taking a total of 15mg of cortisol and I took that the last 2 loading days so that’s encouraging to me because since I did have a loss yesterday even though I ate all that fat and I did take the cortisol. That’s encouraging to me. Hopefully I will be able to continue taking that on this round and that might you know help other people who have adrenal problems. They may be able to take that and still lose weight so we’ll find out. That’s it for today. I’ll check in with you guys soon.

R3D1 – 2.2, Ketones at 80, no fruit on p2 today
October 14, 2011

Soooo low carb loading led me to high ketosis after my first vlcd day!  Yup- experiment totally did what I thought it would do.  I was extremely pleased to see that dark color on my ketone strip that morning.  Also a 2.2 loss on the scale, especially after only a .6 loading gain, was quite pleasing indeed.  Another experiment I chose to try is to have no fruit on p2.  This is not something I suggest you do unless you really think it through because I do believe it’s much easier to get low blood sugar if you do this, so just proceed with caution if you choose to do this.  Since I’m not eating the fruits (or grissini/melba- I never eat that), I chose to increase my veggie intake.  I wasn’t trying to lessen my calorie intake below the 500, I was just trying to keep as many sugars out as possible because of my recent addiction to sugar that I was coming out of.


Hey guys! HCGChica. I’m here to give you the results of VLCD 1 yesterday. This morning I got out and I was down 2.2 pounds which is pretty exciting considering I only ended up gaining .6 on loading. My second round I gained 3.8 loading or 3.6 and I lost 3.4 the next day. To lose 3.4 on my second round when I still had almost the same loading weight and this time to lose 2.2 after only gaining .6, I’m already ahead of last round that’s super exciting. That puts me 140.4 and that means I’ve had a total loss of 2.8 because I loss .6 after my second loading day, also my body fat went down a whole pound to 44 pounds. That’s significant also cause last round it took me a few days before I lost any fat I think that’s also interesting and then the other thing that’s super exciting is that this morning I did the ketone strip and I was already at 80. I’ve never even seen 80. I didn’t do ketones on my first round, but on my second round I did them for a while and I kinda just gave up after a while because it never showed anything and then finally later I tried it again and then it was showing like really, really light and that was like for a couple days so anyway I have never been in high ketosis but my ketones where at 80 and that is after only 1 VLCD day so that is so exciting to me because for me I was am most concerned about losing fat. I don’t care about how much I weigh what I care about is my body fat percent and how much fat I’m losing. So I’m so excited about that.

The things that I think contributed to me getting ketosis that fast are, one loading on almost no carbs. I loaded only on high fat and high protein and secondly, my VLCD day yesterday I did not have any fruits or grissini. I never did the grissini but this time I also took out fruits and I am eating extra vegetables though so I don’t mind getting to the 500 calorie. I’m just trying to do it without fruits for the time being. Between those 2 things I think that’s what did it also as I said before I did 9 to 10 days of low carb still high calorie but low carb previous to starting this round.

I feel so excited about how well it’s starting out and I actually have really good energy and that is due to the Isocort that I take. I think that this protocol can be kinda tough on your body and this is my 3rd round and I have adrenal issues as it is and I think a lot of people out there may have adrenal issues and the hormone I do think can make it worst, it’s just a lot for your body to go through and it can be hard on your adrenals. So with that in mind I think it would be good if you aren’t feeling good on the protocol or you don’t feel good after it, check in to any adrenal issues that you may have you can actually take a cortisol test it’s a saliva test that you take a saliva like 3 -5 times in a day and send it to this lab and they test your cortisol levels and that will tell you if your levels are low or medium or high. One of the things you can do to relieve that is by taking Isocort which is a natural form of cortisol and each tablet has just a little bit. But I’m just taking that every hour or 2 throughout the main part of the day and that has been helping my energy tremendously pre-HCG and now I’m continuing on here and it doesn’t seem to have hurt my loss the last couple of days and I have much better energy so far than I did the last 2 rounds. That might be something to look into for other people as well who have health issues. Anyway I just wanted to share that.

Yesterday I had black tea with stevia I had a 100 grams of cod and asparagus for lunch. I had shrimp and fennel for dinner and around 10:30 pm I was kinda hungry because I didn’t really eat that much so I had some broccoli. I steamed some broccoli and again like I said I did not have any fruits so I’m not really too worried about having too much vegetables so I’m not weighing over anything because without the fruits I know I could just have as much vegetables I want I’m pretty sure.

I slept for 9 hours last night. I did have some hunger yesterday not a lot. Most of the day mostly fine just here and there and then I would eat a little bit of my food and I was fine. Today I actually injected just a little more. I usually inject a 150ius that what has worked for me all last round and half of the first round. Today I actually injected a little bit more just because of the little bit of hunger I had gotten and to a new HCGer it is normal to be hungry the first to 2-3 days especially if you’ve loaded on higher carb things. It’s like such a drastic change and maybe whatever insulin was put out to bring your blood sugar back down from all the carbs It’s like you might have a hard time the first couple days and be hungry and that doesn’t mean that your dose isn’t right it just takes a few days, usually after day 3 if you’re still hungry then you might wanna think about it adjusting your dose I’m just kinda mentioning that. For me personally I did try increasing my dose just a tiny bit like a 166ius and I’m actually more hungry today, I’m having like it’s only 12 and I was having, I think around 11:30 I was starting already like a hunger grumblings so I had my shrimp but I think I better go back to 150 or maybe a tiny bit lower. Anyway that’s what’s going on with me.

At the moment I’m taking a brand of the hormone called Zykog. I don’t actually think it’s made anymore. I bought it back in February and I bought several ampules and I can’t find it now. It has worked really good for me because none of my rounds had I been hungry. I had always have not been hungry at all. That’s why I liked it because I trusted it but anyway I did order some new hormone from alldaychemist that I’m gonna be switching over to, and that brand that I chose is called Fertigyn. Pretty much if you order from alldaychemist or whatever all those brands are good brands I’m sure any of them would work fine but I was just doing a little research online of you know brands that people like more than other. Some seem to be a little more potent than others because of people having to adjust their dose base on which brand and I’ve decided to try the Fertigyn because a number of people said that they felt really good taking that brand they said they felt like really happy and just mentally and emotionally really good and that’s always a plus. I’m gonna try that when it comes and I will let you know if that feels any different from the one I’m taking now, like I said I inject on my stomach about 150ius a day in the morning and that seems to work good for me for now.

