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Girls!! We have teamed up with Designer Wardrobe to bring you an exclusive Serendipity Ave x Designer Wardrobe style edit – featuring the New York brand Orseund and Iris.

We both thought it would be fun to show you how we style designer statement pieces into our wardrobe to inspire you to style it into yours too.

The tops are available to rent from Designer Wardrobe now.

Use the code Serendipity for 10% off your rental & make sure you tag us too if you recreate these looks

Nami and Pascale are both wearing Orseund Iris tops from Designer Wardrobe. Use the code “SERENDIPITY” at the checkout to get $ off your next rental.

Photos taken by Ash Muir Photography

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If you are somewhat interested in the New Zealand fashion industry you would have come across this power house sooner or later. Having a multitude of roles in her career she has recently landed her latest role which give us all the boss ass bissh vibes. Juggling her career and family life, she is an inspiration to NZ women wanting to chase their dreams.

What is your current role?

I am the fashion director at Bauer Media New Zealand and head up a new division we created to offer visual creative solutions to clients, which we named simply The Fashion Department.

Tell us about your journey in media? Where did you start out?

Where do I start! I have had a less-than traditional career trajectory; I’ve always worked in and around fashion and beauty but my direction has taken a number of twists and turns. I cut my teeth in the costume departments of some of New Zealand’s most memorable TV shows including Outrageous Fortune, Go Girls, The Almighty Johnsons and Nothing Trivial. I’ve worked as a makeup artist on the creative team for MAC, as a hairdresser and wig specialist for the BBC in London on some of their big period dramas, and as a judge on TVNZ 2’s Project Runway New Zealand series. Predominately though, it is magazines that have my heart and for the past eight years I have worked for Bauer Media, who own the majority of the well-known magazine brands here. I started out as the fashion editor of Fashion Quarterly (at the time this was my absolute dream role) and after around three years holding that title I moved onto edit the magazine for a following three-and-a-half years. Recently I moved to a more diverse overarching role, running a department that creates the fashion content for a number of titles including Woman’s Day, Women’s Weekly, NEXT, Good Health and Wellbeing, Fashion Quarterly, Miss FQ, Simply You, Kia Ora and Australian Women’s Weekly. I also work with brands consulting on their fashion lines and create campaign imagery or branded visual ad material for clients. 

What are some struggles that come with being a female leader in the media industry?

I have thought long and hard about how to answer this question. Perhaps my own experience is unusual and I do not wish to devalue the way other female leaders feel in my industry, but I can honestly say I have not felt my gender  has added any extra stress, roadblocks or problems for me in my trajectory. At work, I don’t consider being male or female. I am just an employee and leader working hard and striving to achieve as best I can within my limitations. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many struggles and tough moments along the way but I don’t think having a vagina has added to them. For me, my gender has neither held me back nor pushed me forward. Plus the NZ media is full of strong capable women in senior positions. I’ve also had the great fortune to work around and alongside many strong female leaders who have doubled as mentors and provide me with constant inspiration. 

What is your advice for brands wanting to stand out with their business from a media/editor perspective?

·         Make it easy. When you email a press release out to media make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Of course we want to know what the collection is about, but also include Dropbox links containing high res imagery, clear cuts of the product, any relevant captioning advice and most certainly the NZD RRPs. You want to make the path to coverage for your brand or line as easy as possible. In my experience the brands and PRs that regularly supply digital assets in this way secure the most organic (unpaid) editorial coverage. 

·         Time is money, honey. If you want as many key media and top-tier celebs to attend your event as possible, make your launch short and snappy. Our workloads are huge and schedules are tight, meaning we often can’t sacrifice large chunks of time out of the office or studio to attend endless long lunches or experiences (sadly). It is great to be invited to events and a privilege to attend, so don’t get me wrong, I know how extremely lucky I am, but many of us get invited to such a large volume of launch events, parties, dinners and lunches per week that we need to be rather selective about where we show face. My ideal launch or event time frame is 45min including the travel there and back from the office, this gives me enough time to speak with the brand team or PR, see the new range/product, grab a cute shot for Instagram and get back to the office.

