Revolut acquires Nobly to expand services to the hospitality sector
Nobly Blog
by Revolut
1y ago more
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UK Government Financial Assistance for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars
Nobly Blog
4y ago
Restaurants throughout the UK. are facing economic headwinds as social distancing measures have been introduced to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Boris Johnson’s advice on Monday to “avoid” restaurants that stopped short of mandating closures.   On the 17th March 2019, the U.K. government announced a raft of new financial measures to help businesses within the hospitality industry under strain from the coronavirus outbreak more
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A Step by Step Guide to Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Shop Branding
Nobly Blog
by Patrick Gilligan
5y ago
Want to give your hospitality business its own unique character? Whether you're the owner of a restaurant, bar or coffee shop, with these 5 simple steps you can build a recognisable brand that's loved by your customers more
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