How to choose the perfect shade of white for your wedding dress according to your complexion!

The day you have always dreamed of is actually happening: your wedding. Of course, this day is all about you and your partner making a lifelong commitment. However, it is also a chance to showcase your beauty and taste through the opulent stage of a day dedicated to everything you want and love. Thus, the dress is easily one of the most important pieces to consider as it will showcase your figure and make you the center of attention for both your groom and all of your guests. 

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and bridal dress from childhood, and you are probably no different. Perhaps, you have cut out dream dresses from wedding catalogues and editorials, or maybe, you have a secret Pinterest board dedicated to the big day. In the end, inspiration runs wild wherever you find it. It doesn’t matter if you want something classic and simple or a dress more befitting of a princess because this is your day to choose exactly what you want! There are many things to consider about your dress, and the style is just one of them. Yet, one thing that many brides don’t consider is the actual color of the dress. 

The classic color of a wedding dress is a clean, pure white. The tradition of the white dress stems from Queen Victoria who is said to have worn a white dress on her wedding day to symbolize her purity and grace. The young queen set a trend, and modern brides still wear the color today. The purity symbolism of the color has not stayed in context as many women live with their partners before getting married. However, that does not diminish the desire for pure white dresses on their wedding day. The key is to find the best white dress for your coloring and personality. The right white shade can enhance a tan or play up your features in order to make you the hottest bride possible! Consider the following tips to figure out the best possible white shade for your dress on your wedding day. 

1) Dress for the season 

One of the most important things to consider is the season in which you are getting married. A white dress in summer will be different from a winter holiday white dress for many reasons including fabric and style. You want to pick a white that suites the surrounding season. For example, a winter wonderland wedding look will be best suited with a shimmery stark white in a heavy duchesse satin style gown. You want your dress to stand out, and the right fabric choice will help you stand out. Thus, it is important to pick a white shade that compliments the season. 

Another example to consider is a dress suited for a hot, summer day at the beach. You will want something that is light weight, fluttery and ethereal. Thus, a softer, buttery yellow will look amazing on your skin and against the softer tones of a beach landscape. As you can see, the color is important to consider as you pick out your dress appropriate for your seasonal wedding. 

2) Find the perfect shade for your skin tone 

This tip is perhaps the most important because you will be picking a white based on your skin tone. To get the right shade, do not be afraid to try on many different dresses to get an idea of what looks best on you. Women with pale skin look best in a bright white that counteracts their delicate look. Dark skinned women also look amazing in bright whites or creamier shades. Women with olive skin tones are the luckiest of all as almost all shades will look great on them especially tones that have cool undertones. If you are unsure, do not be afraid to ask the stylist or makeup artists for help. They can help pinpoint your ideal shades for your wedding dress. You can see our wedding ideas.

3) Consider the setting 

As mentioned above, you should consider where you are getting married. The setting is important, and you will want to ensure that you do not contrast with the location. For example, an opulent wedding dress will be too busy for a garden wedding. However, it will look stunning in a cathedral. If you are getting married in a backyard, you will want a warm tone to counteract all the natural shaded that you will see in the landscape. Be smart when it comes to picking the final color of your wedding dress. 

4) It’s all in the pictures 

The pictures are where you want to standout, and they will preserve your memories for years to come. You want a white shade that will not wash you out in pictures. Be sure to take pictures in the dress before you buy it to make sure that it will look good both on film and in person. 

5) A bridal party coloration 

Many brides have colorful bridal parties featuring their favorite shades. It is important that the colors you choose will correspond with your flowers, bridal party and reception colors. You do not want a champagne white dress paired with the wrong color of flowers! Thus, do swatch tests with your dress to ensure that everything matches perfectly. 

6) Alternative white shades 

Of course, you do not have to have a white dress for your wedding. You can alway go outside the box and try something a little more unique like champagne, gold or pale pink. These soft colors are becoming more popular with modern brides, and it might be something to consider if you really want to standout on your big day. If it is hard to find the perfect white color, then maybe consider getting an alternative shade for your wedding dress! 

7) Accent colors 

Once you settle on the right white shade, you can choose the accent colors you want for your dress. Do you want a pop of color? Consider a funky colored heel for under your dress that will make a statement when dancing or exiting the church. You can also tie a sash around your dress in a corresponding color depending if you want to make a bold statement or a more muted one. These are just a few examples of things you can do to up the color factor on your wedding day. 

8) All about details 

Remember that the details matter when it come to your wedding. Your shoes and veil should match your dress in terms of color. You should not have two different shades of whites for these items as it will look jarring in photos as well as in real life. It is important to keep this in mind as you make all your final purchases for your big day. 

In conclusion, the white shade you choose for your wedding dress will say a lot about your personal bride style. This is your chance to shine, and you want everything to be perfect. Luckily, a great shade of white can make your dress spectacular, and you are sure to find the best one with the aforementioned fashion bridal tips! 

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