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Throwback cosplays are always a hit even if just for nostalgias sake. One cosplay I see cropping up again and again is Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberry’s and overall it is a very simple cosplay to throw together and pull off! Closet cosplays are also becoming more and more popular as it shows that cosplay doesn’t always have to be super complicated, can be lots of fun and even be fairly cheap to throw together!

In this buying guide i have included options that you can buy and wear off the rack however i have also added options that are cheaper and can be altered for those that are thrifty and creative enough to do so!

Long Curly Wig

One of the first things you will need for your Debbie Thornberry cosplay is a long curly wig! Curly wigs come in all sorts of curl widths so you’ll need something yellow blonde with small tight curls to get her signature look! Debbie has this look throughout the series so even if you want to try another Debbie look you can use the same wig for all of them!

Green Plaid Shirt

Next up is her green plaid shirt! The style of shirt Debbie has is impossible to find and I don’t believe it actually exists as a pattern, HOWEVER it is possible to find other green plaid shirts. The one I have pictured is the closest i could find to the pattern on her shirt and it is from New Look and is currently on sale for £7! My own shirt I got for this cosplay was bought in a vintage clothing store which if you have one near you would be the best place to look for closet cosplays.

Orange Crop Top

Debbie wears an orange crop top underneath her green plaid shirt. Orange isn’t the easiest colour to find in crop tops however there are some options available online. Pictured is a crop top from TopShop priced at £12. For my cosplay I bought an orange top I also found in my local vintage store and cut the neck and hem so it would be a crop top which is also an option if you think you’re up to the task of altering clothes!

Ripped Baggy Jeans

Finishing off the base of Debbie you’ll need a pair of baggy jeans with the knees ripped. Pictures are a pair from PrettyLittleThing at around £30. A cheaper alternative which is what I did is to buy a pair of baggy jeans (or jeans that are too big) from your local second hand or vintage store and sew the waistline to fit you! This alternative also feels much better when you have to rip the knees of your jeans!

Extra Accessories
  • Debbie is often seen with headphones on and a walkman of some sort playing heavy metal music. 
  • She often also carries a magazine about rock bands and rock music

  • Black Dr marten boots

  • Black winged eyeliner

Congrats you now have a completed Debbie Thornberry  Cosplay

Here’s how mine turned out

My local second hand clothing store has a deal for 3for£10. I got my jeans, top and shirt all in this deal meaning this cosplay cost me £10 total because i already had headphones, shoes and the wig! 

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Cosplay Hacks To Try Out This Con Season

So you’re looking for some cosplay hacks? The year is young. Your cosplans are outlined in meticulous scribbles and grandiose dreams; your con budget is set as firmly as your line-ups; your craft space is one gargantuan mess of materials, tools, and ideas.

It’s going to be your year as far as cosplay is concerned and these costumes will be your biggest and boldest yet, and you’ll be turning heads at all the cons.

To make sure your appearances at your favorite cosplay conventions turn out every bit as glorious as you envision, Felandaris has a few handy cosplay hacks for you.

Try these out and see if they’ll give your outfits that extra boost towards perfection.

Eyebrow Accuracy

We spend weeks, months even, planning, making and procuring all parts of our cosplays down to the tiniest detail to make sure every last bit of us looks precisely like our character of choice.

Almost every last bit, that is – pesky details such as our eye or brow color can betray our true, mundane identities.

Whereas hundreds of online shops sell colored contacts to remedy the former issue, faking someone else’s eyebrows is a tad trickier.

Who hasn’t looked in the mirror to find that Link’s golden ponytail sits perfectly, or Sailor Chibi Moon’s twin tails are just the right shade of pink – but your bushy browns don’t measure up?

You have several options to play with, or even combine, to find the shade that suits your character.

First, there’s pencils of all sorts – lip liners, Kohls, brow pens. They’re easy to apply and cover a range of shades. Eyeshadows also can work wonders when you comb the powder into your brow hairs, even in combination with a pen.

To adjust the shape of your brows and perhaps thin them out, concealer and transparent powder can help get you a slimmer or flatter browline.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s even theatrical wax to fully cover your brows and draw on a completely new set (or go brow-less – Voldemort cosplay, anyone?)

If you want to go a shade or two lighter than your natural tone, there are tutorials on faking a bleached-brow look using liquid concealer. (Yes, that’s a thing – both having bleached brows and faking them.)

My eyebrows have gone everything from black to blonde, copper to purple using some of these techniques.

One photographer didn’t recognize me despite having met me just a couple weeks prior.

Try this out and you may be surprised at the result. A change to your eyebrows can make for a drastic difference in your overall look!

The Joys of Jelly

Petroleum jelly, that is. Spread a little just below your hairline to prevent the dreaded wig itch.

You’ll avoid finding yourself scratching your forehead in all the photos taken at that cosplay convention where you looked smashing otherwise.

Apply some on your forearm where you know those foam bracers are going to cut into your skin.

Thigh burn is another cosplayers’ woe that petroleum jelly works wonders on.

Keep one of the little round tins of the stuff in your con bag to ease pretty much any irritation or discomfort you can inflict on yourself with those equally beautiful and uncomfortable cosplays.

