Tame Werewolf Releases Italo Disco Inspired Track "5th Wave"
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by Malaika Astorga
11M ago
  Blast off into the synth-wave world of Tame Werewolf, the electronic artist from Tehran, Iran blending J-Pop and Italo Disco. Tame Werewolf's discography evokes 80s anime late-night aesthetics, the upbeat melodies of early Nintendo soundtracks, and granular sounds of old-school-style arcade games. He creates a unique retro electronic sound by incorporating space-synth, Italo-Disco, City Pop, vaporwave and Eurobeat influences. Formed in 2018 by Keivan Hosseini, Tame Werewolf has since released two albums, and now his latest single, "5th Wave." Being raised as an only child, Keivan pick ..read more
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