Epigenetics of Childhood Trauma
Cries in Mental Health
by Emily
3y ago
Resources Andrew CurryJul. 18, 2., Warren CornwallSep. 18, 2., Kelly ServickSep. 18, 2., Rasha AridiSep. 18, 2., Science News StaffSep. 17, 2., Anne C. Mulkern, E. N., . . . Rebekah TuchschererAug. 26, 2. (2019, July 18). Parents' emotional trauma may change their children's biology. Studies in mice show how. Retrieved from https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/07/parents-emotional-trauma-may-change-their-children-s-biology-studies-mice-show-how Delude, C. (2014, November 12). The epigenetics of child abuse. Retrieved from https://medicine.yale.edu/news/yale-medicine-magazi ..read more
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