For sale - Plate Carrier (Ranger Green) €70 » Airsoft
by _Brian_
4d ago
Ranger Green plate carrier, 5 Mag pouch’s for AK/M4 magazines, 2 pistol mag pouches, 1 Grenade/Pistol holster pouch, Molle Admin pouch + 2 miscellaneous Velcro pouch’s , Detachable paracord tabs. Not very worn and in good condition. (Does NOT include dummy plates) €70, Available to meet in Kildare or Shannon more
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Airsoft Scar-L for sale » Airsoft
by R_Gibbo16
1w ago
comes with magazine, 2 batteries and battery charger. The Scar-L has a metal exterior and interior. Selling it because it’s a spare and I don’t use it. In good condition more
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Do you thing Co2 or green gas is better for pistols? » Airsoft
by Gregorasg
1w ago
Do you thing Co2 or green gas is better for pistols? Whats your preferred choice and why more
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Anyone have the new Tac-41 Sport » Airsoft
by bemak
1M ago
Just seen reviews of the new Tac-41 Sport which looks to be good value considering its a 'lite' version of the bigger brother. Anyone have one yet? Curious to know how it's going more
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New build-out... » Airsoft
by jimgoose
2M ago
Greetings. My current primary is an M4 with Aim-O ambient light-powered red dot ACOG, in front of a 4x magnifier from the same manufacturer detachable from a flip-to-the-side mount, a folding forward grip, a flip-down scope protector, and out front an Element PEQ-15 LA-5 red and IR laser and tactorch. This is it, for those interested: It's a CYMA model and I cannot believe these people can make something like that and ship it literally half-way around the world for the prices they charge. But anyway… I want to do another pri more
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Snow wolf m1a4 pulse rifle » Airsoft
by gambithh
4M ago
Can anyone point me in the direction of a good supplier for the above please more
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Snow Wolf m41a pulse rifle » Airsoft
by gambithh
4M ago
Hi,can anyone advise me who is the best retailer who could get me the above? Iam finding suppliers with very limited supply,wait times and choice more
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AEG shipment seizure » Airsoft
by The Annihilator
5M ago
Hi guys I recently had orders 2 aegs from the Netherlands but when they came in I was sent a seizure letter, does anyone know the best course of action as I want to prevent any court scenario as I'm only 20 and don't have that kinda money. This was the document I was sent if anyone knows how to approach this scenario more
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Hk mp7 vs Kriss vector » Airsoft
by priceyboy14
6M ago
Hi guys, I’m looking at buying either the hk mp7 or the Kriss vector, both in aeg has anyone any pros or cons of each gun. Getting mixed reports of both from online, thanks more
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Help identify this G&G AEG » Airsoft
by speed8899
8M ago
Hey there, I bought this G&G years ago in MIA Airsoft. Can't for the life of me remember exactly what one it is, hoping to sell it on for cheap. 20231117_014146.jpg 20231117_014154.jpg 20231117_014158.jpg 20231117_014202.jpg 20231117_014342.jpg more
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