That’s my update and I will let you know how tomorrow goes. I am so excited about the Ketone thing. I don’t know I just never seen that with me so that is so exciting. So there maybe something to this low carb loading. If anyone else tries this and it works well let me know. SeattleSuzi actually loaded that way unbeknownst to each other we each had decided separately to do this I didn’t even know who she was before I decided this and she didn’t know who I was and I saw her vlog and she ended up loading low carbs as well and she actually lost 5 pounds loading that’s pretty amazing but I know she’s still probably loaded with fats and everything. She seem to have good results from that and we’re about on the same schedule I don’t know if I got to see what she lost after her first VLCD day yet. That’s it for me and I’ll check in again soon.

Great Teas for P2 on HCG- losing FAT! -R3P2D2 -1.2

October 15, 2011

Tea is one of my saving graces on the HCG Injections.  With a little stevia, I can find a way to be satisfied when I can’t eat.

My favorite black tea is Numi’s Organic Chinese Breakfast Tea– 2 cups of this each morning is what wakes up this Chica each day.

Numi’s Green Rooibos tea and Numi Organic Honeybush Tea are super tasty herbal/uncaffeinated teas.

Tazo Zen Green Tea is so delicious- a blend of lemongrass and spearmint- a truly inspired combination if you ask me.

Zhena’s Gypsy Chocolate Chai Tea

For the chocolate lovers out there, the The Republic of Tea, Double Dark Chocolate Mate is yummy and rich.

Total loss 4 pounds in 2 vlcd days so far.
only had .6 loading gain
Loaded on only fats and proteins
Not eating fruits on p2 right now, eating extra veggie instead.

Water and Calorie Intake on HCG according to Dr. Simeons – HCG R3P2D3 -1.4
October 16, 2011

Dr. Simeons mentioned in his book Pounds and Inches that you should drink about 2 liters of water per day while on the HCG Injections.  I never knew how much that was in terms I can understand (like quarts) till I looked it up.  Turns out 2 liters is a little over 2 quarts or 64 ounces.  This was actually surprising to me as when I think of drinking a lot of liquids I think more in terms of like, a gallon, which is twice as much as that.  It certainly possible to drink too much liquids too so this was nice to re-read.

Additionally, some people around the web who do HCG police the policy that “you must eat the full 500 calories on HCG!!!!”  Must you?  Here’s is what Dr. Simeons said….”those not uncommon patients who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything that they wish.”  Also, “the diet must not exceed 500 calories per day.”  So what I take this to mean is that you feel like the full 500 while on HCG is too much (ie you feel full or not hungry), go ahead and eliminate whatever you want (aside from your protein- that’s not an option), but if you’re purposefully trying to get away with eating only 350 calories or something and feeling super crappy and weak while doing it, in that case it would probably be smart to up the calories to the full 500 in that case.

137.8 this day.

R3P2D4 -1.4, total 6.8lbs in 4 days on HCG
October 17, 2011

Since I wasn’t eating fruits on the HCG Injections for round 3, that made my carb intake almost zero, so I felt kind of shaky and weak in the morning.  I added some cottage cheese in the morning to help combat the weak feeling.

I found myself feeling thirsty and ended up drinking a gallon and half of water.  I read online that being thirsty is one sign of ketosis and my ketone strips are at 80 so it seems to make sense- made it easy to get my water in!

Also of note is that fact that I’m probably only consuming about 350 calories on the protocol at the moment since I’m not eating the grissini/melba or fruit at the moment- I’m only eating 2 100 gram portions of the proteins and 2 vegetables- and I’m losing a lot of fat, so overall this seems to be working quite well.

Demo of Omron Handheld Body Fat Monitor- HCG R3P2D5
October 18, 2011

I have been using this handheld body fat analyzer by Omron everyday while on HCG Injectionsand off when in P3 and P4- for me personally I have found it to be very consistent and quite accurate.  My model is actually quite old- like 15 years, so I haven’t personally used this newer model.  Several people who have bought it on my recommendation have found it to be consistent, while a few have mentioned that the numbers fluctuated too much or were really “off” from their true body fat percent via hydrostatic bodyfat testing.  This hasn’t been my experience, so I’m not sure what makes the difference for some.

One thing I do know is that it’s very important, in whatever circumstances you use the body fat monitor, to keep things the same every time you use it- I use mine immediately upon waking, unclothed, right after using the restroom.  I stand on the same floor.  If I walk around for 10 minutes and then use the monitor, the reading will be different and will not be a good comparison to other days when I use it immediately upon waking.  So it’s important to be consistent in how you use it. By doing this, this particular body fat monitor has proved to be both consistent and accurate when compared with hydrostatic testing, enough so that it’s very worth having and using while on the protocol- it gives me a general idea of how much fat I’m losing and where my body is at.  Of course ideally it would be great to have a daily DEXA scan while on the protocol so you’d know exactly how much fat and muscle you were losing, but obviously that would cost wayyyy too much, and also would not be too smart for your health either.  So for me this bridges that gap.

You can purchase the fat monitor on Amazon for only $30, and it has literally been the most useful tool in my weight loss journey aside from the actual hormone itself.

This has been very useful because I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating the 300 or 350 calories or so that I’ve been eating while on the diet plan without being confident that I was losing mostly fat and that my muscle was staying intact.  The body fat monitor has assured me that my losses are almost entirely fat- and this is interesting, since last round I was actually eating more calories- some days maybe more like 700 calories of non protocol foods and I didn’t lose as much as fat as I am now on only 300 calories of the proper protocol foods.  So that’s why for me the handheld body fat monitor has just been sooo useful as it really helps me make knowledgeable decisions to get the best results from the weight loss protocol.  I hope this helps you guys too!