Lord of the Layers

Larger dress-based costumes often require a hoop skirt, which usually also means a petticoat for extra puff and fluff. Before you know it, you’ve got three or more layers on you, all of which have their own weight and may move downwards as you move forward.

How often have you seen a Disney princess or other dress-bearer awkwardly fumbling around their waist?

Chances are they were trying to align their petticoat, which was slipping down on them while their underwear was creeping up on their tights.

To make it a bit easier, you’ll need a length of dress elastic (the white soft type, between ½ and 1 inch in width) and two nice and big safety pins (think about 2 inches long).

Down your side, measure the distance between just below your armpit and where you’d like your petticoat to sit (or your hoops, depending on which one is the prime offender.) Cut two pieces of elastic twice that amount plus about 1 inch extra.

Take the bra you’re going to wear with your cosplay, loop the elastic around the side panel that sits under your arm and then tie a knot in the elastic.

Now hook the safety pin through the elastic sling, stick it into the waistband of your insubordinate garment and close it.

Repeat on your other side. Keep the knot towards the bottom of the elastic hoop and you won’t feel the band while wearing it.

Because you’ve fastened the hoop skirt on either side of you with equally long rubber bands it will sit evenly.

The elastic will allow for movement while holding your hoop skirt or petticoat in place. Using a large and sturdy pin and sliding its whole length under the garment’s fabric will make for a stable hold.

I’ve done this with the petticoat for my Totoro cosplay – it had a full-length light chain with a heavy battery pack attached to it. With the fastening, it didn’t budge all day!

Rubber Ninjas

As far as hair elastics go, I’m a bore who sticks with her brown scrunchies and may occasionally raise a judgemental eyebrow at new trends such as those weird ones that look like phone cables.

When clear hair ties entered the scene, however, they caught my attention immediately. While I’d never put them in my precious locks (I don’t buy the whole no-snag thing) they struck me as perfect for cosplay!

Think about it – these little guys are flexible, small and practically invisible! You can wrap them around stuff, pull them through things or tie knots into them.

Clear hair elastics have helped me keep stubborn gloves sitting all the way up beyond my elbow and allowed me to drape flimsy belts around my waist so they’d sit oh-so-casually like they only ever do in games or cartoons.

Once I even walked around as Triss Merigold from The Witcher with 12 or so unfastened buttons! At 24 weeks pregnant, my bump had proven too much for the leatherette vest that buttons up on the sides.

I wouldn’t have been able to wear it at all had it not been for these little guys. I wrapped an elastic around each button then pulled it through the respective buttonhole and around the button again with the other end.

Quick, easy and dirt cheap. Even better, these are available in black and white as well, making this a cosplay hack for all kinds of situation.

That’s a few ideas to get you started on improving your cosplays and staying on top of your game in any situation a convention can throw at you.

Which ones are you going to try out? Do you have any tried-and-tested cosplay hacks you swear by? Share them in the comments!

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Anime Con Survival Guide

I was recently looking through some old con photos I hadn’t seen for years when I came to the realization that I have been cosplaying for almost 9 years now. I remember my first anime convention like it was yesterday. Many Irish cosplayers would remember this convention from years ago, Eirtakon 2010 in Dublin City University. I remember the nerves I felt as I walked into the anime convention for the first time with my sister, filled with awe at all of the great cosplayers that filled the building, hoping I would have a good time and I did. I had such a great time and I’ve been going to cons ever since.

However, I did make some mistakes during my first time there that I learned later on in my con going experience. So I decided to give you my Top Ten Tips to help you survive an Anime Convention. Be it your first con or your 51st con, I think I’ve got the tips for you to know what to do there while still having fun. If you have your own tips you would like to share, don’t forget to comment on them. Also be sure to like the post if you like this and go follow the Guild of Nerds on Facebook and Instagram.

So here are my top 10 tips to survive an anime convention.

  1. 10. Make sure you have panels you want to go to.

Whether or not you purchased your ticket online, you should always look up the schedule to see what panels you want to go to during the con, It’s great to spend time with friends at the con. However, it’s good to find a panel that could help you in some way. Whether it be to help you improve your cosplay abilities or meet your favourite voice actor, it’s always good to find something new and fun to do. From finding a new hobby like origami or finally entering the cosplay masquerade, you are sure to find something new and exciting to do.

rite voice actor, it’s always good to find something new and fun to do. From finding a new hobby like origami or finally entering the cosplay masquerade, you are sure to find something new and exciting to do.

9. Don’t suffer for the Art of Cosplay.

I know, I know. You want to cosplay as that super cool character that you’ve spent months on to make it just right. However, knowing from experience, cosplay can get super uncomfortable and sweaty and just in general not so pleasant. Be it a full suit of armor or a leotard/bodysuit, it will get harder to walk around the con in. If you want to cosplay this character, go for it.

I don’t want to stop you from doing a cosplay that you love. However, please be aware that you will get uncomfortable walking through the con. So for your own comfort and longevity of your time both in the costume and at the con, either try and find a costume that you feel comfy in, bring comfy clothes so you can change later on or be aware that you might feel uncomfortable walking around.

