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The much anticipated Mi Band 4 has finally been unveiled in China and I am really impressed to say that Xiaomi has done it again. It is amazing that Xiaomi can squeeze so much goodies into this fitness band of theirs and still keep the price tag low. No wonder it is the best selling fitness band right now in the whole wide world. Mi Band 4 is a huge upgrade from its predecessor as it now comes with a beautiful AMOLED colour display. Yes, it is the first ever Mi Band with a colour screen.

Mi Band 4-now with AMOLED display!

Yours truly me is the proud of owner of all the Mi Bands (Generations 1, 2 and 3) that have been released so far and with the official announcement of this latest fitness band from Xiaomi, I kinda feel that my Mi Band 3 is already outdated. Will the AMOLED colour display alone be enough to persuade current Mi Band 3 owners to upgrade? I know I will jump on the bandwagon as the black and white display monochrome display will never be as good as one that pushes high resolution colours.

The screen is really gorgeous!

The new Mi Band 4 comes with a bigger screen. The display is now larger by a whopping 39.9% and Xiaomi has actually used AMOLED instead of normal LCD screen. This is really, really amazing if you ask me as they can still keep the price ridiculously low. On top of that, the screen is also protected by a 2.5D scracth-resistant tempered glass. Like its older siblings, Mi Band 4 will be equipped with the usual heart built-in heart rate sensor and it will be water resistant as well (up to 50 metre).

So it will have good visibility under direct sunlight? 

Time to upgrade to Mi Band 4

This latest fitness band from Xiaomi also comes with an upgraded 6-axis high-precision sensor that can recognize the type of swimming strokes that you are making which includes Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly Stroke and Medley. Moreover Mi Band 4 can also track 6 different sporting modes such as running (both indoor and outdoor), exercise, swimming, cycling and walking. Thanks to its integrated NFC support, you can now use it to make payment through AliPay and WeChatPay. This is simply brilliant!

One of the biggest upgrades has got to be support for Xiao Ai voice assistant which can be utilized to control all of Xiaomi's IoT devices and gadgets. So far it is claimed that you can even play music, set schedules and book air tickets simply by talking to your Mi Band 4. WOW! The best part is, you can customize your voice command to execute certain actions that will be very useful. I really can't wait to try out this voice command feature of Mi Band 4!

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 officially launched with AMOLED color Display & Avengers Edition - YouTube

Like as the other previous Mi Bands, it will be priced very competitively as it is the price tag that has been propelling Xiaomi's wrist wearables to the number 1 spot globally. Mi Band 4 will be available in 2 different variants. The version with NFC support will only cost you US$33 (RM140) while the one without NFC will only cost you US$25 (RM100); In other words, Mi Band 4 is ridiculously cheap with all the amazing hardware upgrades that they have made. I really want to get one as it is freaking affordable, right?

Avengers assemble and put on your Mi Band 4! 

So it comes with customized Face Watch as well huh! 

I want this Ironman Limited Edition Mi Band 4!

OK~those who love Avengers will be happy to know that there will be Avengers Limited Edition Mi Band 4. There are 3 different colours to choose from and each of them sports a unique colour band (black, red and blue), a custom metal dial (Avenger's Logo, Captain America's Shield and Ironman) as well as a matching metal wrist buckle. Honestly I think it is cool especially the Ironman version. The Avengers limited edition Mi Band 4 comes with a cheap price tag of US$50 (RM200) which I think is still relatively cheap. Mi Band 4 will be available starting from 14th of June! :)
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First and foremost, I would love to wish all my Muslim friends "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~maaf zahir dan batin". As for the others, do enjoy your much-deserved holidays to rest and recharge. And when we talk about vacation, it is about sightseeing, blending in with the locals and of course enjoying good food. If you happen to be in Melaka during the weekends, do head over to Hatten Place to enjoy one of the best and cheapest Hi-Tea Buffets the beautiful historical state of Melaka has got to offer. Do bring along your friends and family to savour scrumptious feast at Thyme All Day Dining at an unbelievable low price every Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm till 4pm. Ready to enjoy unlimited spread of good food?

Are you ready to enjoy your Hi Tea?

For only RM38 per person, you get to indulge in countless lip smacking cuisines that will surely linger in your mouth for hours to come. For starters what should you take first? As for me, first off the block I immediately stormed towards the desserts station to grab as many of those nectarous colourful cakes and sweet bites. Surely those with sweet tooth will not have second thought devouring these sweet offerings; Likewise the others might need to just enjoy first and diet repent later. You don't want to miss the dessert for sure. LOL :D

It is dessert time 

This cheese cake is really damn good 

Can't help but fall in love with these lovely, sweet bites 

This reminds me of Baymax :p 

Sweet and nectarous cakes

After we are done taking our shares of desserts, we started to grab our entree and main courses. They were practically too many dishes for us to choose from in this Hi Tea. So we grab almost everything right before our eyes and drooling mouths. One of the dishes that really hit all the notes was the lusciously good Claypot Chicken Rice. I particularly loved the flavourful broth that went really well with the fragrant rice. The tender chicken meat and the delicate mushroom really added so much texture to the whole dish, making it one of the best for our lunch. Yummy! :)

There are several irresistible main courses for you to choose from 

Claypot chicken rice is a must try 

Sweet and sour chicken with cashew nuts

The other dish that I highly recommend is the sweet and sour chicken peppered with generous amount of cashew nuts. The chicken strips were marinated flawlessly and cooked to perfection, giving them that delectable succulent taste. I must say that I enjoy eating the cuts of onions and vegetables which really dovetailed with the button mushrooms. (YES! I love mushrooms). This is yet another dish that goes really well with diners who cannot live without rice.

