Do you have to take the smoke right down into your lungs to get the nicotine hit? » Giving Up Smoking
by Andy From Sligo
1M ago
Just reading quickly the other day about the 12 year old girl in hospital who ended up there because she was a heavy vaper . never ever been a smoker or a vaper but as i understand it , it is the nicotine that is addictive - if so , do you have to inhale the cigarette or vape right down into your lungs or could you satisfy the nicotine craving just by inhaling the cigarette or vape into the mouth and then just blow it out again more
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Giving up Vaping: Recommendations? » Giving Up Smoking
by never_mind
5M ago
Hi all, I started smoking (socially) around five/six years ago and was also very much against it. It was something that I would do when I was drinking and would rob them off friends etc. Realising that this wasn't that cool, I ended up buying my own eventually which meant I smoked more. Decided in 2018 or so to get on the vape. Would only vape socially and then during lockdown I realised I could vape when working from home and basically got very into it... Now I am on them constantly and I am beginning to get worried about my health. I know that they are supposedly less harmful, but it has a h more
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CBD oil » Giving Up Smoking
by chevron flight
6M ago
anyone know the law re CBD oil here? can you buy it with THC more
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Why so many vape in the US are used to smoke marijuana » Giving Up Smoking
by lovevope
9M ago
Hello everyone, my name is Sherry. Is a teacher, currently living in hongkong. I have stayed in the United States for several years, and I saw that some students there also smoke vape, and the vape there is not filled with nicotine but cbd oil. Before I went to the United States, I always thought that vape was filled with nicotine. I also smoked it myself. I have a vape of the fifth generation of the Chinese brand relx, which is relatively small and can indeed make me smoke less cigarettes. You know the kind of vape with cbd oil that I said? that's it. Source: Source: smokecartel more
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Smoking Alternatives ??? » Giving Up Smoking
10M ago
Is there any alternatives to smoking ? Like say smoking hemp or CBD Would hemp be healthier or would CBD buds be the best alternative to smoking cigarettes more
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Zyban in Ireland? » Giving Up Smoking
by Whitecarstones
1y ago
Is zyban available in Ireland for smoking cessation and if not is there an alternative? I know champix is off the market. Cheers more
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7 Best Cigarette Tubes of 2022 – Top Pick Reviews » Giving Up Smoking
by pememog
1y ago
Cigarette tubes are good to enjoy chemical and GMOs free cigarettes for all kinds of smokers. In this article, we are going to give you important information about the cigarette tube and it is for those who are new in the smoker’s world and also beneficial for those who are already addicted to smoking and also to give an insight into the to make their smoking experience more pleasurable. Cigarette tubes would be the concern of those who want to make their own types of cigarettes. These cigarette tubes can save your money, time, and frustration and you will be able to make them as you like. So more
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Please help me with Champix » Giving Up Smoking
by clintmyles
1y ago
I really need to quit... does anyone have a pack I have prescription, willing to buy off you, I am desperate ... smoking is killing me thank you clintmyles at protonmail more
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Long term ex smoker cravings » Giving Up Smoking
by Sphynx24
2y ago
Iv been off cigarettes for a year now but still get intense cravings when I see someone smoking or smell smoke or if I'm stressed out. I haven't been using any nicotine products or any e cigarettes or anything as I think it's a slippery slope and could make it worse. How do long term ex smokers deal with cravings without nicotine more
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Would you try hypnotherapy to give up smoking? » Giving Up Smoking
by wex96
2y ago more
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