8. Pack a day bag with essentials.

I have found with going to a con that you NEED to bring a bag with you. I know how tedious it can be to carry it around when you have a full costume on but honestly, you will thank yourself for bringing one. In my con bag, I bring:

  • A bottle of water and snacks.
  • A cheap sewing kit to patch up a cosplay in need.
  • Plasters or bandages if I get hurt.
  • A notebook to get signatures.
  • Makeup to touch up if needed.
  • Spare clothes and shoes for after the con.
  • My documents to get my ticket.
  • Medicine and tissues.
  • Phone charger as you phone WILL die if you don’t have one with you. (I know far too well from experience)
  • A foldable bag for items bought at the con that wont fit into the day bag.
  • Camera with added stands if you are a vlogger or like to capture awesome cosplayers in action.


  • A fan to cool you down.

This is for my big Hufflepuff rucksack so I have enough space to put things together. So if you have a smaller bag you might bring less than I do but do try and bring the majority of the things on the list. I always keep my phone and wallet on my person as I don’t feel safe leaving them in my bag. You might feel safer leaving it in your bag but it’s really up to you.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for photos.

As a cosplayer, I know I like to get asked for photos as it shows that people appreciate the hard work I put into my cosplay. Cosplayers like myself take months getting the cosplay just right to go to a convention. And even though the costume may not be a million percent exact, we still put a lot of effort into it and feel honoured that people recognise the work we put into it.

This also goes for if you recognise someone from online and are their fan. Since I’m on Tik Tok, I get recognised by a few people and I cannot stress it enough to come say hi and ask for photos. I love meeting people who like my content and it makes my day knowing that.

However, if you do want photos, be respectful to the cosplayer. If a cosplayer says no to a photo, don’t force them to. It make them uncomfortable and you to look like a bad person. Think of it like this. If someone was acting that way to you and you had said no, how would you feel? And would you want other people to feel that way? As Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding once kindly spelled it out for us, it’s all about “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”.

6. Cosplay Is Not Consent.

This is a phrase thrown around a lot in the cosplay and anime convention community however it really stands true. There are men and women harassing male and female cosplayers over how they look and for the most part they think it’s okay to touch them inappropriately or get photos without their consent. It would not fly if it happened on the streets so why would it fly in a convention? I know how exciting it is to see someone in a Bowsette from Mario cosplay or a Haru from Free cosplay but there is a human in that costume. But don’t go up to someone and touch them without asking and letting them say yes. I cannot stress this enough how important consent is. It is a basic human right that needs to be respected. Only when they say “yes you can” is that ok. If they say “no” or “sorry but no. I don’t like that kind of thing.” take their answer as gospel. They really do mean no. To be honest, it’s all about respect and common decency. I reiterate from the last slot on the list, it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


Not many people that go to a con will actually follow this crucial rule for a con. YOU NEED TO WASH YOURSELF. You will get sweaty from the con and will start stinking up. So either before the con or when you get back from the con but still have the next day to go to it again, have a shower or bath. You can even shower twice a day if your hotel is literally a minuet walk from the convention. I don’t really care which one you do but please just wash. Throughout the day you can use a bit of deodorant or body spray to get you by until the end of the con. But whatever you do, don’t use it as a replacement of a shower because let me tell you, it’s really not. Moral of the story is, just wash yourself. It will do you and the rest of the con the world of good.

4. Make time for food.

Food. It’s what keeps us alive. Some people eat too much of it (including myself), and others eat too little of it. Cosplayers and con goers, no matter how much they would eat outside of a con eat too little if they ever manage to eat at all. Even though I eat a lot normally, I will eat very little if I do at all. I end up contemplating whether I should go to that panel I really wanted to go to or eat. One is filled with sweaty nerds talking about nerdy things, the other is the thing I need to survive and give me energy for the rest of the day and without it will make me grouchy. However there are some times where I do actually eat (I know right? A cosplayer eating at a con? Unheard of.) but my diet is mainly overpriced chicken goujons and chips that they serve at the con itself and a snack I brought with me. It is that or going outside of the con building and venturing into the known unknown that is civilisation and I’m in full cosplay. Nah, I’m good.

3. Don’t buy the first thing you see as soon as you get into the convention.

What I mean by this is that if you buy something you see as soon as you get to the con, one or two of these things might happen:

  • You will buy it and then see it again somewhere else at the lower price.
  • You will blow your entire budget on that one thing.


  • You buy it and then realise you already have that item that was quite expensive both times.

This almost happened to me at my first con but my sister, who had been to a few cons before, told me not to. She told me to walk around the Traders Hall and Artist’s Alley at least twice before buying anything. Once to see what’s there, twice to notice things that weren’t there before and third to actually buy an item if it has still been in your mind during the previous laps around. That’s how I know what to buy. Not to mention, before I go to the con, I take a photo of my room and look at them while I’m there so I know I already have that item. There has been one time where I bought something at the first table I saw it at and realised that two stalls down, it was there for less than what I had bought it for. And at a con, from what I am aware of, there are no returns. It’s like the pop up Halloween shops, no refunds and no returns. However, if there is something that you see and someone else has paid for it but left it there for a while, some places take commissions. So to be on the safe side, ask if they do and they will give you all the information that you need.