Ready for a flaming dish?

Chilli-heads will be loving their grilled fish with spicy sambal paste. I believe the fish were first marinated with tumeric and other spices before they were grilled sublimely. I love how the skin of the fish was so crispy and yet the white inviting flesh was so scrumptiously juicy. Add the sambal (chilli paste) and you get a fiery combo that will surely leave you wanting for more despite toungue-burning sensation. Hot and spicy indeed! :p

 Totally love the satay

 Roasted chicken

Lusciously delightful wedges. Yum! Yum! 

Love this fragrant fried rice. :)

If you cannot live without Malaysian Streetfood like me, you will be elated to see the presence of our famous Satay in the company of "Nasi Himpit", onions, cucumber and of course the sambal paste.The other dishes that we enjoyed eating were the roasted chicken, omelette, cheesy wedges and stir fried cabbages. The roasted chicken though looked rather ordinary, the crispy skin and the dainty meat would make you think otherwise. My children really enjoyed the creamy omelette and of course the irresistible cheesy wedges which were beautifully dressed with loads of divine mayonnaise for that added flavourful palate. I can see that they really love it as they kept on stuffing them into their tiny mouths. LOL :D

Porridge anyone? 

Simple but very satisfying 

Bread and butter and other ingredients of course 

Jasmine girl loves her "homemade" sandwich. :)

Those who prefer something lighter and less sinful can opt for their porridge which was equally delicious. If you want something not so heavy, you can also have bread and butter together with egg and chicken slices. You can also head over to their noodle station whereby you can choose the types of noodle that you want to enjoy and mix it (them) with other ingredients to make it yours. You will be literally spoiled for choices here as there were so many different ingredients to mix and match. So what will you throw in? Sausages? Fishballs? Eggs or sweetcorns? Well you can have it all as this is after all a Hi Tea Lunch Buffet.

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According to Statista, the number of movie tickets sold nationwide has been trending downward since 2002, which was the best year for ticket sales since 1980. Theories abound for the lackluster public interest in going to the movies, from the increase in more monolithic Hollywood business models to changing social trends, including competition from pay TV and streaming media, along with movies that often feel uninspired. Let’s visit these theories.

Competition From Pay TV and Streaming Media
At the same time, Hollywood focuses on blockbuster action and science fiction movies, streaming media has been creating quality original content and moving away from a dependency on distribution deals with Hollywood. For example, the original series Loudermilk, executive producer David Guillod, was created by pay TV channel Audience TV. “Stranger Things” and “The Crown,” both Netflix original creations, have garnered rave reviews.

Stream effortlessly now.

You Can Go to the Movies and Stay at Home

The rise of elaborate home media options has allowed viewers to recreate the cinema experience from the comfort of their homes. You can stream your movie or buy it on Blu-Ray or DVD media and watch it on larger-than-life TV screens with surround sound, all without the hassle of dressing up, fighting traffic, and paying high ticket prices.

Your home can be your cinema too!

See? :)

Inflationary Ticket Prices
Movie ticket prices have more than doubled since 1998, from $4.69 to $9.01. You can’t say the same about family income. When you consider the high price of concessions, the average family of four has to consider going to the movies a special occasion. If studios want to lure families to the movies, their productions must overcome these obstacles and others, including noisy moviegoers who are thoughtlessly distracting, and the 30 minutes of commercials the cinema forces you to sit through before the movie starts.

Lack of Choice in Movie Offerings
When is the last time a drama was number one at the box office? Actually, “American Sniper” was the box office champ only five years ago, in 2014. Before that, you have to go back to 1998 when “Saving Private Ryan” took top honors. However, in the 21 years since then, 14 box office winners were adventure or science fiction films. From 1980 to 1997, box office winners included three comedies, two dramas, and one romance to go along with the other adventure and science fiction winners.

Disney is dominating

What happened? Mergers and acquisitions, for one. As the big fish swallow up the little fish, the focus on making money to acquiesce shareholders only increases. Disney acquired Marvel in 2009, Lucasfilm (think Star Wars) in 2012, and, just recently, 21st Century Fox. Disney now controls 35 percent of the movie market. The upward trend in blockbuster and animated movies would seem to be on a safe trajectory.

Let's don't go to the movies?

Like many aspects of American life, the movie industry is both a victim and a victor of rapid advances in technology. Where it all goes from here is anyone’s guess, but more change seems to be the one constant to count on.

