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Belvac Blog by Admin - 1M ago
World’s Leading Open-Source Platform for Traditional Firewall, VPN and Routing Needs Proven value with over 1 million installations worldwide. Firewall, VPN, and router functionality for a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives.

Deploy today on a Netgate appliance, white box appliance, virtual machine or cloud provider instance.Get pfSense Now

Why Netgate pfSense?

Thousands of businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits – on all seven continents, and for years – have come to rely upon pfSense software for their secure networking needs. For organizations in search of sub-10 Gbps performance, flexible 3rd-party application options, traditional management mechanisms, proven reliability, and access to business assurance support options, pfSense software is the perfect answer.

And, where business assurance is required, Netgate provides professional and enterprise-class support arrangements that give you access to guidance and problem solving expertise from a seasoned and skilled support organization.


3x-5x lower total cost of ownership than proprietary solutions

Eliminates vendor lock-in

Increases flexibility and efficiency


Cloud Ready – AWS or Azure

Virtual Machine – VMware

On Premises – H/W Appliances


1,000,000+ installs

Business, Government, Higher Education

Wide variety of 3rd party add-ons


24/7 support coverage

Tiered subscriptions for any budget

Professional service consultationsGet pfSense nowExplore Support Options

Secure Networking Challenges addressed by pfSense

pfSense software is routinely used to address Firewall, Routing and VPN server needs. The platform is also widely deployed to address secure networking needs including:

  • Load Balancing
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Captive Portal
  • UTM Device
  • DNS / DHCP Server
  • IDS / IPS
  • Transparent Caching Proxy
  • Web Content Filter
Looking for something more specific?

See our list of leading features and administrative capabilities below.

FEATURES Firewall and Router
  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • GeoIP blocking
  • Anti-Spoofing
  • Time based rules
  • Connection limits
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Reverse proxy
  • Captive portal guest network
  • Supports concurrent IPv4 and IPv6
  • NAT mapping (inbound/outbound)
  • VLAN support (802.1q)
  • Configurable static routing
  • IPv6 network prefix translation
  • IPv6 router advertisements
  • Multiple IP addresses per interface
  • DHCP server
  • DNS forwarding
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • PPPoE Server
  • IPsec and OpenVPN
  • Site-to-site and remote access VPN support
  • SSL encryption
  • VPN client for multiple operating systems
  • L2TP/IPsec for mobile devices
  • Multi-WAN for failover
  • IPv6 support
  • Split tunneling
  • Multiple tunnels
  • VPN tunnel failover
  • NAT support
  • Automatic or custom routing
  • Local user authentication or RADIUS/LDAP
Intrusion Prevention System
  • Snort-based packet analyzer
  • Layer 7 application detection
  • Multiple rules sources and categories
  • Emerging threats database
  • IP blacklist database
  • Pre-set rule profiles
  • Per-interface configuration
  • Suppressing false positive alerts
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Optional open-source packages for application blocking
Enterprise Reliability
  • Optional multi-node High Availability Clustering
  • Multi-WAN load balancing
  • Automatic connection failover
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Traffic shaping wizard
  • Reserve or restrict bandwidth based on traffic priority
  • Fair sharing bandwidth
  • User data transfer quotas
User Authentication
  • Local user and group database
  • User and group-based privileges
  • Optional automatic account expiration
  • External RADIUS authentication
  • Automatic lockout after repeated attempts
Proxy and Content Filtering
  • HTTP and HTTPS proxy
  • Non Transparent or Transparent caching proxy
  • Domain/URL filtering
  • Anti-virus filtering
  • SafeSearch for search engines
  • HTTPS URL and content screening
  • Website access reporting
  • Domain Name blacklisting (DNSBL)
  • Usage reporting for daily, monthly, etc.
  • Web-based configuration
  • Setup wizard for initial configuration
  • Remote web-based administration
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Easy configuration backup/restore
  • Configuration export/import
  • Encrypted automatic backup to Netgate server
  • Variable level administrative rights
  • Multi-language support
  • Simple updates
  • Forward-compatible configuration
  • Serial console for shell access and recovery options
System Security
  • Web interface security protection
  • CSRF protection
  • HTTP Referer enforcement
  • DNS Rebinding protection
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security
  • Frame protection
  • Optional key-based SSH access
Reporting & Monitoring
  • Dashboard with configurable widgets
  • Local logging
  • Remote logging
  • Local monitoring graphs
  • Real-time interface traffic graphs
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Notifications via web interface, SMTP, or Growl
  • Hardware monitoring

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Meet the Razer Huntsman Elite: the product of years of research and innovation—now taken to new heights. By redefining the boundaries of precision and speed, you are about to experience performance that can only be described as ahead of its time. The next stage of keyboard evolution is here.


