How to test your AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery implementation
AWS Blog » Migration
by Duncan Parsons
9h ago
Maintaining application and data resilience in the face of an ever-evolving risk landscape is a challenge for applications with legacy architectures. These risks can include ransomware attacks, natural disasters, user error, hardware faults, and many others. Organizations want to recover workloads within appropriate timescales with minimal loss of data from an unforeseen event. Organizations seek dependable solutions to achieve resilience goals within financial, regulatory, and time-related constraints. For cloud-native applications, these requirements are often addressed through highly availa more
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Use Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights for general analysis of NGINX logs
AWS Blog » Migration
by Vivek Kumar
6d ago
Customers build, deploy, and maintain millions of web applications on AWS and many customers deploy these applications using NGINX. The NGINX application server offers configurability, scalability, and the ability to handle millions of concurrent requests. Web application performance is key in modern enterprise infrastructure and applications. Customers leverage CloudWatch to monitor response times, uptime, and provide SLAs. Engineering teams also track several data points and metrics, such as server performance when traffic levels shift, and engineering teams know that subpar performance will more
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Achieving operational excellence by integrating AWS Health into change process
AWS Blog » Migration
by Phong Le
2w ago
Operations teams create and use procedures to respond to operational events and need to ensure their effectiveness to support business needs. Everything continues to change—your business context, business priorities, and customer needs. It’s important to design operations to support changes over time in response to business iteration, and to incorporate lessons learned to minimize failures and reduce business impacts. In the context of production change, whenever a failure occurs during the change window, your operations team has to find the root cause as well as revert the environment ba more
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