·         Be memorable. We are storytellers. We need something to talk about to make sure the stories we are delivering to our audiences are interesting and they want to read/see them. Even if your product or line is more cotton basics than avant-garde, consider what your point of difference is, find an angle and pitch us that. Also bespoke pitches trump blanket media pitches all day every day. Good PRs carve off different angles to accommodate different channels/media brands.

What is a common misconception people have about you?

I have sometimes held a reputation as being a little scary and unapproachable, ie. strong and cold. It’s always totally confused me as those who know me will know I am anything but! I do have high standards and expect great work from the people around me but I am also kind, supportive and kinda goofy at times. My zodiac sign is cancer so maybe it’s just that; hard and spiky on the outside yet soft and sweet on the inside. Maybe I need to smile more?

What advice do you have for millennials wanting to chase a career in fashion?

If fashion is where you truly see yourself working and it’s what you have always wanted to do then go for it. The worst that could happen is it doesn’t work out and you try something new. I mean, I tried to study medicine for two years before I had a complete life 180. My advice is that life is long… so try the things. On a positive note it’s an extremely exciting time for New Zealand fashion at the moment with the designers from what we have dubbed ‘The new guard,’ Maggie Marilyn, Paris Georgia, Georgia Alice, Wynn Hamlyn and Harman Grubisa, gaining so much attention on the world stage and inevitably bringing eyes on everything else we have to offer in our local industry. It does take many long of hours and hard work but essentially what dream or career doesn’t? I would also note one piece of sage advice. If salary growth is your main motivation let’s just say no one works in the fashion industry for the money. It’s a tough gig, it is competitive, and margins are tight. 

Do you have any side hustles?

No, I do not. I am what you call time poor. I did get completely enamoured with the idea of owning a tow truck on the side. I planned to call it Sally’s Cheap Tows. This idea got so close to coming to fruition I actually found the perfect tow truck on Trade Me but I couldn’t find anyone to go halves in the business with me, AKA be the heavy driving the truck. HMU if there are any takers? 

How would you describe your daily style?

During the week if I’m in the office I’ll opt for simple tailoring pieces in black, white or beige; that may be blazers and shirts teamed with flares or bias cut skirts with stilettos or heeled boots. If I’m shooting I’ll be in destressed denim, vintage T-shirts and simple cashmere jumpers, most likely teamed with a heeled sock boot or Prada Cloud Bursts. I am polished but always like to have one element a little dishevelled for balance. For example, if my ensemble is immaculate I’ll wear my hair kinda scruffy and woody, or do a smudgy eye look. 

What is one thing that might shock people about you?

I can drive a tractor and back a large trailer. But actually, so can Juliette Hogan so maybe it’s not that unusual?

What is one expensive item you want to splurge your money on?

I am using all my will power to resist buying these super wearable Maryam Nassir wedges in limited edition Neon Fish print because I am about to renovate a bathroom. Help. Me. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.


What is one item that you love that is a money saver?

I wear bodysuits as a foundation layer to my outfits no matter the season. They add a great line, warmth and I find them really comfortable. To me they’re a better option than a camisole. My current go-to was only $44! It’s a black lace bodysuit by Jockey which is a part of the range I curated for Farmers recently.

One beauty product you absolutely love! 

I worked in makeup for a long time and still fangirl over cult beauty products in general. I can’t go past modern artist-lead brands and I love spending time at Mecca. By Terry by Terry Barber is one of my beauty obsessions and the Tea To Tan Face and Bodybronzing water is seriously top notch. If you haven’t tried it you absolutely must. You spritz the product onto the end of a big soft brush and buff it into the high points of your face or even your legs or décolletage. Once it’s buffed in the finish looks as natural as a sun-kissed tan and it won’t transfer onto clothes. It’s 100 times better than a traditional powder bronzer and unfortunately for my bank account an essential.


What’s your fave perfume?