Razer Opto-Mechanical Switches have an optical light sensor inside the switch. Upon pressing a key, you allow a receiver to be activated by this light signal, instantly actuating the switch command. You’ve never experienced speed like this before.

  • See how it works

With reset and actuation at the exact same point, you rack up more keypresses at an insane speed, maximizing APM during fast-paced games.


Get the familiar, clicky feedback you love, while enjoying how every keypress is super light and balanced. Truly the best of both worlds.


A key stabilizer bar on the top of the switch ensures keycap motion remains level and consistent no matter which corner of the keycap you press.


With optical actuation providing less physical contact, you get durability of up to 100 million keystrokes—twice the amount of the industry leading standard.

“The Opto-Mechanical Switch is simply incredible. Razer might have set out to build the world’s fastest gaming keyboard, but the Huntsman Elite also delivers on the best typing experience you can find today.” – TechRadar


Keyboard control just got a lot faster. A multi-function digital dial with three tactile media keys gives you instant access to everything from brightness to volume in seconds. All programmable and customizable through Synapse 3—so you can set your preferred configurations right at your fingertips.


Go crazy and personalize lighting effects any way you want with full 4-side underglow and 38 customization zones. Powered by Razer Chroma.


A magnetic wrist rest snaps to fit at the front of your keyboard. Made of plush leatherette for long-lasting comfort. Also features Razer Chroma enabled underglow lighting for 20 customization zones.


Rebind buttons and save all profile configurations with easy cloud storage, or up to 5 profiles with hybrid on-board memory.


Up to 10 simultaneous keypresses with anti-ghosting.


Ensure you never hit the wrong key again at critical moments.


Customize and combine macros to maximise in-game control.


Press a single button to unlock a secondary set of functions on top of existing button control.


A solid aluminum matte top plate adds increased sturdiness with a smooth, satisfying touch.


Unlock advanced options from commands to device lighting effects powered by Razer Chroma.


Make your foray into true gaming performance with the Razer Huntsman, or go full-fledged with the Razer Huntsman Elite and its suite of features—a magnetic wrist rest, multi-function digital dial and media keys to underglow powered by Razer Chroma.

TECH SPECS At a glance
  • New Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch – Light and Clicky
  • Key stabilizer bar for precise, balanced actuation
  • Plush leatherette ergonomic wrist rest
  • Razer Chroma backlighting with underglow
  • Multi-function digital dial with three media keys
Tech Specs
  • Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch with 45 G actuation force
  • 100 million keystroke lifespan
  • Chroma backlighting with 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Underglow lighting with 38 customization zones
  • Ergonomic Wrist Rest with 20 customization zones underglow
  • Multi-functional digital dial
  • Dedicated media controls
  • Hybrid onboard storage – up to 5 profiles
  • Razer Synapse 3 enabled
  • Fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording
  • 10 key roll-over with anti-ghosting
  • Gaming mode option
  • Braided Fiber Cable
  • 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • Aluminum matte top plate
  • Compatible with Xbox One for basic input

See more

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Belvac Blog by Belvac - 2M ago

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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SKU CH-9515031-NA
K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Lapboard Combo — Blue LED — CHERRY® MX Red

Experience complete PC gaming control wirelessly from the comfort of your living room or anywhere with the K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Lapboard.


Experience complete wireless PC gaming control from the comfort of your couch with the K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Lapboard.


The K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Lapboard, with full-sized cloth mouse pad, bring full PC gaming control wirelessly to your living room.


Lightweight and perfectly sized to travel easily between rooms.


Memory foam cushion and built-in wrist rest provide hours of comfort and support.


