Three Decades of Cybersecurity Trust: Celebrating Vircom’s Journey with Our Clients
by Marissa Carr
3M ago
Celebrating 30 Years of Vircom: A Legacy of Cybersecurity Innovation This year marks a significant milestone for Vircom – 30 years of innovation and trust in the cybersecurity realm. As we reflect on our journey since 1994, we’re not just celebrating our advancements in technology; we’re celebrating the enduring relationships and trust we’ve built with our clients and partners. From a promising startup to a leader in cybersecurity, Vircom has remained steadfast in its mission: to protect and empower. We’ve evolved alongside the ever-changing cyber landscape, ensuring our solutions cater to th more
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Vircom launches new modusCloud Alerts Portal for modusCloud and Proofpoint Essentials!
by Yves Lacombe
5y ago
Partners, Managed Service Providers and Customers rejoice! Vircom today launches its all-new modusCloud Alerts Portal for modusCloud and Proofpoint Essentials. The new tool is a strong step forward in proactive email security and protection. Admins using the modusCloud Alerts Portal can now set Security and Business alerts to find out if noteworthy actionable events have occurred on their modusCloud or Proofpoint Essentials deployments. “We’re thrilled to offer this value-added tool and integration for our customers, partners and MSPs,” says Mike Petsalis, CEO of Vircom. “This is another step more
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