2. Take care of yourself physically and mentally

What I mean about this is that after the con is over you will get either or both the Post Con Blues or Con Sickness. Post Con Blue is the equivalent of waking up from a CRAZY night out with a severe hang over to the point where you actually can’t move and realising it’s Monday which means you have to go to work. It’s that kind of feeling but multiplied. The con is over and you have to return to society again until the next con which, if you were like me and went to 2 cons in a span of a week, wont be very long.

Con Sickness, however, is far more severe because you are actually sick with a virus of some sort. And this can range from the common cold to something as severe as tonsillitis. And, ladies and gentlemen, I actually got the latter from being at a con. I got tonsillitis after being at a Comic Con in Spring. I had an amazing time at the con but a few days later, my tonsils were the size of two walnuts and I couldn’t leave my house for 2-3 weeks which felt like a month at least. No one could come into the house that didn’t live with me and I couldn’t go outside so I ended up getting cabin fever. I honestly blame myself as I had not been careful with taking care of myself that weekend. So please take care of yourselves, kids. It’s hard out here for a con goer after an anime convention.

1. Have fun.

You are at the con for a reason. No matter what the reason is, the common ground that all con-goers share is that we are here to have fun. We’ve travelled all around the world to get to this con. We’ve spent a lot of money on tickets, cosplay, accommodation, food, and transport. We are at this con so we can have a good time with our friends, family, loved ones and complete strangers. We’re meeting our favorite actors and voice actors, seeing your con friends again, making new con friends, maybe meeting the love of your life (what happened to me), meeting your favorite artist and so much more. Sure, you spent 3-4 of your rent money on being here but now that you are here, be yourself, respect others and have a good time on me.

An outsider who knows nothing about anime conventions and cosplaying looking in at us will not understand us and will judge us for our lifestyle. But all you need to do is not let them get to you. You are a fantastic, awesome and beautiful person. You are creative, you are fun, you are smart and you matter. An anime convention is meant to be a safe space for all con goers. If you feel unsafe by someone outside or even in the convention, we will all have your back and make sure you feel safe again. We will make sure you get back to either your hotel or bus stop safely and will remind you that at an anime convention, you are free to be yourself and that you are loved.  

Thank you so much for reading this list. I owe a lot to going to anime conventions and cosplaying. I met loads of friends and even the love of my life. If I hadn’t started cosplaying or going to anime conventions 9 years ago, not only would I not have met the most amazing people that are still a huge part of my life or would be writing for the Guild of Nerds, I think I would be an entirely different person.

However, this list was just what I think you need to know to survive an anime convention. I may have missed out on a few things. So if you have a tip to help newbies and veterans alike, comment them down below. And if you have an idea on what you would like us to do next, comment them too. And don’t forget to go follow the Guild of Nerds on Instagram and Facebook.And have a wonderfully Nerdy day.

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    What you need?

I made a boudoir version of this cosplay but the shape is very easy to turn into a full dress cosplay of Bowsette by adding a black skirt to the bottom. There are ways to make this build a little cheaper or more expensive depending on what materials you choose, however I will break down what will make it more expensive

Materials used:

  • Black faux leather (for the corset) or a black fabric of your choice
  • Zipper
  • Matching black bias tape (not essential but cleans up edges)
  • Eva foam
  • Cosclay
  • White Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • Gold paint
  • Clothing Magnet clasps or hook and eye clasps

Tools used:


  • sewing machine
  • Dremmel
  • Paint brushes
  • Contact cement

To Buy:

  • Blonde Ponytail wig
  • Elf ears
  • Vampire teeth
  • Blue contact lenses (non essential)

Where To Start

Before i start crafting anything i always break down a costume into parts. 

This helps me make sure that I know everything that makes up the costume before going ahead and making or ordering any fabric. That way I get no surprises part way through the process.

I tend to find it easiest to get together all the reference photos I can get of as many angles of the costume as I can get and then I draw a front and back view of the costume if they are different (i cannot include a reference of this due to copyright but a big collage of photos of all angles is the jist). For me it helps to draw out all the elements but you may want to at the very least print a reference photo and make a list if you don’t want to draw.

Working From The Base

I personally find the easiest place to start is at the base layers and work my way out, so my ideal place to start is with the bodice. As I have made bodices before this part was easy for me.

I have a bodice pattern that I have used for dark magician girl that is fitted for my shape and so I used that pattern again for Bowsette. You can find swimming suit or bodysuit patterns online and buy them in your size which can be reused again and again.

(i use odd objects to weigh down fabric that leave marks if pierced with a needle)

Normally I would line and interface my bodysuits but the faux leather fabric held its shape pretty well on its own and it doesn’t fray at the edges so I didn’t have any potentially messy seams to cover up. As I haven’t lined the inside I used a bias binding around the outside just to keep everything tidy.

The Shell

Using the foam we cut an oval shape slightly larger than what you want your shell to be.