The removable K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard effortlessly snaps in and out of the lapboard while the cloth surface mouse pad stays secure and is easy to replace.


Connect using ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz gaming-optimized wireless technology, low latency Bluetooth® wireless, or USB wired.


Gold contact CHERRY MX mechanical gaming keyswitches deliver the ultimate performance and competitive advantage.


Experience customizable dynamic and vibrant per-key blue backlighting.


128-bit AES wireless encryption helps protect your keystrokes from wireless eavesdropping to keep your personal data safe.


Up to 15 hours of rechargeable battery-powered wireless, or connect via USB wired for uninterrupted gameplay.


Control to adjust audio on-the-fly.


Ensures your commands and simultaneous keystrokes always register the way you intended.


Assign macros to any key and customize dynamic lighting effects with CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE).


  • K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Lapboard Combo  
  •  K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard
  • USB wireless receiver
  • USB charging / data cable
  • USB cable adapter
  • Detachable full-length wrist rest
  • Two replacement retention tabs
  • Two replacement retention hooks
  • Warranty cards
  • Quick start guides
  • Safety leaflet
  • Wireless mouse (sold separately)    
  •    PC with USB 3.0 or 3.1 (Type-A) port    
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7*  
  •  Internet connection (for CUE software download)**                *Windows 8 or 10 required for Bluetooth connectivity  
  •    **CUE support available via 2.4GHz wireless or USB wired mode

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Saitek X-55 RHINO HOTAS Introduction

I’ve been an active flight simulation hobbyist for many years and as well as a software and hardware Beta Tester for CH Products for over a decade. I have used Logitech, ThrustmasterSaitek (X-65) and CH Products. For purpose of this review I will be using the new Saitek X-55 HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) system. I currently use the Saitek ProFlight panels, BIP and X-65 throttle quadrant in my simulation hobby, the latter specifically for the split-throttle feature’s utility in games like the DCS A-10 (A and C) and the DCS Series in general not to mention FSX and any other flight simulation that may support a multi axis throttle of this type on my hard drive.

The new Saitek X-55 H.O.T.A.S.

The Stick

If you are looking for something that isn’t going to take up a lot of real estate on your desk, well, consider that the dimensions for the X-55 are: Length 9” Width 7 ¼ “ Height (to the top of the stick) 10”.

The Stick is comprised of the following components:

Saitek has gone back to their roots (for the most part) using a single spring to provide centering tension for the stick. However, what may F.E.E.L. right to some, may not F.E.E.L. (see what I did there) right to others as it pertains to the stiffness of the stick. Saitek has come up with the ability to increase, or decrease the sticks stiffness using one of four springs (included) or no spring at all. With this system there is more of a tactile F.E.E.L. of your stick placement on either the X or Y axis unlike the X-65. With the X-65 stick, I just wasn’t F.E.E.L.ing the Force thankfully the USB connecter is on the Throttle Quadrant making it useable in my HOTAS configuration (FighterStick, X-65 Throttle Quadrant).

To remove/replace the spring let’s observe this video brought to us by Saitek:

X-55 Rhino F.E.E.L. Spring Changing Tutorial - YouTube

The stick has the typical X and Y as well as the twist (Rudder) axis. If you have a set of rudder pedals the twist can be disabled in the programming software as seen here:

Before plugging in the X-55 stick and throttle quadrant, drivers and the new H.U.D. software need to be installed. You can get both here. Once the drivers are installed you can then plug the stick and throttle into their own USB port.

Once plugged in, let Windows recognize and install the controllers. The controllers are USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatible. After the controllers are recognized and installed, it’s a good idea at this point, (as with any controller system) to calibrate them.

For now, Saitek has chosen to use the Windows Calibration “Wizard”. There is no calibration process in the new H.U.D. software, yet. This will change in an upcoming re-release of the H.U.D. software. If you have attempted to calibrate a multi axis throttle quadrant of any manufacturer in the Windows Calibration “Wizard” you know that isn’t as easy or intuitive as it seems.

