How Andrea Rogers Stays Active With Her Kids
The Beachbody Blog | Tips & Tricks To Raise Healthy Kids
by Kara Wahlgren
1y ago
If you have kids at home, you probably feel like you’re in demand every waking minute — helping with homework, cooking meals, doing laundry, answering a million questions, and of course, squeezing in some quality family-bonding time. Andrea Rogers is right there with you! The creator of Xtend Barre and XB Pilates is a single mom to two young daughters, so she knows it takes some creativity and flexibility to get into a workout routine with kids at home. Here are her tips for making it happen. 1. Skip the Parent Guilt When you schedule time to work out, you may feel lik more
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8 Virtual Back-to-School Tips to Help Balance Your Schedule
The Beachbody Blog | Tips & Tricks To Raise Healthy Kids
by Chelsea Frank
3y ago
School is back in full swing, but chances are, you’re not back to the same old routine. If your family is following a fully remote plan or a hybrid schedule, one thing’s for sure: This virtual back-to-school schedule has presented a whole new set of challenges. How can you find time to work out? How can you avoid being glued to screens 24/7? How do you squeeze in time for family fun? And above all — how do you balance school, work, and healthy living when they’re all happening under one roof? Here are some expert tips. 1. Hold a House Meeting To get everyone on the same page, hold a more
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