Episode 1- Efficient LLM training with Unsloth.ai Co-Founder
(un)supervised learning pod
by Renee Shaw, Daniel Han
5M ago
Episode 1!!! ? Today we chat about AI Training with (un)Supervised Learning and Daniel from Unsloth.ai     The good stuff- Unsloth ⁠https://www.unsloth.ai⁠ ⁠https://ko-fi.com/unsloth⁠ ⁠https://github.com/unslothai⁠         In this episode of Unsupervised Learning, host Renee interviews Daniel, the co-founder of Unsloth, an AI training system that fine-tunes language models 30 times faster. They discuss Daniel's beginnings at Nvidia, his passion for making AI accessible and efficient, and his ultimate vision of creating a personal ChatGPT for everyone that operates ..read more
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