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On June 17th, 2019 we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Full Moon in Sagittarius shares the sign with Jupiter, so you can expect a positive, uplifting Full Moon.

You may want to stargaze on June 17th. Jupiter is shining at its brightest at this time of the year. A bright Jupiter and a shiny Full Moon will make a night sky gaze to remember.

A Full Moon conjunct Jupiter is a great aspect to have. However, on the same day, we also have Mars conjunct Mercury and opposite Pluto. Mars and Mercury opposite Pluto can make us lose our heads and act from our most primal self.

This in combination with a Full Moon in Sagittarius (the sign of beliefs) can make us become fanatical about our beliefs, especially if we are prone to be impulsive or forceful with our opinions.

But a Full Moon at its core is an attempt to balance two opposing forces. The Moon is in Sagittarius, while the Sun is in the opposite sign, Gemini.

Sagittarius is about what we believe to be true, without question. Gemini, on the other side, is about keeping our mind open.

Full Moon In Sagittarius And Jupiter Square Neptune

We have another VIA (Very Important Aspect) at this Full Moon. That is Jupiter square Neptune. Jupiter square Neptune is one of the most important aspects of 2019.

We have 3 exact squares, the first one was in January, the 2nd one is now on June 16th (just before the Full Moon in Sagittarius), and the last one is in September.

The 2nd square (this one in June) is perhaps the most important one. This square is your chance to change the existing situation you were presented with at the time of the 1st square in January. Depending on what you do, you will reap the results in September, when we have the final Jupiter-Neptune square.

Jupiter square Neptune will challenge what you believe in. Jupiter is what we believe to be true, no matter what. Jupiter is our deepest beliefs that we are not willing to change.

Neptune – The Great Dissolver

Neptune is the Great Dissolver, so Neptune will attempt to do just that: to dissolve our deepest beliefs.

The reason why Neptune is doing that is because he wants us to find a higher order, a deeper meaning, a broader outlook for our existence.

At first, Neptune will confuse you. That’s why Neptune sometimes has a bad reputation.

Indeed, the first step of change is confusion. Neptune will make you doubt your deepest beliefs. It will seduce you, just like the snake seduced Adam and Eve. It will let you down, just like Judas let Jesus down.

But the ultimate goal of Neptune is not to harm you, but to open your eyes. Not only to a world of evil, but to a world of opportunities. Neptune wants you to fulfill your cosmic destiny. If you want to live a life of purpose, you have to continually re-invent yourself, your beliefs, and your reality. You simply cannot remain stuck in old ways of being.

What do you believe in? In God? In the Universe? In fate? In free will? In karma? In astrology? In yourself? In nothing at all? The Full Moon in Sagittarius, together with the Jupiter-Neptune square, is an invitation to challenge your deepest beliefs.

Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis

To illustrate this process, let’s refer to a German philosophical theory of change, called “Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis”

Thesis = the beginning position

Antithesis = a negation of the thesis

Synthesis = the two conflicting ideas that are reconciled to form a new proposition

In astrology, we have 12 signs distributed in 6 axes. The first axis is Aries-Libra, the 2nd axis is Taurus-Scorpio, the 3rd axis is Gemini-Sagittarius, the 4th axis is Cancer-Capricorn, the 5th axis is Leo-Aquarius, and the 6th axis is Virgo-Pisces.

Let’s take the Aries-Libra axis, and apply the “Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis” theory. If we start from Aries, Aries is the “thesis”.

Aries’ thesis is:

  • Individuality
  • Initiative
  • Winning

Libra, the opposite sign from Aries, becomes Aries’ antithesis:

  • Individuality vs Relationships
  • Initiative vs Reflection
  • Winning vs Compromise

After we understand both the thesis and the antithesis, we can get to the synthesis.

When we know ourselves (Aries) we have good relationships (Libra). And the opposite is true: when we put the effort to understand other person’s point of view (Libra) we discover new things about ourselves (Aries).

And as a result, our personality expands and our relationships change (Synthesis). We are not the same person we use to be. Our relationships are not the same relationships we used to have.

A synthesis is Thesis.2  – the next version of the thesis

We need the tension of the zodiacal axis to transform and grow. If we get stuck on one side of the axis, we run into the same problems over and over again. We can ONLY grow and evolve when we go beyond our initial “thesis”, and embrace the “antithesis”.

Full Moons – The Monthly Formula For Change

A Full Moon is the Universe’s way to help us deal with change, and grow.

When we have a Full Moon, the Sun is our thesis. Because the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun, the Moon becomes our antithesis. This conflict between the Sun and the Moon, between Yang and Yin, ultimately leads to synthesis. That’s why a Full Moon it’s said to illuminate and bring the truth to the surface.

Just like the “thesis-antithesis-synthesis” theory, the Full Moon is our monthly formula for change.

Every month, we have a Full Moon. In total, we have 12 Full Moons in a year, one for each sign.

The Full Moon aims to “illuminate” the archetype of the opposite sign, and bring the truth to the surface.

Full Moon In Sagittarius – Embrace What You Don’t Know

Now we are in the Gemini season, so the Full Moon in Sagittarius becomes the antithesis of the archetype of Gemini.

Sagittarius is all about your deepest beliefs and all the information you don’t question because it defines you. Gemini is about facts and approaching everything with curiosity, from a position of ‘not knowing’.

