Why We Don’t Prefer Knee Osteotomies
by dhopkins
4M ago
Why We Don’t Prefer Knee Osteotomies Why We Don’t Prefer Knee Osteotomies dhopkins November 10th, 2022 Knee Surgery Optimizing Care & Outcomes Osteoarthritis November 13th, 2022 Many arthritis patients are told to have an osteotomy: a procedure where the top of the tibia is cut in half and the angle of the bones is changed to decrease the forces of weight bearing on their knee joint. We rarely recommend it. Here is why. Arthritis of the knee joint usually involves loss of articular cartilage (the bearing surface) and, often, loss of the meniscus cartilage (the fibrous shock absorber ..read more
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Meniscus Replacement in Children
by admin
9M ago
Meniscus Replacement in Children admin September 01st, 2018 Share Meniscus Replacement in Children BioKnee Meniscus Transplant Knee Surgery Meniscus Repair Avoid Knee Replacement Meniscus Osteoarthritis May 02nd, 2021 The meniscus is the fibrous cartilage in the knee joint. It protects the bone’s surfaces from impact, diffuses forces, and provides stability. When children tear their meniscus, it can often be repaired. But sometimes it is resected (cut out), leaving the child without this key structure. The loss of the meniscus is fatal for the knee. The lateral (outside) part of the knee i ..read more
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