I alternate between Louis Vuitton Turbulences and Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu. Both are rich and heady but I find them intoxicating. Occasionally I’ll find myself en route to an event with the Uber driver putting down his window and I’ll assume I’ve been too heavy handed with my scent application.



Your lip colour of choice?

After years of a bold red lip I now pat a small amount of MAC Rocker or By Terry Lip Expert Cherry Wine into the centre of my lips dabbed in with a finger and then work it out to the edges with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. It gives a berry-toned lip-stain effect like you’ve just been eating blackberries or better yet, kissing! 

One quote you live by?

“When someone shows you who they are – believe them,” Dr Maya Angelou. Advice equally as useful at the office and in your home life.

Who inspires you?

My team, my family, music, art, film and nature. And then if I’m honest, different human muses seem to come and go from my life and influence what I’m excited about visually. They pop up just when I least expect it, normally right when I need creative inspiration but don’t know so, and that’s just the way I like it.

Want to stalk Sally? You can find her Instagram here.

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Here is a quick blog post about what I do on the daily to look after my skin.

The funny thing is my skin is better now in my early 30s than it was in my mid-20s, so I thought I quickly put together what I have been doing for the last 3 years. You can use this as a rough guide.


1. Wash face with water only – if you have oily skin use a face wash.
2. Use a toner, this is to neutralize your skin’s PH level.
3. Skin Correcting Serum ( I love the Murad Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum)
4. Eye Cream (try to find one that is sensitive and has a built-in SPF, your eye area is very sensitive and needs extra care)
5. SPF 50 every day even in Winter (I love the Murad, Shiseido and Skin Smith ones)
6. Eye Lash Serum (Revitalash or Flash Lash)

I try to be make up free as much as I can.


1. Wash my face with a mild face wash, and exfoliate every 3 days
2. I use a face mask 2x a week, I love sheet masks
3. Eye Cream (Retinol based, only at night)
4. Night Cream sometimes I use oils here when I feel extra dry.

I also use the Eco tan tanning water every 3 days to maintain a healthy tan.

Lastly, IMPORTANT! Drink yo water babes 3-4 litres minimum! It will make a huge difference in your skins overall appearance and its free!!!

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There are so many products out there that promise you the bloody world!

These are the products that stood the test of time and that I happily take with me into 2019!

Also, because people are always so curious none of this is sponsored, however, if it was we would still treat it the same as if it wasn’t – meaning anything we recommend sponsored or not, is always genuine –  love Nami x <3

Weleda Skinfood

A must have product that is undeniably one of the best beauty products out there! I use my skinfood as a face mask, under my make up, for my split ends, cuticle care etc. etc. I love that it’s super affordable and it smells so yummy too!
Buy here

Skinfood Overnight Avocado Mask

 Stressed, tired skin? Nope, not for me! This is a very affordable overnight face mask which is on high rotation in my beauty regime. I especially love it on a Sunday night knowing I will wake up looking like I had a rested weekend.  If my workmates only knew haha. P.S: The brand is called Skinfood, not to be confused with Weleda Skinfood.
Buy at Countdown or online here

Murad Skincare

The other day my workmate looked at an old photo from me  from like around 3 years ago and said: “How is your skin better now than it was when you were in your twenties?” No lie.

Well, first of all, thank you best compliment I have gotten in ages! I truly believe using the Murad range in conjunction with my skin care plan at Caci Clinic which includes regular facials, has truly made a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin.
I pretty much love every product Murad has released and in particular, I love the retinol eye creme, the multivitamin oil, and the whole yellow Essential C range!
You can buy at any Caci Clinic nationwide (NZ).

Caci Clinic Skincare Plan

As mentioned before utilising this service has really improved my skin. I love that they seem to have a solution for literally anything you are concerned about. Sunspots = use this product or we can do laser treatment, acne prone skin = let’s do this facial combined with this serum! Their knowledge around the skin is beyond and I swear they have a ” no-judging allowed and be nice to everyone” policy in place! Our go-to place for anything skin related! You can pay for it on a weekly basis kinda like a gym membership which makes it easier to manage money wise.
You can get in touch with Caci here

Lancome Prep & Hydrate Face Primer

Them: “Omg your skin is sooo dewy” Me: “I knowwww!” haha! You all know I live for that glow!