Images credits: Shutterstock
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The year 2019 has brought some fantastic new upgrades for a number of the leading trucks in the pickup market, but none have been so finely tuned as the Chevrolet Silverado. Along with design improvements, Chevy trucks in Oklahoma and across the U.S. have been given some of the most unique upgrades so far this year. During some years automakers tweak very little on their products, but in 2019 some serious changes have been revealed.

What features should you consider for your pick up truck?

1. The Ford Ranger Is Back for 2019
In the case of Ford, their latest update to their pickup truck line sees the return of their classic compact pickup truck the Ford Ranger. The Ford Ranger was introduced in 1983 and was manufactured all the way until 2011 when it was retired. Now, Ford has reintroduced the Ranger for 2019 and this will bring some serious competition to other compact trucks such as the Nissan Rogue and Toyota Tacoma. 

Ford Ranger

The 2019 Ford Ranger uses steel body panels as opposed to the aluminum bodies of Ford’s larger trucks. The engine is a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder and three trims will be available to choose from including the Ranger XL, XLT, and the Lariat. 

2. Dodge Ram Gets a Makeover 
The 2019 Dodge Ram has been given a massive overhaul with a focus on modernizing its exterior style. Dodge has opted for a functional body style. It has often seemed plain in comparison to other truck brands on the market.

Dodge Ram

The 2019 Dodge Ram has been slimmed down and been given a more streamlined appearance with more emphasis on reducing drag. The updated front end has a modern look and cuts through the air with more ease than its previous styles. Aside from its visual makeover, the 2019 Dodge Ram has also seen an upgrade to its fully redesigned high-strength steel frame.

3. Chevrolet Introduces Futuristic Heads-Up Display (HUD)
The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado boasts a brand-new technology to consumer trucks that will inevitably thrust the Silverado into the future. The addition is a 15-inch heads-up display that projects all of the most important indicators onto the windshield in an unobstructive way. 

Chervolet Silverado

Now, drivers of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado will no longer have to glance down at the instrument cluster to view their speed. Along with the speedometer, the HUD also projects navigation information and active safety alerts. This is perhaps the most technologically advanced upgrade to any truck in 2019 and with the introduction of such a great new feature, the Silverado is set to have a great year.

4. Chevrolet Increases Safety Features
While the HUD is certainly designed with safety in mind, it is far from the only upgrade to safety the automaker has brought to the market for 2019. The Silverado has a newly designed, high-strength steel safety cage which makes it more durable in the case of a collision. 

Apart from the safety features, the body style of the 2019 line of Chevrolet trucks has also received new streamlined contours that mean more drag resistance. It is now also easier than ever to finance a new truck in Oklahoma.

Chervolet-the brand you trust

5. Chevrolet Adds Advanced Trailering Technology
Chevrolet has introduced Advanced Trailering Technology to its upper-level trim packages for their flagship truck line, available on the LTZ and High Country trim styles. Advanced Trailering Technology introduces hitch guidance with a built-in backup camera which offers a hitch view for reducing the time and effort involved for backing the truck up into the hitch knob. It used to take a second person or a lot of moving and parking to get out and see where you need to move, but now this can now be accomplished in a matter of moments. This is going to be a big attraction for those who will need to constantly attach and reattach their trailers. 

So many different pickup trucks to choose from

With so many new features being added to trucks in 2019, it will be a healthy market to choose from. Along with the return of the Ford Ranger compact truck, safety has seen a rise in overall features and capability almost universally in 2019. 

Still, the most technologically advanced features are certainly in Chevrolet’s line of trucks. It will be interesting to see if the newly introduced Heads-Up Display is here to stay. Most likely, the HUD will become universally adopted and become a staple of commuting by 2025. Trucks have never been safer and in the case of Chevrolet, they’ve never been more powerful.

Images credits: Shutterstock
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Who doesn't love going to the beach right? Yours truly me loves it when you take me to the therapeutic seawater; Appreciating the picturesque scenery; Getting my skin kissed by the sun while enjoying the sea breeze which gently caresses my face. In short I love everything about the beach...MINUS the sand getting stuck to my towel. YES! I am not fond of the fact that I had a hard time trying to shake off any residuals of sand on my beach towel which can be a bit annoying. Now I am glad that I have discovered my Tesalate sand-free beach towel which I believe is the best beach towel ever!

Me and my wifey enjoying a good time on our Tesalate Towel

I stumbled upon this magic beach towel from my relatives from Down Under when I told them about my animosity with the sand who loves hiding in my beach towel. When you have had so much fun swimming and playing on the beach, the last thing you would want is to have countless tiny grains of sand in your towel while you are trying to dry yourself up, no? I believe this has happened to so many of us which really sucks the fun out of our trip to the beach! Fret not as you can fully enjoy your beach-going time again just like me.

