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Last Friday, my family was searching high and low for a place to have our lunch. Besides serving delicious food which will be cheap, we also want to have a very cozy ambiance to enjoy our lunch as well. That was when we stumbled upon Thyme All Day Dining in Hatten Place which ticked all our boxes (Good food, cheap price, cozy environment). Honestly I was really shocked the moment I arrived at the place. Everything looked so unbelievably classy! The receptionist and the waiter were already there waiting for us with arms wide open-speaking about top notch customer service. :)

Yours truly me enjoying the breathtaking view. :) 

Ok time to order our food. 

The waiters here are truly excellent!

So what shall we eat?

As we were relatively early, we got to choose where we wanted to have our lunch. The amiable waiter then ushered us to our table with a stunning sea-view. Nestled in a slightly secluded corner, we enjoyed sitting on the comfortable curvilinear sofa while selecting what we would have for our lunch. How much do you think you need to pay to have lunch in such high-class, posy environment? Do you know that each set would only cost RM14.90 each with bottomless Iced Lemon Tea? YES! Only RM14.90! I was so taken aback by the price tag that I ordered 5 different dishes. Besides we were really starving back then. LOL :D

Our lunch has arrived

The first dish that landed on our table was the Claypot Chicken Rice set which was served with salted fish. This dish was perfectly cooked as every grain of fragrant rice had been coated with the savory broth which really whetted our appetite. The tender, divine chicken meat, the ambrosial salted fish and the toothsome chunks of shitake mushrooms really dovetailed to tantalize our taste buds. Two thumbs up for this dish. Oh! Did I mention that the portion was very generous and two adults could actually enjoy this dish together.

Behold the ginormous Claypot Chicken Rice!
Can you spot the salted fish? :p 

Every single bite was truly flavourful 

I love it 

My wife enjoyed this dish as well.

Our next dish was the Thyme Dunked Chicken Burger which was of course an in-house specialty at Thyme All Day Dining. In fact I would say that this is the must-try dish for all patrons as it was really packed with wholesome homemade goodness. This very presentable burger is laden with homemade pepper sauce, onions and of course homemade chicken patty! OMG~the flavorful chicken patty was so, so, so tender and succulent that I admit I wanted to order another one. So while our kids were biting away the crispy tapioca chips, yours truly me was feasting on the heavenly burger! I really wanted to have this again on our next visit!

 Thyme Dunked Chicken Burger

Homemade goodness. The patty was so (OUUHHHH) tender and juicy!

I thought this is like one of the best burgers I have ever sunk my teeth into!

I am not a lamb person but our next dish the Lamb Briyani proved me wrong. The ghee rice which came with the Lamb Briyani was really soft, fluffy and delightful. Our juicy Lamb Briyani was very delectable and there was no hint of any gamy scent from our well-marinated mutton. I guess what made the briyani lamb here so tasty was the dainty gravy which was truly smooth and appetizing. I must admit that after having this flavorsome dish, I still felt very hungry despite my bloated stomach having said otherwise.

 Up next was Briyani Lamb

The lamb was flawlessly marinated and cooked.
The ghee rice was astoundingly aromatic. 

Do you wanna have a bite?

Those who love fish and curry will be glad to know that you can indulge in their Indian Fish Curry which is served with sauteed vegetables and steamed rice. Rest assured that the your rice will go really well with the rich curry which was a bit spicy and sweet at the same time-I know mine did. Thyme was really generous as they gave me at least 3 pieces of fish fillet to enjoy together with those equally juicy tomatoes, brinjal and okra aka lady finger. Definitely a must try for curry lover.

Curry lover rejoice! 

Spicy and sweet 

I love the vegetables that in the curry. :)

Last but not least, the highlight of our lunch was the Butter Chicken With Oatmeal. It was mighty close to choose between the Thyme Dunked Chicken Burger and this dish. We love this dish so much thanks to its luscious, creamy texture together with a hint of spiciness which was really a divine combination to give you that mouthgasmic sensation. I added it to my white fluffy rice and the rest was truly an unforgettable palatable journey in my mouth. Dayum! Will surely return for this dish.

Oatmeal with Butter Chicken 

Without a doubt the best dish here. 

Love the creamy butter texture and the tingling spiciness that comes with it
Truly lips smacking!

To top it off, you can enjoy BOTTOMLESS Iced Lemon Tea when you dine here. I actually ordered ours to be warm and of course what you wish is what you will get here thanks to the excellent service provided by the whole F&B team of Thyme. Honestly the setting of Thyme All Day Dining is probably the most beautiful one I have ever seen in Malacca. Everything looks so posh and classy here from the exquisite marble table to the artistic, comfy chair with armrest; From the spectacular view to the warm, soothing glow of bulbs which grace the whole place; Everything here looks really chic! You will definitely love the ambiance, trust me!

We had a feast at Thyme All Day Dining 

Yeah~our little family can really eat a lot! :) 

Wifey and daughter enjoying their meal. 

Jasmine and Jordan snacking on the crispy tapioca chips 

Look at how happy they are. 

