Mahashivratri Special
Miths of Hinduism | Facts About Aryans
4y ago
Om Mahashivratri Festival of Hindus (Aryans) just has passed I want to say some true facts of Aryans of Lord Shiva before you. Lord Shiva is called the god because he is of true determination, of firm determination and he is the person of welfare of human beings always. Om Namah Shambhvaay Cha Mayobhavaay Cha Namah Shankaraay Cha Mayaskaraay Cha Namah Shivaay Cha Shivtaraay Cha. ॐ नमः शम्भवाय च मयोभवाय च नमः शङ्कराय च मयस्कराय च नमः शिवाय च शिवतराय च।  This one hymn of the Vedas is found in Brahm Yagya Prakaran of Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jee. It means is as given below- Salute t more
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