Designing a Winning Book Cover: Key Elements and Considerations
Iuniverse Blog | A Self-publishing Community For Authors
by Sandra Powell
2w ago
The adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” may hold some wisdom, but let’s be realistic – we all do it. In fact, a book’s cover serves as the first point of contact for potential readers and can greatly influence their decision, whether to explore further or move on. Therefore, designing a compelling book cover is a crucial aspect of marketing your book effectively. This blog post will guide you through the essential elements to consider when creating a killer book cover that compels readers to pick up your book. Understanding Your Audience Before you start designing, it’s vital to underst more
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A Powerful Tool for Nonprofits: Supported Self-Publishing!
Iuniverse Blog | A Self-publishing Community For Authors
by tmckinley
6y ago
Supported self-publishing is a unique advocacy tool for nonprofits, says Mitch Black, CEO of Author Solutions. Below, Mitch discusses a recent case! Mitch Black As Chief Executive Officer of the largest global self-publisher of books, I’m always on alert for the discoveries that advance our industry. Occasionally, they’re hiding in plain sight. At Author Solutions, we have access to innumerable trends based on our more than 225,000 authors. One idea stood out to me this week in the afterglow of a national TV spotlight on a particularly inspiring writer. Nancy Gianni is beloved in the world of more
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