Current State of the Global Food Supply Chain
CMTC Manufacturing Blog » Food And Beverage
5M ago
The global food supply chain is the unseen undercurrent of the world economy. This logistical marvel connects farmers, distributors, retailers, and consumers in a complex, never-ending production, processing, and distribution cycle to keep supermarkets stocked and kitchens brimming with fresh foods. However, recent global events have cast a glaring spotlight on the vulnerabilities inherent to this system. Once considered a strength, global connectivity has become the supply chain’s biggest hurdle. Disruption in one region caused a domino effect that rippled across world markets, impacting oper more
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Minimizing Risk of Food Safety Problems in the Processing Industry
CMTC Manufacturing Blog » Food And Beverage
by Steven Brand
1y ago
The modern consumer demands that food products be free from harmful contaminants that could lead to illness. Growers, shippers, retailers, wholesalers, and restaurants are all required to ensure there are no food processing safety mistakes. To take this a step further, consumers have demonstrated that they will hold every food supplier in the supply chain accountable for foodborne illness. In addition to the public health impact, foodborne illness is extremely costly to the food industry. Therefore, it is critical to eliminate any food safety issues from the processing industry. The following more
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