Good food! Great place!
Definitely the place to be if you wanna have lunch.

So if you are looking for a beautiful, comfortable place to enjoy delicious lunch during weekdays (12p.m. till 2:30pm) do head over to Thyme All Day Dining in Hatten Place and you will leave feeling truly gratified and fuller fatter. And you don't have to worry about beverages at all as you will be getting bottomless lemon tea when you purchase any of the sets here which will only cost you RM14.90. This is truly one of the best places to be if you want to enjoy lunch in Melaka.

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Nobody's life is always smooth sailing or without any bumps here and there at all. In actual fact, obstacles are part of our life and more often than not, these hurdles of ours will lead us to unbelievable opportunities. We have to remember that not all obstacles are created to be equal; Having said so-not all the stumbling blocks are bad. Truth is-an opportunity's favourite disguise is an obstacle. When you are heading towards your answers, rest assured that you will be meeting countless obstacles again and again.

Our life is full of maze

Remember that nobody has gained immunity not to face any problem in their life. Have you ever seen a mighty lion in the vast expanse of his kingdom? Even he has to fight off flies which are too pesky. Know that being a diligent person does not automatically remove you from the problems that are so common in our world. A change of perspective will actually let you know that these roadblocks are there to teach you how to live more productively and victoriously. Thomas Carlyle said it best, "The block of granite that was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong." So it all depends on how you look at it.

It is all about how your view your "problems".
Adversity has its advantages

Those who are constantly being "defeated" by obstacles, here's a good news for you. In the midst of all the trials and tribulations, there is room for you to grow and of course promotion to let you "upgrade" yourself. Each challenge that is wearing you down offers you an opportunity to grow and not die. There is no doubt that obstacles can temporarily detour you, but only YOU can make YOU stop! In other words, only you can defeat yourself. Though the struggles we face might be lasting, but they will never be everlasting. Every problem that emerges is only there temporarily, we are the ones who choose to make it permanent.

The difference between iron and steel is fire,
and the fire-tried steel is worth it.

Like I have mentioned earlier adversity has its advantages. Obstacles will reveal your beliefs and who your really are. No matter how cloudy it is when the plane takes off, above the clouds the sun will always shine brightly. So look up! Our life will be more productive if we understand that the obstacles that appear right before us are a part of our life. We have to face the music if we want to lead the band one day right? So our problems are actually our opportunities. :)

Every mountain top is within reach if you keep climbing.

Images credits: Shutterstock
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Have you noticed that the suffocating stench of haze is hanging densely in our air lately? In fact the putrid stench of the haze is still palpable even when we have bolted all the windows and doors while we are in the "comfort" of our home. This is so wrong! This is worsened by the searing temperature that comes with the sweltering heatwave. So not only that we have to deal with the blistering hot spell, the very air that we breathe in has become extremely dirty as well even inside our own home.
Me unboxing my new air purifier! :)

I am well aware that I need to solve both these problems of filthy, hazy air and hot weather at the same time. There is no way I am going to risk the health of my little Jordan and Jasmine by allowing them to breathe in the dirty air. Hence I need an air purifier that will cleanse whatever that we inhale inside our home; In other words an air purifier that really works properly. So after searching high and low, I finally found what I need to keep my family safe and healthy...and not to mention cool too during this hot and stuffy spell!

My Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan

It comes with a beautiful magnetized remote 

It's time to breathe in pure, fresh, clean air. :D

NEW Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan - YouTube

Behold my new Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan which is my answer to beat the haze and heatwave. Though initially I was held back by its relatively eye-watering price tag, I immediately decided to get one the moment I realized how effective it is in purifying our dirty air (read on to find out). I believe my investment in health with Dyson Pure Cool technology will give me peace of mind for the sake of my beloved family especially my two little ones.

 Both of them are so happy with their new "fan". :)

Look ma~no blades!

Look at how excited they were. :)

Some of you might ask, do we really need an air purifier when we are at home? You see unless you are living in an air-tight vacuum house, you will really need a good air purifier as we will be spending the bulk of our time in our home sweet home. Sadly our home can no longer be considered to be clean anymore as pollutants from outside can easily permeates the air in our home, rendering it to be unhealthy. Imagine breathing in the dirty air that seeps into your home for 12 hours even when you are sleeping!  NO WAY I am going to let my wife and children breathe in those dirty air particles and clog their lungs! That is why yours truly me have invested in Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan. The following are my reasons:

My Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying Tower Fan Review - YouTube

6 Reasons Why Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan Is The Best Air Purifier

1-Real Time Air Quality Reading
What really impresses me is the presence of an LCD display that will actually show me the air quality around me in real-time on the spot. This means that the Dyson air purifier will automatically sense and detect all the particles as well as gases and reveal the exact readings or air pollution thanks to the state-of-the-art Dyson algorithm. On top of that, the sensors can also also pick up humidity level and temperature accurately.

Real-time air quality reading!