Let’s go through the formula once again:

The Gemini “thesis”

  • Facts
  • Science
  • Practice

… and the Sagittarius “antithesis”

  • Facts vs. Knowledge
  • Science vs. Intuition
  • Practice vs. Theory

It’s only when we check the facts (Gemini) that we can truly understand something (Sagittarius).

When we put the effort to understand something (Sagittarius) then we also discover the underlying assumptions (Gemini).

And as a result, we question some facts, introduce new ones, and come to an even better understanding of a topic (that’s synthesis).

When we take a scientific approach to life (Gemini) we only believe in what we see. We know that life is made of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. But we cannot explain how life is created, or why it is created, and what the purpose of it all is (Sagittarius).

Some things cannot be explained with our limited material minds, and Sagittarius knows that. But too much intuition, and we refute clear evidence that’s right in front of our eyes. We become delusional.

But when we understand the world both with our material mind (Gemini) and with our spiritual mind (Sagittarius) this is when new portals of understanding open up. That’s synthesis.   

Sometimes we get stuck in ‘practice mode’. Let’s say you’re a sales rep, and you made at least 1000 hours of sales calls by now (Gemini thesis). Your sales are good, but not excellent. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Going to a sales course (Sagittarius antithesis) may be exactly what you need. Learning about the theory of sales can give you a completely new perspective and ultimately help your results skyrocket (synthesis).

Similarly, if you are a theoretical person and you learned everything about sales, but only made 5 sales calls in your life, your results won’t be that great. You need to actually call more people. You need to practice.

This is how the “thesis – antithesis – synthesis” theory works. Now it’s time for practice

In preparation for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, take a piece of paper and make two columns. On the left column, write down everything you believe to be true. That’s your thesis. Now on the right column, write what’s the opposite of what you believe to be true. That’s your antithesis.

And when the Full Moon in Sagittarius comes (on June 17th) reflect on your list.

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June 2019 is a turning point. Not only because – can you believe it? – we are now halfway through 2019.

But because we have a record amount of planetary aspects, which means important events are likely to happen in June.

On June 21st we have the June solstice when the Sun reaches its most northerly declination. Sun changes direction 4 times a year: at equinoxes and at solstices. Needless to say how important that is. Our natal chart, our planet and everything else in our solar system revolve around the Sun.

What makes this Solstice special is Neptune. Within hours of the Solstice, Neptune goes retrograde.

Neptune is, in fact, the “star” of the month. Not only does Neptune goes retrograde, but it also makes two very important aspects – a sextile to Saturn and a square to Jupiter.

Neptune sextile Saturn and Neptune squares Jupiter are some of the most important transits of the year. We had the first Saturn-Neptune sextile and the first Jupiter-Neptune square in January 2019. In June we have the 2nd pair of transits (and through September-November we will have the third and final ones).

Now in June, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter are retrograde. So we are at a turning point. You are given the option to change the course of things. Whatever you do now, it will reflect in the “final outcome” of these transits, which will happen in the last part of the year.

Neptune square Jupiter will make us feel as though anything is possible, while Neptune sextile Saturn will help us to actually do something about our dreams and aspiration.

With Neptune, we want to be one with everything. We no longer want to feel alone and separated.

On a negative side, you can lose touch with reality and retreat in a fantasy world. On the positive side, the world is yours. You can basically achieve anything you put your mind to.  Neptune dissolves any borders – real or imaginary.

If in the past, you believed something to be impossible, in June you can finally see through the fog, and realize that these obstacles are only in your mind.

In June we also have a series of oppositions between the planets in Cancer (Mercury, Mars, and the North Node) and the planets in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node) so we will be torn between family responsibilities and career, between doing what feels right vs. what the world expects us to do.

Let’s have a look at the most important transits of the month:

June 3rd, 2019 – New Moon In Gemini

On June 3rd, 2019 we have a New Moon at 12° Gemini. This is a very idealistic and optimistic New Moon because it is square Neptune and opposite Jupiter.

If you are the type of person who is hard on themselves or has a scarcity mindset, at this New Moon you can finally let go of these limiting beliefs.

If, on the contrary, you are overly optimistic, you may want to be careful not to become even more overly optimistic and lose touch with reality.  

June 4th, 2019 – Mercury Enters Cancer

On June 4th, 2019 Mercury leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. While Mercury in Gemini is chatty and curious, Mercury in Cancer is private and introverted.

Because Mercury represents our thoughts and communication, in the coming weeks you can have the most interesting conversations with yourself. 

If you’re an extrovert, Mercury transit in Cancer can feel challenging. But the thing is, when we constantly keep our mind busy, we forget how to communicate with the most important person in the world: ourselves.

Mercury in Cancer is that time of the year when you should pay attention to yourself, and to your inner narrative. You may be surprised about what you’ll learn.

June 8th, 2019 – Venus Enters Gemini

On June 8th, 2019 Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. In Gemini, Venus is lighthearted, curious and carefree. Venus in Gemini is the “Heroine with 1000 faces”. The Goddess that’s always up to something. The Goddess that never ceases to amaze us.

Venus shows us what we value. If while in Taurus, Venus valued stability and comfort, when in Gemini, we will value curiosity and intellectual pursuits.

Learning a new skill can suddenly become more appealing to you in June. Traveling, meeting new people, surfing the web, writing or working with your hands can become unusually exciting and productive in the coming weeks.