Also cut a trim for the shell (i cut it in two parts to save on foam) sticking it on top helps create the edge of the shell

Cut triangles of the same size at regular intervals on the oval as shown in the image on the right. These triangles are what give the shell Its 3d shape.

When glued together it should look something like the photo on the right.

I sand down the joins so that they will be smooth when painted and don’t forget to use a heat gun to heat seal the foam to stop it being super porous.

Don’t forget to add the tubes at the bottom of the spikes, then prime and paint!

I use PVA glue in layers as a primer which fills any small rough edges like can be seen on the joins of my spikes! A few layers or primer and acrylic paint and they are no longer visible

This concludes part one of making Bowsette. If you have any comments about areas I may have glazed over or if I’m not describing things well enough don’t hesitate to let me know!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for part two which includes, accessories, the crown, styling the wig and making the horns!

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Hello followers of Guild of Nerds! We’re Coloured Contacts and we’re here to introduce ourselves, our range of Cosplay contact lenses and our love for character costumes!

At Coloured Contacts we have a huge range of colored contact lenses that can be used to bring all your character costumes to life.

Once thought to be only for one-off costumes or fancy dress, our contact lenses are available in a range of durations. Our lenses can be for those attending multiple conventions or even fans of subtle natural colors that can be used as circle lenses for everyday kawaii looks.

Click to view our Colored Contacts

But with our passion for Cosplay, it’s our anime-themed costume contact lenses that we really want to tell you about.

Creating a Cosplay should be more than just a simple fancy dress; and bringing your favourite characters to life is something that’s easily achievable with colored contacts!

Don’t believe us? With some of our cost effective lenses, you can become anything from a shinobi warrior, dreaded Shinigami or even take on the glowing eyes of your favourite mecha! Visit some of our in depth Cosplay blogs for bringing your favorite anime characters to life. Pair it with the inspiration from Guild of Nerds and create a masterpiece!

Why Should I Use Cosplay Contact Lenses?

Not only are cosplay contact lenses safe and comfortable, but they’re also a jaw-dropping finishing touch to a costume that makes all the difference.

Coloured Contacts soft lenses are available in a variety of durations for people who prefer daily or reusable styles up to one year, and almost all of our crazy styles can be found within both of these ranges.

Do glasses ever hinder your Cosplay?

Be sure to consider using a pair of prescription contact lenses for some of our most popular styles!

Although we firmly believe that colored contacts are for everyone, it’s clear that they have a special place within the Cosplay community.

This has been shown to us with our affiliate cosplayers who have utilized some of our lenses in order to enhance their work.

One example of this breathtaking Cosplay is from the talented Francesca Di Giovanni.

Known on Instagram as @avada_kedavra , Francesca is adept at creating some of the finest character creations on the web.

Some of her posts with our lenses include Eren Yaeger’s Titan Form, Darth Maul and her unique Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse look! See Avada_Kedavra’s Cosplay Gallery.

Need Cosplay Inspiration?

With the thousands of anime and manga characters in the world, it can sometimes be hard to pin down your next Cosplay.

There’s a host of information on Guild of Nerds with some of the most recent trending Cosplays from their epic community.

However, if you’re dead set on using colored contacts for your look and you need some help in choosing your next costume; be sure take a quick look at the Coloured Contacts blog at https://www.colouredcontacts.com/en/blog

As well as affiliate features you can be sure to find a range of information on how to care for your lenses as well as some of the finest new cosplay ideas!

So far we have many contact lens blog posts focusing on characters from Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Darling In The Franxx and more!
Collaborate With Us?

Our lenses need your talent! If you’re a frequent Cosplay influencer, we’d love to work with you.

We sponsor new affiliates with our latest colored contact lenses and feature them on our social media.

We also sponsor Cosplay events and competitions worldwide. Find out more on our convention sponsorship on our Colored Contact Lens Affiliate page

We hope that we’ve shown you how colored contact lenses can transform and enhance your Cosplay.

If you’d like to find out more then please visit our website for more of our lens styles, care guides and costume inspiration with features from our affiliates.

Thank you to Guild Of Nerds for giving us this opportunity to be featured among their fantastic content and talented Cosplayers!

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When it comes to cosplay, you can either make your costume, buy items from places like Target that could build up a costume or buy the costume online. But where are the best places to buy costumes online and where are the best places for cosplay in general? I think I’ve come up with a list of cosplay websites to help you out.

For this list, I will divide it into half. Five of the websites on this list are for buying costumes, props and wigs and the other five are for guiding you on how to make certain items. Because, like all cosplayers, we need guidance or inspiration sometimes to get the job done.

So here is my Top Five Cosplay sites for tutorials and guidelines for costumes. These lists are in no particular order and are ones I use normally:


When you look up “how to make……” on Google or Bing or whatever you use to look up things on, you tend to find that a site called WikiHow comes up quite frequently. And for good reason. WikiHow has tutorials on many different things. This includes “How To Gain an Inch On Your Hips.” to “How To Walk Away From A Married Man.”. Strange things to look up, believe me, but are very helpful articles. I have used this site for my Poison Ivy cosplay and learning how to make a cape. A helpful site indeed.