Dyson Pure Cool desk purifying fans - Understanding the LCD screen (US) - YouTube

Understanding the air around you

2-Purifies with 360 Degree Filtration System 
The ability to capture a whopping 99.95% of ultrafine particles as small as 0.1 microns makes Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan one of the best air purifiers in the market. The best part is, the filtration system can suck, capture and filter air not only from one direction but every single direction thanks to its 360 degree filtration system which really sets it apart from the competition. So no pollutants can run and hide! The fully-sealed filter system consists of activated carbon and a Glass HEPA filter that will remove almost all (99.95%) of pollutants that are invisible to our naked eyes. In other words, the air in your home will now be fresh and clean.

3-Purified Air For Every Inch of the Room
This is yet another interesting feature that helps me to make up my mind to get this air purifier from Dyson. Thanks to its unique Air Multiplier technology and the new 350 degree oscillation (YES 350 degree!), every inch of the room will be projected and filled with purified, clean air. You can choose to oscillate it either at 45⁰, 90⁰, 180⁰ and of course 350⁰. Honestly, this is something that a normal air purifier will not be able to do. Two thumbs up for this feature!

Project purified air in every direction

This is how Air Multiplier Technology works

4-Beautiful Sexy Design
OK! I don't want to brag but this new machine of mine is really a head turner. Family members, relatives and friends were stunned the moment they lay their eyes on my sexy air purifier. Honestly, even I can't help but to admire its beautiful aesthetic lines and design which really make it a fashion statement to say the least. It fits every corner of the house! By the way, I really love this sleek Nickel Black air purifier of mine~it exudes so much enigma and class to it. Dayum!

Beauty and the Beast

5-Dyson Link App
Though Dyson has included a beautiful (again this is amazingly designed) curved, magnetized remote control to put it neatly on top of the purifier, I can actually control my air purifier by using the Dyson Link App using my smartphone. Besides having the same features as the physical remote control, I can also track the daily or weekly air quality where my air purifier is placed. On top of that I can schedule when I want it to be automatically turned on and off. Speaking about intuitive design huh!

Linking Dyson Link App with the air purifier 

Works like the real remote 

Before and After

Now they can sleep better at night. :)

6-Rigorous Testing To Create The Perfect Air Purifier
This is one of the most important reasons why I choose Dyson purifying technology. Do you know that it took 2,605 prototypes to create the perfect Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan that we see right now? The rigorous testing (POLAR Test Chamber) is done to reflect real living spaces to ensure that the air is purified anywhere in the whole room. For your information other normal air purifiers will only cleanse the air around the machine and not the whole room. Obviously not all air purifiers are the same.

Dyson Pure Cool™ Advanced Technology-Air Purifier- Engineering Film - YouTube

Of course there are so many other features that I have yet to mention such as Night Time Mode which I use a lot as the purifier will shift to its quietest settings and dim the LCD display to ensure we will have a good night's sleep. So if you are looking for an air purifier to beat the haze and a cooling fan to sizzle down the heatwave, you should really consider this Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan. It is time for you to breathe in healthy, cool air in your own home! This is the de facto air purifier which checks all the boxes. Period. :)

You can get your very own Dyson air purify at shop.dyson.my

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan: RM2,829
Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Desk Fan: RM2,259
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I am sure there are a lot of coffee lovers and connoisseur of the roasted beans in Melaka who have tasted and enjoyed their caffeinated beverages in various cafes, restaurants, clubs or even coffee shops. BUT have you ever tried savouring your perfectly brewed coffee at the HIGHEST place in Melaka? Welcome to Aromas Coffee Club at Hatten City where you will be served your favourite brews at 190 metres above sea level. So rest assured that you can slowly sip your coffee while relishing the breathtaking view. :)

Welcome to Aromas Coffee Club 

The decor is really chic and classy 

Is this Instagram-worthy or not? 

Somehow the yellow sofa chairs make me look cooler!

After discovering this new gem for coffee lovers (like me), yours truly me pestered my wife to join me on my drinking adventure. So last weekend we embarked on our journey to the highest coffee club in Melaka. When we arrived at Hatten City, we needed to take the lift to go to the coffee club as it is on the 43rd level of the building or around 850 steps *gasp* if we were to go up on foot. Honestly I was quite nervous when the lift operator hit the number for us to go up. The build-up of pressure in my ears confirmed that we were going to a whole new height to enjoy coffee (and desserts as well). :)

Let's see what we should order. 

So many lip-smacking desserts to choose from 


I am really impressed the moment I arrived at this highest coffee club in Melaka. I dare to claim that a visit to Aromas Coffee Club is not merely about gratifying your caffeine fix; In fact it is a complete sensory experience for coffee lovers and desserts aficionado. The coffee club itself is an elegant affair with classy, chic design which will surely make all your photos more Instagrammable. The atmosphere was so laid back, the curvilinear sofas were invitingly comfortable and the eclectic decor really worked wonder for the blissful ambiance. You will be mesmerized for sure!

First to land on our table. 

