Basket Lace Stitch
Loom Lore
by Brenda, Domedweller
5y ago
I recently created a new knit stitch for the looms that resembles a diagonal basket weave on a lacy background. It's a great stitch for scarves, cowls, shawls and an assortment of small projects. It works up quickly, due to the staggered elongated figure-8 stitch that creates the basket weave effect.  Currently, I am working on a cowl using the Basket Lace Stitch on a CinDWood 1/2" gauge loom, but I just completed a mug hug using the stitch on the KB 3/8" gauge Baby Knit Loom so you can see how the stitch works up. Here are the Basket Lace Stitch instructions or if you prefer there is also more
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