HCGer’s with good p2 and p3 recipe ideas – HCG R3P2D6 -.6
October 19, 2011

Here are some great resources of youtube hcger’s who have great recipes for p2, p3 and..

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My hCG Diet Journal from Round 2 of the hCG Diet Protocol with injections Loading on HCG – Round 2

June 16, 2011


Hey guys! HCGChica. Before I say anything else I wanted to ask everybody to take a moment and comment below about how you get your water in. I was actually talking with my mom the other day about drinking enough water and how we can do that and I remembered someone who made a vlog regarding something they added something to their water and kinda taste like Kool-Aid. Well it turned out it was DeeHCGprincess. Thank you so much for that blog she mentioned a Stevida product that taste like Kool-Aid that she got off of vita cost so we’re gonna try that. She says she makes this big batch, you can go back she has a video just called Stevida Kool-Aid or something like that and she just makes a huge batch of it and drinks off that all day I think. That’s a great idea and I wanna see what other things you guys do to get your water and what makes it easier whether it’s putting something in your water to make it taste better or even like if you use a certain type of container or if there’s a method to the timing of it that helps you get it in just share what you do that’s successful. I’ll share my next vlog as well. I’ll compile your comments and share that and then also what I do to get my water because there’s something that I do that if I don’t do it I won’t drink hardly any water at all but if I have my special container I will drink a lot of water so just share that below.

Today is my second loading day and I’m not down, sure wish I was down, I’m up 1.4 pounds from before loading but I’m actually only .8 pounds up from where I’ve been maintaining off for the last 2 and a half months. I maintained for about 2 and a half months at 146.2 then I got the flu I lost 5 pounds kept 3 of it off for 5 days and then I was up a little bit not a couple days after that and then I started my round at 145.6 and then I’m up 1.4 from now which is 147. It looks like I’m gonna gain about maybe 3 to 4 pounds loading which seems about right for me. Loading is hard for me I don’t actually wanna eat as soon as I start taking the hormone it’s like instantly specially fatty foods really turns me off and makes me feel nauseous but I’m doing my best. I only gained .8 pounds loading last time over the whole 2 days so anyway I am eating you know, junk but not junk food but you know I’m loading. Alright I’ll check in tomorrow take care.

Round 2 Loading Phase: 3 Day Load on the hCG Diet – (It Ended Up Being A Big Mistake)

June 16, 2011 December 17, 2014 UPDATED THOUGHTS

I recorded this video in June 2011 – during what I guess was the first 1/3 of my hCG weight loss journey. I would like to let you guys know what the long term outcome of my choices during that Round 2 – including:

  • my choice to load 3 days (which is not always a poor choice- see my post Should You Load for 3 Days?)
  • to eat whatever I wanted including tons of sugar, ice-cream, and gluten
  • eating a huge amount

I can see after watching this vlog back for the first time in probably 3 years that I have a come a long way baby, and I am speaking NOT of physical weight whatsoever.

I also hope it might comfort you guys a little to see where my head was when I was early on my hCG journey, in case you find yourself identifying with that years-ago-me up there. Because I wouldn’t make any of those choices now, and I haven’t done so in about 3 years. But I DID make such choices at one time – and this just happens to be the only time it was caught on camera, but my making choices like this has been a pattern for a few years prior to arriving at this spot.

If you watch my current videos or see me results – that I’ve been maintaining my weight loss over 2 years, that I crossfit and lift heavy weights, that I don’t eat ice-cream and love kale, you might think I’ve always been this way. Then you might feel like since you may not be in that place that making this change will be too hard for you.

We all start somewhere, usually near some garbage can where we just threw what was left of a package of cookies, hoping it would stop us from eating the rest. Man, even that didn’t usually work.

And that was me at the beginning too.

But obviously, I changed, as will you. If I had known then that my progress wouldn’t be in a straight line or that it would take me a couple year to REALLY internalize and OWN the needed changes, I probably would have given up before I started. So don’t think too far ahead – just start on this path – do your research, make logical wise choices based on what really works and doesn’t work for others, especially if your Gut-O-Meter (ability to sense truth from your gut) has been damaged by sugar consumption.

The “After-the-Fact” Conclusion Essentially, I made all the wrong choices during round 2.

And it started with the loading.

If you watch the video, I’d like you to listen for some key things I said that reveal how out of touch I was with myself.

I say things like, “I just had a gut feeling I should load a third day.”

2 Definitions of Gut Feeling:

  • “instinct, intuition” – which as far as I know means perception of truth, knowing what is truly in the best interests of your survival.
  •  “If you have a gut feeling, you sense something about a person or a situation, without knowing why, but you’re sure what you sense is true.”
Obviously my Gut-O-Meter was WAY off.

“Why yes self, I DO thing that quart of ice-cream and cookies is EXACTLY what my body needs for true success to be mine.”

Fasting for First VLCD- HCG R2P2VLCD1
June 17, 2011

I’m not recommending anyone do this, this is just what I chose to do on my 2nd round of HCG Injections for the first vlcd day.  I chose to fast entirely and drink nothing but water for the whole day to kind of jumpstart my losses on the protocol and to try to ease the “pain” of my body adjusting to diet those first few very low calorie days of the protocol (we all know they are uncomfortable).


Hey guys! HCGChica! I’m checking in so today is my first VLCD day so I’m so excited to get up and see my loss tomorrow. I loaded 3 days and I gained a total of 3.6 pounds and I’m pretty sure that after a day that some of that water is water just water it’s not fat it’s water because I had like pizza late last night. Today I’m actually doing something a little different. For my first VLCD day I’m actually fasting like not fat fast but fasting. Drinking a ton of water and then I’m not gonna eat anything today. And the reason I decided to do that is because I’ve actually been reading on a couple different nutrition workout people on their sites about how fasting can be used after eating, after gorge days fasting can be used to lose a lot of fat in 1 day. It’s not something I’m gonna do all the time but they said when you do fast strategically for 24 to 36 hours you can actually lose a good amount of fat. If you do it after you’ve eaten a good amount of fat. That’s what I’m gonna try I’m doing that today. It’s already it’s 4:30 I haven’t eaten yet I’ve been drink a lot of water and we’ll see if I end up having a good loss tomorrow and then I’m sure I probably  will because everybody does the first day. I just really wanna, just you know, like you guys try different things and see what produces different results and stuff like that. That’s it I’ll check in soon.