The super friendly manager-Ms. Paula Fiona 

Finishing touches-Expertly done 

Our deliciously scrumptious frappe! 

I would die for one more Chocolate Chip Frappe 

Obviously our kids were eager to try as well. Ha :D 

Wifey with her Mocha Green Tea Frappe

After taking photos for quite some time, we finally could settle down and chose what we wanted for the evening. The ever amiable manager of Aromas-Ms. Paula introduced their signature Frappes which I thought was really, really good! We had four different Frappes to savour and they were Chocolate Chip Frappe, Mocha Green Tea Frappe, Caramel Chocolate Frappe and Caramel Frappe. I personally loved the Chocolate Chip Frappe while my wife enjoyed the Mocha Green Tea Frappe. How about my kids? Well...they love all of them as they were cold and sweet. Bahahaha :D Besides tasting so scintillatingly good, these frappes were a lovely sight to behold too, they look like arts...don't you agree?

Red Velvet & Strawberry Mousse

Chocolate Devil-It was devil-ishly flavorful!

Luxuriously rich Marble Cheese Cake 

Jasming girl could not contain her joy 

One for the family album 

Let's dig in!

Besides the tasty frappe which got our taste buds intrigued for more, we soon got to sample desserts which looked so ornament-ally beautiful that it would be a crime to eat them. Then again, it would be an even heavier "sin" if we didn't sink our teeth into these lusciously rich cakes and mousse right? I really enjoyed our dainty Red Velvet Cake which reminded us of Christmas. Jordan boy and Jasmine girl really loved the Strawberry Mousse which tasted smooth and fluffy at the same time. Cheese lovers will  adore the royally luxurious Marble Cheese Cake which was certainly one of the highlights in the coffee club. Obviously my favourite was the Devil Chocolate Cake which was really, really profoundly rich in cocoa. Every single spoon which went into my mouth tasted so heavenly. Dayum! I wish I could have another piece right now.

Enjoying my Chocolate Chip Frappe at 190 meters height 

I love the breathtaking view 

Even my Red Velvet Cake tasted better thanks to the magnificent night scenery

Though I really enjoyed the frappe a lot, nothing beats a good cup of flawlessly brewed hot coffee right? That very sensation, knowing that you were slowly enjoying your sips of cafe noir at the highest place in Melaka was such a thrilling experience for me. Looking at my beautiful cup of brew on the veneer table while allowing the pleasant aroma of the coffee to invigorate me, felt so paradisaical. The carbony aftertaste of my coffee really made me feel a bit ecstatic to say the least. I am sure the ambiance weighed in a lot as well.  :)

Can't leave without my cup of coffee. 

Yupe~you will get a reward card. :) 

Me-basking in the ambiance while in Aromas 

 Coffee anyone?

It was really a tantalizing experience to be sipping my coffee at such height

For those who want to taste rich, refined coffee and enjoy deliciously gooey desserts that will leave lasting impression in your mouth and of course your head do head over to Aromas Coffee Club in Melaka. I would rate it as one of the best coffee clubs in Melaka. Besides the height (being the highest coffee club in Melaka), I must lavish praises on the hospitality and amiability accorded by the barista and the manager of Aromas which was superbly excellent. Thank you for allowing me and my family to have such a memorable experience at your coffee club.

Aromas Coffee Club
Address: Level 43, Hatten City, Jalan Melaka Raya 23, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
Contact: 06-2229696

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Over the years the cameras on mobile devices have improved by leaps and bounds and today most can easily record High Definition (HD) quality videos. However that alone does not determine how your videos will turn out – as you may already realize. If you want to capture better videos on mobile devices, you need to know how to use the camera to your advantage. That is where the following easy tips can help:

A tripod will help to steady any mobile phone.

1-Keep The Camera Steady and Avoid Moving
While you’re recording you should try to keep the camera steady – to the point of being perfectly still if possible. The less you move the camera or your body, the clearer your video will look. To keep the camera steady you should always hold in in both hands and keep it close to your body so that your arms are near your sides for additional support. If you find this too tiring or still have difficulty, you could use a tripod or find some other way to keep the camera stable.

Always opt for the best

2-Record in The Highest Resolution and Frame Rate
Both the resolution and frame rate are important to the overall video quality. The resolution will affect the definition of the video and how sharp it looks. On the other hand the frame rate will affect its smoothness – especially when there is movement in the shot. Try recording at a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 30 at least – though if either one can be higher, you should increase them.

Try to find the light

3-Find Good Lighting and Position Yourself to Take Advantage of It
Lighting can have a big impact on the videos you record using mobile devices because their sensor is generally smaller than DSLR cameras. Ideally you should always make sure there is plenty of light – preferably diffused so that it doesn’t cast hard shadows. If you’re recording outdoors you should try capturing videos during the golden hour. On the other hand if you’re indoors you could use softboxes to provide diffused light, or even set up a basic three-point lighting configuration.