The Stick and its base are made of plastic much like if not the same as the X-52 series HOTAS. The stick itself however, is coated with rubber much like the Logitech G940. In my opinion, this has nice feel to it and doesn’t leave you cold to the touch like the X-65 does. Each HAT and button is easily accessible. That said, I found that in order not to inadvertently hit either the POV or castle HAT while pressing the pickle (for me) button I have to somewhat arch my thumb over the POV and castle HAT.

I found the red spring to be closest to what I’m used to in terms of stiffness. You X-65 or Cougar kind o’ guys/gals may consider the green spring to begin with and work your way down (if you choose). The tactile feel of each HAT and button is at first strange (for me). The throw of each direction of the HAT is quite a bit longer than what I’m used to. Each HAT is an eight way HAT that can also be programmed as a four way HAT. However, there are eight physical positions of each HAT. The trigger (single stage) too has quite a bit further to pull before (in my opinion, and used to) an action is performed (guns, rockets…). Yes, the stick is indeed a twist grip. There is no hardware (mechanical) stop to keep it from twisting. However, the amount of torque needed to twist the stick is (I F.E.E.L.) significant enough to keep it centered while manipulating the X or the Y axis without providing any input to the twist (rudder). The amount of torque required to twist the stick from center is 375g.

My hand rests comfortably on the stick.

Throttle Quadrant

The Throttle Quadrant and its base are also made of plastic much like if not the same as the X-52 series. The handles of the Throttle Quadrant are also rubber coated much like the Logitech G940. And again, has nice feel to it and doesn’t leave you cold to the touch like the X-65 does. Each HAT, button, slider and rotary on the handles are for the most part easy to get to and manipulate. Again the HATs have a much longer throw to each position than what I’m used to. Both rotaries on the number two throttle have a center detent. There are no detents (AB or idle) on the throttle handles themselves. The throttle tension adjustment is now a lot easier to get to. Rather than the throttle friction adjustment being on the bottom of the throttle quadrant it is now located on the left side of the base of the throttle quadrant.

If adjusted to its minimum resistance, you could conceivably get away with not mounting the throttle to whatever surface you place it onto. This would take a fine touch in your throttle manipulation skills however. Minimal increase in friction, I recommend mounting the base to your cockpit, desk… I used industrial strength Velcro. There are however, four pre made screw holes (one in each corner).

The switches and mode switch aft of the throttle handles are easy to get to and use. The toggles to the right however, I found I had to be somewhat of a contortionist to manipulate them depending on the position of the number two throttle. You would probably not want to program them to anything needed in any Air Combat Maneuvers (ACM).

Each of the throttle handles can operate independently of each other. Or, they can be locked together by latching or unlatching the left to the right throttle as seen here…

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Belvac Blog by Admin - 5M ago
Wheel Stand Pro for Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG and Saitek X-55, X52/Pro – Deluxe V2 THIS STAND IS COMPATIBLE WITH:
  • Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG and Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals (hard-mounted joystick, dual throttles and feet plate or Saitek Pedals)
  • Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System and Pro Flight Rudder pedals (hard-mounted joystick, dual throttles and feet plate or Saitek Pedals)
  • Saitek Pro Flight X52 / X52 Pro Control System and Pro Flight Rudder pedals (hard-mounted joystick, dual throttles and feet plate or Saitek Pedals)
  • MFG Crosswind (hard-mounted pedals)
It also fits:
  • Logitech Driving Force GT /PRO/ EX /FX ( wheel mounted with original clamps)
  • Madcatz Wireless Force Feedback Wheel (wheel mounted with original clamp)

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Download your gaming PC

With Shadow, turn any screen into a high-end PC! Make the most out of all your software and games, and never worry about hardware limitations. Only £26.95/month, cancel anytime. Join the revolution!DISCOVER SHADOW

  • High-end performance
  • Seamlessly upgraded
  • Accessible on any platform
Fast and powerful, up to 4K

Your Shadow is designed to run the most demanding games and software. Enjoy high-end performance for optimal image fluidity up to 144Hz in Full HD and 60Hz in 4K UHD.DISCOVER SHADOW

Your high-end PC fits in an app

For gaming and everything else, we believe the best computer is the one you can simply open up from anywhere and never have to upgrade. Discover the Shadow revolution.