Fast Day Results after 3 Day Load – HCG R2P2VLCD2

June 18, 2011

After gaining 3.6 lbs loading over the course of 3 days prior to starting the vlcd for HCG Injections, I fasted my first vlcd to jumpstart the whole process and was down 3.4 lbs after the fast day!  In all honesty I wasn’t even really hungry while fasting which is surprising.  Seemed to work just fine for me.  I haven’t done a fast day since (I’m am beyond Round 4 now as of this writing) while on the protocol.  I may employ it in the future, but I tend to like to have some research under my belt before I feel confident with doing something and there just isn’t research that I can find that combines fasting with the diet- anyone who knows me knows that sparing muscle is one of my most important concerns, so I never want to jeopardize my muscle for the sake of experimentation or to make the scale go down faster.


Hey guys! HCGChica! Hey okay so I’m doing the ketone strips but I’m gonna show it you because I need  you ketone pros maybe you can tell me what color this is because to me my stick looks like totally none of the colors, it’s none of them, it’s different. I guess it looks closest to 1 of this 3 maybe but it’s like a totally different color so if any of you know please help me. The darkest one for anyone who doesn’t know is large ketones which is 160 and then the next one is large it’s 80 and then moderate is 40 but I mean honestly I can’t tell so if any of you know.

Today is VLCD 2 as you know I had 3 days of loading which is kind of different from the normal 2. I gained a total of 3.6 pounds loading and that was a gain of 1.6 the first day .6 the next day and then 1.4 the 3rd day. I started after loading at 149.2 I chose to do a fast day for my first VLCD, not a fat fast, but fast so I drink almost 2 gallons of water and I didn’t eat anything and to be honest I was hardly hungry at all I mean for not eating anything after eating so much for 3 days. The hormone for me really works with hunger and I was thinking that might help me get over those first few of days of hunger easier by just fasting that first day and I think it probably will be good for that and I really didn’t feel hardly hungry at all and I drink a ton of water. I bet you wanna know the results of my fast day and that is that this morning I was down 3.4 pounds. I’m 145.8 and that’s super exciting to me I think that was really successful because my last round I did a 2 day load and I only gained a .8 and I feel like I tried to load well but maybe I didn’t, I don’t know but I only gained .8 and I lost 1.8 my first VLCD day my last round so this round I loss almost double. I gained more loading. I lost almost double my first day and I fasted this time so those were the 3 differences. I’m very happy with that specially because I am keeping track of my body fat percent my husband has this handheld thing he use to used it when he used to be a personal trainer, you know in another life and it’s this handheld thing that does your body fat. It’s fairly accurate it’s not as accurate as hydrostatic but it’s kinda like I think it’s the 3rd one down. it’s like hydrostatic body fat testing and like the bod pad and then the calipers by someone who’s trained and using the calipers that would be like the next most accurate and then I think this handheld one is the next accurate It’s more accurate than the scale ones that’s for sure.

I lost a whole pound of fat from yesterday which to me is good because I had only gained one pound of fat over loading. So what that means is those extra pounds were just water, if that makes sense. My things said that I have 46.5 pounds of fat after I finished the loading and then it said that I have 45.5 pounds fat today. Isn’t that so exciting? I lost the pound of fat that I gained in the 1 day after 3 days. So that’s pretty exciting and just excited to see good out from here. I slept for 10 hours last night. So there’s that I’m just trying to think if there’s any other detail that you guys might want. I’m still going to be making that water vlog I’m just still getting a few more comments so I’m just kinda waiting to compile all that and I wanna try and make it a really good one where I like actually put photos in of the different containers that some of you guys mentioned. If you guys even have a photo of what you drink out off, you can even send it to ne if not I’ll just find it on Google. Everything is on Google. I’m doing fantastic I actually felt really good yesterday and I feel really good today. I did have a headache today and I know that that’s common with the protocol and today I forgot to tell you, today I am doing a fat fast and the reason I’m dong that is because like I told you earlier from what I’ve been reading from some different fitness gurus it’s a really opportune time to fast after you have had a high calorie day. If you fast it’s an opportune time to lose fat is what I have been reading in more than one place like a 24 hour to a 36 hour fast, so I fasted. Today I chose to do a fat fast because of the extra calories. I figured if I do that that will hopefully help my body not feel like it needs to hold on to stuff because now that I’ve kind of not eaten at all now I’m gonna eat so I’m like Oh ok so there’s more nutrition here. That’s why I did that and then I plan on starting my regular VLCD days tomorrow, and depending on how the fat fast woks for me I will incorporate that into the rest of the program this round. I don’t plan on doing anymore regular fast that was just for that first day. That’s it and if you guys have any questions let me know and I appreciate everybody I’ve been watching all of your vlogs and I know you know that because I’m commenting and I’m so excited because I was looking at my page and I have over 200 subscribers now which is kinda neat because when I first started my last round, I remember when I had about 20. And I liked it because I like seeing how you guys are doing and I’m subscribed to more than 200 people so thankfully not all of you are vlogging every day because that would be really overwhelming for those of you on P2 it’s nice to see how you are all doing. All right talk to you soon.

Fat Fast Results on HCG (no longer recommended)

June 19, 2011

While I did lose 1.8 lbs after my first trial at the Fat Fast day while on HCG Injections, I must make it clear that I NO LONGER SUPPORT the idea of doing fat fasting while on HCG.  I have come to my own personal conclusion that Dr. Simeons knew what he was talking about when he said to avoid all fats while on the diet.  It was kind of a craze to do fat fasting while on the protocol about a year ago and everyone was doing them.  What are my reasons for thinking this is now unwise?