Use a mic

4-Use An External Microphone
If you’re recording audio and intend to keep it – you need an external microphone. The built-in microphone on mobile devices won’t cut it, and the audio quality will probably drag down the entire video. Even a mid-range external microphone can improve the audio that you record by leaps and bounds. However for best results you should get the right type of microphone, such as a shotgun mic to record audio from a certain location.

In addition to these steps it can help to know how to edit videos. Few videos are perfect when they are first recorded, and most could do with adjustments to the white balance, colors, stabilization, and more. If you want you could even create a photo video from stills arranged in a time-lapse effect. If you use the tips described above, the impact they have on your videos should be readily apparent. From there you can build on them further by experimenting and getting more experience in the process.

Images credits: Shutterstock
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Last weekend I had the opportunity to join a group of adolescents to climb the fabled Gunung Datuk in Negeri Sembilan for the second time in 3 years. We embarked on our journey quite early at around 6a.m. and reached our destination at about 7a.m. By the time we arrived at the foot of the mountain, there were already lots of cars lining sides of the narrow entrance. Guess a lot of people were really interested to hike this mountain huh!

Reminders to all climbers of Gunung Datuk:

  1. Bring plenty of water to get yourself hydrated (minimum 1.5 litre of water)
  2. Wear proper hiking boots (either the expensive ones of "Adidas Kampung")
  3. Bring some food to keep you going as the climb will burn lots of calories!

Stretching our muscles! Hiyeak!

Our photo before we make our climb!

After doing some stretching to prevent any unwanted injuries and cramps, we started to make our move. Honestly I was really worried about these kids as Gunung Datuk might be a tough one for them to challenge, let alone conquer. Though I was told that they had hiked Bukit Beruang Hill and Broga Hill before, this "Grandfather" mountain served as a different test altogether. Apparently the mountain got its name in 1372 when Dato' Perpatih Nan Sebatang organized a meeting among the leaders to elect the Dato' Lembaga (Chief of the Clan). Guess it was the de facto place for the chief back then.

The entrance into the unknown...brace yourselves little ones!

On paper, Gunung Datuk stands at a height of 884 metres or 2900 feet. Then again the actual distance covered on foot by a climber is expected to be around 4.7km on a one-way journey; So it will be around 9.5km for your trip up the summit and return to the foot of the mountain again. Though this distance is nothing to professional climbers, I fear the kids under my supervision might find it a bit too strenuous. Let's find out how did they fare, shall we?

Honestly I am quite happy to be here again after 3 years. LOL :D

After paying for our "permit" or admission fee of RM5, they started to venture into the unknown. Once you have crossed the bridge, your trail into uncertainty begins. Ok a little bit dramatic but you have to expect the worst, don't you? Honestly speaking, the first hour of the climb was relatively brutal especially for amateur climbers who had to weather the bumpy routes which were dominated by twisted tree roots, rocks of different sizes, gaping holes which threatened to sprain your ankles! Yikes! If you are not careful and vigilant, you might end up on a stretcher. Honestly yours truly me kinda sprained one of my foot as well.

You can see how STEEP the climb was! 

Gotta keep on moving!

We needed to hold on to ropes to make our climb not that difficult 

Don't forget to take a break if you are a little bit tired. LOL :D

A lot of other avid climbers were here as well. :)

We are almost there...almost...

During my first ascent 3 years ago, it was drizzling during the whole journey which made it almost impossible for us to move forward. So I was really glad that it did not rain last weekend, otherwise it would be even more difficult to guide these young fledglings up the mountain. Ha :D After weathering the tormenting terrains for almost 2 hours, you would start to feel that the climb had begun to be more tolerable...in other words it is not as steep as the beginning. Finally you would arrive at an open area which essentially means you have almost arrived at the summit. ALMOST. Here, we rested for a while before making our final move to conquer the peak of Gunung Datuk.

Ta~da~we made it to the TOP of Gunung Datuk!

When we were ready-after eating some bread, we started to make our ascent to the TOP of Gunung Datuk which was made of several gargantuan boulders. I was happily surprised to know that they had replaced the old, unstable ladders with proper steps and staircases which were obviously more sturdy and safer. Slowly and orderly, all the young ones climbed up the boulders one-by-one to reach the top.

It's good to be at the top again after 3 years 

Bask in the ambiance, enjoy the magnificent sight! 

Breathtaking, isn't it?

Once we were up there at the peak, all of us were visibly very, very happy not just because we had conquered the mountain but also because we got to witness the magnificent view which unfolded right before our naked eyes. It was really breathtaking and magical at the same time with the gentle, cold breeze slowly caressing our faces as if to acknowledge our endeavors to the top. Sitting on the flat boulders which enjoying the beautiful scenery is the culmination of all our hard work. After taking tonnes of photos, we were finally willing to start our descent down the mountain.

You really need to be here! :)

All smiles after conquering the top of the mountain 

Priceless memories, right? 

One for the album

One last photo of all of us before we go down.