This primer has the perfect consistency and formula to make you look dewy all day. I use it after I clean my face and prior to applying foundation.
Buy at Smith & Caughey’s here

Flash & Revitalash Eyelash serum

The rumours are true, these two serums do what they promise and actually work! I started seeing an enormous change after around 2 months. My recommendation though – only apply it during the daytime as I started growing random hair around my eyes as I used to apply it at night and I tend to tear up during my sleep. I guess it shows these serums do work?
Shop Flash here & Revitalash here

Jeunora Renew +

Because real beauty starts from the inside right? I have been a long time user of Jeunora and I can confirm my hair has never grown faster and thicker in my life. I have that glow even though I’m not pregnant LOL. I will be honest it is pricey but so worth it! It has also helped to minimise my IBS! Use code Serendipity15 for a discount babe!
Shop Here

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment

This leave in wet hair treatment is one of my faves! I chuck it into my highly colour damaged hair and my hair looks amazing and smells yummy too! I have fewer haircuts and split ends because of this bugger. It’s great to also apply when you plan on using straighteners on your hair as it has heat protectant built into it too! 10/10 for this one!
Buy via Loxy’s here

Bondi Liquid Gold

Because I look so much better tanned but the sunbathing is so bad for aging your skin. For that quick “I need to look healthier” fix this tan is a gift sent from heaven. Literally. It was a PR gift and that’s how I discovered it.
The best part? No showering or long wait time to develop/wash off the tan needed! You just apply it and that’s it, it’s different to the original where you have to wait to develop and wash off. Because ain’t nobody got time for that!
Buy at Farmers or online here


I started drinking 3-4 litres of water every day since the beginning of the year and yep, its a cheap solution for hydrated skin that’s often left neglected. Sounds like a lot to drink but get a cute water bottle, because for some reason I drink more when I like the bottle, it’s the child in me I swear!
Buy my current one here

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Meet Sunniva, our latest girl boss who is leading the pack for women in business wanting to take their business and personal life to the next level. She is a Self Made Multi-Millionaire, Author of Two No.1 Best Selling Self Help books, speaker & Mindset Coach. She is well known as Queen Fire, because of her unique gift to ignite people’s inner fire and help them truly REMEMBER who they are. She is not only inspiring but she is such a humble and general sweet human being. We wanted a piece of her action so we teamed up to do an amazing giveaway over on our Instagram but in the meantime get to know the Girlboss herself below!

1. What is your current role? Well, I work for myself and have staff under me so I guess I could say CEO but that makes it sound much grander than reality, I would say! I run a personal development company that specialises in mindset and transformation. Mostly I work with women that either has their own businesses and want to take it all to the next level, or with women that want to have their own business and I help them create it from the ground up.

2. What does a typical day in your life look like? I travel a lot but when I’m in Auckland it starts early, usually, I get up around 5 am to meditate, make ceremonial cacao and journal. Then I’ll usually do a bit of work on my social media and get clear on what I want to achieve that day. I have a 5-year-old daughter, she gets up about 7 am so I’ll spend some time with her and my husband, have breakfast together and go for a walk in the park before school. The rest of the day varies a lot, mostly it will be seeing clients either in person or on calls, and doing Live training in my group. I’m a write off in the evenings, I like to go to bed before 9 pm & usually  avoid working after the late afternoon to spend time with my family, cooking together and getting outside

3. Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey! Where did you start out? I started really young, was hustling since I can even remember. We never got given pocket money as kids and I was super motivated to work to get what I wanted. I bought my first property when I was 19, had a successful food blogging business for nearly 4 years, and have been full time in my current business for 3 years so have been in some kind of business most of my life but I also worked in regular jobs for some of that time.

4. What are some struggles that come with being a female leader in the industry? How do you overcome these? I don’t notice it owning the business that I do quite honestly but its very different to being in the workplace. That’s why I’m so passionate about entrepreneurship – you get to make your own rules!