I use a handheld body fat monitor daily- on and off the protocol.  While many people find these to be sporadic and unreliable, I have found the opposite to be true in my case.  I compared my handheld body fat monitor with my hydrostatic body fat test results from Round 3 (update as of 9/12: as of Round 4 as well) and it was actually pretty accurate, so I’ve found that using it is a fairly reliable way for myself to see what the composition of my weightloss is made out of- in other words- how much of the scale weight being lost is fat and how much is muscle or water?  That takes us back to the fat fasting- the day after doing a fat fast or any other “non-protocol” type day where I had higher fats in my diet than usual, I found that while I lost “weight” on the scale, my fat actually went up!  It’s possible this was a fluke, but likely not, in which case it means I was losing muscle and gaining fat when I ate fats on the diet.  Not a good thing folks!

Again, I don’t have solid concrete proof that this is actually what’s happening, as certainly there are fluctuations on my handheld body fat monitor and it’s more a useful tool when looking at an overall trend over time, but it’s enough for me to know it’s not worth the risk.  If fat fasting on the protocol causes muscle loss and fat gain at the same time, this is super unhealthy and the exact opposite of what you want to happen- you might as well consider yourself as gaining weight even though you saw the scale go down.

I hope I don’t offend anyone with my strong opinion on this- I respect everyone’s right to make their own choices, but for me I have decided this is possibly (likely) a very unhealthy thing to do while on the protocol.  I want everyone to get what they want out of this protocol- which is to lose fat and shrink visibly and get into those smaller clothes- am I right or am I right?

R2P2 VLCD4-7

June 25, 2011

VLCD 4= -1.4 lbs, VLCD 5= -1.0 lbs, VLCD 6= -.0, VLCD 7= -.0, VLCD 8= -.2, total of 7.8 lbs in 7 vlcd days so far.

In this vlog I talk about eating extra proteins and sugar free jello.  In general, I think it best to avoid those processed sugar free stuff made with aspartame, but that was then, this is now.  I’ve come a long way.  As you’ll see in future vlogs, Round 2 was my “bad” round- my Round 2 on HCG Injections is a good example of what NOT to do on the protocol.


Hey guys! HCGChica! I’m trying to give you guys a quick rundown of the last few days. I did actually upload a video that you might have seen already it was 7 and a half minutes and just trying to make this quicker so that it’s easier for you guys to watch.

VLCD 4 I was down 1.4 pounds. VLCD 5 I was down 1 pound and that brought me to a total of 7.6 pounds loss in 4 days and my weight at that point was 141.6. Now VLCD 6, 7 and 8 I was down 0, 0 and .2 so things really slowed down and I’m not ecstatic about it. To be honest, I can’t complain too much because my first goose egg day I’ve been doing my body fat percent thing every day and it actually said that I lost a whole pound of fat and my body fat percent went down almost a whole percent from 31% to 30.3%. Even though I didn’t actually lose any weight that day I actually lost a pound of fat, that’s actually a good thing so I probably shouldn’t complain at all. And then the next goose egg day and then today my pounds of fats remain the same which is a 43 pounds of fat that I have. I still have a ways to go I’m a 5 foot 1 person. I’m 141 right now so that’s 43 pounds of fat. I’ not exactly sure how many pounds of fat is normal for my frame size but I’m gonna guess maybe around 25. I definitely have a little ways to go. I’ve been drinking all my water but the couple things that I did do differently when I had the goose eggs was I was very active the day before each goose egg and I added a 3rd protein because I was outside it was hot, I was sweating I was doing gardening and shoveling, not a ton but I did enough that I felt like I should probably have a 3rd protein and I had it in a form of a cottage cheese. Maybe that wasn’t a smart idea I don’t know, the other thing is I had some sugar free Jell-O’s actually 1 of the days I have 3 of them and I know that’s definitely not ideal. They’re sweetened with aspartame which is I know were not healthy but I’ve never actually had a problem losing weight using that sweetener on the protocol. I don’t know, I mean in the Jell-O form that’s different than the coke form because they do have 10 calories each. I did have higher calories those days but, I don’t know I guess I didn’t think it would be a problem but maybe it was. Or maybe that’s just maybe my weight would have slowed down anyway. I’m not really sure, but anyway that’s what’s going on with me and I am having a little bit of a rough patch with the diet which is probably why I’ve been eating a little more and trying to sneak all those Jell-O’s in and stuff because just having cravings not necessarily for bad food but I just want- I’m craving the volume and then craving frequency of food. I just wish I could eat more and more often, and it’s hard so I’m just trying to distract my mind and hoping it’ll past because the same thing happened to me last round so it’s not unfamiliar but I know hopefully it will past. So I’m just kinda trying to stick it out and just wait for it to pass hopefully I wake up to another loss too and I’m excited to try to get into the 130s. That’s my update and I’ll check in with you guys soon. Talk to you later.

9.2 lbs in 8 days so far- HCG R2P2 VLCD 9
June 25, 2011

More mention of cravings again.  One thing I have since learned about my cravings is that the best way to curb them quickly is to eat low carb for a few days, eliminating even fruit (whether I’m on HCG Injections or off).

Beware- “fat” flashing going on here.


Hey guys! HCGChica! Today is VLCD 9 the results from VLCD 8 yesterday, this morning  I was down 1.4 pounds I’m really glad about that, that makes it a total of 9.2 pounds in 8 days and that includes the 3.6 loading weight. That’s nice because I had 3 slow days since you guys know if you watch my last vlog. I’m really happy about that, yesterday I drink 2 liters of water not nearly as much as I usually drink, I just wasn’t feeling very good yesterday I told you I was having a lot of difficulties sticking to the diet just because of cravings. I’m not actually hungry, I’m not hungry at all I just wanted to eat and wanted to eat good things so I was at Target roaming the isles and every time I saw something good I just thought about it, I thought “Oh it’d be so nice to just eat a bunch of that” but I just keep thinking in my head this feeling is gonna pass, this feeling is gonna pass and today I felt a lot better I feel a lot better, I’m not craving things I’ve been busy the day is going by so quickly, I still need to drink a little more water today it was a little slacking of on that again today. I’m hoping that I’ll feel better now for a little bit. So yeah that’s my update for that. I also want a real quick show you a little bit of a body shot. The thing is last round I had bought a pair of goal jeans they were size 8 and I didn’t get in to them last round and I ended up buying 3 pairs of goal jeans just because they were so cute and they were at the thrift store, it’s like pretty easy to drop 3 dollars. I got a couple more pairs one is actually a 10P 10 petite, their like a small 10 because actually I’m wearing a 10 very comfortably right now. But the pair that I have on..