On the way down, everything appeared to be faster but that did not mean that it was easier. The boys who were more agile could easily maneuvered around the protruding rocks, sturdy trees and sneaky holes! On the other hands, those who were terribly exhausted took cautious steps down the tormenting path with their joints and muscles screaming in pain. Still, adrenaline and endorphins kept all of us going.  And in no time (around 1 and a half hour) we had made it back to where we started. 

And down we went...it was not easy...but TOGETHER-we can do it! :) 

Nothing beats a bowl of chilled cendol after our climb!

The whole climb took us around 5 to 6 hours and all of us were all smiles as our sweat and pain had translated into our sweet victory that we would savour for the rest of our life. By the way, we rewarded ourselves with a bowl of deserving cendol, brimming with coconut milk and brown sugar. Yummy! So should you climb this Gunung Datuk in Negeri Sembilan? It is a definite yes from yours truly me who had conquered it twice. :)

Admission: RM5

How to get to Gunung Datuk
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If you are in Melaka during the holy month of Ramadan, searching for cheap yet delicious spread of food to feast with your family during "buka puasa" do head over to Temasek Hotel Melaka to enjoy the cheapest Ramadan Buffet Dinner in Melaka. How cheap you may ask? The price is only RM29.90 for adult diner while children (5-11 years old) and senior citizen will be able to enjoy all the scrumptious cuisines and delicacies at an unbelievable low price of only RM24.90. Isn't this a steal? For such unbelievable price tag, my wife, children and I had our very first Ramadan Buffet for 2019!

Feel the Kampung ambiance at Temasek Hotel

For your information, Temasek Hotel is located just a stone's throw away from the famous Portuguese Settlement. In fact, when you are en route to the Christmas Town of Malaysia, you will surely not miss this majestic hotel, standing astutely on your right. Honestly this is not the first time I have been to this hotel, however it is my very first time enjoying their Ramadan Buffet dinner. OMG~I must say that I was really, really impressed after sampling their morsels of mouth-watering dishes. I am positive you will feel the same as well.

Nostalgia Sentuhan Desa: Just look at the prices

Themed as "Nostalgia Sentuhan Desa" or loosely translated to "Village Nostalgic Touch", this Ramadan Buffet will surely rewind your tape and bring you back in time to enjoy food that will remind you of the good old days. Surely a lot of my Malay friends will agree with me the moment they lay their eyes on those fresh "ulam" aka raw vegetables that are usually eaten together with our must have staple rice, right?

Chicken Briyani Rice-My favourite starter for this Ramadan Buffet

Spearheaded by the Executive Chef with 30 years of experience, Mr. Rusli Shuib oversees all the culinary activities which are "cooking" in the open kitchen of the dining area. Rest assured that all the served food and beverages are of course Halal. Interestingly the menu will be changed every day on a rotation basis for your indulgence, so that diners can enjoy different variety of cuisines every single day during the Ramadan month. So you can come over to Temasek Hotel to "buka puasa" every evening. LOL :D Ouh~Did I mention that, the hotel also provides a surau for you to perform your prayers? Talking about courtesy right?

 Recommended: Stir-fried chili cockle petai!

Are you ready  for your gastronomy journey, to dive into the melting pot of the cheapest Ramadan Buffet in Melaka? For curtain raiser or appetizer, I went straight to grab my plate of rice. You can either choose plain white rice, rice with raw vegetables or like me-I opted for the chicken briyani rice. Frankly speaking, their chicken briyani rice was really toothsome to say the least. Every grain was  so perfectly cooked and flavorful that it melted in my mouth and tasted so savoury. Maybe I was hungry or maybe the aroma and the sight of the dishes here made me even hungrier. :)

Fried Pepper Fish 

Salad for health conscious diner.  

Mixed vegetables with shitake 

Rice with ulam

My beloved wifey making her move. :D

Besides our usual indispensable rice, the other starters include [most will be in Malaysian Language for convenience purposes]: "Ayam Rebus Batang Keladi", "Masak Lemak Tetel & Rebung, Stir-fried Cockles with Petai, Fried Pepper Fish, Gulai Perut Lembu & Nangka Muda and Mixed vegetables with shitake mushrooms. Of all the entrees, yours truly me personally love the Stir-fried Cockles with Petai which I thought was tantalizingly spicy and inviting. Adding it to my rice added so much layer and texture to my meal, which set the course for me to enjoy more delectable food.

Behold: Kambing Golek (Roasted Mutton)

After I had whetted my appetite with the starters, I grabbed my plates and wondered towards all the stalls where the main courses were waiting for me. I was SHOCKED to know that they even served Roasted Mutton (Kambing Golek)! WHAT? Yupe~you didn't read this wrongly. For only  RM29.90 you get to enjoy limitless amount of freshly roasted mutton.  The sight of chef roasting the crispy, golden brown lamb right before my eyes really made me drool. I had a few serving of it of course.

Highlight of the buffet: Tender, succulent roasted lamb

Wanna have a bite?