5. What is your advice for brands wanting to stand out with their business from your perspective? To make it as personal as possible. Personal branding is absolutely where it’s at, people want to connect with who is behind the brand – that’s what makes them buy. And its got to be real, authentic and relatable.

6. What is the common misconception people think of you? That I had it easy. I talk about my story from time to time but there are people who miss that and just assume that I was handed my success, when the reality is I have worked hard from the get-go to be where I am, been through a ton of struggles and also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in myself over the years.

7. How would you describe your daily style? Lately it’s pretty feminine, lots of summery floral dresses. Or when I’m wanting a sharper look, its usually a sleek black dress, black Camilla stilettos and Gucci belt.

8. What is one thing that might shock people about yourself? I am a total introvert – happiest when in bed insanely early with a good book!

10. What is one expensive item you want to splurge your money on? A Tesla. I live right next door to them and I love them, but I really don’t even need a car so it can wait for now!

12. One beauty product you absolutely love! Aleph beauty makeup – it’s so good! A little pot of skin-loving makeup that blends in beautifully and is a foundation and concealer in one.

13. Fave perfume? Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf

14. One quote you live by? There is no growth in a comfort zone.

15. Who inspires you? At the moment, Gary V and Jacinda Arden. I’m proud of NZ right now and how we’re leading the way in female leadership! Having a prime minister that can run the country while also having a baby and be on the cover of Vogue is the embodiment of female empowerment to me.

16. What would your advice be a millennial woman who isn’t sure what she wants to do career-wise? Fail forward. Don’t wait around for the perfect job to come to you, just keep taking action and try things until you find the thing that feels good. I had a lot of shitty jobs on the way to getting where I am now, and they were all stepping stones in the path.

18. What motivates you in everyday life? My mission and my vision. I am so motivated by the work I do and how transformative it is in peoples lives that I can’t wait to get out of bed most mornings.

You can check out Sunniva’s work here, and stalk her on the gram here.

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A few weeks ago I asked you, babes, if you would be interested in a 2018 Christmas Wishlist and the replies were crazy. You wanted Fashion, Beauty and a little something for New Mums. Well, here are all the things that are currently on my wishlist that you might want on yours too. You’re welcome. Also, none of this is sponsored just  –  Love Pascale xx

Something For The Fashion Gals:

It’s hard to pick one, and I may be totally biased as I co-designed the range but apart from wanting everything from our latest collection to stack along my ears, I need to start with these Kite Charm Hoops. They will go with my original Northern Star Hoops like a boss. Note to self: Get at least one more piercing done in my ears so I can stack more.

Serendipity Ave x Monarc Collection 

Kite Charm Hoops Gold – $170.00 | Kite Charm Hoops Silver – $140

So this is the next designer piece I have my eye on. After seeing them make the rounds on my Insta feed they have been on my mind. The Fendi Cowboy Boot. Honestly. It speaks to my soul. I plan to will wear them everywhere. Even to bed. K bye.

The Fendi Cutwalk crocodile-effect cowboy boots $1,371.00 NZD

A good summer brim from Lack Of Color, like where can you go wrong? I want everything they make and this hat is no exception. This one is next on my purchase list. Is there a theme going here? IDK.

Lack Of Color Zulu Rancher $129

Even though it is summer, I promise you will wear this baby all year round. Pair it with a tee in summer and knits in winter. I have been wearing Nami’s vintage Levi’s jacket for YYEEEARRRS now and I think it is time to give it back and get my own. You will not regret this gift.

Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket – Starting from $130

This dress and any other wrap dress from Faithfull The Brand. Note! newly pregnant ladies, go up one size in dresses like these to wear throughout your pregnancy and then tie it tighter once the baby is here. #winning

Faithfull The Brand Nina Midi Dress $200NZD

I have no reason to put this on here other than I am obsessed with it and I want it NOW. Also, the back of the dress is just as perfect as the front #hellosummer

Sir The Label Aurelie Open Back Dress $297NZD

If you don’t have a slip skirt in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for? Pair with a white tee or cami for your summer uniform! A few of my faves I have asked Santa for.