June 8th-10th, 2019 – Sun Square Neptune And Opposite Jupiter

Sun squares Neptune in Pisces on June 8th, 2019 and later opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Everything starts in our imagination. Soul touching art, the cure for diseases, technological advancements – all firstly germinate in our minds as grand ideas, before they become realities.

With the Sun in aspect to Jupiter and Neptune, you want to be careful what you wish for. Because, yes, great advancements happen thanks to our imagination. But doctrines like communism and totalitarianism also started in someone’s imagination.

In the womb of creation (Neptune), anything is possible. But more than ever, it is important to remember that we are responsible for what we create.

June 12th-16th, 2019 – Mars And Mercury Conjunct North Node, Oppose Saturn And Trine Neptune

Mars conjunct North Node at 17° Cancer and opposes Saturn at 18° Capricorn, and trine Neptune 18° Pisces.

Mars, Mercury and the North Node will give us a sense of purpose and determination we haven’t felt in a while. If your life used to be boring and meaningless, that will change when both the planet of intention (Mercury) and the planet of action (Mars) conjoin the point of purpose (North Node).

It’s not going to be easy (Mercury, Mars and the North Node all oppose Saturn). You will need to show up and face your fears. But if you open your mind to new ways of doing, you will eventually find a workaround (trine Neptune). The future is for those who dare.

June 16th, 2019 – Jupiter Square Neptune

On June 16th, 2019 Jupiter squares Neptune at 18° Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of beliefs, it’s what we believe to be true. If you support a political party, that’s Jupiter. If you choose a vegan lifestyle, that’s Jupiter. If you’re either pro-choice or pro-life, that’s Jupiter.

Neptune is the planet that dissolves everything it touches. So at first, Neptune will dissolve your beliefs so you can find a higher meaning, a higher order, a higher purpose for your life.

Jupiter square Neptune will ultimately challenge those beliefs that are outdated and dogmatic. Jupiter square Neptune will ask you to find better beliefs, ones that better reflect the person who you’ve become.  

This is the 2nd Jupiter-Neptune square (the 1st one was in January, and the 3rd and last one will be in September). This is a turning point. You will reflect on what happened in the last months, and you will make a decision. The outcome of this decision will come in September.

June 17th, 2019 – Full Moon In Sagittarius

On June 17th, 2019 we have a Full Moon at 25° Sagittarius. The Full Moon shares the sign with Jupiter, so we can expect a positive, uplifting Full Moon. The downside of this exuberant Full Moon can be exaggeration and impulsivity.

There are other aspects that accompany this Full Moon, such as Mars and Mercury opposite Pluto. Mars and Mercury opposite Pluto can make us lose our heads and act from our most primal self.

This in combination with a Full Moon can make us become fanatical about our beliefs, especially if we are prone to be impulsive or forceful with our opinions.

If on the contrary, you find it difficult to voice your beliefs and act from your integrity, this Full Moon will help you get in touch with what really matters, with those things that are really important to you, so that you can learn how to survive and thrive in any crisis.

June 18th, 2019 – Mercury Conjunct Mars

On June 18th, 2019, Mercury is conjunct Mars at 21° Cancer. Mercury is the planet of the mind and Mars is the planet of action. When the two planets meet in conjunction, our mind is aligned with our actions.

Because the conjunction takes place in Cancer, a water, intuitive sign, it is a good idea to follow your intuition when you make a decision. Do something only if it ‘feels’ right. However, make sure you DO take action, even if it’s imperfect action. That’s why we have Mars for – to ACT.

Sometimes we get stuck because nothing ‘feels right’. Don’t be fooled by this. If something doesn’t feel right, this doesn’t mean you should abandon your goal. You should simply take another route.

No matter what, take action. June is the month of action. You don’t want to get stay stuck in the old thought patterns, stories, and relationships that drain your energy and leave you unfulfilled.

June 18th, 2019 – Saturn Sextile Neptune

On June 18th, 2019 Saturn (at 18° Capricorn) is sextile Neptune (at 18° Pisces). This is one of the most important transits of 2019 because it engages two slow-moving planets.

Saturn sextile Neptune is a ‘make dreams come true’ aspect. Neptune rules our dreams and highest ideals, and Saturn is the ‘make it happen’ planet.

Neptune and Saturn are very different. Neptune is all about spirituality, the law of attraction, dreams and living in other realms. On the other hand, Saturn is the planet of maturity, responsibility, hard work and discipline.

Neptune without Saturn gets stuck in a fantasy world and accomplishes nothing, while Saturn without Neptune has nothing to aspire to, and gets depressed and cynical. However, when the two join forces, ‘magic’ (Neptune) literally ‘happens’ (Saturn).

The sextile is a supportive aspect but requires a bit of work. A sextile always comes with an opportunity, but it’s your job to identify it, embrace it and take advantage of it.

How many times have you missed great opportunities in your life? You probably don’t know, because when we miss an opportunity we will never know how our lives could have changed as a result.

With Saturn sextile Neptune, you want to pay attention to where these opportunities may lay, and do that extra bit of work to take advantage of them.

June 19th, 2019 – Mercury And Mars Opposite Pluto

Around June 19th, 2019 Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto at 22° Capricorn. This is a highly highly intense aspect, and if you have planets or angles around 22° in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) you want to prepare for it.