The sliced roasted lamb or "Kambing Golek" was really, really lusciously ambrosial-so succulent, tender and juicy! I literally closed my eyes when I spooned these slices of divine lamb meat into my gaping mouth. Oh my...my taste buds were dancing and my tongue was wagging, I had a mouthgasmic experience for sure! The mushroom soup that was poured onto of the roasted lamb totally added a new layer of composition, to enhance the taste (and experience) even further. Finger-licking good! *thumbs up* :)

Another crowd's favourite-Banana leaf grilled fish with sambal

Of course the Roasted Lamb was not the only highlight which stole my heart on that day. The banana leaf grilled fish stuffed with "sambal" (chili paste) was in a league of its own as well. I could smell these dainty fish from afar thanks to the sweet-scented burning sensation which was permeating the air and the aroma that was exuded by the combination of fresh fish meat and fragrant banana leaf. After I had unwrapped my fish (like a gift), I walloped them with my second or maybe third plate of rice. Goodness gracious~I cannot stop eating on that day.

Exotic deep-fried quail

Another worthy mention on the menu was the exotic deep-fried quail (burung puyuh). Exotic because I had never ever eaten any quail for my entire life until that very fateful day. "How would it taste like? Would it be more delicious than chickens?" Those were the questions that were holding me back. Nonetheless I steeled myself and grabbed a few of them back to my table. With trepidation *dub dub! dub dub!* I sank my teeth into the flesh of those crispy, caramel-coloured quail...my eyes opened wide in disbelief...the deep-fried quail tasted damn delicious! Why had not I eaten such delightful dish before?

They also served fried banana. :) 

Which "colour" do you wanna drink sir?

I prefer coffee. Ha :D

More for you to feast 

Mee Soto was really flavourful as well. :) 

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Dear Digi~I have been with you (Digi) for almost 15 years (plus-minus) and today, AGAIN I was slapped in the face, knowing that another friend of mine is getting better value than me when we are actually paying for the same amount of price. Wait...actually, I paid more but I am getting less than what that friend of mine is enjoying. So here's the case: I pay RM58 every month and I am ONLY getting 15GB of Internet plus 10GB of Youtube; my friend pays RM50 monthly and he gets 30GB of Internet plus 30GB of Youtube. So can you do the mathematics question here? I am dumbfounded.

RM50 for 30GB of Internet + 30GB of Youtube!
Why am I or other Digi customers not getting such deal?

By the way, I am also paying RM30 for another supplementary line of mine which only gets 3GB of Internet and no extra Youtube. This means I fork out RM88 per month for 18GB (main 15GB + supplementary 3GB) of Internet? I have paid my bills damn punctually every month as I am using credit card and I have never switched to other telco before for the past 15 years. So this means that I am not a loyal customer to Digi? I am utterly disgusted to know that such a company practices discrimination and treats different customers, differently? Talking about being professional?

My previous plan. Look at the difference.

I called Digi centre to find out why this is happening and their response was remarkably ridiculous. They urged me to reveal the contact of my friend so that they could TRACE why he was being "treated" differently, which I of course vehemently refused. That would be intrusion of privacy, no? But that answer from them was also a confirmation that different treatments were accorded to different customers who are all Digi customers. I am utterly disappointed with their response and tone as well. Yeah~their tone was becoming increasingly rude to me towards the end.

My current plan-RM58 for 15GB of Internet and 10GB of Youtube only!
Why am I being treated differently?

The question is: If there is really such loyalty program, why aren't all the DiGi customers get to know about it? Why is there lack of transparency in terms of rewarding your loyal customer base? Why can't Digi-one of the top 3 telcos in Malaysia be more truthful and honest with their customers? Can't they just make it PUBLIC on how customers who have been loyal to them will be rewarded in terms of years and usages? Nope~instead they have chosen to reward different customers differently in covert. Why is such practice being done by such a reputable company?

I used to look up to this company a lot.

Nope! I don't want to get a special "call" from Digi later telling me that I have been selected to enjoy such privilege. I want all the other qualified loyal Digi customers (based on years of usage) to enjoy similar benefits. That is why I stressed that this should be made public. When you treat your customers differently, you are actually demeaning and belittling them and I can't help but feel that Digi does not really care if I am still using their services or not? Right?
Other complaints

It saddens me that I have to write such an open letter to Digi. Over the years I have stuck with Digi despite their services being below par sometimes. I do so out of love. I used to love Digi a lot, a lot and now that love and loyalty are slowly vaporizing, knowing that I have been unfairly discriminated. I have written a few times to Digi via Twitter and Facebook but they chose to ignore me, WELL DONE *slow clap*! I searched on the Internet and realized that I am not not the only one who is suffering from such mistreatment. There are others out there as well.

Obviously! I am not the only one who has been treated unfairly.

I don't know if other telcos such as Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile or YES 4G are making such glaring mistakes when building their so-called customers' loyalty. This goes to show that I have never used other telcos before besides Digi. I hope this open letter of mine will be read and scrutinized by other big companies and serve as a reminder that honesty is the best policy. In other words, being transparent with your customers should always be your number one priority. Period.

Salvage your reputation to be a professional and ethical company before it is too late Digi.

