I stopped using Libre2 cgm because it was inaccurate now Medicare won’t cover glucose test strips for five years
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by Barb25
1d ago
Last week my Safeway pharmacy representative told me they would not pay for my glucose test strips even though my physician has prescribed them. Last year I started using the Libre2 cgm but by April 2023 I was having too many issues with sensor failures and inconsistency with glucose readings and accuracy. At first I appreciated not having to test my glucose with finger sticks 6 or more times per day but when it became evident that the Libre2 readings were sometimes inaccurate by as much as 25 percent and my A1C was increasing I stopped using it and did not refill any prescriptions. I called M ..read more
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Please Help
TuDiabetes Forum
by Jacky_R
3d ago
Hello, for the past year, I’ve been on the Medtronic 770 G insulin pump with smart guard. As of recent, my doctor put me on Ozempic; since that time I’ve had to come off the pump to daily injections. Due to obviously not eating enough to keep my blood sugar up. I was told by a Medtronic trainer that I should be OK because the pump would not let me bottom out using smart guard. I got so frustrated I just gave up. Was I doing something wrong? 3 posts - 3 participants Read full topic ..read more
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