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Belvac Blog by Admin - 5M ago

World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Strong teamplay, national armed forces, real locations, full body awareness, and a versatile customization system all contribute to the authenticity of the modern combat experience enhanced by other essential elements such as a robust ballistic system, advanced armors and life-like weapons. Produced in cooperation with military R&D centers and consultants, World War 3 shows the consequences of every battle in the context of a global war campaign on a strategic war map.


World War 3 presents a modern conflict with tactics, techniques and procedures inspired by true combat engagements. All of this packed into two exciting game modes. Warzone offers opportunities for dynamic, intense firefights in teamwork-focused battles of infantry and armored units over fortified points. The tactically-oriented Recon allows players to cooperate within small reconnaissance squads left on their own to survive and capture high-value targets in hostile territory. Together these modes create a coherent gameplay experience aimed at presenting the actual feel of modern warfare.

World War 3 is being developed by competitive gamers who grew up playing FPS games. As an indie studio we strongly believe that community input is crucial in creating enjoyable and memorable games. We want to invite all of you to take part in the common effort of making World War 3 the game you always wanted to play!

World War 3 is heavily grounded in military realism, offering accurate depictions of weapons, uniforms and equipment of national armed forces. All of it to inspire you to make the war effort personal and prove that your country is the dominant force on the battlefield. All maps are based on real-life locations such as the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow (more locations planned) recreated with an unprecedented attention to detail.


To show consequences of every battle, player performance is rewarded with resources used to conquer or defend a territory. Gain additional bonuses via the metagame and turn the tide of war! Every destroyed vehicle, every kill, every bullet fired, every achievement affects the big picture presented on a constantly evolving, interactive war map eventually covering the entire planet.


Find your own unique combat set fitted to your needs and style without being bound by classes or roles. Choose from hundreds of combinations of unique weapon parts, attachments, skins, camos and paints. Same rules apply to vehicles, tactical gear and uniforms. If it’s possible in real life, it’s possible in World War 3 – simple as that!


We are proud to give you one of the most realistic levels in the history of FPS. Join the battle on the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow. Take advantage of the urban environment to surprise enemy forces and dominate the battlefield.


The most authentic bullet vs. armor system in the FPS genre to date, achieved through years of research and development with military professionals. Ballistics, a weight system, full body awareness, vehicle physics, and an extensive customization system all affect the gameplay in a meaningful way.


World War 3 supports team-based gameplay rewarding the initiative in playing as a part of a squad. Responsible cooperation within a squad is the best recipe for combat effectiveness. Players can choose between assuming the role of an Attacker or a Defender, and use any gear available to support their playstyle – what matters is the victory.

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VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation is a hosted hypervisor that runs on x64 versions of Windows and Linux operating systems[4] (an x86 version of earlier releases was available);[3] it enables users to set up virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical machine, and use them simultaneously along with the actual machine. Each virtual machine can execute its own operating system, including versions of Microsoft WindowsLinuxBSD, and MS-DOS. VMware Workstation is developed and sold by VMware, Inc., a division of Dell Technologies. There is a free-of-charge version, VMware Workstation Player, for non-commercial use. An operating systems license is needed to use proprietary ones such as Windows. Ready-made Linux VMs set up for different purposes are available from several sources.

VMware Workstation supports bridging existing host network adapters and sharing physical disk drives and USB devices with a virtual machine. It can simulate disk drives; an ISO image file can be mounted as a virtual optical disc drive, and virtual hard disk drives are implemented as .vmdk files.

VMware Workstation Pro can save the state of a virtual machine (a “snapshot”) at any instant. These snapshots can later be restored, effectively returning the virtual machine to the saved state,[5] as it was and free from any post-snapshot damage to the VM.

VMware Workstation includes the ability to group multiple virtual machines in an inventory folder. The machines in such a folder can then be powered on and powered off as a single object, useful for testing complex client-server environments.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gameplay

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Unlike previous titles in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 4 is the first entry to not feature a traditional single-player campaign, and contains only Multiplayer, Zombies and a new battle royale mode called Blackout.[3][4][5]


Black Ops 4‘s multiplayer features the return of Specialists, unique soldier characters with special abilities and traits. The game features a total of ten Specialists, six of which (Ruin, Prophet, Battery, Seraph, Nomad, Firebreak) are returning characters from Black Ops III, while the other four (Recon, Ajax, Torque, Crash) are new additions. It will also feature remakes of five fan-favorite maps, Jungle, Slums, Summit, Firing Range and Nuketown.[6] Treyarch stated that the maps will be available to all players at launch except Nuketown which will arrive in November.