Jordan and Jasmine are obviously in love with this Bohemian Sand Free Beach Towel

Introducing Tesalate sand-free towel from Australia which is not only functional (sand-free) but also very, very fashionable at the same time!  These trendy towels with vibrant hues and whimsical designs will surely be a fashion statement that will capture the attention of others around you. Trust me I know this too well. When I was walking around with my colourful Bohemian towel, everyone was staring at me, mesmerized by my kaleidoscopic Bohemian towel. Honestly I feel kinda proud with my towel *grinning*. :p

Overlooking the beautiful horizon

Aesthetic boasting aside, I am totally in love with this towel of mine which is made with AbsorbLite™ fabric. Like the saying goes, this insanely good-looking towel is more than meets the eye as its avant-garde textile technology which allows it to not only repel sand, but also dries rapidly fast compared to the other common beach towels that you have. Not only that, the AbsorbLite™ fabric also allows the Tesalate towel to be ultra-absorbent, capable of sponging up a whopping 1 litre of water easily without breaking a sweat. So in other words, this is the best or I would say the best beach towel for your beach days and travel!

Reading time on the beach!

Then...some power nap to recharge

Thanks to its sand-repelling superpower, I now do not need to bring any extra picnic mat with me as my towel doubles up as a picnic mat as well. Honestly I was so shocked to find out how sand-free the towel is. With just a shake, all the sand grains will fall off immediately even if the towel is soaking wet! DAMN! Besides, I gotta admit that every day I spend with this towel of mine, the more functions I have "unlocked". Besides going to the beach, my Tesalate sand-free towel is now also my de facto "mat" while I am meditating-yoga. I think the colours and designs must have  had calming effects on me. Moreover the fabric is really soft and comfortable to touch, even my wife and kids love spending time on it especially when we are out picnicking. I guess they have been imagining themselves as Aladdin and Jasmine on a flying carpet. Ha :D

 Look ma~sand-FREE!

With just a shake, all the sand grains will be gone
 I love this colourful Bohemian design of my Tesalate Beach Towel

Honestly I think I look really good with the towel. :p

8 Reasons Why I Love My Tesalate Beach Towel
  1. Sand-Free: Say goodbye to the sand. Just shake it and no more sand can be seen.
  2. Super Absorbent: Easily soak up more than 1 litre of water.
  3. Dries Rapidly: Dries 50% faster than regular beach towels.
  4. Compact: Can be rolled effortlessly to fit in your bag.
  5. Fashionable: Who says a beach towel cannot be a fashion statement. I am in love with my  colourful Bohemian towel right now.
  6. Multi-purpose: Can be used on the beach, pool, travelling, yoga or anywhere you like
  7. Easy to Wash & Care: Cold machine wash, then hang out to dry or tumble dry on low.
  8. Lifetime Guarantee: It is so durable that it comes with lifetime guarantee but more importantly you can simply return it without any questions asked. If you like another design, you can exchange it for free!

The best beach towel!

I realize that many from around the world especially USA and Europe, have been enjoying the functionalities and luxuries which come with this towel. In fact it had been featured in Vogue, Elle, Buzzfeed, USA Today, Business Insider, The Sun, Daily Mail, Lonely Planet, Reader's Digest, Australian Geographic and the list goes on. DAYUM! It is no doubt that it is the most reviewed and featured beach towel in the world! Why we Malaysians are always the last ones to know about such an amazing invention? Then again it is always better to be late than never right? I am glad that I am proud owner of one right now. So if you are planning to go to the beach, make sure you bring along the best beach towel for your beach days and travel.

Find out more about Tesalate-
The BEST beach towel in the World:

Official Website: www.tesalate.com

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I have always known that Donald Trump loves to play with fire. But his latest attempt 5 days ago saw him burning more than just his flimsy hair...but then again does he even know what he is really doing? To say that a POTUS is ignorant will be completely senseless and he wields so much intelligence at his disposal. I am wondering if the majority of his board members are agreeable to plans? We all know what happens to those who crossed Trump just like in the case of the FBI director who was fired! So here are my 4 burning questions about the Huawei Debacle:

Is Trump right?

4 Burning Questions About The Huawei Debacle
  1. The first question that I will raise today is...is there any concrete irrefutable evidence to show that China is actually spying on the Americans? Is there really any cloak and dagger espionage going on? I doubt.
  2. Can we still trust Google which has been weaponized by Trump? It is a shame that this is actually happening and it is a wake up call for all of us as Google knows everything about us.
  3. Why Huawei consumers outside of USA need to bear the brunt of Donald Trump? Is that even fair? I am sure Google could have tweaked this to ensure that not everyone will be victimized by this stupid decision.
  4. What will China do now? It is obvious that more guns are being trained on China at the moment and this will only get worse from here. Will China continues to sit still and allow themselves to be pushed around?
A tumultuous week for Huawei!

I am sure if Donald Trump has the proof, he would have shown it to the world by now. He loves showing off to the world how good and correct he is right? So it makes me wonder why there is still nothing for us public to see? Or is this just an extension to the ongoing trade war? But then again it is his right to "protect" his citizens as he wants the best for them, "RIGHT"?

We know that China has been hacking everyone...
But is Huawei being made the scapegoat here?