Mars opposite Pluto is intense enough, but when Mercury also joins forces, you pour yourself fully into whatever you’re doing. You feel that nothing can defeat you. And that’s a good thing, normally.

Just be careful not to see villains or enemies everywhere, in your desire to defeat “the dark side” and win. The only villain out there is you.

June 21st, 2019 – Neptune Goes Retrograde

On June 21st, 2019 Neptune stations retrograde at 18° Pisces. When a slow-moving planet like Neptune changes direction, we feel its energy more intensely.

Neptune’s role is to teach us that separation is an illusion and that we are one with everything. When Neptune changes direction, we can feel a deep longing to re-connect with the Source.

How do we do that? By fantasizing, daydreaming, falling in love, or by escaping reality with drugs and alcohol.

You can make the best out of Neptune stationary if you connect with your imagination. Get a pen and paper and write. Or get a pen and paper and draw something. Let your imagination guide you.

Neptune will help you find connections that are otherwise inaccessible to your objective, Mercurial mind.

June 21st, 2019 – Sun Enters Cancer

On June 21st, 2019 Sun enters Cancer. Happy birthday to all Cancers out there! This is the time of the month when we all become more in touch with our emotions.

Sun in Cancer is great for learning about your culture of origin, about your family tree, or about history in general. If you can, spend time with your family. The more we understand where we come from, the better we know ourselves.

June 23rd, 2019 – Venus Opposite Jupiter

On June 23rd, 2019 Venus opposes Jupiter at 17° Sagittarius. This is a very optimistic, flamboyant transit so make sure you take advantage of it and do something that brings you pleasure and enjoyment.

June 24th, 2019 – Venus Square Neptune

On June 24th, 2019 Venus squares Neptune at 18° Pisces. Venus square Neptune can confuse you at first. Venus is about what you want and value.

Neptune can make you doubt that. You may question your relationship. You may question your values, or how you feel about a particular situation. You may find yourself asking “Is this it?”.

Instead of trying to numb down these feelings, listen to what they are really trying to tell you. If you feel confused, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your relationship. What it really means is that you are now ready to make some adjustments, that will help your relationship grow even further.   

June 26th, 2019 – Mercury Enters Leo

On June 26th, 2019 Mercury enters Leo. No matter your Mercury sign, Mercury in Leo will awaken the dormant artist inside you.

Other people will suddenly find you more inspiring and captivating. With Mercury in Leo, your mind is engaged and focused, and as a result, you are more articulate and have more self-confidence.

BTW – did you know that lack of self-confidence is caused by a lack of engagement with the world? When we are not fully present, we feel like a fraud, and we lose our confidence.

When we are fully engaged with what we’re doing – just like children are when they play – our personality shines through automatically, and effortlessly.

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Mars is square Chiron on May 23rd, 2019. You will feel the energy of this transit a few days before and a few days after May 23rd.  

Chiron recently moved into Aries for the first time in 50 years.

And which planet does Aries rule? Mars.

That’s why from now until 2027 (when Chiron leaves Aries), pay special attention to Mars-Chiron aspects. Basically, Mars and Chiron will speak the same language, the ‘Aries language’.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it represents our identity, how we act and assert ourselves.

Chiron is known as the ‘wounded healer’ which means that with Chiron in Aries, our identity is wounded. With Chiron in Aries, we find it more difficult to act and assert ourselves. We second guess our actions. We feel clumsy and inadequate.

Who Is Chiron?

Chiron is a planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus, so Chiron is a mix of Saturn and Uranus energy.

Saturn is a symbol for “matter” and Uranus is a symbol for the “divine”. Chiron is basically a bridge between the two.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur, half god, half horse, a wise teacher and a healer. One day, his student, Hercule shoot him by mistake with a poisonous arrow in his thigh. Although Chiron was a wonderful healer, he couldn’t heal himself.

The arrow wounded his thigh, which is a symbol for his “half-animal” side. Indeed, that part of us that is material and mortal is always vulnerable. Chiron reminds us of our mortality. As long as part of us is made of matter (Saturn), we ARE vulnerable.

Just like Chiron, we are part animal and mortal (Saturn), and part immortal and spiritual (Uranus).

Ultimately, the gods released Chiron from his suffering, because Chiron decided to trade places with Prometheus (a symbol for Uranus) who was chained to a mountain. Moved by his gesture, the gods transformed him into the beautiful constellation of Centaurus.

The morale? It’s only when we embrace our vulnerability, that we can heal and achieve our highest potential.

But to achieve our highest potential, it is of crucial importance that we TRULY embrace our mortality. Spiritual bypassing can be more dangerous than not embracing spirituality at all.

Spirituality that is not rooted in our dark animal wisdom leads to nowhere.

The Age Of Aquarius – Opportunities And Dangers

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. Think about all the technological advancements.

They can indeed bring progress when they are done right. But they can harm us when our material realities are bypassed.

Technological advancements are ruled by Uranus in astrology. Uranus brought us great advancements in computing, science or medicine… but also genetically modified food, 5G technology and artificial intelligence.

When we bypass the natural DNA of the food (the material Chiron wisdom), this Uranian-made DNA food can poison, and ultimately kill us.   

Technology that doesn’t account for our bodily realities will not bring progress, but radiation.

Artificial intelligence without a soul is “artificial” but not “intelligent”. If you watch science fiction movies, perhaps you are familiar with the motive of the robot who longs to have a human body, to be a human just like us.