Silk Laundry Cinnamon Polka Skirt $207

Realisation Par Naomi Skirt $191NZD

This Asos Crinkle Cut Bikini is all the Hunza G vibes without the price tag. All about it.

ASOS Crinkle Crop Bikini Top $31 NZD | Crinkle Cut Bottoms $26 NZD

Anything from the entire Acne Studios winter collection I am obsessed with including this bomber jacket. It’s love. Oh, and it also comes in khaki.

Acne Studios Clea Bomber Jacket $709NZD

One thing I love gifting and getting gifted is fashion coffee table books. Stacked amongst your trinkets, they should A) look pretty on the table and B) be inspiring to flick through. A couple on my wish list.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton $75

Kate Moss by Mario Testino $54

This doormat is just cute AF. Why do you want this? Because why not.

Rainbow doormat by Ban.do $36USD

Something For The Beauty Gals:

Now it’s no surprise that all the beauty brands are in full swing of Christmas, which is great because all the holiday gifting collections are out which makes it super easy to give or, hint to your boyfriend for yourself. Mecca is doing some great ones with different brands shop online here as well as my fave MAC Cosmetics too. The only thing is you can’t wait too long cause it sells out so fast. This is your warning.

MAC Christmas Goody Bag – Neutral Eyes $98 

Shiny Pretty Things Sweet Assortment – Retro Matte Lipsticks $200

This palette by Bobbi Brown is also literally daytime highlighter ‘glow goals’.  It is a little bit more of a subtle highlight for everyday wear than the MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette you see us use. Plus the packaging is a little more fun and festive than your norm. Obsessed.

Highlight And Glow Highlighter Duo Palette – $180

This is the miracle cream Nami and I always bang on about. Smells like an absolute herbal dream too, say goodbye to dry skin. It will have you SHOOK how good it is – well at least that is what happened to me lol.

Weleda Skin Food 75mL $23 | Weleda Skin Food $14

The Renew + has been on my wishlist for a while since I have seen all the benefits it has had first hand on Nami. Through my pregnancy, I have been taking the Naked Marine Collagen and as soon as this baby comes I will switch to the Renew + as it has the pure marine collagen from the Naked + extra vitamins which are suited to improve your skin and gut health.

The reviews on this brand is no joke, I thought it was a hype until I actually tried it for myself. Like guys, they have bottled  ‘the glow’. It’s not cheap by any means but if you are looking to improve your skin and gut health I would suggest giving them a try.

Jeuneora Renew + 1 Month Supply $130 $110.46 Use discount Serendipity15 at checkout

The Christmas scents from Ecoya are out, currently on sale and smell like Christmas bottled into a candle. This might be one of those get one for yourself and one for someone else too.

Ecoya Madison Jar, Fresh Pine 400g $41

Something For The Mums:

Literally, anything from this online store is on my wishlist. I have spent way to much money then I care to admit with them but the quality and the designs I know will last forever and for more than one kid. All pieces are hand dyed and designed by an Australian mum herself, Jordan. They can be a little hard to buy from as their smaller sizes sell out so super quick but the best thing to do is keep up with their Instagram and when they drop a pre-order take notice, one must not delay.


If you haven’t yet bought a pram and are thinking of which one to buy, I am obsessed with my Edwards and Co Oscar G3. To be honest, I didn’t think this kind of stuff would excite me but holy shit it is chic and practical. Additional’s I got were the cot and the capsule + car seat base as I wanted it all so ….. yolo. The capsule and car seat base clicks out of the pram and into the car so it doubles as your childs’ car seat while they still fit in the capsule. Better living everybody.

When I tested it out I couldn’t believe how affordable it was compared to other brands out there. It is also perfect for walking as the tyres are air inflated and best of all the company owned by an NZ family – The Edwards duh!