It is shocking to note that Google has actually allowed themselves to be "weaponized" by the American government or more precisely Donald Trump. Did they agree to the banning order meekly or do they put up any fight at all? Aren't Google products supposed to help better humanity and serve everyone regardless of our differences and beliefs? This fiasco has shown us that we cannot TRUST Google and it will be foolish to rely heavily on this company in the future. We will never know when they will turn their backs on us again. Though Google made a U-turn saying that Huawei will still be receiving temporary licence and updates for existing devices, damages have been done and their credibility has taken a huge blow if not a serious dent!

Can we still trust Google?

When Trump declared that Huawei products should not be supported by other American products (Google, Intel etc.), did he know that the ripples will be felt by everyone outside of America? Perhaps he knew and that was exactly his intention. Support him (America) or go bust! In case he does not know this, outside of his little bubble in America, most of the universal civilians are not fond of him. His latest miscalculated  move will land him into hot water if not boiling water. If people (outside of USA) were to pick a side, it would definitely not be him!

How will the rest of the world view this Huawei banning fiasco?

Since January 2018, America has been engaged in a trade war with China after Trump becomes the president. Both sides insist that the other party was guilty of abusing International system and being involved in unfair practices. On paper it appears that Trump has been thumping his chests and pushing the Great Wall of China around. Likewise, China is unbelievably tolerant and is actively trying to resolve the differences between them. But is this Huawei Debacle the last straw for China? We will see. I am really hoping that China will retaliate and cut off America from their country altogether. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. It is a fact that the Chinese Economy is more resilient and has the depth that the Americans do not possess. Let's see.

It is time for China to fight back before they lose more grounds!

As it stands now, a lot of people are beginning to side China and see them as the victim in this botched situation. Even my colleagues have begun to tell me that they are considering boycotting American products such as Facebook and Apple gadgets. I was shocked to hear this but I guess it is only natural. Ask anyone outside of China and they will immediately tell you that the government of America is playing with fire that they might not be able to extinguish later. Will they bury the hatchets or one will perish? Who will prevail in the end? Let's see.
Images credits: Shutterstock
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If you are looking for a luxurious place to enjoy glorious 5-star Ramadhan Buffet dinner spread for buka puasa which will not break your bank, do head over to Hatten Place right now! Contrary to popular belief, enjoying your iftar in this 5-star hotel is actually CHEAP. Yes, you read it right-it is affordable to have a good jolly time with your beloved family and friends over here. So far Hatten Place (Thyme All Day Dining) serves the BEST Ramadhan Buffet Dinner I have tasted in Melaka for the year 2019. There are still 2 more weeks to go before curtains will be coming down for this year's Ramadhan, so what are you waiting for? :)

Let's see what I had feasted on at Hatten Place, shall we?

Hatten Place is situated strategically near the main landmarks in Melaka and it is highly accessible. In actual fact it is just a stone's throw away from the famous Christmas town of Malaysia-Portuguese Settlement. Without a doubt, it is one of the best hotels in Melaka where you should be staying during the Ramadhan or upcoming Hari Raya holidays. Staycation aside, yours truly me have dined in Hatten Place for a few times and I can personally vouch that it is definitely one of the best hotels in Melaka which serves delicious food at an amazing low price. Hence it goes without saying that their Ramadhan Buffet Dinner was really a lip smacking affair that will leaving you wanting for more! Come join me to relive my gastronomical journey at this wonderful place!

Really love the ambiance at Hatten Place (Thyme All Day Dining)

As usual, my family and I arrived early for our Ramadhan buffet dinner as we wanted to be the first to savour the scrumptious spread. Themed as Rasa-Rasa Ramadhan, foodies will be tantalized by the rich Ramadhan flavours that will surely overwhelm them. The lavish banquet is teeming with our fovourite Malaysian cuisines as well as a whole slew of delightful international cuisines. Rest assured that like me you will be holding your plate not knowing where you should start. Literally, there will be too many choices and you might need to take a bit of everything (just like me). Though there was too much on my plate(s), I just couldn't help it. All the food looks so irresistibly inviting and it would be a sin if I didn't try all of them, right? :p

Our star attraction for the evening-Roasted Lamb! 

Behold our chef-d'oeuvre!

There were also wedges and vegetables to make our lamb a bit more balanced. :p 

 Aww...the fragrant Dhal rice.

What's your flavour? 

The chef meticulously slice the lamb for diners.

Make sure you STARVE yourself a little bit (or a lot) before coming to this Ramadhan buffet dinner in Hatten Place as there will be too much delish food to feast on! As usual, the first station that I checked in was was the Roasted Lamb stall. The passionate chef was already busy slicing the juicy drool-inducing lamb into smaller pieces so that it will easier for us-gluttons to just touch and go. Don't forget to grab the amazingly fragrant Dhal Rice with peas which really complemented the well-marinated lamb. You can also enhance the flavour of this lamb plus rice combo with various sauces and condiments such as Garlic Sauce, Rosemary Sauce (2 thumbs up), Black Pepper Sauce and Mint Sauce (5-star recommendation) just to name a few. Speaking about divine gastronomical experience for diners!

First up-traditional dishes 

 Loving this Gado-gado dishes

Salted fish anyone? 

Cencalok? Sambal Belacan? You will have everything here.