Chiron does just that – it helps us reconnect our body with our mind.

Chiron DOES bring healing but ONLY when we reconcile our animal, instinctual side with our godly, spiritual side.

If you feel flawed, if you feel ashamed, embrace that part of you. The only way to activate your spiritual mission is by truly embracing your vulnerability.  

Mars In Cancer – The ‘Trigger’

Right now, Chiron in Aries is square Mars in Cancer.

Mars will ‘trigger’ Chiron. Mars is the planet of action, after all. When Mars makes a contact with another planet, the impulse to act can become overwhelming. We fell compelled to take action.

Mars is now in Cancer.  Cancer is the sign of privacy and security – Cancer is our comfort zone, what makes us feel safe and taken care of.

When in Cancer, Mars wants to preserve the familiar. He will act in the best interests of his emotions (Cancer).

When Mars squares Chiron, our emotional wounds can resurface unexpectedly. It will feel like a catharsis.

The first step is to push through the natural resistance and vulnerability and bring your wounds to the surface. It’s when you act them out, that the wounds heal.

We all know in theory that the only way to heal ourselves it to ‘process’ our emotions. Yet we don’t do it. We bury our feelings in our heart and hope they go away by themselves. But they never go away.

It’s the law of physics. “Nothing happens until something moves”.

Imagine: if you leave your stuff in the basement of your house, the stuff won’t just disappear. Just because you don’t see it on a regular basis doesn’t mean it goes away. It may catch some mold instead, it may carry some dead weight, but it doesn’t go away.

Same with your emotions. If something hurt you when you were a child, that emotional wound won’t go away by itself.

Yes, time heals, but only when we process the information, when we do something about it. If we repress the hurt, time doesn’t heal, it just makes it worse.

Mars in Cancer is emotional and can become resentful. You may remember the bad things that happened to you, what other people did to you, and ask yourself “Why me?”.

Mars Square Chiron – From Victim To Victor

But be careful not to pose as a victim. The victim has no power, the victim will only look (unconsciously of course) for proof that they are a victim, which in turn will attract more perpetrators or harmful situations.

With Mars square Chiron, you don’t want to be a victim. You want to HEAL what has been victimized inside you.

When you were a child, when you were younger, perhaps you didn’t have what it takes to protect yourself. But now you do. Cancer is a cardinal sign, it is very strong and emotionally resilient. Now you CAN protect yourself, now you CAN take care of yourself.

With Mars square Chiron, your vulnerability is your strength. You understand what it means to be hurt, but you are ready to change that. Mars and Chiron in Aries will push you to take a stand, to ‘do something’ about your past, to change your circumstances.

If you feel inadequate – now is the time to find the inner strength inside. You ARE lovable and worthy, and it’s nothing fundamentally ‘wrong’ with you.

If you don’t feel self-confident – remember you don’t have to. Taking risks will never feel comfortable. You may lack some competency. But that’s ok. You have to start somewhere. If you don’t start, nothing will happen. When you get started, you will get feedback, and if you stay on track, you will succeed. When you learn to act despite your lack of confidence, this is when the magic happens.

If other people are taking advantage of you, now is the time to learn to say NO and build healthy boundaries for yourself and for the loved ones.

If your actions and behaviors have hurt others, now it’s time to say “I’m sorry”. Not only to the people you’ve hurt, but also to yourself. Everything starts with self-forgiveness.

If some of your actions and behaviors have made you feel ashamed and uncomfortable, ask yourself why. There is something about ‘that thing’ you are ashamed of that you can turn around and transform it into a talent. Your wound is indeed your gift. 

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The reason most relationships don’t work is because we look for partners who are ‘just like us’.

But being with a partner who is just like you doesn’t make sense from an evolutionary perspective.

We need genetic variation for life to form. That’s what has compelled people to move across the world from the beginning of times.  

Only the royals used to marry among themselves, to preserve their power and fortune. But this ‘practice’ didn’t turn out very well. Their offspring had too many genetic problems.

Of course, love and relationships are much more than the quest for a healthy offspring. But the same underlying principles apply.

Although it’s true that people with similar educational background and similar values make for a better match, the similarities kind of stop there.

We need a partner with a different temperament. With a different personality. With different interests.

The key word for relationships is “difference”. You need someone who is different than you.

Artwork: Jim Dine

Of course, you don’t have to look for your complete opposite. It’s healthy to have some similarities, but the problem is that most of us want too many similarities.

Why Relationships Don’t Work

The reason why relationships don’t work is because we look for partners who are just like us – not different than us (as we should).  

If we do find someone who is different than us (and sometimes we do, because chemistry has a magic way of pulling two strangers together) – we start to fight.

The most difficult thing in the world is to understand – and accept – someone for who they are; NOT to try to change them, or wish they were ‘just like us’.

Being with someone different is challenging because life is supposed to be challenging. But only when we have challenges do we grow and transform our lives.

Yet, we compulsively search for people who are just like us, for people we are compatible with.

Astrology contributes to this confusion.

You were told that if you are an Aries, your perfect match is a Leo or a Sagittarius. Do you know why? Because Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have the same polarity – they are all masculine signs. Also, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all fire signs. They have the ‘fire’ element in common.

So basically astrology compatibility is based on the concept of similarity.

I truly believe that astrology compatibility – as we’ve been taught – is misleading.

Yes, being compatible is ‘nice’.

