Kieran Macdonald, NUVO Dance Convention’s “Secret Weapon”
Dance Advantage
by Nichelle Suzanne (owner/editor)
2y ago
For the last two years, dancer Kieran Macdonald has had the opportunity to do what most young, talented dancers only dream about — collaborate with many of the world’s top choreographers in the United States. On the NUVO Dance Convention tour, Macdonald is the only principal dancer and leading assistant to work with all of the star faculty.  “I have to constantly pinch myself that I get to work alongside such an unbelievably talented and inspiring group of people,” says Macdonald, who was born and raised in Paisley, Scotland, and later moved to Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. Kieran Macdon more
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Getting Started With Essential Oils For Dancers
Dance Advantage
by Nichelle (owner/editor)
5y ago
Dancers are athletes! Regardless of whether or not you consider dance a sport, it’s hard to argue that a high level of athleticism is required of dancers in the 21st Century. The rigorous training and performance regimen of elite dancers is equivalent to that of top athletes in other fields. Like athletes, dancers are always exploring ways to improve performance and stay healthy– optimizing nutrition, exercise, and wellness in every way possible, including applying “alternative” or more holistic solutions to many important areas of their dance lives. This is where essential oils come in. We’ve more
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