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This is my very first round on the hCG Diet I ever did in March 2011. From start to finish, you can see my own weight loss journey with hCG injections unfold.

HCG Diet – My Personal Introduction to YouTube

HCG - My Personal Introduction to YouTube - Vimeo

January 28, 2011

I learned SO MUCH from all the people I found on Youtube who vlogged their HCG journey for all to see.  Their weight losses, their gains, their experiments, their cheats, their final results.  I stayed up late many nights watching vlogs and learning all I could from real people actually doing the HCG Injections.

This inspired me to start vlogging myself- I knew it would help keep me on track.  Little did I know how neat it would be later to have these beginning videos where I can now barely recognize myself.  Little did I know later too that others would come to find me as an inspiration and helpful aid in their own HCG journey as well and I feel honored to be a part of that.

HCG Starting Hydrostatic Bodyfat Percent

February 18, 2011

Well, before embarking on my HCG journey, I went to the Fitness Wave hydrostatic body fat testing facility (it’s actually a mobile truck) to have my body fat percent tested.  It was important to me to know what exactly I lost while on the weight loss protocol.

I started out with 34.5% bodyfat.  I’m 5’1″ and this equals out to 59 pounds of FAT on my little body.  I weighed a total of 171 pounds that day, so the other 112 pounds was my lean mass- muscle, glyocgen, organs, tissues, etc.  Not a very good ratio.

Thankfully, as of today when I write this (April 2012) I am somewhere around 22% bodyfat- 12.5% less than where I started.  This was achieved almost entirely with using HCG Injections for fat loss.

HCG Round 1 Loading Day 1

February 26, 2011

Hello it’s me again nana HCGChica. I had my first loading today it’s actually not over I still have to eat dinner. I have decided to start with 175ius and I’ve decided to use injections. At first I didn’t considered doing those at all I was gonna do sublingual but in the end the two things that made me decide to do injections were 1, the ease of it when you do injections you only have to do it ones a day instead of twice. To me that was a big draw because you’re supposed to do the sublingual twice a day at the same time a day and it I just felt like it could be a little hard to do. And then the second thing was I felt a little concerned about making sure I absorbed the sublingual properly under my tongue cause I was concerned about swallowing some of it and then maybe I wouldn’t be getting it all going into my body so I just thought with the injection I am positive that I know all of it went right into my butt. So I ended up deciding to do injection which is crazy I never thought I would decide to do that. And then the third thing is actually kind of cost almost half as much cause you only have to inject once a day with half the amount. You do have to pay for the syringes stuff like that but it’s definitely cheaper.

My first injection was today and I kept staring at the needle and I kind of touching it to my belly and it kinda hurts when I touch the point to my skin, so I was getting kind of chicken and in the end I had my husband do his first and then I had him inject me. But I can say honestly it did not hurt at all I didn’t even feel him put it in but cause I didn’t look and he didn’t know it was like “Oh did you put it in already?” yeah I didn’t feel anything and I didn’t feel any of the liquid going in and it was cold the liquid was cold but I didn’t feel it going in at all, so that good. Like I said I’ve taken a 175 ius to start. I don’t know if it’s the hormone working already or not but I can usually really pack it away when it comes to food I can have a whole burger, fries and like two huge scoops of ice cream on one sitting and feel really satisfied with it. And today I have had the hardest time eating. I just don’t have an appetite I don’t wanna eat. We went to dim sum, which is a Chinese buffet and there’s a lot of greasy fried yummy foods and I could hardly eat any of it and normally I would have eaten way much more but I was trying and I think I was gonna throw up if I ate it was just making me nauseous just looking at it. That must be the hormone which will be a good thing hopefully once I’m actually on the low calorie diet. I did try having ice cream because that’s really my favorite, favorite, favorite, thing in the whole world and I thought something cold would be easier for me to get down then something hot and I was right so I did have a couple scoops of ice cream after that and I didn’t feel weird about getting that down. But everything else today, I’ve tried to eat that I normally would enjoy, I just really haven’t wanted. I honestly have not been able to eat as much as I normally would which kinda makes me a little nervous but I think lately I’ve been eating way too much anyway so I think I’m probably still eating enough to gain weight. Anyway so there’s that, I weighed myself this morning and I was 171.4 so we’ll see after today and tomorrow what my new weight after loading is and then we’ll proceed from there. That’s my update for today. My husband felt the same way about eating today like he didn’t feel like he really wanted to eat so were both gonna be trying the same dose. So yeah it’s interesting, it’s very interesting. Alright I will talk to you guys later.

My first experience with loading for the protocol was that it is very apparent right away the effect that HCG has on hunger and the ability to eat.  Normally at this point in my life I could literally pack away an entire 1/2 gallon of full fat ice-cream- no joke- without feeling sick afterwards.  While loading, the sight of food actually made me sick. We went to Dim Sum and I could barely eat a thing- fatty or oil things especially made me feel sick just to look at it.  That was a feeling I’ve never experienced but I’ve heard other (usually skinny) people mention.  In general, there’s almost never a time when I couldn’t eat more.  Already I knew the hormone wasn’t simply a placebo.  It was almost disappointing really- not that the hormone wasn’t a placebo, but that I couldn’t “enjoy” my time loading more!  My perspective on that has changed too though since my eating habits have changed for life and for me personally, I have come to the point where I can never allow an excuse to overindulge in such a manner.