But is this really what we’re looking for in a mate? Someone who is ‘nice’ and makes us feel comfy and cozy?

Of course not. That’s what we have friends for.

The basis of life formation is ‘difference’, is ‘polarity’. We have the Sun and the Moon, the day and the night. When the two conjoin, life is formed.

We have Venus and Mars. The glyphs for Venus and Mars are used to differentiate the two genders. We need Venus and Mars to have attraction.

Opposites attract. Similarity is not attractive. Being different is.

As long as we look for people who are just like us, we miss opportunities for creation and growth.

Look for a person who will challenge you, who will push your buttons, who you help you grow.

Let’s say you’re an Aries and your partner is a Virgo. Instead of getting annoyed they are meticulous and perfectionists – while you want to take action NOW, try to understand where they’re coming from. What can they teach you?

In Relationship Astrology, we look at 5 things. Are you familiar with the 5 languages of love? Astrology’s 5 languages of love are the Descendant, Mars, Venus, the Moon, and the Sun.

Each of these 5 languages is important. Let’s say your Mars sign is different – or ‘not compatible’ on classical terms – with your partner’s Mars sign. This doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed.

It means that your ‘Mars language’ is different than your partner’s ‘Mars language’. Being different is good. You are teaching your partner something. And they are teaching you something.

When you understand the particularities of your ‘5 love languages’  (a.k.a. Descendant, Mars, Venus, Moon, and Sun) and your partner’s 5 love languages – this is when the relationship thrives and achieves its highest potential.

Not sure what your 5 astrology love languages are? The Relationship Astrology 101 online course will teach you how to find what your love language is and create your ‘Relationship profile’.

The course is extremely straight-forward and will work for you even if you’re a beginner and you only know your Sun sign. You will need to know your birth details though –  your birthdate and time of birth.

Make sure you take advantage of the early birth price, which expires on May 7.

Enroll here:


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Do you want to have better relationships? Astrology can help.

When you understand what your relationship expectations, needs and wants are, you effortlessly attract people who are right for you.

When you find out what your partner (or your partner to be) wants from a relationship, you can better meet their needs and make the relationship work.

And this is not woo-woo, this is understanding your ‘Relationship profile’ with the help of astrology.

What Is Astrological Compatibility Really About?

If you read the horoscope column or Sun-sign compatibility, you may wonder how generalized horoscopes can tell you what your day will be like. There cannot be only 12 types of people in this world, right?  

You may be already familiar with astrological compatibility. Let’s say you’re an Aries and your partner is a Libra, and you want to find out how compatible you are.

You search “Aries-Libra compatibility”. Apparently, Aries and Libras are not such a great match. And you may indeed know a Libra you don’t get along with. But you may also know a few Libras with whom you get along great!

How is it possible to have such great relationships with some Libras, but not with others?

When it comes to relationships, your Sun sign alone will not tell you the whole picture.

You need to also learn about the so-called ‘relationship planets’, Venus and Mars. In addition, your Descendant sign will tell you what type of partners you really need.

What Creates Attraction Between Two People?

Mars, Venus, the Moon and the Sun describe how attraction forms in relationships and why we are attracted to some people but not others. 

You may think that relationships are all about romantic attraction, but in reality, there are four types of attraction in relationships.

The four types of attraction are physical attraction, emotional attraction, psychological attraction, and spiritual attraction.

The planet Mars describes the physical attraction, Venus the emotional attraction, the Moon the psychological attraction, and the Sun the spiritual attraction.

Have you wondered why you feel so attracted to someone but when you’re finally together, something feels “off”?

Or why someone makes you feel great, yet you don’t feel on the same boat together?

If you constantly feel that something is ‘missing’ in your relationship, this is perhaps because you and your partner – or romantic interest – are not attracted on all four levels. 

Of course, everything starts with physical attraction – but if we want to have a long-lasting relationship, we need to have a little bit of all four types of attraction.

Astrology Can Help You Improve Your Relationships

However, a relationship is not doomed if emotional attraction is missing, for example. The reason we are at odds with our partner is that we don’t understand their ‘relationship profile’. More exactly, we don’t understand their relationship needs, wants and expectations.

And sometimes – and rather quite often – we don’t even understand our OWN relationship profile.

Thankfully, astrology can help. When you understand your relationship profile, when you understand your partner’s relationship profile, you are much more likely to make the relationship work.

If you want to learn what the stars have to say about your Relationship Profile and your partner’s Relationship Profile, make sure you enroll in the “Relationship Astrology 101” online course.

The course has 6 modules and is packed not only with theory but also with guides, exercises and quizzes to make sure you learn Relationship astrology right.

There is no prior astrology experience necessary. All you need to know is your birth date and your birth time.

This is an introductory course in relationship astrology, and we won’t cover synastry or chart work. If you already work with synastry and more advanced astrology tools, you may still find the course valuable. Many times we skip steps and jump directly to chart reading, without getting the fundamentals right. I’ve been definitely guilty of that! This is the course I wish I had access to when I started learning astrology, almost 25 years ago.

This is a brand new Astro Butterfly course and if you purchase it until May 7, you will benefit from the introductory price.

Click here to learn more about the course and decide whether or not it’s a good fit:

>> Relationship Astrology 101

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On April 23rd, 2019 Venus is conjunct Chiron.

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, and personal values. Venus is what is important to you.

