Apprenticeship Program: Transforming Lives and Organizations Tech Blog
by Ruchi Kochhar
1w ago
In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s more important than ever to create opportunities for individuals from non-traditional backgrounds to pursue new career paths. Apprenticeship programs are a powerful tool that can help bridge this gap by providing hands-on experience and mentorship to those interested in learning a new trade or skill. At, we’re thrilled to offer an apprenticeship program for individuals interested in learning coding and programming. As an engineering manager driving this program, it’s a huge privilege for me to support and groom talented individuals in their more
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Design Uplift: How Modernized Its Mobile App Tech Blog
by Fernando Jinzenji
2w ago
Digital user interfaces and experience – UI/UX – have an enormous impact on a customer’s interaction and engagement with today’s mobile apps. A beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate UI/UX will captivate visitors and make it easy for them to use your platform. But if your platform or website is cumbersome, outdated, or visually unappealing, you’re not likely to create stickiness with users, and they’ll turn to a competitor instead.  While has always focused on creating engaging user interfaces and exceptional customer experiences, what’s aesthetically pleasing and technically more
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A Day in the Life of a Designer at Jen Charles, Senior Product Designer Tech Blog
by Jen Charles
1M ago
Senior Product Designer at, Jen Charles, prides herself on creating data-driven product opportunities and impactful human-centered experiences. Since joining in August 2022, she’s been focused on accelerating conversions and brand loyalty through her concepts and design strategies. We recently sat down with Jen to learn more about her work, her tech team, and why she loves her career at Q. What does a designer do at Jen: Designers typically envision and design all touchpoints of our consumers’ interactions with—although the specifi more
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How to dramatically increase user reviews on Android (650% or more) Tech Blog
by Abdul Aleem
2M ago
Image from CanvaWhy are ratings important? If you are like the vast majority of Android users – 93% – you look at the reviews of an app before downloading it. A higher number of reviews gives you confidence about its popularity and usefulness. What’s more, ratings and reviews provide critical user feedback that businesses can use to refine their apps to better meet user needs and increase adoption. A high volume of reviews can also negate the impact of the occasional negative review, increasing overall star ratings and providing more information to consumers to make their decision. How did we more
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A Day in the Life of a Designer at Paul Russo, Lead Product Designer Tech Blog
by Paul Russo
2M ago
Find Paul Russo on LinkedIn Although he didn’t know it at the time, Lead Product Designer Paul Russo’s design career actually began in high school. “I started designing websites and posters for my friends’ bands,” he says, “But it wasn’t until later that I found out I could actually have a career in graphic design!” While his degree was in Graphic Design, his long-term interest in web design and development is what started his career as a designer and front-end developer.  Since then, Paul has worked on a wide array of digital projects for Fortune 500 companies in fintech, telecomm, and f more
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Key Takeaways from the 2022 Women in IT Summit Tech Blog
by Darya Abdollahzadeh
5M ago
It’s not every day that hundreds of amazing women in technology gather in person to celebrate each other and their accomplishments, network, and share ideas and experiences. So, I feel privileged that I was able to participate in this year’s Women in IT Summit, which took place in Toronto on October 25.  Not only was I privileged to interact with hundreds of amazing women in IT, but I had the honor of being among the top 10 finalists for the 2022 Digital Transformation Women of the Year for the Women in IT Summit & Awards Series, an award that acknowledges a female chief #digital offi more
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Establishing Slack Etiquette with a New Team to Optimize Engagement & Collaboration in the Modern Workplace Tech Blog
by JT Archie
7M ago
Think back to the last time you were new to an organization, and you were trying to gather information to do your job effectively. Unfortunately, because you were new, you didn’t know who was in charge of what, so you may have used a variety of communication channels to ramp up. It may have gone something like this: You’re on a video call: “Oh I know who you want to talk to. Ping So-And-So. They’ll point you in the right direction.” You ping So-And-So on a DM: “Yeah I worked on that a while back but I handed it off to X-Y-Z. Let me start a chat and introduce you.” So-And-So pings you and X-Y more
Visit website Co-Op Spotlight: Avani Karadkhedkar Tech Blog
by Avani Karadkhedkar
7M ago
I have always had a passion for technology. I also have a passion for helping women pursue technology careers – a goal that I envision for myself, as well. Thanks to’s Co-operative Education Program (Co-op) – a university-run program where students aspiring to technology careers receive real work experience while they complete their degrees – I’m well on my way. A Little Bit About Me… Avani Karadkhedkar I graduated from the UBC Sauder School of Business in 2017 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Technology Management. Eager to learn more within the field of Technology, I decid more
Visit website’s Summer Hackathon, Hackcelerate, Is a Wrap! Here Are the Highlights Tech Blog
by Rebecca Andersen
8M ago
The team at is focused on innovation for our users, which is why we hold multiple hackathons throughout the year. These exciting events give our amazing technologists time to focus on design challenges and projects that may be put on the back burner, but promise to help move the needle toward taking our industry-leading platform to the next level. By getting together to hack through these challenges and new ideas, we create products and features that wow our customers and provide a competitive advantage. Our Q4 hackathon, Hackcelerate – a 3-day, company-wide event – took place at t more
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What an Adventure! Hack Day Gives Developers Time to Focus and Innovate Tech Blog
by Rebecca Andersen
9M ago
Do you like adventures? Turns out’s developers do – and at our most recent Hack Day event on May 31 titled “Choose Your Hack Day Adventure,” they were able to embark on a 4-hour adventure of their choice. Whether they chose to spend the time updating legacy code in the repository, fixing bugs, or testing out an idea and building something new, participants left their to-do list on the shelf for a while and focused on something inspiring and motivating, without distractions. The event was open to anyone in’s Technology organization, and they could choose to work individ more
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