Scared of HCG Injections?  I was too.  I was going to take hormone the sublingual way myself at first- but the more I thought about it the more my “cheap” side won out- you only need half the amount of the hormone for injections, and I liked the idea that you only need to take the hormone in injection form once a day, instead of twice as it is for sublingual.  I’m being totally truthful- I chickened out and made my husband do my first injection- and you know what?  I didn’t even know when he had stuck the needle in because….I didn’t feel a thing.  Really.  The injection was totally painless.  Now I have to be honest again and fast forward a year and 4 rounds of the weight loss protocol – after so many injections into my stomach, I had to find some other injection sites.  I’m not sure if it was scar tissue or having less fat in my abdominal area, but the injections into my stomach were getting not only painful but downright impossible during my 4th round- the needle simply wouldn’t seem to go in!  So I switched to my still very fleshy thigh and all was well with the world again.

Round 1 Load Day 2

March 2, 2011

Hi guys! It’s me again. We just finished our second loading day and it went a little easier than yesterday. It was a little easier to eat more. There’s still plenty of points throughout the day that I didn’t feel like eating so again it seems like guess that’s the hormone but I’m not sure. Anyway I’ll give you my official after loading weight tomorrow morning. As of the moment I weigh 174.8 which is about 3.4 pounds more than before loading but also it’s the evening so I’m not sure if I’ll weigh more or less tomorrow depending on, you know because I just had a big dinner recently. If that turns into more fat I may weigh more tomorrow or I may weigh less or the same since you weigh less in the morning than in the evening so we’ll see. But anyway it looks like about 3.4 pounds at the moment.

Round 1 VLCD 1

March 2, 2011

Hi! It’s HCGchica here! I had my very first low calorie diet today and yeah it went good. I’m gonna be honest and say I did feel hungry especially around, let’s say 2:33 and unfortunately at that time I was at the grocery store getting everything for the next week so everything smelled really good I just wanted to eat everything I saw but I stood strong of course. Anyway I’m feeling better now I think it’s just part of getting use to the new diet of course like I said I’m on a 175iu so I’m gonna wait for 5-6 days then after that if I’m still feeling ravenously hungry I think I’m supposed to either decrease or increase my dose a little base on that cause from what I read if you have the right dose once you’ve been on the diet for few days you should no longer feel hungry so hopefully I will adjust soon. Today I had chicken breast, cucumber and strawberries for my lunch and for dinner we had sea bass which was heavenly so, so good. We didn’t eat the skin but we had the sea bass and steamed fennel and it was so delicious and then an apple, I had my apple for my snack actually about 4 o’clock so like I said I was so hungry. Anyway that went pretty well and as far as my official starting weight after loading I was 172 this morning so that really means I only gained like .6 if that’s even fat I mean that could just be water. In the end it looks like I only gained a little bit but I did try to eat a lot of fatty stuff like ice cream and so hopefully I did the job right. My husband’s starting weight is about 2 pounds over his normal weight so he did pretty good on that too. I don’t know exactly what else to say but I’m feeling glad that I’ve made it, almost made it through the first day. It’s actually only 7:20pm I still have few more hours to go but I did drink a lot of water today and I had my tea. I did have one of my mugs with tea I had a little stevia and cause I was feeling kind of deprived and that did actually help feel a little better. So anyway I’ll keep you posted it is really nice as far as being simple. It’s so little food and it’s so straight forward and so simple that’s it just nice is that you don’t have to really think about it. That’s my update for today and I’ll let you guys know tomorrow if I lose any weight and that would be so exciting. This is what I’ve been waiting for. So I’ll talk to you guys soon


First vlcd’s are hard folks!!  If you loaded with any sugar and carbs and are used to eating more frequently (who isn’t???), those first few days DO involve enduring some hunger pains until your body adjusts to the new shhhedule.

I started this first round of HCG Injections by injecting 175iu’s of a brand called Zykog (don’t see that one around anymore).  This did well for me for about the first 10 or 12 days if I remember correctly before I found myself experiencing hunger again and needing to reduce my HCG dose a bit.

Round 1 VLCD 2

March 3, 2011

The way I chose to apportion out my 500 calories for this 1st round of HCG Injections, after doing some research, was slightly different from what Dr. Simeon’s outlined (not hugely different-just a couple slight tweaks based on what I read online).  I didn’t follow this same method for my ensuing rounds though.

Grilled asparagus on the barbecue is great guys!  I won’t be making an “hcg recipe” vlog for that lol, but basically- put your asparagus on your barbecue for a few minutes, then….eat it.

My HCG dinner “recipe” involved simmering celery in water till soft, then adding Tilapia (you could use any white fish i’m sure) at the end, along with salt and a seasoning or two.  You’ll see as time goes on that I am the queen of simple when it comes to cooking on this protocol- it’s just not worth it to me to put too much time and effort into food that is so….tiny.

I was down 1.8 lbs this day too!  Nice beginning to my first HCG experience.

Round 1 VLCD 5 Thyroid and Hashimoto’s talk

March 3, 2011

Day three was tough for me.  Wanted to give up- only on day 3!!  Day 4 and 5 were much easier- also I reduced my HCG Injections dose to 166iu’s and my hunger was better.  Looking back now 175iu’s was probably just the wrong dose entirely for me.  Most people seem to do best with a dose around 150iu’s and I found once I got to my 4th round, that 125iu’s was the best “no hunger” dose for me.

I know this is totally changing the subject, but that’s what I did in my HCG vlog, so I’m going to do it here too. :)-

For any out there who have Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, it’s possible you may not know that iodine, while an important and valuable thing to have in our bodies, is something to avoid until you get your immune system under control and it stops attacking you.  Iodine can and will cause further autoimmune attacks, causing further bad body symptoms and further destruction of your thyroid.  I have experienced this numerous times first hand (basically what happens is, if I eat seaweed or anything with Iodine, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck about a half hour later and have to sleep it off for several hours afterwards).  The logical reason why this happens though is explained really well in this book by Dr. Alexander Haskell called Hope for Hashimoto’s.  It’s the only book I know of that focuses solely on Hashimoto’s instead of just general low thyroid/hypothyroid issues.  The book is appropriate too for anyone whose been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism because if you do your research, you’ll find the leading cause of Hypothyroidism in the United States is actually Hashimoto’s.  So if you have been diagnosed hypothyroid, you very likely have Hashimoto’s too- why don’t you know this?  Because doctors rarely test for it.  But it’s a different animal than just Hypothyroidism itself and should be treated differently as a result.