For those who love it RAW!

Besides the chef-d'oeuvre roasted lamb, diners will get to enjoy countless traditional dishes such as Gado-gado which I thought was really delightful and spicy at the same time! Throw in the ingredients and mix-mix (gado-gado) them together with the carefully prepared chili sauces and cancalok which really tinged my taste buds. Moving on, you can also enjoy various ulam-ulaman (raw vegetables) that will surely bring you back to the past and reminisce the good old days when you got to appreciate the common rural delicacies. If you are feeling kinda "salty", do indulge in the various salted fishes and salted egg as well. By the way there was also banana-leaves-wrapped lemang for those who want to revel in the bamboo-cooked glutinous rice. Kinda nostalgic right?

 Chef Gary Lim is ensuring that everyone is having a pleasant gastronomic journey.

 Sauteed Beef with Onion and Ginger

Opor Daging Termai 

Wifey highly recommends this dish! 

 Ikan Masin Masak Lemak Nenas

 Sambal fish

 Sweet and Sour chicken

Don't forget to eat your vegetables.

One of the main dishes that I loved was the crazily divine Opor Daging Termai which was really lusciously divine and creamy at the same time. The texture of this spicy dish really dovetailed with the Dhal Rice and I had a blast in my mouth! Other main dishes that you guys should not miss are the toothsome Tumis Pertola Udang Kering,..
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By now I am sure a lot of 'orang Melaka', especially those residing near MMU (Multimedia University) have heard of Cofeology Cafe & Restaurant right? We Malaccans know that this is the place you can enjoy delectable western food and premium artisan coffee. But do you know that they serve Ramadhan Buffet Dinner as well in their cafe? YES! You read this right: For the whole holy month of Ramadhan, all citizens of Melaka will have the privilege to enjoy sinfully sumptuous Ramadhan Buffet Dinner at Cofeology!

 At the entrance of Cofeology

So a few days ago yours truly me was hunting for iftar with my family when I stumbled upon this hidden gem. Honestly speaking, I still could not believe that this cafe actually serves Ramadhan Buffet dinner because it looks so chic and cozy, the usual kind of vibe that you will get from a coffee house. Once I was in, those unmistakable spreads of glorious ramadhan food quickly greeted me. We arrived early on that day but my hunch told me that the place would be crowded real soon, hence we quickly went to book out table and the sight of those iconic dried dates were pleasantly awaiting for us on our table. A very thoughtful touch indeed. :)

 Syrup and dates awaiting you

Can I have a cup of coffee please? :D 

Love the decor 

Just look at those light bulbs

The whole set up was really beautiful and the ambiance was nothing short of mesmerizing if you ask me. I particularly love the light bulbs in the cafe as they were so grandiloquent, illuminating the whole place with their glimmering aureate hues. Perhaps that was why I felt Cofeology was such a warm and amiable place to be. The decor was really beautiful in a rustic way with charming and yet recognizable wallpapers of coffee cups, coffee beans and quotes about coffee-which yours truly me really love. All in all I am the ambiance deserves my two thumbs up.

 Time to makan!

Ready to dig in?

After we were done being in awe at the sight of those grandiose lights and fascinating decor, the ambrosial whiff of food began to tickle our noses. I could smell the sweet scent of fried chicken and the salted fish enticing me to grab my plate and fork. It was time for iftar or buka buasa...or in other words dinner time. Then again my family actually waited for our Muslim friends to have their dinner first as they had been fasting for the whole day; Then only we started to make our move. No worries as there was plenty of scrumptious food for everyone. After all it was Ramadhan Buffer Dinner! Let's dig in!

The waiter and waitress were really friendly. :)


I wish I could eat this again! 

Braised beef 

Vegetables and prawns 

 Everyone was having a great time buka puasa-ing at Cofeology!

The look on his face says it all. :)

My! My! Where should I start? Would it be the tantalizing rendang chicken or the juicy, divine lamb slices with rosemary sauce? Should I just grab a few crispy fried chickens or some of those mouth-watering salted fish? How about those colouful desserts dancing on another table, waiting to jump onto my plates? Decision~decision and by then the glutton in me could not make up my mind anymore. Since it was a buffet, we just "catch caught them all" and put them on our table. I really could not contain my excitement when the food was right before my eyes~let's enjoy folks!

 Fried chicken anyone?

 These crispy and yet juicy fried chickens are top notch!

Flavorful rendang chicken! 

 Chicken Ham Salad

 Salted fish

 Gotta grab them real fast

No buka puasa is complete without these dried dates

 Salad on a bamboo anyone?

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If you are looking for the coolest and most innovative gadgets in Malaysia right now, head over to Plaza Low Yat where the Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week will be taking place. Earlier today, yours truly me had the opportunity to attend this incredulous 7-day exhibition which starts today (from 29th of April till 5th of May). Visitors will be amazed by the plethora of products that will be at your disposal during this exhibition.

Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week
Date: 29th April - 5th May 2019
Time: 10a.m. - 10p.m.
Venue: Plaza Low Yat, Concourse, Ground Floor

Honestly I was dumbstruck the moment I saw the 55 innovative gadgets that are being showcased. Being a gadget and technology enthusiast, I am excited to have a closer look at the innovations which include state-of-the-art e-sport gadgets, lifestyle gadgets and other ingenious innovations. Rest assured that all the products being exhibited here are the best of the best from Taiwan as each of them has been meticulously handpicked.

Head over to Taiwan Excellence right now!

These innovations embody the Taiwan Excellence Award which honours products which have excelled in terms of research and development, superior quality, sublime design and of course exceptional marketing.  In other words, what you will be seeing at this exhibitions are gadgets and products that offer unmatched value for consumers and users. Don't believe me? Head over to Plaza Low Yat right now to see for yourself. As for me, there are 3 products that have really attracted me because of my lifestyle and job requirements:

Top 3 Gadgets at Taiwan Excellence

1-Asus ROG Smartphone-The Gaming Holy Grail
With avid gamers in mind especially the pro ones, Asus ROG is the gaming smartphone that everyone has been waiting for. Feast on the huge, gorgeous 6-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display which boasts an unbelievable refresh rate of 90Hz per second. On top of that you can enjoy immersive HDR visuals on this smartphone that will surely blow you away. The dual front-facing stereo speakers really blast out eargasmic sounds which make gaming "sounds" so incredibly realistic!

 Finally I could touch the holy grail of gaming!

The cooling system to keep the heat going for you! 

Immerse yourself in ultra-realistic gaming experience

Rest assured that while you are in the heat of a battle, the detachable AeroActive Cooler can give you that added cooling boost to ensure your gaming experience is smooth and fluid! Do you know that this smartphone is also equipped with advanced haptic actuator that let you feel your game? Yes, you can actually feel the bullet hitting you. Ha :D Overall I am really impressed by how snappy and responsive this Asus ROG gaming phone is. If you are here, you have to try playing games on it which I did. How I wish I could own one! For more information about this de facto gaming smartphone do visit its official website: Asus ROG smartphone.

2-Plustek eScan A150
Being in the office most of the time, I need to do a lot of paperwork which inevitably means I will be working with loads of materials that needed to be edited, printed and of course scanned. My work requires me to have a lot of information at my fingertips. Hence Plustek eScan A150 is the solution that I believe companies need to invest in. For starters, this standalone innovative scanner which does not need to be hooked to a computer can immediately turn documents into processable and shareable information. You can scan to applications, email, fax servers and more in just a few simple steps!

The scanner that all offices and home need!

I was pleasantly surprised to know that setup is hassle free as you just need to plug and play to get the scanner up and running...I mean scanning. After that you can use the huge 7-inch LCD screen to work its magic:
  1. SCAN: With a touch of the big button, you can quickly start to scan.
  2. VIEW: You can easily review the page in full view that you have scanned.
  3. SAVE: You can save your scanned document(s) in 9 different destinations: USB Drive, network folder, mobile devices, emails or cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)
  4. SEND: You can send your documents to multiple destinations again and again.
Scan anything easily now

Honestly this is really one very innovative scanner that can liberate you from all the wires and the need to be attached to a computer. Definitely a must-have device for any office. Gotta let my boss knows about this. For more information do visit its official website: Plustek eScan A150.

Behold the SleepBank

Just as the name suggests, this is a device that is related to what all of us need-sleep. In fact, I am so intrigued by this pyramid-shaped gadget that I had to probe the person in charge more about its functionality and how it works. It is a patented Sleep Frequency Technology (SFT) device that can allow you to enjoy quality sleep. In fact I believe every family needs to invest in one SleepBank as sleeping is one of the most important thing we all need.

Everyone needs this SleepBank!

How does SleepBank weave its magic? According to the marketer, the device utilizes 3 different technology to generate a natural field that makes your body relax, slow down your brain waves and prolong your deep sleep.
  1. Harmonic Resonance with Schumann Resonance Frequency: Purify your sleeping environment and create a protective mask.
  2. SFT Deep Sleep Requency: Induces relaxation by easing your chaotic state of mind to promote deep sleep.
  3. Analog North and South Magnetic Field: Helps to restore the natural balance of the body.
It is easy to use this device thanks to its one-button operation and if you were to use it 8 hours daily for 365 days, it will only cost you a negligible electricity bill of RM10 (for the whole year). Undeniably this is one innovation that can benefit everyone in the household. In fact, I think this multiple-award winning device is the best innovation I have seen here at Taiwan Excellence. I am really, really interested in this device as I would want my family especially my children to have a good night's sleep. For more information, do visit its official website: SleepBank.

The Game of Thrones!

Me inside the Predator-the Pinnacle of gaming! 

I was very darn ecstatic to have this experience! 


Of course there are many other innovations that really deserve your time and attention as well. Avid PC gamers should really check out the Aqrus Gaming Monitor and Water Cooling PC which will not only allow you to enjoy your games but will also illuminate your gaming "centre" thanks to its brilliant aurora LED lights. It is really an eye candy if you ask me.

Aqrus Gaming for those who want to feel the intensity while basking in the colourful lights! 

