TypeScript: Questions and Answers
Serokell Blog » TypeScript
by Inna Logunova
9M ago
Is TypeScript a game-changer in web development? We believe, yes. This statically typed superset of JavaScript is designed to scale up the language, making it more robust and maintainable. While JavaScript is known for its flexibility, TypeScript brings in the added advantage of type safety, reducing the potential for runtime errors. If you work with JavaScript and want to enhance the reliability of your code and provide more predictable and stable tooling to your customers, TypeScript is the right option. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the TS programming ..read more
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Catching Runtime Errors in Compile Time with Typescript
Serokell Blog » TypeScript
by Serokell staff
2y ago
Catching runtime errors in compile time with - Typescript? Hi, I’m Domagoj Cerjan. I work for Oradian, a SaaS company that enables financial institutions in some of the poorest and remote regions of the world to reap the benefits of moving their operations to the cloud. I’m part of the frontend team and vigilantly bore my colleagues with FP and dabble with all things Typescript, React and Redux. In my free time, I develop 3d rendering engines for fun and since that is the domain I know well, I often try out different languages and approaches to solve the same problem over and over again. Intro ..read more
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