All That Is Cosplay/AllThatsEpic.com    

This site is very useful as it has different types of articles that are perfect for the cosplayers of the world. They have articles like “Cosplay 101: Planning Your First Cosplay.” and “Epic Everyday Cosplays.” that include the likes of Meg Griffin and Veronica Mars. They also have videos to help you dye fabric for cosplays and makeup tutorials too. Overall, a good site to use and would recommend it.


Svetlanna and Benni are two hardworking cosplayers who have made a name for themselves by doing tutorials on Youtube,     writing books on how to make costumes out of worbla, styling wigs and many many more. They are a great site to follow and are well  deserving of their popularity with cosplayers. And even though I don’t use worbla all that much, I bought one of their books and it’s     so easy to follow and to understand if you’re a simple minded   cosplayer like me. So, overall, KamuiCosplay are the cosplay dream     team taking the community by storm.    


Instructables is a very handy site, like WikiHow, for many things. From “Fireballs You Can Hold in Your Hands!” to “Cosplay Repair Station.” they have a lot of helpful articles to help you both improve your cosplays and to find some hobbies that you could try and get into. It’s a helpful site that I think you would enjoy using.    

And finally:


Yes, the thing you use almost everyday to watch videos of professional dancers and cat memes is actually a great place for     cosplayers to find tutorials and step-by-step run throughs of     different costumes. I have used it many times to see how people made specific items for their costumes. Not to mention that they have cosplay channels like Nerd Caliber that go to cons and interview     cosplayers about what they go through and ask them questions of the day like “Cosplayers don’t…….” where the cosplayers fill in the blank and “Cosplayers Speak Out Against Harassment at Otakon     2015.”. They also have interviews with voice actors and actors.     There is also this hilarious Deadpool cosplayer called D Piddy who basically causes mayhem at different cons that he goes to. He is so funny to watch and will always make me laugh at his silliness and will make me wonder every time I watch is videos “how the hell did he get away with that?” while laughing my ass off. So even though many people will know this, go onto Youtube and find cosplayers through it.    

Now onto the websites to buy cosplays from. Again, this is in no particular order. This is just me throwing them out there as I think of them:


Definitely the most expensive website on this list, Etsy is the eBay for handmade items. This varies from handmade costumes between €100-€2,000 to custom made wedding rings. Even though the prices are high, the items are well worth it. However,     just like with the rest of the sites, ALWAYS read the reviews of people selling the items and only accept a 100%-99.9% or 4-5 star reviews. You never know what the quality of their service is going to be like and it’s always safer to go to see what other people said about how that person did on the costume and general service. Just be safe out there in the not so friendly world called the Internet.


Ebay is a cheap site to buy costumes or props but just like with the first and the next slot, they do more than costumes. Ebay does electronics, costumes, furniture, antiques, music albums and many more. You can either buy it straight away or bid for it in an auction. But remember, follow the guidelines that I mentioned before when it comes to buying items. I will repeat it: ALWAYS read the reviews of people selling the items and only accept 4-5 star review. You don’t want to be scammed out of money. And always message them and follow up your order if you don’t see it in the time that says it will take deliver it with a little bit of wiggle room for patience.    


Amazon is the more reliable sites I have been on out of the three mentioned before. Myself and my family use it more often     and they haven’t been in bad conditions. Hence, to us, it’s better. However, we do follow the guidelines mentioned in both the Ebay and Etsy slots prior. I don’t think I need to repeat it at this point. Amazon also sells more than just costumes and wigs. They sell books, toys, car parts, gardening and many more. Just be warned, when you type in cosplay into the search bar, you will get sexy schoolgirl uniforms as the first things you see. But don’t worry, there are actual costumes lower down and on the next few pages mixed in with the schoolgirl outfits and the BDSM clothing. Just keep searching and you will find what you need.    

Rockstar Wigs + Gothic Lolita Wigs

I heard about these sites from a Youtuber Cosplayer Alexa Poletti and has them as her main wig providers. She is their spokesperson and that’s why I put both if them together on this list. Both shops have a great variety when it comes to the different types of wigs that they have. They range from thigh long wigs to super short, natural colored to rainbow colored. They have a wide variety of styles, and colors that I think you will love to get. Their prices start between €30-€50 to €100 roughly and they both have a section of lace front and hard front wigs.

And lastly:


This site sells costumes from movies, anime, and games.

They do props, wigs, costumes, shoes, you name it, they do it.
They even do contact lenses, fangs, elf ears, eyelashes, tattoo stickers and many many many more. It’s insane how much they have on their site. Not to mention that they are all in a decent price range if you are on a budget. They also do a wide variety of sizes, including having the costume custom-made to your size. However, as I have not received anything from this site, I have no idea what their quality is like. But on saying that, I have talked to many people about their opinions on the site and the general conscience was that some people had good quality items that they bought from them but sizing was a little off and shipping was fast, others had really bad experiences with them. So do your research before buying anything from there to be on the safe side.