Multiplayer has also been reworked with various changes for more tactical and teamwork gameplay. Automatic health regeneration is removed in favor of a manual healing system (with each player having a health bar), weapons are now given predictive recoil patterns, and a mixed ballistics system, using both hitscan and projectile damage, is employed as opposed to just hitscan. Weapon customization is also emphasized, allowing for deeper personalization of players’ arsenals; attachments are also given tiers, with tier-2 upgrades providing even bigger improvements to the weapons. Certain weapons also offer Operator Mods, which significantly change how a weapon works, while costing a significant portion of the 10 customization slots per class.

In addition, the game includes Specialist Headquarters, a solo mode featuring skill-based tutorials that contain backstories on various Specialists in the game. The missions are set within the same narrative world of the Black Ops campaigns, between the events of Black Ops II and Black Ops III.[7]


Zombies returns as the cooperative multiplayer mode for Black Ops 4. The game mode features a wider range of customization, allowing for more personalized play styles. Mechanics of the game can be customized via “Custom Mutations”, which include over 100 variables, such as overall difficulty, zombie speed, health, damage, and more. Time-limited events known as “Callings” are also promised to be included in the game for long-term engagement. Similar to the Nazi Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WWII, custom loadouts are included to allow players to select different starting weapons, equipment and special upgradable weapons, as well as perk selection to be available in each match. A new game type, Rush, is introduced into Zombies, where the players build up points and multipliers and compete against one another for the highest point possible until death.

Black Ops 4 is also the first game to feature two distinctive, separate storylines for Zombies. At launch, the game features three on-disc maps: “Voyage of Despair”, which takes place on the RMS Titanic;[8] “IX”, which takes place in an Ancient Rome arena;[9] and “Blood of the Dead”, a soft-remake of the Black Ops II map “Mob of the Dead”, taking place once more in Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.[10] The former two maps form the new “Chaos” storyline, and star a new cast of characters: Scarlett, Stanton, Diego and Bruno; while “Blood of the Dead” returns to the original “Aether” storyline established in the previous Black Ops games, and stars the four original characters (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen; also known collectively as Primis).[11] A fourth map, titled “Classified”, is included in the special editions of the game and the “Black Ops Pass” at launch, and is a remake of the Black Ops map “Five”, featuring the original incarnation of Primis (known as Ultimis) as the playable characters.


Black Ops 4 features a battle royale game mode called Blackout which will serve as a stand-in for the campaign mode. While utilizing the traditional Black Ops combat style, the mode includes the largest map featured in a Call of Duty title. Players compete against each other through locations appeared in previous Black Ops games. This mode will also feature land, sea, and air vehicles for players to use. The game mode features various playable characters from the entire Black Ops series, such as Alex Mason from the original game, Raul Menendez from Black Ops II, and the Primis crew from Zombies.[12]

In Blackout, up to 100 players, who can choose to play as Solo, Duos, or Quads (squads of 4), drop into the map via helicopters, and must scavenge for loot to survive as the last person(s) standing, while a circle collapses and narrows the map’s playable area. In addition to regular weapons, players can equip health kits, armors, ammo types, attachments, as well as perk consumables. AI-controlled zombie enemies also spawn at Zombies-themed locations, such as Asylum or Lighthouse, and upon being killed drop Zombies loot items, such as the Ray Gun or Cymbal Monkey. Several vehicles, such as the ATV and helicopter, are also available for traversal around the map.[13]

Similar to Fortnite Battle Royale and the main multiplayer, Blackout features special modes that change the presence or mechanics of physical items in the Blackout world. Modes such as ‘Close Quarters’ emphasise a faster and more aggressive playstyle through the exclusion of long-range weapons, while others like ‘Fast Collapse’ feature a faster narrowing of the circle.

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