People Get Ready!: Mapping Zero Trust Principles to Zero Day Realities
ONUG Blog » Cloud Native Security
by Rachel Keller
6M ago
Two of the most relevant, if trendy, topics in cybersecurity today relate to the starting point — the “ground zero” of attacks — from both the attacker’s and the defender’s perspective. The most useful weapons in the attacker’s arsenal are Zero Day attacks; that is, previously unknown or unseen attacks. Such attacks are especially pernicious because there is no bespoke, pre-existing defender countermeasure. There is no snort signature, no specifically predefined pattern of behavior to look for, no TCP port to lock down. In that sense, these are “foundational” attacks. However, the defender nee more
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Discover your Cloud Security Posture Maturity Level
ONUG Blog » Cloud Native Security
by Joann Varello
1y ago
ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series Introduction Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is currently one of the fastest growing areas within the field of cloud security; most security vendors are now offering or developing CSPM capabilities. However, enterprises are still trying to build the most effective CSPM program to fit their environment. In many cases, it’s unclear where to start and what the end goal is for the CSPM effort.  To help simplify this process, this post will share guiding principles for implementing a CSPM maturity model, allowing you to assess your more
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