I originally set my mind on a Bugaboo as that’s all I saw everywhere but once I started visiting stores to look at them they are just too wanky for me. Did you know the frame alone with nothing on it was $1,300, like, cya. Not about that life.

Edwards And Co – Oscar G3 Stroller $795 – With Extras: $1,373 altogether.

These next items on the wishlist will just make you feel like you have your shit together, even if you don’t. As long as your underwear is in check then you are half way there to mastering the day girlfriend. The size guide on their website is super helpful for you to pick the size you will need during pregnancy and after baby/breastfeeding which SAVED MY LIFE as I am not close to a lonely store.

Lonely Bonnie Maternity Bra $110 | Lonely Lulu Underwire Bra $110

I also swear by Bonds which I get from Farmers and their original triangle soft cup bra’s which are so easy to wear too. Shop here.

This was recently recommended to me which I am totally going to get. Time flies by so fast and having something to refer back to will be everything. I am also a super forgetful person most of the time with 101 things on so it will also be my reminder when people ask me about milestones.

The Kiwi Baby Record Book $25

This last gift is little something to pick you up and help you find new wisdom in amongst the chaos. Plus it’s recommended by Pip Edwards so, what she says goes ok?

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have seen some new jewels pop up on your feed. Well it’s finally here, our third and most sophisticated collection to date is now available to shop online.

Designed and curated with so much passion, all of our pieces were created through the mutual love of fashion and great friendship. Each of our collaborations are carefully curated providing you with everyday, go-to jewellery pieces that are perfect for sharing.

So here you go, scroll on babes and let us know what you think. After all, it was created for go-getters like you.

Starlet Stud Earrings The Starlet Signet Ring
The Starlet Charm Hoops
Kite Charm Hoops

Chubbies Hoops Little Chubbies

Makeup: Tyler Drader

Model: Rain
Styling: Public Library / Serendipity Ave

These designs are part of the Serendipity Ave x Monarc Jewellery collaboration series.
Designed in London and New Zealand through the mutual love of fashion and great friendship, this carefully curated series provides everyday, go-to jewellery pieces for you to enjoy.

With love by Nami, Pascale and Ella x

Shop the entire collection exclusively at www.shopserendipityave.com or www.monarcjewellery.com

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Firstly, we love our blog, our Instagram and our community we were able to build in the past 3 years – it’s our baby!

But growing online, like life in general, will always come with some baggage. Our online presence has been rapidly growing which means more people are watching and more are being opinionated about it. To this day we have always stayed true to our beliefs, our rather weird humour and our honesty #ImLoyalBabe And we are planning on keeping it this way!

But recently we have been receiving a few DM’s like “This joke wasn’t funny at all” or “You should watch out talking like this on here”. Ok, let us stop you right there.

We are fully aware we are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that not everyone is going to find us funny. We know some people will find our worldviews offensive and you won’t understand everything we say – you know what, that’s ok. At the heart of everything, it is important to remember Serendipity Ave was created by two best friends with their own views on life, somewhat offensive humour and we are NOT perfect.

Our platform is a place where we celebrate women for their own unique views so conforming to the opinions of others and their perception of what we “should” and “shouldn’t” be like would be our NIGHTMARE. What’s the point of just becoming a nodding mannequin with no real opinion? Remember if you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

Just let us breathe when we say the word FUCK, take a chill pill when a joke isn’t “your cup of tea” and above all remember we are humans at the end of the day. If you don’t like someone for who they are, just unfollow. We aren’t planning on changing or fitting into a mould of what a fashion influencer should look like.

This blog post is for you if you feel torn between your own opinion and the opinion of others. If sometimes you feel the pressure to feel or behave a “certain way” on or off social media by your peers.

Just remember, life is too short to care for an opinion that doesn’t bring positivity. Don’t let it consume you! Wear what you want, swear as much as you want and at the end of the day you have the option to click the “Block” button on their profile.

Love always N+P xx

Shop Pascale’s leopard skirt and Nami’s leopard dress via Shop Serendipity Ave.

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Affordable fashion which is also sustainable, something everyone should consider when shopping online.