Round 1 VLCD 9 – Gain on HCG, Big Loss on HCG

March 4, 2011

Hi guys! It’s me again! I just recorded a video and then somehow the sound isn’t working on over half of it. So I’m here to re-record, maybe it’ll be shorter. Anyway today is VLCD 10. This morning when I woke up I was 162 pounds. I started at 172 so that means I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds. This morning I lost 3 pounds but I’m gonna explain a little more about that in a minute. I think my last check in date was when I had my zero day, I think that was VLCD 5 so after that I lost a .5 then 1.5 and then VLCD 9 yesterday I gained a pound but I know it’s just water weight the thing is I made a soup for myself that night that was just way too salty, really salty but I ate it because I had made it and I think that is why I’m up a whole pound. So anyway yesterday I tried to do a couple of things to counter act that which led to my 3 pound lost. And I did drink a couple of dieters tea last night. You get it at the Asian market. It’s supposed to make you go to the bathroom more and the other thing was I had a detox bath. It’s just a bath with a whole container of baking soda and half of the 4 pound bag of Epsom salts. So I did that and I lay there in there for just like 15 minutes but anyway it definitely did its work because this morning I never had a 3 pound lost yet so far. Usually you lose the most in the beginning. I’ve never even lost 2 pounds so 3 pounds is great. I am assuming at least some of that is water so I’m not sure if tomorrow maybe I might have a 0 or I might even have a small gain I’m not sure. I did drink a lot of water today and I tried to be careful not to salt my food too much today. Hopefully we’ll see how it goes and but anyway that was great.

The other thing is I want to say, I don’t know if you noticed my first few videos a little calorie diet days. I didn’t have my make up on and that’s because I wasn’t sure if I had oil in it. So I had to actually go to the drugstore and check the packaging of my different make-up stuff to see if It had oil and it didn’t seem like it did so now I’m back to wearing my make-up. Now I don’t look like death warmed over anymore. Anyway I was just trying to be careful you know this is my first time on the protocol, my round 1. I just want to do everything right that way I could see how it’s supposed to go and that way if something goes wrong I can try to figure out what was different. I also want to update you on my mom and my husband, my mom has lost 12 pounds now. She also had a 3 pound lost this morning. Its kinda funny some of our weight loses are similar sometimes. She has got a little more than me to lose so she’s losing a little faster at the you know since it’s the beginning for her. She’s down 12 pounds in 9 days and my husband is down 14 pounds in 9 days which is just ridiculous and it just makes you hate you guys sometimes it’s just so unfair. He’s looking great already. It’s so unfair, you know, I have more to lose than him. But anyway of course I’m happy for him I just wish it was me. Anyway were doing great, I mean 10 pounds at 9 days for me is great. I know it may slow down towards the end. The average is supposed to be .5 a day for women and I have Hashimoto’s, the thyroid disease so usually you lose even get slower. But I am on a really effective thyroid medicine. I’m on actual T3 called Cytomel and it’s much more effective than most thyroid medicines that people are on so maybe because of that maybe I’ll keep up with all the normal people. We’ll see. So anyway I’ll be looking to check in you guys again soon.

Having a gain on HCG is not always something to freak out about.  I’m a big soup person, and if you have a pretty large bowl of soup on HCG Injections (okay let’s just call it a big bowl of water with a few bites of meat and veggies in it) with “salt to taste”- which for me is super salty (I should get me a salt lick or something), you can experience some water retention- which I did….and gained 1 lb. It’s just water, not fat, so nothing to panic about.  I tried to be more cautious with salt use the following day, took a detox bath, and drank more liquids to try to eliminate the excess water retention.  The following day though I was down 3 lbs so it’s all good folks!

At this point in my round I was down 10 pounds in 9 days (and I gained I think a grand total of half a pound loading so this was basically all “new” weight), so I was obviously beyond pleased.

Why Goal Jeans Are Important – Round 1 VLCD 11


March 4, 2011

This is actually the first vlog I did where I stand up for a minute and you get a better idea of where my body is at.  I mention that at this point I’m trying to get back into my size 16 clothes.  That was March 2011.  Today, April 2012, I wear a very comfortable size 4, and an occasional size 2 depending on the brand.  I can now wear an old vest that when I first tried it on at my starting weight of 172 pounds, had a gap of literally, about 10-12 inches across my chest.  It’s so crazy to think where I started!  What’s even more amazing is all the other HCG youtubers out there who have made an even longer journey than myself- losing 100 pounds or more to get to their goal and maintenance weight.

I have a pair of goal jeans I show in this vlog (which have long since gotten way too big and then went back where they came from- the thriftstore).  Get some goal clothes people!  Seriously- you may think now that you won’t really lose weight on HCG Injections even though everyone else has (that’s what I found running through my mind at least), but just please, buy a pair of jeans that’s at least 2-3 sizes too small.  And try them on.  Take notice of how the zipper won’t zip up at all, of how far apart the hole and the button of the jeans is on your body, and at your fat squishing out between it.  Or perhaps the feeling of how you can’t really pull up the jeans over your thighs or bottom, so the crotch part of the jeans is sitting 4″ below your real one.  I’m not trying to be mean- seriously, do this, because then one day after you’ve been on HCG for a bit, you will pull those same jeans on and your jaw will drop when you they zip completely up….perhaps with a small muffin top, but still, they zip and button!  Then, not much later, perhaps 5 days more, and the muffin top is gone.  Then you’ll trade those goal jeans for another pair of goal jeans, another 2-3 sizes too small.

Do this, because it’s amazing how quickly sometimes we..

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