Chiron is the key to the zodiac. When Chiron makes an aspect to another planet, it ‘unlocks’ its secrets, it reveals something that was hidden, overlooked and misunderstood.

Chiron is also the bridge of the zodiac because it links the visible planets (up to Saturn) to the invisible, transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). This means Chiron not only reveals (the key) but also transcends (the bridge).

In fact, Chiron has 3 functions in astrology.

First, it makes us aware of what hurts and brings this pain to the surface. This is the “Wounded Healer” phase.

Second, Chiron heals the wound. Perhaps you are familiar with the terms “purging” or “healing crisis”. This happens ONLY if we become aware of the wound (if the wound remains unconscious, healing doesn’t happen).

Third, Chiron transforms the wound into a gift. Once the wound has been healed, it can finally reveal its gifts. Shyness transforms into a quiet confidence. Anger transforms into passion. Lack of self-worth transforms into emotional maturity.

This is how Chiron works.

Venus Conjunct Chiron – Healing The Wound, Healing The Heart

What can we expect to happen when Chiron is conjunct Venus, the planet of love?

We firstly ‘unlock’ our heart. Then, we heal what’s broken. And finally, we transform fear into love.

“I have found this paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love” – Mother Teresa.

Where most of us go wrong, is that we stop at the first phase, when it starts to hurt. Instead of delving into the pain, instead of feeling it, embracing it, opening our heart to it, we try to shut it down.

We get busy so we don’t have to think about it. We jump from one relationship to another. We take our credit card and go shopping. We overeat or overdrink – we do anything, but feel the pain.

If only we believed that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If only we would not take Mother Teresa’s words for granted. Deep inside, we know that love always awaits us, yet we stop just when we are about to break through the fear.

Have you ever wondered what makes you stop, what makes you so afraid of suffering? We are afraid that what we love will be taken away from us, yet when we live in fear, that what we think we love is not truly ours anyway. We are in a continuous state of limbo, too afraid to lose what we love, too afraid to get in touch with our heart.  

The good news is that Chiron will help you get in touch with your heart.

Chiron won’t give you a ‘magic pill’ to heal what’s broken. It won’t promise you that things or people you love won’t be taken away from you. But it will show you how to love, so you don’t have to live in fear anymore.

The process may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Chiron will firstly show you what’s buried inside your heart – the good, the bad and the ugly.

This means you may need to acknowledge that something still hurts. That there are still some things left unresolved. That there are still some wounds to be healed.

You cannot simply ‘fix’ or remove the wound – because by removing your wound, you would be amputating a part of yourself. Your would is part of your personal history, it is part of You.

Your wound is not something you need to get rid off. You have it for a reason. Your broken heart doesn’t mean you should never love again, it means that you have more ‘heart capacity’.

Just like muscles break when we exercise (only to grow bigger, and stronger), in the same way, your capacity for love increases every time your heart breaks.

When you accept that heartbreak is part of life – and a blessing in disguise – you can finally heal the heart.

If someone broke your heart in the past, this is a good time to forgive them. They made you a favor. Thanks to that experience, you can love even deeper, and with more compassion.

And the more you love, the less fear you feel. The less fear you feel, the more you can be at ease with the world and fulfill your human potential.

Read more about Chiron Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift

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On April 19th, 2019 we have a Full Moon in Libra. This is the 2nd Full Moon in Libra and it happens at 29°, the last degree of Libra.

The first Full Moon in Libra happened on March 21st at 0° Libra. What happened back then? These two full moons are connected. So whatever happened in your life at the time of the first Full Moon in Libra will reach a culmination now.

Libra is the sign of relationships. Have you ever wondered why is that? Is it maybe because Libra is balanced and peace-loving? Or is it something else?

If you look at the zodiac wheel, you’ll notice that Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, exactly opposite the 1st sign of the zodiac, Aries.

And Aries is the sign of the individual, is the sign of “I am”. The opposite of “I am” is “The Other”.

Full Moon In Libra – Me Vs. The Other

Libra is the sign of “The Other”.

Indeed, we need to get out of our Ego (Aries – ‘I am’) to be with other people. We need to understand different perspectives, different than ours.

Let’s say you’re a night owl and your partner is an early bird. You may say “Of course I understand we are different”. But then you get annoyed when they insist you wake up early on Saturday morning.

Let’s take a more difficult example. You are a democrat and your friend (if they are still your friend) is a Republican. You may tell yourself you can understand that they are different… BUT.

BUT comes every time we fail to embrace Libra’s qualities. We are all guilty of that. In a way, it’s normal to see the world through our own lenses, and anything else simply doesn’t make sense, because it doesn’t fit our mental model.

If we were all good at understanding other people life would be no fun. We are here in this world to learn and grow.

Libra And Projection

Libra is not only about our ability to notice how others are different. Libra also shows us how we can understand ourselves better, through others.

Libra’s symbol is the scales. When you go to the market to buy apples, the apples go on one side of the scale, and on the other side, we put a weighing unit.

That’s how we find out how much the apples weigh (OK, probably nobody uses the scale anymore, but that’s how it works).

You wouldn’t know how much your apples weigh if it was not for the weighing unit. In the same way, you wouldn’t know who you are (Aries) if it was not for Libra.

Libra shows us and what we project onto other people, so we can understand ourselves better.