P.S.: Of course, if I am not happy I can always switch and leave right? I have only been loyal for 15 years. Who cares? I don't think DiGi will give a damn either. So yeah...
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If you are somewhere in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday at around 5p.m. in the evening, and your stomach is rumbling for food; Do visit the "pasar malam" (night market) in Taman Connaught, Cheras, which serves a variety of delectable street food which will leave you drooling for more. So after our visit to Midvalley the other day, my wife suggested that we patronize this legendary night market to sample their scrumptious offerings of dinner meals, desserts, snacks and drinks.

Let the food hunt begins!

We have planned for this trip for quite some time mostly because it is only open on Wednesday. It was a bit difficult for us to schedule our food adventure because our two babies need to attend school, so we could only go there during the holidays. Here is another reminder for those who want to pay this "pasar malam" a visit. GO EARLY! It is claimed that parking would be extremely impossible if you are late. Hence we went there relatively early, arriving around 6p.m. I believe. And instead of parking our car on the same side of the night market, we actually parked at the opposite side and took a pedestrian bridge later to get to our destination.

You can choose what you want to add to your nasi lemak. :)

The moment we were IN the night market, I think we were a bit overwhelmed and of course excited. Overwhelmed, as there were really a lot of people buying food, beverages, desserts, clothes, toys and well...a lot was going on. Honestly I was so immersed in the ambiance and my curiosity took control of me. I kept peering around, trying to take in what I see right before my eyes. The whole place was bustling with activities with life and noise, which is really a pleasant sight. I was so absorbed that I didn't even bother to take out my smartphone to capture photos...that explains why you are not going to see a lot of photos in this post. :)

Cola Chicken~finally we meet.

One of the delicacies that I really wanted to try out was the Coca-Cola Chicken. Basically you will have your usual carbonated, fizzy beverage in the cup while the cover will be filled with crispy popcorn chicken. So every time I had popped those little chunks of chicken into my gaping mouth, I would sip my Coca-cola~DAYUM! This combination was really heavenly. You should try it if you love Coca-cola and fried food. LOL :D

First, empty those coke bottles 

 Then throw in some popcorn~chicken popcorn to be precise

Ta~da! My Coca-cola Chicken is ready to be savoured 

Obviously I need to wrestle it over from my daughter. LOL :D

There were literally hundreds of stalls here selling all kinds of imaginable food. The problem is...you will have to find a table and vacant seats to enjoy your food which might be a real challenge. So my wife and I knew that it was mission impossible and decided to buy our food and head back to our hotel to enjoy our dinner instead. After we were done with sightseeing, we started to scout for our potential meals for dinner. There were a lot to choose from but we needed to pick those which can be stomached by our babies as well.

Can you spot Stephen Chow?

Shark Fin soup anyone?

Glass noodle is using to replace shark fin

We bought two packets of nasi lemak from a Malay stall was were really flavourful; Each grain of the fragrant rice was perfectly coated with coconut milk and the "sambal" was sinfully scrumptious. We also bought Stephen Chow's juicy explosive meat balls. They were really toothsome and I guess knowing that the God of Cookery himself gave his nod of approval meant that they were good right? LOL :D We also had a bowl of shark fin soup. Don't worry, no sharks were harmed in any way here. The shredded "shark fin" was actually glass noodle and broth really tasted like the real thing. I must applaud the hawker for whipping out such delightful food!

Behold the black stinky tofu! 

Adding the secret soup to the stinky tofu 

Gosh~I am feeling hungry already. 

Look at how many he had to prepare.
This goes to show that stinky black tofu is really a fan's favorite

Now the highlight of our food trail was the inviting Black Stinky Tofu which was so different from all the other stinky ones that I have eaten before. Even my wife commended on these black cubic wonders. It was not just about the deep fried tofu, but the other ingredients added into the slightly spicy but tantalizing soup which combined so lusciously well with the tofu! When you sink your teeth into these tofu which had absorbed the soup...your taste buds will be screaming in joy for sure. That was what yours truly me felt-mouthgasm!

Look at our glorious food bought from Taman Connaught Pasar 

Love the anchovies 

Nothing beats enjoying scrumptious dinner with your family. Ha :D

We brought our food back and enjoyed it in our hotel room, on the bed. Yupe~our hotel was just a stone's throw away from the night market. We also bought a few other delicacies such as dumplings, red bean cake, tortoise cake, crispy shao rou, tear drop cake/dessert and even a slice of tiramisu cake. So you can say that we really had a feast that evening. Nothing beats food indulgence...Buurrppp....I think I had too much but yeah eat now then, repent later. LOL :D So have you been to this famous Pasar Malam in Taman Connaught, Cheras? If you haven't, do check them out...but remember to starve yourself before you make your way there.

Taman Connaught Pasar Malam, Cheras

Address: Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hour: Every Wednesday (5p.m. till 1a.m.)

P.S.: Honestly I haven't had enough of the food over therein Taman Connaught Pasar Malam. Next time I will be ready to eat and snap photos. :)
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