And that was my list of sites for cosplays. I hope you enjoyed this list and go try out these sites for yourself. See what you think of them and let us know if this helped you out or not. Also if you have any other topics you want us to discuss, let us know in the comments. And be sure to like and follow the Guild Of Nerds on Facebook and Instagram.

And have a wonderfully Nerdy day.

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Cosplay and Theatre – My Story

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a crossover with cosplay and theatre as the two really do compliment each other.

Cosplay is made up of the words costume and play, meaning we make or buy costumes to wear and the play means acting as the character.

In theatre, we dress up in costumes and give dramatic performances in public.

Only as of recent, I realised the similarities, and I thought about how theatre had improved my confidence for cosplaying, it was an epiphany.

I  was on my third cup of coffee, on page 42 of my latest theatre script thinking about what my character could wear on stage when the thought came to me.

I realized that the costume making in the theatre was similar to cosplaying. We piece things together for our performances and anything we cant find gets made by our talented in house costume maker.

I don’t work in the costume department but I certainly learned a thing or two from them like how to make a costume on a budget or how to piece together characters from pieces you find in a charity shop.

When we get a script I look at how to act as the character or what the costume looks like is creative and expressive, we put our own spin on it and make it our own.

With cosplay, some aim for accuracy but with my theatre background, I like to do my rendition of the character and twist things to make it my own.

I was a pretty shy kid suffering from cerebral palsy. I didn’t have many friends and I was bullied.

I remember one cold day, I was hiding in the cloakroom so I didn’t have to go outside and play with the kids who bullied me.

Thats where I met a girl called Aoibheann
(Pronounced Eeven) who had the same idea of hiding in the cloakroom, from then on she became my best friend and she was the one who gave me the confidence I needed to start theatre.

Our first play together was The Three Little Pigs and I had the iconic role as the house.

For six year old me that was a lot of pressure just standing there under the the big bright lights but I loved every second of it.

Later that year I learned that I was moving schools, I had to quit the theatre and I was going to leave my best friend behind.

I was instantly the black sheep at my new school and I slowly began to lose my confidence again due to the bullying and I lost contact with my best friend.

I slowly felt the dark cloud over my head expand. I would constantly withdraw myself from people, automatically thinking they didn’t like me, that they wouldn’t want anything to do with me.

There was one bright spark, I had found my best friend again in my mid-teens through Facebook.

We finally had a way to communicate. It was like no time had passed. She was still her cheery self. It was that year that I was introduced to Cosplay and she was more supportive of my weirdness than ever.

However, this brief moment of happiness didn’t last long in my fifth year of secondary school I lost my stepfather to suicide,  I completely shut off. My life was officially spiralling out of control and I didn’t know who to turn to.

During my time in college, I got diagnosed with paranoia, I felt that I wasn’tworth someone’s time but I continued with my college degree but I longed to back on the stage.

My mother (bless this woman’s soul) asked me to join another theatre group after quitting a few in the past.

She said she knew of a guild she had worked with and that they were a lovely group and I haven’t looked back since.

I decided to go and audition for a part in the next play that our theatre was doing I never expected to get a major part but regardless of my hesitations, I did.

It taught me that you should always try your hand at something, even if you’re certain you might fail.

Which is why I decided this year I was going to enter a cosplay competition.

Am I terrified? Yes.

Do I want to back out every time I think about it? Yes

Will I lose? Maybe, I won’t know until I get out there and give it my all and that’s one very important thing theatre has taught me.

Even if it goes horribly wrong, that can be one of the best performances you’ll ever do and the satisfaction you get from your facing your fear is priceless.

No matter what happens do not throw away your shot. You’ve got this.

Richard Rodgers Theatre

Which is why I’m writing this article now.

Cosplay and theatre have changed my life completely and since joining the Guild of Nerds team I have never been happier that I’m doing two of my most loved past times.

I wasn’t sure whether to write this article but I would like others to know not to ever give up.

I gave up so many times and it took me a long time before I got back on my feet.

So I’ll leave you with the wise words of Alexander Hamilton:

Don’t throw away your shot

The post How Cosplay and Theatre Improved My Life: Blathnaids Story appeared first on Guild of Nerds.

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WHETHER you have just discovered the realm of nerds or you are one of the holders of the 19 original rings, everyone remembers their first cosplay event. The lights, the smells (no judgement – costumes can be SWEATY) and the sounds are a veritable feast for the senses. Take a trip down memory lane and re-live popping your cosplay cherry with our list…

1.This is like Harry Potter discovering he’s a wizard

How did I not know this world existed? Storm Troopers and Ghost Busters hanging out in the same convention centre/parish hall? This is so freakin’ cool!

2. Man, these people are dedicated….

How many hours did it take to craft that sword? I barely have time to make dinner, let alone spend hours poring over intricate, accurate detailing. These guys must have great patience.

3. Why is Barry (the guy in the Iron Man costume) working as an accountant?

Someone needs to give him a job as a props maker, stat! Seriously though…that guy has got some major skills with a hot glue gun.

4. Do they know I’m not one of them?

Are they staring at me? Oh wait, I’m staring at them. Maybe I should pick my jaw up off the floor, lest they discover me and feed me to the Gammoreans.