After blog post ‘Your guide to mixing high and low fashion’ we received heaps of messages on Instagram about fast fashion places we like to shop at and concerns that were had.

One thing we probably weren’t quite clear on is we are not promoting the “in one week and out the other” fast fashion industry with low end fashion, it all was purely from an affordability perspective and what we actually failed to suggest to you guys was sustainable places we love as well.

Let’s just blame it on the lack of coffee and sleep at the moment #busygirls

So here are some of our favourites and also suggestions from our messages on Instagram:

  1. Shop Serendipity Ave – For our vintage pieces and sustainably made jewellery.
  2. The Reformation  – For their on-trend selection of amazing dresses and overall cool vibe!
  3. Golden Brown The Label – For their AU bronzed goddess summer wardrobe must-haves!
  4. Spell And The Gypsy Collective – For their colours and prints.
  5. Yoli And Otis – For their organic fabrics and earth-focused philosophy.

Which are your favourite sustainable places to shop online at? Caring is sharing, love always N+P

Nami and Pascale wearing Shop Serendipity Ave Vintage and jewellery

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Hey babes! It has been a minute.

If you have been following us over the last week you will know how much of a busy one it was and wanted to thank everyone for voting for us for the Miss FQ influencer award for Fashion and The Supreme Award – still pinching ourselves.

Actually, as they presented the fashion award to us on stage we heard Sally-Ann Mullin mention how we are admired for our ability to mix high end and low-end fashion.

We both love styling and the key to a good mix is that you really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look LUXE. As the saying goes “Money doesn’t always buy you style and class”. You have got to learn to spend wisely.

So what is the perfect recipe for mixing high & low whilst managing to be the most stylish lady in the room? Well, no guarantees but try these tips out first.

Disclaimer: For the sake of explanation, we consider “Low End” to be $0-$300 and “High End/Designer” to be $600+

  1. Shop high end for your classic pieces. Think about items in your wardrobe that will go with what you already have. If it is your first high end/designer piece, think black or white. These tones will go with EVERYTHING and make your $50 dress look like it’s $500
  2. Shop low end for your less classic pieces and fast fashion items.  That way once the trend leaves, you don’t have to feel sorry that you blew a week’s pay on it. You can move on knowing it served it’s purpose!
  3. Find your fashion formula. Whether its denim, blazers or statement dresses – whatever works for you stick to it and make it your STYLE VIBE. Do not hesitate in investing in a good JUST FOR YOU item as you will get lots of wear out of it.
  4. Imitate luxe without spending the dollar. When you are shopping for your everyday low end pieces, try going for fabrics that mimic luxe without the price tag – think classic linens, quality satin. Avoid, avoid, avoid items that will pill and cheap cotton fabrics that won’t stand the test of time. Places like Zara and H&M do low-mid end items really well at a good price.
  5. Think about wear vs worth. When buying high end/designer, think about how much wear you will get out of an item. Bags, jackets and shoes generally get the most wear for cost as they are items that are ‘add ons’ to your core outfit. Those are items you should invest in.  Items like dresses and tops are better spent on low end.  Unless it is a special occasion and you just want to #TREATYOSELF – try and stick to this guideline.  Also, do not rule out renting as an option to feed your urges to splurge on dresses or tops. Try from our faves like Designer Wardrobe (in New Zealand) or (Something Borrowed in Australia).

Just remember, you don’t need to be rich to dress well. You just have to be smart and know how to spend your money.

 A few great places we love to find the high:

  1. My Theresa
  2. Farfetch
  3. Net-A-Porter
  4. Nordstrom
  5. David Jones

A few great places we find the low:

  1. Shop Serendipity Ave
  2. Revolve
  3. H&M
  4. Zara

If you ever wondered how we afford luxe items, have a look at this blog post here

Nami is wearing a Balenciaga denim jacket & sneakers. Skirt is Shop Serendipity Ave.

Pascale is wearing an Acne leather jacket, Adidas sneakers and a dress from Shop Serendipity Ave

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