OMG! Just look at the colourful cooling system of the PC 

For our little ones-Gigo booth with STEM educational toys 

I am ready for action sir! 

You can control your robot via your smartphone!

Those with children will be delighted to visit the Gigo Booth which cultivates higher order learning in your little ones through its STEM-centred toys and gadgets. You can control the your assembled robot by using your smartphone which is really neat and can expose your kids to early robotics. On the other hand, corporate consumers can get to know more about products that can help elevate their businesses such as the Aver All-in-one Conferencing Soundbar which is equipped with 4K camera, dual speakers and dual microphones.

Can you see me? 

Aver All-in-one conferencing solutions! 

4K camera with dual speakers and dual microphones!

Some of Transcend's awesome products! 

DrivePro Body Camera! 

It comes with multiple mounting options 

Hmm...so where should I clip this?

Last but not least, visitors will not only be able to have a closer look at the cool gadgets and products, there will also be many educational workshops that can benefit plus daily lucky draws to win great prizes. Please refer to the week-long itinerary (the last photo at the bottom) to see what exciting activities you can join! Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to get up-close and personal with Taiwan's best innovations that is happening right now at the Concourse Floor of Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur!

Here are other gadgets and products that excite me!

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Ramadhan is just round the corner and if you are looking for one of the best and affordable spread of buffet dinner in Melaka to have "Buka Puasa" or "Iftar" with your family and friends, do head over to Novotel Melaka. Yours truly me just had a feast fit for a king at this international 4-star hotel with my family last week for its Ramadhan Buffet preview and boy we really, really enjoyed ourselves. All the food was so delightful ranging from the inviting appetizers to the dainty desserts!

Ready to for a gastronomic ride?

Located in the heart of Melaka City, Novotel Melaka is just a stone's throw away from the various must-visit historical landmarks such as A'Famosa, St. Paul's Church and Dutch Square just to name a few. Undeniably, it is one of the best hotels for your staycation should you want to visit Melaka during the holy month. Personally I have had buffet dinner in this place before previously and it was already very delicious. However this Ramadhan Buffet was really on another level and it totally blew my mind with its wide range of gastronomic delights. Even my picky children and demanding wifey were all praise for this scrumptious spread.

I went straight to grab my roasted lamb 

You will be drooling like me too 

There are 3 different sauces to choose from 

And the fragrant Arabian Rice

This year, the theme for the Ramadhan Buffet chosen by Novotel Melaka is Selera Warisan Ramadhan which can be translated to Ramadhan Heritage Cuisines. Food lovers will immediately be dumbstruck by the sheer amount of food that is at their disposal, I know I did. Not only can one feast on our favourite Malaysian dishes, you will also be enjoying countless international platters. In other words you will be spoiled for choices and towards the end you will realize that you have too much on your plate...literally!

Kapitan Mutton 

Salmon Fish Head Curry 

Tok's Rendang Beef 

Khasmir Curry Chicken 

Vegetables with salted fish 

Be WARNED that this Ramadhan Buffet is perfect for those who want to indulge in  the finer food in Melaka...excessively! In other words, gluttons like me will definitely enjoy all the food that we can stuff into our mouth. First and foremost, the moment we were given the green light, yours truly me headed straight to the roasted lamb station on the outside first. As expected, there was already a bee line of people lining up with their empty plates to get a piece of the delectable "Kambing Golek". Sitting nicely next to the lamb was the fragrant Arabian Rice (Nasi Arab) which really complement the grilled lamb with its soft, fluffy texture. There were 3 different sauces to go with your Arabian rice and grilled lamb and I picked the black pepper sauce which of course made the whole dish even more tantalizing.

Thousand island 

Petai anyone? 

Those who savour something more traditional will be glad to know that there will be nasi ulam together with some raw vegetables such as petai, carrot, cucumber and tiny tomatoes just to name a few for you to savour. Other main courses include the appetizing Kambing Masak Kapitan, herbaceous Daging Rendang Tok, slightly spicy Ayam Kari Khasmir and toothsome Ikan Keli Masak Lemak Nangka. By now I am sure you will be drooling like me. I was literally at my wits' end, deciding which cuisine I should try. Decisions~Decisions! Oh by the way, I really enjoyed their crunchy Sayur Kailan with salted fish even though I am not a veggie kind of person.

Crispy and yummy! 

This tasted really exotic. :) 

Aww...who doesn't like cencaru?

Salad lovers need to rejoice as there is a fresh salad bar dedicated specially for them. I did not touch any of the salads as I am more carnivorous. LOL :D Those who enjoy eating fish will be elated to know that there will be the lip-smacking Portuguese Grilled fish that is wrapped in ambrosial banana leaf. The fiery sambal really brought out the savory taste of the meat. Make sure you help yourself with a few servings of these. There were also chicken and beef satays for those who love to eat skewered meat served with distinctive chili paste.

So what do you wanna grill? 

Crowd's favourite-Ikan Bakar Portuguese 


My children love this!

My children really enjoyed the freshly made murtabak a lot. In fact they had more than one serving of this stuff pancake which is crunchy on the outside and..
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