What is projection? All those traits we are not aware of, and we put out there as belonging to others. Let’s say you are not in touch with your anger. You will project your anger onto others. People who are in touch with their anger (the angry people) will really touch a nerve in you.

Or let’s say you’re a great artist, but you are not aware of it. You will be attracted to artists because unconsciously you are looking for people who can help you get in touch with this talent you already have.

We are often attracted to, or attract, people who have these traits that we don’t acknowledge in ourselves. That’s projection.

So Libra is also about learning about ourselves, through others.

All We Need Is Love

But there is another side of Libra. LOVE. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Ultimately, after we go through conflict and negotiation, we learn to really open up and allow another individual to enter our universe.

Our strongest need in life is the need for wholeness. Beyond differences and conflict, life is just better when we share it with a companion. It can be your spouse, a business partner or a good friend.

But to find love, to become whole again, we need to let go of our Ego, more exactly, we need to be open to change our identity. When you allow another person to enter your world, you will finally be whole, but you will not be the same person you were before.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 19 will help us move from the identity-searching Libra archetype to the love-embracing Libra archetype.

Venus, the ruler of the Full Moon in Libra is in the last degree of the zodiac in Pisces, ready to close a chapter in your life.

The Full Moon is also opposite Uranus, the planet of freedom and liberation. Uranus is conjunct the Sun, helping us to break free from the prison of the Ego.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon in Libra is “Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head”. The symbol implies the fulfillment of philosophical understanding. The puzzle comes together.

The Full Moon in Libra can help you understand something profound about yourself and others. You may finally understand why you are attracted to the same people over and over again. Or why you always run into trouble with your bosses.

Once you have this breakthrough, you can finally appreciate people for who they are – not as a reflection of you, but as individuals on their own. And when you release them from judgment, you allow them to enter your life. And life’s just better when we share it with others.

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On April 5th, 2019 we have a New Moon in Aries.

This is the first New Moon after the Northern Equinox. The Northern Equinox is when the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. This is the beginning of a new solar cycle.  

A New Moon by definition comes with a new beginning. So the New Moon in Aries on April 5th, 2019 comes with a double dose of ‘new beginning’ energy.

Let’s think a bit about Aries. Some key words that describe Aries are: impulse, instinct, action, emergence, affirmation, courage, stepping out of the comfort zone.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The other 11 signs wouldn’t exist if Aries wouldn’t have decided to EMERGE, to EXIST. Aries’ motto is ‘Just do it’. You have 11 more signs to perfect your action. But first, you need to take that action. You need to act.

With our smartphones, with Social Media, our attention span has become shorter and shorter. We are all over the place. We want everything NOW. You may feel like you’re busy all the time, but are you really taking action?

New Moon In Aries – Take Meaningful Action

That’s exactly what you need to do at the New Moon. Take meaningful action.

This New Moon is about learning how to discriminate between what is ‘very’ important (like checking the social media feed, answering emails, driving, and listening to a podcast, all at the same time), and what is really important.

The New Moon in Aries is an invitation to take focused action. Focusing on one thing feels scary. What if I am missing out on other great stuff? What if I fail? And the scariest thought of them all, what if I have to live with the results of my actions?

The New Moon in Aries is square Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of focus, responsibility and commitment.

So we don’t only have the blind courage of Aries. We also have the focus of Saturn in Capricorn.

The New Moon in Aries is an invitation not only to take any action but to take massive, meaningful action. Focus on ONE thing you want to do. And then do it.

Make the best out of these two cardinal energies: the instinctual force of Aries, and the planning abilities and focus of Capricorn.

New Moon In Aries And Saturn, Pluto And South Node In Capricorn

There is an interesting touch to the New Moon square to Saturn. Saturn is conjunct Pluto and the South Node throughout April, so basically, the New Moon squares all of them.

Capricorn our heritage, as well as our mission in life. The symbol of Capricorn is the Sea-goat. The Sea-goat has strong anchors in the ocean. She knows where she comes from. She is anchored in traditions (that’s why Capricorn loves tradition). But she’s also striving to reach the top of the mountain (that’s why Capricorn is so driven and ambitious).

Right now we have three planets in Capricorn, and all three influence the New Moon: Saturn, Pluto and the South Node.

Saturn is the planet of maturity and responsibility. Pluto is your reptilian brain, your survival instinct. South Node is about consequences – consequences of actions from this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn speak about the power of your ancestors. About that part of you who wants to make your parents and your grandparents proud.

Yet, there is a square between this ancestral force of wisdom (Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn) and your identity, your individual mission in this lifetime (New Moon in Aires).  

Aries Vs. Capricorn

Something about your identity is about to change. But there is also a part of it that will remain. There is a part of your identity that never dies. Your heritage.Your ancestors’ manifesto. Yet, your identity evolves. You are a unique individual. You can’t remain stuck in the past.

The key questions you want to answer now at the New Moon are: “How can I follow my individual mission, AND take the best of what my ancestors have gifted me?” “Do I need to let go of something in order to move forward?” “What needs to change?”.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is “Nature spirits are seen at work in the light of sunset”. At sunset, when the Sun (Ego) subsides, it is easier to perceive the nature spirits. We can also think of these nature spirits as our ancestors. Our ancestors are always working in the background.

While you take massive, focused action, allow the spirits of your ancestors to guide you in the right direction. You don’t have to do the same things they’ve done. Listen to what they have to say, assess your current circumstances, and then act according to your best interests.

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