5. It’s so great that these people found each other. God bless the internet.

Being different can be super difficult at times. Maybe you’re not into skulling 15 pints on a Saturday night. Maybe you’re happier up to your knees in costume fabric and patterns. How fantastic it is that nerds now have a place to totally be themselves and not get persecuted for it. Long live the nerds!

6. Would they mind if I ask them for a photo?

I don’t know the protocol here. Is it rude to go up to a cosplayer and ask for a selfie? …I’m gonna ask for a cosplay selfie.

7. Wow, everyone is super friendly

Okay, it’s been a few hours now and no-one has thrown me out yet. Maybe I could talk to them about their craft and pick their brains on the best way to get started?

8. I want this, and this….ooh and this!

There is so much cool stuff here and I don’t have to wait three months for it to come from Japan. The merchandise cravings are real.

9. There should be prizes for this stuff! Oh wait…

You can win prizes for this?? That’s my college loans sorted! Haha yeah right, as if I could ever get up to that standard. Still, Aslan loves a trier.

10. What can i make in time for the next one?

That’s it. I’m hooked. The world of cosplay has me forever in her spell now. I wonder if that old dressing gown I have at home could pass for a Mulan costume?

The post 10 Thoughts From Your First Cosplay Event appeared first on Guild of Nerds.

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Shaggy Cosplay Buying Guide

Scooby Doo has been around for like half a century and Shaggy Rogers has always been a fan favorite. He has become the center point of pop culture at the moment with a resurgence in popularity due to internet memes depicting Shaggy as God. But that’s a story for another day. Lets get in to our Shaggy Rogers Cosplay Buying Guide.

Green V Neck T-Shirt

Jinkies! A basic green v-neck t-shirt is all you need, you can play around with the different colors of green, darker greens like the image above would be the most accurate to the character but any green v-neck should work well for your Shaggy Cosplay.

Wine Pants

You want to get a casual pair of wine jeans or chinos to add the costume to complete the look. Most of Shaggys costume can be found in charity shops, most low-cost men’s clothing stores or Amazon and I have attached links to all the images featured, Zoinks!

Black Dress Shoes

A formal pair of black dress shoes or any black shoes will complete the look for your Shaggy Rogers Cosplay.

Light Brown Mens Wig

You can use your own hair for the costume but if you want to add something extra, you can get a 60’s-70’s style light brown wig to match Shaggy Rogers hair.

Scooby Doo Plush Toy

A perfect addition to the cosplay would be your old buddy, old pal, your faithful companion Scooby Doo himself.

Shaggy Rogers Cosplay Tutorial

While researching the character I came across this Shaggy Rogers Cosplay Tutorial which may give you some extra ideas especially if you are wanting to genderbend.

SCOOBY-DOO: Shaggy Rogers Cosplay Tutorial - YouTube

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Sabrina Spellman- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Cosplay Buying Guide

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The chilling adventures of Sabrina blew people away when it hit Netflix in October 2018. Sabrina Spellman is now on many peoples list to cosplay and I would consider it a closet cosplay. (Something you can piece together from things you have in your closet) if you want the cosplay the more casual Greendale version of her. So let’s start this Sabrina Spellman Cosplay Buying Guide.

Short Blonde Curly Wig

One of the first things you will need for your Sabrina cosplay will be a short curly blonde wig, sandy blonde if you’re going for Sabrina at the start of Season 1 or a more brighter blonde for a later version of the Sabrina at the end of season 1. You may have to cut and style the wig to get it to look right but its something fun to play around with.

Black Fabric Hair Band

Then you will need a hair band and you will begin to start looking to like Sabrina Spellman. Any black hairband will do, the one in the show is fabric if you want to be more accurate.

Red/Wine Wool Jacket

While in Greendale Sabrina sports a wine buttoned wool jacket that she mostly leaves unbuttoned. These can run you a pretty penny so remember to shop around for a good price.

Red White Collar Dress

While at the Academy of unseen arts most of the female students wear Black collar dresses but Sabrina’s is a distinctive red dress.

A Lace Collar

To complete the look of the red collar dress, a lace collar will make you look more accurate to the show, these are very affordable to buy.

Black Turtle Neck

Sabrina is often seen wearing black turtle necks under her red wool coat or often on its own. This is recommended for when you wanna be a more casual version of the character.

Salem Soft Toy

To make Sabrina stand out adding a black cat soft toy wouldn’t be a bad decision as Sabrina doesn’t like to leave Salem at home.

Red/Wine Handbag

Sabrina carries a Wine/Red handbag with a long strap and these are affordable but not easy to find one that matches hers but you should be find if you don’t strive for accuracy.

Silver Necklace

This is not really necessary,but for the completionists out there, Harvey gives Sabrina a silver necklace early on and shes saw wearing it throughout the show.

Youtube Reference

So that was our Sabrina Spellman Cosplay Buying Guide. Below are some cosplayers/costume enthuasists from Youtube we found while researching this buying guide. Check them out for further ideas when piecing together your Sabrina cosplay.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Spellman Cosplay - YouTube

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